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  • The D N C View

    If there are no advertisers there is no View. Boycott advertisers on the view and ABC. Contact these companies to advise them why they are being boycotted . Share on your social media. Here are a few that I am boycotting. Proctor & Gamble (P&G),Nabisco, KFC parent company PepsiCo & ABC parent company Disney. Spread the word . If these companies have a drop in sales they will do something. Today July 10,2017 on The View Trump supporter were called COWARDS.

    They need a stick and the one with the stick is the only one that can talk. If your view is different they drown you out interrupt won't let you talk. Just added Clorox and Hallmark to my boycott list.

    Shameful Disney .
  • So Sick of The View's Political spew

    As "objective" and "open-minded" that 4 of the women on the View claim to be, they absolutely represent a vicious and nasty political viewpoint that polarizes potential audiences who would rather watch a more harmonious and balanced program. The hosts + directors clearly lean hard hard left, with no tolerance for ANYONE who views the world or politics differently. Yet they preach how close-minded people in neutral positions, or on the right, are... a sad double standard, and the definition of HYPOCRISY. I tried watching one episode again recently, and couldn't make it past the 15 minute mark... So, never again. Either new show, or new hosts w/ balanced opinions please. Shame on the "deceptive" view.
  • Confused

    I'm not sure if it's the intention of the producers to have such arrogant and know it all women. I stopped watching when Elisabeth Hasselback was on until she left then I didn't watch when Raven Simone was on and now I can't watch with Jedidiah Bila. Sunny Hostin is hard to take as well with her condescending views and unrealistic judgement. I love Whoopie Joy and Sarah. Time for a changing of the panel.
  • Very Dissappointed!

    The only people watching this stupid show must be the entire population of New York and California. A bunch of Liberal idiots!

    They will only show up to a certain amount of likes. It would be many more. They are not allowing them to show up. When I reviewed some of the reviews written and liked some of the reviews, why wouldn't my vote show up? Wow! Could it be fake news from the Liberals??? Fake as usual??? Show the real votes, so fake!!!! I tested out the votes. If you vote against the liberals, your vote won't count many times. If you vote for the liberals, your vote will show up every time. FAKE! FAKE!

    You know, I really feel sorry for these women. So much hatred! Let's pray for our leaders. We can all do better by trying to be positive. Let's pray for these women, so maybe they can become more Christian and try to help the country come together instead of trying to drive everyone apart. I have come to the conclusion, all we can do is pray for mean and bitter people as these women. Please pray!!!!

    CNN finally got called out for their FAKE NEWS. Time for this idiotic show to be called out!!!! Please boycott!I Like the DNC View review. Good point! Please boycott all of these companies. Spread the word on Facebook and social media. Write the companies and tell them you will not buy their products. We need to stick together. Spread the word!. Anywhere you can! Boycott all of their sponsors.

    Turned this pathetic show on today, just to see how much the bitches were bashing our president. I had to laugh when ugly, disgusting Joy was hypothetically speaking about having an affair. HAHAHA I'm surprised any man would marry her and her big, fat mouth, much less think she would attract a man to have an affair. Now that is FUNNY! UGLY BITCH! She needs to marry Obama, the way she goes crazy over him. Maybe we need to start boycotting Disney World and Disney Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!Excuse me!!! The witches got last place!!!!! Let's hope this will encourae ABC? DISNEY to take them off the air!!!!!! Awww!!!! Too bad, The View did not win an Emmy!!! I wonder why not???? Maybe because they are EVIL!!!!!!! Ok. these disgusting women are ugly to everyone. EVIL bitches!

    Whoopi is the most disgusting looking woman I have ever seen. She is overweight and has the worst hair in America. With the money she makes, you would think she could afford to do her hair!! Joy has a double chin and blabs her fat mouth so much, it makes you cringe. These two old bats need to move on. They are disgusting and ugly as hell, inside and out. Really! ! She is I had to get on line to read everyone's comments. I do not watch this trash. Please read the comments I have posted in the past. These are the most racist women on TV. Joy and Whoppi It is easy for you to sit on tv and bash the president as you are making your millions. How can you relate to the average American woman? They are both so out of touch with middle class Americans. Why don't you try a positive. No one wants to listen to a bunch of old cackling hens. Wake up America. Stop watching this garbage. Continue to boycott shows like this! Stop watching ABC! These type of shows are put on by George Soros and the Elites!

    I want you to know I edit this review every so often and parts of it disappear sometimes. Don't watch this garbage! George Soros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please educate yourself by looking up this horrible man. Look him up on Youtube. LOVES WE ARE ARGUING ! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT! WOW i JUST WROTE A WHOLE PARAGRAGH ON George Soros and how he is driving this ! The View is staged and is purposely pitting people against one another through racism. My entire paragraph was erased. This is political corruption at it's Finest. Please look up George Soros! He is behind this media and wants people to go against one another. Please do your research and do not support media that pits people against one another. It is exactly what they want. We must educate ourselves and not support this kind of bullshit!

    These celebrities have no idea what mainstream Americans believe and think. Please boycott this kind of trash.

    Well my prayers were NOT answered! Whoopi just signed on for her 10th year contract.

    I was so hoping that she would leave and then some new blood could enter the show.

    So now we have to listen to her RUDENESS, BULLY RANTS and watch SPIT flying out of her mouth

    for ANOTHER year!





    So sad that the DISNEY Channel is part of this crap as I think WALT would turnover in his grave as he

    was all about bringing smiles to EVERYONES FACE and not just a select group of individuals!



    Whoopi BULLY! Sunny MY "STUFF" DON'T STINK! Joy UNHINGED! Sarah WHO?

    Jedediah DRANK "THEIR" KOOL AID! So very SAD! JPD

  • Barbara come back!!!!!

    I, too, stopped watching "The View" due to months and months of political bashing. Time to move on. The people voted him in. Get over it. Nice to see others feel the same way I have been feeling.
  • most un-american show on TV

    I urge all consumers to boycott any advertiser of this show. The hateful attacks on our president and his supporters are 100 x worse than what they are accusing him of. To compare our President to the taliban and Hitler is offensive to all the patriotic americans who support him. This president loves our country and wants to make it better for everyone. Whoopi and Joy want to divide our country and won't be satisfied until

    we have a civil war which is what their rhetoric is creating. Stop this Treason NOW!

  • Remove Paula from the View

    Paula is nothing but dead weight to the show. The other hosts are fine and I absolutely LOVE Whoopi. Surely with all the other VERY talented women out there, you can find someone who does not try to walk over the other's lines. She is second string at best. She just does not fit. She is just way to full of herself.
  • Sunny's lips

    What is going on with Sunny's lips? She sits there with her cheeks sucked in and lips pooched out while the other "hosts" talk. Is she trying to whistle? She does that and all sorts of movements with her mouth. Maybe she's just trying to get her money's worth out of her injections.

    It is so sad that these women are so prejudiced that they can't even respect the office of the President. For Whoopi to call him the "new guy" is so immature as well as disgusting. She doesn't like him. That's okay. We got it but please use his name while running him into the ground. And Joy with her Cheshire Cat smile every time she spews one of her one-liners. Stop for God's sake! You are not funny!

  • Show is for left wing haters. No respect for the office of President

    Disgraceful and no real consideration for bringing the country to a higher place. They are playing to their left wing base. Surprised that is enough to keep on the air. But nothing surprises me anymore. I thought the hatred and sour grapes would end but Media, Hollywood, late night talk shows, cable news besides Fox leaves a lot to be desired. We need to take our country back. I pray that happens going forward and Trump will be successful. His success is America's success. And he seems to be trying hard to do the best for all Americans. Shame on those that smear and throw roadblocks because their candidate didn't win. Clinton was not a Saint and Trump isn't the Devil. How spoiled to keep this nasty behavior going.

    I haven't watched for such a long time and came on here to see the latest reviews. Looks like nothing has changed. They are still part of the left wing hate machine. The anger and fake reporting is unbelievable. They are trying to convict the Trump Presidency on anything they hope will stick. Don't bother watching the show. They have no intention on changing. They are full of themselves and only care about others who agree with the hate machine. Free yourself. I have totally moved on! You should too!

    This is daytime programming. Sponsors did you catch that out of Whoopie. The whole joke totally inappropriate and just shows once again how unhinged Whoopie is. Then the politics start and the one sided commentary on Trump. Joy says she will continue to speak out for her viewers. Maybe she needs to get her own show with Whoopie on MSNBC. They say their news isn't fake. Pionocchio has nothin on you two. Sponsors ABC is not your friend here. Even Barbara Walters won't go on this mess. She can't blame Whoopie and Joy because they are friends but the show is a gisgrace for ABC and this time zone!

    Smart move for Candice! Get out while you can Candice. You are classier this program. You don't need to go down with the classless ship. And these horrible women tell so many lies and just want to scare Americans. Turn the show off. They are so angry and hyper. Depressing show.

    No respect for the viewers. Have turned to Fox programs who give Trump a chance and more fair and hopeful reporting. Watching this show is just a downer and classless. Give Trump the respect he deserves. Why won't these ladies talk about all that he is trying to correct in this country instead of scaring the country. So out of touch. I am more hopeful now for this country. And all those people in the audience who clapped for your twisted tastes of the news. Sponsors we won't buy if you continue supporting this divisive program

    Your candidate lost. None of your opinions are relevant anymore! Go away!!

    No one cares what you think! Your true colors are showing.

    Bimbos on the hate train. Move on ladies. Don't need these women to tell me what is American and acceptable. They hate Trump. He can do nothing right in their eyes and I am so grateful that he is moving forward in spite of their fanning the flames of dissension. The stock market has record highs. He is talking to candidates across the aisle to find the best people to help him straighten out America. There were 4 officers killed across America innocently doing their jobs today. So these so called know it alls can keep trying to make him look bad in his attempt to do good things for all Americans and yes I said ALL. It is interesting as I watch this show and MSNBC and CNN and other channels that pick and choose what they will report. They give half the facts and expect us to continually be fooled. I will boycott ABC programming and their sponsors because they just don't care about the viewer. Just read all the negative reviews from all those listed here and nothing has changed. I never wrote in this kind of venue before until I was so angered by these horrible one sided views and couldn't stand it any longer. They promote everything that doesn't allow for another point of view. Shame on ABC. I hope Trump will make sweeping changes everywhere and that good will grow for all struggling American. All these sore losers will finally get off their soap box and new programming with fresh faces and classy intelligent upbeat hosts to take over. Or just scrap this show all together.
  • What View

    I was turning channels this morning and got side tracked , ended up with the View on TV. I really was flabbergasted by the comments they were making. They are one sided and have no clue about military or how the military personnel feels. Have they been in the military and served this country honorably?? No!! So who are they to judge?! The women give the rest of us a bad name. I can't watch it, will not have it on in my home. Sorry excuses for women!!
  • Fast Forward

    I fast forward through the first 30 minutes of The View. I can ALMOST stomach that show. I wrote a letter to the Disney Corporation basically telling me them that this forum contradicts the family values that Disney has stood for all these many years and that a good majority of country doesn't ascribe to these women's views; but then when they recently honored Whoopie with another award, I realized that my letter probably was put through the shredder. What a bunch of rotten hypocrites!
  • GrowUp!

    What is the matter with the bitches/Whoopi who is trying to look young with that stupid looking hair and Joy who should stay retired! They all need to put on their GRANNY panties and accept to the fact Trump is the president and quit making this show about hate!!!!! The very same thing they are saying about Trump!!!! Talk about bullying that is what both of these ladies do to the people on the show. Aren't we supposed to teach our kids that it's not nice to bully other kids? I guess ABC are a bunch of bullies also, since they are allowing this to happen! My show of choice now is surely not the view anymore. I see homeless people that dress better than Whoopi, does she have bugs in her nasty hair????? Grow up ladies and act like you have some sense, canceling this show couldn't come soon enough! We need a better program on ABC! They are nothing but a bunch of hate mongers on that show period! I guess Whoopi and Joy wanted someone in the WhiteHouse that takes advantage of young girls/Bill Clinton, if Whoopi wants diversity than quit being racist. Whoopi has to have sex toys, look at her, who would want THAT!!! If this was a white person bashing the blacks, the white would be let go!!! That's the truth! So why is Whoopi so special? She is such a slob! Joy, I am embarrassed for you, you don't think Obummer messed up, by having the Obummer care having people to have such high deductibles, I my case a $4000.00 deductible! When we use to not have one. Joy are you really right in the head! You are not mentally stable, you or Whoopi are not stable! Go to Canada you guys so we don't have to look at whoopi' fat ass, and Joy thinking she is a a smart person, really! How did the Obummer administration work for you? You guys make enough money that high deductibles don't bother you. Also the tax cuts are going to benifit you guys because of what you make, so quit crying, jeez! I see the ratings for this show is going down, down, down! Maybe it will put you guys in unemployment line, we can only hope!!!!!!!!! We only make $50,000 a year! That is $4000.00 for each of us! Is the EPA going to take care of AIR heads like Whoopi and Joy! LOL! Maybe the execs are afraid of Whoopi also, just like the rest of the panel! This is the only reason this show is still on air! When I was watching 30 to 45 minutes was spent on talking about Trump! Maybe the ladies diapers need to be changed! You know how upset babies get when they sit in poopy diapers! LOL!!!!!! How about we all make a New Year Resolution and never watch the view again! Maybe then it will go away! Don't go away mad girls, just fricken go AWAY!!!! I quit watching the show a year ago, my sister keeps me informed. She too quit watching 2 weeks would the ladies of the view like to see their kids or grand babies laying dead or struggling to breath because of a chemical Attack! You ladies are soooo stupid and Hateful! If looking at the images of those little babies dead and others struggling to breathe or the father telling his twin babies bye because they died, if that wasn't enough to pull at your heart strings, then you ladies are cold hearted BITCHES! Whoopi how would you like to see your grandkids in that Position? They were innocent people and all you guys want to do is keep on Bashing! I don't watch it anymore, I get my info right here. I want to know why people keep watching this show, if people would quit watching, ratings will go down, then show will be cancelled! They are saying The View is out rating The Talk because of all the political rhetoric on the show, I myself do not believe that! It's only people that have heard about this crappie and want to see for their Self! Did anyone else see the bug that flew out of Whoopi's hair? I hope Megan Kelly's show out rates The View! WHOOPI AND JOY ARE SO FULL of crap, they said everybody is entitled to free speech, ha ha. But they forgot to say except on the View! Congrats to the Talk! Whoopee is not a good roll model for kids, didn't she admit she smokes Reeferr? It's just that making fun of Trump makes those cry baby asses feel better about Themselves! Poopie you said the President needs to speak everyone's language, really that came out of your Mouth! What about you and the view you only speak one language and that is to left Wingers! You are nothing but a hypocrit. So Poopie your complaining that Trumps budget plan will keep the richest Americans rich, what are you complaining about that would be you wouldn't It? You are so sickening, how much of your riches do you Donate? Poopie says a kind word can be Powerful! Really poopie, when do you ever say a kind Word? Oh my gosh, like I said before you are such a hypocrit!!!! To the ass hole women of the View, Trump is right terrorist are evil losers!! It seems like you guys praise all the evil is going on, oh wait, it is because you women are evil!!!! Sonny you say Trump should be above and not talk like that,Really and you guys should rise above your evilness, and not talk like you for. But I guess it is because your show needs ratings, to me your show should be for everyone also, but it is not! So you stupid bitches, you're so worried about global warming, do u ***s take Airplanes? They are on of the biggest polluters, do you drive Cars? So you really aren't concerned about it, you guys just want to bitch about anything Trump! Another thing if you bitches would shut your Mouth, that will help a whole lot with global Warming! LMAO!! I want to get sick everytimeI see Poopie's monkey face!!! Ann Coulter talks about all these famous people using big jets to travel, Obama one of the biggest offenders! I truly wish there was somehow a way to sue the producer of this show, for promoting hate and bullying! Maybe some outside force can show these ladies how to Act! Are you kidding me, that you guys are blaming Trump for the Shooting! Give me a Break! You guys are talking about rhetoric that is Spoken! You guys are the biggest haters of Trump! You need to stop, before more shootings A cure! But then again I don't think you guys care, reason being, it gives you a reason to bash Trump More! When people with mental problems watch your show, it just gets them fired up, you guys should be ashamed of your selves. To be personally honest, I think all of you on the show have mental problems!!!! By the way does anyone have a list of the sponsers? I bet if the cops stopped Poopie's car, they would smell marijuana, wait! That explains why Poopie's brain is almost gone!!!! Hey! Can we IMPEACH the View? Poopie is now ma king fun of Keith Urban and Nicole Kid man! It is called jealous poopie, she looks like Magilla Gorilla, now who would want to date a gorilla face!! TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO DEPLOY THE VIEW TO CANADA!!! Can we put the ladies of the View on the Jerry Springer show and have a good old fashion smack down between the ladies?
  • Ashamed

    Wow Bernie, complaining about people going after politicians families!!!! You are a hypocrite in the truest sense. Your poor little wife is being picked on and you have issue with that but The democrats, the liberal media, and Hollywood go after all of President Trump's family including an innocent kid. If you complain about the Republicans going after your wife you better stand up and say it is wrong for YOUR party to go after the Presidents family. It will never happen so grow up and put on your big boy pants.
  • Bernie

    Absolutely right Cheeky! Let's discuss Bernie's wife and her fraud charges! He's not one to throw stones! Lol
  • Baker in Supreme Court Gay Wedding Cake Show

    The View is horribly biased. It always is. It serves a specific agenda, but destroys anyone else who does when it does not align with them. I don't watch it on tv anymore. I only watch YouTube clips of the show to comment on. Here is a link to a FAIR assessment. When I post it it will remove the YouTube part of the address so just copy and paste this > oT6RoCYRhz8 after you type the first http etc. and watch how this guy balances this argument out.
  • Don't quit the view!

    I like the view and DVR it so I never miss a show. When you get that many divas together there is always going to be an attempt be dominate with their views. I'm not crazy about Whoopi . She's crass and monopolizing. I like Paula and I think it's unfair she isn't pictured on the introduction and is only on Fridays. Replace Whoopi for her! I like the subject matter and I think the women's views on Trump are right on! They do their homework! I like the women and all they have to offer.
  • Whose view?

    I absolutely HATE these ignorant hating women. Are they STUPID? I could not care less what DJT or Jr. got cajoled into doing with Billy Bush or the Russian hire. WHO CARES? These people get PAID? Hillary beat her blackberry with a HAMMER. Bill stuck a cigar up some Monica's ***. They ignore THAT??? Barack is married to a MAN.
  • DISNEY complicit with hatred!

    DISNEY you've become a big disappointment with the programming lineup. Apparently liberalism has taken such a foothold in all of life's functionality there is no limit when enough is enough.

    For DISNEY to sell themselves as family entertainment on the small and large screen displays hypocrisy and blatant disrespect for half their audience. THE VIEW has a panel of nasty mouth judgemental hosts; the format is no longer informative because it uses repetitive hate every day.

    Whoopie lost objective thinking a long time ago. That Behar freak is insulting and just plain offensive each time she opens her mouth. Sunny is a follower, keep in line with the moderator in hopes of not losing her seat at the table. Toxic women. They take blessings for granted feeling their self righteous selves are above sorrow in their life. Shame on you. Shame on you thinking hate speech is the same as free speech.

    I am all for restoring the Un-American Act. It's called "unintended consequences" as these selfish so called celebrities can't keep their trap shut. Visits from the secret service have muzzled kathy griffin, madonna and nit wit pirate johnny depp. Time to shake down that rosie gal, mary louise streep and deniro. Let's not forget racist jesse williams from Disney's ABC Grey's Anatomy. He gives speeches about worthy black women and criticises whiteness in this country; and he thinks he isn't a racist. Yet he leaves his marriage and sniffs out whiteness. Hypocrisy you ass.

  • Feeling sorry for you all...

    Not that long ago even if you disliked someone you might say it and move on. It seems lately that this is a "hate" show, that's why I stopped watching, I really used to like Whoopi as a person and an actress and the rest of the girls are not hard to look at, except Joy. People should look deep inside and learn to like themselves with respect. Seems no one likes or respects themselves anymore with all the hate that is being spewed...
  • Tears to your heart

    It as a repeat, before the election

    it was before the election! That is the way the View was.

    Clicked on the View to see what their narrative would be today. I lasted about 30 seconds, and turned it off. Why would anyone watch the show when it is so negative. They may not support Trump and his family, but they need to support the office. Joy is so negative, and when she speaks, she looks to Goldberg for her approval. Please cancel the show! I remember way back when Sherri Shepard was getting married. Joy made sure she got the attention when she got married the same night, as Sherri. That is how much class she has. I used to like Whoopie, but since she has been on the show, she has become so negative. Why the producers don't take the show off, is beyond me. My rating is 0 although I had to rate the show a 1, they don't even deserve that.
  • Change the Channel

    I try and change the channel as quickly as possible when it comes on so the ratings system doesn't think I am watching this ! These ladies used to be entertaining, now all they do is get loud and confrontational about politics. Get over it - Really. We are all tired of their "View" of President Trump. Let's quit being mad and talk about something happy over our morning coffee.
  • Tears to my to my heart

    I just saw the episode where the mom who lived in a shelter w her 3 daughters & how Tyler Perry stepped in & contributed to their welfare by paying their rent for apt he got them for 2yrs & The View stepped in & furnished said apt & how moms on the sports team helped this woman get a job to help her help her family & I've got to tell you it MOVED ME TO TEARS. GREAT BIG MASSIVE TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY FACE. This only proves there are still a great many who care about others & go out of their way to do what they can. As Whoopie pointed "there but for the grace of God go I" Tyler Perry? I have always loved him,his soul,humor & heart. This mom & her daughters now have a fighting chance to hit the ground running. I, too, have had some major setbacks that changed my whole life,physically,financially & personally & there are many many many days I just want to give up & hope that the breath I take will be the last that I take In honesty I do want to persevere & take steps everyday even tho those steps hurt & are very hard to do(I had 94lb treelimb fall on my head/body that caused slew of injuries resulting in a slew of side effects from medicines I take to manage pain that just stare me in the face. ie;almost all my teeth falling out being the worst as people judge you so harshly,poorly,w/o knowing the hows or whys. I am not only petrified of dentists but don't have the $ to get them replaced so it's like a snowball rolling down a self esteem,laughter,smiles or love. all alone?What's the point then?So I basically hide out in my room just wishing the treelimb had done what it should've had that little boy not have found me the 1st day when it fell on me. Anyways. I don't want to get all involved about that. I just wanted to say how touched I was & how much I love your show. I went off subject for a moment) Sorry. Think I will go look at some clouds now so I can get inspired to finish my painting & better my mood from those thoughts I don't like having. The View Rocks. Keep on Keeping on...
  • Why do watch

    I read so many people who hate the show. I see some saying this is why they voted republican? Some say they aren't watching anymore. So my question is, if you dislike this show so much then why don't you just turn it off, turn the channel, in just turn off the tv? Not everyone shares each other's viewpoint. Whether it is the viewpoint of those on the show or one of you family members, friends, neighbors or coworkers. That's what makes us all different. Get over it. Don't watch it. There are a lot of people who do like the show. If they are talking about something I don't care for, I turn it off. As for talking about Trump. Well I don't like him, but I have never liked him even before he ran for office. I don't respect him and I think he is going to do more damage to the country than any good he could have done. That's my choice. Not anyone else's. Move on people.
  • Hate the View

    I'm glad to see all these other comments. I know I'm not the only one who is disgusted with the View!!!! I used to like Whoopie and now she has a one track mind. Whether you like Trump or not, her calling him the "new guy" all the time is so disrespectful. He is our President, whether you like it or not!!!! This show started out to be "the view", listening to different it should be called "the bash trump show"

    And then there is Joy, who is a big mouth have anything nice to say about anybody!!!!
  • The View apparently has only one view.

    Watching the View is as disappointing as listening to Rush. Their personal attacks are as distasteful as the Presidents. Disappointing. I enjoyed watching once upon a time.
  • Time To Change The Channel--WATCHIING NBC TODAY with KATHIE LEE and HODA, The Talk and etc.


    I agree with the reviews who are fed up with the whining and bulling from Whoopi and Joy and other co-host. Rudeness by over talking when someone states positive statements about President Trump.

    Today, Whoopi said she didn't believe what Jedidiah said during a discussion about guns.. Jedidiah showed professionalism and didn't insult Whoopi. Thank you Jedidiah for taking the HIGH ROAD.

    Daily behavior mostly from Whoopi or Joy is to talk over some or make rude comments insulting co-host and guess opinions.


    What an embarrassment for the United States, a TV talk show spends 30 minutes talking negative about our government.

    I'm sure US ENEMIES love watching The View.

    Plus the sad part is the disrespect for OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. When speaking about our PRESIDENT TRUMP everyone at The View should stop the name calling and start addressing him as President Trump.

    Wondering if SPONSERS agree with negative comments about President Trump including GOVERMENT ISSUES. If they do its time to stop purchasing products from these Sponsor's.

    WANNABES political news reporters Whoopi and Joy should considered working for shows that report daily news. I'm changing the channel and watching talk shows that don't encourage people to go against our government.

    Yes, everyone at the The View table should take some blame for the atmosphere of negativity in the US, including crimes.

    Change the atmosphere of The View to positive comments about our government. Suggestion leave the reporting to the news channels or leave The View for a news career.

  • GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!

    I hope Joy and Whoopi continue to call out that racist, demonic, satan trump for ALL of his attacks and childish behavior. satan trump has brought such shame and humiliation to the office of the President of the United States. I'm glad there's a team of SMART AND BRAVE WOMEN to come forward and set the record straight. PLEASE - please, to the women of THE VIEW, continue to stand strong and challenge every demonic and hateful person out there that's trying to silence good - decent folk like The View viewing family.
  • Who's View?

    I thought "the view" was about looking at a variety of subjects from all points of view, with some friendly debates.

    This has turned into Joy Behar and Whoopi bash Donald Trump while supposed intelligent women sit idly by with little to say.

    Barbara Walters should be ashamed!!

    Whether you voted Trump or not, allowing these women to bash the president of the . 5 days a week for an hour each day is UN AMERICAN!

    Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!
  • This is terrible.

    Their arguments don't make sense. They really don't understand free speech. This show is just terrible, they were talking about one of Donald's tweets from January. And put the term president way above than what it is, the president isn't the ruler of a country but the Chief Executive of a country.
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