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  • Loved Full House cast member on show

    I do love the concept of this program but find it biased and too liberal to be fair. It is so refreshing to have Christian perspectives being represented as well! I watched when Elizabeth Hasselbeck was on but stopped watching when it became so one sided! Today you had two obvious Christians give their perspective on issues which made the program so much easier to watch! I will watch again if you have a better balance! Thanks
  • Raven's tone makes me uncomfortable

    I love to watch Woopie on the show, she's rad. But everytime Raven opens her mouth, she's SO intense, has the strongest opinions that take it to a new level and most of the time, very negative OR her TONE is so negative that I always have to turn the TV off. She always speaks as if she's in an intense debate or tries to turn the convo into one. I remember one day, I had the show on and she started talking ill of her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend being a psycho... I don't think mentioning that had anything to do with the topic. I have no clue if anyone even likes her on the show... Sorry, Raven. I'm sure she's not a bad girl but just too intense for morning time at home, I'd rather smile or laugh watching a show.
  • Horrible

    I never really watched this show but caught a moment of the program, the women were all so One sided and bias, be nice to have women on the show with different views about life and liberty, so if your a liberal, gay and act like less than a lady please watch this show it's for you
  • Immigrants

    I agree with Mrs. Trump, if you want to be an immigrant do it the legal way. I did it and no I'm not a model and had lots of money. I learned how to speak English and abided the laws of this country. So for one of you making this dumb statement just shows me the degree of your intelligence level. Ask legal immigrants how they feel about illegals and they tell you. Do some research before you speak. Illegal means criminal, look it up
  • Tension

    Watched today's episode, when they ladies use the word "bitcha" Candace was obviously not happy...

    She did say she was not that word.... Boo who bitcha, is a slang word in it's contacts... Get rid of Candace and bring back NICOLE is so refreshing and innocent of some topics and I love her reactions... She will also do much better than Paula Faris especially on Politics....
  • Hypocritical cast

    Whoopi defended Kelly Osbourn's statement about Latinos cleaning Donald Trump's toilet. She and some of the other cast members were forgiving to Kelly insinuating that Kelly really didn't mean what she said. Kudos to Nicolle for speaking up and saying that the cast should be as forgiving to other people's comments, as the cast usually "tears down" the people that they don't like. Whoopi then asked are you saying that we favor some people and not others? Yes, Whoopi, that's exactly true. You are a hypocrite, and it is very obvious. Not that I like Donald Trump, but when he made the comment about illegal Mexicans and Latinos being drug traffickers and rapists and also some good people the cast took it out of context saying that he said ALL Mexicans and Latinos, and they added murderers. That is ridiculous. The cast just says what they want to say, and they say what they want everyone to believe. Whoopi will forever be making fun of and mocking all the republican candidates for the next year and a half. When something good is being said about someone she doesn't like, she interrupts so the person cannot complete their statement, and when something negative is being said about someone she likes, she also interrupts so they can't complete their statement. She wants the viewers to hear only what she wants them to hear. She gets worse as the years go on.

    Now it's the 2015-2016 season, and they're at it again.... the Republican bashing, and when Whoopi mentions the name of one of the Republicans, she sways her head and grimaces with such disapproval and mockery. Today she said that our country is not as bad as it was since Obama. How ignorant is she! Obama has incurred more debt than all the presidents put together. Millions more people are receiving food stamps and public assistance. Israel is in more danger, and that's the way Obama wants it because he supports the Muslim countries. Millions more illegal immigrants are entering our country, and our tax dollars are paying their way once they get here. Health insurance premiums have increased for MANY people. Our country is much more divided. Obama is not willing to negotiate, as he wants it "his" way.

    Now we have another obnoxious cast member, Candance Cameron Bure. So far, she continues to talk about her kids and her husband. Today, she rudely interrupted Karl Malone, to talk about her husband, as Karl Malone was explaining something. Also, she has a very irritating and obnoxious voice.
  • Raven-Symone

    I have been watching Raven-Symone on screen for many years, as a lot of us have. I really do like her on screen. However, in my opinion she sticks out very negatively on The View. I don't think that she's a perfect match for the show at all. In comparison to the other women in the cast, she really lacks maturity and intelligence. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying she's stupid, but a majority of the time she appears to be lost on the show when the other women are talking. You can agree with me or agree to disagree with me, but I really hope that they replace her with another woman that is more fitting to the current cast. I believe if they do so they will have better ratings. Of course the ratings may not improve drastically, but I believe that they will be better than they are now.
  • The New View

    This is certainly a struggling show, looking for the right mix of cohosts. The turnover of cohosts is confusing and usually disappointing. The two new ladies are too religious - if I wanted a sermon I would watch the 700 club. Joy is a positive addition, and Whoopi is a nice blend of comedy and intellect. Raven is brash at times but not offensive and does represent the younger generation. Maybe "guest co hosts" would be better than the permanent one. Hope this once entertaining show can regroup and find its former glory. I do miss Barbara.
  • Must Go

    Raven,you need to resign from the panel of the view. Today again i was amazed at your lack of knowledge about the topic and therefore your comments are just weird or maybe you failed grammar in school and don't know how to correctly convey what you mean. Whatever the problem is,with you representing the younger generation it is no wonder they get a bad rap. I am still trying to remember what your claim to fame is to earn a place on the View .
  • your best before date has long expired

    time for last Curtin call. All you has-beens need to leave now.
  • degegation of nursing.

    Totally disgusted and appalled at the ignorance displayed today by the View panel. First, if you were, AT ALL, attuned to the Internet, you would have realized that Miss Colorado ' s speech was highly applauded by nurses and other health care workers. In fact, well before the airing of your the video had gone viral. The panel showed their true colors in their uneducated and ignorant comments about nurses. Nurses have fought for years to elevate acknowledgement that we are equal partners in the care of patients with skills and tool development to improve care of patients. Joy and the staff need to Shadow speciality nurses for a day and then tell us it is a doctor's stethoscope???!! not one of you could handle the education, emotional or physical ability it takes to do our job each and every day. You need to apologize.

    Loved the show w/Whoopi, Barbara, Sherri, Elizabeth and yes, Nicole. Where did you find the obnoxious Collins, Simone and the return of Joy???? When they are gone let me know I will be back, but not until then. I have cable, lots of channels with lots of shows and none are bashing my profession!!!!!!!!!!!!! I deliver babies for a living, I do not need the minimizing of my profession-so you make a lot more money than me -to be obnoxious and offensive- Go for it...
  • Sink this Titanic

    I just saw a commercial on TV for the view it says people on Twitter just think the view is amazing innovating wonderful they're back and they're great. what a bunch of garbage why didn't they use some of the reviews from This site
  • Criticism Understandable, but boycotting - enough already....


    I do not usually write but I have some things to say about these new versions of The View. PLEASE, bring back the refinement of the old View show. I used to love the View and watched every day for many years. The show lost a lot when Meredith Viera left, but Barbara Walters was still there. Since Barbara retired, the show has been nothing more than chaotic. It has lost the dignity and sophistication it had for many years. I liked when Whoopie came she is funny, has common sense and is able to communicate appropriately. In this environment; however, Whoopie is NOT flourishing either. I was hopeful when Rosie O'Donnell returned and I started to like the show again. Sorry she had to leave. I read with interest the disparaging remarks about Raven and I think they are too harsh. She is young, and her appearance may be distracting to more conservative viewers, but if you listen to some (not everything) of what she has to say, she is thoughtful, makes a lot of sense sometimes, and adds value to the show. I think people have a hard time with her because she is different, but she is colorful and interesting. I liked Nicole Wallace, but do not think she added anything. While Rosie Perez was intelligent, her delivery was whining. I will not miss that. I do not know who Michele Collins is or what her talent is, but she is loud, rude, and presumptuous in her opinions, often having too much to say for someone who is new to the show and/or network television for that matter. Nancy appears to be aloof and just seems to be annoyed whenever the others are talking!? I cannot figure her out or what she brings to the show? I am glad Joy is back. Joy just needs time to get her bearings again - she IS a comedian after all and I am certain she had no intention of insulting nurses. While I liked the nurse on Miss America and the lovely message she delivered, I think we can agree that it was an unusual entry for a talent segment on a beauty pageant! I can understand how her presentation could become fodder for a comedian. Again, I do not think this was meant to be disrespectful to the nursing profession. Where would we be without our nurses? They are often more helpful than the doctors! Truthfully though, and I can only speak for myself, not all nurses are Florence Nightingale either. I have run into some nurses who are cold, callous and uncaring! Finally, I find it annoying when the women do not allow each other to finish a thought. It is so unattractive when they all speak at the same time and so loudly over each other. The audience does not hear what any one of them has to say! This show needs to return to the dignity and respect that the former cast members showed to each other, their guests and the audience. They need to treat their jobs as the privilege it is for each of them to have the opportunity to be on what used to be such a classy, intelligent, sophisticated and quality talk show. A little humility, PLEASE.

  • Nurses

    I think nurses are more valuable than talk show hosts.

    The View is nothing more than a flock of old plastic Has been's.

    Nurses on the other hand actually save lives. Is there anything more important?

    Cackle on that you old crows .
  • Advertisers on The View

    in light of the ridiculous attempt at apology, i will no longer purchase any products from companies that advertise on The View. These woman claim to be a "tolerant" bunch. Seems to me they only things they tolerate are their own left wing views. I'm no Republican, and i can surely spot a bunch of mean spirited intolerant woman who only add to the divisiveness between liberals and conservatives, and who do nothing to promote tolerance, understanding, and acceptance. Sorry, but i will boycott any products promoted on The View. Please join me if you share the same feelings..
  • Disgusted... Time to pull the plug

    This show may have once been successful, but it's only as good as its hosts. When those hosts are people like Michelle Collins, whoopiegoldberg, joy behar, & (especially that attitude filled, snot nose, talentless, uneducated ignorant, twit) Raven, who can't even put a sentence together.... It shouldn't be surprising you have a sinking ship. Try using bright, talented, real women who aren't privileged & can relate to the average American woman. No one wants to see these garbage elitests up there talking about things they have no education or experience on! If I could slap Michelle & Raven in the face I would!
  • Desperate attempt failed!

    Michelle Collins, how about we sit back and analyze your profession? Paid actress whose mother and father paid for acting school and that's it! I am finishing up nursing school and will earn my Bachelorette degree with three young kids and it's the greatest accomplishment I've ever had to speak of second to birthing my children. It's also the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and I have made sacrifices you wouldn't believe. You made a mockery of someone who is truely proud of aiding in the health and well being of others, and regardless of her speaking of a talent or otherwise, you trashed one of the most humbling and respected professions to this day. Nurses have been rated the number 1 most respected profession for 13 years in a row excluding 2001 during the 9-11 attack(gallop/americannurses). You were wrong for what you did so how about you give a sincere apology instead of making a poor attempt to excuse what you said? I feel bad for both the production and the co-hosts who have had to share in your embarrasment.


    Proud future nurse who may use life-saving measures to save your life one day

  • Time to get off the air.

    This show is total ignorance. Make fun of the most ethical and underappreciated profession. These ladies must know what they say before open their mouth. Well said by another viewer.
  • Drama

    Bunch of drama queens who have nothing else to talk about so they make jokes to put down other nice people. Get a real job!
  • Almost There

    Love that Joy is back. Not only is she funny but very intelligent. Could have a conversation on any subject. Now all ABC should do is get rid of Whoopi, Michelle and Raven. (They add absolutely nothing, except Raven's cackle). Bring back Sherri, Rosie O and Rosie P and then you would have a show worth watching. Oh, and by the way, you know that new one Farris she said something I think it was yesterday that was astonishing to me, she said that Obama proved that he was born here. Really?? I know she's a republican but give me a break. Since when has any one of our Presidents of these United States have to show proof. You have to be kidding me. ABC really needs to sit down with this person and have a serious talk. One more thing. I used to love Whoopi before The View. She needs to stick to stand up. Since when did she become the end all be all on any topic. It's laughable.
  • Take this &*&^((^% off the air.

    This show has been downhill for years.
  • Women should uplift other women

    I am a woman. I am a daughter. I am a mother. I am a nurse. When I first watched this show years ago, I thought the idea behind it was to have intelligent women talking about different points of 'views' of current topics. This show has turned gossipy and tabloid-ish. This show makes fun of others and uses degrading talk to try to make points. This is not intelligent discussion anymore. This show needs either to get off the air or in need of some real change. There is a saying "You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up rather than tearing each other You can have debates about issues without degrading others. The View needs to learn that. Until then, I will not be watching it again.

    Joy- if you weren't paying attention... How did you know she was even wearing a stethoscope? A better apology would have been the truth- that you're just an idiot. No one wants to listen to a bunch of ignorant D-list celebs. THE VIEW sucks. You ladies talk over one another anyway. Time to bow out!
  • What happened to The View!!!!

    I have watched since the first show. The choices for the hosts has steadily gone down hill. Keep Whoopie, but get rid of the rest. Raven can't put an intelligent sentence together. She pouts when someone disagrees with her. Religion and politics are the main discussion topics.
  • The View

    I am sure the hosts and co-hosts of THE VIEW offend people on a daily basis, but this time it appears that they offended NURSES, which happens to be a profession of LARGE numbers. A profession that makes their hard earned dollars taking care of the frail, sick, and dying as opposed to a TV talk show host/comedian that disrespects and belittles others for TV ratings. You honestly should think before you speak because the people that listen to your show are REAL people, hard working citizens that have other worries besides plastic surgery, Botox, dining, and traveling. Thumbs up Ms Colorado for sharing your talent! You represented NURSES and healthcare professionals well! You showed your true beauty!
  • Ignorance show

    This show is total ignorance. Make fun of the most ethical and underappreciated profession. These ladies must know what they say before open their mouth.
  • Not supporting anyone who supports The View

    I want to know who the sponsors of this show are so I can boycott them. I will not support any product or company that would allow such uneducated individuals to rant and insult others the way this show does. You women are lucky that as nurse's we are professional and will not hold your rude comments against you when it comes to saving your life. If you are brought into my ICU I will pick up my stethoscope and use my other talents as a nurse to save your life.
  • Dedicated Nurse

    I guess when you look at the source of comments, it should be clear that this is pure ignorance at it's best. When I say ignorance, I mean these women nor anyone close to them have obviously never suffered a grave illness requiring the direct care of a nurse. Had you been in the direct care of a nurse at any time, you would have understood the power of the story/monolog told by Miss Colorado. However, with that said, your apology was nothing other than deflection, back peddling and shifting blame to the listeners that we just weren't listening to the whole conversation. In fact, we were listening and you picked the wrong profession to degrade with your bullying and mockery of our PROFESSION as a Registered Nurse. Yes, this is a profession for which we have poured our sweat, blood, and tears into in order to care for ungrateful people such a as yourselves while neglecting ourselves and our families. If you find that your show is not canceled in light of recent events, please educate yourselves in the future on all topics before presenting to a nation who is surely listening lest you find yourselves under fire once again. Sincerely, a Dedicated Dialysis RN.
  • ignorance no excuse

    ABC cancel this show, the co hosts or idiots which I call them have no business on air any more, Whoopi is an idiot, as well as Joy and the ding-a-ling girl from the Cosby show and Sherri Shepherd. None of them have a lick of sense or intelligence, especially Whoopi who every time she opens her mouth garbage comes out, especially after her being so stupid to back the rapist Bill Cosby who should be hung by his nuts for what he did to women. Joy is the biggest idiot, they are complete idiots. I have family in the nursing profession and these women on the view have no clue. ABC until you either fire them all or cancel the show I for one will not be watching any ABC affiliated channels. The attempt at an apology was the weakest thing I have ever heard, they give women a bad wrap. Women and men who are in the nursing profession deserve more,

    Richard Reynolds
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