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  • So done with this show

    Vigalantes, so sick hearing your opinion, I do not give a crap, stop promoting the division of this country, is here something better you can do with your time, not promote hate!!!!!!!
  • Meghan can someone else talk or have an opinion!

    I think Megan is a poor host! She cuts others off and she make everything about her. This is not a personal show. Everyone has a view let others speak! I do not think she is a good fit for the show. I have to turn the show off due to her mouth at times.
  • Gun control

    Many people that do not have guns in the home but stand behind gun control. I have a not to have a gun in my house but I also have two mentally ill adults in my house is my choice not to have any fire arms in the house and I'll be damn sure that I'm not gonna let some right angled liberal tell me oh because you have this you can't do that you going to say that I'm going to be go postal and go shoot somebody because I got upset it's my choice and that's all . I do not like the way that they are continually saying that everybody that takes a light has a mental illness with and that must be that everybody in America or the world have mental problems . So are you going to tell me that every time somebody has it argument and it ends up in a fight at all mentally own and no one should be able to do anything
  • Mind Your Manners

    After years had to stop watching - sad to say - even my Facebook friends had mentioned. As mothers, grandmothers the hate speech against an elected POTUS is just too much. We really encourage different opinions, but when the element of respect is taken out of the equation it just encourages violence in our youth - as we see with the school shootings. As a country we should do more to unite than divide us if anything really will be done. Good luck to all of you but real women who pay the bills and care for their children tune out while young women emulate your hate speech resulting in violence.
  • Build it, they will try to take it over!!

    Nations are built on the backs of men, yet when numbers are crunched, men make 20% more than women? The travesty! The muck scrapers of America would welcome women to fit pipe in cesspools or lead the field in welding. Schmucks driving pickup trucks with tanks squirting toxic crap eliminates half of the higher paying jobs, even before "I must wear high heels!" kicks in... to then just say you were doing it wrong anyway...

    The price is most often paid by the men. When criminals go to jail and a couple are involved, most likely it is the male going to jail (often 'their' profit is keeping her ass high). This creates a martyr scenario rather than any realistic consequence and results in "we" got away with it until daddy went to jail.

    I was (a)bused to predominantly 'black' schools after elementary where white kids were intimidated and assaulted on a frequent basis. I suffered permanent injury but was not alone. Just drinking from a water fountain was taking a chance of having your teeth broken from 'someone' shoving your face into it. Walking past a group of blacks in the hall was taking a chance of getting punched in the face or otherwise assaulted. That did result in some fights, but unless they were caught sticking their hands into your pockets to take your money, never got into trouble.

    My high school experience had weekly riots that usually began at the stairwell. A group of blacks would congregate at the head of the stairwell and when it was packed with white kids, would push those waiting at the top over those going down the steps. I can attest that the knock-out-game and race-riots were a regular occurrence in the 70's, though referred to by faculty as 'fighting'.

    Now we wonder why folks would prefer to call the police when interaction with a black person is concerned; other than a homicide rate 8 to 1 over whites? Look at the way Woopsie acts hollering and waving her arms around. I have seen Bayho visibly distraught when Woopsie jumped up while they were arguing. This physical intimidation over whites is seen as a right of entitlement by many blacks. "Dey scared of me". These are the blacks who jump ahead in line as though whites are invisible or walk down the middle of the sidewalk and WILL run into you. Or proudly drive slowly in the passing lane.

    Those malls that used to be white and are now black, and the white malls that are new will all be gone soon. People have safety concerns and will shop online after numerous rapes and robberies occur at even the newest mall. The media cannot mention race when reporting for this very reason. Most folks would rather try-on clothes or see a product, but the mall rats of today are out for blood and (free) merchandise.

    I CHALLENGE the "ladies" to invite Kmele Foster to help revert ownership of the collective "Black" mindset to its origin.

  • Disrespectful blabber

    The women on this show claim to be advocates for people to be treated with respect. At the same time they treat people they do not agree with in a disrespectful manner on a daily basis. As the old saying goes actions speak louder than words. If they cannot even treat others with respect for an hour long TV show, they have no business calling others out for their actions or attitudes. These woman have a unique opportunity to create a platform that brings Americans together instead they blow it every day by approaching these issues in a way that increases division. It's time to stop bashing the government and to start encouraging individuals to be responsible for their actions and attitudes. A huge disappointment to not only women but also all Americans.
  • Bullies and Hypocrites

    Today Whoopi, Joy, Sunny said they support the Iran Deal, even though Iran says death to America and supports terrorists. Sunny actually said that Iran is abiding by the rules. After their stupid comments, the "clueless" audience clapped. Meghan was trying to make her point about how bad Iran is, and Whoopi kept interrupting Meghan and tried to cut her off. Whoopi does not want Americans to hear the truth.

    Notice how there are some people on this thread of comments that want the cast of The View to be made up of only liberals. They complain about Meghan McCain and want her off because she has different views than the liberals. It is ridiculous, to think that the View should only have liberal Views. In fact it should be more balanced with two liberals and two conservatives. Actually Meghan is not really that conservative and she does complain about President Trump and some of the Republicans.

    Months ago, Joy had to retract the "fake news" message that she was so excited to announce a few days before, She did not apologize. Instead of taking any responsibility, they had to go on a rant about Trump. They said that Brian Ross "made a mistake". At least Meghan spoke up with good points. Also, when talking about Billy Bush and Trump, they refuse to mention anything about Bill Clinton's sexual assault behavior. Such hypocrites. Also, photos have come out of Joy groping Robin Williams. Notice that they mention nothing about the Kate Steinle case and how the ILLEGAL immigrant who killed her was found NOT guilty. The View does not want to touch that one, because they support ILLEGAL immigration and Sanctuary cities. Appalling.

    You can write a note about issues you have with The View, by going to the site. The fact that this show is still being televised is appalling. How much worse can this show get with its Far left and radical comments? Some of the cast are Anti American as they oppose American policies, like Legal Immigration. Secure borders, Keeping us safe, . They never discuss the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens or violent protests by "The Left"

    They also NEVER discuss President Trump's accomplishments, and Yes, he has made many accomplishments since he took office.

    It is terrible how the cast of The View viciously attacks President Trump and the Republicans DAILY. Usually at least half of the show is about mocking, degrading, and attacking President Trump. Whoopi grimaces and throws her arms around, gets sarcastic, angry and belligerent. Joy also has her daily attacks and tries to come up with whatever she can to degrade Trump. Sunny also, DAILY goes on her attacks against President Trump. Sunny and Whoopi are so racist against Whites. They often bring up the race issue, and Sunny took great pride when she announced that her son "took the knee" at his High School football game. She constantly talks about her kids like they are the perfect little sheltered angels. Wrong, Sunny. How can they be with a mother like you? You commented to Adam Rippon that you loved the sex bondage harness that he wore to the Oscars.

  • The view mother's day show 2018

    I was a watcher of view until yesterday. Went to live taping of show yesterday and will never watch again. Show had nothing to do with mother's day. Had former teacher of Megan on. Hosts did not interact with audience once. Spent off time talking amongst themselves or getting hair done. Real disappointment. Why have live show if hosts could care less about interaction with live audience. Was a real turn off to show as well as topic. Show sent out numerous emails leading to show insisting only mothers and daughters to attend. For what reason I don't know.
  • Don't waste your time on Live show!

    We were fans of The View, until we went to the live show. Went on our first day in the city. Super excited to see Whoopi and Joy. Very disappointed that there was absolutely NO interaction with the audience from the ladies. Why have an audience? Whoopi had her back to the audience the entire show. The others were either on their phones or getting their make-up touched up with every commercial break. Really? How rude! The audience was entertained by their staff, which he was fabulous. The staff from the moment we arrived were amazing. Unfortunately, we were there to see the ladies. At the end of the show, they got up waved to us and walked off the stage. Couldn't even take 5 minutes to talk with the audience. Seriously, disappointing!! Half a day wasted that could of been sighting seeing. Thanks View.

    I love the way the ladies say their opinion on subjects. I do not always agree but still love them all. Use to work so recorded the show so could watch in the evening. Had to quit work to care for husband who has cancer and needs 24 hour care. Still record so do not miss.


  • Love The Show

    What more can I say. Keep up the good work.
  • #get rid of the view!

    To the 4 left over paid Hollywood sluts of the view. Before you criticize Melania Trump about how she looks, you all might want to take a look in the Mirror. When you criticize her about her intelligence, you should stop and think that the 4 of you together would probably not come close to her IQ. Millions of us Americans are looking forward to the trash talk show, The View, taken off air!!waste of air time. Melania is a very beautiful classy woman is is working hard with our wonderful president Trump in making America Great Again!!!!! All while you old bitties are griping and rolling in jealousy and wasting air time. #getridoftgeview
  • I wish they would get Megan McCain

    McCain is so disrespectful and constantly interrupting, especially Joy. Hey Megan, not every comment is about you're narcissistic ass!!!
  • Smells like chicken poop.

    This is absolutely the worse show on TV or right up there with Jimmy Kimmel. Whoopi wears a what Whoopi, it doesn't cover up your body. Do you only own one elephant size white shirt? Joy is a dried up prune who doesn't know how to smile. This show bashes Trump will they talk about when they don't have him to talk about. They bash Mrs. Trump too. Only to be as beautiful and smart as she. It is obvious that they are jealous. I turn this show off as soon as it starts so it is your loss ABC because I don't turn it on again for the remainder of the day. I like to listen to my local is why I start with ABC. Rated it a 1 only because I can't rate a zero. TAKE THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR. HORRIBLE AND HATEFUL LADIES. REAL IDIOTS.
  • Interviewing Whoopi Goldberg

    I pray for the opportunity and privilege to interview Ms. Whoopi Goldberg June 15, 2018. At the Sound Board lounge/ Casino/ Detroit Michigan

    I represent PLAYERZ -The Millennial Voice, as a reporter/writer

    One may Google ( to view this hip-hop millennial magazine

    I can only hope for a meet and greet with Whoopi, where I will respect the time allowed.

    To God be the Glory. Respect Always/
  • Sarah

    God Bless Sarah and her friends who lost their precious baby.
  • The View is only getting better

    Agree or disagree with the views , the women present several opinions and I am enjoying the show more and more. Joy, Sarah, Sunny and Whoopi my favs but I also believe Megan is a needed voice regardless of what I think of her political opinions.
  • OMG please get her mental help

    where is the producer when was this show called meghan hey whoppie whats up im still waiting for that one person to knock meghan square in her attitude face she differently has it coming
  • meghan

    Why is she still on the view she hogs conversations. Shes rude and cant tell where she comes from she takes thing personally a narcissist
  • The View with Stormy Daniels

    Its time that you realize that We the 100 million plus million Trump supporters could care less, and tired of all of your lieing and accusations being past or present.

    Also all the bashing and bullying from all the immature overpaid Hollywood crybabies and Hillary followers.

    This also goes for all the news and social media.

    You all are so immature. And your immaturity, bashing a bullying is really comical.
  • This Show Makes Me Sick

    Why don't you rename the show "Trump/Conservative Bashing". Every day the same nasty, loud, chattering, idiots.
  • Poor Barbara Walters

    The View has become a forum to bash Trump and all conservatives. The addition of Megan as the token conservative is a joke. We all know she hates Trump because of what he said about her father. So she just joins in the Trump bashing. What happened to Barbara Walters idea of having a show consisting of women of different backgrounds,ages, and political beliefs? Poor Barbara ! She must be sick at heart about what's happened to her show!
  • Meghan McCain is making this show AWESOME.

    The View was sliding downhill fast after Elisabeth Hasselbeck's departure in 2013, as it was essentially a libfest full of ladies who cried about how they hated Republican's on a daily basis. While the show had a few "conservatives" on the panel such as Nicolle Wallace and Jedediah Bila, both were let go because they didn't represent their views strongly enough and wouldn't fight back to venomous women like Joyless Joy Behar. Then they made the GENIUS decision of hiring Meghan McCain, who not only stands to her guns but puts the ladies in check on a daily basis when they spit out idiotic hatred toward Republicans, President Trump, etc. I'm a proud viewer and the increase in ratings since Meghan's joined show it!
  • Enough with this stupid show

    Enough with this hen fest already!! The hosts have become so stupid it hurts. Joy Behar is insane!

    This show has gone to the dogs. It does nothing but spew hateful content and lies! No person on this show is sane. These women have gone overboard and are insulting to the human race! Cancel it!

    Are you kidding me at ABC I stopped watching the show because the things that spews out of Joy behar's my mouth is disgusting discriminatory foul lies. I can't even stand listening to her voice anymore.

    That woman needs to be committed in a Nut Farm.

    Everything that out of her mouth shows just how ignorant and delusional she really is.

    From her disrespect and slander of the Christians in America to calling Trump a tyrant is unacceptable.

    As a Woman and a United States don't want that nasty, lying, disrespectful, and as I see it the way she talks about our president, TREASONOUS, nutcase representing me.

    You have lost another viewer.

    I will never watch that show again. Shame on you for allowing her to continue spewing that nasty crap out of her mouth.

    I hope the show gets canceled in fact I'm going to sign a petition
  • Sunny

    When did the NFL become a charity or social crusade? The owners and most players play the game to sell merchandise, sell tickets and sell TV / Radio rights - basically enrich themselves. At the end of the day, this is a multi-billion dollar business. No owner is going to risk loosing 50% of their viewers over Kaepernick. Furthermore, most players probably don't want him on their team as their value goes down as well.
  • So wrong.

    I am a male who has always enjoyed watching The View but will never watch it again after today. As a Vietnam veteran I believe that you should stand during the national anthem. To defend anyone who kneels during the national anthem is unpatriotic. I do not disagree with the protest that are being made I just disagree with the way in which they are doing it.
  • Meghan needs to tone it down!

    If any panel member screamed and threw tantrums like Meghan McCain does they wouldn't last! She gets so upset by every point she pushes on everyone she turns beet red. The fact that she can't just express her view in a normal calm manner is beyond me. She attacts every one and for some reason they all smile and accept her attacts. My guess is the producers want to keep Meghan at all costs because of her clout and the ladies have strict instructions not to rock her boat. I am continually embarrassed by the arguing, shouting and over talking! I love the timely topics and will continue to DVR the segments but I'm sick of Meghan's attitude and " my view is the only correct view"!