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  • Sheeples: Sheep + People = Sheeples

    Woopi's misinformation on Obama keeping us safe from terrorist attacks was an outright deception. We know she is well aware of the Boston Marathon bombers, the two Muslim refugee brothers who set off the bomb near the finish line a couple of years ago. I am certain she heard about the Muslim Fort Hood Psychiatrist/Shooter/Murderer who acted on Jihad. Treating people as sheep who are being herded and verbalizing misinformation is often offered as truth on The View which is offensive to those of us who are well informed in America. Joy has her own personal liberal agenda which is so obvious even a blind person could see through it. All in all, I'd say it is a show for those who are bored and do not know current events. I warn, if you get your current event information, history, or political events information from this show you will be deceived. If you are watching for entertainment value, you too will be cheated. Good luck and I personally recommend finding a show that does not treat viewers as Sheeples, those that are uninformed and will believe anything said, even a blatant lie.
  • Leave the View along!!!!! Haters !!!!!!!

    I love the View. I have been retired for a little over a year. I love the View and the cast. Whoopi is the best, Raven has that flair, Joy is the jokester, and the other two ladies they don't need. Bring Sherry back to complete an awesome cast. I love the hot topics; they're great. Just take a little time and enjoy the view instead of bashing so much.
  • More THoughts

    I turned on the View today for the first time in a long time. I lasted about 3 minutes before turning it off. What is wrong with ABC that they have to have this garbage on? I would rather watch an Infomercial than the View. They really went to the bottom of the barrel to find co-hosts. Whoopie is loud and if someone doesn't agree with her, she makes faces and talks over them until they stop talking. Candace has no right being any place but home. No one needs to hear her religious believes constantly. Raven is just young and needs to learn off screen before being put on screen. Joy is passed her prime and needs to retire. She is loud and obnoxious. Paula should stick to reading the news. And the other "lady" I have no clue who she is or why she is there. PLEASE CANCEL THIS SHOW.
  • show still bad and they rehired joy

    Several years ago i enjoyed the show while Elisabeth H , Meredith V. and Nicolle W were there. But Joy comes on with her filthy mouth and attitude we quit watching and change to a whole other channel now she is back on the show not worth wasting my time as with other ladies. Barbara your show is no longer.... yes you had class and its ashamed your dynasty has fallen. and they think Obama can do no harm please really?
  • needs to be cancelled

    The show hasnt been the same since elisabeth left. these ladies are not funny and too judgemental. they pretend to be commedians when nobody likes their comments. the view wasnt designed to be a comedy. it is supposed to be a talk show with their opinions thrown in. they are a bunch of offensive bigots and nobody good wants to be on it.
  • reverse discrimination

    I would like to see reverse discrimination covered as well. My son a light skin Puerto Rican has experienced discrimination in predominate black neighborhood in New Jersey. He would stand on a bus stop to wait 4 a New Jersey transit bus & several buses would go by, they would not stop 4 him unless their was also a black passenger waiting. In addition when he showed up 4 interviews he was told on more than one occasion that he was the wrong color and he was wasting his time.

    I have told my son that living in a country where free speech is encouraged, you have 2 develop thick skin; plus he needs 2 understand not everyone looks beyond color 4 qualifications, plus individual character. I would like to see discussion covering how in general we can teach acceptance of differences in general.
  • OMG, Candace go home and run your household

    Of all the wonderful, talented people on TV how the heck did Candace get on this panel? At least Raven is learning and being mentored to be on the panel. She is young and needed to learn and is trying. Instead of Candace, they could even have had a guest each day or for the week. When they needed a co-host when Sherri and Joy originally left they had the best people. Now we get this. Sorry, bad choice.

    I am so tired of my daily bible lesson when she is on. I do NOT believe in her religion but something always comes out. She cringes when there is talk about Gays, Transgenders, Abortion. That is no place for a panelist with those types of beliefs unless you keep it to yourself. You can see the disgust in her face or how she puts her head down. Nicole is also a Christian but her points of view are valid to her and she keeps it to the normal way she views her religion. Ugh!!!!!!
  • What is wrong with theses ladies

    I too have been watching view for years. I feel these ladies are cat fighting aga8nst each other. Michelle needs to temper herself . comedian or not she takes "loe blows" at people. Whoopi cut off candace today. Paula a lot of the time is shut down. Joy is nice and will apologize . but for the most part i record ans zip tjrough because ot all you girls trying to talk over each other and michelle ypu dont need to haveva comment for everything. Paula seems to wait for permisdipn st times and then get s shotdown. You all need to stay on point and make sense.
  • Less Candace please

    I've been watching The View for years and have liked most of the hosts. I love Joy & Michelle & Whoopi is ok most of the time. Candace & Paula are extremely annoying. I'm so tired of their "born again" rhetoric & inability to consider any point of view that doesn't coincide with their Christian beliefs. I watch the show to enjoy a few laughs from Joy & Michelle. When they aren't on I change the channel.
  • Bad View

    OMG what are you doing Barbra. You said you wanted to prove a group of woman could come together and have a talk how with intelligent point of view. When you started the show you had intelligent co hosts. Today with the exception of Paula. You have a which hunt on for any Republican or anyone who shares anything other then democratic views. I want the show to continue but please get hosts who have experience. Keep one comedian your choice. I do love Whoopie but she needs to let people speak a different point of view. Raven, I don't need to tell you. Let her get back to her retirement. I can't watch the show much more..
  • Not so Raven

    Please please please replace Raven Simone. I really enjoy The View but am getting to the point that because of her I'll have to take it off my list
  • RAVEN!!!!!

    She has single handedly brought The View down to levels where it is unimaginable. Every time she opens her mouth she makes no sense. She may be the new generation, but I am guessing that ABC could do so much better than her. She's a joke. No class. Probably doesn't even know what that word means. Whoopi has gotten so much better (thank goodness, it was touch and go there for a long while). I am getting used to Michelle. She has gotten much better. Love Joy, always did. Very intelligent. And Paula is OK. (much better than Elizabeth). They need to bring Sherri back! Then they would be set. And as for Candace, she definitely needs to go. Everything about her is annoying. I realize Paula is political too (different views from myself), but she doesn't come across so harsh like Candace. Don't get me wrong, I love a political debate. Sorry for the rant...

  • Not funny!!

    These women' "views" are way off!
  • No vet appreciation from The View?

    Is this show produced by communist? No appreciation for our veterans, you should be ashamed of yourselves! I will never watch this show again. The hosts are ridiculous as well.
  • would you let your mother pick your husband

    My mother and my mother in law pick 4 us and it lasted 37 years till he passed away beautiful life beautiful man
  • I LOVE The View However.....

    I love The View and the new hosts. I do agree the Raven show probably step down. She is too immature to host a show such as this one. She does most always try to turn things into her past/present, interrupts others constantly. And, those nasty looks she gets and gives to the other hosts. The other hosts are great. I'm glad to see Joy back. And I LOVE WHOOPI and don't care what other people think. She is REAL, tells it like it is. I respect her for that. So, let Raven not in a mean why. This is just not for her.
  • Raven Simone has to go on the View

    I am almost positive that I am not the ONLY one who believes Raven Simone should be immediately released from the show as she is a disservice to the view. The WORLD is soooooooo tired of hearing about her childhood fame! It's like beating a dead horse across the head with a stick. Her responses are ridiculous and, in a nutshell, outright despicable! !! Was the show in such a downward spiral that you were so desperate to pick up Raven? Out of all the other intelligent women in the business - you settled for this immature nitwit ... she just shames the other co-host and looking at the reactions on their faces when she responds to something tells it all. Do yourself a HUGE favor and AXE her ASAP
  • Denial is not just a river in Egypt!

    The "ladies" of The View should get their heads out of the sand and educate themselves. Planned Parenthood was caught on tape selling baby body parts. And their statement that they will no longer take compensation for them is a total admission of the fact. Get rid of The View!
  • it pretty much stinks

    If your going to talk politics, why get rid of Nichole. She is the only one with an ounce of brains. Stay away from it, and tell Whoopie to be quie, stop yelling. No more View for me, cant wait for the

    Talk to come back on. Such a classy show, with great input.

  • Love the new look

    I love the new look and feel of the show. I tape it everyday and I've yet to be disappointed. Thank you ladies of The View for making me laugh each and every day.
  • Why is this show still on the air?

    I used to enjoy this show. I respected their views and looked forward to watching them in the morning. Now I change the station as soon as it comes on. They should look at themselves before they criticize other people. Raven and Whoppi need to go. They need to go get makeovers and they need to go back into the entertaining business. No room for them on a show called The View. Barbara Walters need to step in and take charge, if she wants this show to continue.
  • A waste of space!!

    This show makes me cringe.. The example's they seem to be setting for young women is sickening.. They are completely redundant when they are posing their opinions. Some of them sound like they have little education and absolutely no common sense at all. This is wasted space on television! Worst then any B movie and any low budget reality show. My oldest daughter of 25 see's right through the garbage they present here and my 11 year old daughter is not allowed to watch this crap! Shame on the View and shame on the network for keeping this low rent show alive!
  • All for naught

    We are having big problems with bullying in our schools and are encouraged to teach our children to be nice and how to work with others. So why do the women on this show feel they have a pass and can be as rude and mean as they please?

    They really do not know how to talk to people with different points of view. Perhaps they are afraid they might learn something.
  • Totally Biased!!!!

    The View isn't balanced and really doesn't represent all of America. Its pretty much got a liberal view with sarcasm and mean spirited with no class. Most of em are bullies and they don't know they are being a bully. I wish Candace Cameron Bure would be on there more often.
  • GlassHouses

    Hmmm! Just a guess, I'm bettin none of you "hosts" own a mirror, nor doe's the set of the view have any mirrors. Because how on this, or any planet can any one of you hags poke fun at somebody else's looks.

    so, buy a bunch of mirrors and stick'em everywhere, then the next time you think somebody is ugly or don't

    look right you can refer to your reflection and say Hmmm, with a face like mine i got nothin to laugh about.

    seriously all you all ain't nothin to look at. Now get outta here you makin me sick lookin at you.

    sincerely, A way lot better lookin person!!!! Bye bitches!
  • Is this disgusting libtard tripe on the best ABC can come up with?

    It's so obvious that ABC is skewed liberal, from former Clinton staffer Stephanoplis considered an "impartial journalist" haha! to this offal known as "the view". How low we have sunk as a country when we're taking advice from these self-important morons. I doubt any of these cows could run a lemonade stand, yet will sit on their collective backsides and run down anyone who dares try to move us forward as a nation, and protect what prior generations have fought for. It literally makes me sick that this show exists, but more so that it is acceptable.
  • Carrol

    Today, Nov.5th I watch while Carly Fiorina was the 'guest'. She certainly wasn't treated as a 'guest'', she was bullied. The show reminded me of the movie "Mean Girls" about high school girls bulling another high school girl. It was totally disrespectful and hateful. I don't intend to watch another "View" program. At least when Barbara Walters was the host, she would soften some of the nasty comments. Now they just try to outdo each other in seeing how vicious they each can be. Enough!
  • Women on the View

    Why do the women on The View consider themselves comedians? I watched the show on several occasions and found what they call humor to be mean spirited and cruel. All they do is criticize and make fun of others. I do not consider that as humorous. When the women are making fun of someone's looks, etc. They need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. They are by no means any beauties. And who made them God to be so condeming of others? The show lost its class once Barbara Walters left. This show needs to be canned.
  • is not a Proven Science

    I literally cringe every time Joy B. references Evolution. It is called, The Theory of Evolution for a reason. After all this time scientist can not prove it. Yet, she pokes fun of any one who does not agree with her. And, the same for Climate Change. Remember when they used to say GLOBAL WARMING. Ever wonder they changed from Global Warming. They can't prove that either, but we all know that Climate Changes naturally all the time. Remember when they (Left) use to warn of our entering a new Ice Age? How soon were they proven wrong on that? But Climate Change seems to fit their agenda better. And, for the record--I am a BLACK Woman who is an Independent! I changed from the Democratic party during the Clinton years!! And, I am so happy I have two choices on the Republican side .Carson and Carly!


  • The View

    The view has lost all class since Barbara Walters left. The view should reflect all different views as it used to. Now it is saturated with unintelligent views of the people at the table. I know many people

    ( including myself ) who used to watch it and now would like to see it cancelled. I tuned in today because I wanted to hear Carly Fiorina talk. Then she was cut short by a hosts view. Can liberals only hear themselves and refuse other opinions. How can you learn new ideas if you don't listen? I am so tired of hosts talking over others and above all "NOT SHOWING RESPECT". The world is losing clout!
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