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The View

Weekdays 11:00 AM on ABC Premiered Aug 11, 1997 In Season



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  • Carrol

    Today, Nov.5th I watch while Carly Fiorina was the 'guest'. She certainly wasn't treated as a 'guest'', she was bullied. The show reminded me of the movie "Mean Girls" about high school girls bulling another high school girl. It was totally disrespectful and hateful. I don't intend to watch another "View" program. At least when Barbara Walters was the host, she would soften some of the nasty comments. Now they just try to outdo each other in seeing how vicious they each can be. Enough!
  • Women on the View

    Why do the women on The View consider themselves comedians? I watched the show on several occasions and found what they call humor to be mean spirited and cruel. All they do is criticize and make fun of others. I do not consider that as humorous. When the women are making fun of someone's looks, etc. They need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. They are by no means any beauties. And who made them God to be so condeming of others? The show lost its class once Barbara Walters left. This show needs to be canned.
  • is not a Proven Science

    I literally cringe every time Joy B. references Evolution. It is called, The Theory of Evolution for a reason. After all this time scientist can not prove it. Yet, she pokes fun of any one who does not agree with her. And, the same for Climate Change. Remember when they used to say GLOBAL WARMING. Ever wonder they changed from Global Warming. They can't prove that either, but we all know that Climate Changes naturally all the time. Remember when they (Left) use to warn of our entering a new Ice Age? How soon were they proven wrong on that? But Climate Change seems to fit their agenda better. And, for the record--I am a BLACK Woman who is an Independent! I changed from the Democratic party during the Clinton years!! And, I am so happy I have two choices on the Republican side .Carson and Carly!


  • The View

    The view has lost all class since Barbara Walters left. The view should reflect all different views as it used to. Now it is saturated with unintelligent views of the people at the table. I know many people

    ( including myself ) who used to watch it and now would like to see it cancelled. I tuned in today because I wanted to hear Carly Fiorina talk. Then she was cut short by a hosts view. Can liberals only hear themselves and refuse other opinions. How can you learn new ideas if you don't listen? I am so tired of hosts talking over others and above all "NOT SHOWING RESPECT". The world is losing clout!
  • Whoopi shut that down AS FAST AS SHE COULD....

    Whoopi shut that down AS FAST AS SHE COULD..

    I wanted to hear the different standards Conservative women hold...


    What kind of hosts are those? Terrible TV. Sad to see.
  • Yea Carly (aka "girl")

    Carly was amazing! Whoopi, Joy & the "comedian" sitting between so much. Ladies (or "girls") please get your facts straight. Your ignorance about the facts is telling. You believe you are the smartest people in the room however, your unwillingness to learn the truth does not look good on any of you. Strive for the will change your lives!
  • Show is garbage!

    These pug nose pigs need to take a good look at themselves before they start making fun of how someone else looks. I guess their mothers never taught them any manners. They can say it was a joke but I hope a lot of people will stop watching this show. Its pure garbage and the only joke is them being on .
  • Disappointing

    I was expecting a VIEW of both political opinions. Instead of childish heckling. Carly F was definitely more adult and professional than all of you put together. Very disappointing I wont watch this program again. I am sure Barbara Walters would be ashamed of this disrespectful behavior.
  • Felines on View

    What has happened to the intellectual sophistication we used to enjoy when Barbara Walters was at the helm? If today is the "New View" it was downright disgusting. Joy B. has hit a new low with her humor and is not funny. No guidance here, everything has run a muck. I used to be an avid fan and haven't watched it in a while. I was hoping to see some apologetic behavior out of you for the horrible things you said previously about Carly F. But that was not happening here. What a complete waste of my time. The View needs to go bye bye and make way for something intelligent. Carly is way over your heads girls!!!!!
  • Where's the INTELLECT?

    What we just saw today was a civilized CAT FIGHT. Carly responded through intellect and the other yahoo's could not rise to her level. The hosts, Whoopi and Joy, clearly shut down Carly's speech. SHAME ON THE VIEW !. Now I know why I don't watch The View, there is no INTELLECT, "what so ever". The View should be pulled from ABC's roster. The Hosts on the View are the type of people that mess up our country's integrity by not looking into the real issues that are affecting each and everyone of us. I guess you can call The View, a "COMEDY SHOW" after all, the "Hosts" are a joke!
  • Ladies of The View - comments on the appearance of other women.

    I would suggest, that before the ladies make comments about the physical appearance of other women, that they should, each one of them, take a good look at their own reflection in the mirror.
  • Not Really a fan any longer

    There is a terrible rift in America between "liberals" and "conservatives" that terrifies and angers most of the American people. This is exemplified by the fact that The View has a conservative candidate on the show and then cannot show that candidate the courtesy of letting her answer the questions they ask. Why is it that your view is the only view? YOU ARE NOT SPEAKING FOR THE WOMEN OF THIS COUNTRY, SO PEASE STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU ARE. I am a woman and I totally disagree with you, but I allow you the right to express your view, you on the other hand, do not. To resort to making fun of a persons looks as your way of expressing your ideas and to do so in a very public way is both demeaning to the person you are speaking about as well as showing ignorance on your part. As women who have gone through so much to gain so little respect as humans, we need spokespersons who treat all women with dignity. Shame on all of you.

    I realize that you will not acknowledge the things I have said, but I feel better having said them.

    Sharon Blunt, Columbus, OH
  • cast nice fit

    I like everyone one the show, raven brings something different an she's not afraid to speak her mind, love, love, love whoopi, i didn't watch with the other cast, but i like it now.
  • Raven isnt fit!

    I was in love with The View. Once Raven came she cursed it. She speaks over all the hosts, and she gets everyone confused. My fave host is Kelly Ripa of every host, but it seems the whole panel on the View are forced to work with Raven, even Whoopi. Raven was the childhood star that was too busy to act and obviously doesnt understand life. She has a mind of a 13 yr old.
  • Raven Simoe

    I don't think Raven is a good fit for this show. This show to me is way too advance for her brain. She feels like she know a lot but overall she only knows very little. A lot of subjects are for people much older than her. She can't relate to half the stuff they talk about. She really don't need to talk about religion at all.
  • The Snooze

    Please send Raven Symone to a English class and a reading room. She says the most idiotic things. She is truly embarrassing to herself and the show. Joy Behar, your not funny, you have never been funny and you need to give it a rest. Whoopi, just retire! Learn from your contemporaries and get out now.
  • Dispicable Show

    With the exception of Candace Cameron-Bure, the cast are nothing but a bunch of loud mouth, arrogant, condescending bimbos. Michelle - you should know the word "DIMENTED" since you have to look in the mirror every day. Whoopi - I never thought you were that stupid - you bimbos basically bad mouthed Carly Fiorina and acted like it wasn't a bashing. None of you are anything special to look at so this is like the pot calling the kettle black. Personally I won't watch your I see your pathetic comments on news/entertainment shows that I watch.
  • Making fun of people

    Who was that cow who made fun of Carly Fiorina, Is she a female? She appears to be built like a Green Bay lineman. Whoppi, I wanted to dress my kids in a Whoppi costume, but Children and Youth said that they would prosecute me if I did. They were afraid that the costume would mentally damage other kids who saw them.
  • enough of making fun of people

    It seems Michelle and joy and raven need a reality check sad they poke fun at ppl these 3 are bullies it looks bad for the view we the ppl have had enough they insult nurses .. authors .. politicians. .kids ... and they never let nobody talk the view is rude it's their view it's time to go away view you have lost your meaning u 3 are a insult to women
  • The Women(?) of The View

    They're now just a bunch of saloon comics indulging their boring low-grade mentalities and observations. No wonder that show's ratings have been tanking! Wake up ABC!
  • Carly Fiorina Comments Typical of High School Bullying!

    This is women supporting women?? Give me a break!!! The comments about Carly Fiorina were catty, bitchy, and anything but supportive. The comments made were typical of high school bullies and the View sounded like a bunch of high school girls ready to take revenge. Your comments were extremely unprofessional and could certainly not be construed to be entertainment nor engaging. The invitation extended by Whoppi for Carly to return to the show sounded more like she was inviting Carly to a High School rumble where Whoppi would show her what's what! It was nasty and ugly! Disagreement is acceptable but stick to the facts of the debate rather than attacking someone personally. Bullying, disrespect, and attacking someone's looks is not acceptable. Shame on the View!!! Disappointed by my fellow women!
  • Carly Fiorina and other recent shows.

    The women on the view are so horribly hypocritical! They have become, as everyone agrees, nothing more than hacks for the Democratic Party! How dare they criticize the way Carly Fiorina looks! Have they looked at themselves in the mirror lately? Their catty, snotty remarks are nothing more than middle school bullying insults! Being that they are the same gender, they should be praising and uplifting her for her courage, intelligence and integrity. Not making such sexist statements such as " she doesn't smile enough". Really? How dare they! Talk about a "war on women!" Imagine the outrage an shock they would feign if someone had said that about Hillary Clinton?! I am also surprised that Barbara Walters, who had always expected integrity and unbiased, non- defamatory reporting of herself, would put up with such disparaging comments from her hosts. Michele, Joy and Raven especially! I, and many of my friends have agreed, this program has gone down hill and quickly!! Final straw, don't waste your time on this National Inquirer mentality show! I'm out!!!!
  • The Ladies on the View

    Who is Michelle Collins to talk about Carly Fiorina's looks? She's no day on the beach. Joy begat has a lot of nerve as well. She should be the new spokesperson for Golden Corral. Whoopie in those dreds, is looking more and more like the Predator, when Arnold says, You are one ugly Mother F***er. The View has become a platform for the Democratic Party. Why is it allowed for her and the other moron, Rosie Perez, to abuse anyone with a conservative or Religious view that differs from theirs. I realize we have freedom of speech in this country. But The so called Ladies on the View, such as Collins, Behar and Perez, are nothing but hacks for the Liberal agenda. To support that, I never hear a negative statement on Hillary Clinton coming out of their mouths. It's like Marco Rubio stated in the recent CNBC debate. The View and their Network have become a Super Pac for the Democratic Party. It's shameful.
  • mean women

    "The View" should change its name into "Mean Women".
  • Where is the balance?

    I really hope someone is reading my comment that can make a difference. I love the concept of The View and I am enjoying some of the great guests. I still record the show every day, however I wish there was more balance. They never let Paula finish a sentence. I might not always agree with her either, but she has a pretty good background in journalism and deserves to speak without being cut off all the time. I don't think she ever finishes a complete thought. I believe Whoppi is very well-rounded about the hot topics, but she dominates the conversation with her opinion all the time. She always says that the show is called The View for a reason, however she never lets the others really get their view in UNLESS they agree with her. I thought the point of this season was to have a variety of ages and backgrounds on the panel to express each of their unique views. The audience then gets to decide which view we agree or disagree with. We can't do that if everyone on the panel does not get to express themselves completely. I hope the executives can take this constructive criticism and let the viewers hear everyone on the panel without interruptions. Thank You!
  • Just plain evil

    This group is an embarrassment! Can't wait until they get there walking papers so we don't have to hear all the rude, horrible things they say about people. They are just plain evil

  • Unwatchable

    This show is completely unwatchable at this point. I took this show off my dvr forever!

    Sad thing is I watched it for years and really enjoyed it but this last season in unbearable.

    The entire panel stinks, especially Raven Simone. Whoopie not funny anymore etc.

    Goodbye View!
  • Raven Think Before Speak!

    I hope someone explains to Raven Symone that violence committed by any male against a female is WRONG! In particular, violence committed on a 16 year old female child by a 300 Ib, weight lifting, wrestling coach, POLICE OFFICER is beyond shameful. What a way to demonstrate to a classroom full of minority students, who already don't trust police authority, why police are (perceived as) the "enemy". This should have been handled by a school counselor trained to handle these situations. In the end, which situation really disrupted not only the classroom, but the entire school.
  • Remove raven symone

    I think raven symone should resign from the show the "view" because she makes opinions that are ridiculous. Raven Symone continues to embarrass the other people on the show. She is immature and has no intelligence. Everyone has an opinion and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but when you start sounding like you smoke crack, it is time for you to go.
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