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  • Sleepy Time

    The view is not longer interesting. There is very little chemistry between the host. It seems that they are all angry about everything. Some things, should never be tampered with. Barry Manilo was on the show and the duet with Whitney was beautiful. Of course we all no she is no longer with us, but the comment Rosie O, made was unnecessary. At the end of the song, she says to Barry this is for you, speaking of the applause given for the song. Rosie O, get over it, it was a duet, regardless. She is very angry. Rosie P, tries to be too serious, and well, its just not a good match. Poor Nichole, Whoopi, well she is just Whoopi, too uptight. This is my nap time, the show is on sorry lol
  • The View--Awful

    The new hosts on the View are boring. There is no chemistry. Why these drastic, awful changes. Goodbye to the View; hello to the Talk.
  • Made a Come BACK

    Enjoyed the view for years, than hated it during the J McCarthy time, B Walters grated on my nerves. Like the new view, think all four ladies are enjoyable.
  • amazing world of gumball

    the Best show ever ever ever Cartoon Network Cartoon just got deleted from my channel I was so mad I almost cried. Never stop amazing world of gumball please please please never stop doing the show!!!!!!
  • Best Show 10/23/2014 without Rosie Perez who speaks

    like she has Helium pumped into to her..

    Stopped watching now... her voice and whatever comments she makes detracts from the show... Just read another fans comments ... ABC.. putting together this mix match with Whoppie who anyone can see is either bored and going thru the control motions... bot missing today yeah.. and ABC I tried to see your point of view.. I cannot for the life of me stick my head that far up my Alpha... ex military in case you did not know.. and won't be watching anymore along with many many others... Whoopie its all about Black or Obama.. Rosie Perez all about PR Latino... ABC... for the viewer... It's all about looking at something else... good bye the view
  • The Snooze

    I will start out with Whoopi who looks as if " Why did I decide to stay"! Rosie Perez who can't complete a sentence without saying um after every other word and then it still doesn't make sense after she's finished. Nicole Wallace is such a fish out of water. Rosie O'Donnell stop trying so hard to be the bully!

    I am all about diversity but this is the most mismatched panal ever! Please someone throw Whoopi a life preserver she's on a sinking ship!

    It is now October 23, 2014. Whoopie and Perez absent. O'Donnell and Wallace trying to be mediators. OMG! Two months later I never thought this show could get worst! ABC please do something!
  • "The Rosie's"

    I miss Sherri Shepherd and I didn't care for Jenny McCarthy but I'm already tired of the "Other Rosie" (Perez) with her it's everything Latino this and Latino that. I'm glad they're being represented but she is wearing it out and making it annoying. I don't think the show is doing well at all. Nicole is okay and I love Whoopie but the two Rosie's forget it.
  • Boring!

    Too many empty headed liberals pushing their agenda.
  • The view

    So sorry to say I Hate the view!!!! Don't watch any more!!! Loved Joy & the staff that was there than & of course Barbara & Whoopi made the show, I do not enjoy the group any more !!! , they need better guest on & go back to good hot topics , & the new team just does not excite me to want to watch, they have no personality that sparkles, Boring!!!! Used to hate the talk but love it, that is the way the view used to be... Good bunch of fun ladies, & good topics, the view needs to change the panel

    I think there isn't a clear consensus as to whether this newest incarnation of the show is a definite hit or miss, I for one am glad that THE VIEW has been able to continue its overall successful run in some form (especially in view of its history of winning Emmy Awards): My mom enjoys watching the show; and, in part due to the great upheaval in ABC daytime programming, I think it would be sad for the show to be history.
  • The View has lost its way

    Ok... way back when.... Do you remember the whole idea that made The View great: It was a show "featuring a team of five dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the day. The show consists of the five co-anchors debating topics in the news and are joined by the best experts... Yes, that was success!

    Now, we have 5 lackluster over-appeasing women who talk about their kids, nights out, clothes, personal issues... and think that by constantly posting their own pics on the show, we will be forever grateful. Why is this group deathly afraid to DEBATE the REAL news of our times? And where are the "Experts?" All we see interviewed are brief celebs who wrote a book and talk for 1 minute (all of whom are "very dear dear" friends of one Rosie or the other- or, so it seems). Hmmm... That's a lot of "very dear dear The point: There is no real news. The banter - much to do with the hosts themselves, does not connect with the viewers. The show is losing credibility. Wallace can debate. Isn't that why you brought her on? Is she the only smart one now? But sadly turning into an appeaser too? C'mon ladies. Bring it or you are going to lose it. PS. Rosie Perez, we all know you are a proud Latina, ease up por favor. Would you like hearing Wallace say she is a proud caucasian 10 times a show? We get it. We really do.
  • Rosie Perez needs to go

    Whopie is still fine. Although I didn't know who Nicole was I do like her. She seems intelligent and I love how Rosie O is definitely intimidated by her and Whoopie. I hated Rosie O the first time around but she seems to not be forcing her views on everyone as much this time. As for Rosie Perez, she is awful. When she talks it sounds so stupid, it's not interesting at all, and she goes on and on and on. If I hear one more time "being a Latino" I'm changing the channel. I know Sherry wasn't the brightest but she brought funny to the show. They let her go and took RP? R u kidding me?? Get rid of RP
  • Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I loved the view for years. Elizabeth was intelligent and she and Joy had differing views but at least it was interesting. Any of the hosts were better than now. The fat lesbian who is obnoxious to listen to, the idiot Latino that can't speak properly, Nicole, who I never even heard of and has no input. Whoopie has become annoying and all she talks about is her poop and What were they thinking putting this group together! Poor Barbara must be mortified. I don't watch anymore and prefer watching The Talk. They are good looking and a shame.
  • The view

  • Two Rosies are Two too many.

    I have watched "The View" through the years and this bunch is so boring. Two Lesbians, a milquetoast Republican and a brainless Puerto Rican. Whoopi has shaved her hair and left her brain on the salon floor. She can't even pull a nugget from this bunch. Wendy Williams looks entertaining compared to this sideshow.
  • surgeon general comment

    "MargieK" - were you half asleep when you watched this. Rosie Perez made the comment about our current lack of a surgeon general, and said that it was shameful because Republicans are playing games, and refuse to confirm the President's selection... rematch the video... it was stated quite clearly.
  • Surgen General no rebuttal

    I am about to stop watching the view! On today's show Rosie P stated there's no Surgen General however No one not even my beloved Rosie O said why!!!! If I am correct it's because the republicans again would not confirm Obama selection, they have been holding this up for two years!!!! they continue to be so nice with the new republican on the panel while she everyday makes digs about the democrat party everyday she mentions republicans and George Bush, Ronald Reagan, etc Everyone says not a damn thing! It makes me sick how they kiss up to her and I mean kiss up to her almost everyday!! You don't have to fight but at least Say Something!!!!!
  • Love the New View!!

    I am enjoying the women on The View very much. They don't talk over each other and they are all very knowledgeable. Even though I am not a Republican, Nicole Wallace is so likable and not combative and angry like Elizabeth was. Either they're all very good actors or they all seem to get along very well. I look forward to going home and watching it after work every day.
  • Women of the View

    Cant stand this show anymore Rosie P sounds like she is talking with her mouth full of socks!!! Rosie O what can I say she is just a idiot!!! I like whoopee They need to take lessons from the woman of The Talk
  • Such a Great Change!!

    Yesterday and today were so entertaining watching the ladies, last week I was ready to never give the show another try, loved it, thank you!
  • The View

    What in the world are you doing to The View? You got rid of Sherri and Jenny, and now it's horrible! You needed some personality, which you had on there, and now just have two women who are overly opinionated the are not open-minded or fun. You need to tell Whoopie to be a little more forgiving of others opinions, and what was that with Rosie's disgusting bare feet on the chair? Please bring back a "pretty person" that has a fun personality!

    I will not watch anymore!!! Boring, boring, boring!
  • Whoopie finally bullied her way to the head of the table

    Whoopie has her hand picked puppets at her boring, boring
  • April FOOLS

    The departure of the only voice of reason, Barbara Walters, was a lethal blow to this now banal, lopsided show. Whoopi's got more money than I don't know what; yet, she's a nasty, angry, doo-doo spewing, guttural witch. I can't stand it when she talks about being poor and tries to put herself on the same level with common folks. She's trying too hard to relate to the working poor, and to Black people. That bi-otch has way too much wealth to be relatable or Black. Rosie Perez has the worst voice in the world. She grotesquely dumbed herself down for many years with that over played, dopey accent. Now the accent has suddenly disappeared because she wants to be taken seriously? Too late. I don't even know the name of that republican, but she never offers up an opinion. She just sits there wide eyed, laughing. I think she's terrified of those three overly liberal fools. She needs to face them with courage and speak her VIEW. Rosie O'Donnell is very funny, but way too angry AND leftist to make sense.

    Actually, The View is now an appropriate name because there is only one view expressed on the show. The one sided, idiotic, liberal, half socialist opinions make me gag. What exactly makes this show diverse, the different races of the hosts? The show is bad and suffering. Someone needs to drag it behind the barn and shoot it.
  • the view

    Thank you for bringing back Rosi with her reaistic views. I have been hoping that you would do so. Please do not let the unrealistic haters chase her back off again. She is one of the best assets of the show.

  • What is Aphasia?

    Over 80 million people suffer from a stroke or head injury resulting in approximately 40% plus develop aphasia. I wrote a memoir "Finding My Voice with and currently host a radio show concerning strokes and aphasia. Aphasia awareness would be a excellent discussion/informative for the "View" - Aphasia Awareness can begin on The View and start a discussion for those who need to understand it. We may have diminished ability to speak but we are not lacking intelligence. Please consider being "point zero' for this cause. Thank you.
  • boring boring show now

    what were they thinking? RIP
  • Won't be watching

    As a result of the recent cast change, it is apparent that multiple points of view are not a goal on The View. Current cast seems very one-sided, liberal and judgmental. While the one sided point of view is muted with polite conversation, it is blatantly there.
  • Let it Go...

    It's time to go. Someone please make the executive decision to take this show off the air vs. letting it die a slow and painful death. Whoopi rightfully orchestrates this cast of misfits but Rosie Odonnell is having a hard time maintaining a subdued presence she's quietly seething & waiting for her opportunity to pounce on Whoopi. It's already happened once during the brief time the show has aired but this was just a precursor to a big blowout we know is inevitably coming maybe that's why people keep tuning in, to see who will be voted off the island next and the ensuing drama. Why would anyone ever bring back Rosie O to this show if for no other reason than to watch it explode? The View has always been little more than a vapid show but the chemistry is off who cares what boring Nicole Wallace has to say (I had to look up the cast names to even know who she was). Rosie Perez, while tolerable in the early 90's as a somewhat comedic actress has always had an incredibly annoying voice. Who suddenly decided her opinion is relevant in 2014? The cast "diversity" is forced we are supposed to feel our collective voice is represented because we have one African American, one Latina woman, 1 lesbian and 1 Republican? Only liberal, out of touch Hollywood executives would pull together an older cast of rich comedians and ex-actresses and think they are accurate representatives to speak for the rest of the world. Please cancel this show. I know I will not be tuning in to another episode...
  • Not very good

    I like the cast. But I think the show is just OLD and STALE. After all, Babs Walters still has something to do with it, and how relevant can she be at 150 years old??

    I do watch/dvr talk shows during the day just to keep up with what's going on. THE TALK, which I didn't like after the first season with the cast changes, is a much better show.

    The View has just been around too long. I don't think making cast changes will improve the show. It's just time for it to go. Though I guess ABC isn't going to be able to put it in the ground until Walters goes in with it.
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