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  • Just a question

    Gosh I just came on to ask a question did not know so many haters. People that is why the show is called "THE VIEW" Everyone has their own view of things. Just turn the channel my gosh horrible hateful people. What I was going to ask when will y'all change the old cast members name? I like to go on information on my to see who is hosting for the day. Sorry about all the haters I was shocked to read them.
  • The D N C View

    If there are no advertisers there is no View. Boycott advertisers on the view and ABC. Contact these companies to advise them why they are being boycotted . Share on your social media. Here are a few that I am boycotting. Proctor & Gamble (P&G),Nabisco, KFC parent company PepsiCo & ABC parent company Disney. Spread the word . If these companies have a drop in sales they will do something.

    They need a stick and the one with the stick is the only one that can talk. If your view is different they drown you out interrupt won't let you talk. Just added Clorox and Hallmark to my boycott list.

  • GrowUp!

    What is the matter with the bitches/Whoopi who is trying to look young with that stupid looking hair and Joy who should stay retired! They all need to put on their GRANNY panties and accept to the fact Trump is the president and quit making this show about hate!!!!! The very same thing they are saying about Trump!!!! Talk about bullying that is what both of these ladies do to the people on the show. Aren't we supposed to teach our kids that it's not nice to bully other kids? I guess ABC are a bunch of bullies also, since they are allowing this to happen! My show of choice now is surely not the view anymore. I see homeless people that dress better than Whoopi, does she have bugs in her nasty hair????? Grow up ladies and act like you have some sense, canceling this show couldn't come soon enough! We need a better program on ABC! They are nothing but a bunch of hate mongers on that show period! I guess Whoopi and Joy wanted someone in the WhiteHouse that takes advantage of young girls/Bill Clinton, if Whoopi wants diversity than quit being racist. Whoopi has to have sex toys, look at her, who would want THAT!!! If this was a white person bashing the blacks, the white would be let go!!! That's the truth! So why is Whoopi so special? She is such a slob! Joy, I am embarrassed for you, you don't think Obummer messed up, by having the Obummer care having people to have such high deductibles, I my case a $4000.00 deductible! When we use to not have one. Joy are you really right in the head! You are not mentally stable, you or Whoopi are not stable! Go to Canada you guys so we don't have to look at whoopi' fat ass, and Joy thinking she is a a smart person, really! How did the Obummer administration work for you? You guys make enough money that high deductibles don't bother you. Also the tax cuts are going to benifit you guys because of what you make, so quit crying, jeez! I see the ratings for this show is going down, down, down! Maybe it will put you guys in unemployment line, we can only hope!!!!!!!!! We only make $50,000 a year! That is $4000.00 for each of us! Is the EPA going to take care of AIR heads like Whoopi and Joy! LOL! Maybe the execs are afraid of Whoopi also, just like the rest of the panel! This is the only reason this show is still on air! When I was watching 30 to 45 minutes was spent on talking about Trump! Maybe the ladies diapers need to be changed! You know how upset babies get when they sit in poopy diapers! LOL!!!!!! How about we all make a New Year Resolution and never watch the view again! Maybe then it will go away! Don't go away mad girls, just fricken go AWAY!!!! I quit watching the show a year ago, my sister keeps me informed. She too quit watching 2 weeks would the ladies of the view like to see their kids or grand babies laying dead or struggling to breath because of a chemical Attack! You ladies are soooo stupid and Hateful! If looking at the images of those little babies dead and others struggling to breathe or the father telling his twin babies bye because they died, if that wasn't enough to pull at your heart strings, then you ladies are cold hearted BITCHES! Whoopi how would you like to see your grandkids in that Position? They were innocent people and all you guys want to do is keep on Bashing! I don't watch it anymore, I get my info right here. I want to know why people keep watching this show, if people would quit watching, ratings will go down, then show will be cancelled! They are saying The View is out rating The Talk because of all the political rhetoric on the show, I myself do not believe that! It's only people that have heard about this crappie and want to see for their Self! Did anyone else see the bug that flew out of Whoopi's hair? I hope Megan Kelly's show out rates The View! WHOOPI AND JOY ARE SO FULL of crap, they said everybody is entitled to free speech, ha ha. But they forgot to say except on the View! Congrats to the Talk! Whoopee is not a good roll model for kids, didn't she admit she smokes Reeferr? It's just that making fun of Trump makes those cry baby asses feel better about Themselves! Poopie you said the President needs to speak everyone's language, really that came out of your Mouth! What about you and the view you only speak one language and that is to left Wingers! You are nothing but a hypocrit. So Poopie your complaining that Trumps budget plan will keep the richest Americans rich, what are you complaining about that would be you wouldn't It? You are so sickening, how much of your riches do you Donate? Poopie says a kind word can be Powerful! Really poopie, when do you ever say a kind Word? Oh my gosh, like I said before you are such a hypocrit!!!! To the ass hole women of the View, Trump is right terrorist are evil losers!! It seems like you guys praise all the evil is going on, oh wait, it is because you women are evil!!!! Sonny you say Trump should be above and not talk like that,Really and you guys should rise above your evilness, and not talk like you for. But I guess it is because your show needs ratings, to me your show should be for everyone also, but it is not! So you stupid bitches, you're so worried about global warming, do u ***s take Airplanes? They are on of the biggest polluters, do you drive Cars? So you really aren't concerned about it, you guys just want to bitch about anything Trump! Another thing if you bitches would shut your Mouth, that will help a whole lot with global Warming! LMAO!! I want to get sick everytimeI see Poopie's monkey face!!! Ann Coulter talks about all these famous people using big jets to travel, Obama one of the biggest offenders! I truly wish there was somehow a way to sue the producer of this show, for promoting hate and bullying! Maybe some outside force can show these ladies how to Act! Are you kidding me, that you guys are blaming Trump for the Shooting! Give me a Break! You guys are talking about rhetoric that is Spoken! You guys are the biggest haters of Trump! You need to stop, before more shootings A cure! But then again I don't think you guys care, reason being, it gives you a reason to bash Trump More! When people with mental problems watch your show, it just gets them fired up, you guys should be ashamed of your selves. To be personally honest, I think all of you on the show have mental problems!!!! By the way does anyone have a list of the sponsers? I bet if the cops stopped Poopie's car, they would smell marijuana, wait! That explains why Poopie's brain is almost gone!!!!
  • Get JOY BEHAR off the show

    Please get JOY off the show! She is ruining the show and spews sewage every time she opens her big fat mouth !!! She obviously is not smart enough to realize that the election ended in November and she cannot change the outcome no matter what! She needs to be spending her time sitting around with Hillary crying themselves a river! No one cares what SHE thinks about ANYTHING and to sit through every show that she does whining about it is sickening and makes her seem like a complete fool. She is bringing down the show and causing you to lose viewers by the hundreds!!! Can the stupid TRASH BEFORE she cans the whole show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was raised to believe everyone has their own opinion ,but I had to stop watching due to the face they only have ONE view and it's their own opinions . I NEVER see anyone on that doesnt share their thoughts or goes against them . All they talk about is how bad Trump is doing ( maybe they should do his job and let him do theirs if they think they can do better) I am still waiting for them all to keep their promises to leave the country now that Trump is our President .( I would be more than happy to help them all pack )
  • Hello advertisers?????i refuse to watch this show,

    They really need to cancel this show. I quit watching this years ago after Barbara Walters left. It's not a view its liberal trump bashing. It sad to see grown women talk this way and the vulgarity and hatred that comes out of their mouth. So long Abc and these advertisers.
  • You are the reason we vote Republican!!!

    The hate you spew everyday about Donald Trump, Cathy Griffin with his bloody head. Hey guys the ugly faces you make and the hateful things you say daily are encouraging people to come to his defense. Wow you just don't get it!!
  • Trump

    I never comment on any show this is the first time but I am so sick and tired of listening to these women bash trump. your station must be totally democratic one-sided .I'm almost decided not to watch the view anymore, so very dissappointed in this show, you were supposed to show both sides and you are constantly bashing Trump and trying to make Clinton look good. it's just ridiculous how one-sided this show is you can totally see it and truly I'm disgusted with it just as much as they say they're disgusted with Trump . Thank you. Ps, turned on show today to see if they are still bashing him. They're very funny they show pictures of him years ago and saying that he changed what could've happened ,but when they were talking about 10 years ago with his comments they said he couldn't change , what's up with that ladies ? Make your minds up. Lol I wrote this review months ago and I guess I don't know how to post, but I'm going to try again, because nothing has changed with this show. Today you had Bloomberg on and he was telling you about fueling the fire and you guys fuel the fire all the time I can't even believe I turn you on I just turn you on because I used to like you and then I have to turn you off again, you women are ridiculous you must be speaking like this because of the station it's just ridiculous I hope this gets posted this time. You guys are part of the problem, you fuel these people who are not educated on this, they listen to you foolish women for news. Incredible that I use to like this show. Had to turn you off again and just go to Fox News !
  • Bad show

    I usually don't do this, but I can't stand anymore!! First of all if you like or not your president you should respect the position!! You want to be respected ? So do the same to others !!! Just basic common sense!!

    Second TAKE HER OFF !!! Joy should NOT be anyware on TV !! A socialist ?? Till you live in a socialist country you DONT KNOW what socialism means!, I did for 32 years and I would die before live in a socialist country, just ask me and I ca tell stories ! Do Joy go and leave in a socialist country for at least a year as a regular citizen not celebrity and after that we can talk !! And by the way YOUR president has a name .
  • I Am Disappointed!

    A few conservatives have made their way to the View, Ann Colter, Condoleezza Rice, John Kasich, Donald Rumsfeld, and most recently, Newt Gingrich. Not one of them have asked that woman who sits at the end of the left side of the table why she has the gall to disrespect the President by not calling him by his proper name. They should have given her Hell for her insolence. I know that if I were to approach that woman who sits at the end of the left side of the table, it would be the first thing out of my mouth. Here's my hopeful ABC execs are waiting to give The View the axe at the end of this their 20th year out of respect to Barbara Walters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Hypocrites

    There is no sounding board on this show. These "women" have an agenda, the same as all liberal democrats!
  • Look in your own mirror.

    This sickness of jealousy, envy and greed appears to grow from generation to generation. As a Veteran I thought joining the Armed Forces was a show of pride however I am frustrated over what people see and think are problems. We only have one shot at this life so why are we so stuck on stupid? I read some of the reviews which support hate. I am happy to know The View is giving people a sounding board and I am proud of the Women who give their opinions. My comment is for people to look in their own mirrors. There is a White side of our past President but some people continue to focus on skin color. I think we need to be prepared for the next and first Woman President. Vanna Trump. The present family has no right to take over our government the way they have so why is it happening. Follow the money?
  • Very Dissappointed!

    I like the DNC View review. Good point! Please boycott all of these companies. Spread the word on Facebook and social media. Write the companies and tell them you will not buy their products. We need to stick together. Spread the word!. Anywhere you can! Boycott all of their sponsors.

    Turned this pathetic show on today, just to see how much the bitches were bashing our president. I had to laugh when ugly, disgusting Joy was hypothetically speaking about having an affair. HAHAHA I'm surprised any man would marry her and her big, fat mouth, much less think she would attract a man to have an affair. Now that is FUNNY! UGLY BITCH! She needs to marry Obama, the way she goes crazy over him. Maybe we need to start boycotting Disney World and Disney Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!Excuse me!!! The witches got last place!!!!! Let's hope this will encourae ABC? DISNEY to take them off the air!!!!!! Awww!!!! Too bad, The View did not win an Emmy!!! I wonder why not???? Maybe because they are EVIL!!!!!!! Ok. these disgusting women are ugly to everyone. EVIL bitches!

    Whoopi is the most disgusting looking woman I have ever seen. She is overweight and has the worst hair in America. With the money she makes, you would think she could afford to do her hair!! Joy has a double chin and blabs her fat mouth so much, it makes you cringe. These two old bats need to move on. They are disgusting and ugly as hell, inside and out. Really! ! She is I had to get on line to read everyone's comments. I do not watch this trash. Please read the comments I have posted in the past. These are the most racist women on TV. Joy and Whoppi It is easy for you to sit on tv and bash the president as you are making your millions. How can you relate to the average American woman? They are both so out of touch with middle class Americans. Why don't you try a positive. No one wants to listen to a bunch of old cackling hens. Wake up America. Stop watching this garbage. Continue to boycott shows like this! Stop watching ABC! These type of shows are put on by George Soros and the Elites!

    I want you to know I edit this review every so often and parts of it disappear sometimes. Don't watch this garbage! George Soros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please educate yourself by looking up this horrible man. Look him up on Youtube. LOVES WE ARE ARGUING ! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT! WOW i JUST WROTE A WHOLE PARAGRAGH ON George Soros and how he is driving this ! The View is staged and is purposely pitting people against one another through racism. My entire paragraph was erased. This is political corruption at it's Finest. Please look up George Soros! He is behind this media and wants people to go against one another. Please do your research and do not support media that pits people against one another. It is exactly what they want. We must educate ourselves and not support this kind of bullshit!

    These celebrities have no idea what mainstream Americans believe and think. Please boycott this kind of trash.
  • Time To Change The Channel--WATCHIING NBC TODAY with KATHIE LEE and HODA, The Talk and etc.


    I agree with the reviews who are fed up with the whining and bulling from Whoopi and Joy and other co-host. Rudeness by over talking when someone states positive statements about President Trump.

    Today, Whoopi said she didn't believe what Jedidiah said during a discussion about guns.. Jedidiah showed professionalism and didn't insult Whoopi. Thank you Jedidiah for taking the HIGH ROAD.

    Daily behavior mostly from Whoopi or Joy is to talk over some or make rude comments insulting co-host and guess opinions.


    What an embarrassment for the United States, a TV talk show spends 30 minutes talking negative about our government.

    I'm sure US ENEMIES love watching The View.

    Plus the sad part is the disrespect for OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. When speaking about our PRESIDENT TRUMP everyone at The View should stop the name calling and start addressing him as President Trump.

    Wondering if SPONSERS agree with negative comments about President Trump including GOVERMENT ISSUES. If they do its time to stop purchasing products from these Sponsor's.

    WANNABES political news reporters Whoopi and Joy should considered working for shows that report daily news. I'm changing the channel and watching talk shows that don't encourage people to go against our government.

    Yes, everyone at the The View table should take some blame for the atmosphere of negativity in the US, including crimes.

    Change the atmosphere of The View to positive comments about our government. Suggestion leave the reporting to the news channels or leave The View for a news career.

  • No Responsibility View

    It did not take long for Sunni or Joy to blame Trump for the shooting. They have no self awareness of their role in the hate they spew everyday about Trump and republicans. It is sad that they can continue to bash everyone else and take no responsibility. Shame on ABC who allows the hatred to continue.

    Whoopi is such a bully to ANYONE who has an opinion the opposite of hers. How dare her tell Jed she did not believer her. No, Whoopi only you lie. You should have left the country when Trump was elected.


    BREAKING NEWS The SHOOTER today targeted people from the Republican Party.

    Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sarah and Jedidiah your show is one of the largest contributors to

    DAILY DIVISIVENESS that helps to continue to DIVIDE our country!

    YES you all help to contribute to the daily negativity with your daily rants you think funny!

    If Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan can come together today and ask all to start refraining

    from the daily divisiveness against each party then you can also!

    I am in no way blaming you directly for the violent shooting of today but if people listen

    to the negativity every single day then some have that BREAKING POINT and unfortunately

    take matters into their own hands and evolve to the crisis of today.

    PRODUCERS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the daily BASHING format so that

    there is no more adding fuel to the fire.

    The DAILY DIVISION RANTS need to stop so that we can ALL begin to work with each other

    in preventing the tragedy of today from happening again!



    PLEASE try a week of trying to help build HARMONY!

  • Stop the hate NOW

    Is it time to stop now you ruthless bunch of shrews??? STOP SPREADING THE HATE WHOOPI! STOP SPREADING THE HATE JOY! STOP SPREADING THE HATE "SUNNY"!
  • Another person dies, who is to blame?

    I blame all those that continue to spread hate, like The View for situations like today. Another person dies thinking they need to take out the enemy to make things right in America. We need to remember there's hurting people, or those with mental illnesses being affected by what we continue to tell them. Those of us that are fortunate enough to be healthy should understand words are powerful, and can make unstable people react in ways that are destructive. I am not saying The View told this man to go shoot a politician, a Republican politician, but it sure seems your hate for anyone different is spreading. I don't understand why most on The View truly think they have the right to bully those that don't dare to agree with them. Are you not against bullying? How can a country be the best it can be when some continue not to focus on what is right, but only in being right? You have a powerful stage. Be responsible!
  • The View hosts are paid to spue hate of President Trump, on a daily basis... and they deliver!

    Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters collaborate behind the scene: ABC's program the View is a tool to discredit president Trump. They are paying handsomely Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to lead the attacks , Sara Haines and Jedediah Bila follow them like sheep.

    I call on the FCC to investigate this hateful antitrust monopolizing cahoot. They should be accused of attempts to brainwash the public on a daily basis. This is the ultimate Anti-democratic and Anti free- speech propaganda. Have I gone too far with these accusations??? I THINK NOT!
  • Un-American Programming

    ABC you've got it all wrong. We're not watching The View, we go to YouTube and TV dot com to shot out our disgust of these useless women to give "Our

    The shooting this morning at GOP ball players is proof that antagonist hate spreads. The celebrities of today are following in the steps of HOLLYWOOD being blacklisted in the 1950s. Instead of supporting Communism with their so called "free speech" we're hearing and watching citizens not supporting our country because once again "free speech" is misrepresented. Whoopi Goldberg, Joyless Behar, not so Sunny are just three of many. Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Madonna, Robert DeNiro, Rosie O'Donnell. With severed bloody heads, burning down the white house, stabbing the President, donating money to a known treasonous bitch leaking classified information. Are we not civilized any longer?

    The un-American Act needs to be restored!!!!!!! Celebrities are not above the government but our government has allowed it to continue. Obama is gone Clinton stop whining. People are dieing, show respect. My father fought three wars, WW2, Korean War, Viet Nam to save sorry asses like you, a military family takes it very personal when citizens of this country become our enemy.

    Restore the un-American Act, make these ass wipes answer to their foolish self serving big mouths.

  • Spreading hatred

    This show should be off the air. All they are doing is promoting HATRED. I wouldn't go to see any of these women even if the show was free.

    It's funny how if you agree with a comment and try to add your vote, it sometimes won't go any higher.

  • The view is blind to facts

    The view has over stayed it's welcome. Americans strive to make our Country Great again. The View is full of distracting dead weights. Anything in the positive plus category for President Trump, drives these DDW s insane. Spreading liberal lunacy is not what our Country needs. Liberalism is terrorism!
  • Mind your manners, Whoopi

    Will someone please tell Whoopi to stop rolling her eyes and pretending to fall asleep with boredom when the others are talking!!! Yeah, I know, she's an icon and much beloved, but she's getting on my nerves lately. She's a bully and always has to have the last word. She doesn't look happy to be there.
  • the VIEW or the Pheewww?

    Cut your losses with this Clique of overpaid opinions. THEY SUCK!
  • Boycott the view. I did about 8 months ago and I actually feel less stress.

    The show is to negative and I don't like the message is sending out any more just don't watch it. I believe the media needs to help our nation and to try to bring pease into our homes. I believe the show needs to be redone or closed down.

  • Too Much Negativity, Please Regroup!

    I used to love this show, but no longer. You, as all of us, will find what we look for. Look for good, and there it is. Look for bad, and there it is. Pull this show up and inspire your viewers, quit pulling us down. You are smart ladies, you know exactly what I'm saying.
  • Just a forum to vent about Trump

    How do I become a writer for this show? They must have one of the easiest jobs because the topic each day is the same!! It's just about Trump bashing. There's ZERO take away. I'm no longer a viewer... there's nothing to gain from watching the View anymore.
  • All I see is an asshole

    A view of what?? A bunch of assholes? Used to love this show, but I'm over it. I'm sick of the Trump-bashing. Wake up ladies... HE WON!! He is your president as well as mine. Show some respect! If you don't like that, then get the hell out of the USA!
  • Talk about Trump

    I use to like the show but I will no longer watch it. I'm so sick of Whoopi and Joy digging out President it makes me sick! He is the first thing these people start talking about every day. Get over it!!! Give OUR PRESIDENT some respect!!! He is and will make country better again and just because you two bitches don't like him doesn't mean you should eat on him and his family day after day. Move to another country if you don't like the leader of this one. I hope this show gets cancelled because of you two little bitches. It's sickening, Joy in an ass kisser and Whoopi is just a plain ass!!!

  • Wow What a downer

    Look at their faces, & the whole vibe of the show. joining in & feeding into the negativity of the world. Ugly. Too bad .Not only because of presTRUMP. They are negative haters anyway. Democrats that dont care about the economy/jobs,quality of life etc. They have a lot of $ & can't relate to the general public.

    Suggestion:Do shows that make us happy in the AM !. Make us laugh ? Give us hope ? No, sadly people like this are not evolved & are not capable of doing good & inspiring the world .
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