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  • What View

    Raven really?? Rosie, questionable but better than Raven!! Raven's view or comments if you can call them that are evidence that the girl has nothing to offer. Discussing politics today and she stated her first time voting was for Obama, by the way a good choice so did I. But then she continued on that in the past she wasn't that interested to much In politics because subjects that were discussed really didn't interest her and would be if there were more candidates that looked like her!! Now if she meant physical appearance God help us! And if she meant people of color Shame on you!! You just added to our racist problem in this country. And lastly if she meant a reference to her intelligence and knowledge of what the important issues are in America than God help the future generations that will live in this country, my heart goes out to you!!

  • I like Raven

    The show today was great with guess hosts-Raven Symone and Michelle Collins.
  • Seriously is Raven staying on the show??

    I use to be a big fan of the show until you guys got Raven on the show... Why Why is she even there... I am very disappointed in the show..
  • Why is Raven still on the show?

    I love The View but I'm getting so frustrated watching Raven. If she doesn't want to be there she should quit. She always has this bored look on her face. I even saw her roll her eyes once. She acts like a snotty 13 year old. Her hair and her clothes are just too much as well. Today every time she moved her head her hair would flop up and down. Someone should have done something! And she also had this huge choker with a big cross on it that was literally stabbing her in the throat! That couldn't be comfortable. I don't even care about her clothes and hair really, she just NEEDS to change her attitude and facial expressions. I can't believe ABC is allowing this. Her sitting there with this "mmhmm, whatever, I don't care. I know it all already. This is stupid" look on her face. They are going to lose viewers.
  • It's a crappy View!

    Used to look forward to the View when there was halfway intelligent woman on it. I watch this last week and who are these people? What useless nonsense! Joy back on and what a loud, opinionated, and annoying woman! Raven? Really? I never wrote a review on a program before but thought this show needed input! And from reading some of the other reviews, I am not alone! I don't see too many "Fans!"
  • no more view

    I've been watching the View since it first started. I don't know what happened to it. With the exception of Nicole Wallace and Whoppi Goldberg, the remaining hosts appear to be extremely biased, uninformed, and bordering on stupid with their comments. I don't expect the View to act like journalists (which none of them are), but clearly, the View encourages an extremely liberal dialogue and if you don't agree, you are denigrated on air. Today was the last View I will watch. There has to be more intelligent dialogue out there.
  • Raven Simone needs to go!

    What is going on at the View? Which viewers are you trying to reach? Raven sits there with her bored little face and her rolling eyes and expects us to value her opinion. She is simply a brat. And as for Nicole "I'm a Republican" Wallace, I grimace when I watch her. Rosie is great. Whoppie is the best. And I wish Joy was still there at least a few times a week. We miss her so much.
  • so tired

    Jeez this show has gone down hill. Need to totally revamp the cast. Rosie P is disgusting not to mention Raven. What a joke. Someone please slap that hair and lipstick out of her. And so tired of the race card. I say cancel this show. Not worth being on TV.
  • Enough with the blondes that talk too much and are too opinionated!

    First "Elizabeth", then "Jenny" and now "Nicole"

    This used to be a great show. Don't think I can sit through another one. At least Rosie O'Donnell was entertaining. No wonder Whoopi wants out!
  • Hooray For The View !

    The show yesterday and today has been so spontaneous plus entertaining. The View has it's spark back. I felt like I was watching the old show where people don't seem to be afraid of saying what is on their mind. This is the correct formula for a fun and exciting show. Please keep up the good work. I will start watching The View again !!!
  • Another Rosie needs to GO!!

    Love the addition of Raven Simone! Rosie Perez needs to go! She is a "camera/mic hog"! She rudely interrupts others, especially Raven. She has verbal forever to make her point just to get more air time. She needs to follow the other Rosie OUT!
  • Nichole Wallace

    Ugh! Nichole Wallace please just be quiet! I didn't think they could find anyone more irritating than Elisabeth, but they managed. Seriously!
  • The view

    This show is horrible there now !Nicole is not she will not stand up for a new conservative she just agrees with them to get along and Rosie is ridiculous! It just not good any more and they make it like all bout race I am sick of it!
  • the view

    I love to hear white ppl complain that there is too many ppl of color on tv!!!
  • Annoying, Annoying, Annoying!!!

    Can I say annoying? What is happening here? I loved The View for the first few years, Barbara Walters and the crew were entertaining, informative, a pleasure to watch. I just put the show on to try to watch it again. Loud, obnoxious, a group hug to show Whoopie she's missed? I don't miss Whoopie, She needs to go, as do ALL the hosts, Rosie, Nicole, Raven BYE BYE BYE! I won't be watching again until they revamp the show and put some dignity and grace into the format! My rating is really -0!!
  • I quit!

    I simply cannot watch The View any longer. It's getting "a little dark" up there, with no regard to the white people that are still "trying" to watch". If I want to be insulted, as a white woman, I'll go walk downtown Atlanta. And, I just cannot understand why someone that has such a horrible accent would be on a (once stellar) talk show (Rosie P) Bye Bye View - .
  • What a negative View this new bunch sets for too many subjects... too harsh, too loud!

    Yea, for today's show (30 Jan 2015)... JOY BEHAR is back; Rosie P is gone. Now... get rid of Rosie O'd.

    What happened to balanced, relevant views? Opinions seem all die hard liberal... even Nicole.

    As a lifetime, devoted Democrat... I welcome hearing Republican viewpoints fired back. That's how you learn. But there's none of this on The View these days. I love an informed, INTELLIGENT debate about the FACTS of an issue. In my opinion, none of the new panelists seem bright enough to share opposing view(s)with clarity, without fighting, negativity getting too personal, and worse. Bummer. It doesn't feel good to look at the View these days. What to do to fix it? SCRAP the lot of 'em. First to go should be BOTH Rosies. Rosie O' is such an ignorant, egotistical BULLY that it's difficult to watch that surly, sour face of hers. Meanwhile the lack of confidence and nervousness of Rosie Perez is palpable and distracting. This dilemma is especially noticeable as Perez rapidly speaks, in her odd dialect sometimes showing her anxiousness & fear of the inevitable disagreement of Rosie O'. Tsk, tsk, tsk... but Rosie O's mantra is confrontation, personal rows and need to control EVERY conversation it seems. So why are these 2 people together on this opinion panel. Disturbing.

    If I hear again about Rosie O's 5 children (Lord help those children being raised by that loud, odious, angry woman... I'm going out in my backgarden and eat WORMS! I can't take Rosie Os constant self promotions. It's all too much with her.

    TO: The View Producers... please fix this show before ALL used to be loyal viewers (like me) move on.

    Okay, OK... I admit that I further dislike Rosie O' for her crazy, unprovoked obnoxious attacks on one of our American Acting treasures, TOM SELLECK. He's a gentle lovable person... the consummate Teddy Bear type guy. How could anyone be mean to Tom Selleck? Answer: Rosie O'Donnell.
  • This show hurts my HEAD!

    ok, use to love this show but OMG! First whoopi please shut it! Why are you always screaming and yelling - don't even get me started on your non sense stories, you make them up as you go and we can tell, your done. Nicole, im not a big fan, you are a smart woman but your little jabs at the president and democrats in general are tiring and old. I see you trying to tell a quick story and on your way to the point slipping in a jab here and there - you belong on FOX, see ya. I love Rosie, nothing bad to say there. AND I MISS ROSIE O.

    But wow sick of new guest, most of which add nothing to the show, not to mention the yelling and shouting - this show has taken a turn for the worse and I cant deal any longer, bye

    The view is getting worse and worse Cannot watch any more There is not one person on the panel I can

    even watch any more Too Liberal and Too Racist
  • Used to be a favorite...

    Rosie Perez should NOT be a talk show host. She is horrible at it. She sounds forced and awkward every time she opens her mouth. She constantly interrupts the others to state the obvious. The show becomes more unbearable every day she is on.
  • Lose the hosts!

    Really bad show lately. I HATE THE STUPID HOSTS.
  • Lose Rosie Perez

    I only gave your show a "fair" rating because of Rosie Perez. Not only is she annoying, but she extremely rude. I don't mind her loud voice (how others put it), but what I do mind is how she cuts Raven off. 85%, or more, of the time poor Raven tries to speak, annoying Rosie cuts her off. Rosie can stay, without me changing channels, but she's got to start showing RESPECT to the other girls, especially Raven. Thank you so very much for your time.
  • Rosie Perez needs to go!

    Rosie Perez is one of the most annoying women on TV. She's right up there with Lara Spencer! Her ghetto "inspired" voice adds nothing to the show. She reads everything from the teleprompter. I'm sure she has to have someone write all the stuff she says because I don't think she is smart enough to know what she's talking about. I think her jaw is frozen in place from too much cosmetic surgery or Botox because her mouth doesn't open. How does she laugh and screech so loudly? Please, she needs to be the next View co-host to hit the road! I like Raven and Cristella on the panel, especially Cristella. She's a keeper.
  • bye bye rosie perez

    Time for rosie perez to leave the show also. She is terrible and is always reading from a paper or being told what to say on her ear piece. Get rid of her.
  • show needs total remake or needs to be cancelled

    I used to watch the show every day. I try to watch occasionally, but find myself changing the channel quickly. I like Whoopi but Rosie and Nicole need to find another job more suited to their personalities. There voices are not suited for a talk show format. They are very irritating to listen too. They are probably very nice people and are talented, but they are the reason I do not watch the show any more. Ratings for the Kathy Lee and Hoda show must be great!
  • More THoughts

    I am trying to watch the View today... I can't do it. I can't look at that distorted face of Rosie P. or listen to the yelling over each other. CANCEL the show
  • An intelligent woman is what the show needs!

    I no longer watch the View, but i saw that Dana Perino was going to be on, so I turned the sound down, as the show is a bunch of screamers, and waited until her segment. What a difference an intelligent woman makes, the show is actually good! But i am afraid ABC would not hire an intelligent Republican. Their choice is to go with either Elizabeth, stupid, or Nicole, loud and boring! Get this show back on track! I can no longer listen to the screaming or the stupidity! EvenWhoopie,what has happened to her!! Very sad show!
  • Get rid of everyone

    Get rid of everyone and revamp the Show. Its Shrill, boring and Whoopi should at least learn to dress. Learn from The Talk.
  • Get rid of Rosie Perez

    Please drop Rosie Perez from the show. She comes across as just reading from a script rather than actually voicing a viewpoint. She tries to spout intelligent facts, but continually looks at her notes to read them. I'm tired of her accent which comes across as forced and fake.
  • throw that worthless whoopi and Port Rican off the show

    I got to say that that complete waste of skin whoopi Goldberg and that piece of sht Porta Rican chick have to go , both of them are nothing but a insult to your intelligence, and have nothing to say worth listening to, do the viewer a solid and dump these lums from the show, Its time to refresh the air waves and dump these anti American scumbags back under the rock they crawled out

    and promote some positive American values
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