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  • waste

    AGAIN another place where THEY BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH until someone disagrees with them. This show is what is wrong with this world, Whoopi, Joy and Raven, what a disgrace.
  • Very Disappointed!

    I have not watched this show in years. Boy, was I disappointed when I turned it on today! Seems like a bunch of women who only have one view--THEIR OWN VIEW!!!!!!! I won't watch again. I bet Barbara Walters has a difficult time watching this!!!!!! Barbara come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I turned this show on again by accident!

    Joy, Whoppi and Raven need to go! You are liberal, disgruntled women. How many men/women turned them down in their lives to be so mad at life!? Just sickening! How are they still making the big bucks? How much do they make for their racist, liberal and idiotic points of view? I bet they make 5 times what any of us make! Take them off the air! They are negative energy!
  • Hypocritical cast and racist show

    I see that the reruns are about bashing Trump. It never ends.

    Joy said that Pense is incompetent because he doesn't believe in global warming. Yet, she thinks that Hillary is competent after her big mistake concerning Bengazi where 4 Americans died, and she lied about it blaming it on a video after she told her daughter it was a terrorist attack, and how she used her private email server. and she mishandled classified information in a grossly negligent or intentional way. And of course she told many lies concerning her private email server. Really Joy! What a hypocrite you are.

    A few weeks ago, Whoopi mocked and laughed at the Bengazi dilemma and Joy laughed too. Are they that heartless to disregard that 4 Americans were unnecessarily killed because Hillary did not do her job. Another time Whoopi got volatile and aggressive as she said that Hillary should not continue to be questioned about Bengazi. The cast also never brings up the issue that Hillary and Obama lied and blamed the Bengazi tragedy on a video.

    Joy made such a big deal in June about how Trump had only 1.3 million in donations. She didn't even know that he just started taking donations. Even Sunny had to tell her that he has used his own money. Joy is dumber than i thought. She lies and makes up stuff about Trump, to promote Hillary..

    Whoopi is such a liar. I don't believe anything she says. Many times she has said that she doesn't take

    phone calls in the evening, and she turns her phone off Then when talking about Trump, AGAIN, she said that she gets phone calls in the middle of the night from people in Europe asking her if she needs to move. Paula asked her if people should know better than to call her in the middle of the night, and Whoopi said it's not a problem.

    It was great on an earlier show how Jedediah Bila spoke up against the liberals. When Sunny Hostin compared Trump to Hitler and said that Trump wanting border security is like Hitler's extermination of the Jews, which is a totally stupid statement, Jedediah Bila spoke up and told Sunny, that you can't compare the two, and sarcastic Sunny said,;I just did. Sonny is racist toward whites and she is VERY sarcastic. She is so arrogant and acts like she is perfect.

    Paula has a little more courage when Whoopi isn't there to bully and intimidate her. Whoopi is a very angry person and racist towards whites. Every View show has a very negative commentary about the Republicans especially against Trump, mocking and ridiculing him, now calling him Hitler, while they defend everything about Hillary. I know Trump has made stupid comments, but the cast goes overboard with their rudeness and mockery. It is a very liberal and onesided show, and the producers should have equal representation of both liberals and conservatives. It would make for more interesting conversation between the cast,

    It is so nice when Whoopi isn't there to bully people and act like her opinion is the only one that matters.

    When Jedediah was speaking against Trump, Whoopi said to let her talk. Then when Jedediah starting speaking against Hillary, Whoopie cut her off and went on a rant about something else. Whoopi is a terrible person.

  • Get rid of Michele Collins.

    I am so tired of Michele Collins waving her hands and interrupting certain people while they are talking. It is time for her to go. .
  • Sucks

    This is the stupidest show on TV Whoopi Goldberg and joy whatever and Raven Simone are what's wrong with this country
  • Lack of political coverage...

    To those complaining about the lack of political coverage, I thought the same before realizing the show is on hiatus and using pretaped episodes.

    I watch very little TV but for whatever reason started watching The View this year. I had seen it some several years ago. I can barely tolerate Sunny, I'm not sure why Raven is even granted a place at the table (she's young, yes, but I feel far too green), I especially appreciate Jediadiah's perspective and intelligence while I enjoy the others equally. Whoopi seems to serve as the ultimate voice, though, and although I often like her attitude, I'm not sure it's necessary to have someone to seemingly settle the debates.
  • View Silence on Politic

    I enjoyed the talk about politic because it kept me informed. I noticed this week that they are not talking about politic and since I tape it I just erase the whole show. I will not be watching it if they are only doing chit chat talking. I can watch the REAL and the Talk for that. The show is getting boring...... I really enjoyed Whoppi and Joy and the others engaged in what happening politically in the world today.
  • What Happened To The View???

    Is someone silencing the political discussions? I have been watching since the is the only daytime show that I try not to miss. This week has been so boring that if it continues this forum ,I will stop watching. I think that Whoopi and joy make the show, but if people don't like what they say then listen to what the other views are. Isn't that the whole idea! These conversations this week are meaningless. A waste of time.
  • Is the View turning fluffy?

    I feel the same way some of your other viewers do. I have been watching the view all week and all the so called "hot topics" are fluffy and boring. I watch the view to get more information on current events and politics. If this is going to be the new venue they are losing a viewer - what is up?
  • Views muted?

    Why does it seem like the discussion this week does not include any politics? It seems that the past month, politics has dominated and this week-NOTHING! What gives?
  • Drop Raven and raise ratings

    I like watching the view, but cringe when Raven butts in to make something about herself. She's uninformed about most of the topics that she's "opinionated" about, and it makes her seem immature, and childish, which was cute as a child actress. Now she just seems fake when she pretends to be passionate about something she's uninformed about.
  • I guess they might be reading these...

    I have to admit........

    Today's show wasn't as hard to watch as normal. As well as,the past few times ive caught it the past couple wks. Raven never rolled her eyes(today), everyone was pleasent,paula is definitely showing her worth. Im sooo glad they had a guest that could put Joy in her place in the most eloquent,factual, unbiased,way possible.. I had to laugh when she threw her hands up,and looked away. She knew she wouldnt win with him.

    Im very fearful the closer November gets... I hate the thought of either of the presidential candidates being in charge of this country and i do believe if enough people vote 3rd party it could impact how we pick our candidates from now on.

    It just may change who wins, take votes away from both,but my conscious is clear knowing i did not sell my soul to the shedevil or the foul mouthed troll..

    I love when Penn said he told Donald his hair "looked like cottoncandy pee colored"

    Anyway point is it seems like the Producer's just might be reading these..

    My score went up For now
  • The View Producers

    I am disappointed that the ladies on the View couldn't keep their mouths shut long enough to hear what your guest, Eric Bolling, had to say. They didn't want to hear the truth about their precious Hillary.
  • Investopedia re who middle class should support

    Read Ideology of Republicans and Democrats on this nonpartisan site, and all the middle class people who think Republicans are going to help them financially are wrong. Republicans are for the top 1 or 2% in yearly income.
  • Sure miss the original version of the View!

    Apparently Barbara Walters' premise for the View has been discarded and replaced with a bunch of "mean girls"shoving their opinions down everyone's throat! Where is the balance? Threre seems to be only one "VIEW" represented! Where's the diversity? It's like watching a debate with only one debate team on the stage! What used to be a show I looked forward to watching has turned into one that literally has me shouting at the tv!! ABC, please throw this bunch of annoying know it all women out and come back in the fall with a revamped "View". One that everyone can enjoy.
  • Ax Paula Now

    Paula is a hypocrite. She always wants to call the other ladies on their political party affiliation while trying not identifying hers. We know she is a bible thumping tea party republican who believes in double standards. Now that trump is getting some push back on his negative comments this chick tries to hide her approval of it. She stated all the other candidates should say nothing while she supports trump inciting raids at his rallies. I want one of the ladies to call her out on her bull crap.. Please get rid of this hypocrite.
  • Disturbed beyond Belief

    As much as I dislike Joy and her views on everything I would rather her moderate than Whoopie. At least Joy lets everyone talk without being a total b#@$% about it. and shelleyep65 you should probably look at the rest of the comments on this sight you a completely out numbered in your opinion in this forum. You need to find the I love Whoopie/Joy love letter sight.

  • The View

    Tell thise 2 Republican "women" that they cn go straight 2 hell!!! Secretary Clinton should not b blamed 4 the things that President Obama failedb2 follow up on. If they're so stinking smart they should kno this. Liberia failed bcuz Obama wouldnt send the necessary support.
  • Change the name to DNC View

    Does the DMV own the View? This is totally boring and I have no idea why anyone thinks these comedians have a better understanding of politics than we do. Anyone remotely conservative or heaven forbid Christian is cut to ribbons. Certainly not an exchange of ideas. It's browbeating everyone with one opinion.
  • Please Cancel this show.. this is not the View. It's totally one-sided

    I have been watching this show for yeas and years and totally disgusted with how its run now. It is absolutely, NOT the view. It's only 1 view, and its ONLY democrat and hateful speech against Trump. Where is the balance? If anyone speaks against Joy and Whoppi, they basically get their head cut off, interrupted or Whoopi bangs her head on the table. This is so far politically biased and doesn't allow for anyones view but those 2 bullies. I can't stand to watch this show anymore and if it comes, on - I just get disappointed how bad its gotten. If everyone was bashing Hillary day after day after day - would it still be on the air? Double standard for sure! And stop making excuses for Hillary's offenses (major criminal) and then amping up Trumps issues. Please take this off the air and get a new show that is positive and represents the ENTIRE USA not just the bullies. Please!
  • Being funny vs. being insensitive

    Joy went over the line when she brought up Jedediah's dating a college Professor, while they were discussing whether a teacher at a school (not a college) dating a student, should be dismissed. That was very personal and private information and was embarrassing for Jedediah (who handled it beautifully). Joy, because you're a comic, you can get away with saying a lot under the guise of being funny. That doesn't give you the right to be hurtful or to discuss a friend's private life without permission, first. Or, maybe she's not a friend and I'm all wrong. If so, I'm sorry, but you still went over the line.
  • Lose Bila!

    I've been a long-time viewer of The View, through many changes in talent. I cannot stand Ms. Bila. It's not her conservative views, it's her ignorance and aggressive delivery that make me now mute her whenever she speaks. It's that, or shut off the program.

    GET RID OF HER. She isn't the conservative voice The View needs.

    This used to be one of my favorite daytime talk shows. Hosts like Barbara, Elizabeth, Star, Meredith, Sherri, Lisa and Rosie made for an informative show worth watching. Whoopie and Joy should just start their own show since they do not let any of the other co-hosts hardly even speak. Jedediah (don't know much about her because I hardly watch the show anymore) is lucky if she can get one word in, between the other hosts. Whoopie rudely cut her off the other day and went to commercial as soon as Jedediah was going to disagree with her opinions. Jedediah, go find another job with ladies that would respect you, you are to young to learn from these rude, bullying and one-sided ladies. I thought it was called The View for a reason, Oh it's Whoopie and Joy's VIEW. I'll never watch this show again!!!!! By the way, my health insurance went up, a lot, since I decided to change careers and go into the home & health care field to help the elderly. I took a large cut in pay to do something that I felt would help others and make me feel good for my contribution. What happened? Our government told me that according to my new income, I don't qualify for help from the government, for my health insurance because I make to little? Maybe because I'm a 52 year old white woman. Whoopie, stop playing the race card.
  • Hateful angry bitches does anyone really watch anymore??

    Not only did I stop watching I change the channel. I used to keep it on while doing morning things around the house. I refuse to have this awful show on in my home. The noise of it is like a hen house. Needless to say I used to love this show. I have been watching so long I remember when the Clintons were the butt of Joy's jokes on a daily basis. She is a hypocritical nasty shrew. The different views were interesting and entertaining. Now there is one view.. Joy and Whoopi are so hateful and angry. I know they don't care what people say or think of their view because they have said as much. Someone should care ie: the sponsors and Disney if people are turning them off as it appears I am not alone. I can't believe what this show has turned into mean old women spewing hate. Joy and Whoopi are so mean to Paula and Candace and anyone else who doesn't share their hatred. Shame on you for being part of the problem and Disney for keeping this crap show on TV. I know the producers of the show always liked sparks to fly for interest and entertainment thinking people will tune in to see whats going to happen.. however days were long ago it has gone awry and is now unwatchable.
  • Where is Paula Faris

    I certainly hope that Paula is busy with DNC coverage and not fired as some reports state. She is the only SANE, civil and informed member of the remaining cast of CRAZY, rude and uninformed panel. It will be a HUGE mistake to take her off the show. Whoopi hates her because Paula is so confident and not impressed by Whoopi's angry rants and raves.
  • Stop the contradiction

    I have watch the view for years and enjoyed hearing different opinions which were at least fair. Lately,the cast makes a bigger deal of republican mistakes and ignores the mistakes made by democrats. This tactic has only made me stop watching the show.
  • The Joy and Whoopi View

    So tired of Whoopi and Joy screeching and thinking being louder and interrupting more makes them right! I thought the concept of the show was opinions from ALL sides. I don't know how Candace, Paula and Jedediah put up with this abuse day after day. I long for the days of Meredith or Barbara in the moderator chair! My favorite show was recently when Joy, Sunny and eye rolling Raven were off and Whoopi was left with the young panel so we could actually have a balanced show.
  • Thank goodness for days off!

    The View was so different for the past 2 days without those two angry, rigid, rude cast members who only want to spew their own antiquated beliefs and ram them down younger people's throats. Get rid of them and keep the others who are like a breath of fresh air! It is time for some change.

    Funny how both their names are synonymous with the word FUN=(JOY and WHOOPIE), yet they come across like 2 miserable, hateful, crabby, washed-up women. PLEASE Go Away and Don't Come Back!!!
  • Perfect title for imperfect show

    At least the show's title says truth "The View"! There is only one view allowed. The Whoopi/Joy View. The liberal view. THE VIEW. No other views, opinions or discussions allowed. That's why I no longer view!
  • Racist & 1 sided -

    This show is terrible! Whoppie at every chance makes everything about RACE and no one can get a word in. They talk about the little man, well the little man gets everything from the government which in turn gets it from the working middle class that struggles to support their family!! Being a school teacher in a abbott district, not making much and husband travels to support us. We have made sacrifices and planned our family accordingly to be able to support our children. Thanks to ALL the government FREEBEES that my husband and I contribute to we are barely supporting our own! So who really is the little man?? Capitalism, you reap what you sow. We instill in our children to do well in school, work hard, get good grades = good college = good job = nice life, well, not anymore! If everyone is to be equal start in elementary school and give class grades not individual grades . You ladies make millions, how about contributing % of your paycheck to support those of us needing to pay college tuition??? Put your money where your mouth is. I haven't watched the show in a long time, today unfortunately, I flipped for a brief second, still same terrible show with racist Whoopie & 1 sided Joy. When will this show be cancelled??
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