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  • A very funny show

    I have always liked The Vicar of Dibley,especially the jokes at the end.Letitia Cropley is the terrible cook,who sadly dies in the Easter episode.Jim Trott is famous for constanting using the word no and being obsessed with sex.Frank Pickle is known for being rather boring and pedantic,and he is gay but doesn't look it.Alice Tinker is the verger,who is physically an adult but mentally a child,the same as Mr Bean.Owen Newitt is the farmer,who is famous for constantly saying 'well bugger me' in a west country accent.Hugo Horton is the son of David Horton,the head of the parish council,and he is rather dim witted.David and Geraldine are the only normal characters.
  • Funny and great

    This is my favourite comedy. It's really funny and I have watched it since I was 7 years old. I wish that they would make more, but I am glad they show repeats.

    In german: (I don't know why I'm putting this)
    Das ist mein Favorit Komodie.Es ist wirklich lustig, und ich habe gesehen, da war ich sieben Jahre alt. Ich wünsche mir, dass sie mehr machen würde, aber ich bin froh, daß sie wiederholt werden soll.

    In French (Again, why am I putting this)
    Ceci est mon favori comédie. Il est vraiment drôle et j'ai regardé depuis mes sept ans. Je souhaite qu'ils feraient plus, mais je suis heureux qu'ils montrent répète.
  • One of the greatest comedies ever because of its originality and just plain comedy value!!!!!!

    The Vicar of Dibley is an amazing show and must be a t.v comedy classic. It makes me laugh when i'm down and every episode is different which makes it interesting to watch.
    Dawn French who plays Geraldine Granger is a great actor and makes it a hilarious show. The shows producers and creators came up with such amazing characters. I love the diversity and large range of personalities between the characters. My favourite character was Alice (played by Emma Chambers)because she was always funny and ditzy. I am soo sad that it ended but the last episode was really lovely and was a fitting end to the show. I highly recommend this show to anyone of any age because it is just a great show.
  • The Vicar of Dibley is a classic. It is one of the best sit-coms I have ever seen and still brings Christianity into the show. Dawn French is great as Geraldine and I am soo sad to see it stop.

    The Vicar of Dibley is a classic. It is one of the best sit-coms that I believe have ever been made. It makes me laugh all the way through every episode and makes a great end to a day. Dawn French as Geraldine is excellent and really makes it a hilarious show. Even though it is a comedy it still manages to bring out Christianity into the show as the main character is a Vicar. It shows us that a Vicar doesn't have to be the stereotype but that they are humans who act and feel like we do. I am soo sad that it has ended this year (2007) but the last episode was really lovely and was a fitting end to the show. I highly recommend this show to anyone of any age because it is just a great show to watch.
  • One of Britian's best comedies but just a bit <i>too<i> Dawn French.

    Perhaps one of my favourite shows of all of Dawn French's acting work it was trually a comedy of greatness.
    Alongside Emma Chambers, Dawn and her great facial exspressions helped make this show laugh-out-loud work, but at times it was <i>too</i> Dawn French, playing on her weight and her huge hand gestures. Richard Curtis created it and he clearly had Geraldine Granger in his mind as Dawn French, which led him to write her in a style she is good at but repeats too often. I always thought Liz Smith's performance as Miss. Cropley was the best going at the time and the stortyline of her death was sad. Helped along by Roger-Lloyd Pack the show was heavily character based, which was good at times but led to many characters repeating the same thing over and over, for example Jim's stutter was funny for the first two or so episodes, but later it just became a nuisance and annoyance to the show.
    I was one of the many who thought the show got better as it went on and the pinnacle trually was the Christmas specials, and I was sad when Dawn announced that no more series were in the works, but on a happy note specials are planned.
  • The Vicar of Dibley quite simply is the greatest religious satire ever written. The show contains some very surreal moments, and it is always moving, and hilarious. I would have to put this show on par with some of the other great masterpieces of Britain.

    My personal favorite character on the show is Frank Pickle, he is one of the most underrated characters in the history of british television. He belongs up there with other British tv icons such as; Delboy Trotter, Victor Meldrew, and Benny Hill. He is edgy, and cutting edge. He is a gay icon in a pre-Queer Eye for the Straight Guy world. Everytime I watch the show, Frank Pickle always "picks" me up (no pun intended) and gives me a laugh. I can see why this show was voted the third greatest Britcom of all time. It is not quite as good as Only Fools and Horses, though I do enjoy it just a little bit more than Black Adder. I think Richard Curtis is one of the greatest writers of the 20th century and should continue making series' such as this. I am not a religous man but I can't help but feel moved by some of the beautiful religious symbolism expressed fluently in the show. This show is one of the greatest pieces of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. I believe that generations from now..the Vicar of Dibley will be up there with Wilde, Churchill, the Beatles, punk rock, and britpop as a defining portrait of a Britain that hasn't quite died yet. The Village of Dibley is a place that we all can escape to, quite like Last of the Summer Wine. We all wish we could live in a place like Dibley. I would reccommend this show to anyone who loves comedy, religion, cutting edge social satires, British comedy, and life in general. Because television does not get more brilliant, moving, and above all, hilarious, than the Vicar of Dibley.

    Richard Curtis' ultimate masterpiece. Cheers!
  • brilliant

    i love this show. it is hilarious and is probably one of the best shows and definatly comidies that come from over here on the other side of the pond. i think dawn frech is one of the best comidians ever, and she is brilliant in the vicar of dibley. alice is also brilliant, how can i say this politely, her . . dimness? thats alright. the other guys are also so funny. i am not such a big fan of david. the others are funny though. frank with his boringness owen with his sick comments- which are funny and jim- no no yes. and hugo ofcouse. it is a generaly funny show
  • As one would expect, Dawn French has done it again.

    I don’t know how to review this show without understating the hilarity of it.

    Well, let’s start with the fact that’s it’s a very British sitcom (so you already know it’s a classic) and almost a Catholic satire, following the lives of the people living in the tiny town of Dibley (and I mean tiny; there are about 8 people in the entire village) and how they work together in a community.

    Reverend Geraldine Granger (Dawn French) is sent to Dibley after the previous Vicar dies, and – while someone with her friendly and laidback disposition is unexpected – she quickly settles in with the locals and become popular as their new Vicar. She especially befriends the Verger, Alice, who – although not the brightest crayon in the box – is fiercely loyal to Geraldine and does anything she can to help. Even if she’s not the best Christian…

    The other townsfolk all have their charm, including the bluntly honest Owen (who has an unfortunate crush on Geraldine), the confusing Jim, the shy and slightly awkward Hugo, Hugo's egotistic father, and Frank. Frank’s just really cute.

    The Vicar of Dibley was definitely one of Dawn French’s best performances, and I was so sad to see it end. I'm really grateful for the magic of DVD.
  • Vicar of Dibley! One of the best comedies ever!

    I think Vicar of Dibley is a brilliant comedy..and whether or not the characters are realistic or just there for the comedy value, it is a brilliant show!

    And what makes it EVEN better is that the main character (or two main characters) in it is a woman, and there are VERY few comedies that follow that...apart from Ab Fab and French and Saunders, I can't think of any.
    The vicar, Geraldine and Alice make the show and they are so easily distinguished that you can tell immediately what show you are watching.

    I really don't know how anyone can dislike this show.
  • Over-rated early seventies style, blunting-edge show.

    I didn't see this show when it first aired, as I had hopped the Atlantic, and it took a while to go through the backlog of stuff I had missed in the transition. Eventually I got PAL equipment and all was well, but it took a few years.

    At some point I received a DVD of the Vicar of Dibley (hereonin refered to as V.D.)in 2002, and was prepared to be mildly amused. And I was amused. Mildly.

    This sit-com is so retrogressive that it makes shows such as Terry and June, which was actually made in the seventies, seem ahead of their time.

    V.D. is set in an imaginary village - imaginary not only in name, but also in its setting. Yes there are still villages in the UK, but they're largely full of upper middle class people who have taken the mint they made when they sold their London houses, and dropped the lot on a thatched 'cottage' (i.e.a five bedroom vicarage) in the South Downs or the Cotswolds (as long as it isn't too far from the M4 of course).

    The 'locals' end up being pushed out to the local council estate (which V.D. pointedly never shows for fear of revealing the truth about English villages - they all have vile council house estates attached to them). So as I said, the setting is plain bogus.

    Next up, the characters. Yes there really are people as posh as the Hortons - indeed, I actually work with someone who is, in almost every way, just like Hugo Horton (ho ho ho, alliterative name!). These guys are way out on the edge of reality though. It's astonishing how out of touch with the world posh people tend to be. If only either of the Hortons had had a little more dimension, I might have bought them as real characters.

    Alice Tinker - funny, yes. Realistic. No.

    Geraldine Grainger (ho ho ha ha, oh my sides are splitting at the alliterative name) - funny- yes, but she's Dawn French. That's her job. And all she does is play Dawn French. In that respect she is exactly like Clint Eastwood or Bruce Willis - no acting required, just be yourself. So Dawny does her BBW vicar, and her big grinny gurny thing, and the audience goes mad for it. You know that being the fat girl at the private all-girls school she attended as a child caused her to develop comedy as a defense mechanism - the story we've heard a thousand times from comedians al over the world.

    The others - what a bunch of absolutely ridiculous caricatures of country folk. The 'No no no no yes' bloke deserves to be slapped for each repetition of the word 'no'. That would sort him out. 'No no no no no no yes' wasn't even funny the first time. And yet people of small brain girth guffaw loudly and unattractively each and every time the guy does it. Incredible.

    Then there's the recurring Liz Smith bad-cooking joke, which doesn't stand up at all. Someone would have told her. Someone would have said,'no your cooking is rubbish, and bananas don't go with herring, not even in Belgium'. But in this world, apparently not.Much as I adore Liz Smith (Royle Family and about a thousand other movies and TV shows), she deserved better. That role must have been a piece of cake.

    Then there's the Trigger bloke (Roger Lloyd-Pack) from Only Fools And Horses, who was palin vile. And the boring one. Barely two dimensional characters that never grew at all in the entire ten year run of the show. Extraordinary.

    The Alas Smith and Jones tribute they always did at the end of the show was possibly the best and usually the funniest part of the show.

    This programe really was the King's New Clothes,and the slightly-brained majority fell for it.

  • never mind

    This was a good show, but I'm not inclined to contribute here any more, and there is no way to close one's account here. This was a good show, but I'm not inclined to contribute here any more, and there is no way to close one's account here. bye bye
  • Dawn French ... nuff said.

    Dawn French is the main reason that this show lasted three seasons.

    It's a cute little show and a nice waste of a half hour. The characters of this little town are wonderful too. What an oddball of characters that have no commonality expect for the fact that they live in this small community.

    I enjoyed the town meetings that went on every episode.

    Dawn French without Jennifer Saunders is still terribly funny. This could have been one of those shows that ran for 5 or six more years and no one would have complained about.

    The Vicar will be one of those shows that haunts PBS for decades to come.
  • This show is about a Vicar (prest) who is a women living in the town of dibley. This is a hilariously funny British comedy show meant for anyone who wants a good laugh.

    The role of the Vicar is played by Dawn French a British actress who makes this show so funny. The vicars best friend Alice is a unintelligent which makes her very funny. The vicar is part of the town councel which contains mostly a bunch of people who are raising money or planning events. The president of the council David Horton hates the vicar and wishes she left and tries very hard to get her to leave. Other people is the show talk strangly and some make the worst kinds of food imaginable; like cookies with sardines. The show is full of hilarious moments sure to keep you laughing. The show is meant for from late teens to adult due to the talk of Sex and various other things. Overall the show is one of the best british show that have ever been made. Watch and enjoy.
  • No, no ... no, no, no. Yes!

    TVOD series must be seen if for no other reason than for the delightful eccentricity of its characters.
    The strength of the series is in the supporting roles. There's squire Horton, of course, driven to frequent bemusement and exasperation by Geraldine and his council members. These include his own dim-witted son, Hugo (James Fleet), who's in love with the mentally challenged parish verger, Alice Tinker (Emma Chambers), who has the intellectual capacity of a brick. Then, there's Jim Trott (Trevor Peacock), who has the nervous habit of prefacing any statement with "No, no ... no, no, no." (During one episode, the viewer is introduced to Mrs. Trott, whose foible is the opposite: "Yes, yes ... yes, yes, yes". But she's never seen again.) There's Frank Pickle (John Bluthal), the council secretary who records the minutes in infuriatingly compulsive detail, and Owen Nesbitt (Roger Lloyd Pack), the profane and blunt-speaking farmer who develops a lust for Geraldine. Finally, there's Letitia Cropley (Liz Smith), killed off in the 1996 Easter special, who has a penchant for experimenting with the most bizarre food recipes, which she trys out on her hapless council colleagues.
    TVOD is consistently amusing. For me, the funniest episodes were: "The Easter Bunny", wherein each member of the parish council must decide what to give up for Lent, which, for Geraldine is chocolate; "The Christmas Lunch Incident"wherein Geraldine bites off more than she can chew, literally, by rashly accepting several Christmas lunch invitations; "Autumn", wherein Geraldine is seduced and abandoned by David Horton's hunky brother Simon.

    Vicar Of Dibley is top drawer British comedy, and certainly superior to the ubiquitous garbage sitcoms on American TV nowadays.

  • Bit of a joke there for you, in the classification, Ab Fab refering to Saunders the comady partner of Dawn. But away from my rubbish jokes, VoD is one of the Best comady shows every to come out of any country.

    The Vicar of Dibly is one of the Best comady shows every to come out of any country.
    It shows a woman in the central role which hasnt been done before, the charactors are simply insperational and the meanings are fabulous especially the recent New Years one about Speed Dating with the Make Poverty History ending.
    The jokes are subtle and memorable the mark of a great british comady and the setting and Geraldine have such a wonderful message about the sexism today in the churches.
    The jibes can sometimes by considered to be racist but so what it doesnt harm anybody and isnt ment to be taken seriously.
    Altogher it is an inspired peice of comady which will live forever in its fans hearts.
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