The Vicar of Dibley

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1994 on BBC
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Episode Summary

The village of Dibley acquires a new vicar, but the Reverend Geraldine is a bit of a surprise, and a not entirely welcome one to some people.

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  • A great start to a series that was apparant to become a success

    The Pilot brilliantly set the scene for the show that was to come. French obviously had an exact vision of what these charecters were going to be like and everything you come to learn about them remains completly reflective on this first episode.

    A testament to this episodes quality is that of course several of the mostly used clips come from this episode. including Geleraline introduction to David, and Alice's introduction to The Vicar.

    Besides good charecter set-up; getting an understanding for them and thier relationships between one another, this of course didnt disappoint on the comedy front. Its not the best episode by far but it pivotal role in the story and the nostalgia of seeing the show for the first time make this worthy of a high score.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Opening credits sight gag: We see a thatcher installing new thatch on a roof with a bundle in one hand near the peak of a building and the camera zooms in as he loses his footing and slides all the way down the unfinished part of the roof and off with a solid thud sound. This is foreshadows the way old Rev. Pottle falls off his pulpit perch to open the episode.

    • The late vicar, Vicar Pottle, was second place in a marrow growing contest in 1956

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Geraldine: I've been visiting my new parishioners, frankly I think that they would have been less surprised if the new vicar was Mr Blobby.

    • Alice: You can call me Alice.
      Geraldine: Right.
      Alice: Because it's my name.

    • David: Right, I call this meeting of the Dibley parish council to order; David Horton in the chair, and Frank Pickle taking the minutes.
      Frank: Shall I minute that, sir?
      David: What?
      Frank: About my taking the minutes?
      David: Do you normally minute it?
      Frank: Well, I like to yes.
      David: Then do it again.

    • Vicar Pottle: Let us pray; dear Lord we ask thee to bless all the members of this here congregation, and we especially ask you to remember the Queen, who has been having trouble with her piles again, and Mrs. Sinclair Wilson and all her family.
      (Alice whispers in Pottle's ear)
      Vicar Pottle: Mrs. Sinclair Wilson who has been having trouble with her piles again, and the Queen and all her family. Amen.

    • David: Are we all here?
      Frank: Yes, perfectly.
      David: Not 'can we all hear', 'are we all here'?

    • Geraldine: A nun is taking a bath when someone knocks at the door. She asks who it is, and the person says, "The blind man." So she lets him come into the bathroom. The man enters the room and says, "Nice tits. Where do you want me to put the blinds?"

    • Geraldine: You were expecting a bloke. Beard, bible, bad breath?
      David: Yes, that sort of thing.
      Geraldine: Yeah...and instead you got a babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom.
      David: So I see.

    • Owen: I've spent so much time in the stables' toilet, I'm thinkin' of sending out change of address cards.

    • Hugo: But she's (Alice) awfully keen.
      David: Yes. Eddie the Eagle was very keen. The kind thing to do would still have been to shoot him between the eyes the first time he put on skis.

    • Geraldine: Very unusual sandwiches. What's this with the ham?
      Letitia: Lemon curd.

    • David: This is Geraldine; she's the new vicar.
      Owen: No she isn't!
      Geraldine:(curious) Why not?
      Owen: She's a woman!
      Geraldine: Ah, you noticed. (points to her bosom, in mock consternation) These are such a giveaway, aren't they?

    • David:(self-satisfied) They don't call me 'Sportin' Horton' for nothing.
      Hugo: I didn't know they called you 'Sportin' Horton.' I thought they called you 'Dirty David' because of your enormous collection of Victorian pornography.

    • Owen: As far as I'm concerned, "Potty" Pottle was a regular old woman. And if we have to have a lass, I'd much prefer a young one. Particularly, if I may say so, one with such interesting taste in jumpers.
      Geraldine: (surprised)Oh; thank you. (mock seductively) My grandmother knitted this. She's blind.

  • NOTES (1)