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  • Rise up people!

    If anyone is interested in sending their thoughts about this show to ABC can go to

    I hope the network will listen and either re-vamp this show or cancel it.

  • Seriously?

    Rosie O'Donnell back on The View? Seriously? My only consolation is that Whoopie might be able to keep her under control; however, I won't be watching. O'Donnell is on a par with Jerry Springer in my opinion.

    And The Muppets? Are you really that hard up? When I hear O'Donnell is gone again, I'll check back with your show.

  • Hasslebeck leaving is not reason for fewer viewers

    We could'nt wait for ignorant and arrogant hasslebeck to leave. She's such a hypocrite like most fox viewers we were excited to not have to include her in our mornings anymore. The reason why viewers stopped watching is the lack of respect I had for the remaining hosts and I love Whoopie and Jenny but someone obviously told them to dummy up and not disagree with the guests. What a mistake! They started looking like a stepford host. They were silent while statements like"I became republican because I found it to be the caring party,more compassion, giving!!! The party that tries to get rid of school milk and breakfast programs,pass Lilly Ledbedder, pay for viagra but not birth control,tried to take away college funding but probably used it got tired of no one speaking up against Elisabeth when she was yelling for days about Obama and censorship yet no one mentioned Bush and The Dixie Chicks!! Even Joy looked like she was sitting on her hands. The show became trivial and I don't like "The Talk" since they got rid of Holly and Lea. I have not watched it since. Really can't stand Julie or IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE WOMEN ARE BETTER I believe it's being censored and it shows. A table of housewives from the 50's.
  • Why new hosts?

    I think the three girls they had did a good job. I really think it was so wrong to let sherri go! I really liked the view and Whoopie is the only good one left. I think I may watch something else. Should have left things alone and just find someone for Barbara Walters spot.
  • Hype about new hosts?

    Why all the hype about the view picking new hosts? Oh yes, the ratings! I have stopped watching most opinion talk programs (news opinions too) , because of the over talking one another, the supposed "being tolerant" of others opinions, when it is a display of disrespect to each other, when you do not listen, and respect each other (tolerance & respect are not the same). With all the screeching , you do not hear what anyone is saying, you cancel each other out. And the hype about Rosie, confirms for me I will not be watching at all. Obviously there is total reorganization going on, because the mass exodus with Barbara leaving (we love you Barbara), shows this may not work anymore.
  • Can't do the View

    I have been watching The View since it's inception in 1997. I took a hiatus when they had Rose O'Donnell on the first time... Sadly I will be leaving it permanently, as has the original staff.. What idiot recasted Rosie? She is the most obnoxious, opinionated personality in the public eye.. Donald Trump would have been a much better fit...
  • Taking a break from The View!

    I've watched The View for years and I've had enough. The Muppets??? Are you freakin' kidding me?!! Whoopie is the only host left that I like. I'll check back in the fall when the new hosts come aboard, but it's going to need a lot of changes to bring it back to the calibre Barbara Walters inspired.
  • Please no Cupp!!!

    The show today that SE Cupp co-hosted was AWFUL!! She sat there with little to add until she basically attacked Whoopie! I am not a conservative religious fanatic so I don't have a problem with her being an Atheist, but she obviously wasn't listening to Whoopie but instead was thinking what she wanted to argue about and put the spotlight on herself. Sorry, but if she ends up on the show it will be a nail in the coffin for me. It was tough enough sticking with it when Jenny and Sherry were all that were there to talk to Whoopie, but as much as I think Whoopie is always the voice of reason on the show I will have to give it up. Please don't take away my morning "viewing"!! If Whoopie has to deal with her long I would imagine she wouldn't stay much longer herself, and then there is absolutely no reason to watch.
  • What the Heck???

    I am so very tired of Whoopi Goldberg thinking she's God. HER opinion is not always the right or only opinion and acting all uppity and rolling her eyes when others are expressing theirs is just childish. I'm am SOOOO over her. Can you PLEASE let another lady be moderator. I loved it when Whoopi was out and Sherri S. took over.
  • they threw away their 'listening' ears

    no one listens, they all talk over each other - I miss Barbara Walters, sometimes she would put a stop to it. it's the way of the world, everybody talk over each other and it's annoying
  • Emily Miller

    If this gal is hired The View will not be part of my daily TV watching any longer. How can she even be considered? She is ill informed, inappropriate and abrasive.
  • woopy blew it


    As a single mother that rasied her son alone, who would be considered white and my grandsons who are mostly native american one with light skined one dark skined, I will never watch the racist slant of your show again. I will campain aganst you, your show and your advertisers untill this new founder Jim Crow for the white man campain. stops.

    Whoopy is more than ignorant of how hard it has been for whites from poverty get educated.. Tearing apart any group, without any educationor or knowledge of their plight, is pure ignorance!!! They had no more to do with how they were born than a black man!! cc to all advertizers
  • co host gives dumb blonde a new meaning

    do not where today's do host came from - she is an air head. FYI marching band members are not "DORKY" then her comment on teachers only showed she knew nothing about that subject either.
  • Ebola

    Come on ladies, this is a serious issue. Maybe you should do a bit of homework before attempting to discuss the matter. Really useless "view".
  • Who gave Sherri her job?!

    Sherri is a sweaty, hairy, ugly bet she smells like old maple syrup and curried billy goat! She absolutely touches the male guests WAAAY too much, and is always doing that ridiculous, nauseating ballroom dance. She comes across as so desperate (she even scared "His Purpleness"Prince so bad, he ran off of the stage!They need to add some gasoline to her departure, and light it!
  • Has any one else notice that....

    Jenny is pregnant???????
  • You can't paint a Rosie Picture of the View

    With the departure of Joy, and Barbara just for starters and the continuous use of gay men as 'hostesses', and all the no name guests, and Hosts, after over ten years of never missing a show I have finally reached the point where I sometimes watch news on another channel totally forgetting the View is on. was the highlight of my morning coffee time.
  • Sherry Shephard's departure

    I am so appalled at how Sherry is allowed to constantly touch the male guests. She manages to always sit next to all the male guests and will undoubtedly touch their thighs. She sits very close to the men even to her touching them. Sherry gives men no personal space. Sherry is so inappropriate. I can't wait for her to be finally off the show. I see why her new marriage did not last.
  • Viewer's Interview

    Good afternoon Ladies,

    With so many changes going on lately, I would like to know if viewers can interview as a co-host on the show? I would love the
  • Question?

    Did LeAnn Rimes diss Sherry and Whoopi yesterday as she walked passed them and shook hands with Jenny and the other host?
  • Rosie s return is the final nail in The View

    I can't believe Rosie is leaving Little Women:LA to come back to the view.

    She does look and act just like Christie from the show. If you h a ve never seen the show Google it and you will see a striking resemblance

    Oprah gave Rosie a chance to revive the failing O Network a few years back in which she failed. It was a perfect situation for her. If ratings improved she would have been a hero (which they did not) and if she failed (which she did) it was the network s fault because it was in a flatline.

    She is a revolting human being. I feel sorry for every one who will be sitting at the table with her.
  • She's back, and I'm gone

    I stopped watching the View when they had Rosie the last time, and I will stop watching it when she is back. I just cannot tolerate her totally telescopic views. And she is too loud.
  • OMG there goes the view!

    I can not believe that they are going to bring her back. Next to go will be Whoppi I am sure they will clash personality wise they are not compatible. Then again to find someone who is compatible with Roseie. She is a loud mouth overbearing and aggressive. Don't like her at all I am sure from the following comments there are many of us feel the same. This was probably the worse choice of people to bring back.. My God of all people to choose why her ! I guess I wont be watching the view anymore
  • Thumbs down :-(

    Sad to see the View bringing Rosie back. It's such a great show without her. We stopped watching when she was on it before. Once she left; we became fans again. Looks like we will have to say farewell again. May we meet again!
  • Rosie

    The best thing the View has done is get rid of Rosie. The worst thing the View has done is to hire her back.
  • Rosie

    I will never watch the view again. Rosie will be your downfall. Just wait and see.
  • mistakes, mistakes

    Someone in charge of the View has lost it! Rosie is NOT the one to bring back, they have let Jenny and

    Sherry go, who brought some life into the one thing, I know The View will be replaced by

    the Talk for me! Nothing against Rosie, but her personality grates.
  • The Post Turtle

    if it is even possible, abc will go into negative ratings. Bringing Rosie back??/ Really? Already, this show is a "post Not sure what a post turtle is? Then do this: Walk out through a farmers pasture and find a fence there is a turtle sitting on the top this fence post, the first question you will ask is, "How did that turtle get up there on the top of this fence post?"
  • It's sad you can't find any real talent.

    You don't go back in time, you move ahead. We didn't want Rosie the first time and now you are teaming her up with Whoopi, what a joke. I think a good team with a lot of different views would be people like Sarah Palin, Kathy Griffin, Ross Mathews, Diane Sawyer would be great, and replace Whoopi with Jay Leno. That would be a great talk show.
  • The Henhouse

    When all you ladies on The View keep trying to talk over each other you sound like a Henhouse full of Chickens. Please try to remember why you are there and having the conversation you are having. It is because of your audience and your viewers. Take the competition to be heard out of it and give one another a chance to speak. Your viewers will appreciate it more than you will ever know!

    As to the news Sherry Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving the show, I'm ok with Sherry leaving; I feel she has run her coarse and she talks over others constantly! But I'm sad that Jenny has to go too. I like her happy joyful personality and really would like to see more of her. Whoopi is a great anchor to the show and can pretty much work with anybody except Bill O'Reilly. So, keep Jenny and see where the rest goes!

    I just heard Elisabeth Hasselbecks response to Rosie ODonnell returning to the view and I am very offended by what she said. Just because someone does not agree about what our country's military is doing in other parts of the world does not mean they are "flying in the face of our military". Gees, what a nut job that Hasselbeck is!! Well at least she is now where she belongs, Fox News!! Nobody has to hear her unless they tune in to Faux News.
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