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  • Ebola

    Come on ladies, this is a serious issue. Maybe you should do a bit of homework before attempting to discuss the matter. Really useless "view".
  • Who gave Sherri her job?!

    Sherri is a sweaty, hairy, ugly bet she smells like old maple syrup and curried billy goat! She absolutely touches the male guests WAAAY too much, and is always doing that ridiculous, nauseating ballroom dance. She comes across as so desperate (she even scared "His Purpleness"Prince so bad, he ran off of the stage!They need to add some gasoline to her departure, and light it!
  • Has any one else notice that....

    Jenny is pregnant???????
  • You can't paint a Rosie Picture of the View

    With the departure of Joy, and Barbara just for starters and the continuous use of gay men as 'hostesses', and all the no name guests, and Hosts, after over ten years of never missing a show I have finally reached the point where I sometimes watch news on another channel totally forgetting the View is on. was the highlight of my morning coffee time.
  • Sherry Shephard's departure

    I am so appalled at how Sherry is allowed to constantly touch the male guests. She manages to always sit next to all the male guests and will undoubtedly touch their thighs. She sits very close to the men even to her touching them. Sherry gives men no personal space. Sherry is so inappropriate. I can't wait for her to be finally off the show. I see why her new marriage did not last.
  • Viewer's Interview

    Good afternoon Ladies,

    With so many changes going on lately, I would like to know if viewers can interview as a co-host on the show? I would love the
  • Question?

    Did LeAnn Rimes diss Sherry and Whoopi yesterday as she walked passed them and shook hands with Jenny and the other host?
  • Rosie s return is the final nail in The View

    I can't believe Rosie is leaving Little Women:LA to come back to the view.

    She does look and act just like Christie from the show. If you h a ve never seen the show Google it and you will see a striking resemblance

    Oprah gave Rosie a chance to revive the failing O Network a few years back in which she failed. It was a perfect situation for her. If ratings improved she would have been a hero (which they did not) and if she failed (which she did) it was the network s fault because it was in a flatline.

    She is a revolting human being. I feel sorry for every one who will be sitting at the table with her.
  • She's back, and I'm gone

    I stopped watching the View when they had Rosie the last time, and I will stop watching it when she is back. I just cannot tolerate her totally telescopic views. And she is too loud.
  • OMG there goes the view!

    I can not believe that they are going to bring her back. Next to go will be Whoppi I am sure they will clash personality wise they are not compatible. Then again to find someone who is compatible with Roseie. She is a loud mouth overbearing and aggressive. Don't like her at all I am sure from the following comments there are many of us feel the same. This was probably the worse choice of people to bring back.. My God of all people to choose why her ! I guess I wont be watching the view anymore
  • Thumbs down :-(

    Sad to see the View bringing Rosie back. It's such a great show without her. We stopped watching when she was on it before. Once she left; we became fans again. Looks like we will have to say farewell again. May we meet again!
  • Rosie

    The best thing the View has done is get rid of Rosie. The worst thing the View has done is to hire her back.
  • Rosie

    I will never watch the view again. Rosie will be your downfall. Just wait and see.
  • mistakes, mistakes

    Someone in charge of the View has lost it! Rosie is NOT the one to bring back, they have let Jenny and

    Sherry go, who brought some life into the one thing, I know The View will be replaced by

    the Talk for me! Nothing against Rosie, but her personality grates.
  • The Post Turtle

    if it is even possible, abc will go into negative ratings. Bringing Rosie back??/ Really? Already, this show is a "post Not sure what a post turtle is? Then do this: Walk out through a farmers pasture and find a fence there is a turtle sitting on the top this fence post, the first question you will ask is, "How did that turtle get up there on the top of this fence post?"
  • It's sad you can't find any real talent.

    You don't go back in time, you move ahead. We didn't want Rosie the first time and now you are teaming her up with Whoopi, what a joke. I think a good team with a lot of different views would be people like Sarah Palin, Kathy Griffin, Ross Mathews, Diane Sawyer would be great, and replace Whoopi with Jay Leno. That would be a great talk show.
  • The Henhouse

    When all you ladies on The View keep trying to talk over each other you sound like a Henhouse full of Chickens. Please try to remember why you are there and having the conversation you are having. It is because of your audience and your viewers. Take the competition to be heard out of it and give one another a chance to speak. Your viewers will appreciate it more than you will ever know!

    As to the news Sherry Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving the show, I'm ok with Sherry leaving; I feel she has run her coarse and she talks over others constantly! But I'm sad that Jenny has to go too. I like her happy joyful personality and really would like to see more of her. Whoopi is a great anchor to the show and can pretty much work with anybody except Bill O'Reilly. So, keep Jenny and see where the rest goes!

    I just heard Elisabeth Hasselbecks response to Rosie ODonnell returning to the view and I am very offended by what she said. Just because someone does not agree about what our country's military is doing in other parts of the world does not mean they are "flying in the face of our military". Gees, what a nut job that Hasselbeck is!! Well at least she is now where she belongs, Fox News!! Nobody has to hear her unless they tune in to Faux News.
  • and in addition......

    Couldn't agree more with the comments made about Sherri Sheppard. One glaring omission, in my opinion; plain and simple, she's a racist.

    Have enjoyed The View since it started but I've stopped watching. Being a guy I never felt I had to defend being a fan of the show or my masculinity was threatened. No longer the case. It's become an embarrassment. just sayin;

  • Celebrate differences and listen to each other respectfully!

    I have no idea why this show is called The View when you only ever hear one point if view! I would truly love to hear both sides of views of the issues! Talking over people when expressing an opposing view is simply rude and disrespectful! We teach our children to celebrate our differences yet adults can't do the same! I think this the show is one of exclusion instead of inclusion! This country is so divided why not help bring them together with intelligent and respectful conversation! There is value in hearing both sides!
  • More THoughts

    Jenni and Shari cannot leave soon enough! Shari is SO RUDE she should never be on any TV show again.
  • Anothe day-another panel-hmmm

    Whoopi is a great moderator-although I don't agree with some of her political views-I love her--I miss Barbara, Elizabeth and Joy-stopped watching when Rosie was on the panel-to loud, to angry, ugly views-it would be great to include an Asian and Mexican into the mix to represent our truly diverse culture. Love when Ross is on, he represents still another segment of melting pot.

  • NOT Happy News Regarding Sarah Palin

    I and my friends are the biggest "View" fans--and there are many of us. We watch it every day. We have ALL agreed that if Sarah Palin is hired for the View, we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER watch "The View" ever again! This is absolutely deplorable news and I am heartsick. Rosie O'Donnel would be very welcomed, but please heed my warning---you will make a big mistake by hiring Sarah Palin. She is disingenuous, uninformed, and she is basically a redneck. I do not want to hear her "take" on ANY issue whatsoever. She is a hunter---you might as well have hired Ted Nugent to be on the panel. And now I hear she is trying to impeach the President. She is bad news, and if she is even remotely being considered for "The View", you have broken the heart of a number one fan of 18 years. Barbara---shame on you!
  • Who the hell is Sunny Hostin?

    She seems to be out of place on this show, Did she miss getting a chance to be on the George stuck up show? I can say you wasted your money today. Whoopi seems to be the only one on the show that has any common sense, of course there is the prejudice one and I can even deal with her, but damn really, putting a woman on the show that really seems to be in a high class world not understanding the world she is in was mistake on the producers part hell this woman makes Jenny seem intelligent.
  • Changes are horrible

    My mom is 67 and I'm 32. We love to watch the view. We heard the rumor that Jennifer McCarthu is not coming back to the show because she doesn't relate to the audience. In that case abc is nuts and the day jenny is no longer on the show we will no longer watch and I'm sure that speaks for many people. The view producers seem to switch the cast a lot but you guys are making a huge mistake!!!!!!!
  • Show needs better content

    Its been a long time since I've heard about something happening in the world and thought "I can't wait to see The View tomorrow morning and see what the ladies have to say about THIS!". Didn't always agree with the opinions, but everyone on the show was smart, well informed and seemed to do their homework. The current hosts are presenting mostly fluff, gone are the political viewpoints and insights to the top headlines. And Sherri keeps insisting we all want to hear about the Kardashians. No, Sherri, not all of us. I admire Whoopi, but have recently been disappointed that she seems uninformed about new developments in continuing stories. She seems more interested in stating what she "knows" without admitting she might not know it all. I agree with the poster that I'd rather not see a permanent male co-host. Once a week is great, but this was supposed to be about womens' views! I'll be interested to see if this show can get back to must-see status for me.
  • Cast Firings

    I now see all the changes made but, first heard about it just now while watching Kelly & Michael. Did they announce these changes last week on air and if so where can I find the episode? I must have missed something although I try to watch daily. Thanks for any feedback on this issue.
  • Not Happy with Changes

    I was not unhappy to see Barbara retire but I am sorry to see Sherri and Jenny go. Please tell abc not to add a permanent male cohost. I detest the background photos from viewers, the selfies, the new shopping link. Who came up with this crap? Too bad Joy Behar left but I can't understand why people are so in love with Whoopi? Admittedly Sherri talked too much about Jeffrey but couldn't they have just clued her in. No loyalty in the world anymore.
  • Shake It Up!

    Nine possible additions to Whoopie: Meredith Vieira, Margaret Cho, Mae C Jamison, Kim Fields, Rishwarya Rae, Gladys Knight, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Serena Williams, and Raven-Symone Pearman . All are intelligent, interesting and involved. Meredith is probably a lock so for the other eight women, i would suggest a trial period up to one month for each of the other women the suspense will be palpable! One or two will definitely gel with Whoopie, the audience, and The View's work ethics/logistics. Here's to many more years of The View keeping women's views in the forefront..
  • Yikes! The View needs revamping

    I have longed for that show to be directed by someone who could rein in all the panelists talking at one time, tone down their blatant "horniness", and encourage intelligent conversation. It has been a while since intelligence prevailed. I hope that more intelligent people can take over. Ross Matthews is a nice man, but I believe his persona is to be a clown, and his opinions seem fluff. I usually like Whoopie, but on a recent show I believe I heard her call the male co host a bonehead; the co host didn't agree with her on a point. I never understood Barbara's intense interest in the sexual orientation of the guests, and asking personal questions along those lines. Maybe she grew up in an era where same sex arrangements were a scandal. Some guests were left alone, probably by prior arrangements.

    Recently, in my opinion, this show has fallen to the lowest level of broadcasting. I was not surprised the other day when the group had a discussion of penis size; it was bound to happen.

    We all hope that new management can select intelligent people this time around and maybe take some tips from The Talk, since their ratings are up.
  • Glad to see change!

    I am shocked to hear that both are leaving... I liked Jenny McCarthy as she was refreshing and funny however... She was constantly promoting herself to be asked as guest appearance on different TV shows a couple of times and it threw the guests off by the body language that I saw. Sherry is getting too personal with her kid and it looks like she is gaining weight back after all the efforts of losing. . she takes things too personal. . Whoopi is the only grounded host remaining since Barbara left... You need a co anchor like her with a level head and objective views. . .it will be interesting to hear Barbara Walters reaction if she comments at all or she knew it was coming... Bill doesn't show his face much like he used to during commercial breaks... Speaking of which too many . . every five minutes there's a break . .come on should be every 15 minutes.
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