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The Vicar of Dibley

BBC (ended 2007)


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The Vicar of Dibley

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The Vicar of Dibley begins after the old Vicar Pottle dies, Dibley needs a suitable replacement for him. It would be assumed that they'd find a young interesting man but instead they get Geraldine Granger (Dawn French). She's not exactly the kind of person you'd expect for that sort of position, with her jokes and honest, yet sweet attitude. She quickly became popular with the people in Dibley, because of her enthusiasm and caring personality. Each episode uses the clashing of personalities, to bring great comedy. A lot of plots revolve around Geraldine and Alice Tinker (Emma Chambers) who is the Verger, and a good friend to Geraldine despite her complete lack of common sense. Other important characters include David Horton (Gary Waldhorn) the local councillor, who is amazingly full of himself, Hugo Horton (James Fleet) David's withdrawn son who is later married to Alice, Jim Trott (Trevor Peacock) who struggles to get out a full sentence, Owen Newitt (Roger Lloyd Pack) a farmer who likes his animals alot, Letitia Cropley (Liz Smith) was an important character who's recipes would never be forgotten, however the character passed away in the Easter Special in 1996.moreless
John Bluthal

John Bluthal

Frank Pickle

James Fleet

James Fleet

Hugo Norton

Dawn French

Dawn French

Reverend Geraldine Granger

Liz Smith

Liz Smith

Letitia Cropley (1994-1996)

Emma Chambers

Emma Chambers

Alice Tinker

Gary Waldhorn

Gary Waldhorn

David Horton

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  • A very funny show

    I have always liked The Vicar of Dibley,especially the jokes at the end.Letitia Cropley is the terrible cook,who sadly dies in the Easter episode.Jim Trott is famous for constanting using the word no and being obsessed with sex.Frank Pickle is known for being rather boring and pedantic,and he is gay but doesn't look it.Alice Tinker is the verger,who is physically an adult but mentally a child,the same as Mr Bean.Owen Newitt is the farmer,who is famous for constantly saying 'well bugger me' in a west country accent.Hugo Horton is the son of David Horton,the head of the parish council,and he is rather dim witted.David and Geraldine are the only normal characters.moreless
  • Funny and great

    This is my favourite comedy. It's really funny and I have watched it since I was 7 years old. I wish that they would make more, but I am glad they show repeats.

    In german: (I don't know why I'm putting this)

    Das ist mein Favorit Komodie.Es ist wirklich lustig, und ich habe gesehen, da war ich sieben Jahre alt. Ich wünsche mir, dass sie mehr machen würde, aber ich bin froh, daß sie wiederholt werden soll.

    In French (Again, why am I putting this)

    Ceci est mon favori comédie. Il est vraiment drôle et j'ai regardé depuis mes sept ans. Je souhaite qu'ils feraient plus, mais je suis heureux qu'ils montrent répète.moreless
  • One of the greatest comedies ever because of its originality and just plain comedy value!!!!!!

    The Vicar of Dibley is an amazing show and must be a t.v comedy classic. It makes me laugh when i'm down and every episode is different which makes it interesting to watch.

    Dawn French who plays Geraldine Granger is a great actor and makes it a hilarious show. The shows producers and creators came up with such amazing characters. I love the diversity and large range of personalities between the characters. My favourite character was Alice (played by Emma Chambers)because she was always funny and ditzy. I am soo sad that it ended but the last episode was really lovely and was a fitting end to the show. I highly recommend this show to anyone of any age because it is just a great show.moreless
  • The Vicar of Dibley is a classic. It is one of the best sit-coms I have ever seen and still brings Christianity into the show. Dawn French is great as Geraldine and I am soo sad to see it stop.moreless

    The Vicar of Dibley is a classic. It is one of the best sit-coms that I believe have ever been made. It makes me laugh all the way through every episode and makes a great end to a day. Dawn French as Geraldine is excellent and really makes it a hilarious show. Even though it is a comedy it still manages to bring out Christianity into the show as the main character is a Vicar. It shows us that a Vicar doesn't have to be the stereotype but that they are humans who act and feel like we do. I am soo sad that it has ended this year (2007) but the last episode was really lovely and was a fitting end to the show. I highly recommend this show to anyone of any age because it is just a great show to watch.moreless
  • One of Britian's best comedies but just a bit <i>too<i> Dawn French.

    Perhaps one of my favourite shows of all of Dawn French's acting work it was trually a comedy of greatness.

    Alongside Emma Chambers, Dawn and her great facial exspressions helped make this show laugh-out-loud work, but at times it was <i>too</i> Dawn French, playing on her weight and her huge hand gestures. Richard Curtis created it and he clearly had Geraldine Granger in his mind as Dawn French, which led him to write her in a style she is good at but repeats too often. I always thought Liz Smith's performance as Miss. Cropley was the best going at the time and the stortyline of her death was sad. Helped along by Roger-Lloyd Pack the show was heavily character based, which was good at times but led to many characters repeating the same thing over and over, for example Jim's stutter was funny for the first two or so episodes, but later it just became a nuisance and annoyance to the show.

    I was one of the many who thought the show got better as it went on and the pinnacle trually was the Christmas specials, and I was sad when Dawn announced that no more series were in the works, but on a happy note specials are planned.moreless

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    • Special Episode
      The bbc are planning another episode for comic relief, so the christmas episodes were not the last ones

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