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  • Disgusted

    Nicole was the only intelligent one there but mostly I refuse to watch with raven on there. She is cartoon character with no intelligence. Joy can't even help this show.
  • False information given on the view

    Today is the last day I'm watching the View

    They blatantly give wrong information to the viewers.

    Donald Trump have never gone personally bankrupt

    "Suck up "Nicole Wallace should get underneath the table and stay there

    I really don't care about any of their opinions

    Raven looks like a clown every day

    Don't know Michelle Collins and don't care

    When Rosie Perez says may I say something I wish someone would say ,no you may not!

    My last hope on the show was Whoopi but I guess she doesn't mind working so hard so she can pay for all the illegal immigrants that are coming into this country through her taxes

    the only immigrants that Donald Trump wants to stop coming in this country are the illegal immigrants

    You will never hear that on the View

  • It's time for THE VIEW to exit daytime TV!!!

    The View has dropped to its' lowest level yet!!! Whoopi has become sooooo loud, obnoxious and looks unkempt EVERYDAY- an embarrassment to me and other friends as African American women!! Most of her "views" are so white oriented, it's unbelievable! Raven has NO INTELLECT AT ALL and looks like a SICK comic book character out for Halloween EVERYDAY!!! Michelle has NOTHING to offer period! And, all of them continue to talk over each other at the same time sounding like a bunch of screeching birds! It's a shame that the show has sunk so low so, after 17 years of watching, it's over for me, my friends and family members!!! Thank goodness for The least only one person speaks at a time and they all have some level of intellect!!!
  • Fix the View!

    I am a liberal and I really liked Nicole Wallace!

    I love, love, love Whoopie!

    I do not have an opinion on the 2 newbies as I quit watching after 2 episodes of Rave Symone - she is awful. Are you even watching this garbage???

    Bringing Joy back is a good thing.

    Help! I miss the view.
  • Fire Nicole and hire Raven?

    Firstly, Raven Simone has no filter, she thinks she's "all that", and I am in SHOCK that you are letting Nicole go, and you hire Raven?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Secondly, Raven Simone has no filter, she thinks she's "all that", and I am in SHOCK that you are letting Nicole go, and you hire Raven?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who are you going to hire next, Homer Simpson??????
  • Keep Nicole and Rosie ( Wanted Smart Hosts)

    I agree with Ashley Bach and her comments...... as I have watched The View for 17 years and often turn to something elce due to lack of content. Why would ABC fire Nicole and hire back Sherry as she lacks intelligent views. I watch the show when Rosie Perez is when Joy is guest realize they want young smart funny but Raven was not the right choice. Whopie seems to be more outspoken this season or just needs to move is very street smart and most often I agree with her views but again where is the balance within the hosts that makes The View intetesting.......
  • Incredibly disappointed in The View

    I have been watching The View since day one. 17 years, an hour a day, I've given to ABC watching Barbara Walter's brilliant idea for a show with intelligent women of different generations and backgrounds, giving their views on the state of the world in hot topics. The content in the hot topics segments of the show, was in formative, smart, funny and the different opinions were intelligent opinions, given by educated women who knew how to for Sherrie Shephard. Debate is very different from argument. No one but Whoopi, Nicole and Rosie, (as well as, Rosie O'Donnell, Meridith Viera, Joy Behar, and Barbara herself in the past) know how to use this skill. The younger generation can debate, they just can't seem to hire someone who can debate without taking things personally and attacking or eye . Really intelligent and mature. If I wanted to see that, I'd go teach 11th grade. If this is what they're going to do to us after firing their best hire in a long time, Nicole Wallace, they cannot be serious that they're going to replace her with her wonderful deameanor and her intelligence with someone who didn't know that the world is round. The women had to TEACH Sherrie that the world isn't flat, even Howard Stern asked her if she'd figured it out yet. To me, that's just unacceptable. She's an example of the dumbing down of America that has gone on for the past decade & 1/2, not a representation of the opinions and views of her generation. Which is what is was supposed to be! Are you kidding me? If you expect anyone to sit through the horribly immature, cringe-worthy Raven Symone, the interrupting, loud, obnoxious Michelle Collins, AND Sherrie???? You've lost me as a viewer- hands down. Why would you want to morph this wonderful show into a parade of stupidity? We should all already be aware as a country that many of our young people spend too much time on social media, have a sense of entitlement and disrespect that is very disturbing. We shouldn't have to watch it play out on The View. Raven's eye rolling & lip pursing is ridiculous. She has a job, she should be grateful and show respect. Instead, all she talks about is how politicians should be entertaining HER, her bodily functions (sickening), and how all she does in her free time is sign autographs and take pictures with her many fans. I doubt this is true. If it is, it's for a part she played as a child. Worst of all is her lack of knowledge just about everything. Why does she have a job at the View and Nicole Wallace doesn't? She's uninformed by choice. I hate to be rude, but I have had to endure this person and I'm sick of giving your show an hour of my life each day waiting for it to be the show it's always been. So i will say it, Raven-Symone has got to go and if you're going to replace her with Sherrie Shephard, I'm no longer interested in watching. Sherrie is just as stupid, if not more unintelligent & uninformed than Raven! She also gets offended if someone disagrees with her, just like Raven does. I do not want to see either one! The worst day was when Joy Behar left. I knew then that it would take someone pretty amazing to replace what she brought to the show. They hired dumber, dumber and dumber instead of saving their show. When Sherrie left it was a relief like I cannot believe. The time taken by her wedding that lasted, what, a year? Took up more time with ridiculousness than I could believe. Even my husband, who doesn't watch because he can't stand women talking over one this wedding crap is horrible! why are you watching this drivel? Thank God for DVR's and fast forward. Whoopi is the sage she has always been. But, watching her sit there with Michelle, Raven and the 20-something guests, whose names ususally escape me, with her chin resting on her hand as they babble and giggle about seemingly depressing to watch. I will not watch when Candace Bure comes on, she is as bland as bland gets, and a little too 'miss perfect' for me to deal with, let alone that we are watching two child stars who are on the opposite end of the spectrum in lifestyle, religion, politics, everything, neither of which can seem to use their brain?! If they bring that awful Sherrie Shephard back so I have to sit through that hell, like I said, I won't do it. The show has become a parody of itself. Barbara should be embarrassed, Whoopi should just quit, she can't get a word in edgewise. Rosie leaving doesn't surprise me. She gives more of her time and kindness to her community, helps so many people and is such a wonderful actress, that I see why she would want to get out of there as fast as she can. I think I'll be following her and Nicole.
  • The View - Time to Shut it Down

    As a steadfast faithful follower of "The View", I have watched every single episode (I tape it every day) since its inception. I was glad to see Barbara Walters retire as she was getting "tiresome". I miss Joy Behar desperately. The show isn't the same without her. I was so excited that Rosie O'Donnell was returning and so disappointed that she left suddenly, but under the circumstances, understood completely and hoped she might return one day. I have always loved Whoopi and found she added a "stability" to the show. I had no idea what "vision" the show was adopting and was skeptical when I heard Nicolle Wallace was joining (never heard of her) and I didn't know if I could listen to the "nasal whining" of Rosie Perez. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Nicolle was "refreshing" and not afraid to make fun of herself, and I love her as much as I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I was surprised at how eloquent and well-spoken Rosie Perez was. I was absolutely horrified to hear that Raven-Symone might be taken on full-time. I found her absolutely self-involved and not at all relevant to me. The day she came on wearing a blue turban looking like Carmen Miranda is the day I stopped watching. First there was Sherri Shepherd on The View, then Sheryl Underwood on The Talk, then Yamaneika Saunders on The Meredith Vieira Show. And now here we have Raven-Symone. Is she the token black "fattie" who tries to be funny? No thanks. I am NOT laughing. When I heard Nicolle and Rosie might be leaving, I was absolutely confident that I had made the right decision to stop watching. I like the idea of Candace Cameron Bure, but I think it's too late. Time to close the show down.
  • Where is Barbara Walter's vision gone?

    I started watching The View because I thought Nicole Wallace would bring some brains and class to the show. Not knowing Kardashian details was a refreshing part of toning down the trash of reality shows. Producers, hello? This is a political year and you fire the only one with a clue? And, what were you thinking in bringing Michelle Collins on with her self-proclaimed humor. She is too often completely out of line and quite embarrassing to watch. This show has gone from a healthy versatile stage to liberal takeover. You've lost this viewer.
  • Please fire the Producers of The View!!!

    The Producers of The View have driven this legendary show into a ditch! As a viewer from it's beginning, I'm so disappointed in what it has become which is a hot mess! I'm looking for a panel of intelligent, accomplished, fair-minded women, representing different age groups discussing a variety of current events with a touch of humor & mutual respect for one another. I used to be able to count on The View for stimulating opinions on topics like politics, business, medicine, education, society, the arts, not anymore! I remember the good old days with Lisa Ling, Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters at the helm. I'm not sure how many people are responsible for what this show has become but in my opinion, they are all idiots and don't have a clue about how to right this ship. Nicole Wallace was a great addition to the panel but she's out the door soon. The rest of the panel are a bunch of misfits. The show"s content is no longer filled with useful information but instead mostly a desperate attempt to fill air time. Fumbling into fall with little hope for this show's sad!!!

  • Get Rid of raven now

    I used to like raven but she is disrespectful to guest hosts. if you don't agree with someones views on a hot topic that's fine but don't sit there and yell and roll your eyes let them talk then calmly say that you disagree and when you interview someone do you wear a mask it makes no sense they cant see you and or hear you and it only makes you look bad she needs to have more resect for one direction and just interview and she needs to grow up and act like an adult I think this what happens when kids cant just be kids they have to be stars so they don't a childhood and they act more childish when they grow up. Also the brown face bobby was wearing was a costume how many kids for Halloween paint their faces different colors glad rosie is gone she is toooooooooo sensitive and needs to learn that not all white people hate latinos and other races
  • MUCH pain NO gain; aka, CUT crass from 85% down to 15%; ADD 85% class

    I first suffered myself to kvetch about content deterioration of this used-to-be favorite morning talk show 21, Jan 2015; today, 17 Aug '15, all is worse. After 7 more mos of stumble and fumble with this malapropos guest, that ill-fitted cohost . siren mouth, never funny, always obnoxiously LOUD Mario Cantone); and the other random costume jewelry sales promos; cosmetic product demonstrations, small gadget and small personal appliance displays & demos and of course many cooking demonstrations replete with Whoopi greedily rushing to grab first and more food than anyone else(what tha'?). And if jewelry, cosmetic sales and cooking demos are not far enough away from Barbara Walters' stated Mission for this used-to-be one of a kind, heads above the rest pgm, queue our new live singing performances (different grp of singing individual each day) by an ancient '60s or '70s "doo wop" legend (The Platters, Persuasions (?)), Stylistics, Imperials, or whomever. Did I mention total air time devoted to ea singing group? About 15 min to tease at show opening, com'l breaks, actual performance intro, sing full lg song = 2.3 min; and then... WHAT!? We are "treated" to even more doo wop promo chit-chat as Whoopi steps front 'n center to plead for viewers to "support the group, go out and see them because as you heard, they are STILL great, yak, yak, yakkity" Then, I couldn't believe it when Whoopi unabashedly continued on to put the mike to each man for talk about their singing history; and to iterate AND elaborate about specific places they will be performing over next several weeks. (What tha'?) Unbelievable. Producers, what are you thinking will happen with all of this new junky stuff being thrown at us on a TALK pgm? Sunday morning TALK pgms have not/will never follow suit to deter from their broadcast Mission make 190 degree turn from 100% talk viewpoint and different perspectives pure interesting talk by informed opposing representative parties as profoundly this new "hot mess" still flying under it's long trampled banner "The Can you imagine "Meet the Press", NewsHour, Issues and Answers, Sunday Morning, Perspectives or Charlie Rose bringing on doo wop groups, or selling jewelry, or cooking demos, golfing demos, etc? The View is to blame for it's bad ratings viewers generously waited patiently for Producers to "fix-it". Now everyone is disappointed and worn with the fumbling and mismatching and the outright arrogant silliness that has been thrown on the air at us. Please how can I think you are trying to fix it when you hired Raven totally not informed, not even intelligent about well, anything but makeup, crazy hair-cuts and outrageous hair color that is never worn by an intelligent, thinking person of responsibility and leadership. She's the wrong age, wrong personality, wrong temperament and wrong physical appearance for Pete's sake! The View is NOT a tattoo parlor it's suppose to be a place of dignity, important issues seeking intelligent input that will help viewers ferret out own opinions, help viewers want to research and learn more to keep us turned on and energized about what matters in our Country and we as individuals. I don't think any of this has to do with childish attitudes demonstrated by Raven and what comes out of her mouth, the giggles the sarcastic commentary about just about everything. Her "rolling of eyes to the ceiling, loud, bully talking over others to keep saying something stupid that she shouldn't have said in the first place, etc, etc. DITTO for Michele Collins except Michelle seems to think her ignorance is cute and funny. Geeesh. Then she and best bud Raven both giggle and wisecrack about commentary made by others and incessantly, they both give non-apologetic apologies. Oh, God. Save us. That awkward, smug look and protracted silence played by Nicole Wallace as she clumped out on stage the day following the story broke in media about her firing from the View. What an inappropriate thing to allow anyone to do on any program. Was ABC so afraid of her lawsuit that viewers had to be subjected to such smugness from (suffer us all) Nicole, of all the unqualified cohosts. She knows nothing to talk about except her baby son her husband, or what she looked at on tv the night before. What a GOP dynamo is she! And that loud, whiny giggly screechy voice of hers like metal scratching on glass I can't take it.
  • what a mess

    I will not watch the view any longer, I was watching this show for years and years but now it is nothing but eating and music, what happened to the hot topics. Nicole Wallace was the best thing that happened to that show and now she's leaving. It's terrible. I miss the topics.
  • ABC - Are you watching this trainwreck

    The show was at its best when Joy Behar was on the panel--I wouldn't miss it then. I believe you got it wrong in firing Nicole. Even though she's a Republican, she is not biased, and she brings a much needed higher level of intelligence to the discussions. I agree with most of the comments about Raven and don't believe she's a good fit for the show unless you are trying to appeal to a teen age audience. Over the years, Whoopi comes off as being an expert on everything--too often she doesn't have the facts before she voices her opinion. I think Rosie O'Donnell would be perfect as the moderator. Also, please remove the food at the discussion table--it's really disgusting.
  • No Longer a Fan

    I used to enjoy my second cup of coffee and tune in to the show. No longer. Has anyone noticed the topics and guests have become the black version of what used to be a good show. Raven becomes more clownish each and every day - blue lipstick and pink hair? Really? Too over the top for most viewers unless you are a high school drop out. Perhaps she is making a valid point when injecting her opinion, but comes across as not credible. The giggle is too, too. Whoopi also becoming biased. The only saving grace was Nicole Wallace. Rosie Perez is irritating and better suited to the boxing crowd. I would not be surprised at all to learn this show has been cancelled, or moved to BET where subject matter is better suited to that audience.
  • Lost Class and Spark

    I used to be a very regular viewer of The View but it seems to have lost its pull. I love Whoopi and she is good as the mother hen and the kooky dresser but did we need another. Raven truly goes over the top of what can be considered normal. Nicole Wallace, very good but that constant pushing the hair back is so very irritating. Rosie will be missed as a sane and humanitarian contributor. However, somehow the show has lost something. I can't put my finger on it but it could be CLASS and lots of the intellect is missing. Barbara Walters used to add both of those and the show needs something back. I no longer tune in to see what the ladies think because I got to the point where I DON'T CARE.
  • Just when you thought The View couldn't get worse!

    The View spends more time selling crap under the guise of "Michelle's Favorites" or "Raven's Favorites", etc.

    Nicole made a wise choice leaving the show. I am not a Republican and don't always agree with her but she has a good way of discussing the issues, unlike Rosie or Raven. Michelle seems happy to just agree with whoever makes a statement.

    I keep hoping changes will be made to the cast but bringing Sherrie back reinforces my idea that any attempt to better the show are just that... an idea.
  • The Best Show Ever!!

    I love The View!!!

    Ive been watching since day one.

    There is no daytime show that even comes close to being so good the only other great show during daytime is Wendy Williams.

    Everyday @11 if im not home its dvr

    Quit being haters any changes need time to grow on the viewers I didnt care much 4 nicole at first but I like her now so sad 2 see her not returning :(

    If your a true fan you will stick with them true fans dont jump ship when they hit a rough patch.

    Stop being hater.

    Love the view and hope its on for another 18 seasons!!!


    When did this thoughtful show turn into a laughing matter? Is Barbara Walters watching this garbage? Whoopie should stop eating while on the air and try to have some discussions about something other than Nicole Wallace is leaving she is a smart lady and can do much better than this slop. Time to pull the plug Babs!
  • Long time Watcher

    I have watched the View since it began and have always enjoyed the lively discussions provided by intelligent women. This time you got it wrong ABC. Nicohole Wallace and Rosie will be a great loss to the show, and as much as I admire Whoopie, and I do think she is the best, I don't think she's going to be able to carry the weight of the conversation. Sorry to see the demise of what was a great premise
  • Nicole Wallace

    I am upset that Nicole Wallace is no longer on The View. With this being a political year, you would think that the powers that be would want to have someone with Nicole's background on the panel. She is intelligent, kind, funny, attractive and all around great human being. I think you lost a great addition to The View. I have been watching The View for many years. I have set my dvr to automatically record the show. It has changed over the years and I am not so sure I will continue to record it. I'm not as excited to watch it anymore. Whoopi is keeping me watching the show .
  • almost finished with the view

    You have taking away the women on the view that made the show. They sit and eat and talk now and that is disgusting. Where did you get these new people from anyway. We record the show everday and watch it later but i think we may stop watching soon. So Sorry for you.
  • why is Raven so annoying on The View?

    this is the first time I have ever written a review, I felt so strongly that the producers of The View should know how strong our reactions are to Raven's inauthenticity and irritating demeanor. I don't know how she got to become such an arrogant personality, her style comes across so affected that it so hard to watch. It is so easy to see that Whoopi is barely tolerating her.

    Raven is in serious need for coaching to become more comfortable in her own skin and be more authentic.
  • NICOLLE Wallace

    I love her views on things .They are interesting,unique and always gives you something to think about. She is a plus to the show. THE VIEW or is THE VIEW. Also do they every have the views of Native Americans?
  • Michelle Collins And The Babbling Bobbleheads

    Initially, I thought Michelle Collins would be a good addition to the forum. Well, I was wrong. I'm aware she is a comedian, but she need to tone it down. Can there be a serious discussion without comedy relief? Also, it so annoying when addressing a hot topic, not one person is able to finish a thought before someone cut them off. I've notice the frustration when 1 maybe 2 panelist take full control of the conversation. It is so, so difficult to follow the conversation due to all of the scramble voices. I soon give up and then change the channel. The view use to be a great hours worth of tv, but now it's garbage. Today was my final day of watching. I'm tuning out The View until they've made some positive changes.
  • Conversation to Chaos

    Once again, Michelle and Candice Bure have reduced a civil conversational tone to pure chaos. With constant interruptions and talking over each other the show deteriorates quickly. It is this type of impolite behavior that will eventually end the show. Very disappointing!

    Worst move ever. What were they thinking????

    Nicole and Rosie Perez brought wisdom dance insight humor and intelligence and maturity to the show. They were a nice counterbalance to the pop culture kids, Raven and Michelle. I can't believe they're bringing back Sherri Shepherd. She's a very nice person but a lightweight.

    Come on ABC at some political and mature insight onto your panel and bring that Nicole it's the only sensible thing to do. That's guest host Cameron was was to two goody two shoes for anyone's taste.

    Give your heads shake ABC.
  • From Bad to Worse

    This show just has no redeeming qualities. Now, the hosts share food and snack and chew in front of the audience while discussing current topics. I'm stunned! It seems the only purpose it serves is to keep Whoopi fed. Please get this show off the air now.

  • This is a Terrible Show!!!

    The new cast of the view always think things are sexist or racist when it really isnt. Rosie Perez and Raven Samone are kind of bitches. They don't know how to control they're emotions on television. Like Rosie Perez totally over reacted about Kelly Osborne accidental racist remark against latins. Like you could just say "I don't think that was the right thing you meant to say". But besides she said "no no no" and then left in the middle of the show and still hasn't came back. Like wtf. Then Raven thinks everything is also racist and everything is discriminating the lgbt community. I think they might need some more men on the show bc it's all women with the same views. This show should be called One View because the all of the same opinions. Like if someone disagrees with someone's view shit goes down..... Kelly Osborne and Rosie Perez. So they all have "one view" so that doesn't happen.
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