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  • Where is Paula Faris

    I certainly hope that Paula is busy with DNC coverage and not fired as some reports state. She is the only SANE, civil and informed member of the remaining cast of CRAZY, rude and uninformed panel. It will be a HUGE mistake to take her off the show. Whoopi hates her because Paula is so confident and not impressed by Whoopi's angry rants and raves.
  • Stop the contradiction

    I have watch the view for years and enjoyed hearing different opinions which were at least fair. Lately,the cast makes a bigger deal of republican mistakes and ignores the mistakes made by democrats. This tactic has only made me stop watching the show.
  • The Joy and Whoopi View

    So tired of Whoopi and Joy screeching and thinking being louder and interrupting more makes them right! I thought the concept of the show was opinions from ALL sides. I don't know how Candace, Paula and Jedediah put up with this abuse day after day. I long for the days of Meredith or Barbara in the moderator chair! My favorite show was recently when Joy, Sunny and eye rolling Raven were off and Whoopi was left with the young panel so we could actually have a balanced show.
  • Thank goodness for days off!

    The View was so different for the past 2 days without those two angry, rigid, rude cast members who only want to spew their own antiquated beliefs and ram them down younger people's throats. Get rid of them and keep the others who are like a breath of fresh air! It is time for some change.

    Funny how both their names are synonymous with the word FUN=(JOY and WHOOPIE), yet they come across like 2 miserable, hateful, crabby, washed-up women. PLEASE Go Away and Don't Come Back!!!
  • Perfect title for imperfect show

    At least the show's title says truth "The View"! There is only one view allowed. The Whoopi/Joy View. The liberal view. THE VIEW. No other views, opinions or discussions allowed. That's why I no longer view!
  • Racist & 1 sided -

    This show is terrible! Whoppie at every chance makes everything about RACE and no one can get a word in. They talk about the little man, well the little man gets everything from the government which in turn gets it from the working middle class that struggles to support their family!! Being a school teacher in a abbott district, not making much and husband travels to support us. We have made sacrifices and planned our family accordingly to be able to support our children. Thanks to ALL the government FREEBEES that my husband and I contribute to we are barely supporting our own! So who really is the little man?? Capitalism, you reap what you sow. We instill in our children to do well in school, work hard, get good grades = good college = good job = nice life, well, not anymore! If everyone is to be equal start in elementary school and give class grades not individual grades . You ladies make millions, how about contributing % of your paycheck to support those of us needing to pay college tuition??? Put your money where your mouth is. I haven't watched the show in a long time, today unfortunately, I flipped for a brief second, still same terrible show with racist Whoopie & 1 sided Joy. When will this show be cancelled??
  • It's getting old...

    Every time I turn on The View (aka: Whoopi's View) and whether I can stand to watch an entire episode or just turn it on for a few minutes, all I hear is Whoopi and the topic is usually about race. It doesn't seem to matter what the subject is (movies, tv shows, actors, headline news, politics) she ALWAYS finds a reason/way to mention/separate black people. One morning they were discussing The Bachlorette & she mentioned black people. It's beyond tiring. I'm pretty sure there have been a lot of white people that helped Whoopi get to where she is today but, let's not talk about that. I'm also pretty sure slavery ended at least 150yrs ago but, we should absolutely continue to live in the past. I'm done watching The View of Whoopi. I now only turn it on and count the seconds it takes for the word "black" to come out of her mouth.
  • Dump Jedidiah!

    That Jedidiah woman is so annoying! Did she used to be a man? Jedidiah is a male Jewish name!
  • Same Stuff

    Move on ladies. Y'all are like a broken record. Joy and Whoopie act like nobody can solve the problem better then themselves. Tired of this show, very discriminatory. Who do they think they are.
  • Cant wait till the election is over so they can move on.

    These ladies are getting unbearably annoying.

    First of all id love to inform you on one of the things your man, Obama has done. The only people that benefit from Obamacare are getting everything else they can from the government, anyway.

    If you have a job where your making 1200$ a mth,you cannot afford to get the must have insurance that doesn't cover shit,unless you go without alot in your life. Itd be great if i could get ,oh i dunno, foodstamps to help me afford your bullshit. Nope, can't get them either. If you work you should not have to scrap by because our President is helping the ppl that take advantage of the system in everyway they can and living off the government eating way better than most of us that buy our food,and drive brand new EXPENSIVE cars,free housing ,free daycare, free education,free heathcare. This angers me to no end and you stupid women on the panel that think Obama has done wonderful things switch places with me for a mth. He has made my life muuuccchh harder. If you do not get Obamacare you have too pay very hefty fines ,so either way he has got some of us working class helping him with his deficit reguardless.

    Cant get blood from a turnip but they can make your life hell and full of worry. I actually had bc/bs before Obama made this stupid law and my payments doubled for less coverage, WHAT MAKES SENSE ABOUT THAT??

    I would vote for Charlie Sheen if he said he would get rid of Obamacare( mmmmm maybe not but you get the jest).

    Next annoying thing is Whoopi's way of thinking she is the all knowing Wizard Of Oz... she doesn't know as much as ppl give her credit for and is wrong in my opinion most of the time, she is very racist and she sits there judging and arguing with all the other, WHITE, ladies and some of the time ends up saying the exact same thing they were saying after she has argued herself confused,cause she cannot take the mature road and pretend to agree with the ladies she doesn't like(and its obvious whom they are).

    Raven is a joke,she is nasty to all the other women(except whoopi),and unfortunately is a walking eyerolling,petty,childish,spoiled,stereotype. You cant say we are all the same if we act soooo very different as a whole. Umm raven if your "Black American" instead of African American and White people are "European Americans" in your eyes. Isnt that the pot calling the kettle the kettle black (no pun).

    Raven is only there because of Autie Whoppi,and Whoopi is only there cause she knows alot of ppl,that probably wouldn't come on anymore. Oh and contracts....

    But to me the show needs a complete overhaul,change everything about it cause at this point ive seen The Whop and Joy View for way too many episodes.

    No one likes to watch the Same people saying the same things every single time they hear them speak,theres a great and very unwell word for that and it is Obsession.

    Not a good thing to have,cause if Hillary wins,what in gods name will you have left in life to talk about??

  • Hateful angry bitches

    Not only did I stop watching I change the channel. I refuse to have this awful show on in my house. Needless to say I used to love this show. I have been watching so long I remember when the Clintons were the butt of Joy's jokes on a daily basis. She is a hypocritical nasty thing. The different views were interesting and entertaining. Now there is one view.. Joy and Whoopi are so hateful and angry. I know they don't care what people say or think of their view because they have said as much. Someone should care ie: the sponsors and Disney if people are turning them off as it appears I am not alone. I can't believe what this show has turned into mean old women spewing hate. Joy and Whoopi are so mean to Paula and Candace and anyone else who doesn't share their hatred. Shame on you for being part of the problem and Disney for keeping this crap show on TV. I know the producers of the show always liked sparks to fly for interest and entertainment thinking people will tune in to see whats going to happen.. however days were long ago it has gone awry and is now unwatchable.
  • Opinion

    The ladies have the right to back any presidential candidate they choose. The problem is the constant backing of crooked and lying Hillary is getting old. It's time to keep your opinions to yourselves on political issues. We see enough ads trying to influence us. Get a life.
  • Maybe put a man on the panel

    Im aware that an all women panel is what they have always done, but doesn't seem to be working and the only time these ladies don't show their asses is when a man is guest hosting. Most of the hosts are so unrelatable anyway,why not throw a man up there fulltime.

    Im glad we are seeing less of Raven hope that's gonna stick. She needs to wear a damn Burka from now on every single time Jedidiah or Paula (if Jedidiah isn't there) speak she rolls her eyes frowns,says stuff under here breath,sighs,has a constant bitch face,buuttt when said people that are talking look at her she throws that fake smile on in a second. She is just toxic,negative and i hate to say it im so glad she isnt representing anything i stand for. If, i were a member of the LGBT community id tell her to STFU cause your voice is not helping us at all,being a face for a certain cause takes qualities you do not possess.

    Whoppi really isnt much better she throws a fit like a freaking toddler that hates the food its being feed,if they switch topics from Politics to pop culture and acts like it beneath her. Raven and Whoppi you both are actors, soooo act like you are on a show that has a panel of women whom you my not agree with and act like your not gonna steal their lunch money when the camera stops rolling.

    I too think ive had enough of this shitshow. Ironically that you guys are everything you say about Trump.

    I consider myself liberal and often times wonder how much you guys are actually helping Donald to win,by your constant blather and ignorant statements,you guys are suppose to be impressionable,but out of shear annoyance are hurting your cause as well.

    I like Paula and Candace,eventhough i don't have their same beliefs, they know how to debate the right way. Sunny is annoying,joy cant stand to hear her voice anymore,and Jedidiah is alright,she stands her ground even if the whole playground is picking on her.
  • Horrible show!

    It's really getting on my nerves ! These ladies are just disgusting ! Can't stand them! Specially when they talk about something they have no idea about... So so stupid! I just switch chanal any time it starts . And I can say the same about abc7 in general , I used to love the news , but now I can't watch it anymore , because its just a propaganda
  • Where is the balance?

    I really hope someone is reading my comment that can make a difference. I love the concept of The View, however I wish there was more balance. They never let Paula finish a sentence. I might not always agree with her either, but she has a pretty good background in journalism and deserves to speak without being cut off all the time. I don't think she ever finishes a complete thought. I believe Whoppi is very well-rounded about the hot topics, but she dominates the conversation with her opinion all the time. She always says that the show is called The View for a reason, however she never lets the others really get their view in UNLESS they agree with her. I thought the point of this season was to have a variety of ages and backgrounds on the panel to express each of their unique views. The audience then gets to decide which view we agree or disagree with. We can't do that if everyone on the panel does not get to express themselves completely. I hope the executives can take this constructive criticism and let the viewers hear everyone on the panel without interruptions. Thank You!
  • Hypocritical cast and racist show

    Joy and Whoopi campaign for Hillary on every show. Vote Trump!

    Joy said that Pense is incompetent because he doesn't believe in global warming. Yet, she thinks that Hillary is competent after her big mistake concerning Bengazi where 4 Americans died, and she lied about it blaming it on a video after she told her daughter it was a terrorist attack, and how she used her private email server. and she mishandled classified information in a grossly negligent or intentional way. And of course she told many lies concerning her private email server. Really Joy! What a hypocrite you are.

    A few weeks ago, Whoopi mocked and laughed at the Bengazi dilemma and Joy laughed too. Are they that heartless to disregard that 4 Americans were unnecessarily killed because Hillary did not do her job. Another time Whoopi got volatile and aggressive as she said that Hillary should not continue to be questioned about Bengazi. The cast also never brings up the issue that Hillary and Obama lied and blamed the Bengazi tragedy on a video.

    Joy made such a big deal in June about how Trump had only 1.3 million in donations. She didn't even know that he just started taking donations. Even Sunny had to tell her that he has used his own money. Joy is dumber than i thought. She lies and makes up stuff about Trump, to promote Hillary..

    Whoopi is such a liar. I don't believe anything she says. Many times she has said that she doesn't take

    phone calls in the evening, and she turns her phone off Then when talking about Trump, AGAIN, she said that she gets phone calls in the middle of the night from people in Europe asking her if she needs to move. Paula asked her if people should know better than to call her in the middle of the night, and Whoopi said it's not a problem.

    It was great on an earlier show how Jedediah Bila spoke up against the liberals. When Sunny Hostin compared Trump to Hitler and said that Trump wanting border security is like Hitler's extermination of the Jews, which is a totally stupid statement, Jedediah Bila spoke up and told Sunny, that you can't compare the two, and sarcastic Sunny said,;I just did. Sonny is racist toward whites and she is VERY sarcastic. She is so arrogant and acts like she is perfect.

    Paula has a little more courage when Whoopi isn't there to bully and intimidate her. Whoopi is a very angry person and racist towards whites. Every View show has a very negative commentary about the Republicans especially against Trump, mocking and ridiculing him, now calling him Hitler, while they defend everything about Hillary. I know Trump has made stupid comments, but the cast goes overboard with their rudeness and mockery. It is a very liberal and onesided show, and the producers should have equal representation of both liberals and conservatives. It would make for more interesting conversation between the cast,

    It is so nice when Whoopi isn't there to bully people and act like her opinion is the only one that matters.

    When Jedediah was speaking against Trump, Whoopi said to let her talk. Then when Jedediah starting speaking against Hillary, Whoopie cut her off and went on a rant about something else. Whoopi is a terrible person.

  • a panel change-up and revise show

    I would like to see 4 female republicans and Whoopi one day instead of the lop-sided panel it is now. No one that has anything to say other than what Whoopi or Joy like, ever gets a chance to get one sentence out. The panel is so one-sided that I don't really enjoy the show anymore. Maybe you could do a new line up one day a week until the election. WHY did you get rid of Nicole Wallace???? Worse decision you have made. At least she had a brain. It should be called the Whoopi View because that is what we get, when she isn't getting beeped out! Seems to be happening a lot more often lately! How can ABC put up with this behavior? Has anyone else noticed how Whoopi talks over everyone and when they try to say something, she jumps to a commercial? It is starting, Michelle has been dropped. Hope Whoopi or Joy is next. And then Raven! Why don't u you invite Laura Ingraham on for a week, so we can get a different view!!!! I bet then some folks would come back to watch.
  • Bitter hens

    This really is overdue for cancellation, Whoopi and Sunny are racist, Joy is just hateful, and the others aren't allowed to talk.
  • Disgusted

    My family, friends, and I are so fed up with this show that we are boycotting the sponsors. The most disgusting part of the show is Whoopie and Joy every time they open their mouths. Instead of watching "The View" we have replaced this time with card playing. There used to be all points of views shared but now it is only the one view. When Whoopie went on her rant about Rudy Giuliani yesterday, that was the end of my patience. The things that she said about him were ridiculous and unfair.
  • Had enough!

    I've absolutely had it with Whoopi and Joy. I find myself constantly saying to the TV, "Shut up!". It's supposed to be The View which means people have the right to state their opinion even if it's a more conservative opinion. Joy finds every possible moment she can to bash Trump and the Republican Party. Whoopi doesn't let anyone get a word in edgewise and is extremely opinionated. She always over talks anyone that doesn't share her opinion. They need to stop and have a more balanced table. I like Jedediah Bila because she stands up to Joy. They need another conservative person that balances it out. It's seriously hard to watch.
  • Terrible show!

    Please get rid of these MORONS!! If ABC can't have a differing ponts of "view" then it should be tossed off the air! I'm so sick of Whoopie and Joy's arrogant attitude! The show used to be good with Elizabeth H. She would at least stick up for herself. Now these "so called" conservatives they get on here (Jedediah) just sit there and let these idiots spew there ignorance! Why don't Whoopie and Joy run for Prez and VP! They seem to know everything.
  • Contact Disney About This HATE FEST

    I'm so tired of the vicious hatred on this train wreck of miserable, rage filled shrews. Joy Behar is a bitter, hateful witch and she looks like one too. For her to comment on Mrs. Smith who lost her only child in Benghazi was about as low as any human being can get. If Behar's only child came home in a pine box and her beloved Hill lied to her about it she might have a different perspective. No self respecting human being would have reamarked about a woman who is suffering like Mrs. Smith, but Behar is an anti-American hater with not an ounce of self respect or dignity. She is a mean spirited hypocrite who should not have a TV forum to spew hate on a daily basis. Disney should be held accountable for these losers. Sarah Haines is a liar. When she left Kathie Lee's morning show she said she was "going back to school" and turned up on ABC a few days later like dirty underpants. She did not even have the decency to tell the truth. Still lying and in the company of other liars. This idiot is the best they could come up with the keep the seat of a chair warm?

    What is Whoopi so angry about? So much success and still miserable. Years after an academy award her only gig is to sit on a chair like a sack of potaotes and behave like a disenfrachised single mother in a housing project. She said not to email because she does not care what we think. Well, I have a news flash for the angry one: anyone with an IQ above 20 does not care what she thinks. In fact, I doubt she thinks at all. She just opens her pie hole and lets the hate fall out.

    Don't even know the name of the jerk sitting next to Joy-less nor do I want to know it. Another igrormaus. If Disney wants a political hate show, then have one, but don't pretend this is something else. These frauds perverse the truth every chance they get. They attack other women on a regular basis. THEY are the real mysogynists who treat women they do not like with utter contempt. They are a disgrace to thoughtful and interesting women. They cannot discuss policy or anything else of substance because they are incapable. They can only hurl insults, attacks and lies.

    Make no mistake about it, if Melania were a liberal these hateful liars would all wet themselves while gushing about her amazing immigrant story and how elegant she is and how her dress sold out in two hours. Behar would have soaked her Depends with excitement pee in about one minute. They would have been talking about Melania as the victim of an incompetent staffer who screwed up her speech, yet Melania handled herself with grace and elegance. Maybe if they could have seen her "toned arms" they would have been more forgiving. Never happen. A few similar lines of a speech pale in comparison to the sins of the idols they lick the boots of. The hatred is palpable with this group of attack dogs. They are detestable, intolerant and arrogant.

    These gutter snipes have been getting away with this wicked behavior for years now. The only view they provide on this pile of dog mess is that of a communist dictatorship: the media is rigged by those in power and they do not allow any opinions other than their own propaganda. This show is un-American. ABC is predictably disgusting. Disney needs to pull the plug on this trash now. Viewers need to contact Disney about this horribly vicious, hate show.
  • Disturbed beyond Belief


    This show show should be titled The Liberal (If you dont like it I dont care) Show. What is the point of this show when there is only the Whoopie/Joy view and if you don't agree you get the stink eye, the eye roll and the don't email me cuz I don't care. Well guess what ladies the viewers don't care that you dont want to hear it because that is what this forum if for. Don't see many love letters to the hosts here. Does that tell you anything?

  • tear apart the convention. They must have thought it was a Success to be shooting it apart so fiercely

    Funny they didn't mention any other people have plagiarized speeches like Joe Biden. Guess they are hoping no one looks up that practice. My sister lived in NYC during Guilliani and she saw the change the angry hosts are tearing down. They are the ones causing decisiveness. We are looking for leaders to pull the country together and protect us from terror. Liberals had their chance. They couldn't pull it together or make lives better. So the they have to make offensive comments against those who disagree with their points of view which is all the same. Bring Guilliani on to debate. Bring other conservatives on for a fair debate. You talk how fired up some speakers were and they are stirring the pot. How is that any different from what you do each day on this show. Stirring the pot for ratings and causing more inflammatory speech to fire up your base. Be honest Whoopie and Joy. And Sonnie. I gues Jedsdiah is on your side too with Sarah. Sorry ladies you aren't God and have all the truths in the world. Boy so sad!!

    Boo hoo Joy and Sonnie and Whoopie you don't like trump and pence. Tear them down find all the dirt you can find. They all tear down. And get over the nuclear button. What has Hillary done that is so great you want more of her. I think Donald is getting a good team together. So put them down make fun. You are all so see through. Your politicians are all failing and have done terrible things to this country. Funny you never bring up the problems we have today due to the decisions of Obama and Hillary. What is going right in the world that you are so pro them and so against Trump. He isn't a fascist. He isn't politically correct. But he could help to raise the lives of all Americans. Just not those who are trying to destroy and undermine us. He isn't against all immigrants. Just those that want to harm us. I'm so sick of liberal rhetoric. Wake up. You are hurting the country not helping. So much hate wrapped in politically correct speech. I am for all Americans having a better life but not for criminals or those who want to hurt the innocent. Wake up the view The know it alls are on again. The Whoopie Joy Sonnie show again. The show never brings on other intelligent voices. So we have to hear Whoopie and joy and Sonnie tell us how it is in the country and they have all the answers. Funny how they never really have solutions. Just constant criticism. Soon boring and aggravating. As I watch all the news shows and talk shows so easy to see how slanted the views are. How easy to criticize and put down anything that won't side with their view. Honesty hard to find.

    yes Ray Kelly gave you answers Sonny, Whoopie and Joy! He gave statistics about crime. And police fear trying to make life and death decisions. More conversations with knowledgeable persons. Not just what sonny Whoopie and Joy think with no balance. Good segment with Kelly!

    Don't tell me you all know better than every other person. Don't talk down to your viewers who are also all colors and have views worth listening to. You bring up all your own views take snippets of everyone that you disagree with and tear them down. Bring these people on and have a real discussion. You all are part of the decision problem. No other views count but yours. Don't blame the viewers blame yourselves for having a forum to bring thought provoking conversation but instead you dig in deeper to cause a divide. We all have a unique American experience depending on so many factors. Open your ears to more than your own rhetoric

    When do they allow for other educated opinions on this show and a real discussion of issues to ensue? It isn't fun to watch and hasn't been for a long time. Very one-sided conversations that give the same point of view over and over. They love Hillary and hate Trump. I used to tune in just to see if it had improved. Now Whoopie and Joy are more angry and insulting then ever before. Sonny is another know it all. So no quality to this show. No entertainment and no enlightenment. No real facts just slanted half-truths. It is a shame. This country seems to be getting more polarized and not truly open to hear the facts or all sides of an issue. Something to promote understanding on all sides of the complicated issues we deal with today. What kind of ratings can this show have to keep it in the abc lineup! Dunderheads!

    I read so many reviews that I agree with how does the view stay on the air. So many out raged and disappointed in what they are subjected to why is this show still on the air they don't have views of anything other than left wing party. I like educated on all sides of the aisle and respect for whoever is on. Whoopie keeps saying Hillary will take care of everything. Really Whoopie. Thanks for deciding for all of us that Hillary is the answer. No thank you. As a rich American and black American you don't know how I feel and see things Bring in some other conservative views and quit scaring everyone that doesn't agree it's you is racist or a bigotry stupid.

  • Mean girls

    This show has gone downhill since Barbara retired. It's like watching mean girls everyday. Complete wast of time. Whoopi always says she doesn't care what anyone thinks sooooo why is she still there ?!?!
  • show still bad and they rehired joy

    Several years ago i enjoyed the show while Elisabeth H , Meredith V. and Nicolle W were there. But Joy comes on with her filthy mouth and attitude we quit watching and change to a whole other channel now she is back on the show not worth wasting my time as with other ladies. Barbara your show is no longer.... yes you had class and its ashamed your dynasty has fallen. and they think Obama can do no harm please really?
  • Take Raven off the show.

    She is so self centered. I feel bad for the girl from full house Raven don't like her because of her views. Get over urself Raven ur no longer cute Cosby days are over . Get rid of her. And I love Whoopi but Whoopi need to get a grip as well.

  • Very Disappointed!

    I have not watched this show in years. Boy, was I disappointed when I turned it on today! Seems like a bunch of women who only have one view--THEIR OWN VIEW!!!!!!! I won't watch again. I bet Barbara Walters has a difficult time watching this!!!!!! Barbara come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get rid of Whoopi and Joy!

    I think the only people who will come on the view are those that need to to talk about whatever they have coming out, people who work for ABC and friends of Whoopi!' When are you folks going to realize... The View is a train wreck and it was caused by Whoopi and Joy! They are blinded by the Clintons and they denegrate any other opinion!! This is a democracy!!

    Not the Republic of Whoopi and Joy!!!

    Actually, it appears Whoopi and Joy are allowed to ride rough shod over everyone's opinion is because ABC wants Clinton and is biased!
  • Should be called The Joy and Whoopie View

    This show has been on a downward spiral for a very long time. Today's show was the straw that broke the camels back as far as I'm concerned. Who does Joy Behar think she is telling people how to vote? Why are the opinions of Joy and Whoopie the only opinions that matter? I'm so sick of hearing them support the criminal that is Hillary Clinton and bashing Donald Trump on a daily basis. Why are the producers allowing this to happen? Why won't The View hire two very strong Republican woman so the playing field can be equal? I'm sick to death of this show!!
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