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Has The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gone downhill in recent years?

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    Lately when Mom and I have been seeing the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every year sometimes it seems to be a marketing advertisement for the Victoria's Secret store and it has shocked me that they show very little scenes of the models and they focus more on the new merchandise that Victoria's Secret will offer in the stores for this year. Another thing that has shocked me about The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the fact that they have put singers and celebrities such as Kanye WestNicki Minaj Maroon 5 The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga and I cannot figure out when and why Victoria's Secret chooses these singers to appear on their fashion shows and it has turned the shows into a rap artist fashion show. Is this because The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gives these stars a popularity boost or do the celebrities get paid a whole lot more to appear on the show? I think Victoria's Secret should add more big name singers such as Adele Christina Aguilera Janet Jackson and Enrique Iglesias to appear on the fashion shows,

    Do you think The Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows have gone downhill,


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    I agree. Every year since 2005, the Victoria's Secret fashion show has been getting steadily worse and worse. It has turned into a rap fest mixed with a lingerie parade mixed with a certain concept of marketing underwear to youngsters with the PINK line, which is obvious with the incorporation of the hideous Nicki Minaj freak show. it's disgusting. Whatever happened to the sophistication, class and elegance the company used to represent? Or is this a reflection of our society? PINK used to be pink, dear folks, and now when you go into the PINK store it looks like Rainbow Brite threw up in there. The collection has every hue of the rainbow. How is this still PINK if it's green, orange and yellow? And I think it's horrifying that they've sold out to the point where the PINK dogs are now wearing shirts with New York Yankees & Texas Rangers logos on them. What's next, a PINK dog with a McDonald's t-shirt on it? I bet the art department at Victoria's Secret is frustrated at these lame ideas handed to them from corporate, all in the name of market expansion and greed. PINK was a brand I loved and they have dumbed it down. Thanks for ruining my favorite brand. Roy Raymond is probably rolling over in his watery grave right now. Wake up you corporate pigs! Your ideas are pathetic.
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