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  • Obnoxious Nicolle, and Too Liberal of a show

    Nicolle Wallace has an annoying voice and laugh, and she constantly interrupts. I am surprised that the producers of The View let this obnoxiousness continue. Although she supposedly is a Republican, she often agrees with the other cast members who are very liberal. I think the producers of the show, chose her for that reason. I have been watching The View for the last 7 years since I retired. I DVR it, and watch it later in the day, and I have enjoyed watching it. However, this season with the new cast , I am very disappointed. I think it is terrible how the cast supports Michael Brown, even after all the factual evidence has been presented to the Grand Jury, and the Grand Jury made their decision on that evidence. It is totally one sided. Today The View's cast commented on how great it was that some of the Rams came out on the field raising their hands in support of Michael Brown, when in fact according to testimonies and evidence, Michael Brown did NOT surrender to the officer. These Rams players along with Michael Brown, have total disregard and disrespect for the police.

    Also, Rosie O. is totally obsessed with Frozen which is quite weird, and she constantly talks about her kids. Rosie P. is obsessed with her Latino heritage, often talking about her heritage and "Latinos", and she has an annoying voice and laugh. How much worse can it get?

    Today The View showed a RERUN regarding the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. Discussion was at the beginning of the show and towards the end with Nancy Grace. They are all so anti police. The producers have many shows to rerun, yet they choose this rerun apparently to continue to incite the public.
  • Nicole and Rosie P farewell hopefully

    I don't watch the view anymore I use to love it Rosie P and Nicole have to go. Who decided on them they are awful. With so many talented people that is the best they came up with; I actually could tolerate McCarthy more God forgive me hope they change those two hosts soon I miss the show
  • Whoopi, has Hollywood made you unrealistic?

    Last week, Whoopi said she did not believe this is a racist country. She is entitled to her beliefs, but she lost my respect.
  • How does the View continue to stay on the air ?

    With all the T V shows that has been canceled lately, how does this show stay on?

  • Wishing Whoopie Would Go AWay

    I will not watch this show until Whoopie Goldberg is off it. She is the most wishy-washy boring person ever. I was so happy when Rosie O'Donnell returned but even she couldn't make up for Miss Goldberg.
  • Rudolf

    OK, aside from the fact Barbra Walters created the show, there is NOT one reason to have ever watched it.

    Now they trample Rudolf with some half-wit idiot comedian. Thanks.

  • Racism Abounds

    I just can't believe all the racism on The View. I used to just love Whoppie. Now I can't stand to hear her voice. She really did it for me when she blindly supported Cosby. So many women were drugged, abused, molested and raped. When I read today about the latest woman who was knocked out for two days, I had to wonder if Cosby has ever killed someone by giving them too much of whatever drug he was using. Everybody reacts differently to drugs, and somebody could have been allergic to the drug. As a person who has been raped, it is no small matter. It is unkind, irresponsible, smug, and arrogant for Whoppie to support this person. There is no way that these, many professional, women are lying. If you believe one, you have to believe them all. Their stories are similar - they were all drugged. They didn't know each other, studio employees in some cases admitted they were aware, or they procured women for Cosby. In any case there are a lot of people who know what happened and it will come out. They can't sue for money. They can't get justice in criminal courts. Whoppie has deserted women in a way that cannot be fixed. I will never watch any program with her in it again.
  • A. Bad day for the visw

    I have always loved Whoppi in till today. Her comment about not knowing what racism is unless your black is racism! Poor White Woman in Iowa!
  • An Insult To Women

    Rosie is an Insult to women and the human race. Every time she opens her mouth she make a bigger fool out of herself. I quit watching the View yrs ago but had to watch the clip where she gets put down. The View is a joke now and a waste of air time. Rosie needs to be put on the same boat as Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and a few other, put to sea and then sunk.
  • December 2nd / speaking about rich people

    I just want to say poor people are quite aware of how rich people are. Not only are poor Americans aware but so are the terrorist groups. People around the world see selfish greedy Americans that really don't seem to care about others suffering. Not only that but capitalism breeds discrimination and people who are less than honest seem to benefit. I believe that every person in this world deserves the same luxuries as the next. No body is worth more than the homeless on the street. Further more the homeless probably has more morels than most. I love my country and I think we need to change the way we present ourselves on the media to other people around the world. We are caring and we do want to help people and we don't need excess stuff while people are suffering. I love your show I watch it every day on Hulu because I can't afford traditional cable. I work for a non profit agency making a quarter of what I could be making however I enjoy helping the unfortunate. If the majority of Americans have to live with out heat or food there will be a revolution. That is why the rich are being taxed so much. I don't foresee that changing.

    Whoopie, Nicole, Rose P and Rosie O each add a unique perspective, The show have been engaging and smart. The Hot Topics then ever in these troubled times. I am glad they are not held back by former morons at the table - Sherry and Jennie who dragged down the intelligence level. This site is filled with a lot of professional HATE bloggers - not regular folks like me. I love the VIEW! Brava View! Stay Strong - You are better and more diverse than ever.
  • Love The View

    Barbara Walters created a very entertaining show. Now that she has retired and says she's watching it daily, why is she letting it deteriorate like it has. Rosie O is obnoxious, Rosie P is always wining about being slighted, Nicole Wallace is a Republican that can't seem to justify her views, very wishy washy, Whoopie G, the only remaining member since Barbara retired, is excellent, intelligent, funny, fair and informed. Now let's get this panel changed up so we can continue to "Love the View!"
  • Get Rosie O off!!!

    I try to watch and love Whoopie and Nicole-they are smart and informed. Rosie P is ok too but I have to usually turn it off because of Rosie O. She's just angry, uninformed, and attention seeking. Her blasting the CIA is the last straw. We all get it Rosie, you hate Republicans, Bush, Chaney etc. She is so predictable and boring. And hypocritical too as in bashing guns when, as someone said, "She doesn't carry a gun because her bodyguards do" She will take the show down if you all don't get her off. Its not interesting arguing just plain stupid and irritating. I switch to TMZ live. Its better!
  • Obnoxious Rosie O

    I can't believe that I used to like Rosie O. I used to watch her old talk show back in the '90s and thought she was entertaining, humorous and a giving person. I was wrong on at least two counts. She's not entertaining and she's not humorous. Perhaps, I enjoyed her old show because I wasn't aware of her political views. I have no problem that I don't agree with her on that front, but her aggressiveness in delivering her opinions is so obnoxious, as she was with Elizabeth Hasselbeck and still now with Whoopi and Nichole Wallace. She seems to have a need to be the center of attention at all times and exhibits no respect for other people's opinions. She undoubtedly has a big ego and needs to be more open-minded, less disrespectful to others with her in-your-face attitude. She's definitely not the smartest person in the room (though she seems to think so) and certainly not as informed as Whoopi or Nicole Wallace. As far as Rosie Perez, I can take her or leave her. Rosie O, continue therapy. You're not there yet.
  • Rosie, Rosie

    I been watching the View for many years. However, I can not believe that Rosie O would not protect her five children no matter if she had to stick a feeding tube up their butt. Rosie P is sick, and has tunnel vision as far as her thoughts on so many subjects. I think this show is on the way out. Good old Whoopie try's to be in the middle of the road with most thoughts.
  • Rossie O'Donnell MUST GO!

    She is totally annoying. I could care less about her opinions. She doesn't want anyone else to talk. She constantly interrupts, I do not agree with anything she has to say, nor do I agree with her political views. The whole show has changed. I'm not crazy with any of the new cast members. I do not know what you were thinking when you added Rosie.

  • Rosie O needs to go!!

    On todays show Rosie O was really annoying. Her opinions are often condescending and she never lets anyone speak!!
  • The (All New) View is so unbalanced!

    Rosie O'Donnell comes across as a complete ignoramus. I cannot believe the things that come out of her mouth looking for applause. In their liberalness the cast often says ridiculous things that are so totally unresearched and inconstant with the facts that I laugh out loud. I used to like the view but I think it has gone to pot with the new cast. Nicole Wallace is the only one that sometimes comes across somewhat unbiased.
  • I like it

    Long time watcher of the View and I still like it. Love Whoopie and love Rosie O (she is terrific) and I like Rose P too.

  • What a negative "View" this new bunch casts on so many subjects... too harsh, too loud!

    What happened to "balanced" views?

    All new panelists seem die hard liberal... even Nicole.

    As a lifetime, devoted Democrat... I welcome hearing Republican viewpoints fired back. That's how you learn. But there's none of this on The View these days. I love an informed, INTELLIGENT debate about the FACTS of an issue. In my opinion, none of the new panelists seem bright enough to share opposing view(s) without fighting, negativity getting too personal, and worse. Bummer. It doesn't feel good to look at the View these days.

    What to do to fix it?

    SCRAP the lot of 'em, and first to go should be BOTH Rosies.

    If I hear again about O'Ds 5 children (Lord help those children being raised by that loud, crass, obviously disturbed I'm going out in my backgarden and eat WORMS!

    View Producers... fix this show before ALL of your used to be loyal viewers (like me) move on.

    . Okay, OK... I admit that I also dislike Rosie O'D for her crazy, unprovoked attacks on the fabulous and great gentleman TOM SELLECK. How could anyone be mean to Tom Selleck? He's the consummate American Teddy Bear.
  • Lets expand the conversation

    My name is Mama Williams and I am 74 and have been just don't think Bill Cosby is guilty of the am using my son's twitter account because he has heard me finding issue with the accusations. I am not saying that he did nothing but I have not heard of any threats or force being apparently in multiple instances there was a consensual relationship just puzzles me that if you view someone in the way that Bill is being portrayed that absent of a headache or some type of illness I would take a drink and a pill from anyone, Bill Cosby air my review and I would like to hear your discussion on this aspect as I watch you all religiously every day.
  • hot topics. 4

    : The lack of parenting with Michael Brown who's grandmother raised him. Their faces are everywhere now . Where were they when he was growing up & really needed them????

    The new view is all women show, and dont watch it now, it stinks. The only good one is Rosie O'

    its to bad she stopped her own show.
  • abc the view

    Nicolle wallace brings life to the view
  • Painful to Watch

    I watched The View for the first time in months today. Glad to see I'm not missing anything since I took a new job and am not at home to watch the show anymore. It's boring, awkward, and painful to watch. The panel has no spark, no chemistry and you can tell from the lackluster applause of the studio audience that the show is obviously not what it used to be. I would imagine its days left on air are numbered.
  • O'Donnell's gotta go!!!

    I no longer watch The View when Rosie O'Donnell is on. She is hostile toward Whoopie and who needs to watch that nonsense. Whoopie is an intelligent, thoughtful person and O'Donnell is not. She is rude and loud. She has a child's grasp of the issues. She obviously doesn't read about the issues before she opens her large loud mouth or she might have something to say. I love all the other ladies and Rosie Perez is the heart of the show. Please replace O'Donnell so I can watch The View again. When is her contract up? She is mentally unbalanced with a huge chip on her shoulder. Today I am watching The View because O'Donnell is not there.
  • Too much about race

    This show starts out most days with a lecture on latinos or african american injustices. Blame the white people for the world's problems. If I wanted a political show on racism I'd watch it. I don't want to see this every day. I hope you continue to lose viewers. I switched to CBS the Talk. I do not like the View at all anymore. You took and enjoyable show and ruined it. Can't believe someone gets paid to make such a mess out of a show.
  • Rosie O. is slipping

    Rosie O. seems to have lost her magic for keeping a audience entertained. Her views are loud and harsh, and she needs to realize that not everyone shares them.
  • The comments today are alarming

    The show today, despite touting peaceful protest, I heard to be inciting violence. I am alarmed at the anti-police rhetoric! I have not heard anyone in these highly publicized cases explain exactly what they expect police officers to do when confronted with violence or when they are attempting to apprehend those who share your disdain for laws and the safety of the public. What I see is a police officer doing their job being slandered and a criminal who attacked a police officer being touted as a saint! Why did all the news media cut out when the prosecutor began detailing the evidence! I wanted to hear the details, but apparently no one in media wants to get the whole story. . . the evidence presented to the jurors doesn't incite the demonstrations they want to pump their breaking news . . .
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