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  • Horrible!

    This use to be my favorite show. Whoopie and Joy think their opinion is the only one that matters, and have no sense of reality. This is such an annoying show now, I cannot even watch. Sad that our shows have come to this.
  • Completely Disgusting

    I turned the tv on and immediately heard Joy Behar and her peers absolutely blasting President Donald Trump. How Lame. A gentleman was there, as their guest, who had written a newly written book about President Trump. The panel was trying to chew him up with their venemous words. Honestly, I didn't know tyrants (especially Behar) was going to start my day with such junk. This does nothing with peons as these women are - except make Mr. Trump look good. The election is OVER. The decision is MADE. Why can't we as humans at least refrain from being ignorant? This show definitely needs to be removed from tv. Yes, I did change the tv channel. I do hate this show! Can you tell?
  • reality

    First i would like to state that i am not a fan of the show, reason is because the show itself seems like a straight out gossip reality show than anything else. many hosts have come and gone, and when one host or another says something i as an individual do not agree with it is hard to pick a favorite. on any show where there is diverse opinions, sometimes maybe one should agree that they disagree, instead of trying to shove there opinion down the other persons throat. the talk of the nation is elected president Donald Trump, i voted for no one,but i must say everyone who did not vote for Trump are a little disappointed, but for all of us God fearing people out there we know that God may be trying to use Trump to bring about his will for mankind. biblical history proves that God chose many unlikely candidates, some were qualified or unqualified in one area or another, point is God used them to convey a message and spark change. i was watching the show for the first in weeks, and several of the hosts and a guest on the show were discussing some thing about what a particular celebrity had said. i listened and listened until someone stated something i did not agree with, and i saw (red) why can't the world get used to the fact that we all have opinions, but on the other side of things( and their is always another side), its really sometimes not, what you say (depending) on the topic it's how you say it that adds emphasis, also just because we have freedom of speech does not mean we go around blabbing everything, their is a time and a place to say anything.
  • The View According to Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny

    I could not believe the lies Whoopi told on today's show! She said that "the ladies of The View" did not show bias and always tried to tell all sides. Seriously? How stupid do you think we are? She said they discussed things without hate, did not call people names and were fair. All "this" was on "you Republicans" out there. She said they are not negative against anyone. She really needs to watch the shows from the past two years. I don't think one day has gone by that these hate-filled women hasn't bashed Trump in one way or another. Please, this is supposed to be entertainment, not The View According to Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny. For some irrational reason, I keep watching just to see what awful things they will have to say. I keep hoping that one day I will be surprised and they will say something positive.

    Get your ratings calculator fixed. I know the producers and hosts never see these posts so I guess they are unaware of how poorly each individual contributor rates them. Is anyone aware of where we can post so the network and hosts can see what people are saying?

  • Discusted

    The View is the most discusting show on television. I can't believe the lattitude they are allowed when voicing their opinions. What an embarrassment...
  • Had to turn the channel

    There is no view. The show is a bunch of witches stirring the pot against the president. Disgusti me.
  • Shut the show down

    This group has nothing positive at all to say about the president of our United States I'm surprised and delighted to see that other people also see these women as being very one-sided and prejudiced I only have one question when is Whoopi leaving the country so I don't have to listen to her mouth no more????These ladies certainly aren't speaking for me that's for sure.
  • What is the point?

    I've recently been forced to watch the view as it is one of the tv's on at my gym. I'm really am not sure what the point is of the show. It seems to me to be a bunch of racist, angry, bitter women sitting around talking about a bunch of nothing. So they actually get paid to do this?
  • The View must go!

    This show is awful now! The panel is so left wing it is regurgitating. They thrive on demeaning, demoralizing and discrediting every attempt our elected President is making to correct the mistakes by the former administration and to implement badly needed change to make this nation strong again. These women are using media as a platform for hate and discord. Are they so out of touch as to think this is acceptable? Do they realize the President was elected by the people because he campaigned the need for change and now as President that change is becoming a reality? Why are they attempting to aluminate hatred and fuel discord at a time we need to stand together in the face of threats from foreign countries . United we stand divided we fall! Stop it Whoopi, Joy, Sonny, Sarah, you have become an insult to intelligence and quite frankly, to yourselves. Please replace The View with a show that promotes how Americans stand behind their country and the President they elected into office.
  • View Cohosts are Excellent Smart & Balanced Discussing Hot Topics

    This season's co-hosts are GREAT and I have returned as a viewer as a result after being away for years. I like that they are all very smart and not afraid to state their opinions even if they differ from the other co-hosts. We are in a very difficult period when the President of the US has problems telling the truth the majority of the time, so we really need these discussions so people know that you can't believe everything you hear coming out of the White is soooo frightening. This group is the best and I make it a point to listen every day I can to stay on top of current events from all of their different points of view, including legal points from Sunny, very balanced from Sarah and very smart Jedediah who presents views all of us need to consider. Joy and Whoopi have experience and add so much to the discussions. I particularly love Joy and hope she stays on for many more years. I'm also glad Whoopi keeps the topics moving along but sometimes she needs to not talk over others as they express their opinions. I know there are a lot of people who have their heads stuck in the ground and don't want to believe REAL facts but I suspect they have elected a man who has a Narcissistic personality disorder and possibly other mental issues. I love the guy's wife but feel sorry for her because she may be stuck in a mentally abusive relationship. After he won I was open to see what would happen but now only 4 weeks into his presidency I am scared to death that we have a mentally ill person in the White House who is letting others head him down the wrong path for the country. I know we need jobs but the hate he encourages from his supporters is shameful. He needs to stop making everything about himself and think about the whole country he represents. If that does not happen I hope he steps down soon, his resignation or impeachment would benefit the country. The View is an excellent source to keep people current with what really is going on in the country and the world. I was glad there was NO REAL terrorist massacre in Bowling Green KY or Sweden as announced by the White House reps, really sooooo VERY SAD!! The View is an excellent source for the TRUTH!! Keep up the good work!!
  • Wits End

    I used to agree with the majority of what Whoopi said ( with the exception of marijuana use). Lately she has gone off the deep end and she has taken all her minions with her. Whenever Whoopi gets an attitude everybody back down. Are these people let go or something if they dare disagree with her? Jedediah is the only voice of reason. At least she's trying to mediate both sides. For God's sake, have a heart for the rest of the people who disagree!

    It is true what Jedediah says. Democrats and Republicans all give their own party a lot of slack. I wish everybody would quit pretending like it doesn't happen.

    I thought I could to grin and bear it through the political extreme leftism for 15 minutes but I can't take it anymore. I'm at my wits end!

    They don't represent a panel that is reflective of the US as a whole.

    Gone are the days of Barbara Walters . I just don't care for the show anymore and have to say .

  • Get Rid of Jedediah!!

    I believe that the hollering and yelling would decrease if that Jedediah female was replaced. i agree that it is very much a political show, and I'm not too much of a fan of that. But when she opens her mouth, it seems that she is professing her post-FOX agenda, which, in my opinion, leads to a lot of arguing. I don't like her... I never heard of her 'before' she got on the I still feel disrespected that on Black History Month, when the show was celebrating the first black president on President's Day, she bad mouthed him with such disrespect that I don't see how ABC didn't reprimand her. She's simply pathetic!!
  • Unfair & Unbalanced

    One sided show today as usual.

    The View needs a more balanced table!

    What a calm, welcoming place there for Mr. Schumer today!

    He will sleep well tonight!

    Mr Schumer says he fights for his values. Well, we have a new President who is fighting for his values and for the values of the American people who elected him into office.

    Our Democracy is working.

    Perhaps conservatives will get their wishes of freedom of Life, religion, and happiness for all, our future children, including unborn babies and immigrants!

    What a beautiful world we could live in if we all respected life!!!

    President Trump will make mistakes just like

    President Obama did and all the previous Presidents.

    One good thing about The View is it can be

    turned off ! So thankful for the remote control.

    Thank you

  • Who is doing the math here?

    How can this show possibly have an average score of 4??? If there was a choice of zero I think everyone would be choosing that, Is anyone reading the reviews? The show has become unwatchable wth Whoopie, joy, and sonny doing most of the talking. They are spewing so much venom, it is disgusting.

    Maybe it is time for some new hosts??? Yeah, that might be good for a start.
  • Dim Bulb on the set of the View

    The View has become the opinions of five women who make six to seven figure salaries, live in NYC [aka Liberalville] and have no longer a connection to working women in the USA. Joy Behar is the worst. What does it take at ABC to send this woman packing? When Barbara Walters was on the show, there was a sense of some professionalism. That time is long gone.

  • Time to move on ladies

    Point blank, some recent posters have it to a "t". It's not what it used to be, it's an all out argument daily, not coffee talk debates.

    This show used to be uplifting, funny, interesting topics, cultural, beneficial, inspiring and covering the latest news and not turning into an all out backlash bickerfest the way it is since I started watching it again recently.

    It's OK to have different views or opinions, I value that you all don't agree with eachother on everything. But talking over each other, loosing your cool, and having an all out bicker session being straight out rude looses my vote and audience

  • Fair and Balanced??

    I agree with you Freeatlast. I haven't watched this show regularly for a long time but used to take a sneak peak from time to time but had to give that up as it made me so angry. The ignorance, hatred, racial baiting etc were too much for me. There are calls for boycotts of the sponsors. I do not think that will work unless it's a mass boycott but you have to wonder why these sponsors would place their ads on such a negative show. Are they like ABC using this show as a vehicle to promote their own views? I enjoy reading these intelligent, funny comments and am amazed that ABC would turn their backs on this audience. I recently heard a horrid untrue comment from a friend of mine regarding a member of the Trump family so this negativity is spreading. In my opinion, the only way to change or cancel this show is for people to quit watching it and unless there is a gotta see program on ABC, stop watching ABC. And call or write to sponsors and ask why they are sponsoring such a demented show. Include examples. Those of us who don't watch the show don't even know who the sponsors are. Let's hope that we can stop this insanity!!

  • Freestlast

    Ladies and Gents:

    I have been a fan of The View since it began. I can no longer watch this show.

    Whoopie(the doctor) is no longer the Whoopie I knew. She spews hatred and disrespect on a daily basis.

    Joy has proven to be a miserable woman. She grinds her voice, reads her blue cards, and looks at the audience for approval about her horrendous remarks.

    If Sonny brags one more time that -*she is like Doogey Howser because she went to college at 16 .

    *she is married to a doctor

    * she is a lawyer

    If she was really secure, she wouldn't have to brag.

    To make a long story short, I stopped watching this show and am feeling so much better. No more headaches from Whoopie's voice. Not more ugly smirks from Joy. Sonny has gotten ugly!

    Barbara, please save your show.
  • Whoopi goldburg

    She is exactly what's wrong with the women ( can we even call them woman) seriously your going to compare PRESIDENT TRUMP to the Taliban. I used to think you were a good actor but you are no more than a hate group yourself domestic terrorist do us all a favor leave and take the vagina heads with you especially Madonna she's always been a sick b***. You are no better get gone.
  • Whoopie's dislike of Paula is so obvious

    If I was Paula I would throw something at Whoopie when she treats her with obvious disdain. Whoopie should know that judgments are projections.

  • Very dissapointed

    Freedom of speech is one thing, but the disrespect for the president is completely unacceptable and Barbara Walters would have never stooped this low. You people are not worth the air time and set a sad example.
  • President Day

    Shame! Shame! Shame! I am embarrassed at what I saw on the show this morning.. These spoiled woman, like it or not, are allowed to carry-on with such un-kindness.. Trump was elected President Let it go girls, your behavior believe it or not is unbecoming to you not the President. Time will tell about him, Unfortunately it has showed me more about your character then I ever wanted to know. What kind of management does ABC have that they allow such a wonderful show go down to this trash?
  • The, scratch that, ONE VIEW

    I cannot believe this gang of self-righteous hypocrites are still on the air and manage to drum up an audience that cheers on their single minded views daily what are they paying those people? What was a diverse panel of intelligent women sharing their unique views on current events and entertainment has become a D-list motley crew of moderately funny OR pretty and desperate political commentators. Can't wait for a new 10:00 am spot on abc to revive the morning routine.
  • Their View or the Highway

    I used to be a super fan. I respect all of the hosts, I just wish they did the same. I don't mind at all when people give their opinions, it just bothers me when they won't listen to someone's view when it is not their own. As soon as someone says something positive about the new administration, they are cut off or told they incorrect. Please let people talk and finish their thoughts. Please let Paula speak. The eye rolling when Paula tries to comment is so disrespectful. Paula is a journalist who quite frankly has a bit more insight than Joy or Whoopi. Again I don't mind when their opinion is told, I just ask for them to be respectful. In their eyes, it seems that Hillary and Barrack could walk on water. They are not perfect too. The world is not perfect. Occasionally it would be nice to see fair coverage of both sides. And also perhaps an effort to come together. Like it or not, Trump is our president. All of our president. He's with us for the next four years. Your attitude of disrespect is no better than the negativity you portray him to be. For the sake of our country, I implore you to come together and step away from your hateful doctrine. Happy Presidents Day.
  • Get rid of whoopie and Joy!

    I stopped watching the view because there's nothing but trash talk and no respect for the president of the United States or for his family . These lady's NEED to go ! The view is garbage now . These lady's have just turned it to crap. I'd rather watch Jerry springer
  • do you WATCH yourselves

    There are these videos on youtube that show extreme temper tantrums from children because they don'y get their way.... because they want what they want when they want it..... watch them..... I am positive they have videos on bullies too... Maybe take a look at those.
  • The View is Horrid !!!

    The View = Hate TV!

    I only hope that other people around the world don't think that is how we behave in the United States.

    Stop the hate, we don't need that as a nation.
  • Only One View

    This show has become a chain- Trump -bashing extravaganza. Not an episode goes by without Joy Behar exclaiming one of the following 'impeach Trump', 'not my President', etc.

    Watch only if you need an extra dose of acid with your lunch.
  • Let ABC hear you

    I quit watching this show last year. The show is the most hate filled show on tv. This show needs to be canceled. It is part of the problem. I emailed ABC mine opinion. If everyone on this site emailed them maybe they would finally get the message. I wouldn't want any young women to think this is how women should behave or think. Go to ABC and click on contact us. ABC hear our voices!
  • Simply awful!!!

    I was a,huge fan during the Barbara Walters era. What on earth happened? It's just AWFUL these days. Political comment which is sickening and never ending. Joy Behar needs to go. We don't need to have her biased agenda in our faces each day. I will never watch this show again. Too bad really as it used to be entertaining. I wanted to give it a Zero rating but it would not allow please ignore my rating as it appears
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