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  • Lacking Respect Regardless of VIEW

    I only watch these days based on guests. It is hard to stomach watching the entire show because of McCain's way of communicating her VIEW. It is not her political stance but rather her lacking maturity in presenting her VIEW that is disturbing. She simply cannot convey a professional VIEW or stance, which is lacking generally across television and the news these days. Her expression, her cutting off of others, and her tone are annoying at best. The days of thoughtful and respectful debate seem gone. She seems unqualified for the job in my opinion. Aren't there more able and mature potential hosts that can better present and debate their side. It might even help to have a more balanced presence so that one side is not underrepresented. I once watched the VIEW because I thought it it just smarts.
  • Dislike Meghan

    I have been watching The View since it began. I love how the women on the panel can have constructive disagreements on issues of the day. I do however have issue with Meghan McCain. Don't like her at all. I find her arrogant and self righteous and comes off like an entitled spoiled brat. There have been other Republicans on the show guest hosting that I do not have any issue with. It is not her political views that I don't like. She is horrible. I have many friends who have stopped watching the show because they can't stand her. I'm just about at that point myself. It's a shame cause it's a wonderful show. Meghan is not an asset to it.
  • Bullies and Hypocrites

    Notice how there are some people on this thread of comments that want the cast of The View to be made up of only liberals. They complain about Meghan McCain and want her off because she has different views than the liberals. It is ridiculous, to think that the View should only have liberal Views. In fact it should be more balanced with two liberals and two conservatives. Actually Meghan is not really that conservative and she does complain about President Trump and some of the Republicans.

    Months ago, Joy had to retract the "fake news" message that she was so excited to announce a few days before, She did not apologize. Instead of taking any responsibility, they had to go on a rant about Trump. They said that Brian Ross "made a mistake". At least Meghan spoke up with good points. Also, when talking about Billy Bush and Trump, they refuse to mention anything about Bill Clinton's sexual assault behavior. Such hypocrites. Also, photos have come out of Joy groping Robin Williams. Notice that they mention nothing about the Kate Steinle case and how the ILLEGAL immigrant who killed her was found NOT guilty. The View does not want to touch that one, because they support ILLEGAL immigration and Sanctuary cities. Appalling.

    You can write a note about issues you have with The View, by going to the site. The fact that this show is still being televised is appalling. How much worse can this show get with its Far left and radical comments? Some of the cast are Anti American as they oppose American policies, like Legal Immigration. Secure borders, Keeping us safe, . They never discuss the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens or violent protests by "The Left"

    They also NEVER discuss President Trump's accomplishments, and Yes, he has made many accomplishments since he took office.

    It is terrible how the cast of The View viciously attacks President Trump and the Republicans DAILY. Usually at least half of the show is about mocking, degrading, and attacking President Trump. Whoopi grimaces and throws her arms around, gets sarcastic, angry and belligerent. Joy also has her daily attacks and tries to come up with whatever she can to degrade Trump. Sunny also, DAILY goes on her attacks against President Trump. Sunny and Whoopi are so racist against Whites. They often bring up the race issue, and Sunny took great pride when she announced that her son "took the knee" at his High School football game. She constantly talks about her kids like they are the perfect little sheltered angels. Wrong, Sunny. How can they be with a mother like you? You commented to Adam Rippon that you loved the sex bondage harness that he wore to the Oscars.


    I agree with others who say the hosts are hostile. They try to shove their beliefs down your throat and if you disagree, you are ridiculed. I do not understand why this show is still airing.
  • The View has only one View

    The View has become a one sided bullying show. The only topic that comes up everyday is Donald Trump.

    I thought the show was suppose to be diverse, covering more things than the White House and the president!!!! Whoopi is an uneducated buddy that didn't even finish high school giving her EXPERT advice!!!!! Joy is a sad, miserable, hateful, old woman that hates the world! You have one conservative on the panel and the rest beat her up everyday. How about getting more conservatives on the panel so it can actully be fair. Also, how about getting someone besides libs as guest! The bottom line here is this show has gone to hell in a hand basket since Barbara left.
  • Manipulation of the Masses by 'The View Trolls'

    The school walkout began as a protest against complacency. Several authoritarian States drew great criticism by suggesting harsher punishments for those leaving the classroom in any disorganized or defiant protest. The media darlings who went to school with the shooter and local media groups have since changed the message to :17 minutes, one minute in honor of each victim. Many schools planned to actually organize the moments in a reasonable way to avoid mayhem, NOT for GUN CONTROL, but to honor the VICTIMS!

    Now Woopsie suggests, as will more media to come, that these kids are wanting to ban them 'salt weapons'. The news will probably be showing kids flooding out of schools with signs saying bad things about all them folks who have guns. What is the mainstream medias responsibility for promoting this message? Or whose side are they really on? Follow the money...

    These school shootings are tragedies that did NOT need to happen. A gun did not kill those children any more than the guns kill folks on the sidewalk during driveby shootings, but the reasons may be very similar. The vast majority of the school shooters have been diagnosed as depressed and were given selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI's). The major benefit of flooding the brain with serotonin is a lowering of inhibition in the neurotic and socially paranoid (half the population). These *profitable* drugs are a lifelong commitment and catastrophic consequences may occur if ever discontinued.

    The danger is when psychotic personality types (the other half of the population) take ANY inhibition lowering substance (ie, alcohol, cocaine, SSRI's) especially while an immature, underdeveloped adolescent. If these persons are angered, hostility will likely result. General Practitioners are prescribing SSRI's that permanently alter the developing brain in yet unknown ways and though not labeled for pediatric use are often prescribed as a 'last resort'. I call BS!! These are the same drug dealers destroying the Country with opioid addiction!!!

    Serotonin release is also what causes the 'high' through cocaine use (geeked-up psychotic drivebys). Realizing that many mentally ill persons were themselves raised by the mentally ill, it becomes clearer that we are dealing with *non-profitable* issues embedded for generations. Simulated cocaine use is apparently NOT the answer...

    So, we're supposed to lose our guns because drug dealing doctors and accommodating media took 'profit' over 'do no harm'? Drug companies spend $240 Million in lobbying our government, while drug companies spend $3.4 Billion in direct advertising to mainstream media. The gun lobby spends only around $3 Million in lobbying and around $1 Million in campaign contributions. They'll gladly secure their position by taking guns before they give up all that money.

    Blacks account for 19.4 murdered per 100K, compared to only 2.5 white per 100k (including all mass shootings). Blacks kill blacks over 90% of the time and murder 20% of whites victims of homicide. 81% of murders are from the inner city as the black homicide rate is a ratio of 8 to 1 over whites.

    The vast majority of these killings are done with handguns used as a tool for robbery, not with a varmint rifle. Conversely, the largest demographic of victims are actually the perpetrator as over 60% of the total deaths by gun are suicide carried out predominately by white males (this gets cheers on 'The effedup View'). Again, no interest in 'blackbox warnings'; In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a black-box warning on antidepressants indicating that they were associated with an increased risk of suicidal ideation.

    We've always had guns AND the auto-loading automatic for over 125 years, so what changed? Could it be that one mans defense is also his toy? Sure, because responsible gun ownership requires practice to safely shoot a gun, and that can be fun and challenging. Long guns, including the AR-15 type, are used in ONLY 4% of homicides in the US. The AR-15 shoots roughly a .22 caliber projectile, the next smallest of all bullets.

    AR-15 type guns that are sold in the US are made for civilian use and were never intended for any military use (unless very old and made by Colt. Still, not a machine gun). The AR-15 is not considered powerful enough for hunting larger game like deer and it is illegal to do so in many states.

    The low recoil and accuracy have made the gun round a favorite for TARGET SHOOTERS!!! And YES, that is a legitimate use for guns and exposes the continuing LIE that these guns were made ONLY to kill people. These are NOT AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS or they would be illegal. Anyone saying these are HIGH POWERED is a manipulating LIAR! The .223 was renowned to be a less than lethal military round adopted for tactical reasons, but what a place to start... I can see it now, shoot a watermelon with the evil .223 and it makes a hole, then with one of those really eviler .357's in hollow point...
  • Curiosity?

    I enjoy watching the view most of the time, except when Meghan and Joy go at it. I find them both offensive.

    Joy makes rash, unthinking statements and coms across as righteous. Meghan bully's does not demonstrate any curiosity about other people's points of view. I don't think she really knows what other people think. She just assumes. She talks over, does not listen, and comes across of extremely righteous.

    I think Woopee is the most rational of anyone on the show although with the exception of Megan and Joy I feel they all share interesting points of View. Woopee seems incredibly rational, sharing views that attempt to clarify where people might be coming from regardless of their point of view. She makes it possible for me to think about alternatives to my own point of view, which often is neither conservative or liberal, but more issue related.

    I suppose some people like either Joy or Megan. But if the media truly want to help our society come together, then shows like the View need to take responsibility for providing thoughtful shows, that help people really think. Maybe that doesn't create ratings. :( - Pat
  • Conservative, Not in My View

    Today I watched as Megan McCain elaborated on her being "Conservative" in one breath and later in the show she's glorifying her ability to drink, gamble and party all night. Really Megan? In my book you are not "Conservative". Don't sit there high and righteous like you are so much better than others. But then, we see all of these people saying that they're "Conservative" acting the fool and their and your actions have nothing to do with the definition of "Conservative". You need another descriptor for yourself.
  • Sunny

    So Joy gave her "apology" I've never been a fan of her bitterness but never heard her go on and on about what a Christian she is as Hostin does.. Where was Hostins apology, she agreed with Behar, laughed and made the remark she didn't want her VP speaking in "tongues" that wasn't even what he'd been accused of..

    I've been curious about this Christian, Lawyer, Former Prosecutor, married to a Physician. Sunny dly tells all her personal business and attempts being funny.. She even spouted she wears 34 DD bra 3 diff occasions so far... Got it Girl.. Did anyone find odd this woman while dating now husband who didn't ans phone call from her one day, became beligerant, she went to his and roommates apt, tore out phones and took to street to destroy.. Maybe insecurity issues is why she reminds everyone dly just who she is, A LAWYER, A FORMER PROSECUTER and I'm married to A DOCTOR... If this ship goes down, where is she going afterwards? CNN & FOX fired her... It's amazing she has less than 100000 followers where as her counter partners million or close too.

    She also talked about a nurse at hosp sent hubby home a cake and she threw In trash.. How humiliating for the nurse to hear on national TV.. I'm a nurse if we're screwing your husband we're not sending the family a cake! DAss That's a friendly gesture to the family of a Dr you work endless hours with..

    One episode she says there's healthcare for under 100.00 mo if ppl would just look.. Really please give us the name of co. Oh wait if you question her you are a "basement troll"..

    Another episode Christian Hostin said Ppl use bible to stand behind to be bigots?? Surely a Christian even with diff views wouldn't say ppl use Bible to b Bigots..

    Sarah seems like a sweet girl who'll over laugh, joke and go with whatever leaders Joy and Whoopie say.. She's never relevant wanting maintain in the good graces of ABC.. I fast forward when she attempts to speak..

    Meghan needs another conservative at the table, she tries to hard.. I do believe being the only conservative voice is getting to her and she's starting to look angry during topics and over respond.. As far as the reviews saying she eye rolls etc. Really, they all do it! Hostin especially..

  • Megan

    you are a mean girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Honestly Meghan?!

    Shame on you Meghan.

    Your behaviour of late is downright embarrassing. Watching you talk over, interrupt and disrespect people is so uncomfortable.

    We watch you wave your Conservative banner as if you are under siege. No one is attacking you, so stand down. Take a breath. Good Lord!

    You have conviction in your beliefs. We support that. The problem is, you are unwilling to accept any other opinions without acting like a petulant child.

  • Cry Baby Megan

    I have long been an avid fan of the View. My girl friends and I record and watch every episode daily. Today we have had enough. We understand the benefit of different views, but that is not what McCain is giving. She comes out daily firing bullets with her looks, and mouth, and is down right rude. She is so immature, when she does get bested or even disagreed with, she whines like the juvenal baby she is. I can't stomach anymore of her. She is the worst one on since Jones couldn't admit to weight loss surgery. The girl needs to grow up before she does a show like this.
  • Respect goes both ways

    I am so sad to watch a person of influence such as Meghan repeatedly use bullying tactics during open discussions.

    You are an intelligent woman and retreating into childish pouts,rolling your eyes or mouthing "oh my god" when another cohost does not share your opinion is truly disappointing.

    Represent others who share your views with grace and accept that at times you should stop talking over opposing viewpoints and listen with an open mind.

    Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to express themselves, whether you agree with them or not.

  • Is Megan hungry or in need of a hug


    you are at 100 and need to bring it down to about a 10.

    It is clear you believe you are the authority on politics and what is best for the entire country, but you are being very aggressive. Frankly, it is uncomfortable to watch.

    News flash... just because you say it, talk louder, and keep repeating it, doesn't make it so not have the right to speak the way you are today, and dismiss anyone because they do not hold the same opinion as you.

    You owe everyone in the studio audience and viewing at home an apology.

    It is okay to debate, but you don't get to disrespect and dismiss.

  • Joy B. is a Bore!!

    Calling out Christians as mentally disturbed is beyond the pale. I'm boycotting the show and I've written to several advertisers that I'll be boycotting their products until Behar makes a sincere apology to the millions of Christians in America. Can you imagine the outcry if she had called out Islamists as mentally unstable! If you want to see two intelligent, entertaining and strong women, Google up Diamond and Silk. MAGA!
  • Kill them with kindness

    I used to watch the View for 20 years. It used to be entertaining. Since the election, it is nothing but filled with hate and so much disrespect. Today I tuned in midway thru the show, thinking perhaps they were not on politics and they were not. I cannot believe what I watched. They were discussing Tiffany Hadish and the negative, nasty tweets that she gets and how she turns around and answers them with nothing but kindness. The view hosts could not understand why people are so quick to attack and tweet such negativity. They went on and on. They should look in the mirror. Everyday since the election they constantly attack the president, make fun of him and show such hatred for anyone associated with this administration. They have become fanatical and hipocrates and what is wrong with this country. They should be taken off the air. Disgusting.
  • Can't Stand Joy Bitter Behar

    This show is embarrassing to watch, not only as an American but also as a woman. How could men, the country, the world take women or America seriously listening to the likes of these women?! When they have a guest on they don't like (Ann Coulter they will "ask" a question but never allow them to finish answering before cackling in, mainly Bitter Behar.

    The fact Bitter Behar made an ass of herself for her infintile display when reading the "this just in on the Trump collusion", like a kid on Christmas morning (well to be fair she's made it a recurring thing to make an ass of herself), and didn't have the decency to give Trump and their viewers a sincere apology, just proves further how her bias drives her. She also thought it was funny to liken devote Christianity to mental illness yet can't seem to do the same for Islam, the radical religion, hypocritical much?

    I didn't even vote for Trump, I was a Democrat, but seeing how the media is carrying on, and conservatives keep fighting back with facts i've realized just how I was being manipulated. Being ignorant to the facts, allowing Democrats/Liberals/Leftists to use emotionally driven points to gain my support. So even though Bitter Behar wants to use her hate (or bought opposition) to create more hate/distrust in our president, I believe it's actually backfiring, not to mention I'm a true Christian that dig at Christians I would never condone and for that alone I would have boycotted. In the end I'm grateful that these Anti-Americans are losing their minds with Trump derangement syndrome, because it helped me see who the true hateful, and dishonest are.

    Bitter Behar has shown just how disengenuios she is, why is she still allowed a platform on a major channel?? Because she's pushing an agenda they clearly back, so thank you ABC for letting the world know you don't have America's best interest at heart.

    Will never watch ABC or support anything affiliated with them again!
  • Love ya, don't let them change you! Stay strong!

    I love watching you. I get mad, laugh, cry at times and learn from you. You tell the truth and have empathy for people.

    Keep up the fight for truth and justice.
  • worst show ever!


  • WHY, WHY, WHY is this show still on the air?

    I will not ever watch this show. It's bad enough I have to hear about all them on the news. Spreading so much hate is not what I want to see. Why are all of you still here anyway? Didn't you vow to leave America if we had as our President?
  • I was a democrat

    This is the most bigoted show that I quit watching. I used to de a devout democrat until Obama turned the people of the blacks and whites toward more hatred. These women could do the country more good if they would direct there attention somewhere else. Their "view" does not represent the American people. So much hate and bigotry on their part. Will not watch again.
  • This is the worst most bigoted show

    I will not watch this show because of two of your co host Joy Behar and Whoopy Goldberg. Two of the most bigoted and obnoxious people I have ever and a lot of my friends refuse to watch and believe this program should be removed from the air .It is no longer informative.
  • The view

    I can not believe that this crap show with its racists Hosts is still on the air. I am very disappointed in ABC. I can't believe that you can condone what they say on the air about our country and our president and all their other racist remarks especially about religion and Christianity do you not comprehend who your audience is?

    I have watched general hospital jeopardy and many other shows on your channel for over 35 years until the view is off the air I will not have ABC on in my house
  • Seriously, Canada DOES NOT want the godless hags of The View ...

    It's hard to comprehend the intentional deceit of the news media in the USA. Take MSNBC, publishing a list of shooter events They included 108 deaths under the presidencies of GW Bush and Clinton and hid them in the the middle of a chronological list to make it look as if the entire list of fatalities occurred under the Trump presidency. All of these deaths are horribly tragic, yet MSNBC chooses to use this tragedy to play with figures. Corporate news media must think the public is intellectually stunted for them not pick up on their dishonest skewed reporting. Crucial to this horrible story is that the FBI was notified of the shooters' desire to kill students some 5 months prior to the act being committed. Given there was a history of contact with local police, Nickolas Cruz should have been a person of interest to the FBI. Unfortunately, I suspect the good men and women of the FBI were distracted and subsequently horrified by the hooligan activities of the upper echelon.

    There's a video on YouTube, titled ' After Watching This You'll Never Trust Corporate News Again', that is both absolutely disturbing and enlightening at the same time. It explains why there's cancer causing rbST allowed in milk and why the news media focuses on scaring the public about climate change, over population etc.. Truly an eye opener if you watch it to the end and I suspect ( like me) that views on 'The View' will no longer interest you. Other YT videos about 'crisis actors', hired by news stations to reenact news stories without telling the viewer it is a reenactment, are also troubling.

    The Women's March #2 is being touted in the news. The first march exposed toted-along, toddlers and preschoolers to vagina hats and images drawn on vagina posters. The second march proposes to drag students out of school and parade them through the streets. This is a deliberate form of child abuse, intellectually and emotionally using children to further an agenda for civil unrest in America.

    Then there's George Soros pouring millions into Democrat coffers. Has anyone actually read what George Soros did in WWII ? No ? I watched the video ' 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried to Ban ' on YouTube. It pulls back the curtain on American politics. Soros is one of many elites who are attempting to literally rule the world, using politicians, Antifa and the American people. It's one video that shocked me about the media and paid talkers on The View. I recall what Whoopi said to Meghan McCain from minute 3:50 to 4:08 on video ' The View Co-Hosts Respond to Criticism of Comments on VP Pres Pence '. The View hosts are given their talking points by the powerful people that want to overrule our ability to think objectively. Why ? Because countries have assets and resources that are worth trillions of dollars

    I think of how the face of America has changed already. Prayers banned in schools - check. No respect for the American flag - check. Attempt to change words in National Anthem - check. No reminders of hard fought history (statues removed) - check. Fluid gender identity - check. Disrespect for military and police - check. No free speech (Antifa) - check. Promotion of civil unrest by Democrats and media - check. Illegal alien rights overruling American citizen rights (shutdown of govt. by Democrats) - check. Erosion of US judicial system (sanctuary cities, open borders) - check. Attack on Christian faith, (alleged comedy) - check.

    I noticed someones' attempt to launch a petition on XXXXX ( 'ABC to Boycott The View' ) was closed after only 486 supporters had signed. Now this is really odd, this website won't accept my attempt to list the name of website (which is opposite of 'stay the same dot org )'. I have decided to not patronize sponsors, since this last insult about my God was just fine with ABC and Disney. I can only assume a company as powerful as Disney is pretty hands on when it comes to what ABC is allowing from hosts of The View.

    I see little respect for Americas' ' In God, we trust ' by these companies and dissenters on the View panel. These women are Christians in name only and they are too ignorant to realize it. Any real Christian would have slammed Joy immediately for her hate-filled comments about VP Pences' faith. Jesus did not tolerate the money changers in the Temple, he overturned their tables in rage. Since ABC is paying these women as' propaganda bots' to their advantage, I won't watch the show and I will no longer spend my money on their products (there is an in depth, printable list of sponsors online).

    Joy is the epitome of hate and hardly what any normal person would consider a role model. As everyone by now knows, there's a photo of her being groped by Al Franken on the internet and another of her grabbing Robin Williams' crotch (with Whoopi standing nearby with Billy Crystal). Joy is laughing at this smutty behavior. Talk about being dishonest with the folks that tune to listen to The View. Joy and others dictating how people should think and act. How disingenuous is that, such bullies.. Can you be more brazen than she pontificating about HER concern for women. She's obviously is a well-paid fraud, and now we know it. Thus far, her photos have not been discussed on the show. The powers that be and panel will keep that hidden from their supporters since her behavior is indefensible. They are privileged and do what they want and are in no position to be judge and jury over the men that are accused of sexual misconduct. And then there's celebrity women defending these serial opportunists, saying,' He didn't rape or grope me, so I think he's an OK guy '. What nonsense. The entire View audience (studio and those watching) is being played big time.

    I came across an excerpt from a Political Insider article by Matt, as he talked about a genuine American hero, Booker T. Washington. Matt writes :

    ' Freed slave turned political leader and educator Booker T. Washington had no shortage of prophetic political predictions. He predicted the kind of race hustlers and demagogues that would exist today in a post-civil rights America back in 1911. He wrote in his book titled Larger Education about 'problem profiteers '.

    Mr. Washington writes, ' There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. ( Booker T Washington)

    Matt writes, ' That's a perfect description of the kind of identity politics we see from the Left today or just days ago, to be more specific. Take the example of the Congressional Black Caucus, which reacted with this kind of enthusiasm to the news that black unemployment is at the lowest level in recorded history: Why didn't they clap ?. Because their concern isn't their black voter base, it's that their black voter bases continue voting for them, and you can't do that without problems, real or perceived '.

    I wonder how close this ' problem profiteers ' concept describes the current day version of Whoopi Goldberg. Once a talented young lady who sparkled with a zest for life, where did she go ? And on the broad spectrum of human beings, did she forget that 'white' is also a color ?

    I no longer give any credence to what these overpaid celebrities have to say. They are insulated against the chaos they promote. If the US dollar is indeed being threatened for replacement (as I've read), I'm certain with one phone call to their accountant, they and their assets will depart the USA for other climes in a heartbeat. They can escape civil unrest, unlike the rest of us less fortunate who form this cherished North American partnership. In the meantime, Joy, Whoopi and paid celebrities can enjoy using us, the adoring public, for their amusement. Oh, and they'll be seen 'resisting' on a beach in Tahiti.

    In Canada, USA news is mostly a regurgitated, distorted version of events from network feeds like CNN. It's unfortunate, but thankfully the majority of Canadians are not buying into the hate mongering like that generated by The View panelists and self-serving media. For that reason we are happy that Whoopi or Joy did not come to Canada as we don't need con artists who promote civil unrest and engage in sedition.

    Some informative YouTube videos:

    1. Soros' Formula for Killing America, A Brief Guide for Americans

    2. Anonymous - The Takedown of George Soros

    3. The Deleted Interview That George Soros Tried To Ban

    4. Q Anon Says CIA is Coming Down, Russian 'Influence' Gone. Widespread Voter Fraud

    5. 100% Believe Pizzagate After Watching This PedoGate Update Video

    6.. Elsagate : They don't think you'll notice

    Also, news story 'Soros Spent To Get Pot Legalized in US and Uruguay'.

    I came across a YouTube video supposedly about a LA restaurant titled ' Cannibal Club Exposed '. says that story is false. Wikipedia talks about the first Cannibal Club in London. Surprisingly, there is a detailed website and menu listed for a cannibal club on the internet.

  • Hateful and Miserable

    This show is like fingernails on a chalkboard. These women are so hateful and I honestly do not understand how this show is still in the air. They lack common sense and decency and it pains me to see such unintelligent and uniformed women speaking to an audience of gullible people.
  • Abysmally abysmal trash

    Hypocrisy at its finest when these clowns walk out of O'Reilley for stating radical Islam/Muslims were responsible for 9/11 then mocking Christianity at it's core. It was terrible to begin with, I had to write a review because 4/10 is too high
  • Why is this HORRIBLE show on television

    Joey Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are idiots
  • Meghan

    Good for you for standing up today despite being outnumbered 4 to1

    Meghan McCain is such an arrogant REPUBLICAN. One wonders what she would be if her father wasn't John McCain. She constantly interrupts the other hosts to correct them about Trump or the republicans, like they are Gods and we should apologize for being democrats. I don't like the way she speaks to everyone. She acts like they should keep their ideas and thoughts to themselves.