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  • Show need to fo ofd the air

    This show is a platform for Whoopie and Joys biased views. It is there way or the high way . Shame on you Abc for allowing this everyone I know is

    Discusted and refuse to watch anymore .
  • Today was the worst

    When do they allow for other educated opinions on this show and a real discussion of issues to ensue? It isn't fun to watch and hasn't been for a long time. Very one-sided conversations that give the same point of view over and over. They love Hillary and hate Trump. I used to tune in just to see if it had improved. Now Whoopie and Joy are more angry and insulting then ever before. Sonny is another know it all. So no quality to this show. No entertainment and no enlightenment. No real facts just slanted half-truths. It is a shame. This country seems to be getting more polarized and not truly open to hear the facts or all sides of an issue. Something to promote understanding on all sides of the complicated issues we deal with today. What kind of ratings can this show have to keep it in the abc lineup! Dunderheads!

  • Get rd of Sunny and Sarah

    I realize that there have been changes in the host table at the View (duh!). However, Sunny Hostin - although I do not know that she will be permanent - has been on the show consistently for weeks - is a detriment to the table. She is arrogant, self-righteous, a prude - and I am so tired of hearing about her time as a prosecutor - she's been on TV for years!!!! As far as Sarah Haines is concerned - enough with the "new mother and baby talk "already! Whoopi obvious;y likes Sarah but dislikes Paula Faris - she is so much gentler with Sarah. Is that fair at the View? I believe that the show has outlived itself - time to go!
  • How Can They Get Away With It?

    I just do not understand how this show gets away with all the RACIST comments they make! I personally am extremely upset over todays show and the discussion regarding peoples salaries! I am a WHITE Educated woman who has worked hard all my life and I have a good job with a decent salary.... are people of "other races" who hold much higher paying positions who are NOT qualified at all and everyone in the entire company knows it... however to avoid people playing the "race card" and bringing the company up on racial discrimination charges, it's a known fact that people of color must be placed in these higher paying positions! This has been going on for countless years.... STILL the "race card" is constantly brought up while people like me... sit back and let it happen because we know it will never stop no matter what we say or do! When I turn on TV and hear on the View this morning... COMMENTS being made AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE stating that it's Obvious that White people get the higher paying jobs when it's 100% the complete OPPOSITE???? Yet we sit here saying nothing, and she (you all know who she was)... is allowed on public television to make a statement like this about white people???? While she sits there making God knows how many billions, and the majority of the women at the table are NOT WHITE???? Well.... hello.... look at YOU and the rest sitting around that table? How many are White? But YOU ALL HAVE THESE JOBS making millions more than I will ever see in my lifetime exactly because of you all always playing the "race card" while people like me, because I am white, CAN'T get the top paying jobs! I need to step aside because every company needs to protect itself by giving YOU the high paying job! How about to be FAIR and not Racist... the View put women of ALL RACES around the table instead of mostly black women? I really was offended by todays show and something should be done about the Offensive tone they have to white people in general (which by the way JOY even jumped in on)... it's disgusting! I also feel SHE should be Fired for what she said today!
  • Whoopi and Joy what a pair!!!!!

    I cannot understand how this show is still on!

    They both are the nastiest and self-center Host on TV

    Both don't know what is really going on in this country,

    They believe whatever our worthless President says!

    If he said he could walk on water, Joy and Whoopi would agree.

    Joy, I think wakes up in a pissed off mode every day! I don't think she likes herself.

    She is rude to the other host, if they give their opinion she has to give her 2 cents even if

    it's wrong, I still can't understand how she has lasted this long. Then there's Hillary Clinton

    which Whoopi and her just love. We have a women running for the Presidency (which is great to bad it's her) that is being investigated by the FBI which we won't no what they find until the election is over. I would love to tell Whoopi and her to watch the movie the 13th Hour and see what she should and could

    of done. It just makes me sick knowing Americans could of been saved, our Diplomat, his staff and anyone else there with them.

    Then you have Whoopi the head of the talk show. She has no clue how bad of a host she is!!

    What ever Whoopi says goes even if is incorrect. She rudely cuts the other host off before they even get

    to finish their opinion. Lets not forget Whoopi is always right. You know there was one person that expressed her views. Whoopi and Joy (I have to laugh when I say Joy, there is no joy in that women at all) weren't able to cut her off or intimidate so they got rid of her. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she put both Whoopi and Joy in their place. You are sadly missed but never forgotten.

    Whoopi and Joy, please do everybody a favor stay out of politics because neither one of you has a clue any what's going on in the united States of America!! It might be fine and dandy in your life's, but switch place with an American citizen a true American citizen. Not the illegal immigrant that the President you love so much wants to make citizens of this great nation. You both will find out it is not what u think it is. There are millions of Proud Americans that are working paycheck to paycheck to survive. Then You have the Proud Americans that are not able to find jobs to support their families and will do anything they can to make a buck to pay what bill they can. This is the reason that unemployment rate is at it's lowest point in 20yrs as our President says! I am proud to call United States of America my home and would give my life for this country that I love.

    They only thing that scares me is Hillary Clinton! If she is elected things won't change they'll get worse!

    She'll do what our President is trying and did. She said she will close the coal mines and stop production of natural gas, there goes more jobs, I live in Southwestern PA and I see it happening.

    Do I NEED to SAY MORE !!!!!



  • What a view

    The panel is so uninformed about so many things...

    These people are clearly overwhelmingly biased...

    They are talking about the interactions between congress & the president, etc..

    and everything they are saying is "politics as usual".

    They act as though this president is being treated differently than any other president before him.

    Get over it, once again, "it's politics as usual"..

    PLEASE try to be more "unbiased" in your opinions.
  • Hypocritical cast and racist show

    Joy made such a big deal today about how Trump has only 1.3 million in donations. She didn't even know that he just started taking donations. Even Sunny had to tell her that he has used his own money. Joy is dumber than i thought. She lies and makes up stuff about Trump, to promote Hillary..

    Whoopi is such a liar. I don't believe anything she says. Many times she has said that she doesn't take

    phone calls in the evening, and she turns her phone off Then when talking about Trump, AGAIN, she said that she gets phone calls in the middle of the night from people in Europe asking her if she needs to move. Paula asked her if people should know better than to call her in the middle of the night, and Whoopi said it's not a problem. Also, another time she was mocking in a very aggressive and volatile manner that Hillary should not be asked questions about Bengazi. Whoopi just disregards that 4 Americans were unnecessarily killed in Bengazi, because Hillary did NOT do her job, then Hillary and Obama blamed the killings on a video.

    It was great on an earlier show how Jedediah Bila spoke up against the liberals. When Sunny Hostin compared Trump to Hitler and said that Trump wanting border security is like Hitler's extermination of the Jews, which is a totally stupid statement, Jedediah Bila spoke up and told Sunny, that you can't compare the two, and sarcastic Sunny said,;I just did. Sonny is racist toward whites and she is VERY sarcastic. She is so arrogant and acts like she is perfect.

    Paula has a little more courage when Whoopi isn't there to bully and intimidate her. Whoopi is a very angry person and racist towards whites. Every View show has a very negative commentary about the Republicans especially against Trump, mocking and ridiculing him, now calling him Hitler, while they defend everything about Hillary. I know Trump has made stupid comments, but the cast goes overboard with their rudeness and mockery. It is a very liberal and onesided show, and the producers should have equal representation of both liberals and conservatives. It would make for more interesting conversation between the cast,

    It is so nice when Whoopi isn't there to bully people and act like her opinion is the only one that matters.

    When Jedediah was speaking against Trump, Whoopi said to let her talk. Then when Jedediah starting speaking against Hillary, Whoopie cut her off and went on a rant about something else. Whoopi is a terrible person.

  • Get the facts, Joy!

    Dear Joy, the fact that Trump is not funded by corrupt people (unlike Hillary) like the Koch Brothers is a bade of honor for him. Don't you get it? People don't want the same old same old corrupt politicians that you and Whoopi love. Trump is not going to get China whores like APPLE because those corporations don't want to employ Americans--they just want to sell to Americans and that has got to change.

    Wake up Joy and get it straight. Trump funded his own campaign because he is working for the people not corporations and corrupt people--he is not a money whore. The only View on this show is big mouth Whoppi (she gains more votes for Trump than anyone) and Joy who I used to think was bright but now I'm not sure.

  • The View no islamic terror

    Whoopi went on at length yesterday about the Orlando shootings and how it was caused by lack of gun laws. No one disagreed.

    I think all TV news shows (including FBI director) are attributing this to Jihad terrorists (it's Obama and other liberals in gov't that do this also).

    Are all the "ladies" dumb and uninformed?
  • The View/ Joy

    Friday June a fan of Joy's until today,Total Disappointment!
  • a panel change-up and revise show

    I would like to see 4 female republicans and Whoopi one day instead of the lop-sided panel it is now. No one that has anything to say other than what Whoopi or Joy like, ever gets a chance to get one sentence out. The panel is so one-sided that I don't really enjoy the show anymore. Maybe you could do a new line up one day a week until the election. WHY did you get rid of Nicole Wallace???? Worse decision you have made. At least she had a brain. It should be called the Whoopi View because that is what we get, when she isn't getting beeped out! Seems to be happening a lot more often lately! How can ABC put up with this behavior? Has anyone else noticed how Whoopi talks over everyone and when they try to say something, she jumps to a commercial? It is starting, Michelle has been dropped. Hope Whoopi or Joy is next. And then Raven!
  • Business vs Politics

    Joy, Hillary MAY be a qualified WOMAN but she is a dirty politician and, we the people (not billionaires like you), don't want any more dirty politicians. We're opting for someone with business sense who will stop feathering your bank account and help me put a few bucks in my bank account! You and others like you are scared to death of Trump. All the more reason for us to support him. I would like to see a woman as are many more women more qualified than Hillary who are not dirty liars who think they can do whatever they please. If you take contributions from people who debase women you are not for women no matter how you try to spin or joke that fact!!!!
  • Paula Farris, a dim light

    I don't like Paula Farris. She's too stiff and unrelateable. I cringe every time someone makes a joke and then have to explain it to her. Or when she tries to make a point or display her attempt at humor, the rest of the panel has to explain what Paula means or is trying to say. For a media person she is flat and does not know about everyday things or anything outside of reporting news. Also, Sunny Hostin was more likeable before she joined the table on a sort of regular basis. Her marriage and good sportsmanship ideas or beliefs, leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Hateful, Hateful Whoope and Joy

    I am done with watching this hateful show. I used to like watching The View, but Joy and Whoopie don't allow any opinions other than their own, and are hateful and offensive. It blows my mind that they can believe what they say, and Joy takes cheap shots about Republicans constantly. You need to show more than these liberal loud mouths "views". There are millions of people with differing opinions, and these women are horrible about anyone who doesn't agree with them. There are two sides to everything and the view no longer shows this. I have stopped my DVR from recording these hateful people.
  • Write in vote

    I'm doing a write in vote. I'm voting for Gary Busey
  • Should at least research things they talk about

    If Whoopie and gang are going to rant about Constitutional rights( specifically 2nd amendment ), it seems like they would TRY to learn the functions of firearms, the differences in automatic and SEMI-automatic, or why the Founding Fathers thought it SHOULD BE in the Constitution to begin with.

  • Voting for Trump because Whoopi promised she would leave the country if he won

    When "TheView" comes on I can't get to the remote fast enough to flip to Steve Harvey. They are so judgemental and against anyone that believes or has been raised differently than them. It makes me sick that these celebrities that live in a bubble get to shove their points of view down our throats and dare us to disagree. The entire time patting themselves on the back for being "open to different types of people and tolerate of different lifestyles". Hypocrites. The reality is you only want to hear your view and have contempt for anyone who feels differently. You don't want people to make broad criticisms based on race or gender that may offend you, but have no problem broadly generalizing "republicans" or "white Americans". My reality is I am a southern Christian white republican and am not racist and do not make judgements of anyone. Ever. For any reason. so no whoopi not every republican is a racist. And I hope trump wins so you will go and I will never have to rush to the remote when Kelly ends to switch the channel to Steve Harvey. He is actually a kind person who is inclusive of everyone regardless of gender, race, political party. He is the type of person that I want to watch on TV. Not politically correct, but a genuine person that respects EVERYONE.
  • Whoopi & Joy's View show

    Everybody's sick and tired of hearing Whoopi's and Joy's one sided view of Donald Trump and the GOP we all get the two of them hates anyone who has a different opinion then theirs (so this explains why the View lost in the awards category) because everything is one sided and it's only their side!

    If this were really a real View then we would hear about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her husband taking money from Mideastern countries and lining their pockets with them. How come we don't hear any of that? If you truly want a real View try listening to your viewers for a change and not Whoopi and Joy. . Even Raven has been and inspiration because she disagrees with them but they shut her down as well

  • Done and Done!

    Wow! I have watched the View forever - I've held on, waiting and trying to not flinch every time it airs. No one is able to express any different "Views" at all! What is the point of this show? It's time for it to go. I have grown to dislike every host. They are so out of touch with what Americans are dealing with and feeling. They are celebrities and live in a bubble! ABC and Barbara Walters should put this show to rest, it is a joke and certainly not worthy of her legacy. Disgraceful!
  • Disgusted

    I am so tired of listening to your host's its actually sickening to watch any more. Whoopie the bully, Joy the follower and Raven the child. Every time I tune in I wind up getting disgusted. So I tell myself and ABC I am done watching The View. It is way too one sided. Every little thing Donald Trump says or does is top priority of the negativity they always speak of. We get that you do not like Trump but, what about your viewers who do? Do you really think that we, Trump Supporters are going to continue to watch your one sided negativity show? Hillary cannot seem to do anything wrong but every day they speak badly about Trump. Trump a racist? Hmmm seems to me the ones saying that are truly the racist ones. Now he is racist because he does not want a Mexican American judge? Well ladies I've got news, every American in our Country has a right to a fair trial. If their could be even a hint of bias opinions then mr Trump has that right to feel the way he does. And ABC you all need to get your act together and stop letting these women run the show as you will continue to lose viewers daily. So long to The View I have better networks I can find that I would enjoy watching.
  • Tell The View to End Sponsorship with Illegal Pet Foods


    It's time again for The View's Annual Mutt Show where mixed breed dogs are celebrated. The shows sponsor is Pedigree Dog Food, one of the many pet foods using ingredients that violate federal law. Tell The View to end the sponsorship deal with any pet food using illegal ingredients. @TheView #ViewtheRightThing

  • No Integrity

    Really? Do you realize that your pathetic attempt at steering your viewers to HRC is actually creating Trump supporters? Joy & Whoopi, you are mean girls. I would not vote for your choice if you paid me. Many of the terrible comments you say about Trump, you both are doing. Every day!! Its disgusting how rude you are. If you want to point out the errors of Trumps ways (and others), it would better heard if you weren't doing exactly what you are accusing him/them of. Hypocrits! Bully's !! I will vote for Trump just to ensure the mean girls don't win.

    As an aside, do you realize that the viewers you are losing now, will not come back after the election regardless of who wins/loses? You've all but guaranteed your fate and you kind of deserve it. Its not that your viewers don't mind hearing 'your view', but the way you are behaving has gone way beyond a persons point of view. ABC, shame on you for allowing this to go on.
  • Taking The View off my DVR

    I have watched this show since Barbara Walters first started the program. Over the last year and especially today, I am done. Barbara had an intellectual approach that questioned view points. It was interesting. Now it is not intellectual but more of specific people's personal views. All of the views are liberal and the hosts do not try to understand why people in our country are endorsing a particular candidate. To hear that Trump is mentally paranoid, that the media is honest about him only perpetuates poor quality understanding of our counties current state or no understanding of current issues. How no one references the veteran who spoke at the meeting shows bias. The current hosts are out of touch with a large portion of our country. No matter how loud whoopi gets or ends the conversation to support her view-the show doesn't look at the whole picture. I will find something else to watch instead:(
  • Too Much

    I am a Democrat and will vote for Hillary as I feel she is the best qualified for the job and the plus is that she is a woman and it about time this country had a woman president. But Whoopi is too much. She always has to end the conversation with her opinion drowning out everyone. i do get annoyed with the Republican hosts when they keep bringing up Benghazi and e-mails all the time when the subject has nothing to do with it. They are trying to perpetuate the trust factor. Trump has lied through his teeth many times but he is trustworthy? He changes his mind every day and he causes conflict. I think his following just shows how the mentality of this country is going which is pretty low. What with the name calling and the put downs and nonsense that spews out of his mouth. I know it is hard to hear when people put down Hillary when the other choice is Trump. Bernie is fine but he cannot do any of the things he says he will do. And I am for gun control and banning assault weapons. I am for freedom of choice which I do not understand when the Republicans say that Gov has to much control yet want to pass laws telling people they have no choice. That is control. Forcing what you believe on other people. This is America and it is great and I want it to stay that way. As for Michelle, I like you but you talk to fast and make a joke out of everything said. Joy is very intelligent but needs to stop with Trump every day. I enjoy the show more when she is in charge as she is funny and usually gives everyone a chance to speak without talking over all conversations. Raven is young and I do not agree with a lot she says but she is welcome to her opinion. Candace get tiring with her cute se ness. and wanting to impose her beliefs on other people. Paula is not listening and wants to prove her ability as a journalist. As a person i like her. She is sincere and I also enjoy Sara Haines when she is on the show. She is funny and gives her opinion but not in a forceful way..
  • Lack of respect

    Joys treatment of Bernie Sanders was absolutely appalling , tried giving this show a chance but this is it . Should be called The Narrow View . And Joy my moms a nurse bitch
  • I'm done!!

    I used to respect Whoppi, but have always despised Joy Behar. I've lost all respect for the whole show. The unending trashing of Trump and the pumping up of Hillary have caused me to look into the things they've been saying. I've learned the truth about both Hillary and Trump and, because of the view, I am now going to vote Republican for the first time in my life. Thanks for waking me up and causing me to do in depth reviews of both candidates.
  • A Washed Out Non- Relevent Cast

    The view (no pun -ha) from here is that I am looking at a cast of washed out has-beens holding on for dear life for their last moment of fame. Whoopi and Joy are just a pair of old rabid dogs making a lot of noise with no intelligent connection to anything but hatred of anything good or wholesome and add to that their radical political views, how can ABC, owned by Disney, expect any reasonable people not to be offended or sickened. Add Michelle and Raven and you have to ask yourself is there any intelligent life there. Paula has succumbed to the pressure and becoming a lite version of them. Then they bring on a lawyer(Sonny), hoping to raise the IQ of the show, but they end up with a polished, slick talking Whoopi in disguise. Candace needs to get out before she is contaminated for life. When Barbara was in charge there was class and reasonable discussions most of the time, except during Rosie's tenure, but now ABC shows they have no class nor anything in work to replace the show. Get your act together ABC, and get something that has some reasonable, intelligent content for the viewers as a ladies forum.
  • Judgmental

    Here we go again as soon as i turned over there to see if they listen to some of their viewers and stop the trashing Trump we all know they dont like him so why continue using the show to talk about him everyday,This is how i feel about some of them so what Trump lied,he is not perfect but whom is?only God,like they have never,Whoopi wore a Nuns suit on there when those nuns were on the show,and she is far from a Nun,she played a nun on Sister Act i like her a an actress but you can tell she is racist against white people,And Joy is a comic not a commentator,she used to be awesome when she was with Barbara and cusses on a daily basis they bleep her so much that her whole conversation is taken away,And you all know that Obama has lied to us for 8 years what has he done that he has promised us when he was elected,Both times and racist is brought up more so since he has been in office,lied about where hes born,showed a copy of his birth certificate anybody can have a copy made that dont make it right,This United States is in a bigger mess since hes been in office than when the Bush's were in we cant wait to see you all pack up and move when Trump is our PRESIDENT,And some of you are not pillars of the Community, so hypocritical,And Hillary and Bill are 2 of the biggest liars also now more so than when Bill was President they both had marital affairs rumors had it which is y she forgave him she wore the pants then, So when is the bashing going to stop it doesnt change how we people that are Trump followers, feel about him just makes us pull for him harder just to see you All move to another Country atleast thats what Whoopi and Raven said and i think Joy is scared of Whoopi which is y she dont interrupt her like she does everybody hang in there,Donald you got this..
  • Revolving Hosts

    Why do they have revolving hosts They never have the same panel and that loud, vampire toothed Jebediah Bila is soooo annoying. I hate when she's on and I can't stand that sugary sweet, Sarah Haynes too. To have her on with her baby as a segment was nauseating. Luckily I could fast forward that Anderson offered nothing intelligent or funny when she co-hosted and she looked a mess. She is not the sharpest tool in the box.

    The flaming liberal views and trash talking of Republican candidates from the mouths of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have overwhelmed this talkshow to the point that I can no longer watch it. Joy and Whoopi epitomize classic bitter old women - they have truly grown into the "mean old girls" of their generation. I enjoyed watching the younger women on the show that shared their conservative and liberal views, who did it in a way that wasn't ramming it down our throats. They are more open to both sides of view, they don't overwhelm the conversation, they have the ability to listen AND talk, and they have a fresh perspective on topics. Some of the taboo topics that the producers have concocted have become too gross, disgusting, and painful to listen to. I can no longer listen to the corrosive vitriol coming out of the mouth's of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on this show. I can no longer view the
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