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    Wow, I guess photos of Joy getting groped by Al Franken isn't an interesting topic. I guess photos of Joy grabbing Robin Williams' crotch, with Whoopi turning her head and laughing, are not interesting. In that photo, Billy Crystal seems taken aback and looks uncomfortable, but not these so-called ladies.

    Check out YouTube video, JOY BEHAR : HYPOCRITE GROPER. Google the photos, they will be on the Internet ... FOREVER. Let Joy explain those away. Oh, and Canada does not want Whoopi. She's crass and a bully.

    And don't forget to listen to their advice. Wear your Pussy hat, take your kids along and walk the streets. Don't forget to impede ambulances, and by all means, leave your garbage for someone else to clean up after you.

    I'm reading posts on this site about whose personality on the show is 'nicer' and who looks grouchy etc. And then it dawns on me. This show is about popularity, their views are not important based on merit, but what is the popular view of the panel and audience. Going further, not what politician can affect the most progress for the US economy, military decisions or job creation, but what politician comes across as most popular.

    Hilary using unsecured servers, allowing US citizens to be sacrificed in Bengazi. Those men were not members of the audiences' sons, so ; Who cares ? US uranium sold to Russia and 145 million dollars to Clinton Foundation. Who cares? Former US administration interference with foreign governments ? Promoting and funding radical violence. Who cares?

    Pedophiles in power in Hollywood and the US government. Who cares ?

    What hypocrites are on the panel ! AND THE ENTIRE INTERNET AND AUDIENCE OF THE VIEW KNOW OF JOYS' PHOTOS OF HER BEING GROPED AND HER BEING THE GROPER, YET THE VIEWERS PRATTLE ON ABOUT WHO HAS A SOUR FACE. If you are not part of the solution, then YOU are part of the problem.

    Photo of Joy being groped by Al Franken on Internet and she's laughing. Also, photos in New York Post of Franken grabbing breast and behind of self-described feminist Arianna Huffington. These 'ladies' are laughing at this smutty behavior. Talk about being dishonest with the folks that tune to listen to The View. Joy and others dictating how people should think and act and bullying those who disagree. Do as I say or else. Millions of women being influenced by the garbage views of these charlatans. They are disingenuous.

    A while ago 'Joy-less' was on Morning Joe promoting her new book, The Great Gasbag. Ironically, it's not about her, but it should be. She stated ," Because if you're a Trump supporter, there's something going on with you that I can't abide. It means that you don't care about women's issues".

    She's got more jam than Kraft. PHOTO ON INTERNET OF JOY LAUGHING AS SHE'S BEING GROPED BY SEN. AL FRANKEN AND JOY IN A PHOTO GRABBING ROBIN WILLIAMS' CROTCH (with Whoopi standing nearby with Billy Crystal). Can you be more brazen than that and pontificating about HER concern for women. She's obviously is a well-paid fraud, and now we know it. My bet is that her photos will not be discussed on the show. Oh no, better have a meeting with the powers that be and panel, and keep that hidden from their supporters since her behavior is indefensible. You do as I say, I'm privileged and I do what I want. They are in no position to be judge and jury over the men that are touted as sex offenders. Women in power coming to the defense of these men, " He didn't rape or grope me, so I think he's an OK guy ". What nonsense. Keep supporting these hags, dear audience. You are being played big time.

    Just as bad, Michelle Obama was saying the worst part of being in the White House was that she was a black woman, yet this notion was never uttered during the two terms of her husband. I assume Beyonce and JZ and other celebrities like Oprah helped make her time more bearable.

    YouTube videos:

    1. Soros' Formula for Killing America, A Brief Guide for Americans

    2. Anonymous - The Takedown of George Soros

    3. News article , " Soros Spent To Get Pot Legalized in US and Uruguay

    4. The Deleted Interview That George Soros Tried To Ban

    Ugly inside and out, Stephen Colbert ( whose sister is Democratic Senator Elizabeth Colbert Busch).

    ' Hanoi Jane' Fonda dissing your elected President and country. Many people might not be aware that Jane Fonda went to Communist North Vietnam in 1972 and mingled for two weeks with communist troops, who serenaded her with songs. She told American war correspondents she believed American POWs should be tried and executed for following orders to fight the communists in Vietnam. She said this while they were still captive. These POWS had endured torture, beatings and starvation at the hands of the North Vietnamese for years and her speaking out represented a danger for their survival. Fast forward 45 years, and pony-tailed Hanoi Jane is still front and center stage at the Emmy's raging against the USA. What a joke, and to think some still admire her. The American military who selflessly fight terrorism certainly have no respect for her.

    I don't give any credence to what these overpaid celebrities have to say. They are insulated against the chaos they promote. If the US dollar is indeed being threatened for replacement, I'm certain with one phone call to their accountant, they and their assets will depart the USA for other climes in a heartbeat. They can escape civil unrest, unlike the rest of us less fortunate. In the meantime, they can enjoy using the public as adoring puppets for their amusement.

    For a well-needed laugh, check out comedian Bill Burr's take on Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, funny and accurate.

  • Found more spine in a can of salmon!!!

    That was a crazy week! MLK day we found out Trump wouldn't be in office if MLK were here today, but not much mention of what MLK would say about Chicago, etc.. Pennywise Melonoggin called the prez a racist for reportedly saying that we don't want immigrants from "Sh*t Hole/House" countries and then she went on to explain how great it is for our Country to help these foreigners. If they're so great they need to stay right where they are and help their own.

    American tax payers and private charities have poured many billions of dollars into Haiti alone. All of these countries suffer from corrupt and brutal regimes. Few are tourist destinations and I wouldn't want to live in any of them, but Ms. Melonoggin would be more than welcome, IMO, to return that funky gourd anytime. We need to make sure our least are provided for before we continue to reeducate adult foreigners. Fact is, we have immigrant workers taking our most technical jobs with the excuse that Americans are not well enough educated (many must train replacements or lose job immediately). Even doctors are having to compete with immigrant labor whom are likely not as well educated abroad.

    If a foreigner called the USA a 'Sh*t Hole', I'd figure they meant it because of the lack of healthcare, much less affordable healthcare, along with a higher infant mortality rate than many third world countries (municipal hospital buyout is privatization). Or that the authoritative US government treats social ills as a crime and incarcerates nonviolent 'criminals' and the mentally ill to a degree that our mere 5% of the world population retains 25% of the worlds imprisoned. Or that socialism has silently crept into the fabric of our nation and this entitlement trap is set to crush those it was supposed to help, yet has greatly benefited those profiting from cheap labor (and left an entire generation competing with a higher rate of immigrant influx than population growth). And, IF, a foreigner said the USA is an 'asshole country', I'd figure that's why our embassies have barricades... If, on the other hand, someone called Baltimore or Detroit sh*t holes, it'd probably be the opinion of someone who lived there. Not a racist...

    Then we heard a full throated endorsement of legalized prostitution from Ms. Beastial and clear acknowledgment that Woopsie had previously supported this position. She even mentioned it would be beneficial to the guys who couldn't get 'lucky'. Where's the irony that this new 'Time's Up!' movement comes straight from the casting couch crew? Did the couch got a meter like a cab now? Guess that's a way to cut agents, courts and expensive lawyers out of the equation? Stay strong and speak out Mr. Sands, we know where this is coming from and whom they are.

    Then like the next day, Beastial was talking about family values. Is this the epitome of flippancy or just talking from both sides of your neck? If she could get lucky everyday and get paid for it (the wall hole slot), I bet she'd have been the best mama at bunny-ranch. I do think they're onto something though, 'cause 'Legalized Prostitution' sounds like an oxymoron to any guy no longer just 'the moron'. We could then begin by having women assume responsibility for their own bodies.

    Women demand legal control over their bodies and the "Freedom of Choice" option to conceive or not. The catch is that today most women (80%) do not believe in marriage. This makes pregnancy the TOTAL choice of the woman; so while a woman is in the decision phase of whether to have a child, the father should be given, by law, the choice of whether to opt in as a parent or not. If the woman chooses not to have a child or hide the pregnancy then it is wholly HER choice!

    There could be options provided by choice of the female if the man wants to have a child, but it would be clear that he was just with the wrong woman unless she chooses to bore a child for his sake. If she wants a child and he doesn't or he is not notified, then she has made the choice to have her OWN child. Women have many, many ways to prevent/abort pregnancy, yet men have one method which breaks and another easily subject to hornswogglin'. Women have a much higher college graduation rate than men, so put the big girl britches on and make a choice of whether YOU are ready to raise a child rather than suckering a guy into paying for you to. Maybe Ms. Melonoggin could get that on an app...

  • Megan McCain's needs disciplined

    I am so disappointed that Whoopi has not taken the opportunity to sit down with Megan McCain and speak with her about her behavior on the view. Megan behaves as if the whole world revolves around her and her only. She is rude, an interrupter, attempts to intimidate other guests and is just plain a spoiled little brat! When the other of the book about Trump was on the other day she attempted to corner him with a question about herself and positioning herself into the authors equation of his written work. She is a little bully with a big smart mouth that needs to be washed out with soap. Didn't anyone in her family, particularly her Mother, say "No" to this little girl, is her own family afraid of her? Megan will one day have a very rude awaking when she finds herself "persona non grata" at about everywhere in town except with the lowlife gutter self serving religious right conservatives who are really wolfs in sheep's clothing, they don't care about family values, they just hijacked the base into thinking they Megan to grow up and have some manners for others and tell her that the world does not evolve around her, her father or her family. She is becoming a true bore.
  • Meghan McCain is RUDE

    You can have views without being rude. The way Meghan McCain treated Senator Dick Durbin yesterday was horrible. She should have been fired, and if she were working in a normal company, she would have (at the very least) been reprimanded for her disrespectful manner. She has very little respect for anyone with views contrary to her own conservative values. I used to like this show and I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I miss Jedediah Bila. At least she had a consistent message and didn't act like a spoiled brat. Yes, I respect Senator John McCain, but his daughter needs to be disciplined and taken off the air as one of the hosts of The View. If Ms. McCain keeps acting like a spoiled brat who will not respect views that are not her own, I will stop watching. That is a shame, since the show was a good show. The producers need to have a stern word with Ms. McCain.
  • The View

    I'm not sure where the show is headed. This morning, one of the topics concerned abortion. As everyone gave their take it appears that Megan felt the need to express her deep feelings and personal belief. She continue with her personal drama and nonsense as to why she doesn't like talking about the topic on any topic with the group because of her strong belief on certain or particular controversial topics. This show ( The View) does not revolve around Megan's adamant opinions. She is just a child and has a lot of things in life to witness, go through and live out and LEARN as well. Therefore, Whoppie and Joy as senior on the show should point out on tv that this not the Megan show. The show is called The View. Meghan's feelings and personal opinions are to be voice but not allowed to interrupt any topic discussed. The fact of the matter is her feeling and personal beliefs are irrelevant and they do not matter.
  • Hate this show!!!

    This show is the worse show on TV.. This show should be taken off TV...
  • From My View...

    The View has, for the most part, allowed me to listen to diverse opinions of different people whether I agreed with them or not. It can be so informative. I felt I could more or less consider the source if I became highly aggravated with a cast member I believed may be too rude, too self-serving, or too over-powering in a conversation. I managed to "consider the source" pretty well over the many years The View has been on ABC.

    I am a fan of Senator McCain. I have not always agreed with him, but his earnest soft spoken way, intelligence, and his very obvious commitment to his country first has always allowed me to appreciate him even though our political party's differ. He is a true American who is decent and deserves our respect.

    There have been a number of cast members through the years that I hoped would disappear due to the fact that I could barely see a single redeeming quality in their opinions or their manners. I never wrote a protest regarding any of them.

    With a heavy heart, I am writing a protest about a cast member. The worst part of this protest is that it is against Sen. McCain's beloved daughter. She is rude. She whine's about how difficult it is for her to hold her own in the toxic environment in which she is forced to work. She rudely attacks guests. For a "new girl on the block" she monopolizes the conversation and interrupts her fellow cast members far too often.

    She acts like she is the Senator instead of her father. She is no Senator. All she seems to be is a spoiled brat whose father should have encouraged her to take a few courses in good manners.

    Why now? After all these years of watching The View do I choose to protest the hiring of this one individual after so many cast members of the past I found disagreeable? (Remember, I said I would just consider the source and move on?)

    I am objecting to Meghan McCain's presence on The View due to her constant glaring at her fellow cast mates, and guests with whom she disagrees, along with a number of recent guests who were video guests. I thought Ms. McCain was in her mid-twenties, so, I have been going on the premise that she was young and just had a lot to learn. Last week, I heard she was thirty-three! . By now, she should know much, much better. The glaring makes me physically sick. (I guess our President has managed to lower most of Americas' tolerance for bad behavior.

    Ms. McCains' ignorance, facial glaring, and self-righteous attitude toward Sen. Durbin today exemplified her inability to converse or ask a question as a professional. Her disgusting habit of glaring while Sen. Durbin spoke was apparent to all watching.

    If it was last week, when I didn't know her age, I may have written to encourage her to grow-up. Instead, I ask The View to have mercy on your viewers, and show Ms. McCain the door, there are too many people who need a job and are far more qualified, talented, and emotionally mature to professionally and beautifully represent the right on your show. The View has always been a show to help people see many sides and opinions. If personal rudeness, whining and bad manners are the order of the day, then it seems that The View is willingly adding it to the original agenda of expressing differing opinions. Please do not allow it to happen.
  • enough is enough

    after todays show I now know that your show is going down 2 big mouth speakers have suddenly sunk to a new the PRESIDENT got a clean bill of health your going after the they want him to find out something was wrong with ever happened to the great views they had about life and thing going on in every day ind of respect are they teaching this generation if they refer to our PRESIDENT as that guy in the white you know who.. people may not like whats going on in the white house but they still call him don't see him taking a knee at an event during the to go a different route and look into the seniors who cant afford their meds or eat a cat food meal because they have no money to live on or why they have to pay taxes for school when they have no children in why are the elderly being preyed on with why I scraped every penny I had to put my kida through college to better show a visa and boom your free of any taxes or education the poor slobs will pay for it in their of today I will no longer watch this disgraceful bigoted ,de moralizing show is whoopee going to keep her promise and move to Canada like she when will joy stop sulking because her boy toy didn't will they show respect for the COUNTRY that made them do they laugh all the way to the bank
  • A Disgrace!

    Watching the View is as bad as sitting during the National Anthem. Barbara Walters is ASHAMED to even comment on the show. I see these reviews are consistent so why is this show still on the air?? I appreciate all the comments.
  • Don't use MLK Jr for your own propaganda.

    Reasonable minded people of all faiths and color want solutions for all Americans. We may not agree on how to get there but I don't need the View to patronize me because I consider their moti to be politically motivated. You don't fool anyone.

    Never watch show anymore but caught it today and saw Megan be herself. I hope she stays strong and keeps telling her truth. Evidently truth hurts according to some of her bad reviews below. Takes courage to give intelligent points of view when all against you. We are all Americans and unity is what we need to rally behind. Not cheeky comments against a president they don't want to succeed. We all succeed if we can try and understand each other and promote unity. Truth is what we should all be willing to accept. It is not about one person but the unity of a loving country. Hope you can stay the course Megan. Can't say I will continue watching the show but much more interested now u are willing to speak your truth.

    They need more than one conservative view. They should have gotten rid of another lady on the show. So no change in this crap left wing show. Megan seems uncomfortable with this group of ladies and they with her. The problem is this group just wants to hate the President and disrespect him and the office of President. Put a fork in it! It's done. They aren't open to anything that isn't negative about this country and Mr Trump Presidency. Funny how they don't bring up any of the Topics regarding the DNC and Hillary collusion with Russians. Anything they can't use to prop up their point of view isn't discussed.

    The View is a disgrace. Their review of President speech is totally cherry picked. Continues to show me how destructive the left hates anyone that has a different point of view. That will twist America on the program so all who watch are suspicious of all things American promoted by the President. The Clintons were crooked but they aren't outraged with them. They criticize and critique every movement the Trumps make. How can people watch this crap.

    I care about Americans and getting onboard with the Preident to help every day Americans get a better future. The head honchos at the liberal networks will never win! False stories spread through your so called news organizations are transparent and you all look foolish. Poor ladies of the view why not go on the poor me book tour with can all stroke each other. It doesn't matter to anyone with a brain. You are all rediculous. Last time I looked Trump was pushing forward without media or Hollywood or trash talking by group thinkers. You aren't winning and shame on you for your crazy hurtful bs!

    Ok Disgraceful and no real consideration for bringing the country to a higher place. They are playing to their left wing base. Surprised that is enough to keep on the air. But nothing surprises me anymore. I thought the hatred and sour grapes would end but Media, Hollywood, late night talk shows, cable news besides Fox leaves a lot to be desired. We need to take our country back. I pray that happens going forward and Trump will be successful. His success is America's success. And he seems to be trying hard to do the best for all Americans. Shame on those that smear and throw roadblocks because their candidate didn't win. Clinton was not a Saint and Trump isn't the Devil. How spoiled to keep this nasty behavior going.

    I haven't watched for such a long time and came on here to see the latest reviews. Looks like nothing has changed. They are still part of the left wing hate machine. The anger and fake reporting is unbelievable. They are trying to convict the Trump Presidency on anything they hope will stick. Don't bother watching the show. They have no intention on changing. They are full of themselves and only care about others who agree with the hate machine. Free yourself. I have totally moved on! You should too!

    This is daytime programming. Sponsors did you catch that out of Whoopie. The whole joke totally inappropriate and just shows once again how unhinged Whoopie is. Then the politics start and the one sided commentary on Trump. Joy says she will continue to speak out for her viewers. Maybe she needs to get her own show with Whoopie on MSNBC. They say their news isn't fake. Pionocchio has nothin on you two. Sponsors ABC is not your friend here. Even Barbara Walters won't go on this mess. She can't blame Whoopie and Joy because they are friends but the show is a gisgrace for ABC and this time zone!

    Smart move for Candice! Get out while you can Candice. You are classier this program. You don't need to go down with the classless ship. And these horrible women tell so many lies and just want to scare Americans. Turn the show off. They are so angry and hyper. Depressing show.

    No respect for the viewers. Have turned to Fox programs who give Trump a chance and more fair and hopeful reporting. Watching this show is just a downer and classless. Give Trump the respect he deserves. Why won't these ladies talk about all that he is trying to correct in this country instead of scaring the country. So out of touch. I am more hopeful now for this country. And all those people in the audience who clapped for your twisted tastes of the news. Sponsors we won't buy if you continue supporting this divisive program

    Your candidate lost. None of your opinions are relevant anymore! Go away!!

    No one cares what you think! Your true colors are showing.

    Bimbos on the hate train. Move on ladies. Don't need these women to tell me what is American and acceptable. They hate Trump. He can do nothing right in their eyes and I am so grateful that he is moving forward in spite of their fanning the flames of dissension. The stock market has record highs. He is talking to candidates across the aisle to find the best people to help him straighten out America. There were 4 officers killed across America innocently doing their jobs today. So these so called know it alls can keep trying to make him look bad in his attempt to do good things for all Americans and yes I said ALL. It is interesting as I watch this show and MSNBC and CNN and other channels that pick and choose what they will report. They give half the facts and expect us to continually be fooled. I will boycott ABC programming and their sponsors because they just don't care about the viewer. Just read all the negative reviews from all those listed here and nothing has changed. I never wrote in this kind of venue before until I was so angered by these horrible one sided views and couldn't stand it any longer. They promote everything that doesn't allow for another point of view. Shame on ABC. I hope Trump will make sweeping changes everywhere and that good will grow for all struggling American. All these sore losers will finally get off their soap box and new programming with fresh faces and classy intelligent upbeat hosts to take over. Or just scrap this show all together.
  • Bringing hate to our Country!!!

    Joy should be terminated for bringing hatred to our great nation instead of bringing people together she is spreading hate. I have never seen one person hate another person like Joy hates our President of the United States Donald J Trump. I could understand if you want to speak your view because that is your job but spreading hate is pure evil. Joy I use to love you because you remind me of my mother but since Trump became President the way you have been representing yourself is a total disgrace to the show and the fans. Do your career a favor and bring the country together with your view. How can other Countries respect our president when he is constantly being put down by you and Whoopi. Also the way both of you treat Megan is appalling rolling your eyes and trying to make her look as if she is an idiot. She is part of your team even though she has a different view you should at least show her some respect she does not mock the two of you if she disagrees I guess that is the difference between someone with class and respect. I believe ratings will go back up if you quit trying to discrase our President. I was a fan of the show and I would rather pull out my finger nails than watch this show anymore.
  • Bullies and Hypocrites

    A few weeks ago, Joy had to retract the "fake news" message that she was so excited to announce a few days before, She did not apologize. Instead of taking any responsibility, they had to go on a rant about Trump. They said that Brian Ross "made a mistake". At least Meghan spoke up with good points. Also, when talking about Billy Bush and Trump, they refuse to mention anything about Bill Clinton's sexual assault behavior. Such hypocrites. Also, photos have come out of Joy groping Robin Williams. Notice that they mention nothing about the Kate Steinle case and how the ILLEGAL immigrant who killed her was found NOT guilty. The View does not want to touch that one, because they support ILLEGAL immigration and Sanctuary cities. Appalling.

    You can write a note about issues you have with The View, by going to the site. The fact that this show is still being televised is appalling. How much worse can this show get with its Far left and radical comments? Some of the cast are Anti American as they oppose American policies, like Legal Immigration. Secure borders, Keeping us safe, the 2nd Amendment . They never discuss the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens or violent protests by "The Left"

    They also NEVER discuss President Trump's accomplishments, and Yes, he has made many accomplishments since January.

    It's Great that Meghan McCain is now on The View. On her first day, already, Whoopi interrupted her and told her she is wrong about why Kaepernick took the knee. All of the cast except for Meghan supported disrespecting the National Anthem and The Flag. Sunny actually said that it is not "disrespectful". She said that her young son along with two other African Americans took the

    knee at their HS football game. Interesting how they support protesting yet they degraded Pence for protesting and leaving after the National Anthem.

    It is terrible how the cast of The View viciously attacks President Trump and the Republicans DAILY. Usually at least half of the show is about mocking, degrading, and attacking President Trump. Whoopi grimaces and throws her arms around, gets sarcastic, angry and belligerent. Joy also has her daily attacks and tries to come up with whatever she can to degrade Trump. Sunny also, DAILY goes on her attacks against Trump.

    Now they have Meghan, however it is still 4 unreasonable liberals against one Conservative. It is appalling. ABC should have better sense that that. Make it FAIR!

    Well here it is months after the new season. I can see why Meghan was chosen. She is a Rhino. She sometimes speaks up for Conservative values and policies, however, she also speaks against President Trump. The View producers need to get at least 2 True Conservatives who back Conservative values and policies.

  • Pot necklace

    Is whooping wearing a pot necklace
  • Horrible show!

    COMPLETE BS! All of them are haters and have done nothing in their lifes exept talking! All shows are the same and super boring. Nobody cares about these ladies opinion about politics. They have no knowledge about it anyway propaganda for uneducated Americans ( or /and illegal immigrants ) BS
  • Meaghan McCain has got to go

    Can't stand Meaghan. She thinks the world revolves around her. She pouts if people disagree with her and is so prissy. Get rid of her and her ultra conservative opinions and bring on Ana Navarro to replace her. At least she is open-minded.
  • Props to Megan / Disgraced by the rest

    This show has gone downhill and I can't believe that Joy and Whoopi have not been fired yet! Props to Megan McCain for staying true to herself and her VIEWS while being patronized and disrespected by the majority of the panel. It infuriates me to watch how Joy and Whoopi belittle her, roll their eyes, cut her off, and speak to her with such mockery. Whoopi is a racist and Joy and Sunny are her cheerleaders. The President has a name and you should use it. It makes me ashamed that these women are allowed to disrespect our leader and country on national television and be able to keep their jobs! Your positions allow a platform to educate our youth and be roll models for them. Your behavior is nothing that I would want my children to learn from. Such a disgrace. Stay strong Megan and I hope before you leave this pathetic show that you will put them in their place!! Enough is enough and you have the backbone and the intelligence to do it right. You my dear have earned my respect.
  • Thank you Megan McCain!

    I'm so sick of their smugness!! I find myself yelling at the TV, every once in a while, while getting ready for the day. They don't recognize any of your points. They don't let you finish. The stupid audience claps at everything they say, like a cult. You've just explained exactly how I feel, today. Bring back Hasselbeck to sit in with you!! Now THAT will be a show!


    Just IMAGINE you have HUNDREDS of journalists listening to EVERY word you speak

    and EVERY day you have THOUSANDS of people WATCH your EVERY move!

    Now play back just one day of yourself and I would bet that there will be things that

    people who view that play-back would find NEGATIVE things to talk about concerning you!

    I also BELIEVE that many would also talk about POSITIVE things they view concerning you!

    Are your arms tired yet from swinging that HAMMER against Trump and Conservatism?

    I used to get ANGRY listening to you but have now realized that your ANGER was the

    fuel to my anger!

    I then thought that ALL OF YOU are no more expert in all that you talk about with your

    NEGATIVITY and your comments than any of the rest of us and I wonder why people listen

    to you about the same HAMMER SWINGING topic of Trump 5 days a week?

    It has now been over a year and your VIEW is not going to change so maybe now think of your

    audience as I am sure many would admit that their heads hurt from that constant

    hammer swinging!

    The next time you look into a mirror ask yourselves if you are a PERFECT person and

    if your answer is NO then you have no right to constantly swing that HAMMER at others.

    HALF of the country does NOT agree with your narratives and I think you forget that!


    You might just HELP the country if you would just be POSITIVE and not DIVISIVE about

    the current political climate SOMETIMESI

    If you can't be POSITIVE then try NOT to be DIVISIVE!

    I think that you Ladies forget that we all VIEW you also with your daily HAMMER swinging.

    Whoopi what lesson are you providing by never using Trumps name?

    Joy what lesson are you providing by your constant belittlement?

    Sunny what lesson are you providing by bringing the conversation to all about you?

    Sarah what lesson are you providing with your look of confusion?

    Meghan, Stay to your stance and I applaud you as 4 against 1 is always difficult!

    I no longer allow you Ladies to get me angry! SMILE! JPD

  • Megan McCain!!!!!!!

    She is one angry person!!!!! I thought she was put on the show to give the converative view, not to be mean and nasty to the others on the panel!!!! She is full of so much hate for anyone who has a different point of view! Unless the person first says something nice about her dad!!!!! But that only lasts for a few minutes,then she is back to be being mean!!!!! She hates Joy so much, it's pathetic!!! If Joy says anything political or not she tries her best to jab her!!! She is so full of herself she thinks she is the only one who has a brain! Sorry, all she is doing is making herself look like a spoiled rich brat!!! And embarressing her father!!!

    She does not have the personality for that show or quiet frankly any show that gives both sides of the arguement!!!! Please get rid of her or talk to her ,tell her not everybody wants to see her meanest!!!! And people who have a different view than she does , does not mean they are not intelligent human beings and have a right to their view!!!!!!!
  • change the name of the show

    Name of the show should be changed to 'The Leftist view' because that is all we get. Use to enjoy this show when it wasn't everyday bashing the 'right'. I'm all for different opinions but this is clearly one sided only. You either go along with that or they cut you off.
  • Spreading hatred

    This show should be off the air. All they are doing is promoting HATRED. I wouldn't go to see any of these women even if the show was free. Hang in there Megan!!!

    It's funny how if you agree with a comment and try to add your vote, it sometimes won't go any higher.

  • Very Dissappointed!

    Joy is so pro Hillary! Just wondering if she is tied to any crimes Hillary may be tied to. How many parties etc.. has she attended of Hillary's? Maybe Joy needs to be investigated. Very interesting@ I suggest she be investigate Joy, don't cheer too fast! YOU and the democratic party will see very soon what scum Hilary Clinton really is! We can't wait to see your ugly face when their true criminal selves are revealed. Get your head out of your butt!!!!! Are you really that stupid! My gosh, what is your education level????? The only people watching this stupid show must be the entire population of New York and California. A bunch of Liberal idiots!

    They will only show up to a certain amount of likes. It would be many more. They are not allowing them to show up. When I reviewed some of the reviews written and liked some of the reviews, why wouldn't my vote show up? Wow! Could it be fake news from the Liberals??? Fake as usual??? Show the real votes, so fake!!!! I tested out the votes. If you vote against the liberals, your vote won't count many times. If you vote for the liberals, your vote will show up every time. FAKE! FAKE!

    You know, I really feel sorry for these women. So much hatred! Let's pray for our leaders. We can all do better by trying to be positive. Let's pray for these women, so maybe they can become more Christian and try to help the country come together instead of trying to drive everyone apart. I have come to the conclusion, all we can do is pray for mean and bitter people as these women. Please pray!!!!

    CNN finally got called out for their FAKE NEWS. Time for this idiotic show to be called out!!!! Please boycott!I Like the DNC View review. Good point! Please boycott all of these companies. Spread the word on Facebook and social media. Write the companies and tell them you will not buy their products. We need to stick together. Spread the word!. Anywhere you can! Boycott all of their sponsors.

    Turned this pathetic show on today, just to see how much the bitches were bashing our president. I had to laugh when ugly, disgusting Joy was hypothetically speaking about having an affair. HAHAHA I'm surprised any man would marry her and her big, fat mouth, much less think she would attract a man to have an affair. Now that is FUNNY! UGLY BITCH! She needs to marry Obama, the way she goes crazy over him. Maybe we need to start boycotting Disney World and Disney Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!Excuse me!!! The witches got last place!!!!! Let's hope this will encourae ABC? DISNEY to take them off the air!!!!!! Awww!!!! Too bad, The View did not win an Emmy!!! I wonder why not???? Maybe because they are EVIL!!!!!!! Ok. these disgusting women are ugly to everyone. EVIL bitches!

    Whoopi is the most disgusting looking woman I have ever seen. She is overweight and has the worst hair in America. With the money she makes, you would think she could afford to do her hair!! Joy has a double chin and blabs her fat mouth so much, it makes you cringe. These two old bats need to move on. They are disgusting and ugly as hell, inside and out. Really! ! She is I had to get on line to read everyone's comments. I do not watch this trash. Please read the comments I have posted in the past. These are the most racist women on TV. Joy and Whoppi It is easy for you to sit on tv and bash the president as you are making your millions. How can you relate to the average American woman? They are both so out of touch with middle class Americans. Why don't you try a positive. No one wants to listen to a bunch of old cackling hens. Wake up America. Stop watching this garbage. Continue to boycott shows like this! Stop watching ABC! These type of shows are put on by George Soros and the Elites!

    I want you to know I edit this review every so often and parts of it disappear sometimes. Don't watch this garbage! George Soros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please educate yourself by looking up this horrible man. Look him up on Youtube. LOVES WE ARE ARGUING ! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT! WOW i JUST WROTE A WHOLE PARAGRAGH ON George Soros and how he is driving this ! The View is staged and is purposely pitting people against one another through racism. My entire paragraph was erased. This is political corruption at it's Finest. Please look up George Soros! He is behind this media and wants people to go against one another. Please do your research and do not support media that pits people against one another. It is exactly what they want. We must educate ourselves and not support this kind of bullshit!

    These celebrities have no idea what mainstream Americans believe and think. Please boycott this kind of trash.


    The producers let this go on I assume because they are the Hollywood types who are Pres Trump haters also. Added June 2017. 28 Dec 2017 You mean this show is still on the air. HORRORS!!!!
  • Nothing but a bunch of cackling hens.

    This show is nothing but a bunch of liberal cackling uneducated hens. I can't believe people actually watch this show.
  • Blowhard Bayhar

    Couldnt resist commenting on Joy the bore Bayhar's adulation over reading fake news on the air concerning Trumps possible indictment . Lying on air , pushing a false narraative and looking like an utter fool which The View's views knee jerk reactions on the election only makes them look obstructionist , out of touch , infantile and standing by a crumbling party with no real direction . Loved it when she had to eat crow on air .
  • Deleted comments

    Wow someone doesn't like what you say and your post gets deleted. Do the hosts have access to delete remarks they dont like?????
  • A suggestion to the producer of The View and the cast of The View

    Look this is only 1 hr show and I like the entire cast. But kind of get sick of hearing Megans lengthy discussions and Sarah agreeing with Megan wasting the time in recaping what Megan. This takes up time from the show. Also rather than hear about toilet paper, playboy and the continuous segment discussions about the sexual misconduct which I totally agree with the ladies about is totally bad, I wish the show would go back to the discussions that Joy had about what is going on with Trump and the Russian investigation, the White House, the Flyn investigation and why the Republican Party is supporting Trump and is going after Mueller, This is important to America versus the folding of toilet paper. Look I like Megan but do get sick of her long dissertation on rationalizing her parties actions. Also the group wasting the programs time by talkiing about folding toilet paper, Also somewhat sick of hearing Sarah interrupting all the time. The show use to be an informative show and now it sounds like alot of ladies rehassing the same information over and over. Then there is the holiday gift section which seem to me to be a waste of the segments time. I suggest that if the View needs material, I suggest the producers and ladies view CNN or MSNBC etc to become informative. .Give Joy an opportunity to talk for a change instead of constantly interrupting her. Suggest each lady only be given so much time to talk and that no one interrupts the other or talks over the other person.

    In the midst of all the allegations of sexual harassment charges you respond to Ed Helms' answer as Dolly Parton being his favorite entertainer with "Oh, you're a Boob Man"! Would Kim Kardashian then make him an "ass man", Tina Turner a "leg man", or perhaps Dakota Fanning a "pedophile man". Perhaps Ed liked her singing and/or acting so one should refrain from jumping to conclusions and categorizing!
  • Unhappy with The View

    I used to look forward to watching The View until Megan McCain became a host. Now I watch is for a few minutes (maybe) but I always end up deleting after a few minutes or just delete a full week without turning it on. I may be alone in my feelings but I am going to delete my automatic taping of the show til you decide to get a new host. I've never written something like this about another show and I will miss the old The View.
  • The two old hags!


    Joy, Whoopi, and Sunny can't seem to find anything good to say about anyone except for Hilary Clinton. Whoopi knows everything and makes sure everyone else knows she knows everything. This woman does not even have a high school education and her college degrees are honorary! Joy has a college education but you would never know it by the way she sits there with her painted on lips and left hand perched on her hip while she tells the rest of us how ignorant we are for not believing the way she does. And, of course, we know about former prosecutor Sunny Hosten. She has to remind all of us of her illustrious career. Not everyone with a law degree possess common sense. Sara is marginally down to earth but she lets Whoopi run over her. Meghan McCain is the only one that comes through as a fair and intelligent person. I wish this show would get cancelled or at least find a panel that is more diverse and fair. I agree that President Trump is not all that great but Hilary Clinton would not have been any better. Why do these women not mention her lies and cheating?