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  • on comments made by whoopi

    I was very shocked when whoopi made this said it afends her when she sees people praying in in I remember I time before u got big and famous that you gave the glory to when u get money and famous and start acting like u dont need Him anymore I wonder what he will say to you when you are in His house........
  • Has become painful to watch between annoying voices and Whoopi's burnout

    I've watched The View consistently over a decade, but this past year, even though I DVR it, I rarely enjoy it anymore. Why they get rid of Joy Behar?! She added a lot. I used to love Whoopi but she has seemed burned out for years. Love Rose O, like Rosie P but she too is painful to watch with her terrible lisp and doesn't add much to any conversation unfortuantely, likable as she is. I like Nicole W. but her voice is hard to take too!
  • my view

    Yay! So great to see Joy Behar back on the view today!

    I have watched the view since it first started. I am a big Whoopi fan and was on the fence with Rosie O after her previous time on the View. When the show first started this season I wasn't that impressed but continued to watch. Not until Whoopi went out for her back problems did I realize how much she monopolizes the show's conversations. When Rosie O. was the commentator during Whoopi's time out everyone had an equal say about the topics. Rosie left it open for anyone's opinion and it seemed like the old View. Now that Whoopi's back she just monopolizes the conversation and has the last to say on everything. Go back and look at those episodes and see the the difference when she is the moderator and when Rosie is. If they would give everyone a chance to voice their opinion one at a time it would be a more interesting fun show to watch. Make Rosie O'Donnell the moderator. Oh, and give them a bigger table to sit at like they have on the Talk........ they look like sardines.
  • What a negative View this new bunch sets for too many subjects... too harsh, too loud!

    Yea, for today's show (30 Jan 2015)... JOY BEHAR is back; Rosie P is gone. Now... get rid of Rosie O'd.

    What happened to balanced, relevant views? Opinions seem all die hard liberal... even Nicole.

    As a lifetime, devoted Democrat... I welcome hearing Republican viewpoints fired back. That's how you learn. But there's none of this on The View these days. I love an informed, INTELLIGENT debate about the FACTS of an issue. In my opinion, none of the new panelists seem bright enough to share opposing view(s)with clarity, without fighting, negativity getting too personal, and worse. Bummer. It doesn't feel good to look at the View these days. What to do to fix it? SCRAP the lot of 'em. First to go should be BOTH Rosies. Rosie O' is such an ignorant, egotistical BULLY that it's difficult to watch that surly, sour face of hers. Meanwhile the lack of confidence and nervousness of Rosie Perez is palpable and distracting. This dilemma is especially noticeable as Perez rapidly speaks, in her odd dialect sometimes showing her anxiousness & fear of the inevitable disagreement of Rosie O'. Tsk, tsk, tsk... but Rosie O's mantra is confrontation, personal rows and need to control EVERY conversation it seems. So why are these 2 people together on this opinion panel. Disturbing.

    If I hear again about Rosie O's 5 children (Lord help those children being raised by that loud, odious, angry woman... I'm going out in my backgarden and eat WORMS! I can't take Rosie Os constant self promotions. It's all too much with her.

    TO: The View Producers... please fix this show before ALL used to be loyal viewers (like me) move on.

    Okay, OK... I admit that I further dislike Rosie O' for her crazy, unprovoked obnoxious attacks on one of our American Acting treasures, TOM SELLECK. He's a gentle lovable person... the consummate Teddy Bear type guy. How could anyone be mean to Tom Selleck? Answer: Rosie O'Donnell.
  • I love the view

    first let me say that the comment that included "Elizabeth was relevant" is absurd. She was way too right wing tea party conservative and did not fit in at all with the group of women sitting at the table or the viewers of the view. being on Survivor in no way qualified her as a host or anyone that I would want to hear opinions from. I was so happy to see her go and of course she went to Fox News. that said, I must say that I love the view now including Nicole who seems to have an open mind even if her politics are more conservative. The only change I would make is to add Mario Cantone as a regular host on the view. He brings such a different perspective and is very funny. he is particularly wonderful with Rosie O'Donnell. about his being inappropriate, that's ridiculous, this is a show for adults not for children, I can't imagine a child that would sit and watch this show, with news information and interviews. It has been nice to see Barbara back doing those segments with Rosie O'Donnell trying to do crafts. Very funny. I do NOT agree with the person who commented that Whoopi monopolizes the conversation. She functions as a moderator and yes I do agree that Rosie O'Donnell did a good job when Whoopi was out with a bad back, but was very happy to see Whoopi back. I was surprised when Rosie Perez was added, but she also brings a different perspective and point of view to the show. So with this current cast I think it is very inclusive and diverse.
  • Sometimes it becomes enough

    What can I say that has not already been said? Sometimes it is time to just call it. The looks, the feels, the conversation, the topics are not rightly said or done. The comments are just so annoying in the mannerism for which they are said. I used to look forward to the View. I am looking at Kevin Costner and he is so wonderful. Padma is wonderful as she speaks to him and she is definitely pleasant to look at. That Rosie and Mario, always speaking on Gay issues, is that necessary to use some of the language that they do. "Masterbake" my Lord, heterosexuals do not feel the need to justify or imply, or speak about their sexual behaviors, why do it on a family talk show.

    So sad, I use to love the view
  • The View

    Rosie O'Donnell makes that Show! If it wasn't for her I would not even watch it. I really think Nicole Wallace needs to go. Her voice is irritating and her views are extremely to the right. She needs to go!!
  • My Name i is Name is Andrea

    As a recovering alcoholic, Rosie's compassion and understanding of this horrid disease made me cry as I to have been low enough to give in to the disease and let it kill me. I am now in a very different place and hope to stay in this stronger place. Getting the word out that alcoholism is a disease and not a personality problem is so important. Education is the answer. Thank you to the women who did the short film on her mother as she died of my mother did also. I too felt all the emotions she felt. Rosie's HUGE heart, compassion, education and interest in this disease is what needs to be put out there.

    The show used to be somewhat classy, with intelligent banter. You know, Barbara is retired and The View should have also. Get rid of these unknown "moderators" who are ignorant and can't mutter anything relevant. Rosey Perez can't speak an intelligent statement, says the most stupid comments ("Why didn't he (the police officer) just shoot him in the knees" (referring to the Missouri death of a black robber). She should participate in some of the police training and she'd realize what a law enforcement officer has to deal with these days. Rosie O'Donnell is loud, brash and always is commanding sexual content between the gays (Rosie and the swishy male comedian whose name I can't remember) is unacceptable for daytime TV. Even the young viewer catches what the sexual remarks mean! "Master baker" from the swishy gay doesn't deserve applause on daytime TV! Even Whoopi can't stop the ignorance and she is moving toward it now. You let Elizabeth go and she was a voice of reason and relevance. Kill the show for Barbara's sake!
  • Mario Cantone

    I love when Mario Cantone is on the view! He brings more diversity to the table.... I love Whoopi and always have. Miss Barbara, I grew up with her in general just like Whoopi. Not everyone is going to be pleased with the current line up but I like the show overall! Nicole Wallace, Rosie Perez and Rosie O'Donell are cool but add an extra chair for Mario Cantone !!! I miss him when he is not on just as much as I miss Whoopi when she is out!
  • What's Happening!

    Where is Rosie Perez and Whoopi? They make that show and what's with the other Rosie, I mean really.

  • Michelle Williams

    I love watching the Michelle Williams was a TERRIFIC idea!! Shes wonderful she communicates well with the guests, we can understand her when she talks and she smiles and she would be fantastic candidate for the Perez needs to go she doesnt smile and its hard to understand when she watch it because I love Whoopi and Rosie Odonnel
  • hate the show now

    as a conservative that enjoys watching shows with different viewpoints.. I used to enjoy watching the view and hear different sides of a controversy. I hate it now. Barb walters gave the show class. It is totally disgusting now. The constant sexual innuendos and the trash talk about Republicans is terrible. Rosie and whoopee are always talking about poop,,, ex,, just doing squats on the show Rosie kept saying poop it out every time she squated. I used to be a phys. ed teacher and it never occurred to say that when doing exercises with my classes. There are so many good hosts you could have... good luck.
  • Don't quit the view!

    I like the view and DVR it so I never miss a show. When you get that many divas together there is always going to be an attempt be dominate with their views. I'm not crazy about Whoopi . She's crass and monopolizing . Rosie is so intelligent and has an amazing gift for verbalization. Unfortunately she also tries to monopolize the show. She was in her heyday when Rosie and Whoopi were out. She killed it and I think she would do well with her own talk show! Again. Nicole is ok, she does bring some political views to the show. I like what each person contributes to the all it is called "The View". I think the producers do a great job. They do a wonderful job! There is good variety of subjects and guests. The girls just need to tone it down a bit, slow the pace when defending their opinions and quit being so competitive! At first, with the exception of Whoopi I felt nobody really liked each other! That has improved but I think it's fake at this point.
  • Rosie on the View!!! - WTH were they thinking?????

    What a shame they brought Rosie back - she terrorized the show before!! She was a gut-wrenching train wreck!

    Whoopi Goldberg was a bit of a slow start, yet she made The View more entertaining and is a LEGEND!! Not to mention worldly and "hilarious from the hip" at a moments notice.

    I'll miss her, there's no doubt. Shame on you ABC for such a critical mistake. I truly believe the show would have taken an amazing turn upon Barbara's retirement if they had kept such waste off of the stage.

    Whoopi's a gift to a much needed uplifting of our society.
  • The View

    I have never written in to anything on the Internet but I just have to vent. I used to love this show but today I have finally tuned out for good. I can not stand Nichole Wallace's annoying voice and incessant giggling and interrupting and talking over everyone. She acts so clueless about things and it's embarrassing, I don't need to hear about her child any more. Wardrobe choices questionable as well. I want to hear real debate with INTELLIGENT conversation about today's important issues. There is never any real conversation, lots of screaming over each other and noise. Fluffy topics and completely boring. Someone fix this mess!!!

    BOO WHO to the view. The show became to one sided. I use to watch every day. Then I started feeling like they were pushing their political views on me. I am glad the show is over. Maybe something better will come one.

  • repair

    The View should go 2 more years and end with even 20. Its just not the same vibe anymore. Rosie O. comes across as a bully and someone who needs a solo project or one where shes in total control. Rosie P. doesn't like other people views if they don't match hers,and she adds as much as sugar on bark. They need to replace one of them with someone like Ann Curry or Katie Couric and replace the other with someone a bit younger demo (25-36). And no more loud,frazzled, over dramatic Marion.
  • The demise of The View

    I think that what is causing the demise of The View is the lack of diversity of opinions and the spice that adds to the show. I think that what the view needs is some people with a journalisitc back grounds that can discuss and debate the topics of the day with intelligence. I think it would have been better to get rid of Whoopi along with Sherri and Jenny. The View currently lacks intelligence as well. Whoopi's eigth grade education shows. She is unable to articulate her points well. I like the addition of Nicholle. She is intelligent and not too serious about herself, however I could do without the constant announcement that she has a child. I was leary of them bringing back Rosie O but now I am liking her and I think she makes a much better moderator than Whoopi. Rosie P. is ok but she is a bit too timid and seems to go with the crowd instead of expressing independent opinions. I think they need to replace Whoopi and Rosie P and bring some intelligent women who can explore the issues of the day. At least one more conservative would be nice to facilitate some interesting debate. What The View needs is a diversity of Opinions and a return of passionate debate of issues of the day.
  • Mari(uh)o

    Have watched The View for a long time. Ratings are bad so let's add Mario 1) He is not FUNNY 2) He is loud and obnoxious (a note her: LOUD people are impossible for people that have migraines to listen to. They will turn them off immediately, and they are hard to understand) 3) He won't shut up. People can't talk over him. I might turn back when he is gone. By the way, Rosie Perez is smart and has some good points, but is not a talk show person. Poor at presenting her ideas. Rosie O'Donnell can be summarized by the old adage that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results" Whoopi and Nicole are great together.
  • I hope the show inproves

    I have watch The View since it started, I do not like the format that the show now has, I was happy to see

    Barbara Walters today, I wasn't going to watch the show today, but when I hear Barbara W was going to

    be on, I knew that I wouldn't hear a lot of Gay jokes, the touching of Boobs, I knew the show would be

    some kind of normal. Whoopie is to be back on Tuesday, so glad. I don't want to hear about Rosie O on

    psych medications, her eyes are so stretch it's apparent The way she handled those kids on the show

    today was shameful. I read the ratings for the show is woulda guess, I am not trying

    to disrespect anyone, The view now sucks. I Really don't like the new set. I hope things change.
  • No Room With A (or The) View

    I used to love The View and watched every day. If I couldn't be home, it was recorded. When they hired Rosie O the first time, I recorded the show daily but would fast forward thru anything she was ranting about. I was sooo glad when they got rid of her. I thought at first they had made a mistake with Whoopie, but I found her entertaining and knowledgeable about things. I did annoyed when she introduced EVERYONE as fabulous. Com'on Whoopie, you know not everyone is fabulous!

    But now, I DO NOT LIKE the new version. The set is way to bright, like they are sitting in a light box. Rosie O is still the big mouth flaming liberal she always was... still blames Bush... still hates Sarah making fun of (bullying) Donald Trump. Rosie P is trying sooo hard to fit, I feel really sorry for her, she other wise seems like a sweet lady. The one lonely conservative on there ... I can't even remember her name ... seems at times she is afraid to jump in the conversation.

    I wish they would have a more balanced show, how about 2 liberals and 2 conservatives, so that maybe, just maybe the Viewer could actually see some "views", not just extreme left-wing BS. Sarah Palin, for one would be an EXCELLENT choice and Megan McCain would also be an EXCELLENT choice.

    But for now, I am saying Goodbye to The View.
  • The View

    Since the original cast has gone the show has gone from bad to worse. Anything with Rosie O'Donnell is garbage. I used to plan my morning was around The view, that's what I said down with my crocheting and had my good morning cup of coffee. But not anymore! I won't go near that show. now I take only one break during the day and that's for the talk in the afternoon those girls are great, I hope they don't start shifting hostesses around and kill that show too.
  • A Dynamic View

    I used to watch this show when Joy Behar was on because she just brought that added spice to the show; was glad that Elizabeth Hasselback had left and also Sherri Shepherd, they brought the show down.

    The new hosts around the table all add a certain dynamic to the show and I have found myself back watching daily. There does need to be a change in the flow at the table as Whoopi is condescending to the others and thinks that it's her "view" or no "view" at all. This ideology is very disconcerting for the viewer because it is a daytime show and should be an extension of the viewers home and let them feel part of the show. I'd love to know how the ratings are with Whoopi recuperating and not present on the set for the past two weeks. The atmosphere is more airy and light hearted; it brighten your day and leaves you feeling like you got your enjoyment for the day.

    There is nothing wrong with Rosie "O", I believe ever since her fall out with Hasselback, everyone wants to dismiss her but she does have a voice and when allowed to express her thoughts, she does so passionately and at times, doesn't hold back but that vigor ads to the dynamics.

    Nicolle Wallace is actually a great addition to the table. She is educated; has been politically active as a former White House Aide; she brings the conservative side to the discussions but has expanded her views on issues that surround all citizens of this country. It's refreshing to see that she proves the saying about "Blondes" to be false because she is smart. It is great to see how she has evolved and has educated herself on pop culture and reality television. Like all television hosts, she is still finding her "groove" but I have no worries as I believe she is a plus to this program.

    Rosie "P" is also finding her groove; she is sometimes hard to understand but it's part of who she is and her accent adds to her character. She makes valid points on certain topics; she says what's on her mind and often it is what we are thinking as viewers anyway.

    Mario Cantone is a great guest host ... he brings that male point of view; albeit a gay male but nonetheless he adds a great warmth to the show; his comedic presence is genius and the producers should consider bringing him on as a regular host around the table. Life isn't only about the female point of view and Mario balances that dynamic perfectly.

    All in all, the show has gotten much better now that the kinks have been worked out and they have all gotten to know each other better. There are still some small issues but as time moves forward, the show will become stronger as long as Whoopi learns to become a bit less stern and more friendly and welcoming to the viewers. I realize she is with age but I know plenty of older women who have more spunk than she does, perhaps retirement isn't that far away.

  • Rosie needs to go

    Wow I don't know what is going on but Rosie is just a loud mouth and is really pulling down the show. Her putting Mario's hand on her breast today was just the end for me.

    Bring Whoopie back or the show will be dead in the water.
  • Nicolle's Shamelessness!

    Nicolle showed how she preferred to choose a pure bred dog over going to a shelter when bringing in a new dog into her family, then promote it on national TV. She is not a breeder nor seems to become one, "just loves the breed!" Being on this program she should be held responsible for contributing to the national disaster in all animal shelters with unwanted animals, purebreds included. Just pure SHAME on Nicolle, The View and ABC.
  • My View

    I tuned in to The View for the first time a couple months ago, and overall I think the show is interesting. It could use a couple of adjustments, but still interesting nonetheless. Professional hosts usually undergo hosting/media training, but it seems one or two of the cast members may have skipped over it.

    Nicolle interrupts and overtalks her co-hosts and guests quite often. It's always disappointing, because it's usually when the other person is making a really valid or interesting point. Additionally, her incessant comments about her 3 year old and her stint in the White House are really overdone. And to top everything off, her voice and laugh are repulsive. Her voice alone is enough to make me stop watching the show, it's not appealing.

    As far as Whoopi, I have been disappointed by her "view". It seems to me that she thinks her opinion trumps everyone else's and becomes irate when it is challenged. I think Rosie O is cool, but could be a bit more receptive when she disagrees with someone. I appreciate that she's a great "wrangler", she's awesome with babies, kids and the regular folks without tv training. Her segment(s) with the elderly baker are adorable.

    I'm still on the fence with Rosie P, my only gripe is that I don't always understand what she is saying.

    Overall, they could use a bit of coaching because it becomes a bit arduous to watch and understand when everyone is out talking each other. But I think the topics are timely, interesting and worth tuning in to.

    The show just needs a few tweaks here and there.
  • Totally non political comment

    Its becoming hard to watch the show each day, simply because its not working. Maybe a new producer or director is needed. Nicole Wallace has the most irritating laugh and her voice is as annoying as Mary Harts. Ms Perez should stick to her acting roles, she is not talk show material. I think Rosie and Whoopi

    have a tough time on their hands, but they are trying very hard!
  • After all these years, I'm done with The View

    Rosie O'Donnell should not have returned. She makes every interview about her and her kids. I am not interested in narcissism on The Whoopi, take your hand away from your mouth when you're speaking: I want to know what you have to say. While I'm not a Republican, Nicole raises the bar with her informed political intellect and positive demeanor. Rosie Perez: you are fantastic and an unexpected treat in this forum.
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