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  • Why is Meghan McCain So Angry and Rude!!

    I used to watch this show every morning, but Meghan McCain makes it so stressful to watch that I am not a fan any longer. She is such a rude and angry person!! Does she ever smile? She has her own rules when it comes to discussing a topic. When she is talking, she speaks so fast and so long that no one else can comment or give their opinion. If someone else tries so speak she rudely talks louder and over them so that they cannot be heard. She gets mean and makes such nasty comments to the other cast members. If someone else is speaking she has no problem interrupting them so that they cannot give their opinion. She is so defensive and the tone of her voice is sarcastic and RUDE!! She needs to be replaced or The View will end up being replaced by a show that actually keeps their viewers. Meghan McCain need to go back to Fox News where everyone has her opinion. She does not play well with others when they have a differing belief. Perhaps you need to replace her with someone who is not an entitled, immature, self-centered, childish, mean girl. Grow up Meghan!!
  • why is this show allowed on TV

    If you hate our current President watch this show!! I have tried to watch but its a constant Pres Trump Bash!!! Whether they like it or not he is our President!! Show some kind of respect, there are some things he has done right and once in a while mention!!! If a child today was to watch this show he or she would come away with how much this country hates our president. When my child does not get the teacher he wants, he doesn't carry on and complain constantly. He is taught to accept his teacher, show respect and make the most of his year. Ladies you are setting such a bad example for our youth today and please MOVE ON and maybe 2020 will be your year! What gives you the right to act this way, so IGNORANT and ANNOYING. Furthermore why is this show allowed to be on the air, when its view is so one sided!!! Meagan does try to express her view but its never received well by the show or audience.

    I am so sick of the consistent condemnation of Meghan. she is the only reason I watch the show. She's certainly up on her news and knows what she's talking about and so would the rest of you if you tuned into Fox news. Whoopi tries so hard to come off as the 'wise one' while continually mocking Trump -DAILY!!! I thought some of the rhetoric would tone down when she was ill, but the constant dissing of our president continues. Nobody heals spewing negativity. Joy is just a joke as is Sunny, the reparations girl, pathetic.. America will never heal with reparations only create more resentment. Looking forward to Abby coming back.. a bright light and stark contrast to the rest of the team. As for Anna, I tune out Fridays because I simply cannot stand her!
  • Mad Meghan!

    I appreciate that Meghan is proud of her family heritage, but that does not give her the right to shout and be obnoxious.... She is becoming a distraction from any meaningful discussion right now. Is she is hoping to be noticed by executives at another network??? Perhaps that is her plan, to look like a bit of a Barbie Doll but to act like a shrew... Interesting, I'm sure, for some to watch, but count me out.
  • Why is

    Why is someone so mad why is everyone blah blah blah... She complains so Much cry cry cry .... Opinions circle my brain.... What did they just say? I am flowing with the show now an add I changed the channel... Now I am back... You go View get everyone mad what did you say???
  • enuf is enuf

    I can't believe the view cast members allow Meghan once again to interrupt each and every other view cast member without saying I'm talking just like she does. Not only that she talks so loud and so freakin fast that you can't un derstand anything shr says especially when she keeps going like the energizer bunny if the person who was first talking is trying to finish their thought. when I hear her voice thats when I start my vacuum cleaner. I totally agree with the "back stabbing emotional women" reviewer
  • Back Stabbing Emotional Women?

    I used to love this show with the current staff but Meghan McCain is giving the show a reputation of the stereo type so often given to women. She is a bratty, self-centered, over emotional, entitled individual who is setting a tone of over-the-top privileged mess! It is not always about her but I am seeing that two of the co-hosts (Sunny and Abby) are starting to do the is all about them. I record the show so that I can watch it but am starting to dislike the Meghan McCain show and am considering sticking to CNN because no one can pull Meghan in from herself. Anna Navarro is the perfect replacement

  • Such a lopsided group

    My husband wonders why I watch The View. I like to see what the topics are and who the guests are. The liberals rule the show. If there was more of a balance between liberals and conservatives, it would be much more interesting. All of the ladies, (except Abby, who is out on leave right now), continue to bash our President Trump. Elizabeth Warren said on today's show that he is not above the law and should be in jail. Well, how about Hillary Clinton? If you or I breached the security of our Nation, we would go to jail. The liberals are such hyporites. I can pretty much tolerate most of the ladies, except Joy. She is just plain obnoxious. So, this is MY view.
  • Enough of Chris Christie!

    I watched The View today, as I usually do each day, and I was greatly disappointed to see former Governor Chris Christie on again. I live in the State of New Jersey and I am unfortunately all too familiar with Mr. Christie. He was a terrible Governor in this State, taking monies from the State Pension of the Teachers and never paying the monies back. The Bridgegate travesty is another instance where Mr. Christie lied to save his neck and had people from his staff go to jail for his actions. He will continue to deny all of this but as you can see, the people of New Jersey threw him out. To even think that Mr. Christie is a decent commentator on anyone is laughable. His comments on The View today were all intended f or his own personal gain. Why would you have a Republican Trumpster comment on the Democratic debate? His comments are to aid the Republicans and to help him get back in the political scene.

    Believe me, he is not worth it!
  • Its becoming annoying and here's why

    I, with many friends, are tired of Megan's screaming, playing with her hair, interrupting, looking at herself in the camera and stating she's a size 12. Yes, we loved her father, a gentle, mellow and thoughtful man, but she can't walk in his shoes. Please try and replace her soon. One more thing, to all of you, please stop talking at the same time!

    Thank you for reading,

    S. Everett
  • These ladies are whacked

    These ladies are so ignorant and whacked. Why are these clowns still on the air? They state their insane opinions based on no substantial facts whatsoever. They have no clue what is going on politically; they just despise Trump and throw out haphazard, false facts in an attempt to destroy the President. Get your stories straight ladies and use those brains if in fact there is any substance there- somehow I doubt it!! I wish you all knew how seriously ridiculous and nutty you sound.
  • World of Women

    I can appreciate that everyone has a point of view that they want to express. But Megan McCain truly gets on my nerves. Someone mistakenly told her she is a valued player in our political world and it has gone to her head. First, she needs to understand that others have opinions too! I have not heard her say anything of value or substance, so listening who be an improvement for her. She is young and ambitious, that is clear, but hardly someone I would look to for political advice. Is she a Republican or Democrat since she vacillates constantly. I say express your views but this does not mean you are right much of the time. Is she a valued member of The View? Not really. We need someone with maturity and knowledge. Not some narcissistic, privileged, youngster who is impressed with herself while no one else is. She needs to get past her father on many issues and look at them objectively. STOP INTERRUPTING PEOPLE!!!
  • Spoiled Brat

    Meaghan McCain is an intelligent woman, but sometimes she acts like a very spoiled, childish person. She is ruining the show with her constant interruptions! The rolling of the eyes when she doesn't agree with someone is very childish, also.

    All she wants to do is hear herself talk, not knowing what she is saying!!! Get rid of her.

    Give her her own show so she can hear herself talk constantly!!
  • wont view the view

    I am disgusted at the direction this show has taken. It used to be other topics besides politics and it seems that it truly has become the bickering broads share their view. I have watched them just bicker their side and they disregard anyone who does not share their view. I remember when it was slightly entertaining to watch, with hot topics and such. Nope, no more. political political political. Wheres Barbara Walters to step in when you need her? They really need to put those game shows on at this hour instead of at night. Have a good day. Bring on Strahan and Sara.
  • V Pres Joe Biden

    I agree totally with Whoopi, Mr Biden was showing that you can work with others yet not share their prejudices.. Mr Booker and Mrs Harris let's debate issues not one's ability to work with others I hope we all respect one another and come together to win 2020. We can disagree then move on
  • DISGUSTING - Joy and Whoopi hate The United States!

    I think it is absolutely disgusting that The View has such low IQ, repulsive people (Joy and Whoopi) who hate The United States of America on a totally one sided show being The View (should be called Their View). Their hate for President Trump is stronger than their desire for our country to prosper. Anyone with any intelligence at all and cares about our country would be happy to see our country doing as well as it is doing right now thanks to our current President being Donald Trump. The View is just part of the fake news networks and SHOULD BE OFF THE AIR! I am trying to share my disgust with everyone I can regarding the old (has been), ugly and unintelligent (very dumb) idiots being Joy and Whoopi. TAKE THE VIEW OFF THE AIR - IT (JOY AND WHOOPI) IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!!!
  • Worst show

    The women on this show are so disrespectful, negative, never state full facts just opinions. This show should be off the air by now
  • Talking About Bias And Discrimination!!!!

    iT'S TIME FOR WOOPSY TO GO. GET RED OF HER! Woopsy, Poopsy You and all those other women (Things) on your show couldn't be no more Bias and Discriminate against everything this country was founded for than you women are. All of you are a disgrace to your so call field. You talk about Trump, Illegal Immigrates and anything YOU think you know's bad but you so call females sit on your lazy butts everyday there and knows nothing about cleaning your houses or cooking for yourselves nor families everyday. I'm not saying you don't or can't but it's a fact you're great at thinking up bull-shit you all know nothing about really. If you so called women would have something good to talk about instead of coming down on these United States Presidents (If they're not black) God might over look all the shit you talk bad about. If you, (Woopsy) were a woman with some class some man might be in your life. You dress as if you're a man or gay. I can't see why the network lets you dress that why. You're NO example for the female race. You may even have a husband but the way it is nobody wants you. Donald Trump far out ranks all you bitches by far. Now! If you women thinks all these Illegals bastards coming in here needs a place to stay and live lets do open our gates to everything from all other countries and bring their dead asses right over to your homes and move them in with you to support them along with your neighbors and sorry northern ass friends. NETWORK, FIRE THESE BITCHES!
  • Done with the show.....

    Today as most days the only one we hear from is Whoopi. Very tired of hearing only her view that most often makes no sense. Meghan is still in rare spoiled child mode. Seems like there is never any time for guests or real good conversations. Why watch? Today I counted 53 ads. I know they need the ads to pay the salaries, but maybe they are making too much money for not even saying anything.

    Please make more time for good conversation.
  • Lets get it right Woopsy

    To the one you know who sits on the left side of the table and to the other ladies of the view, who think that President Trump losing a billion dollars is the most that anybody has ever lost. And they mock him about this. The following can be found on the internet. Bill Gates, remember him? Well he lost 10's of billions of dollars. This is from the internet. "At one point in 1999, Gates' net worth briefly topped $100 billion. By 2000, it's down to $63 billion as Gates suffers the first significant decline in his That's a 37 billion dollar drop. 36 billion more than President Trumps loss. I wish the ladies on the view would get their facts straight before mouthing off. I will be surprise if this post stays put and even more surprised if I were to see a correction from the TV show the view. Maybe her name should be Woopsy
  • Joy The Bully

    I dont understand why this women is on the view. I love the program, until

    JOY opens her mouth. I have changed the channel when she starts

    Showing a lack of consideration, and lack of respect. It is called the View,

    Not War of the Worlds. Give us a break and get rid of her.

  • Joy the hypocrite

    Joy Behar has made it ok to be discriminatory and generalize an entire political party, religon and gender. Neither of these things are ok to do to anyone. If this was done by anyone else they would be a racist, anti-Christian, sexist, bigot and a bully. She gets away with spewing so much hate towards anyone she wants and gets away with it with no punishment. Everything she has done is White-washed because she is on a tv show. She has promoted violence and bigotry towards so many that people have to realize that she has no moral line that she wont cross. Is that what we really want on tv on a daily basis with no consequences? Isn't this what we want to teach our kids not to do??? It is a disgrace to think that ABC and parent company Disney is ok with this behavior. Do u think she actually wont do anything and everything she wants and not care who she hurts. This garbage is above the so called law and remember if this was u or me we would have punishment but she doesn't even have to say "I'm sorry". It's everyone's right to an opinion but she would literally get away with murder because she seems to be an exception to the rules. The sad thing is my family used to love her not only on the View but when she had her own show on CNN. I cant let my family see that this behavior is ok.
  • Meghan McCain

    She is a spoiled, rude child - her way or the highway - If she mentions her father one more time - The View will not be on my list of shows to watch. You would think she was the only person to lose a parent.

    Don't know why I watched the show - Meghan is still there - arrogant, rude narcissist. Says she feels comfortable in her body and has no problem getting men !! She is obese !!!
  • Live by your words

    Today you talked about said it has to if you stopped bullying and try to talk nice about people other people might hear you. Watch your show once and see how bad you are. If you don't like someone you call them names and make fun of them. Please Stop!
  • Daytime Emmy Award

    Maybe the reason that they did not win an Emmy is because of Megan McCain! I quit watching several months ago because of her whole attitude on the show and I believe many others have also.
  • Megan's lack of manner

    Megan lets us all know all the time about her stellar upbringing. Apparently she was too busy talking when her parents taught her respect for others opinions. If she tells or should I say yells, let me finish one more time or mumbles her point after Whoopi's has tried to politely shut her down, I'm going to be done with the show. It's not fun anymore. Megan has changed the game, she viscious. It's her way or the highway and that's not my way.



  • Haven't gotten over Trump winning

    Can't watch this revolting show. These hosts just bash, bash, and more bash. Trump won, I know you were in shock. He's been there a while now and it's time for you to Get Over It!!!
  • hens cackling all at the same time

    I look forward to watching the View but always feel stress when they all talk at the same time and you can't understand anything that any of them are saying. So, why even bother to talk? Or, listen to them? It ends up being just a lot of noise with no substance. I wish the producers would make them listen to tapes of themselves, so that they can see how ridiculous they look and sound and how the listeners cannot possible understand the point that any of them are trying to make, when we can't even distinguish their words with all the simultaneous cackling. Make it mandatory that they speak only one at a time, so that we can know what they are saying. Ridiculous! Sometimes, their simultaneous cackling is so frustrating, that I have to turn the show off, just to get mental relief! I am giving the show a low score, only because of difficulty understanding what points that they are making, while all talking at once.
  • snowflakes

    only people who watch this show are snowflakes and the unemployed sheep
  • Meghan time to go

    I watch everyday and you will lose viewers,not gain them with Meghan still there, she is a pain in the butt and makes a joke out of the view. Its very uncomfortable to watch. She is downright a nasty mean girl.

    Please get rid of her, pay her out and never look back.
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