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  • Here in Canada ...

    My apology for my posts automatically being placed at the top each time we add information that's coming our way up here.

    Yet another UPDATE: WE ARE INDEED FED UP ...

    I took a deep breath and watched The View today for as long as humanly tolerable, then it hit me. There will be no change in discussions in the near future and further, the truth will continue to be distorted Whoopie and the others chiming in that it was President Trumps' exclusive fault that the Obamacare repeal had not passed. In truth, the blame should fall on Paul Ryan. whose 7 years hidden work on a new healthcare plan came up short. As well, it was HIS failure to deliver support for the President to ensure the repeal bill would pass.

    In truth, the Democarats are calling for violence and resistance, willfully eroding the fabric of democracy in the USA. There is a much bigger picture here. All across America and Europe, pedophiles are being rounded up by an international sting operation, in colossal numbers as never seen before in the history of the world. Young children are being rescued from confinement in dog kennels and cages, having been raped by as many as 30 pedophiles a day. Why isn't this unbridled Satanism being discussed on The View ?

    My friends and I have are continually frustrated by The View women championing those who are actively trying to cause dissention. As mentioned, Democrats are openly calling for resistance and promoting violence, and the executives of The View are ENCOURAGING this dissension. It is obvious by now, that this program will continue to be used as a propaganda news outlet to keep the real truth from the public. It also makes one wonder, what connection does the top echelon at ABC have to hide ? Are they merely honest businessmen capitalizing on hot topics and innocent of any affiliation of wrong doing ? Just hardworking blokes putting food on the table for their families ? Are they friends of pedophiles ? Are they on Clintons' payroll for their services in thwarting the truth about goings' on in New York and Hollywood ? Are they friends of Obama and his 12 staff, planted two miles from the White House ? Speaking of dispicable, why is Hilary so frantic on the lecture circuit, talking about HER exclusive glass ceiling moments, which every woman experienced in the 50s and 60s ? What's happening with those dozen or more emails regarding Benghazi, erased from her computer and recently recovered by Wikileaks ? How about the 20% of uranium sold to Russia by HRC and millions paid to the Clinton Global Initiatives afterwards ? What did Obama mean when he accidentally open-miked a comment to a Russian representative saying " Tell Vladimir, there will be more flexibility after my (his) term ends " ? Until such time as these questions are answered, there will continue to be a push for violence, misleading news coverage and uninformed hysteria by folks that are spon-fed lies. People are increasingly lazy. They purport to know the real facts and slam others with a differnt opinion, but they won't spend the time to do their own investigation. They just rely on the news anchor, who is reading a script that was given them by someone in a postiion of power. So easily deceived, it's like shooting fish in a barrel and no wonder it is taking so long to unravel this mess.

    A year ago, i would have thought that these kinds of things were looney or science fiction. Sadly, they are not. Just look at the MOCA Gala YouTube video or Lady Gaga mooning over Marina Abramovic, naked and surrounding herself with weapons and inviting the public to kill her as art. Absolute craziness, and apparent that these people have nothing more exciting to do with thier money than to stage repulsive productions and buy and sell out Alex Jones, despite receiving death threats for talking about Pedogate, continues to uncover evidence. This is reality, and all the frustration experienced by me and my friends will not prevent the situation of ABC and ilk ignoring important investigations. As long as HRC and Bill Clinton are not charges with crimes of sedition, accepting bribes and dabbling in the occult, The View agenda will carry on as normal. We up here won't be hoping The View will change. The View we used to enjoy watching no longer exists and we will not be wasting our time, tuning in on the off chance, we might find glimpes of the past. That popular program, dear Ladies, has been discontinued.

    UPDATE: We finally found out from Wikileaks the likely reason for Stephen Colbert's desperate behaviour. Apparently, Colbert put together special episodes at Comedy Central at the request / order of Clinton Global Initiatives in 2013. Aside from this, his sister is Democratic Senator Elizabeth Colbert Busch, whose fundraiser was organized and supported by John and Tony Podesta.

    We came across several more interesting videos on YouTube. Two were posted by intelligent, hard working African American men. They responded to the digusting video of President Trump being assassinated by Snoop Dogg and addressed other vile comments by TI, a rapper. One man, Mind of Jamal, also asks the question of why displaced Muslim refugees are not given an offer of refuge from other Muslim countries. Why don't wealthy countires like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Qatar open their arms to their Muslim brothers ? Why aren't the supposedly intelligent hags on The View answering this question ? Why isn't the public demanding that their politicians answer this question ?

    Another crucial consideration for politicians evaluating the Muslim refugee situation, how can anyone contend with Islam, when 'Taquiyya', is not only allowed but sometimes obligatory. Taquiyya is the permitted form of lying by Muslims to non-believers.

    Related YouTube Videos:

    * The Real Reaason Snoop Dogg Hates President Trump: #Lavender video - a super bright, young African American man discussing the foolhardiness of African American youth paying any attention to Snoop Doggs' tirade.

    * President Trump vs. The Lying Media & Snoop Dogg - another personable, competent African American man speaks out.

    * #Pizzagate / #Pedogate The Unanswered Questions Documentary Part 1 - an overview of ongoing child abuse by elites.

    * Why Won't Muslim Nations Take In Muslim Refugees, Sunday Talk with Jamal - African American man asks important question

    We were very pleased that Dr. Phil had the courage last week to do an expose on human trafficking. We were more than pleased that he believed the stories of alleged horror and abuse perpetrated by celebrity and political elites on his guest, a victim named Kendall. We are continuing to pray that what is sown in darkness will be shouted from the rooftops and that foolish people will not be led by elites into civil war in America, as an attempt to stop investigations into their horrible crimes.

    ORIGINAL POSTING : My friends and I have been following the news of our southern neighbours, but these events are awful. The opinions on The View are actually treasonous, as are the producers, sponsors and shareholders who are encouraging this dissention. Now, we're gobsmacked at the latest news which shows a video of Loretta Lynch essentially calling for jihad on all Americans that are Republican, specifically calling for blood and death in the streets. This is nuts, as she works for your government and this video is supposedly OK with folks who hold Democrat ideology ? Just how sinister is the plot that is unravelling, to warrant civil war as a coverup ?

    We came upon some videos that are startling on YouTube, examples are Project Veritas and 'Clinton Cash '. Other videos that we came across on YouTube are listed below, # 5 actually frightened me (sorry, can't seem to add the links)

    !. Senate Democrats Video; Loretta Lynch calls for blood and death in the streets - against who ? ALL Republicans ?

    2. Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz :They are as guilty as the FBI, it's all a show, Trump will respond - includes an intelligent converstion by a panel who discuss Comeys' motives for statements, Hilarys' guilt and what measures Congress should take to stabilize the country

    3. 'Swedish Citizen Trump is Right About Sweden; Fake News fails Again' - Sweden man telling the truth about the overburdened situation in Sweden

    4. ' Trump Was Absolutely Right About Sweden; Where's the Fake News' - an American political reporter talking to BBC

    5. ' This Is What Happenend Last Night in Sweden ' - SHOCKING video showing thousands of refugees swarming over Eupopean countries.

  • Complain to the network let's get them canceled here's the link

    Got something to say to ABC about this sorry ass loser EXCUSE of a show? ABC . Com / feedback

    Go here to and pick I have an issue with this show. , And pick The View and fire away!
  • Bullies and Hypocrites

    You can write a note about issues you have with View, by going to the site. The fact that this show is still being televised is appalling. How much worse can this show get with its Far left and radical comments? Some of the cast are Anti American as they oppose American policies, like Legal Immigration. Secure borders, Keeping us safe, the 2nd Amendment . They never discuss the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens.

    It is terrible how the cast of The View viciously attacks Trump and the Republicans daily. Usually at least half of the show is about mocking, degrading, and attacking Trump. Whoopi grimaces and throws her arms around, gets sarcastic, angry and belligerent. Joy also has her daily attacks and tries to come up with whatever she can to degrade Trump. Sunny also, daily goes on her attacks against Trump. When Jedediah makes any kind of a positive point about Trump or Republicans, Whoopi and Joy cut her off and won't let her finish. When Jedediah agrees with them about a negative, they sit back and let her talk. It is appalling. They support Illegal immigration, of course most liberals do. Trump is already doing good things, but you will NOT hear about it on The View. They dwell on negatives, make up stuff, and believe fake news. Whoopi is an angry belligerent bully. Joy is also a bully. I can't believe that the producers let this nonsense continue. Also, notice how the audience always claps when Whoopi, Joy, or Sunny make a negative point about Trump. The audience is just as bad. Before the election, they would not say anything negative about Hillary. Whenever Jedediah brought up something about Hillary's email, Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation, Whoopi would quickly interrupt her and not let her finish. All of this is so appalling. I am watching The View much less now. I fast forward when Whoopi and Joy talk, and sometimes listen to what Jedediah has to say. Sometimes, I'm not too happy with her either. They should have a well balanced, Liberal and Conservative team. It would be much more interesting. Hope Whoopi moves to Canada. Get her offf.

  • Ashamed

    What a double standard there is with these crazies. They can say deplorable things about the president of the United States and Bill O'Reiley makes fun of a hairdo and he is the anti -Christ. Now Sunny runs off at the mouth again about all of her degrees. If she was such great a lawyer why is she now a hate spewer on a crap talk show. Guess what Whoopie you may have been a comedian at one point but now all you and Joy are old bitter has beens. Go away crap show.
  • the worse show in my opinion

    #1 i have to say Joy is the most evil, heartless, and selfish person i have ever seen on tv! she shows her colors so viciously and doesn't give her panel or guests a decent chance to explain their point on a subject she disagrees with... rude! #2 Woopi(pie) is the same but she totally thinks she knows it all, she should be the POTUS!lol #3 Sara agrees with them all!!! shes just annoying.... and #4 Jed sometimes tries to explain certain things, and maybe agree slightly on the republicans side, but Joy and Woopi(pie) go ballistic!!! i don't watch the show often, and hope someday it gets taken off the air.
  • The Best View Ever!!!!

    I've watch the View for years and Barbara Walters has finally got it right!!! I love the new cast and their opinions. I don't always agree with what they say, but its refreshing to hear other opinions. Keep it the way it is and the View will be on for many years to come. Thanks for being the View of many!!
  • Contact the Shows Sponsors and Boycott Their Products Until Change is Made!!

    This once great show has gone to the dogs. It is horrible!! So negative!! If you are as unhappy with this show as I am, contact 'The View's' sponsors and let them know that because they support the trash those women are spewing for the whole world to see, that you will no longer buy their products, I know I am. If enough of us stand up to these bullies and fight for what is right then maybe we can make a difference! Remember our future generation can see the hatred that is coming out of this show; is this really what we want our children to see? If we can take away their funding we might just see a change in tune. Let's start with their 'Apple and Eve' sponsered product, what do we have to lose? Nothing else has worked.

  • Sunny CRAZY

    I previously have said how Racist Whoopie and Joy are.. Nothing new just becoming more radical dly.. Dividing already divided country.. I do remember few yrs ago a non Obama supporter called him a name.. Whoopie came unglued spouting respect for our Pres even if didn't vote for him etc.. Yet she herself called Trump a "Fool" day after elected.. Now calls him "whats his name"..

    ABC execs have the same political opinions... Backed by Disney.. Complaints make them happy, more ppl watching for the controversy.. As far as Barbara Walters claiming she wants nothing to do with the way show is these her as Executive Producer.. I'd pull my name if I didn't really want to b associated.. But wait she does shows for ABC..

    I've been curious about this Christian, Lawyer, Former Prosecutor, married to a Physician. Sunny dly tells all her personal business and attempts being funny.. She even spouted she wears 34 DD bra.. Did anyone find odd this woman while dating now husband who didn't ans phone call from her one day, became stated she went to his and roommates apt, tore out phones and took to street to destroy.. Maybe insecure issues is why she reminds everyone dly just who she is, A LAWYER, A FORMER PROSECUTER and I'm married to a DOCTOR...

    She also talked about a nurse at hosp sent hubby home a cake and she threw In trash.. How humiliating for the nurse to hear on national TV.. I'm a nurse if we're screwing your husband we're not sending the family a cake! DAss That's a friendly gesture to the family of a Dr you work endless hours with..

    Then today says there's healthcare for under 100.00 mo if ppl would just look.. Really please give us the name of co. Oh wait if you question her you are a "basement troll"..

    Wow, and today Christian Hostin said Ppl use bible to stand behind to be bigots?? Surely a Christian even with diff views wouldn't say ppl use Bible to b Bigots..

    For a while I thought Jedediah Billa was trying show truth on ea side.. Lately she seems more interested in maintaining job so rarely gives a diff opinion except when Whoopi isn't on lost being controversial a long time ago.. Why wouldn't she, Whoopi, Joy and Sunni tear her to shreds.

    Sarah seems like a sweet girl who'll over laugh, joke and go with whatever leaders Joy and Whoopie say.. She's never relevant wanting maintain in the good graces of ABC..

  • Fire Whoopie & Joy

    Whoopie & Joy are ruining the show! They are bullies who act like they have some sort of mental illness.

    People are burnt out since this election and need some peace and healing. After watching these two old hags every single morning is the most depressing hour of my day. They need to both go or they will ruin the show, people are getting sick and tired of them, over opinionated, and act like children throwing a tantrum!

    Fire Joy and Whoopie and maybe this show could once again be interesting to watch..
  • The Emmy Nominations

    The View, Really?????????????????????????
  • Sad to be Leaving the View

    I am done with the negativity of the View, especially from Joy and Whoopi who I used to love watching. They have the opportunity to help heal this nation yet they constantly bully others who disagree with them and they promote division rather than try to heal it. I have watched the View for too many years to count and I sadly am taking it off my DVR list effective today. They were busy bashing all of the new appointments. It will never end while they sit at the table. Ironically, it is a perfect example of the bullying they preach against !!
  • Whoopie is unacceptable. Boycott ABC until they do something about "what's her name". WG

    What a pathetic old women for Whoopie to throw shade at Sara Gilbert from The Talk! That is coming from a woman with HATE, JEALOUSY, AND IGNORANCE in her heart. Sara G. Explained and apologized for mispronouncing names today on The Talk. So it's just not Trump she's rude to, it's anyone that pisses her off. The only people she praises is OJ. Simpson, Bill Crosby, Obama and I'll stretch it and say Bill Clinton.
  • Great commentary

    When I first watched years ago, thoughtful, knowledgeable women like Walters, Veiera and Behar made for intelligent viewing. The show devolved over years with people like Shepard and Raven. New members are now former lawyers, journalists etc. Although young, they, too, are knowledgeable (and classy). America is now in a political crisis and I tune in every day for a good dose of informed discussion. Some viewers prefer to ignore politics and choose to live in an alternate reality. Ignore them and keep up the good work!
  • Today show

    What a boring show to watch and listen on a doctors waiting room has had enough of political OPINIONS and that's all they are these boring women's opinions OMG cancel this dumb boring show

    the people on the View are vicious against our election process and our President . i think it is unsettling to have people preaching and trying to turn people against the way we elect our President and our officials. we should show more respect for the President and the United States of America
  • The View's "NEW" Cast-"The Fruitcakes from &#$$"

    These "Fruitcakes" really NEED to ADMIT that Donald Trump has definitely DONE SOMETHING!!!! If it wasn't for HIM, THEY would have absolutely NOTHING to TALK about!!!! "You go" Fruitcakes!!! . Please KEEP GOING!!!
  • FIRE Whoopie and Joy Soon To Save Your Show !!!

    My wife has watched the View for 19 years as a loyal FAN... BUT the EXTREME POLITICAL "HATE THE PRESIDENT" DAILY VENOM FROM THE LOUD MOUTHS OF WHOOPIE AND JOY is KILLING YOUR SHOW !!! Get these two sick mental cases OFF THE AIR !!! They are becoming the people WE HATE !
  • Bad TV .. The Worse .. Time to change the group .. NO MORE POLITICS

    Trump is our chosen president even if Joy or Whoopie won't accept that fact. Joy is so anti Trump she sickens me and I can't stomach watching her. It is like watching rosie o'donnell, who I can't stand. Whoopie is not as bad but still keeps me from watching. I don't know what the answer is, bit the Trump haters need to go if you want to bring up your ratings. A large number of people voted for Trump and you are losing them as an audience. It would much more entertaining if you stayed out of politics. It brings out too many emotions and people change the station very quickly and don't return to The View. GET RID IF JOY.
  • Bad Television

    This show is ridiculous. It's suppose to be or was when Barbara Walters was involved a diverse view from several women sitting around the table. Now it's a bunch of liberal women, misinformed and clearly no one has a different view. The comments made today, by Joy are so dumb. I truly can't watch this show again. ABC wake up!! This is bad television.

    This show has TOTALLY gone bad, Biased, ugly and hateful etc. How can ABC or anyone in the country support or watch such DISRESPECT for our president (as they often call him the man in the office and can't give him the respect all the people who didn't like Obama gave President Obama)..... TURN IT OFF AMERICA!!

    Joy, please get your story right! You stated "REMEMBER WHEN PRINCE CHARLES SAID HE WISHES HE WAS A TAMPON IN CAMILLA'S AREA" and then you backed it up again by stating he said "I WOULD

    LIKE TO BE A TAMPON IN YOUR" Those statements were NEVER said in that way!

    I looked it up as I was appalled by your reference of the statement as I had children in the room!

    This is what I found: The conversation was actually a private telephone conversation between Charles and Camilla that was LEAKED form inside sources. The conversation was of a sexual BANTER between them.. Charles said he wants to be inside her trousers and Camilla said what you want to turn into a pair

    of knickers? Oh you are going to come back as a pair of knickers or God forbid a Tampon just my luck!

    My luck it would be chucked down the lavatory and go on and on forever, Swirling around on top and never going down. They continued to banter back and forth but NEVER did Charles stated:

    HE WISHES HE WAS A TAMPON IN CAMILLAS' AREA" with Joy motioning to a female body part.

    Joy those were the FACTS and you should report them accurately if you are going to continue to this

    divisive spewing everyday at The Hot Topics Table! TIME FOR YOU TO RETIRE!
  • Cancel "THE VIEW"

    I've never written a review before and I don't watch "The View" on a regular basis but this is the most sickening show on TV. Today I tuned in and I have never seen so much hatred in one place. All I saw for 10 minutes was president bashing. It made me sick as an american and these women are just out of control. IS THERE ANYBODY IN CHARGE AT ABC? Are the powers that be so weak as to think this is what your viewers want? I will never watch another episode of this show. FUTHERMORE I WILL NOT WATCH ANY SHOW ON ABC for that matter... AS THEY CAN'T HANDLE OR BALANCE THEIR OWN HOUSE, SO I'M NOT GOING TO LET THEM INTO MINE..
  • The Hate Trump Show is more accurate

    I don't hate it for the fact the women don't like Trump. I hate it because the show is practically all about Trump. It just angers me to watch. I've even caught them lying on multiple occasions. Some people probably see this show as a NEWS sourse. They probably trust everything coming out of their mouths. I voted Trump but I'm not going to ignore anything he does that I don't agree with. The ladies on The View go above and beyond with their hatred. I'M JUST FED UP WITH THE SHOW. I'M DONE.
  • Make The View Great Again--lose Whoopi and Worthless Sarah

    Can't wait until Whoopi leaves as she is so overbearing. Sarah thinks she is cute but is as immature as Raven was and contributes very little. Joy is hilarious and the main reason i watch. I hope they bring back Barbara after Whoopi goes--even for a few days here and there. Same with Mario! And to those who don't remember Prince Charles and his comments about wanting to be a tampon in Camilla--it was a letter he wrote to her. So yes, Joy IS CORRECT.
  • Negativity

    It is so sad the negativity of this show. I am a stay at home mom and am just appalled. I refuse to watch it and immediately turn it off as it airs. This kind of behavior should not be allowed on morning daytime ABC tv. Take it off and put something more positive and enjoyable to watch.
  • Negative Nellies

    This is the most negative show on daytime tv. The hosts seem like they are absolutely miserable with their jobs and their lives. Stop watching! Not worth my time. Not everyone shares your views and shouldn't be bashed or yelled at because they don't agree with you. STOP with your pity partys. How is this show still on????? Any host that was worth watching has long moved on!!! I wonder why?


  • Only One View

    The ignorance, disrespect, one sidedness, and rudeness of these co hosts has only shown that they are not women with different views. Please, put someone on the show that can support other views. These hosts give women a bad name. I also find they set a bad example for young people by not referring to the President of United States as President Trump, regardless of their different views and values. As Joy, corrected Tomi Lahren, to refer to the past President as President Obama. I feel the hypocrisy is pretty evident. Immature and rude, my point made. Show needs a new name, Only One View.
  • Bummed out

    This show used to be one of my favorites! Joy has killed it, just cannot move on without jabs and negative comments on the current president, so sick of her! Can I just watch an episode without 1 comment on the President? We get it, Joys not a Fan, stop the Pity Party , there are so many other topics that can be debated and enjoyed by many! Barbara gone, so is the show
  • Thank you for being relevant

    I've started to watch "The View" again after years away. I'm not one for idle chitchat and I find the ladies' discussions riveting. In today's divisive political climate it's important to approach current events head on. A lot of Trumps's executive orders for instance are quite complicated and these women do a great job of dissecting them and making sure people have a good grasp of what is at stake . Not only are they fair but they have no problem admitting when they have missspoken which is actually quite rare. I think they strike the perfect balance between intellect, humour and poise. Even when they disagree with each other which they often do, you can tell that they still enjoy one another. I will take lively political discussion any day over boring talk about hair and nails.
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