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  • Hosts

    Please try to get Judge Judy she's great she will be ratings to the top I've heard her on talk shows she's great please try to get her lov her. She would add so much to this show and would lov to here her I HAVE a lot of respect for her and what she stands for please try to get lov her. She would be what Barb Walters left and a new beginning.

    You need someone creditable she fits the bill please even try her on guest host lov her and would lov what she has to say respectable in all the way

  • Stupidity rules!

    Too many empty headed liberals pushing their agenda. I had to totally quit watching as it angers me to no end to hear these babbling idiots put down conservative ideals. Our country was not founded on stupidity!
  • Boring Show

    Maybe at one time this show was good/interesting? I find it so boring. The Talk is better. Maybe because its lighter and not so grueling.
  • Rosie Perez is so annoying! Nicole disappoints.

    Come be fair ABC. If you're going to have a Republican on the show, at least have someone who has enough guts to stand up for her oown party!

    Rosie Perez is nauseating ... I thinks she's a know-it-All who kisses Whoopie's butt! I used to love Whoopie but she's starting to get on my nerves. I definitely am NOT going to watch this show again. So tired of the biases.
  • The other obnoxious Rosie has to go, too!

    Used to watch The View every day when Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sherry Shepherd were on the show. Loved them both, as well as (especially) Whoopie. Watched only rarely after Sherry was canned, and could not abide the obnoxious Brooklynese accents of Rosie O'Donnell and Rosie Perez. The only one of the new moderators I like at all is Whoopie. The others bore me. But I can't put myself thru the irritating presence of Perez. I watched today to see Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin, whom Perez referred to as "Nastasia" then patted herself on the back for getting her name correct. At least two more times she incorrectly referred to her as "Nastasia". Let Broadway HAVE this obnoxious peson; she's got to be the next to go -- if "The View" even lasts that long.

  • Can,t watch it anymore

    I don't think a day goes by where they are talking about someone gay and hiw something is wrong with anyone that has a different opinion of it. The view is not a good mix anymore, if they think they are a good representation of woman they are sadly mistaken. They hate anyone with a conservative view. The show has turned into a mindless circus.

    for the first time I saw the view March 24, 2015 was suppose to be a great time for my mother and I as I celebrated a birthday, but instead it was a very unpleasant experience. Waiting on line was not long but then we were all stuck sitting in the cafeteria for almost 2 hours. Why tell people check -in time is 9am when what you intend to do is have your guest audience sit in a cold cafeteria that is near the entrance door close to the outside weather which was 24 degrees? Finally when we were seated one of the camera men was in front of us the entire time that we could not see the show live but on a I could have seen this show better at home. When the talk show hosts did come out they had no personality. Whoopi seemed as though she didn't want to be bothered with anyone. The PERSON Who warms up the crowd had her answer a audience questions but really she could not be bothered. Although Rose Perez is nice she doesn't have much of a connection with the audience. Like a dry potato Wallace is boring and doesn't bother to connect with the audience as well. The . sucked as well, he kept talking and engaging with only two audience members and constantly talking and making fun of them ignoring the rest of the audience, not to mention he wasn't funny at all. He kept telling the audience to clap their hands for silly things and just wanted to talk about where you can see him perform his comedy act. Why is this show still on again!? Why bother being a talk show host when you really don't want to connect with the audience? Staff was okay but not exactly friendly, not mean but no personality. Too many changes over the years, not fun at all and would recommend not going to the show, just see it on . if your'e still interested. All should be FIRED! We as fans and audience members come to see cheerful and fun people who want to participate and do their job that they get paid for. WORTH NOTING: AFTER THEY BREAK FOR A COMMERCIAL YOU CAN'T TAKE PICTURES WITH YOUR CAMERA PHONE, WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!! I CAME HERE TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE CH-HOSTS!!!!
  • Nicole, your voice is like fingernails on a blackboard ! You almost make my ears bleed!

    I agree with all the negative comments that are posted here about Nicole Wallace. With every passing day, she becomes more annoying. I can't help but wonder what has happened to the producers of the show, are they deaf?, I really do miss the old cast..... But the main reason I'm not going to watch anymore is the voice of Nicole Wallace and her know it all attitude. She needs to calm down! Bring on the Talk!!!
  • Ready to let my husband watch the westerns

    I'm tired of all the yelling over one don't know how Whoopie stands Perez is really annoying.

    I started watching the view in the beginning and it has gone thru many changes ever I tend to either mute some of Rosie or just watch something husband keeps asking me why do I waste my time watching,,,,,,THE VIEW....

    Horrible just horrible, can't watch anymore! Rosie Perez is so annoying. Nothing good about this show.
  • what happened

    I have watched "the view" for quite some time now. I feel they used to have a good mix of ethnicity. There was a true level playing ground. Now it seems that whoopie has turned it into a show specifically for her own race! Not a fan at all anymore!!! The show went to hell!!
  • Ready to change the station

    I have watched the View since the start and have seen all the changes that have come to pass. I knew the chemistry of the new team may be different, but what is with Nicole Wallace? When she first came on I could handle her, but now it's like she's on drugs and appears to be a bully. She's loud and talks over the other guests and hosts. I wanted to post the other day, but had no time. I was watching a serious conversation and Nicole had to interrupt the woman asking how she keeps her arms looking so good! What in the world?? I don't know how the other hosts keep their sanity with her on the show. Please DO NOT sign another contract with her. I've given her several chances, but she gets worse as time goes on.
  • opionated

    This show is horrible. I especially abhor that they talk politics. I can't believe people watch garbage!
  • Does ABC/THE VIEW have some invested interest in EMPIRE?

    EMPIRE has become almost a daily feature on the show. I had no idea that a FOX show would have so much exposure on a ABC show. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy EMPIRE, but too much has become a little off-putting for me. My biggest turn off is having to listen to Nicole Wallace. I think she actually believes she is a real TV star, yet she hasn't the slightest warmth or smarts to even begin to approach that. How this women ever got the job is bewildering. Her voice and fake laugh have convinced me to not record the show whole thing has become more political than ever. I started to watch THE TALK and that seems like a breath of fresh air. Pleasant ladies with good humor, who do not speak over each other is a real good reason for me to start the DVR and be entertained, without being preached at! Saying farewell to the that anyone cares, but I may come back after a few needed cast changes are in place. I cant help thinking that this year may sadly be the end of the road!
  • Please get rid of Rosie Perez

    This supposedly ADULT woman sounds like a cartoon character. Her grammar and use of the English language make her sound like she lives on the streets! Do they not pay her enough to afford lessons in how to sound like an intelligent person? It looks as if she is reading everything she says from cue cards or a teleprompter. Her laugh is annoying and overuse of plastic surgery and Botox has left her looking like an alien of 50-plus years trying to look like a teenager!
  • Didn't know Wallace before, but now I can watch again, years later!

    Thank goodness for Wallace and a different point of VIEW! Let's get different views, on The View.. too much race ugh! Perez is terribly annoying and in EVERYONE'S face except Whoopi's.. why can Perez only curb herself with Whoopi? She is so disrespectful to Nicole, I don't know how Nicole keeps her dignity! Please get another Conservative host so that everyone's Views can be heard and this a show everyone can watch and enjoy. I haven't watched this show in years. I have to say, Whoopi seems to be in the middle with her opinions.. I nice change, let's even it out with the new person, not all liberal and race related. Just what is new in the news and views!
  • rosie perez is good host

    i like rosie perez she very smart educated she know a lot and i happy she the host
  • "I am not am Nicole Wallace"

    Please do not renew Nicole Wallace's' contract!!!! She is beyond annoying, she constantly talks over everyone (which she should know is rude), and when she interrupts she never says "excuse me" or "sorry for talking over you", she just butts in. GET HER OFF THE SHOW. And really, she interrupts a guest to ask about her you kidding me. She makes looking at The View unbearable.
  • Screech (and not the Newfoundland booze!)

    Had to turn off the view today after listening to Nicole Wallace screech at the top of her voice, cutting off everyone else who tried to say something. Doesn't she have an indoor voice?

    Who ever hired Nicole Wallace should be fired. The woman simply talks over everyone else's view - hello, it's supposed to be a TALK SHOW, not the Nicole Wallace show. Her voice is so annoying - high pitched and very whiney. This morning she actually talked over a guest speaker, said she hadn't heard a word of what she was saying, because she was fascinated by her arms! What?? Is this woman really a professional? And enough with the Democrats v. Republicans stuff. We know who you support, Nicole, so stop stuffing it down our throats. Please, do not renew her contract. I will not be watching any more shows of the View until she's gone and Rosie O is returned to the show.
  • Quiet Please!

    I haven't watched The View in a couple of years and I was reminded today why that is. You all still sound like a bunch of cackling hens all trying to talk over one another and I have no idea what you are saying. There's no point watching this show. Who is Nicole Wallace and where did she come from? She has the most annoying voice I have ever heard and I can't bear to watch. It's just too hard to take. It's time for The View to become a faded memory.

    This woman is very very very annoying. I hate her hi pitch voice, and that stupid laugh. Give her to FOX. She doesn't seem to know much about any of the topics, even the dumb republican ones. In a word "ANNOYING". I will no longer be watching the view. I know changes are made, but they are suppose to be for the better. The changes made here were not. So long view.
  • The loud annoying sad new view!

    Soooooo absolutely still disappointed with The view' it's so hard to watch, let alone listen to. It's just habit not enjoyment anymore to have the tube on the view. What in the hell Nicole Wallace, is up with that loud screaming voice!!! I cannot believe the producers allow her to continue to remain on the view panel! THANKGOD she is not taken seriously! Woopie, Nicole, and the Latino wanna be... Save your integrity, save the show, and just step down!!! Try watching 'the talk' learn how to run a panel that your audience can actually hear and respect!
  • Finished with The View

    Please tell Whoopie to hush. So tired of her defending the Democrats and her pals. Nicolle is the only one who truly understands what is happening in the world of politics and they continue to cut her off when she tries to explain. Only because she is a Republican. Why is it fair that there is one Republican on the panel? I enjoy listening to Nicolle explain, and I think she is very fair with both parties.
  • This show hurts my HEAD!

    ok, use to love this show but OMG! First whoopi please shut it! Why are you always screaming and yelling - don't even get me started on your non sense stories, you make them up as you go and we can tell, your done. Nicole, im not a big fan, you are a smart woman but your little jabs at the president and democrats in general are tiring and old. I see you trying to tell a quick story and on your way to the point slipping in a jab here and there - you belong on FOX, see ya. I love Rosie, nothing bad to say there. AND I MISS ROSIE O.

    But wow sick of new guest, most of which add nothing to the show, not to mention the yelling and shouting - this show has taken a turn for the worse and I cant deal any longer, bye
  • Time to fade into the sunset

    The View just isn't cutting it anymore. It's very racially slanted.. and doesn't offer the view on ALL sides. Nicole has become very annoying, laughing that loud, high pitched laugh at everything, especially when Whoopi says something. She also over talks other people. Rosie P is hard to listen to and doesn't offer any other view other than the usual standard, formulated liberal view. I'm not impressed with the guests on the panel, either. Whoopi doesn't seem to put in as much effort in her input, and has become sloppy, or lazy when she opines on something. It seems to me that the panel senses the downfall of the show and is not cohesive anymore. I wouldn't miss The View if it was cancelled, or not renewed.

    I have tried and tried to watch The View, unfortunately the ignorance of some has completely turned me off. I am tired of listening to the cast argue over racism! To make things clear (as many of them are clearly clueless or blinded by their own race) African Americans ARE NOT the only race that deals with racism on a large scale, ALL races INCLUDING "WHITE" deal with racism on a daily basis. Yes there are racist "white" people AND THERE IS just as many racist Africans that are never mentioned!
  • Whoopi Has Got To Go!

    I use to be a fan of the View but Whoopi has ruined it for me. She is so domineering & if you don't agree with her you don't get to talk, she is not funny just obnoxious! I like Nicole and Rosie Perez, but not enough to have to listen to Whoopi! This year I watched when she was off the show because of her back problem. It ran so much more freely with her gone.

    I used to schedule my day around The View but not for a long time. Elizabeth may be long gone but unfortunately we now have the obnoxious and constantly interrupting Republican Nicole Wallace. Whoopie is great, sorry to see Rosie O'Donnell go 'again' and what were they thinking when they let Jenny McCarthy go - who was a distinct breath of fresh air. Honestly don't think the View will be around much longer. As for me, Bye Bye!
  • Trying

    I'm trying to give this show a chance. There is so much talking over each other, especially by Nicolle Wallace who interrupts everyone, it becomes annoying to listen to.
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