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The View is ABC Daytime's morning chat fest, featuring a team of five dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the day. The show consists of the five co-anchors debating topics in the news. Throughout each show they are joined by the best experts in their field and celebrtiy guests. The show is currently in it's twelfth season. The program has received critical acclaim since premiering August 11, 1997. Broadcast live Monday through Friday (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET, from New York City). The show's format has proved popular in other countries, most notably, the UK's show Loose Women. The show is produced by and features ABC News correspondent Barbara Walters from 1997, moderator Whoopi Goldberg from 2007, actress-comedian Sherri Shepherd from 2007, comedian Joy Behar from 1997, and television personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck from 2003. Previous co-hosts are; Meredith Vieira who appeared between 1997 and 2006, alongside Star Jones, Debbie Matenopoulos from 1997 to 1999 and Lisa Ling between 1999 and 2002. The most recent addition to past presenters was Rosie O'Donnell who appeared between 2006 and 2007. The View has won a total of 24 Daytime Emmy Awards. Other accolades include been awareded the Gracie Award from the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television, two Prism Commendations presented by the Entertainment Industries Council & National Institute on Drug Abuse, winning the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Talk Show, the Los Angeles Daily News Reader's Choice Award for Best Morning Talk Show, the Good Housekeeping magazine, Great Works Award, and was also voted Favorite Talk Show by Viewers Voice. The show has also been awarded the Safe Horizon Champion Award in 2001 and the Linda Dano Heart Award from Heartshare Human Services of New York in 2002.moreless

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  • Please, not Rosie again.

    Sorry, but if Rosie comes back, I leave again. She is too rude, disrespectful, and obnoxious for me. Please put back people with varying opinions who also know how to be reasonably polite to one another and who will actually consider different ideas about things. Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hassellbeck knew how to give reasoned opinions and did their research. Sherri and Jennie are loads of fun but still have good ideas. Whoopi is the greatest. Any of those hosts and several others had great discussions of things that mattered and still could be friends. Not Rosie. She is a mistake made twice.

  • Rise up people!

    If anyone is interested in sending their thoughts about this show to ABC can go to

    I hope the network will listen and either re-vamp this show or cancel it.

  • Seriously?

    Rosie O'Donnell back on The View? Seriously? My only consolation is that Whoopie might be able to keep her under control; however, I won't be watching. O'Donnell is on a par with Jerry Springer in my opinion.

    And The Muppets? Are you really that hard up? When I hear O'Donnell is gone again, I'll check back with your show.

  • Hasslebeck leaving is not reason for fewer viewers

    We could'nt wait for ignorant and arrogant hasslebeck to leave. She's such a hypocrite like most fox viewers we were excited to not have to include her in our mornings anymore. The reason why viewers stopped watching is the lack of respect I had for the remaining hosts and I love Whoopie and Jenny but someone obviously told them to dummy up and not disagree with the guests. What a mistake! They started looking like a stepford host. They were silent while statements like"I became republican because I found it to be the caring party,more compassion, giving!!! The party that tries to get rid of school milk and breakfast programs,pass Lilly Ledbedder, pay for viagra but not birth control,tried to take away college funding but probably used it got tired of no one speaking up against Elisabeth when she was yelling for days about Obama and censorship yet no one mentioned Bush and The Dixie Chicks!! Even Joy looked like she was sitting on her hands. The show became trivial and I don't like "The Talk" since they got rid of Holly and Lea. I have not watched it since. Really can't stand Julie or IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE WOMEN ARE BETTER I believe it's being censored and it shows. A table of housewives from the 50's.moreless
  • Why new hosts?

    I think the three girls they had did a good job. I really think it was so wrong to let sherri go! I really liked the view and Whoopie is the only good one left. I think I may watch something else. Should have left things alone and just find someone for Barbara Walters spot.

    News Briefs: Sean Hayes Joins The Millers, Wes Bentley Joins AHS: Freak Show

    Plus: Under the Dome is sinking, Rosie might return to The View, and more Charlaine Harris books are coming to TV.


    News Briefs: The Goldbergs Is Planning a Tribute to John Hughes

    Plus: Big Brother returns up, a Mighty Ducks actor joins Daredevil, and a fan favorite is returning to Covert Affairs.

    • Concerning Newt's statement on the poor
      Are you all aware of the "cycle of poverty" ? Sure, some people living in poverty are ambitious but there is also a percentage tha...
    • to days show
      i cant remmber where to go to feed the hunger web site that they said on the view to day can any one tell me please.
    • Gloria Estefan on The View
      As a Gloria Estefan fan it was so great to see her appear on today's episode of The View talking about her new cd and Gloria Estef...
    • Paris on the View
      Did anybody happen to see Paris make a quick appearance on the view?It was like a lost girl in the mall.When Whoopi got things sta...
    • HPV preventive shots
      My mother died of a cancer that was HPV to start with. We knew nothing about his back in 1975. Her death was long, painful, and a ...

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