The Vicar of Dibley

Season 5 Episode 1

The Handsome Stranger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2006 on BBC

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  • By far my favorite episode of the show!

    Who wouldn't fall for the dishy Richard Armitage - even if he is an accountant?

    When I first saw this episode I watched it again. Is it realistic? Likely not - but who cares? It was nice to see Geraldine finally get hers.

    I think my absolute favorite scene was the "wedding" scene/"It Should Have Been Me."

    As always, the supporting cast from the town of Dibley never lets you down. They make the B-stories equally enjoyable. In this episode the "B" was the creation of the village newsletter. What the "staff" of the newsletter come up with is interesting to say the very least.

    Overall a great episode with many laugh out loud moments.
  • Fantastic

    One of the funniest things I've ever seen. There are so many highlights of this episode. The puddle bit, the fence leap, the dream where Dawn mouths the words to that song.
    The cast are all given great material and the jokes are funnyOverall, a fantastic comeback for a series that had made me think had had its day.
  • A comeback episode after 3 years, Gerri meets a handsom Londonner who has moved into Dibley.

    Undoubtibly my favoruite episode yet!

    Dawn French made the part fantastic! Serveral of the scenes had me on the floor in stitches! Fantastic acting from everyone of the cast and one of the most exciting and funny episodes written! This definatly shows the reason i watch the show! I would challenge anyone to try and watch this episode without cracking up atleast 10 times! It totally fitted todays humour! With quotes about Deal Or No Deal it made the episode seem even better! And again there was the puddle scene (which has to be my favourite scene ever in The Vicar Of Dibley) was perfect! The music made it just fantastic!

    Bravo! Bravo! All i can say to this episode is... Bughughsghgighghghhghg!
  • In this episode, the first of the final two, the Vicar meets Harry, a hansom stranger that is new to Dibley. After a brief misunderstanding, and many comedic moments, Harry proposes marriage to the Vicar.

    The Vicar has had it up to the neck with "Townie B*******" coming into the village and ruining their local community. As a consequence, when Geraldine learns of the arrival of a new town resident, she can't resist going ans giving him a good ear bashing. However, upon meeting this "Townie B*******", her plans drastically change.
    The man she meets is Harry Kennedy, a hansom, friendly stranger, whom has just moved from London to the peace and quiet of Dibley. The Vicar and Harry have immediate chemistry, and flirt outrageously on their first couple of meetings. Harry later asks Geraldine to dinner, and finds out that she is a vicar. This doesn't discourage him though. At the end of the night, the Vicar and Harry are smitten, but do not kiss, for Geraldine is a Vicar... And should wait until at least date 3 for some lip action.
    Geraldine and Harry meet a couple more times, one time even holding hands [For date 2], before they finally kiss.
    All seems perfect to Geraldine until she over hears Harry on the phone the next morning. She is misunderstood to believe that Harry has a girlfriend. And when a beautiful woman arrives to visit Harry, Geraldine believes that she was just a fling. Obsessed, Geraldine follows the pair around the whole village, even jumping into the puddle as she did all those years ago to escape from being seen.
    Geraldine is eventually put to rest after being told by Harry that Rosie, his visitor, is just his sister. Harry then continues on the propose marry to Geraldine, who happily accepts after running aroung the village screaming.

    This episode was a real gem, although prehaps a bit rushed. No complaints here, though.

    Not to be missed! =D
  • How great was this episode!

    No no no no no no, Deal

    Probably the best episode ever and I couldn't stop laughuing the whole way through. Its so sad that it's going away again. This show was probably the best show on on christmas day. There were so many brilliant parts. Geraldine falling down the hole, again, and all of the other parts made this a completely unforgettable episode so fanatstically writen. Dawn French obviously stealing the show and of course the discovery that little Alice is actually a relative of the one and only Jesus Christ. (because chalae rhymes with Alice, how did we never spot that)

    Well done to all of the writers of this amazing show.