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  • What happened??

    This show is so uncomfortable to watch now! The voices of Rosie Perez , and Jane Wallace are so annoying, and hard to listen to! There doesn't seem to be any connection between these ladies.

    Whoopy is the star. Make it the Whoopy Goldberg show and I may watch again!
  • Nicolle's obnoxious voice and laugh

    I retired 7 years ago, and I have DVR'd The View and watched it most every weekday. I am very disappointed in this year's cast. Nicolle Wallace is obnoxious with her voice and her laugh, and she constantly interrupts. She often talks about her child. On one of the shows she talked about a woman who told her to quiet her son down while they were on a fight, and Nicolle referred to the woman as a cow, and she called the woman a bitch. She also said that she felt like punching the woman in the face. All this tells us what kind of a person Nicolle Wallace is. She is supposedly a Republican, yet she often sides with the liberals on the show. Maybe that is why she was hired. While watching Must Have Mondays last week, Nicolle constantly interrupted the host presenting the items. She has a high pitched strident obnoxious voice. Whoopi is always playing the race card. She so often talks about race issues, yet she so makes an issue and jokes about her race. She is so narrow minded about so many things and refuses to listen to the other side of an issue. Rosie Perez constantly mentions her Latino heritage and seems obsessed with it.

    The cast was very anti police when they had discussions about Michael Brown. Without hearing the facts and evidence they thought the officer was in the wrong. Also, when The View had reruns during the Christmas season, they played the rerun of the show with the discussion about Michael Brown. Why would they play that rerun again. Maybe to incite the public. There were many other reruns to play. While the cast discussed the case, they thought it was so wonderful that some of the Rams players went out on the field with their hands up, when in fact the Rams had not heard all the evidence, and it was found out from honest witnesses and other evidence that Brown never did raise his hands to surrender. The View should have shown facts of the case, instead of discussing what the media was reporting.

    Rosie O is now off, thank goodness. I was sick of hearing her obsession with "Frozen" and her constant talking about her children. Now the View has guest hosts who are not very impressive. What is to come of this show? OMG today there was SO much giggling. Cristela Alonzo ridiculously laughed obnoxiously as she usually does. How about making the cast equal politically...2 Republicans / Conservatives, and 2 Democrat / liberals? That is probably not going to happen on such a liberal show and station.
  • let's least give thanks that Bab's is gone

    I just can't anymore. I miss Rosie O'Donnell. The rest of the hosts bore me to tears. Whoopie is so irrelevant, Rosie Perez so annoying & Nicole Wallace is uncomfortable to watch. The only thing I am grateful for is that we don't have to listen to Barbara Walters anymore. She was just so out of touch.
  • The show is disgusting.

    I think it is pretty bad when a TV show is constantly on the race card, helping to incite discontent in the country and is totally leaning to liberal views at the same time. Rosie Perez is a hater of all things non latino. At least Barbara Walters held it half way under control. It is pretty bad when a show tries to tear the country back into the old ways of white this, black that, and latino again. The last 6 or 7 years are pushing for a division of America into racial sections.
  • Can't watch anymore

    The show sounds like a Rosie Perez's and Nicole Wallace's laugh and voice, it's too much to bear. Quite honestly, I was and still am a fan of Rosie but as an actress, not on a talk show. I really can't even bear to watch the show anymore, no matter what the topic is. And please explain why Whoopi's shoes must be featured. I'm sorry, but big feet with socks and really awful shoes don't need to be highlighted. I guess it's what the audience
  • Tired of Sherri and her big mouth!

    I can't watch this show any more, Sherri is rude and arrogant as is Jenny. And tell me why does it take less than 10 minutes every single day to throw out the race card??

    This talk show is no longer entertaining!

  • Not Happy **Read***

    I'm very irritated about today's show. They shared a video of a Boy's father threating to beat up a bully for his child, so the boy said he was joking about being bullied.

    Now everyone thinks the boy was joking when in reality the boy seemed so afraid his dad was gonna kill his bully so in return the boy said he was joking...

    Here's the problem with this. The boy is probably getting bullied. So now people are seeing this are gonna child is making this up"

    I would Like to see that father and son on the show and give the boy a lie detector test to see if he's getting bullied or was afraid of what his dad was gonna do so he said he was joking..
  • View fatigue

    I am really having a hard time watching The View anymore. The hosts come across as mal contents who take umbrage with everything. They wanted Guiliana Rancic to apologize, but then Rosie P. criticized the apology. They didn't approve of Patricia Arquette's comments about women and equal pay. They lambasted the folks who were questioning Taylor Swift's donations. Ouch! I don't know, maybe it's me but I'm growing tired of all the nit picking and griping. I imagine it must be quite intimidating for the guest hosts. It does not appear to be a warm and welcoming environment. Particularly if you dare disagree or say the "wrong" thing. Just ask poor Samantha Ponder. Lighten your load ladies (and ours too)
  • The View

    From the beginning of "The View," I was a loyal listener. I was fortunate enough to be in their audience several times. However, over the years, the changes made were not improvements. The strength of the show were Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira, and Lisa Ling. Other guest hosts were often well suited and added to the overall quality of the program. Whoopi has proved herself to be a wonderful entertainer; yet those same skills do not work for her as a moderator. Being bombastic simply cannot work well in this setting. It seems that she is not happy in her surroundings and is not connected with topics or coworkers.
  • No London!

    I hope that the View is not considering Stacy London as a permanent replacement for Rosie! Her comment about the Oscars was to discuss the color of Jennifer Lopez's lipstick! I cannot imagine that through the entire Oscars that this was the most important assertion she could make,! She adds no pizzazz to the show. Come on can do better!
  • Boxing/Broadway

    Repeatedly, over & over & over, boxing & Broadway shows are discussed. It's like turkey, once or twice a year is plenty. Rosie Perez talks about this stuff over & over & over again. Occasionally, she talks about being Puerto Rican, she's much funnier when this is talked about.
  • the view has got to step up or shut down

    the view is obviously out of touch and sink with connecting the dots.

    I don't know why the view had to find brenda the republican that has

    to talk about the know it all things that happened in the white house

    when bush was president. who cares she is not the political spokesperson

    for this talk show. Others on the show belong to a political party can they say

    as a democrat, a green party etc. no. She often makes no since as in sense, sents what ever that means

    rambling on. I always watched the view, it was what i enjoyed in the morning. Now it has lost it's bond

    and allowing each to speak with knowledge and interesting things. I am sorry for the view, I seriously do not see it lasting much longer on tv. So many of us are disappointed and bored with it, it is difficult to watch with much enjoyment. I miss sherri who was fired. You can't keep trying so hard, or not trying hard enough? Just stop doing what you are doing and come back view I miss you.......
  • TheView Needs to Return to its Roots

    I am growing increasingly concerned with what the producers are thinking about when it comes to the View. There are so many inane talk shows on the air currently, it would be refreshing if the View catered to the more informed and articulate viewer.

    I truly believe that I am not the only person who doesn't care about the Kardashians or anything they are "doing", whether the sound heard on set was that of flatulence or a chair, whether someone's breasts has to be picked up and flung over the shoulder before they can sit or whatever other silliness is being discussed.

    Whoopi is a terrible moderator. She discards comments from other panelists who don't share her view, she has not mastered the art of the "topic transition" or "throwing to a commercial". Yes, every now and again she says something profound, but that is a rarity. She also seems so uninformed about the topics and the guests.

    Nicole---please ask the question to the guest and shut up and allow the guest to answer. Also, the viewing audience knows, because of your constant reminders, that you have a preschooler. I have four children, two of whom are preschoolers and two teenagers. You have not done something that millions of women all around the world have not already done for centuries. I do like your non hysterical republican responses when it comes to discussing politics. I am not republican, and it is refreshing to get your perspective.

    Rosie P---please take voice lessons, it truly is irritating. Stop looking at your notes before you respond to a topic. It makes you appear unprepared and like what you are about to say isn't really your "voice".

    Rosie O---will be missed because she was a true professional. She was enthusiastic about every guest who appeared, knew how to ask a relevant, well thought out question to that guest and waited for and actually listened to the answer. She was passionate about her views and her quips about her children were relatable to the masses.

    The Guest Hosts---please stop! It is a constant barrage of one ridiculous person after another.

    Go back to your roots! Politics, hot button issues of today like vaccinations, the struggles of raising kids and some good guests with a few laughs thrown in. If I wanted to hear all about Pop Culture, there are a plethora of others shows handling that nonsense. My dream panel would consist of Katie Couric or Hoda Kotb as the moderator, Star Jones (get over the whole wedding and weight loss stuff, we have all done something, the lady is highly intelligent and a great orator), Joy Behar (hilarious, love her grandmother stories and is very intelligent) Bill Rancic (intelligent male POV, unlike Mario Cantone and easy on the eyes) and keep Nicole (just give her some host coaching). If the View wants an intelligent young person, get Megan McCain.

    It is not too late to save the View. Please bring class and intelligence back to daytime tv, there really are viewers who don't want the dumb downed talk shows that seem to be taking over.
  • topics

    Here we go again whoopie has a little problem with white people,and this Rosie Perez she doesn't know what she is talking about,what a ignorant show!
  • The Whoopi Show

    I have been watching the View since it started and have become very disappointed lately. It should now be called the Whoopi Goldberg show. Can anyone ever give their opinions without being interrupted by her? As though her's is the only opinion that is right? The wrong person left when Rosie O left. It should have been Whoopi. Rosie was such a good host when Whoopi was on medical leave. The show became interesting and informative again. And I LOVE that Nicole!!
  • Just cancel it

    I use to love the political views and other informative talk but now that they have kept whoopi it has gone downhill. She isn't serious about anything nor is she funny. she needs to quit today. it's horrible
  • Rosie P please shut up

    Please ask Rosie Perez to STFU. She interrupts and talks over everyone, including the guests who are trying to answer her question! No evidence of any thought nor intellect, immature opinions, and BY FAR the most annoying voice on television. She just keeps talking until the topic is changed and then she resurrects the dead horse to flog it a little more. She seems like she'd be a friendly (albeit dim-witted) neighbor, but I wouldn't invite her in my house to hear her opinions. Unfortunately, The View invited her into my home, and she has worn out her welcome.
  • Show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope this racist show is canceled soon. I guess the only guests that Whoopie has are of her same race. The Rosie you have left just has nothing intelligent to say. She is just a big mouth. One good thing is the other big mouth Rosie is gone. The only other nut case needs to go try to find a real job. We tried but since Mrs, Walters left the show has too.
  • The View OH MY

    Hi I've been watching The View since the beginning. Before her hospitalization for her back Whoopi was solid, Intelligent, to the point and the person that grounded the conversation with her serious commentary.

    Something is going on because she is goofy and sloppy. Is it medication that is the difference? Hopefully changes will be made so the conversations can be interesting and thought provoking like they once were.
  • The View BlahBlahBlah

    Please get a new cast for the view. These ladies and the forum are so bad. All the giggles and loud mouths, they sound like a bunch of hens. I have been a dedicated fan since the beginning of the show, but now I find myself watching the Wendy Williams that is so sad.
  • The View

    Tried to give it a chance again today but didn't make it 30 seconds for Nicole's obnoxious screaming , please network listen to your viewers, she really needs to go!

    I have never written in to anything on the Internet but I just have to vent. I used to love this show but today I have finally tuned out for good. I can not stand Nichole Wallace's annoying voice and incessant giggling and interrupting and talking over everyone. She acts so clueless about things and it's embarrassing, I don't need to hear about her child any more. Wardrobe choices questionable as well. I want to hear real debate with INTELLIGENT conversation about today's important issues. There is never any real conversation, lots of screaming over each other and noise. Fluffy topics and completely boring. Someone fix this mess!!!
  • The View From Bad To Worst!

    Woopie and her mouth and dress gets more obnoxious every day.

    Nichole and her horrible laugh, insults every Republican with her suck ups to Whoopie! She also acts like a 12 yr. old.

    Rosie P. I can't stand the sight of her because I'm afraid she will open her mouth! Does she have a speech problem or is just stupid? Did I mention her awful laugh?

    Stacy London, just keep her away from Nichole, she is just as irritating, with a loud and big mouth.

    Kelly Williams just stupid!

    Whomever does your hiring really needs to sit and watch an hour of The View for punishment then be fired!! It just thought it was a joke when I tuned in with the new panel, after 2 yrs. I thought I was watching BET or the Comedy Hr. It should be cancelled immediately and the people that put it together should never be allowed to work in the industry again!

    The view is boring!!! No intelligent conversations, only fashion, kids and movies. Women are intelligent enough to discuss real issues. Bring back those lawyers, newscasters and intelligent women who could and did give opposing views to whoopee, they let their views be heard. And tone Whoopie down and let her know her opinion isn't the only valid one. Of course it doesn't matter if there is no discussion. Used to be my go to morning talk show, it is soooo boring on less some real changes are made it won't make my watch list any more. I'd give this a 0 rating if it was possible.
  • The view

    I loved how whoopi opened up more with the new season. Im not into hearing about gross pers stuff or jokes about pot. I like the informative stuff on it tho. Cause the jokes make it more like the high school problems that exist with pot. I think Nicole is refreshing with some political views but seems over giddy n over laughs or talks on people . Her views , she looks at whoopi most of the time as if to get approval from her. Rosie p is a sweet heart , seems real n honest n not afraid to have her view.

    Rosie O , I was so impressed with how she came back on the screen , toning herself down. She looked so respectful . But you could see CLEARLY that she wanted to express more views n felt she better not. Well if there's legal reasons I get that but to feel uncomfortable isn't right. I don't think one person should have the final view n make all think there's is wrong . I would love to hear more of Rosie O's calm opinions but I won't now . I was so excited to watch every day and don't think I want to anymore .

    I thought that was a great fit this time and sorry you all couldn't make it work .
  • To much

    Whoopi was glad to see Rosie O leave because she was afraid she would take her spot. Which would have been great. I miss Joy have started WATCHING the Court show.


    I tried, i really did. But i give up. What demographic are these past their prime (ex)Catholics trying to appeal to??? What happens when you put a Black, a Republican, a Latino and a Lesbian together? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The View used to be my 'go to' morning wake up, but now i keep dozing off. ' The Talk' is OK... just that, but the hosts have become totally predictable.. My suggestion? if you want a really lively, controversial show with stylish, opinionated young women, dealing with over the top topics, try 'The Social' if you can... yeah, i know, it's Canadian, but it it really POPS!
  • the view.....

    cant STAND her guess there's nothing you can do for that. .. fingernails on a
  • Whoopie should go!!

    I agree with the comments that say Whoopie has been the does not mean she gets the last word on every topic nor that her "view" counts more than anyone else's. The week (s) she was gone, Rosie O. did a great job of proving that point and calmly and politely moderated the show. I was impressed with her and sad when Whoopie returned. I DVR it and when Whoopie is talking or taking over , I fast forward and/or delete. If the show cannot be improved, put a fork in it, it is DONE!!
  • bye bye rosie perez

    time for rosie perez to leave the show also.
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