The Vicar of Dibley

BBC (ended 2007)


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  • Season 5
    • Comic Relief - Wife Swap
      David reveals at a parish meeting that a reality television company want to film a episode of 'Celebrity Non-Entity Wife Swap' and want the Vicar to take part. The non-entity, Geraldine says no at first, but when she finds out that Sting would be the celebrity she'd be living with for a week she changes her mind. Sting arrives at Geraldine's, were Alice gets to know him. Sting attends a parish meeting with Geraldine, then comes under Geraldine's rules. On the final day, Sting gives Geraldine a proposition if her marriage should ever fall through. Trudie Styler (Sting's wife) and Harry come home, were Geraldine shares some of her cake.moreless
    • The Story of... The Vicar of Dibley
      Cast and Crew reunite to talk about making the series, from both in front of the screen to behind it.
    • 1/1/07
      Geraldine marries Harry with the village in tow as wedding planners. Owen tries one last time, to get the Vicar to be with him and fails. As the villagers take their individual jobs for the wedding, Alice becomes the stylist for the wedding. The theme of the wedding is the surprisingly non-traditional, "Doctor Who". As the Vicar steps out of the church, a married woman, she sets off, and we see clips from past episodes. After the end credits, Harry intervenes with Geraldine's joke and Alice finally gets it and finds it alot funnier then anyone could expect.moreless
    • 12/25/06
      It's time to celebrate when the vicar learns that she has done her 100th wedding. However Geraldine is far from happy realising she's still unwed herself.
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  • Christmas Specials
    • No episodes have been added for this season of The Vicar of Dibley.