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  • new cast

    Please no more Rosie O'Donnell. Enough already. I think the other three can go on to make for an interesting program. BUT NOT with RO. I won't be watching unless that changes. I for one really do like to hear other opinions.
  • Grow up Rosie

    I have loved the View since it first went on the air. Hated it when they hired Rosie the first time. She is a loud mouth with NO CLASS. She yells and is disrespectful to the other hosts and even guest. Now that she is back I hate it even more. Whoopie is trying to make the show be professional and just drags it down with her far left approach to everything. She is so liberal that she can't see the forest, or maybe doesn't want to see anything in a different light. For many years I have been a loyal fan and loved the show very much, but now I am finding myself watching it less because of . I may stop miss Whoopie and her great way of hosting ans the joy she brought me through the years
  • The View Ratings - week 2 and beyond

    How did "The View" do in its second week? So funny that and other media outlets seem shocked by the OBVIOUS 1st week surge. Everyone wants to see the train wreck. But the real story is how it holds up or fades in the coming weeks. REPORT don't just mindlessly FOLLOW ABC's PR spin!

    Have watched show since 1997 inception. There have been some bumpy seasons, especially the last 3 - 4 years when I tuned out and in. The new 2014 season? Although the jury's still out? Look as if it may be Dead On arrival. I have watched everyday since the restructuring, new co-hosting cast, new set etc. Zzzzz. I appreciate Rosie O'Donnell I truly do? Yet that old saying "sometimes it's not good always good to go back In this instance is so very true! The new set? TOO BRIGHT! It's Like a Tinker Tonker Toy romper room preschool set! Too busy! True the audience is seen better, yet that's not the point of this show! Where the heck is the table by the way? Whoopi Goldberg is the only saving grace currently and excellent as "LEAD" Host as long as Rosie O'D allows her to do the job without incessant interference and competitive subliminal attention grabbing antic attempts. It's so apparent she feels she needs to be in the driver's seat and she doesn't. I love her, and I get her? Just NOT on The View. Rosie O'D appears to be desperately seeking attention by trying too hard to be controversial currently. It's not working. Her persona is coming off as annoying, boring, slightly egotistical, and restless like a cagey panther whom hasn't a clue. It's The View and not Rosie O'Donnell's View. Chill out Rosie. Freeze on The Frozen okay? Be a team player and just say what's on your mind and in your heart. I was hoping The View would have really shaken things up and added some male co host to the banter if they were looking to do something they haven't already done and be ahead of the pack. For example someone such as CNN'S Don Lemon could have easily hit a home run. Hey? I mean He's easy on the eye, not to mention a seasoned professional commentator, journalist, intelligent, with a controversial edge, and a Gay Black male, the whole enchilada raped up in one package! He'd have been my pick over Rosie O'Donnell. i'm liking the chatter over at the table where they're doing all "The Talk" these days. I suggest bring back Bill Getty, get rid of the romper set, bring back on the serious banter, and full celebrity interactions with the couch, and the table! Rotate some of those co host (some men with a point of view too) Like a Don lemon [HINT!!! Hint! $] while you're at, and Rosie O'Donnell start a daytime TV show for kids (not an insult) you'd be great at it! By the way? I'm not a Don lemon stalker? I have just seen him on varied talk shows from Wendy to The View and they've been just really great shows with all the fun, candor, and mix up of great conversations.
  • The closed minded opinion of the view

    I used to watch this show all the time but have stopped when it became nothing but liberals sitting there bashing anyone with a different view. Funny thing I used to be a huge whoopi more yuck can't stand her and her nasty comments. I loved Rosie also well until she was stupid with Tom selleck and now she is nothing but a stupid loud mouth liberal the things that comes out of her mouth is insanely dumb. I hope this show is removed from the tv even hate seeing stupid clips on Facebook, I try not to watch but just glancing at the pictures irritate me. I am a very open minded person I don't chose my friends by what they believe in politically or even judge people by their religious beliefs or sexual preference but these people on this show do nothing except judge people (if your a damn democrat they won't. Say crap about you) I thought the whole Sarah palin convo was nothing but bullshit why don't you pick on some other people Sarah had more class than any of you ever will!
  • Like it

    I'm enjoying The View. Why do you have to be so rude in your comments. Give them a chance people!
  • Give it a chance

    Reading some comments and people recommending The Talk instead of The View. No, no, no, please! The Talk does nothing but discuss brainless celebrity nonsense. On the new View, at least they're including some substantive discussion about things that matter. As for the perceived lack of camaraderie, give it time. These are basically four women who didn't know each other before. Even Rosie and Whoopie only knew one another casually. So it will take time for that to develop, just as it does with any situation where people are just getting to know one another. The first few days were very awkward, but each passing day I can see the show and the relationships developing. I just pray the producers don't go back to spending the hour talking about Kim Kardashian and other idiot nonsense.
  • Casting call

    As many of the respondents, I have watched The View from the beginning, mainly because of Barbara Walters. With that said, all previous co-hosts were interesting and entertaining, even if they did not gel with others; I think everyone had a favorite or two. Not this time. I'm not sure who at Disney made the current choices but they are painful to watch. Although I am trying, I don't know if I can continue.

    Previous comments:

    1 - Whoopie always has to be right!

    2 - Nicolle interrupts which sometimes made the old View annoying but interesting.

    3 - Rosie O - a has-been who people are afraid to criticize.

    4 - Rosie P - might be able to fit in as an alternative if the rest of the cast were better.

    5 - The SET - OMG; needed to have a homey look and it looks like a K-Mart display. It may have even helped the cast if they kept the previous set. Why tamper with a successful format?

    Bottom line: NO CAMARADERIE!

    Bring back Joy and/or Spencer would be was also a female attorney (criminal I think) who was often on and fascinating (name escapes me) OR a daily male co-host.

    If you need suggestions on how a show should look, watch The Talk. They seem to care about each other but of course, they are in the acting profession of some sort. The most impressive fact is that each of the co-hosts gives their opinion on a subject with respect from the others by not interrupting!

    PLEASE listen to the Viewers before you lose your audience.
  • Fire O'Donnell

    The show isn't working and the problem is Rosie O'Donnell. It took all of one week for her uncomfortable nervousness to turn into her all too familiar left winged extreme paranoia, anger, and just plain weirdness. I get the sense that something is going on behind the scenes; like either she wasn't told that she'd taking a FOURTH seat to the others, or that she feel the deck is stacked against her or something; but the clear disdain the other three has for her (especially Perez) is infectious. Surprisingly, the repoire' between Whoopi and new resident Conservative Nicolle in particular, appears genuine. I predict O'Donnell is gone by Spring (if not sooner).
  • Shocking Ratings for First Week

    After reading many of the spot-on incisive negative comments (most of which I agree with) I was absolutely shocked to read how good the ratings were for the first week.

    It's like we are living in parallel universes.


    "Season 18 Premiere Week of The View Soars to 3-Year High in Total Viewers, Ranking as the Week's #1 Broadcast Talk Show and Up by Double Digits Season to Season"

    As a newbie I was not aware that not unlike YouTube, adding links to your comment is apparently not allowed.

    So perhaps using Google to search on

    "Season 18 Premiere Week of The View Soars to 3-Year High"

    will work.
  • What were you thinking ABC

    This is NOT The View that I waited to see every morning. You guys have taken what used to be a fun, comical and wonderful cast and turned it into a boring news debate kind of show. No chemistry with the new cast, boring hot topics and even the guest aren't all that great. Bad job ABC. I won't be watching anymore. Please don't change Kelly and Michael. At least we have them to wake us up and laugh our way into a good mood kind of day. Thumbs down for the "New" view!
  • The Rear View!

    I had not watched The View in a while until this morning and I realized I didn't miss much. The show is totally flat, zero chemistry. The hosts look like they're lost while faking mini arguments trying to make it more interesting, but it's not working at all. You must feel you're in hell Whoopi. It's so bad, it makes me miss the Hasselbeck days! And the set... It might as well be in a Walmart, 'cause it's exactly what it looks like - Aisle 10, shoe department! I can't believe they couldn't find three "interesting enough" women in the . to fill The View. Casting director, you're fired! You should look at the Canadian version of the View called "The Social". Now, those four women really got it together and their show is totally entertaining and funny.
  • A Horrible View

    I have watched The View since the very beginning, and this is without question the worst season ever. The set is horrible and not at all representative of a show that has been on the air for as many years as it has. And most importantly, the dynamic amongst the ladies is totally off. There is no chemistry between them at all and everyone, with the exception of Whoopi, seems guarded and uncertain. Even Rosie O'Donnell, who I used to enjoy, on her first run of The View, seems to have changed for the worse. She's not as outspoken as before, talks way too much about her kids, and behaves as if she doesn't want to ruffle Whoopi's feathers. She's bringing nothing to the show. And although I always liked Whoopi, she is not receptive to anyone's opinion but her own and tries to force her opinion on her co-hosts, whom obviously disagree with her most of the time. Rosie Perez's voice and accent make her ill-suited to be a talk show panelist and the other co-host Nicole (can't recall her last name) is a total snooze.

    Hot Topics is now cold, and I'll be taking a little time away from The View.
  • I tried, I tried, I tried.

    I've been watching The View for about 7 or 8 years and have always loved it. But today is my last day watching. For the exception of Whoopi and maybe Rosie O the whole cast needs to fired. Rosie O maybe able to find her footing if she didn't have them two lumps next to her. I think they are so afraid of getting in an heated exchange because Nicolle would run off the set. She act like she's afraid to say anything. I loved Rosie P the actor but this isn't the set for her. She's to easily persuaded from her initial statement. CANCEL IT.

    Wow - what a mess. Between changes at GMA and at The View both programs are disappointing - The View much more so than GMA. Whoppee is the only one left who has any presence and the new set is absolutely horrible - very cold and cheap looking. Between changes on GMA and The View it looks like Channel 7 is having problems. I am starting to watch HGTV instead of The View, and The Today show rather than GMA. It is heartbreaking as I have been a loyal Channel 7 viewer - in the past it was not difficult - but now it is really disappointing. They need to move Lara Spencer to The View and Sara Haynes to GMA and maybe Dan Harris for another male presence on GMA - as wonderful as Michael Strahan is, he does not have the diction to be on a news program. Who else for The View - I don't know - maybe Barbara Walters can make some suggestions. They certainly need it.
  • Get rid of Rosie Perez

    I can't stand Rosie P she has opinion on raising a child which she's never did and always have something to say. I wish that they get better
  • The view

    I think the view is horrible! I have watched since season one. I have hung in there through all the different hosts. But this is it for me the show is bombing!
  • The View took a big dive

    I have watched since the first episode but have deleted it from my DVR cue after the first episode this season. It is absolutely terrible! I am so tired of the politics and Rosie O'Donnel has not found legitimate work for the past several years for a reason. Really--playing with her feet on national TV? Disgusting! I turned it off and will never watch it again. You guys really blew it this time.
  • The View

    I have been a fan of The View for the pass 18 seasons, yesterday I visited the new set. I felt that the budget has been cut, the set liked to me like Targets home display. It was cheap looking,and what's up with the plastic or silk plants. The table is so little, good for a pre- k setting. The women seems to be too scripted as well. I know we have change but everyone seems to be disconnected and out of place.

    Let the women be themselves ...
  • Horrible show

    I have been a watcher of "The View For 10 years +, I even went to NYC and saw a live taping. But this new season is really bad. I have tried to watch but find myself changing the channel. Rosie was bad before... She makes the show so uncomfortable. You never know if she is going to flip-out again.

    I Hate the new hosts, I have never heard of them and their opinions are ignorant. I love Whoppi. she is level headed and doesn't belong with this group... If I hear another Gay/ lesbian comment by Rosie, on EVERY subject.... Is this show her soapbox? I'm not watching any more....
  • view dud

    The new view is crashing and burning. The new red head is killing the whole vibe of the show. Where the heck did they find her? Sorry I will not be viewing the view anymore.
  • I have been a faithful watcher of the view...

    I have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE TO WATCH THE VIEW ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HAVE TAKEN THE NEW VIEW OUT OF MY RECORDINGS ON Direct TV playlist . This show sucks !!!!!! It was bad enough before with Sherry's loud mouth !!!!!!!!
  • Worst season in history.

    What happened?!?!? This is garbage! I couldn't get past the first 15 minutes of the start of the season. Rosie O'??? Yuck! Bring back Jennie and Sherri, hell I rather listen to Elizabeth whine that this group of idiots. Sounds like a bunch of dying cats. Ugh hope next season is a better cast, you guys really did it this time.
  • Nicole & her interrupting


    I want to really love The View. I am really trying But Nicole Wallace hurts my ears. She constantly interrupts, ruins the punchlines to other host's jokes and doesn't let guests finish their point. Today the interview with Lara Spencer was ridiculous. It almost made my ears bleed. If this continues, I won't be able to continue watching even though I LOVE Rosie O'Donnell! More R O'D, much less Nicole. Please tell her to stop interrupting, I'm begging you.

  • "I love The View" said no one EVER!

    What's missing on The View? Everything! It's painfully rigid; it feels pre-scripted and unnatural. Lacking chemistry between the hosts. I only watched the first 5 episodes because of Whoopi, but she doesn't even seem herself, like she's trying to hard. Rosie O isn't a good fit. Rosie Perez? Oh my! I can't listen to another moment of her annoying voice and that NY accent. Who is the other host again? I might as well watch Meet the Press on Sunday morning or 60 Minutes. Where is the comedic humor? That's right, it walked out the door. No thank you, I'll watch The Talk.
  • My View

    Bring back the b*tches with opinions worth listening to. Whoopi has become a bully, Rosie Perez is difficult to listen to, Rosie O is intelligent, but someone is stifling her. Just cannot remember the white lady's name, but her contributions have obviously been white-washed and are being filtered as evidenced by always looking to Whoopi to see if she is saying anything wrong. I have a feeling that Barbara secretly wants the show to fail without her so that she can "save" it and give herself another big pat on the back. She is a self-aggrandizing individual who seems to have ulterior motives. The first show of the season with Barbara on a throne, accepting roses and asking for her crown is the most honest thing about this season so far. Let me know when you get back on track. Until then I need a change of View.
  • OH MY what a Disaster the NEW VIEW IS

    Totally agree with most of the comments below what a terrible combo of hosts on the show, Whoopi seems totaly NOT there and Rosie O'Donald if over trying and the other Rosie should not be on a talk show as she does not comunicate very well seems very unsure of herself. The other host not even sure if I can recall her name. Nothing flows.. the set feels very uncomfortable and cold. I think this show is in trouble for sure
  • What happen to the number 5 ?

    It was time for Sherri to leave,although Jenny should have not left. to much new and not enough of the old,these new women will quit or be fired. where is the TABLE?
  • No longer going to be a viewer

    I never understood what was wrong with the old View, as I watched it every day, but I watched the new one. The first thing I noticed was the weird sound like they are talking through a tunnel. I didn't like Rosie when she was on the first time and still don't like her. I don't like the other hosts any better. These hosts will not last and I am going to wait until that happens to once again be a viewer.
  • Ro No Mo

    SO disappointed in The [new] View. But, the good news is I've discovered how much fun the last hour of the Today show is. I'll be enjoying my time with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Sorry Whoopie you did a good job but Rosie (both of the) have got to go.
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