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  • Hypocrites

    What hypocrites ! Photo of Joy being groped by Al Franken on Internet and she's laughing. Talk about being dishonest to the folks that tune to listen to their views, Joy dictating how people should think and act and bullying those who disagree. Do as I say or else. Millions of women being influenced by the garbage views of these charlatans. They are disingenuous. Keep supporting these hags, dear audience. You are being played big time.

    Just as bad, Michelle Obama was saying the worst part of being in the White House was that she was a black woman, yet this notion was never uttered during the two terms of her husband. I assume Beyonce and JZ and other celebrities like Oprah helped make her time more bearable.

    YouTube videos:

    1. Soros' Formula for Killing America, A Brief Guide for Americans

    2. Anonymous - The Takedown of George Soros

    3. News article , " Soros Spent To Get Pot Legalized in US and Uruguay

    4. The Deleted Interview That George Soros Tried To Ban

    Hosting the Emmy's was Stephen Colbert ( whose sister is Democratic Senator Elizabeth Colbert Busch). I suppressed my nausea for a moment and tuned in to see has-been Lily Tomlin and ' Hanoi Jane' Fonda dissing your elected President and country. Many people might not be aware that Jane Fonda went to Communist North Vietnam in 1972 and mingled for two weeks with communist troops, who serenaded her with songs. She told American war correspondents she believed American POWs should be tried and executed for following orders to fight the communists in Vietnam. She said this while they were still captive. These POWS had endured torture, beatings and starvation at the hands of the North Vietnamese for years and her speaking out represented a danger for their survival. Fast forward 45 years, and pony-tailed Hanoi Jane is still front and center stage at the Emmy's raging against the USA. What a joke, and to think some still admire her. The American military who selflessly fight terrorism certainly have no respect for her.

    I don't give any credence to what these overpaid celebrities have to say. They are insulated against the chaos they promote. If the US dollar is indeed being threatened for replacement, I'm certain with one phone call to their accountant, they and their assets will depart the USA for other climes in a heartbeat. They can escape civil unrest, unlike the rest of us less fortunate. In the meantime, they can enjoy using the public as adoring puppets for their amusement.

    For a well-needed laugh, check out comedian Bill Burr's take on Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, funny and accurate.

  • The D N C View

    Thanks Megan , someone that will not be bullied and holds there ground. Haters will hate bullies will bully

    IF four men behaved the way these women do when a male guests is there the men would be called out as sexist and bad manner . Why is there a double stander? These women would be the first to complain about there behaviour. If there are no advertisers there is no View. Boycott advertisers on the view and ABC. Contact these companies to advise them why they are being boycotted . Share on your social media. Here are a few that I am boycotting. Proctor & Gamble (P&G),Nabisco, KFC parent company PepsiCo & ABC parent company Disney. Spread the word . If these companies have a drop in sales they will do something. Today July 10,2017 on The View Trump supporter were called COWARDS.

    They need a stick and the one with the stick is the only one that can talk. If your view is different they drown you out interrupt won't let you talk. Just added Clorox and Hallmark to my boycott list.

    Shameful Disney .
  • Joy Behar is a HYPOCRITE!

    Has anyone else seen the photo of Joy Behar grabbing Robin Williams CROTCH? Google it, and low and behold, Whoopi is in the same photo. There is more than 1 photo of her with her hands on Robin Williams crotch. If that had been the other way around, just think what Joy would say about it. She would be such a victim. Nothing has been said about that yet. Check it our folks. I have deleted this show off my DVR, and will never watch this show again.

    OKAY, Joy of course was very SOFT with her comments on Al Franken! No SHOCK there!

    Even with accuser Leeann Tweeden sitting right next to her explaining what happened with the

    forceful kiss and Franken sticking his tongue into Leann's mouth and the disgusting picture with

    Franken positioning his hands on Leeann's chest and the constant badgering from Franken to

    rehearse a kissing scene we see Joy looking irritated at Leeann with no EMPATHY!

    You can also hear Whoopi in the back ground sighing under her breath.

    Then Joy tries to bring attacks on everyone else on the plane that was present when the picture

    of Franken and his HANDS were taken. Then Joy tries to position that photo as a PUBLICITY photo?

    Leann describes how someone drew devil horns, tail and pitchfork on the picture and Joy says

    NOTHING and just glares at Leeann!


    Thank God Meghan and Paula were there for support as even Sarah did not come to Leeann's

    defense and stated that it was a DIFFERENT DEGREE of action?

    Then Franken sends Leeann an apology letter and Whoopi tries to shift the subject that if Leeann

    accepts his apology then everyone else should also and that gives Franken a pass NOT to step down?


    REMEMBER Leeann then had to endure a full two weeks with Franken next to her on that USO Tour!

    And then of course Joy puts her focus back on Trump and his accusers to deflect away

    what happened to Leeann as she is sitting right next to her!


    We all need to realize that there is something very DARK and DISTURBING about Franken as

    this is not NORMAL behavior and should NEVER be accepted by anyone onto another!

    The Ladies need to think about the PREMEDITATION against Leeann completed by Franken!

    My comments are just MY VIEW of what I viewed on The View Show!

  • Hillary Cheated and Russia is Pissed!!!

    All of this Russia crap started with Hillary's nation toppling fest that was allowed by Obama and implemented under the State Dept. How many countries have paid the price for the unrest and havoc begun with no real objective? This fact is being totally obfuscated by the same main stream media that originally made much copy on it from the, "We came, we saw, he died. -BwaHahahaHaaa!", to the 'Arab thing' that didn't smell like 'Irish Spring', to effing around in Russian territories.

    Crimea is more Russian than Puerto Rico is American; they speak the same language and Crimea has been a Russian naval base for over 300 years. What we were doing in Ukraine to stir unrest would not be tolerated in this hemisphere. In an attempt to free frozen assets, straighten the mess out and do business here in America, Russian money is flooding 'our' swamp in the form of hard (freshly minted?) currencies through the guise of free speech.

    I don't care what country posts on Facebook, that's why it's called the world wide web. To limit user content is a First Amendment issue and should be approached as such through congressional measure and not in closed hearing. Loss of content through censorship is an absolute loss of freedom. John McCain has said the biggest threat this country faces is social media, but then again he once supported ISIS. While transparency is unflappable, until abject power realizes its place we'll all suffer this continued tyranny of gracelessness and lack of empathy.

    Seizing the national assets of 'offending' countries is becoming commonplace and a win-win to our bureaucrats controlling the national assets of another country, but how does this affect our security? I know the rest of the world must be getting as wary of economic restitution that overtly enriches the state as we are. Do we need to pay over half of our tax dollars in support of a MIC with only 1.4 million active personnel to protect us from the actions perpetrated by our own government?

    Why don't we hear some good ideas on 'The View' like politicians contributing these millions and billions spent on campaigns towards the reduction of our national debt? I'd be far more impressed by a candidate who worked tireless hours raising money to offset the burden of my grandkids rather than adding to it.

    If Woopsie Mudbottom had half a brain, she'd get Beastial Behar to help her remove the Achilles heel of the African American by revealing that the private little word they love to embrace AND take umbrage to means nothing more than 'black'.

    It was funny watching all the women dance around the usage of the name of the Country 'Niger'. Some said 'ni-shear', or 'nee-share', others said 'nee-gare' or 'ni-jer'. The name of this country happens to be the origin of the word BLACK throughout Europe and Scandinavia and has been for thousands of years (oft spelled nigre, negro, etc). Fact is, Woopsie and Pennywise Hostile clearly felt a sense of empowerment as they looked at each other giggling like little schoolgirls over the ownership of the "N" word, and yet it is not what you're called that most blacks do not want to be associated with, it is the image of the whole...

    It may be fun now, but don't forget that that which angers you conquers you (at this point, if used against the collective self destruction may result). Many educated blacks do not want to be called black, because they know it has the same meaning as the word that has been pseudo-perverted. This private option usage seemingly correlates to how well blacks today empathize with the slave mentality, and how this profitable pity party never seems to run out of steam. Not hearing much complaint about the black guy who said blacks should keep to their own, but can imagine the outrage that would be shown at a white person proposing the same

    As I heard the Indian from India, of whom our Native Americans were intentionally misnamed for, speak about how they are not represented by our media; I thought of our Native peoples pushed from their land and kept on reservations never to have a voice again. BTW, many are more native than Pennywise is black...

    Women who make public allegations of impropriety by men of stature should be fully prepared to be sued if unable to prove their claims in criminal court. If not guilty, the person wrongfully accused should recover what has been lost through defamation.

    There's six months of bellyaching summed up in a single post. Apparently it is better to flap your gums in disgust than try to fix anything.

  • Please take Meghan off the show

    How could you get rid of Jedia and bring in Meghan? Jedia was the balance to the team. She did her homework and kept the team balanced and did it with professionalism.

    Meghan comes across SNOOTY,UPPITY and I do not like the DISRESPECT she shows towards Joy! She is not a good fit and does not seem to jell with the group. Whoopi who I love even seems to back off on her opinions and backs down to this new person. I have enough trouble with Sunny when she gets on her racist conversations-I turn the channel however Im not sure I will keep watching the show because of Meghan, she does not bring a balance or respect to the team or table.
  • Bullies and Hypocrites

    You can write a note about issues you have with The View, by going to the site. The fact that this show is still being televised is appalling. How much worse can this show get with its Far left and radical comments? Some of the cast are Anti American as they oppose American policies, like Legal Immigration. Secure borders, Keeping us safe, the 2nd Amendment . They never discuss the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens or violent protests by "The Left"

    They also NEVER discuss President Trump's accomplishments, and Yes, he has made many accomplishments since January.

    It's Great that Meghan McCain is now on The View. On her first day, already, Whoopi interrupted her and told her she is wrong about why Kaepernick took the knee. All of the cast except for Meghan supported disrespecting the National Anthem and The Flag. Sunny actually said that it is not "disrespectful". She said that her young son along with two other African Americans took the knee at their game this past weekend. Interesting how they support protesting yet they degraded Pence for protesting and leaving after the National Anthem.

    It is terrible how the cast of The View viciously attacks President Trump and the Republicans DAILY. Usually at least half of the show is about mocking, degrading, and attacking President Trump. Whoopi grimaces and throws her arms around, gets sarcastic, angry and belligerent. Joy also has her daily attacks and tries to come up with whatever she can to degrade Trump. Sunny also, DAILY goes on her attacks against Trump.

    Now they have Meghan, however it is still 4 unreasonable liberals against one Conservative. It is appalling. ABC should have better sense that that. Make it FAIR!

    Well here it is weeks after the new season. I can see why Meghan was chosen. She is a Rhino. She sometimes speaks up for Conservative values and policies, however, she also speaks against President Trump. The View producers need to get at least 2 True Conservatives who back Conservative values and policies.

  • Best Show On Television

    I LOVE SUNNY HOSTIN ! It brightens my day every time I see her share her view with everyone, so Greetings and Much Love for you from Rowland Heights, California. You should Bring Back Jedediah Bila *PSSSST MEGHANS GOTTA GO* - You are cool John McCain I like you .
  • Meaghan McCain sucks

    Meag han McCain is a total turn off. I used to watch this show all the time. Can't take her smart mouth we go again really sat down to watch the view this morning, Here she goes again. Why doesn't she go on Fox. Tired of this show turning it into a political show. It used be a fun show to watch. Not anymore!!!!!
  • Whoopi needs the bring it DOWN a notch

    I've always been an admirer of Whoopi but I've had it up to here with her demoralizing of Sunni. She speaks to Sunni like shes a child. It makes Whoopi look like a bully. I stopped watching it at one point because of this and then decided to watch it again to catch a guest that I wanted to see, and I'll be darn if Whoopi didn't attack Sunni again. You need to tone it down Whoopi. You may be the lead host but you look and sound like an idiot when you're so abusive to Sunni. I say move over and ley Joy take the reigns if you can't exhibit more self control.
  • Get rid of M. McCain PLEASE!!!!

    I never thought The view would/could get worse after they got rid of Jedediah , but to my surprise, it has! McCain has to be the most monotone, boring, stone-faced, thinks she knows everything, person on tv. I loved watching the show but just push myself to watch cause she really gets on my nerves. Tamar Braxton was the one on the Real Show and I wished they would get rid of it happened!!! Maybe this will work for me
  • Missing Jedediah!

    I don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. I am a citizen of this great country and when I believe politicians are right, I agree. And, when I think they are wrong, I disagree. We have become a country of too many and too specific labels.

    I liked Jedediah because she addressed each issue according to its merit -- not because of a party affiliation -- but because she believed that certain things were good for the country and others were not. Watching Ms. McCain is like watching the FOX news channel. She does not try to fit in with the show. She doesn't make comments -- each intervention is a 5-minute speech to show everyone she knows better. She rolls her eyes at anything she doesn't agree with. Then she says she wants to bring people together?

    People complain about Joy -- but she is a comedienne and is always in comedy mode. Sometimes her jokes are funny, sometimes not. Once again, it depends on each individual's preference.

    I think the show would be better with more independent people who would address the issues and not try to stick to any party line. A show like that could provide us all with some much needed understanding of each other's views.

    But what I truly don't understand is the large number of people commenting on this board about how much they hate the show and the "democratic" hosts. I would never watch Fox news because they don't represent views I am comfortable with. So, why would you watch a show when you know you don't relate to the hosts or the topics? I would never watch a show if I found the hosts or the stars of the show as horrible as some say in their comments. So you just watch the show so you can complain about it? How does that make any sense?
  • Sunny CRAZY, Give Meghan a chance

    Amazing how some ppl are so against Meghan giving any opinion either to much or to little.. This 1 newbie is sitting at a table of 4 over the top Democrats.. Every Republican before her has been fired.. She's trying to fit in this hate table..

    Realizing Sunny was attempting to shed light how horrible Trump has responded to Puerto Rico but has she also thrown The Gov under the bus as being less respondent? I hope she donated...

    ABC execs have the same political opinions... Backed by Disney.. Complaints make them happy, more ppl watching for the controversy.. As far as Barbara Walters claiming she wants nothing to do with the way show is going shes listed as Executive Producer.. I'd pull my name if I didn't really want to b associated.. But wait she does shows for ABC..

    I've been curious about this Christian, Lawyer, Former Prosecutor, married to a Physician. Sunny dly tells all her personal business and attempts being funny.. She even spouted she wears 34 DD bra 3 diff occasions so far... Got it Girl.. Did anyone find odd this woman while dating now husband who didn't ans phone call from her one day, became beligerant, she went to his and roommates apt, tore out phones and took to street to destroy.. Maybe insecurity issues is why she reminds everyone dly just who she is, A LAWYER, A FORMER PROSECUTER and I'm married to A DOCTOR... Why does she now look at Whoopie for approval? This is a ship going down, where is she going afterwards? CNN & FOX fired her... It's amazing she has less than 76000 followers where as her counter partners million or close too.

    She also talked about a nurse at hosp sent hubby home a cake and she threw In trash.. How humiliating for the nurse to hear on national TV.. I'm a nurse if we're screwing your husband we're not sending the family a cake! DAss That's a friendly gesture to the family of a Dr you work endless hours with..

    Then today says there's healthcare for under 100.00 mo if ppl would just look.. Really please give us the name of co. Oh wait if you question her you are a "basement troll"..

    Wow, and today Christian Hostin said Ppl use bible to stand behind to be bigots?? Surely a Christian even with diff views wouldn't say ppl use Bible to b Bigots..

    For a while I thought Jedediah Billa was trying show truth on ea side.. Lately she seems more interested in maintaining job so rarely gives a diff opinion, flows with the Trump bashing.. Occ attempts to clarify their "fake news".. Stops and does guttural laugh at Whoopie.. Why wouldn't she, Whoopi, Joy and Sunni tear her to shreds. But since she's said so much against FOX and other networks, hope ABC gives her a permanent job when this shows over...

    Sarah seems like a sweet girl who'll over laugh, joke and go with whatever leaders Joy and Whoopie say.. She's never relevant wanting maintain in the good graces of ABC.. I fast forward when she attempts to speak..

  • Day after the Election

    Meghan needs to be aware that the camera is always on you. Joy made a joke about the President and the camera went right to her as she rolled her eyes. You will not always agree, but the way you look makes a difference, you are in the public eye. You have to be able to take things that you don't agree or like, it showed that you were not happy. Just an observation I hope you are not offended.
  • Total disrespect!

    Whoopi and Joy have hit a new low. On today's show with veterans sitting in the audience, Whoopi had the audacity to make remarks about how guns should be controlled. Does she not know those men and women used guns to protect her freedom? I doubt that many of them think guns should be taken out of our hands. I admit, none of us needs an assault rifle. Unfortunately, this is the type of gun most unstable people who intend to commit mass murder go for. Outlaw these guns and make the laws more stringent so these unbalanced and violent people can't get their hands on them or any gun. The man in my state of Texas did have mental health issues. That is the problem, not guns. He bought the gun legally but information in his past was not reported which would have prevented him from purchasing guns legally. However, as most of us know, if he wanted to buy a gun, legally or not, he would have. This is when we have to make sure that known violent offenders and especially those with mental health problems are identified and documented. If I had been one of those veterans in the audience I would have stood up and told Ms. Golberg and Ms. Behar to Go to Hell! And then walked out. Joy opened her uninformed mouth and said a Parishioner had a gun in church. First of all, this was a Baptist church not a Catholic church. We are called church members not Parishioners. What an idiot! The hero with the shotgun lived across the street and when he heard the commotion, ran outside with his gun, shot the gunman as he came out of the church, jumped in the truck of a young man from the community and chased the coward down. What if hadn't owned a gun? What if he just ran back into his house and hid? Get your facts straight, Joy, before you start spewing lies and half truths. This was information that was known the evening of the shooting, after the incident. There is no excuse for lying about it. Unfortunately, there are people who believe the crap Whoopi, Joy, Sara, and Former Prosecutor Sunny Hosten report.

    As a Texan and citizen of the US, my heart is broken over this tragedy. Many of the victims were children which makes it all the more heinous. You women owe it to your audience to tell the truth. I know ABC and The View will never see this. I have emailed ABC, too, but I am sure no one there will pay attention. I wish there were surveys out that we could rate the programs that are broadcast but I have heard of none.

  • Gun Control

    The world does not need guns that shoot a hundred rounds a minute at their target! If YOU need a gun like THAT YOU DO NOT NEED A GUN!! YOU NEED TO SEE SOMEONE IN THE MENTAL HEALTH FIELD!! To the hunters that feed their families with a them a bow and arrow or a rifle that shoots one or two rounds! The constitution was not written with these death machines in mind! If YOU cannot shoot your prey with one attempt and prefer to see it suffer then take your butt back to school and get an education! So you can buy your food at the supermarket!! Because you should not be aiming at animals!! THERE!! The end!! Weapons down!! Turn them off in and exchange them for a simple rifle!!
  • Poor Leftys can't take it......

    Sure seems like the Trump hating viewers are getting a little uncomfortable with a new conservative at the table that can hold her own against Whoopie, UnSunny and Joyless. We never heard any of you complaining on the way those three treat any conservative that ever comes on the show. The one exception to that was John McCain and that was only because his daughter now sits at the table. Claiming Meaghan has a smart mouth is quite funny when she sits at the table with some of the foulest mouthed women on tv.
  • Liked Megan today. Found her voice. Stay strong. America left needs to hear u. Fingers crossed

    Never watch show anymore but caught it today and saw Megan be herself. I hope she stays strong and keeps telling her truth. Evidently truth hurts according to some of her bad reviews below. Takes courage to give intelligent points of view when all against you. We are all Americans and unity is what we need to rally behind. Not cheeky comments against a president they don't want to succeed. We all succeed if we can try and understand each other and promote unity. Truth is what we should all be willing to accept. It is not about one person but the unity of a loving country. Hope you can stay the course Megan. Can't say I will continue watching the show but much more interested now u are willing to speak your truth.

    They need more than one conservative view. They should have gotten rid of another lady on the show. So no change in this crap left wing show. Megan seems uncomfortable with this group of ladies and they with her. The problem is this group just wants to hate the President and disrespect him and the office of President. Put a fork in it! It's done. They aren't open to anything that isn't negative about this country and Mr Trump Presidency. Funny how they don't bring up any of the Topics regarding the DNC and Hillary collusion with Russians. Anything they can't use to prop up their point of view isn't discussed.

    The View is a disgrace. Their review of President speech is totally cherry picked. Continues to show me how destructive the left hates anyone that has a different point of view. That will twist America on the program so all who watch are suspicious of all things American promoted by the President. The Clintons were crooked but they aren't outraged with them. They criticize and critique every movement the Trumps make. How can people watch this crap.

    I care about Americans and getting onboard with the Preident to help every day Americans get a better future. The head honchos at the liberal networks will never win! False stories spread through your so called news organizations are transparent and you all look foolish. Poor ladies of the view why not go on the poor me book tour with can all stroke each other. It doesn't matter to anyone with a brain. You are all rediculous. Last time I looked Trump was pushing forward without media or Hollywood or trash talking by group thinkers. You aren't winning and shame on you for your crazy hurtful bs!

    Ok Disgraceful and no real consideration for bringing the country to a higher place. They are playing to their left wing base. Surprised that is enough to keep on the air. But nothing surprises me anymore. I thought the hatred and sour grapes would end but Media, Hollywood, late night talk shows, cable news besides Fox leaves a lot to be desired. We need to take our country back. I pray that happens going forward and Trump will be successful. His success is America's success. And he seems to be trying hard to do the best for all Americans. Shame on those that smear and throw roadblocks because their candidate didn't win. Clinton was not a Saint and Trump isn't the Devil. How spoiled to keep this nasty behavior going.

    I haven't watched for such a long time and came on here to see the latest reviews. Looks like nothing has changed. They are still part of the left wing hate machine. The anger and fake reporting is unbelievable. They are trying to convict the Trump Presidency on anything they hope will stick. Don't bother watching the show. They have no intention on changing. They are full of themselves and only care about others who agree with the hate machine. Free yourself. I have totally moved on! You should too!

    This is daytime programming. Sponsors did you catch that out of Whoopie. The whole joke totally inappropriate and just shows once again how unhinged Whoopie is. Then the politics start and the one sided commentary on Trump. Joy says she will continue to speak out for her viewers. Maybe she needs to get her own show with Whoopie on MSNBC. They say their news isn't fake. Pionocchio has nothin on you two. Sponsors ABC is not your friend here. Even Barbara Walters won't go on this mess. She can't blame Whoopie and Joy because they are friends but the show is a gisgrace for ABC and this time zone!

    Smart move for Candice! Get out while you can Candice. You are classier this program. You don't need to go down with the classless ship. And these horrible women tell so many lies and just want to scare Americans. Turn the show off. They are so angry and hyper. Depressing show.

    No respect for the viewers. Have turned to Fox programs who give Trump a chance and more fair and hopeful reporting. Watching this show is just a downer and classless. Give Trump the respect he deserves. Why won't these ladies talk about all that he is trying to correct in this country instead of scaring the country. So out of touch. I am more hopeful now for this country. And all those people in the audience who clapped for your twisted tastes of the news. Sponsors we won't buy if you continue supporting this divisive program

    Your candidate lost. None of your opinions are relevant anymore! Go away!!

    No one cares what you think! Your true colors are showing.

    Bimbos on the hate train. Move on ladies. Don't need these women to tell me what is American and acceptable. They hate Trump. He can do nothing right in their eyes and I am so grateful that he is moving forward in spite of their fanning the flames of dissension. The stock market has record highs. He is talking to candidates across the aisle to find the best people to help him straighten out America. There were 4 officers killed across America innocently doing their jobs today. So these so called know it alls can keep trying to make him look bad in his attempt to do good things for all Americans and yes I said ALL. It is interesting as I watch this show and MSNBC and CNN and other channels that pick and choose what they will report. They give half the facts and expect us to continually be fooled. I will boycott ABC programming and their sponsors because they just don't care about the viewer. Just read all the negative reviews from all those listed here and nothing has changed. I never wrote in this kind of venue before until I was so angered by these horrible one sided views and couldn't stand it any longer. They promote everything that doesn't allow for another point of view. Shame on ABC. I hope Trump will make sweeping changes everywhere and that good will grow for all struggling American. All these sore losers will finally get off their soap box and new programming with fresh faces and classy intelligent upbeat hosts to take over. Or just scrap this show all together.
  • Meghan must go

    I watch the show everyday and Meghan is not fit to be on this show. I will not watch the show as long as she is on there and that stinks because I did enjoy it. She has no sense of humor and attacks everyone that doesn't agree with her.
  • Meghan McCain Sucks!!!

    Why did you get rid of Jedidiah Bila? Meghan McCain is terrible. I love The View but you need to find someone else or bring Jedidiah back.
  • The View

    Please please please I love and adore Whoopi and Joy and Sara but I can't suffer Ms. Sour Puss, angry with the world Meghan. I just can't watch. I wasn't in love with Jedidiah but she was sweet. This broad is sour!!!
  • Joy Behar... really rather disgusting.

    Joy Behar makes this show unwatchable. And no I didn't tune in... saw a blip on Twitter today. Its one thing to have beliefs but another to be so snide, degrading and overall hideous to whomever disagrees. Megan McCain RUNTHE HELL AWAY from this debacle.
  • Megan: "What we should be talking about

    I would imagine that the producers assign the topics on The View. The ladies all do their job and start discussing. But here comes Megan, interrupting, deciding what is proper and not proper to discuss, as well as how to discuss it. I can appreciate the stand she was hired to take, but when she starts ladies went after her Shut her down not for her stand but once again taking it off more thing: She is a sour puss!!! Oh, and Whoopie finally went after her last Friday. It's about time Ms. Bully Bull!
  • Seriously??!?

    I understand that you've had to hire a different point of view, somebody as Meghan McCain, and as much as I really respect her father, OMG, that lady is completely out of touch with reality when it comes to the investigations about Trump and his team, as well as using the same tactic when you have nothing else to say in your defense or defense of your candidate, but to keep shifting the blame to the predecessors and even the past candidates! You go girls, Joy and Sunny and Whoopi for standing up to your ground and keep telling her that Clinton and Obama are not the presidents and not under the investigation and not indicted!!! I get the conservative and republican way of seeing things, but I don't get it when the people keep sticking to it at ANY cost and price. There is a limit to being a decent and reasonable and clever human being as opposed to standing up to completely unreasonable defense that makes no sense when it comes to logic and common sense...

    To be perfectly honest, since Meghan McCain has been on the show, I am watching it less and less, she is a person without any charisma whatsoever, totally flavorless, and brings absolutely nothing new or more to the show, actually just the opposite, turning people off from watching it.

    And whoever is badmouthing Joy, Sunny and Whoopi, shouldn't be tuning in in the first place - if you can't take the raw and blunt truth, then tune in to the Fox News!
  • disrespectful

    I think that Whoopi and Joy are horrible and disrespectful to our president and should not be on the show. they can have their opinion but he is still our president and should have some respect. I think they should be let go after all you let Elisabeth go for her views. these ladies are disgusting. I can't even look at them. Whoopi looks like a bag lady and Joy is just horrible.
  • WHEN will YOU Get Rid of JOY Behar & Meghan Megan??

    Meghan WAS never good choice-too WATERY! and Joy Behar is just a Pain in the ASS! I'm sure you can get BETTER democrats that Her! Star Jones MIGHT be a nice welcome back. Or Possibly one of the more recent MODERATES to emerge on the scene. TIRED of POLITICS POLITICS POLITICS! I watched religiously for the first 10 hit and miss-primarily due to JOY Behar. Other Suggestions for those 2 places: Brooke Burke Charvet ? Vanessa Lachey? Nancy O'Dell? Melissa Stark ?Bonnie Bernstein? Jodi Applegaite? Heidi Watney? Dara Torres? Norah O'Donnel? Lisa Cho? are some for Consideration!!!!
  • Intelligent and intellectual panel member is needed

    I agree that Sunny doesn't seem to know much beyond the law! 2017- 1977 = 40 years. About sex before marriage not being in the bible, one of commandments is to not fornicate, which covers the sex before marriage situation. I am catholic too yet in favor of sex before marriage, so I am not a prude. I am also tired of the constant pandering to Meghan and her father. Enough already. She is riding her dad's coattails too much. The view needs someone who has her own accomplishments! Ann Coulter would have been a better fit. We would have seen fireworks!
  • November is Pancreatic cancer month

    I have been watching The View for years, I have seen every October breast cancer is talked about, like it was today. I was just curious why Pancreatic Cancer is never mentioned. It is a forgotten cancer. I have had it since 2011 . I would like there to be just a mention about it. It goes un detected which is why by the time it is diagnosed, it is usually advanced. I understand that it's not a common cancer, but it is still a cancer. Thank you Bonnie Neglia

    Jedediah gone no way. What is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Disgrace!

    Watching the View is as bad as sitting during the National Anthem. Barbara Walters is ASHAMED to even comment on the show.