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The View

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    She does not belong on The View. That hair and make-up, especially the hair, are so freakish. My stomach constricts every time I see her. Last week she was off for a day and I happened to tune in, hoping she was GONE. But no.

    Then that woman who "prays" on issues. She can go also.

    I don't know what Sunni Hostin is doing on The View. She is several notches above most of the others. I hope they are paying her a lot of money.

    What has happened to "The View? It is a far cry from the show Barbara Walters created.

  • a panel change-up

    I would like to see 4 female republicans and Whoopi one day instead of the lop-sided panel it is now. No one that has anything to say other than what Whoopi or Joy like, ever gets a chance to get one sentence out. The panel is so one-sided that I don't really enjoy the show anymore. Maybe you could do a new line up one day a week until the election. WHY did you get rid of Nicole Wallace???? Worse decision you have made. At least she had a brain.
  • Hypocritical cast and racist show

    It was great on an earlier show how Jedediah Bila spoke up against the liberals. When Sonny Hostin compared Trump to Hitler and said that Trump wanting border security is like Hitler's extermination of the Jews, which is a totally stupid statement, Jedediah Bila spoke up and told Sonny, that you can't compare the two, and sarcastic Sonny said, "I just did. Sonny is racist toward whites and she is VERY sarcastic. She is so arrogant and acts like she is perfect. Also, she constantly puffs out her lips when showing disapproval or even when she is just listening. What's with that Sonny?

    Paula has a little more courage when Whoopi isn't there to bully and intimidate her. Whoopi is a very angry person and racist towards whites. Every View show has a very negative commentary about the Republicans especially against Trump, mocking and ridiculing him, now calling him Hitler, while they defend everything about Hillary. I know Trump has made stupid comments, but the cast goes overboard with their rudeness and mockery. It is a very liberal and onesided show, and the producers should have equal representation of both liberals and conservatives. It would make for more interesting conversation between the cast,

    It is so nice when Whoopi isn't there to bully people and act like her opinion is the only one that matters.

    Michelle Collins makes venomous statements against people she doesn't like. Today when Jedediah was speaking against Trump, Whoopi said to let her talk. Then when Jedediah starting speaking against Hillary, Whoopie cut her off and went on a rant about something else. Whoopi is a terrible person.

    Candace says she is a Christian, but she dresses and dances very provacatively, I wonder what the pastor of her church thinks of her sexpot actions.


    I've been sucked in to your POS show for awhile, (only because it follows Kelly and Michael). I get so mad watch your show, I decided today I have better things to do than watch you all. The most Racist Show ever!!! Raven and Whoopi are always crying "poor me, poor me" I think they hate white people not to mention hating men! Politics, Crazy!!! Candace and her religious beliefs, She put me over the edge today with "JESUS SAVES, BRO" And Joy, she can't get along with anyone. Just a BITCH. Paula, I love her, you need more like her.. Don from Seattle
  • Paula Faris was great today! 10

    Paula finally said something many of us who watched think of everyday, quit being biased and treat guest and different ideas with respect. Paula, you hit the mark when you said the show is not equal to all (Ben Carson March 24). What a boorish display by the racist, yes racist Whoppi (she needs to go, she is a bully, disrespectful, and please clean up), Joy is terrible with her liberal agenda and sarcasm, Raven, very immature and really can't even speak properly, Sunni, she is so biased in favor of blacks is pathetic; yes Latina girl you are.

    Paula is the only person I tolerate, unfortunately she doesn't or won't speak up against these biased angry women.

    Whoppi must go! Joy too must go!

    Paula thank you for being the voice of reason and moderation. My rating of ten is only for Paula, the rest get a 1 at best.
  • Donald Trump

    You are only seeing this nation from your rich pedestal. How many presidents have used 'Executive Decision' to make laws that are NOT passing thru Congress? Are you accepting because he is black? He has opened America to illegal aliens. They are sucking this country dry! Free prmary education & now free college but Americans still have to pay. Welfare & food stamps. Free medical we are required to pay for. If you made $10 an hour you might understand our anger. Obama has sold us out & given our country away. When I lived in the middle east, we lived (or died or were imprisoned) by their laws, period. Answer all this or leave as you have promised.
  • Porn Fetish

    I have never written a anything because normally I just don't care, however today I was honestly shocked. Raven talked about porn being good because it lets you enjoy your fetishes well there are all kinds and some are child porn. I can not in all honesty watch someone that is ok with this
  • review of the view

    first of all I am 79 yrs young and have lived thru most of what they view and its really laughable, Raven should not even be on the show at all and they have to get a more mature panel with some intelligence that knows somewhat of the things they discuss when Barbara left so did the class of the show. They should just cancel the show and bring on a more informative and believable show with people that are respected for their intellect like Barbara rate a 1 for this pathetic show only because it won't go thru if i don't click on a square

  • Horrible show

    These women are so annoying. They trash Mr Trump all the time but the problem is MOST of them on the show are RACIST, starting with that hag whoopie. Nobody needs to hear all that negative nonsense all the time. Get rid of that show !!!!
  • Misguided Views

    It would be great if the View included well-informed hosts. Politically (though the viewers below seem to think that the show is completely liberal) The View has Candace who is a tea-party, religious-right republican, Jedediah Bilo who is republican, Raven claims she is a libertarian, green-party person, Paula is republican and Joy and Whoopie are liberal. So that's even handed. I see the comments here disagree with me, but I am pleased that Joy is back. She is funny, warm, articulate and certainly is intelligent. I enjoyed Nicole Wallace and was so sorry to see her go--I'd like her to come back and then add a Dee Dee Myers type individual to offset both views. I'd like to see Whoopie leave--it's time. She becomes preachy and hostile and then dominates the conversation. Candace and Raven are unfortunately the two least informed individuals and they should go, along with the tall woman who interrupts everyone constantly. I miss the days of Meredith Viera, Joy, Barbara and Lisa Ling. While I know that our government has become so dramatically partisan, does The View have to reflect that too?! I would like The View to appeal to the best in people, to use their 'female voice' to approach topics intelligently and hope and wish the comments and opinions listed here reflect that as well. Statistics do still show that most of us are middle-of-the-road. In my opinion, the View should reflect THAT majority. I would love it if The View reflected the intelligent audience that understand the value of hearing all sides to every issue prior to determining a side and continue to invite individuals that not everyone feels reflect all of their views all of the time. I agree with many of the people listed here that the birthday and shower shows are very self-serving and overall, pretty boring for the audience. I believe that this program should either work harder to appeal to a 'higher' audience--the best in women (since it's geared to women) that seeks to improve their knowledge or The View will continue to attempt to get the attention of the 'Kardashion/lowest form of not-what-women-should-aspire-to-be thus bringing out the very worst in us (that type of show is all-to-plentiful on TV) If the View's producer's don't act quickly and improve this show, the show should be cancelled.
  • The View has got to go!!!

    If not the show to go then change the title since the View does not represent the views of many people!!! Change it to My View is the only that counts!!! When Barbara was on the show, it had class. That has gone down hill ever since. Why Joy was brought back is beyond my understanding. Out of everyone, she is the most obnoxious, opinionated and misinformed. It is no longer entertaining or informative. Their facts are distorted to represent their own personal views in a big way!!!! They are insulting to many guests who do not live by their values. It has lasted only because there is no competition in that time slot. I turn it off and watch DVR shows of better quality. I use to be a big fan but that is no longer. The hosts are clueless on hot topics. Paula Faris is the only redeeming member and she is often "shut out" or "shut up" by the other hosts. Just had to have my say!!!!
  • Was beyond bored today. Get rid of the birthday celebrations.

    Well, all I see on here are complaints, yet we still continue to watch, don't we. So I'll add to the complaint session.

    I really wish the show would eliminate Stacey London. She comes on to sell stuff for the most part. People scream and shout like they are on the old Oprah show getting freebie gifts. They are not free gifts. They are selling you something!I hate this segment. There's enough commercials without taking ten minutes of the show to sell stuff.

    And what is up with Candace and her orange spray-tanned face? It looks AWFUL! And that revolting face color doesn't work with her hair. She looks like Trump. She is such a hypocrite. I agree with what this person said. When the opportunity for $$$ came her way, Candace had to take it and has not looked back. As soon as I hear her obnoxious sounding hypocriticial voice, I have to turn off the show.

    I do love Whoopie, Joy and Raven however.
  • No More Birthday or Baby Shower Shows!!

    These shows are sooo boring and cringeworthy. Why have a baby shower show for a fill in presenter??? Makes no sense, not to mention that is not what I consider entertainment, nor do I consider Candace's b-day celebration entertainment. Who cares that it's this goody goody religious whacko's b-day? Wish her a happy b-day, have a cake when the show is over but I'm not interested.
  • Hillary Clinton... shameful

    Hillary Clinton..... please... can't you find a better guest than her... she is an embarrassment... i had to turn the show off... couldn't take seeing a bunch of catty women going on and on..
  • Disturbed beyond Belief

    Where are the hard hitting questions for Hillary Clinton???? Where are the looks of disgust and the eye rolls and the sighs. Seems to me that the treatment for Republicans and Democrats are not "FAIR" as has been stated in the past. What a joke. Also where are the rude interruptions to the guest ? Seems like this is a cake walk interview. Baby pics and oohs and awws . Very different mood today.

  • Trump compared to Sanders

    it pains me to hear even Joy comparing Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump . Bernie Sanders can back himself up on everything that he says every time he says. he has a plan he can explain himself every time he mentions his plans. He can show you how he will help the economy. And what his results will be if he does it his way. Donald Trump is all talk. He has really no plan except for helping himself look good. I can almost guarantee you that every move Donald Trump makes he will be putting money into his own pocket one way or another. Sanders is very selfless he wants to help others. please ladies look into this further I almost cried when I heard you compare Sanders to Trump.
  • In the Gutter

    Very difficult to sit thru 5 minutes of this show anymore... They have no respect for humans and they pass along unsupported opinions. PLEASE pull the 30 minutes of political rudeness and life-lessons on how we should think. We have a mind where we can conclude our own directions. It has went down-hill since Barbra Walters no longer appears to keep this panel in-line.
  • Guests

    Do they have to pay their audience to come in to watch their show?
  • Hosts

    They need hosts. They need some spunk. It's boring.

    Candace has no personality. Actually they all suck.

  • Refuse to watch

    As soon as the view comes on, my tv goes off! I have lost all respect I ever had for Raven and whoopi! Years ago I enjoyed the discussions, there were women I could relate too! The show has become way too one sided and liberal, the "discussions" have turned into bashing people who do not agree with "the view" I cannot stand the show anymore! It would be nice to get a different staff or stop discussing people and focus more on ideas! I would rather not support a show that sits around and talks low of others! I say find something more productive to do with the time on air!!
  • One-sided, Judgemental Show

    No longer a fan of The View. It has become a show that is continuously interrupting guest that do not agree with their views. Some of the ladies make remarks that are unprofessional, example is Joy when Trump won in some of the southern states, she said basically that all people in the south were racist. When anyone tries to say something nice about Donald Trump they are talked over or totally or shut down. This is no longer a show that discusses people's views. It has become a show to keep your mouth shut if you do not agree with me. I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but do believe that all people have the right to their opinion without being attack or someone and a finger being shaken at them. I say do not ask someone opinion if you are not willing to listen to what they have to say. I am aware this is also ABC opinion that is being given by these women. I no watch Amazon if there is nothing on other channels I want to watch. I am very disappointed in ABC for allowing some of the things that are said on this show. Whoppi and Joy both are not the best representation of women today. I rated the show a 1 only because there was no zero.
  • Gang Banging Ben Carson

    Whenever Ben Carson tried to respond to questions the "hosts" would cut short his responses or deem them as lies or wrong feelings or observations. This latest group of "host" has lost its objectivity and no matter how strongly they may feel personally or professionally about a topic they cannot seem to act with the professionalism they expect and want. Unfairly Whoopi throws out accusations as if they are statements of fact and Ben Carson explains to Whoopi what HE knows of Donald Trump and what HE PERSONALLY feels and knows what the real Donald Trump is about and because she cannot accept that answer she gets physically and verbally upset. Why would anyone who doesn't agree with the Gang of Hateful and Disdain Filled Hosts ever want to go on this show!

    A little too late at the end of the show this question was actually brought up! Once again Whoppi got upset and loud "wagged her finger" in denial that they acted that way.

    This show needs to be revamped or axed!
  • Joy Whoopie and Sunny need to go

    These women are nasty look on Joys face the hatred that comes out on her face and she thinks she is better is also horrible She is also BORING She has no happened to you? Why do you hate us white people that made you wealthy also you are always bitching about paying so much taxes then why do you vote Democrat that gives all your $$$$$$$$$$$$ to the poor not only is there poor black folk there is also poor White folk. My husband makes good $$$ we are tired of the government taking it all and you have no clue about Obama care people have insurance on paper I know can't afford to use it. You need to go out in the real world and see for yourself before you say how great OBAMACARE is. Stupid clueless women!!!
  • Sunni

    I thought I wish they'd give her the full time gig... I like Paula but feel sorry for her and wonder why she stays there while being cut off, now we know.. She can't

    Take a compliment and slams those who try to agree with her..

    Then tries blasting with how great everyone on panel is and how

    close she and Whoopie maybe she is playing on the

    Audience as has been accused of.... Fake!! But.. If u look at her twitter page anyone

    who tries to "defend her" or Ayyy, her she becomes almost

    beligerant... It's like Wow, why does anyone try to defend you..

    New opinion regarding Sunni as of 3/24/16

    I truly thought she'd b a great addition.. But realize after today

    She's a follower.. No matter if Whoopies ripping a guest apart

    Or fellow co-host Sunni's with her.. Yet when Whoopie is not there

    Sunni has her own opinion as well as a different opinion.. Even

    Chimed in with Whoopie against Dr Ben Carson after acknowledging

    She knew him at a personal level...

    I realize there have been a few times back Sunni tried to give

    Opposing opinion from Whoopie but after Whoopie ate her

    lunch she bk'd way dn and now is a follower.. Shame...

    I've never been a Raven fan and even though she's been what appeared

    Whoppie follower she appeared totally uncomfortable with Whoopies

    rant on glad she didn't chime in as Sunni

    and Joy did...

    You'd thought Joy wouldn't have been on the bully team but

    she's even scared of Whoopies rants.. Why can't all these women

    stand tall and together, Whoopie would probably bk dn. She's

    done so before with other strong personalities...

    Many agree Whoopies racist (sad since two white guys

    Totally accelerated her career).. But this not only hatred toward

    Race, co host and now guest.. Wow.. Sad.. I always thought highly of

    Whoopie til she showed her true colors on this show...

    I wonder at the end of this host and co host gig who will

    Increase in fame and who will see fame decrease.. Hatred is

    Hatred... I can't see other talk shows allowing they're panel

    to b so rude to guest...
  • Whoopi Should be FIRED

    It is a sad day for a publicly viewed program when the host of the program is obviously a racist. Whoopi Goldberg has not done any research or has any knowledge of Donald Trump and his actions. Donald Trump purchased, built several locations and opened them for fun and rest in Florida against local residents biases towards Blacks and Jews. This was published years ago before he ever ran for any political position. He refuses to treat anyone different regardless of races, creed, or color. Whoopi is clearly bias and this does not represent "The View" program favorably.
  • Headache

    The view needs to clean up who sits behind that table. These women are clueless on all their so called hot topics. And Whoopi you are the biggest racist. You call out all these people for being racists and can't even back it. And when someone tries to explain things to you, you won't let them even speak. This show needs to get off the air. I'm done watching.
  • Free Moving Services!!!!!

    I want to offer my services (for free!) to Joy Behar and to Whoopi Goldberg as they are big believers in give-aways!! Please have them contact me when Donald Trump becomes the President as I will be more than happy to help BOTH of them pack so they can leave this country that they SUPPOSEDLY love and they have threatened to do if Trump is elected President. And while they are at it, they can take some other people with them that share their RADICAL LIBERAL SOCIALIST views like Al Sharpton who preaches about OUTING (killing in black people language!) crackers (white people in black people language!!) and pigs (police officers in black people language!!), Rosey O'Donnell, Michael Moore, Bill Ayers (the unrepentant bomber of the Pentagon and the FIRST World Trade Center said he should have done more), George Clooney, Julia Roberts, etc. I'm sure we can get Donald Trump to offer up his Trump One airplane so we can put them ALL in at once and fly them to their own little island to live. Oh happy day!!!!
  • Enough Already

    Why the constant republican bashing and no mention of Hilary's FBI investigation???? If it was Donald Trump who was being investigated it would be an EVERYDAY discussion. Remember ladies, not everyone is a democrat.
  • Getting annoyed!!

    I have always enjoyed The View and the different perspectives of the ladies. It seems that now more then ever, they have become a lynch mob for those they don't agree with. Ladies, you have double standards. Was a time, and you still harshly criticize George Bush and everything he did. Yet, today I hear you defending Obama saying "He can't do anything right!" You have a great platform to model some diplomacy respect and tact. I am deeply saddened by the hostility you display on your program. You are as guilty as those you criticize. Just sayin!!
  • The View needs Review

    This show has become so racist and political. Used to love Whoopi but she's over the top lately. Let's draw some lines and shut her up. Joy is way too opinionated and half the time doesn't seem like she knows what's going on. Raven is a know it all bigot and talks way too much about gays and gay rights. Enough already, move to Canada! Good riddins! Let's chip in and help her pack. She acts like a spoiled brat. No one belongs on that show unless they are open to hear all views. They way they ripped into Dr. Ben Carson today was a disgrace. Loved him. Sorry he's not running anymore. That man knows more than all of you put together! They wouldn't even let him speak and when he did, Whoopi just shook her head or made stupid facial expressions. She's someone we should watch. Trump knows what's going on in the world. Is he rough around the edges, yes, but is a realist. Hillary is in a fantasy world when it comes to the terror going in in the world. Ask the mother of the soldier killed in Benghazi. What's happening with Hillarys emails. Everyone should watch One American News channel if you want the truth. But we will listen to all except Paula rant about the Republicans everyday. The leading democrat is. Liar. She'll do nothing for you if elected. I agree with Paula on today's show, if Donald Trump appeared , they racist ladies would attack him. Trump is right, the show is going downhill. Get new hosts and that might help.
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