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  • Nicole Wallace

    You're firing her for not keeping up with the K's?? Shame on you!!! She has so much to offer, on so many levels. She makes us smile and she's got heart. Even with my favorite (Whoopie), I don't think I'll continue watching.
  • Bye bye View

    Been watching for heard multiple "bitch, get the idea. Not to mention talking while just is 0 we all know Whoopi, don't text her, she doesn't care. Nicole is the ONLY one of this group who should stay. Or keep Nicole & balance..
  • why why why do you let the best hosts go.

    I am a Democrat but love Nicole. You got to stop getting rid of the good ones. Loved Joy- gone, loved Rosie gone, loved Sherry-maybe coming back; disliked Elizabeth-gone . Now I hear you may add Candace C. Sorry but she is too opinionated and too straight laced. No give and with Raven being gay there will be conflict. Raven is ok and so is Michelle. Michelle is funny. Back to Nicole. She is very informative on the political scene. I like that she doesn't know everything about TV. She is intelligent, Is that the problem? So what she has a funny laugh. Lets not have anyone too smart. Come on folks, keep Nicole and get rid of other dead wood. OOPS! I understand why Sherry was let go with all her marital problems at the time. Blame the woman and make her pay by losing her job. Good to have her back. Again Keep Nicole who brings structure and smartness and political savvy to the show.
  • Whoopi Are You Supporting Women?

    I used to watch The View years ago. I started up again after Elizabeth's long awaited departure. I was disappointed in Whoopi's support of Bill Cosby. So may women! So many women daring to come forward after years of silence. On today's show (July 27th, 2015) you obviously changed your stance on whether Bill is guilty or not, in light of the released court documents. However, you are also now saying that these women should have come forward sooner to spare other women the abuse. Let's just call it what it is. It is rape. Hmmm! I wonder why they didn't come forward? Perhaps, it is because of people like Whoopi who don't want to hear the truth and basically called them ALL liars. It's a crying shame. Now it is their fault for not coming forward sooner! Seriously! Now you'll blame the now truthful victims. Women from all walks of life were afraid to come forward and now they are being blamed for Bill's crimes against others. More of the same bullcrap! Blame the victims for knowing what backlash would come their way. Yes, even backlash from other women (like yourself) I applaud the women for coming forward. I am ashamed of Bill for raping women by taking away their right to say You drugged them with a drug that could have killed them if their were unknown drug interactions or physical diagnoses with irreparable side effects. You have a beautiful wife and children. How could you? Shame on you Bill! Shame on Whoopi for showing us that nothing has really changed when it comes to victims telling their truths. No justice! Just blame and shame!
  • Get rid of Whoopi

    I can't stand to watch it anymore, there will be a sales rep trying to tell the audiance about it, then out comes Whoopi taking the product out of the sales rep hands, as she is speaking and runs off stage just to come back out several more times to do the same thing. It comes off as being greedy & selfish. Everyone of the cast, takes the time to look professional. When they come out, and then here comes Whoopi, in her pajamas looking like a bag lady. It just has the attitude that I don 't care and I'm here just for the paycheck & the freebee's. Then she always sticks up for the creepy people, the drugies, the sex perverts like Cosby & says oh well who cares we have all done it. well Whoopi, we care & it does matter & your time is up on this show !
  • I HATE this show

    what a waste of time. Hot topics???? For who???? Michelle telling jokes that are NOT funny. I don't blame Nicole for leaving.
  • Michelle and Raven

    What was the show thinking?? Everything is a joke to Michelle and all Raven does is roll her eyes. Don't like either one of them. Would keep Nicole over those two.
  • Organization

    I'm not the one to write reviews in fact this is my first one however I felt like this needed to be said..

    The view has a lot of potential, but it will never succeed when the girls are constantly talking over each other. The tone of their voices you can tell they are fighting to get their opinions in and it's not smooth. It is possible to have an organized talk show, this particular group does not mesh well.

    In my opinion Michelle Collins was an awful addition to the team. She is very rude and not open minded. I'm not a fan and feel like the show has gotten worse since she has been added
  • This show hurts my HEAD!

    ok, use to love this show but OMG! First whoopi please shut it! Why are you always screaming and yelling - don't even get me started on your non sense stories, you make them up as you go and we can tell!!!! Your audience ISNT stupid!

    Your talent is stale, you must go to valley talking skit that happens weekly is NOT ridiculous nervous laugh with EVERY FREAKIN THING YOU READ is not funny, and your non sense segways into EVERY DAMN COMMERICIAL is not necessary. This show has taken a turn for the worse and I cant deal any longer, bye!!
  • I guess I'll-mow the lawn or play with the dog.

    What the heck happened to this program. Not really a question. The program is full of over lapping squawking that is more irritating than engaging. I do enjoy Whoopie (although not always in agreement) ,she can state her reasoning in a clear manner. But on a whole there are no two sides of anything. It is just a liberal ,politically correct , ass kissing our view is THE view. Every time I turn it on to give another chance it is the same are more things happening in the world besides perceived moral outrages.
  • About Raven!

    On the July 17, 2015 episode they talked about jealousy and it sounded like Raven thought that it was a little healthy to be jealous or even respectful. Jealousy is unjustified anger and your angry at the person for what they have and angry at yourself that you don't have what they have. Being Envious is when you are happy for the person for what they have and sad for yourself that you don't have what they have which is somewhat healthy. Like for example: Justice is when a person has done something wrong and has been disciplined the right form which is what they deserve and revenge is when someone get's what they deserve and want's to get back at the person because of their ego.
  • Its done

    Haven't watched since the classiest woman in journalism left. Ms Waters was the glue. Its a hot mess now. Every single time I tune in, everyone is speaking at the same time and it's awful. Whoopi and her gas jokes are disgusting. Who does she think she's talking to? Teenage boys? Raven - useless. The entire everything needs to just end. So much more they could do with that time slot.
  • Keep Nicolle Wallace

    Nicolle Wallace has been a terrific addition to The View. Michelle - not very much of a contribution. While Nicolle is a Republican and I am a Democrat, I feel she is fair and open-minded. (Unlike Elizabeth who was very annoying) Nicolle is well prepared, articulate and intelligent. Please keep her!!!

    I'd also like Sherri Shepherd back.

    Raven brings a lot to the panel. And I hate to see Rosie Perez go as she is also extremely well informed and engaging. And I love Joy Behar.

    Please don't let Nicolle Wallace go!! She is funny, smart, warm and very opinionated. I love watching the show with her on. I've watched 'The View" since day one and never complained but this is too much!! You finally get back on track and then you go and mess it up!!!

    PLEASE rethink this decision!
  • More THoughts

    I have stopped watching. I can't listen to everyone yelling over each other. I can't look at that distorted face of Rosie P. Now with Nicole leaving I hate to see who the next co-host is going to be. CANCEL the show!
  • Nicole Wallace and ABC

    Nicole Wallace is best thing that has happened to The View in a long time. She was added to the mix and as a long time viewer she was a breath of fresh air. She has experience in areas where no one on the view has had. She is intelligent and poised yet offers a bit of humor as she is not as up on Pop culture. I am very disappointed with ABC. The View is loosing a important personality, which will make viewers walk away . If your trying to make a political statement ABC you have strayed way off course. The view has become a joke with a new host every day.
  • Nicole Wallace V's Whoopie

    I absolutely love the view however as a viewer it is so so annoying when Nicole Wallace talks over everyone . You constantly do this to Rosie. Please be eloquent and courteous like Whoopie! Let people speak ... Listen to others a little more , please!!!!!!! I watch everyday but you so annoy me when you do this ! It is RUDE!!

    Thank you
  • Whoopi, please don't let the nasties sway your opinions!

    Use my favorite comeback: "The possibility of you changing my opinions is in direct proportion to the chance of my changing your opinions. "
  • Bad Move!

    Nicole Wallace was the best thing that has happened to The View in a long time. That she doesn't know that much about pop culture is what makes her so much fun. Love her laugh. She expresses her political views without the brashness of Elizabeth (although I loved her,too). My family and I look forward to seeing her every day and are disappointed when she's not there.

    Whoopi is great. Will miss Rosie; welcome Michelle. Raven is a big mistake.

    PLEASE, reconsider and keep Nicole!
  • Waste of time!

    You brought back Rosie O'Donnel; big mistake. Now Nicole Wallace is gone. Apparently if you only have " politically correct views" you ideas and thoughts have no meaning. There is a big world out there that believes in personal responsability and the government is not our baby sitter. I know i'm only one viewer but this show and nightly news programs are off my viewing list.
  • I'M DONE!

    I have watched this show from day one. The original cohosts smiling faces and positive conversation was uplifting and refreshing. Several changes were made over the years and well done. The addition of Rosie O. was the beginning of the end. She was rude and a bully. I could not believe she was brought back a few years later. Her second stay was short and not so sweet. Over the past few years, ever since Barbra and Bill left the show, the show is no longer entertainment and enjoyable. Your stage has been filled with celebrities who push racial matters, illegal immigration and their perverted views of politics down our throats. I'm done!!! So are my friends. Nicole is intelligent and knowledgeable about many topics - which makes her interesting. I just saw that Rosie Perez is leaving the show and talked about her Latino fans and her latin causes. What about talking to the entire viewing public. The View promotes racism by their constant discussions wherein they leave out all the facts. Today, Whoopi was knocking all the backlash about her comments on Bill Cosby. Her drug use is showing - and she seems to be proud of it. Kelly and Michael and Wendy Williams are on television the same time as the View.

    I'm late on making the change. I'm sure Barbra and Bill are disappointed too.

  • Backpeddling over my last nerve

    "Last Week with John Oliver" last Friday ran a compilation of Whoopi's blind pig-headed defense of a number of her all-male friends, innocent until proven guilty. I knew there would be backlash. Sure enough, today's badly veiled schooling of her about rape's limitation of prosecution by a TV lawyer no less was laughable!!! Oh, now she understood and immediately began rallying the country to get behind better legislation. As long as I'm taking the time to do this, Whoopi and Raven walk out every day looking as though they will be leaving right after this gig to go to their other gig: Cirque du Soleil. As for Rosie, she is committed (right or wrong) to her civic duty. She walks the walk. Nicolle Miller is in bad company and hopefully she is recognizing this. Whoopi Goldberg is a bully. Good luck on trying to soften her. I guess my only recourse is to move on over to The a shame.
  • listen to your fans...

    so far the powers that be aren't hearing what the viewers have to say... Keep Woopie and please get rid of the other 3 still talking over each other and and their isn't a brain between them... I just watch to see how much worst they can then read the reviews.
  • Singing New Tune

    On The View today Whoopi was singing whole new tune in regards to Bill Cosby... Makes you wonder what happened??? BABS... (below is my original post)...

    Really WG your the voice of innocent til proven guilty? As many ppl and celebs the panel has spoke about who were "ACCUSED" of wrong doings and you fried them? As far as Raven Symone the idiots that be who hired and believed she'd bring younger viewers... Really, as far as 30 something's she defames our intelligence!! Nor are we childish rolling our eyes when opinions are diff than ours.. And stop smacking your lips, your damn lipstick is still on!!!
  • Please..... one person at a time !

    OMG, they ALL talk at the same time! It's almost STRESSFUL just trying to hear what each of them are saying. Of course, Whoopie has the biggest mouth and tends to try to take over as if it is only HER opinion that matters. When she does not agree with her panel she over powers the conversation and shuts them down. The latest blow out with her viewers opinions regarding Bill Cosby was sickening. NO RESPECT for the audience. What a piece of work. Whoopie has got to be one of the most hypocritical people we know! She has got to go! It's been a long time coming, this latest blow out just was the last straw. Bring Sherri back. Put some intelligent people on the show and get a panel that connects with one another AND their audience! Continue with Whoopie and this panel, the ratings will continue to decrease.

    Wake up!
  • I'm Done With The View

    I'm done with The View. Niccolle Wallace was the only reason I kept watching. When the show first started Ms. Walters maintained a balance of respect for her audience and guests allowing others to state their views. The format of the show has morphed into Ms. Goldberg's private editorials informing the fans repeatedly, making it abundantly clear that the fans should keep their opinions to themselves, she doesn't want to hear from us via email or Twitter because "I don't She has been rude and disrespectful of fans and guests alike. Her recent tirades in defense of Bill Cosby was my last straw. Just thought you would like to know why your ratings continue to plummet.
  • Over the View

    I know Whoopie " doesn't care", but I'm switching to the Talk.

    I don't connect with the panel anymore.

    I find Whoopi's & Simon unwavering support for Cosby offensive. Total disregard for 44 women's accusations?? Nicole is the most intelligent on the panel but o find her voice and laugh irritating. Sorry Nicole. Simon (sorry for misspelling name) but I just don't feel she offers intelligent conversation. I watch shows to enlighten, inform me of current events and debate opposing views. Not just shorten the time spent on Cosby scandal (Whoopi) because he is your friend. Valley Girl "voice" is annoying. It's just not a panel of smart women, smart conversation anymore. I'm going to give The Talk a view.
  • Whoopi

    Around 1980 Bill Cosby bought an antique beaded handbag for his wife Camille from me at a store located in Caesar's where he was performing in Atlantic City. He made it very clear to me not once but twice that he wanted me to personally deliver it to him backstage. I knew exactly where he was going with that request. He could of waited 2 minutes for me to wrap it and give it to him right there.

    He is disgusting and you are an idiot to defend him!

    I'm done with The View!

  • Won't be missed

    I hardly ever watch but when the TV is left on that channel believe me I watched for a good laugh! Rosie Perez can't get an intelligent word out of her mouth. She won't be missed and the only smart thing she did was leave so she wouldn't embarrass herself or the show anymore. Very painful to watch.

    It's come down to nothing more then less then smart women screaming at each other to get their point across. It's like nails on a blackboard! Would rather have my teeth pulled out then listen to them screech at each other.

    They can't get A listers to appear anymore the show is so bad. Babs get smart and pull the show before it goes down in a heap of brown smelly stuff. Pull the show Babs!
  • Please give us an opposing "view"!

    Love Whoopie but Raven was a huge mistake. So immature and boring. Do you really thing anyone under the age of 20 is tuning in? I haven't heard a really good discussion, with different views represented, since Joy and Elizabeth left. You NEED someone like Candace Cameron Bure! I'm a moderate and love the spark she brings to the show. Rosie has been so busy supporting illegal immigration and the boxing world, she's not much good for anything else. At this point, I'm bored with the show because everyone is trying to hard not to step on anyone's toes.
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