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  • What happen to the number 5 ?

    It was time for Sherri to leave,although Jenny should have not left. to much new and not enough of the old,these new women will quit or be fired. where is the TABLE?
  • No longer going to be a viewer

    I never understood what was wrong with the old View, as I watched it every day, but I watched the new one. The first thing I noticed was the weird sound like they are talking through a tunnel. I didn't like Rosie when she was on the first time and still don't like her. I don't like the other hosts any better. These hosts will not last and I am going to wait until that happens to once again be a viewer.
  • Ro No Mo

    SO disappointed in The [new] View. But, the good news is I've discovered how much fun the last hour of the Today show is. I'll be enjoying my time with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Sorry Whoopie you did a good job but Rosie (both of the) have got to go.
  • Terrible Mismatch

    New season is AWFUL. What's with that tiny table, and Rosie O'Donnell sticking her feet into the camera? Rosie Perez's voice is so annoying, and constant complaining about growing up poor. Trying so hard to relate to their viewing audience. And what does Republican reporter Nicholle Wallace have to do with anything? This is the worst mismatch on TV. And Whoopi sitting there, giggling, telling the viewers that she "has to work for a REALLY? Is she in the reality zone? Does she make the average American woman's salary of about $25,000 a year? They all need to go.
  • No View is Good News

    Whoppi I love you, please leave the sinking ship. Watched twice, not worth it. Perez perhaps can grow into another Joy Behar......
  • The Snooze

    I will start out with Whoopi who looks as if " Why did I decide to stay"! Rosie Perez who can't complete a sentence without saying um after every other word and then it still doesn't make sense after she's finished. Nicole Wallace is such a fish out of water. Rosie O'Donnell stop trying so hard to be the bully!

    I am all about diversity but this is the most mismatched panal ever! Please someone throw Whoopi a life preserver she's on a sinking ship!
  • New View

    I was sad when I watched The View. I taped the show daily and watched it the next day before work. The set is sterile, and the hosts do not have chemistry. I'm not sure that is something that they can develop. It just didn't work. The balance is wrong. Rosie O'Donnell is overpowering. And I like her. But she wants to take over. I agree with someone who said Whoopi was phoning it in. Rose Perez needs to find her voice. She seemed shy and unsure of herself. The show has lost what made is special. And Rosie, you should not have been on with bare feet. You knew that would bring in some negativity, and on the first show - it was a bad move.
  • THE

  • Not much of a "view'

    This new View just doesn't "got it"! Too subdued, too "careful", toooo boring! here's the audience? They're sooo quiet! I've been giving it a good try all week hoping they would pick up the pace. I've been watching and recording the View since day one. VERY RARELY EVER missed a show. Just deleted it from my DVR series list :( . Not trying to be mean, I LOVE Whoopie. The show has completely lost its fun and pizzazz! Good Bye View, Hello "The Talk"
  • Get rid of Rosie Perez

    Rosie Perez has added nothing to the show. Never smiles, no personality and does not mesh with the hosts. Her voice is so annoying I can hardly watch her. Her comments do not add to the integrity of the show and the comradere of the hosts. Please replace her so I can continue to watch this show
  • surgical lobotomy

    First what is with the sterile environment. I feel like they should be doing some type of surgery or the show is in a padded room trying not to be killed in a Final Destination movie.

    The set is horrible not like the old set and the hosts are horrible. Rosie O'Donnell, being a bitch should be sent to Isis then they would surrender, is being herself acknowledges her oldest son but doesn't tell you that he serves in the military the very org that she hates. Hmmm why can't she be honest. Typical ungrateful bitch and yes they need to bring the big table back so we don't have to see those nasty feet of hers. Heck might be better to hide her face put a bag over it or a veil although it still won't take away her annoying voice.

    Another annoying person is Rosie Perez. OMG I just want to claw my brain out hearing that annoying voice. GO back to whatever hole you crawled out of. Between both Rosies I want to have a lobotomy.

    Wallace eh whatever. Not that interested and don't know who she really was until she came on here.

    Whoopie is okay as usual but please grow a pair and return back to your old setup. That worked. This is just a cold show. Just a bunch of cackling annoying hosts that really do not have the credentials, except maybe Wallace, to be able to comment on anything. Find something else to fill the view during that hour. Here is a suggestion leave it on the emergency broadcast system with the constant ring. I think that would be less annoying than this show.

  • The New View-Pee Ewww....

    My 3 year old was in the room when the first show of the "new view' came on and she said "eww yucky mom". was true.

    Even the table was gone! They used to have that nice table they sat at.. now they sit uncomfortably on chairs with no table, with Whoopi's hair made up like a cheerleader on fox network? What were these people thinking? It felt lacking humor and spunk. It felt stiff and fake.

    They stripped the show of all comfort-ability. Basically why in the world would they let Sherri Shepard go is beyond me. She made that show and brought so much humor and love. Whoopi has always been great too but why strip it of Sherri? Even just keeping her would have saved the transition.

    I am now boycotting it because it is horrible now. And why Whoopi agreed to that "make over" with the up-do is beyond me. It was creepy to see her with Sarah Palins hair. Why did she sell out? probably tricked into it somehow- but wow- what a wrong turn!

    Good lord. Need I even mention Rosie? No, it would be pointless.
  • my opinion of the new changes to the VIEW

    The first day I didn't like it. I didn't like Barbara Walters introduction (didn't understand it) and didn't like the chemistry. Didn't like Rosie with no shoes and she seems initially quiet (like she is on meds) .. Day three. .I thought I wasn't going to like Rosie Perez voice. Her voice didn't bother me. I felt like she was appropriately funny and made significant contributions to the conversation. She is smart. Nicole I know her from her political career. This is new for her but she is making a fine transition and owning her own! I don't agree with her politics but she owns it and she is analytical unlike Elizabeth. This is day three and I'm liking it! The women are feeling more is Whoopi which is alright with me!!

    Lastly-the set seems awkward and not really suitable!
  • Where is the Candid Camera

    From what I see, the average rating is a 5.3 for 1,378 comments. Why write something negative (-) and give it a high rating (+). I don't think it means rate your opinion, but rather rate the show. I'm just saying.

    The View is one big joke. I was waiting for Candid Camera and Whoopi to say, just kidding now lets start the show ----WRONG.. It has gotten so boring, who picked the new crew, So inappropriate for Rosie to rub her foot (this is not Dr. Oz Show) and sit it in a chair that others have to sit on. Will not be watching anymore, even deleted future recordings.
  • boring show with no chemistry embarrassed for them

    Some may not know this but neither barbara walters or bill geddie have anything to do with the show anymore. Barbara sold her share of the show over a year ago and bill is no longer in any way shape or form part of the show. He and rosie o do not like each bill is gone. They wanted a fresh show. It's like watching paint watched the first show and it was awkward and painful. You can see it on whoopis face. Will not watch again
  • the view

    I love the view. I watch it daily, but this new chick with the short red hair is making them lose viewers. I think over time Barbara Walters and the other producers will see this soon. I think she is racist and would probably be better utilized in a different show setting. She is bringing the shows ratings down. She is not interesting at all. She's not a good fit for the view!
  • circling the drain ! !

    I knew with the new lineup they weren't going to be that good. The almost all liberal panel and one lone conservative being talked and yelled over by the rosi twins. I though the show is now circling the drain. I had no idea it would be sewer with two large turds {The ROSI TWINS} doing the leading of the circle !!!!!!

    The rating review below should include - neg. number to really paint a true picture ! !

  • Jenny needs to stay

    Love Whoopi however glad to see she took a day off! Yesterday was not ok!

    I have not watched the show in a while until yesterday it was clear Whoopi needed a day off. Today I enjoed it more than ever .Reason for high rating today only !! Jenny is great as the Host of the Show. Not sure what the producers were thinking on this one. Suzy Welsh, sorry has to go !!

    Will miss Jenny was the renew to this show and they are going to go right back to the same old ladies and their old views! No longer a watcher after Jenny leaves !!
  • This show is so past is usefull life.

    They should rename the show "The Liberal View" and do not disagree with us. A bunch of cackling hens is all this show is. And most of the time their views are so distorted from reality and common sense that it is sickening to even believe this show is still on the air. If I could give it negative rating I would.
  • Rosie O'Donnell - Not on our TV!

    The View was a decent show but there is nothing decent about Rosie O'Donnell. By adding her to the cast, The View's viewership dropped by 2.
  • Please, not Rosie again.

    Sorry, but if Rosie comes back, I leave again. She is too rude, disrespectful, and obnoxious for me. Please put back people with varying opinions who also know how to be reasonably polite to one another and who will actually consider different ideas about things. Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hassellbeck knew how to give reasoned opinions and did their research. Sherri and Jennie are loads of fun but still have good ideas. Whoopi is the greatest. Any of those hosts and several others had great discussions of things that mattered and still could be friends. Not Rosie. She is a mistake made twice.

  • Rise up people!

    If anyone is interested in sending their thoughts about this show to ABC can go to

    I hope the network will listen and either re-vamp this show or cancel it.

  • Seriously?

    Rosie O'Donnell back on The View? Seriously? My only consolation is that Whoopie might be able to keep her under control; however, I won't be watching. O'Donnell is on a par with Jerry Springer in my opinion.

    And The Muppets? Are you really that hard up? When I hear O'Donnell is gone again, I'll check back with your show.

  • Hasslebeck leaving is not reason for fewer viewers

    We could'nt wait for ignorant and arrogant hasslebeck to leave. She's such a hypocrite like most fox viewers we were excited to not have to include her in our mornings anymore. The reason why viewers stopped watching is the lack of respect I had for the remaining hosts and I love Whoopie and Jenny but someone obviously told them to dummy up and not disagree with the guests. What a mistake! They started looking like a stepford host. They were silent while statements like"I became republican because I found it to be the caring party,more compassion, giving!!! The party that tries to get rid of school milk and breakfast programs,pass Lilly Ledbedder, pay for viagra but not birth control,tried to take away college funding but probably used it got tired of no one speaking up against Elisabeth when she was yelling for days about Obama and censorship yet no one mentioned Bush and The Dixie Chicks!! Even Joy looked like she was sitting on her hands. The show became trivial and I don't like "The Talk" since they got rid of Holly and Lea. I have not watched it since. Really can't stand Julie or IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE WOMEN ARE BETTER I believe it's being censored and it shows. A table of housewives from the 50's.
  • Why new hosts?

    I think the three girls they had did a good job. I really think it was so wrong to let sherri go! I really liked the view and Whoopie is the only good one left. I think I may watch something else. Should have left things alone and just find someone for Barbara Walters spot.
  • Hype about new hosts?

    Why all the hype about the view picking new hosts? Oh yes, the ratings! I have stopped watching most opinion talk programs (news opinions too) , because of the over talking one another, the supposed "being tolerant" of others opinions, when it is a display of disrespect to each other, when you do not listen, and respect each other (tolerance & respect are not the same). With all the screeching , you do not hear what anyone is saying, you cancel each other out. And the hype about Rosie, confirms for me I will not be watching at all. Obviously there is total reorganization going on, because the mass exodus with Barbara leaving (we love you Barbara), shows this may not work anymore.
  • Can't do the View

    I have been watching The View since it's inception in 1997. I took a hiatus when they had Rose O'Donnell on the first time... Sadly I will be leaving it permanently, as has the original staff.. What idiot recasted Rosie? She is the most obnoxious, opinionated personality in the public eye.. Donald Trump would have been a much better fit...
  • Taking a break from The View!

    I've watched The View for years and I've had enough. The Muppets??? Are you freakin' kidding me?!! Whoopie is the only host left that I like. I'll check back in the fall when the new hosts come aboard, but it's going to need a lot of changes to bring it back to the calibre Barbara Walters inspired.
  • Please no Cupp!!!

    The show today that SE Cupp co-hosted was AWFUL!! She sat there with little to add until she basically attacked Whoopie! I am not a conservative religious fanatic so I don't have a problem with her being an Atheist, but she obviously wasn't listening to Whoopie but instead was thinking what she wanted to argue about and put the spotlight on herself. Sorry, but if she ends up on the show it will be a nail in the coffin for me. It was tough enough sticking with it when Jenny and Sherry were all that were there to talk to Whoopie, but as much as I think Whoopie is always the voice of reason on the show I will have to give it up. Please don't take away my morning "viewing"!! If Whoopie has to deal with her long I would imagine she wouldn't stay much longer herself, and then there is absolutely no reason to watch.
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