The Venture Brothers

Season 3 Episode 7

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 13, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: One of the children, a boy with wild red hair who looks a bit like comedian Carrot Top, shown attending the tour in the flashback is identical to another who attended Rusty's Day Camp in "The Buddy System." Given the span of years involved, it obviously isn't the same boy.

  • Quotes

    • (bringing out a drilling machine)
      Dr. Venture: That's it, just like that. Easy! Pull back a bit. God, you're right on top of me!
      Brock: Can't help it. It's.. it's stiff, Doc. Maybe I should lube this thing up before we take it down there.
      Dr. Venture: It'll be fine. It's not built for speed, it's build for deep penetration.
      Brock: All right, that's it. You promised no penetration jokes.

    • Dr. Orpheus: And you're certain they haven't simply… stepped out? They have been known to engage in impromptu derring-do from time to time.
      Hank: Without us? Can you think of even one place on Earth they wouldn't drag us along to? Look at this, that is a giant centipede scar!

    • Jefferson Twilight: Damn it, Orpheus. I almost had that bloodsucker. Ow! Now I got the blue balls in my Blood Eye.
      Dr. Orpheus: My apologies, old friend. But the Order of the Triad is in ne… what are you doing in… is this London?
      Jefferson Twilight: Hey, man, I got to go where the blacktion is.

    • Jefferson Twilight: Two, you don't order me to do anything, you're not my mama, she was taken by marauding blaculas when I was ten.

    • The Alchemist: Well, I don't detect any astral rifts, temporal anomalies, or ectoplasmic residue.
      Jefferson Twilight: And they haven't been taken by blaculas, although I'm not prepared to rule out Caucasian vampires.

    • Dr. Orpheus: The boys have very… active imaginations. They're given to… flights of fantasy.
      The Alchemist: Yes, the little imps have certainly skylarked us into quite a mare's nest this time.
      Jefferson Twilight: The skinny one thinkin' he has a shot with his daughter--now that's an active imagination.

    • Dr. Orpheus: I will shine the Light of Thelos.
      The Alchemist: I'll cast a spell of unveiling.
      Jefferson Twilight: I'll um… check for blaculas. Nope, no blaculas.

    • Dr. Orpheus: Join hands, Triad! Our bond is our strength!
      The Alchemist: Geez, Jefferson, you ever hear of Jergens? I told you, I'm not into rough trade.
      Jefferson Twilight: The leather hilts on my blacula blades--they chap, man.
      Dr. Orpheus: Gentlemen!
      Jefferson Twilight and Alchemist: Right.

    • Dr. Orpheus: The air is thick with psychic residue.
      The Alchemist: I can still smell the brimstone.
      Dr. Orpheus: No, I think that's sulfur.
      Dean: No, I think that's Mr. Jefferson.
      Jefferson Twilight: Yeah, I'm gonna need--they, you got any pants. Like… extra pants?

    • Dr. Venture: Now come down here and get me!
      Brock: I can't. I'm trapped, Doc.
      Dr. Venture: Look, we can talk about your psychological problems later. Take a Valium and get over yourself.

    • (as a nuclear warhead rises into the sky with Dr. Venture clinging to the top)
      Dean: There's Pop! I see him!
      Hank: We did it, Mr. White! We saved Pop!
      Both: Go Team Venture!
      Dr. Orpheus: Wonderful. That's one for us, five billion for the apocalypse.
      Pete White: (sniffles) I can't help but think Rusty would've wanted it that way.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The firestarter guy is from the "Firestarter" video by the Prodigy, and the three guys and girl are from the Close (to the Edit) video by the Art of Noise, which are set in locales similar to the show. There is also a man dressed like a harlequin, from David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" video, one of many David Bowie references in the The Venture Brothers.

    • Jefferson Twilight: Not diggin' this Charlie's Angels crap.
      Referencing the 1976-1981 ABC TV series which featured a team of three women (originally Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett) who worked for an unseen employer named Charlie as detectives and undercover agents.

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