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  • The show has gone down hill

    I have stopped watching the view since Elizabeth left. There is absolutely no chemistry on this show. If you want an entertaining show with great co-hosts watch access hollywood live. Billy and Kit are the best.
  • Sherry!

    Please I know she cannot be bringing in the ratings! GET RID OF HER and her LOUD MOUTH! Everytime she opens her mouth I want to scream.....
  • Disappointed fan

    I don't watch as much as I use to. It's sickens me to watch how Whoopie can do no wrong in your eyes Barbara. You side for her no matter what she saids. I've had enough and so has a lot of other fans!
  • Celebrities... ugh

    Yes. We make them what they are, way bigger than they need to be. Kim Kardashian a celebrity? No!! She is NOT!! Please who cares who she got paid by or how much? It just makes her a cheap whore.

    Barbara Walters.... hmm I realize you are a big thing in the journalist/news world. But Babs.. its time to get off the air. The whole premise of the talk show is to have difference of opinions.. when someone says something you don't agree with don't shush them and give them the "mom" look. Its a different opinion of yours, when another person tries to make an argument different from yours don't interrupt them because its not what you would say or how you would say it.. Move on to the pasture Barbara.. let other people step in.
  • Muzzle Sherry

    Sherry's rudeness in interrupting everyone has me close to stop watching "The The lack of civility and manners in this country is a major problem, and Sherry is a prime example of the problem. "The View" can take a lead in promoting kindness, thoughtfulness and civility.
  • out of touch

    Seems to me celebrities protect celebrities actions. An individual paid to be another individuals date is performing the job of an escort. This is not a personality performing for the public but an individual being paid to perform for an audience of one who just happens to be going out in public this time. If this were to be a private, paid one on one encounter, would it still be considered a performance.

    As for Justin Bieber, the issue is not about how he would have performed if he knew this deposition were to be made public, which for information sake, is perfectly legal, but his confrontational, juvenile and totally inappropriate attitutude during a fact finding conversation with legal authorities. He again demonstrates his complete disregard for those individuals just trying to do their jobs, while mocking the justice system which he himself interjected himself by his own improper and/or illegal actions. Instead of behaving like a child with no boundries, he should accept the predicament he created and behave accordingly. Or will this become a dismissed case because of his sheltered upbringing which prevents him from acknowledging that his actions or nonactions were and are against the moral fiber that we all are raised to follow.

  • Sherri needs to check herself

    I am a long time viewer of The View and enjoy the back and forth and ideas presented by all the hosts.

    However Sherri, more then the others, tends to cut her co-host off mid sentence. Frequently, I can't even hear what the other person is saying because she talks OVER them, obliterating their comments.

    Sherri, this is rude and totally uncalled for and i'm getting real sick of it. To the point that, today i just turned it off and came to write this review. I really wanted to hear the WHOLE discussion. Not only YOUR part of it.
  • Barbara Walters on the view

    Am sick of her always saying "stop, now I've forgotten what I was saying". Maybe she needs to leave now

    I am so glad that you addressed the issue of tipping. You were correct in stating that Christians don't tip well. I have been a waitress for over 30yrs. My mother was a waitress all so and raised three children. I don't believe people that have never worked in the restaurant business understands how hard it is. Not everyone can do it and do it good. When you have your Church people come in on Sundays they seem to let there children run all over the restaurant and they make hugh messes. Then they don't leave you hardly nothing. This is very hard for me to say because I do tip very well and I am a Christian. So I guess we should say most of them don't tip well.
  • Sherry Shepherd is repulsive!

    I used to hate watching the view because of Elisabeth Hasslebeck, but as she got older, she matured and grew up, and was finally tolerable, but Sherry Shepherd came on the show, and wasn't to bad in the beginning, but she has just gotten to where she thinks she is the cutest and sexiest person on the show, and I have news for her, she sucks! She really thought her crap didn't stink after she was on dancing with the stars! I am at the point of not watching the view anymore simply because I can't stand her!

    I love Whoopi and Barbara, and I even like Jenny! But please, somebody, axe Sherry!

    Here we go again. Sherry Sherperd shows her true self again. On today's episode she was offered a dish to sample the food they cooked on air. Her answer was "I don't need a dish" . Then she proceeded to eat from the pan. After taking one mouthful she took her fork and continued to eat from the pan and repeatedly stirred the whole pan of food with her fork. SHERRY, DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU ANY MANNERS!! Who wants to eat from that pan after you.
  • Even if you don't cook...

    I am a first time I had to watching todays show, Sherry, you were an embarrasment and not funny or were disrespectful on the cooking episode today. Grow up, act like a mature, interested adult, not a dancing fool, swigging your wine. I mean, it would have been ok if your act lasted 10 secs or so, but omg, you just did not give it a rest! Your behavior was enough to get me to turn the channel.
  • Two Opinionated Airheads need to go

    Sherry & Jenny I am talking to you. Jenny was a bad fit for the show, chosen hastily. Sherry how have you stayed so long? If I hear one more word about your boobs, uterus or your vagina, I am coming to the show to rip your head off, not your stupid looking wig but I mean rip your head off. You are a big loud mouth BORE. You remind me of a little girl who wants it all her way, when that doesn't happen she gets louder & LOUDER. Barbara I like you as an interviewer on your specials. Why do you embarrass yourself everytime a man comes out, you are old enough to be their grandmother and you are kissing, hugging, stroking them & making a damn fool out of yourself. Retire sooner rather than later. Thank God for Whoopi, she is probably the only reason the View is still on the air. She is a level headed woman who can LISTEN & ask thoughtful question. She tries to get the best out of the guests and doesn't push her own agenda. To the producers, Fire 3/4 of the team & give Whoopi her own show.
  • Shame on you,Jennie McCarthy

    I saw an ad for e-cigarettes on TV tonight, before 9pm, featuring you, Jennie. You should be ashamed of yourself pimping out to a company that sells addiction! Kids should not be putting anything in their mouths and puffing on it whether it's an e cigarette or a real, tobacco cigarette. And you should be ashamed selling out America's kids. Shame, Shame, Shame on you!
  • Who died and made Sherri S. chief expert on The View

    Sherri is rude, arrogant and an all-around know it all. But she isn't. I reached my limit listening to her constant rambling and have been recording the View when someone is on that I want to see. I have fast-forwarded through the show many times and 90% - maybe 98% - of the time Sherri is talking. Sorry, but I do have an education and I don't plan to spend another minute listening to her pearls of stupidity. Go back to standup, Sherri - maybe you'll be appreciated there.. This show is on it's last leg, I'm afraid. Sorry for Whoopi. PS: What's with the rolling of her eyes when she interrupts Barbara and is called on it. Also,

    her facial expressions to someone off camera, when she makes a point to Barbara. We've all had bosses we disagreed with, but with her it's a goal. Karma!!

  • Is Sherry Shepherd trying to get her own show?

    I so totally agree with the other reviews written!! The view was one of my favorite show and always wanted to watch. Now with Miss "Know-it-all", rude, self absorbed Sherry, the program has become irritating to watch. No one can make a complete sentence or thought without Sherry shoving her unconsolidated, self-centered and ignorant remarks in. She constantly interrupts everyone and plays it off as being cute--it's not CUTE!

    The worse thing is, the other hostess and guests, have important information, thoughts and opinions are never heard because Sherry drowns them out with her constant interruptions.

    Please tell her to button her lip, listen and really give her quest the respect they deserve and LISTEN to them.
  • Can Sherri Shepherd or lose your fanbase~

    The View is losing it's fanbase because of Sherry Shepherd.

    She's rude, ignorant, NOT funny and we're tired of hearing about her damned hair, wigs, her perfect husband & Jeffrey. She interrupts constantly and doesn't believe that anyone would have anything more important to say than her.

    And pairing her w Jenny on the Pop Culture pieces is a joke... she's trying to be young & hip like Jenny, but it fails terribly.

    Her voice grates on people's nerves and she's disrespectful to guests.

    Get rid of her or lose your fanbase, The View!
  • The Sherri Shephard Show

    I loved the View for years & watched it daily. I'm turning it off. I can't take it anymore. Sherri is so rude & arrogant and talks over everyone. She thinks she owns the show & everyone lets her. Her wigs are terrible. I miss the good old days with Elisabeth. There is only view on that panel . Jenny was a terrible replacement for Joy & Elisabeth. She adds nothing but crudeness and immaturity. She has nothing to say & she's not that funny. It looks like Barbara doesn't want the show to go on without her!
  • Barbara Walters

    I think she getting rude in her old age. She demand attention when she talk and is not very passionate towards SOME guests.
  • When are you getting rid of Sherry Shepherd?

    I don't watch The View anymore. Why? Sherry Shepherd. She's arrogant, rude, obnoxious & is constantly interrupting everyone! She seems to think she is above everyone & she couldn't be more wrong. YOU ARE LOSING VIEWERS!!!!!
  • Sherry Shephard

    I am very upset. Bryan Cranston was explaining President Lyndon Johnson's legislation in his NY play, and before he could finish the sentence that ended with the words: 6 months after taking office", Sherry Shepard interrupted him with her question. I wanted to know how he was going to end that sentence. I thought it was extremely rude of Sherry not to allow him to finish. She often seems to have her own agenda and often takes the opportunity to inject what and when things were done to address racism or a divide in our country based on race. As much as I like her, she made me very mad when she did this. I wanted to know what might have been some very important information for people to know.

    Jenny McCarthy is a great addition to The View. Tell Sherri to stop interrupting her. Just because Sherri has a louder mouth does not mean she's any better. She's rude and arrogant. Let Jenny have her say. She is so funny and intelligent. 7.5
  • Free for all

    While I turn the show on most mornings, hoping the hosts will have developed enough respect for one another to stop interrupting their conversations, I soon change the channel because that had yet to happen. They each have interesting and intelligent opinions but as a viewer, trying to break through the talk of 2 or 3 people at the same time to discern what they've said and not being able to because they talk over each other so forcefully, I find it's not worth my time to work through the cacophony. I find it even more incredulous when Barbara Walters is interrupted, she has the nerve to ask if she can finish what she is saying. Why then does she interrupt the others and join in the free for alI? I would really like to see them respect each other's opinions, and by extension, each other, so viewers can actually avail themselves of what the show is trying to bring them each day.

  • Who's View

    Sherri is the only one who can share a View. She doesn't let anyone else talk. I have watched this show from day 1, BUT about to leave it because of Sherri's BIG mouth. Please shut her up.
  • The View steamroller!

    I am so discussed with the cast's steamroller approach to any conservative guest that appears on the show!

    I guess that's why they call it THE only one view will be tolerated!
  • The View is sinking faster than The Titanic

    It's hard for me to watch this show which I used to record years ago. There is no View other than the Liberal View of the cast! There is no variety or intelligent conversation; I find myself tuning in when they bring conservative guests which I believe is helping their ratings. Ever since Elisabeth left there is no View her or hate her she made the show interesting and balanced. If they want to save this show they need to consider Rosie O'Donnell - I believe she's capable of resuscitating the VIEW
  • YAY! finally a smart co-host on the view! Rachel

    Great to see Rachel on the View. She spoke wisdom to the gals (although I doubt Barbara or Whoopi heard any of it due to their strong liberal bias ). I was impressed how she held her own continuously with the interruptions and disagreements from the rest of the gals. I don't watch the View much anymore because of the extreme bias and no one on it that really speakis for a silent majority of us!!

    Thank you Rachel for getting to be heard and improving the View today!!

    PS.. Barbara just needs to retire !!
  • Can't stand Sherri!!!

    I have watched for 17 years. can't stand Sherri interrupting everyone and she doesn't have any respect for Barbara. If Whoopi and Barbara weren't there. .. there would be no reason to watch this show. It has gotten to the point where when Sherri opens her mouth I have to fast forward. Next stop. . The Talk!
  • Everyone's a critic...

    Have we really gotten so uptight as a culture that we have to nitpick EVERY little issue with this or with that? I see some of the comments below and just want to shake my head. The View is a good show overall that I will continue to watch regardless of issues that go on either in front of or behind the scenes. I like ALL the hosts and each contributes a different style to the overall structure of the show. As a staunch liberal, I certainly didn't agree with A LOT of what Elizabeth had to contribute, but was sad to see her go because she brought a unique dynamic and allowed us to see where a moderate Republican comes from. Barbara and Whoopi are certainly my favorite hosts, but will keep my personal criticisms about Sherri or Jenny to myself because I think they're doing a good job overall. That being said, I'm getting a little tired of Barbara making a spectacle over people "interrupting" her, especially when there were times when it was actually the other way around. It's getting a little old and redundant and is just not necessary. The View has ALWAYS had hosts that interrupt each other and is just the nature of the show. I think she should just quit talking when they interrupt her, wait for them to quit, then try again. It's not necessary to make an issue of it every single time it happens. And she's one of my favorite and most respected hosts. I don't know, just thought I would get that out there since everyone keeps jumping on the Barbara bandwagon without looking at the big picture.
  • Jane Fonda GRRR#?@&#?

    If you have her on one more time I will never watch your show again. No big deal to you, woman should NEVER EVER be treated like a frikkin' hero nor an "expert" on anything. Maybe an expert at making work-out videos, or at finding really good plastic surgeons. You may not know her as "HANOI JANE". She has that title because she is a traitor! A TRAITOR. During the Viet Nam war she was visiting Hanoi, and went past POWs, prisoners of war. They were in cage-like places, and they had there their hands out begging for her to help them. Some snuck her pieces of paper telling them that they were POWs. She handed the papers to the Vietnamese people and they eventually were beat near to death for having passed them papers. SHAME ON HER!! She is no expert on anything, and she sure as hell is no HERO.

    Also it is obvious that Barbara and Whoopie 'test' each other, Sherry is too loud but cute as heck, but she should not bring up her mulitple abortions. Your new hire is a very pretty bimbo-like gal, think your producer liked her!! Thankfully you got rid of the other pretty did she quit to go to FOX news. She fits in perfectly there. Snotty, snippy, know-it-all, spewing negative twists of truth in her GOP mean spirited way. Barbara is way too classy and smart to be on tThe View show anymore. Good thing she is retiring. I hope she does other things tho. They all talk over each other and each guest or issue is sooo short that a person learns nothing from the show so Brabar just plays referee.

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