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  • Interviewing Whoopi Goldberg

    I pray for the opportunity and privilege to interview Ms. Whoopi Goldberg June 15, 2018. At the Sound Board lounge/ Casino/ Detroit Michigan

    I represent PLAYERZ -The Millennial Voice, as a writer/reporter

    One may Google ( to view this hip-hop millennial magazine

    I can only hope for a meet and greet with Whoopi, where I will respect the time allowed

    Loved the hair today, sweet.

    To God be the Glory. Respect Always/
  • Sarah

    God Bless Sarah and her friends who lost their precious baby.
  • The View is only getting better

    Agree or disagree with the views , the women present several opinions and I am enjoying the show more and more. Joy, Sarah, Sunny and Whoopi my favs but I also believe Megan is a needed voice regardless of what I think of her political opinions.
  • OMG please get her mental help

    where is the producer when was this show called meghan hey whoppie whats up im still waiting for that one person to knock meghan square in her attitude face she differently has it coming
  • meghan

    Why is she still on the view she hogs conversations. Shes rude and cant tell where she comes from she takes thing personally a narcissist
  • The View with Stormy Daniels

    Its time that you realize that We the 100 million plus million Trump supporters could care less, and tired of all of your lieing and accusations being past or present.

    Also all the bashing and bullying from all the immature overpaid Hollywood crybabies and Hillary followers.

    This also goes for all the news and social media.

    You all are so immature. And your immaturity, bashing a bullying is really comical.
  • This Show Makes Me Sick

    Why don't you rename the show "Trump/Conservative Bashing". Every day the same nasty, loud, chattering, idiots.
  • Between 'The View' and soap operas, Satan is alive and well...

    The knee jerk cowardice is astounding, but for this company to throw their employees under the bus for following policy is sadly predictable. Non-customers are denied use of proprietary facilities everyday. That's why you must buy something and then get a key to go to the bathroom. Fact is, in many places, the homeless 'move-in' to a bathroom and law enforcement must be called to extricate them. Many businesses also provide tables and limited seating for customer use.

    Laws necessarily provide that businesses not be required to provide use of facilities to the public. These establishments are money making ventures and not a public park. Businesses are very expensive to maintain and have overheads that include everything from tax to take home pay. A couple of non-patrons in a ten table business is an immediate reduction of income by 10%, black or white.

    Because of a couple of minutes of video, all businesses faced with accommodating 'black' non-patrons will be perceived as racist? What's next, stage some 'black sit-ins' where nobody buys anything? Make sure to save plenty of video while destroying the livelihoods of workers. I've been to these places and the waitstaff is constantly hammering you to buy something or clear the table for the next customer. Who could blame them, that's how they get paid... Well, to be fair, the video had white people who were not in cuffs.... racists!

    Why does the lop headed woman constantly get stuck in 'racism' bleat mode? Reminds me of a cat that won't stop meowing no matter what you do. Would someone explain to her that the law can only do so much to make folks equal? The more you project that you are 'unequal' the greater the risk that you will be perceived as less than equal. Would a racist society trust blacks to prosecute whites? Carry guns and enforce the law equally? As a federal prosecutor, I'm sure she sent more whites to jail than blacks. With her apparent bias against whites, maybe they should look at her methodology in past convictions of whites...

    Now paraphrasing Stormys' allegations. 'She goes to his hotel room and upon returning from the bathroom finds DJT "perched" on the corner of the bed and thinks to herself "you know what you've gotten yourself into"', and now 'The View' does its part to legitimize this whore, kinda like that wonderful man, Paul Ryan the Company/Confidence guy... Next up, a disgruntled former Director of the FBI to call the sitting president unfit for office, after throwing an election. Shameful...

  • Poor Barbara Walters

    The View has become a forum to bash Trump and all conservatives. The addition of Megan as the token conservative is a joke. We all know she hates Trump because of what he said about her father. So she just joins in the Trump bashing. What happened to Barbara Walters idea of having a show consisting of women of different backgrounds,ages, and political beliefs? Poor Barbara ! She must be sick at heart about what's happened to her show!
  • Meghan McCain is making this show AWESOME.

    The View was sliding downhill fast after Elisabeth Hasselbeck's departure in 2013, as it was essentially a libfest full of ladies who cried about how they hated Republican's on a daily basis. While the show had a few "conservatives" on the panel such as Nicolle Wallace and Jedediah Bila, both were let go because they didn't represent their views strongly enough and wouldn't fight back to venomous women like Joyless Joy Behar. Then they made the GENIUS decision of hiring Meghan McCain, who not only stands to her guns but puts the ladies in check on a daily basis when they spit out idiotic hatred toward Republicans, President Trump, etc. I'm a proud viewer and the increase in ratings since Meghan's joined show it!
  • Enough with this stupid show

    Enough with this hen fest already!! The hosts have become so stupid it hurts. Joy Behar is insane!

    This show has gone to the dogs. It does nothing but spew hateful content and lies! No person on this show is sane. These women have gone overboard and are insulting to the human race! Cancel it!

    The Ladies of The View are now just out for themselves for self promoting to increase

    their popularity with their negativity against everyone who is not a Democrat!

    They have joined a special CLUB with Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert and Bill Maher as they think they

    are now the PEOPLE IN FRONT THE CURTAIN spewing their hate to everyone who is not on the left!

    They all complain about Trump and Republicans as to how they act and when you watch The Ladies and

    the others in the CLUB they do the exact same thing they are accusing of the other side!


    Today Joy and Sunny were so HATEFUL with their comments that it upset me very much!

    Thank God that Meghan is there to try to hold everyone accountable!I

    I was HORRIFIED when they announced their guest line up next week with Stormy Daniels and

    the audience began to clap and cheer with the Ladies all a big smile and proud as peacocks!

    Just like when Stormy appeared on Kimmel and he gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek!

    Since when has the left begun to give applause and ovation to the ADULT PORN INDUSTRY and


    This shows that The Ladies will go to any length whether right or wrong just to keep their

    faces in front of the camera!

    Sunny be sure to let your 2 children watch the show when Stormy in on so that they can see their

    mother at her best interviewing and reporting on DAY TIME TELEVISION!

    Also Sunny needs to realize that Kaepernick is wrong for using the NFL for his personal platform.

    Any time the public is PAYING to view at a venue the PERSONAL ambitions need to be sidelined.

    If he wants to take a knee he should do it on his dime on his property and call the media and then

    we will see how many show up!

    If I pay with my money to view an event that is what I want to view the event and not someone's







    Things Are A Changing! Sadly For The Worse On The View!


    Are you kidding me at ABC I stopped watching the show because the things that spews out of Joy behar's my mouth is disgusting discriminatory foul lies. I can't even stand listening to her voice anymore.

    That woman needs to be committed in a Nut Farm.

    Everything that out of her mouth shows just how ignorant and delusional she really is.

    From her disrespect and slander of the Christians in America to calling Trump a tyrant is unacceptable.

    As a Woman and a United States don't want that nasty, lying, disrespectful, and as I see it the way she talks about our president, TREASONOUS, nutcase representing me.

    You have lost another viewer.

    I will never watch that show again. Shame on you for allowing her to continue spewing that nasty crap out of her mouth.

    I hope the show gets canceled in fact I'm going to sign a petition
  • Sunny

    When did the NFL become a charity or social crusade? The owners and most players play the game to sell merchandise, sell tickets and sell TV / Radio rights - basically enrich themselves. At the end of the day, this is a multi-billion dollar business. No owner is going to risk loosing 50% of their viewers over Kaepernick. Furthermore, most players probably don't want him on their team as their value goes down as well.
  • So wrong.

    I am a male who has always enjoyed watching The View but will never watch it again after today. As a Vietnam veteran I believe that you should stand during the national anthem. To defend anyone who kneels during the national anthem is unpatriotic. I do not disagree with the protest that are being made I just disagree with the way in which they are doing it.
  • Meghan needs to tone it down!

    If any panel member screamed and threw tantrums like Meghan McCain does they wouldn't last! She gets so upset by every point she pushes on everyone she turns beet red. The fact that she can't just express her view in a normal calm manner is beyond me. She attacts every one and for some reason they all smile and accept her attacts. My guess is the producers want to keep Meghan at all costs because of her clout and the ladies have strict instructions not to rock her boat. I am continually embarrassed by the arguing, shouting and over talking! I love the timely topics and will continue to DVR the segments but I'm sick of Meghan's attitude and " my view is the only correct view"!
  • meghan mcCain

    I wish for her to zip it while others are talking! She has so much opinions but it's annoying to listen to her because she just does not shut up!

    Finally I can stomach watching The View again. Finally you cast someone who can stand up to the bullying of Whoopi and Joy, who are know-it-all's, that really don't even know anything about politics. Why don't you have another cast member with a conservative view????? You don't have the guts to hire someone else who might counteract the liberal television agenda. I have watched the View for forever. For some reason you always have 3 liberals ganging up on the conservative. Then people complain that the conservative is over-powering. The same thing happened to Elizabeth; then she was fired being the victim of snotty women. The conservatives have to be assertive, and as loud as Whoopi, Joy, and the arrogant attorney. The only one I really like is Sarah. She has respect for everyone, is reasonable, and gives her opinion without offending and bashing anyone. She is also funny. The show is set up to make sure the liberal agenda is heard the loudest and you won't allow another conservative to even finish giving their opinion. The minute Megan starts to make a point, loud mouth Joy and Whoopi tries to shut her down. Why don't you just change the name of the show to THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC VIEW. Megan would talk less aggressively if she wasn't shut down every time she opens her mouth. I can't stand to listen to them talk over one another. I hear a word ANYONE IS SAYING. No wonder there is no respect in the TV world, your network glamorizes bully's like Joy, and Whoopi who are more offensive than anyone I have EVER heard. Come on ABC, let's balance the scales and get another conservative on the panel and get rid of Joy, who is as toxic as acid. I loved the show when she was gone. I much prefer watching the TALK. They actually listen to one another and don't try to shut down the one with an opposite view. They show respect for one another. The women on the TALK are not toxic, offensive, bullies, and loud mouths. Time to change the VIEW folks.
  • Not a good fit

    I love the show and the diversity of thought even if i disagree. However, Megan's behavior is becoming increasingly unprofessional and difficult to watch. She behaves at times like a petulant child, a mean spirited bully and an entitled brat. She's not a good fit for this show.
  • whats wrong ?

    ok, I figured out whats wrong with this show , It needs younger more OPEN MINDED educated hosts with positive attitudes to debate the politics on this show. People we can all relate to . New ideas , updated , new "Views" Shake it up .We all know you hate Trump .Lets get some open minded intelligent thinkers !
  • This show should have been canceled a long time ago!!

    There is a 101 reasons why this show should be canceled, but just to name a Hostin is raciest & is constantly preaching about how the African American people cant trust the police. What happen to hate speech is wrong!! Joy Begier, well lets just sum this one up being a bottle fed red head idiot, that is embarrassment to all woman!! This show is un-American, promotes hate speech, & disgraceful!

    After months and months of criticizing the President of calling out the liberal press for fake news Joy actually said "You can't believe all this fake news" because someone sent out a fake tweet in her name. She lost a stand up job because someone at her gig read it and canceled her show. She can joke and criticize the President for pointing out when press gets it wrong (or just makes it up only to issue a retraction) but when it happens to her and affects her negatively it is all of a sudden FAKE NEWS. please its time to get rid of her.
  • Insulted and alienated by the View.

    I can no longer watch youtube clips of the view anymore. When Joy Behar said that it was mentally ill to listen to spiritual guidance from Christ, she alienated a huge faith group of America. America was founded by and on Christian principles. She has ruined that show and her platform with that statement. My God have mercy and grace on her, because she has done enough to break herself.
  • Changes should be made.

    I feel as we need some changes, if you want more viewers. Whoopee and Joy are full of hate wishing people dead and treating people with disrespect. How about younger people 2 conservatives and 2 liberals given the same amount of time. I cant bring myself to watch it anymore with all the hate and Bias.
  • The Old View

    I have watched the View from day one. However since Megan McCain joined the ladies I cannot watch the program any more. Megan sit like an look like she is just waiting to say something hurtful. No body cares she's a Republican, she acts like a spoiled child not an adult but a very young spoiled brat. I really enjoyed the show when she was sick for those two days. When I did not she her I was jumping for joy in hope ABC finally got the message and removed Megan. However she came back and I turned the TV on mute most of the time when she is speaking. This happened after one week of Megan. The show is no longer the View it's "The Megan McCain Show".
  • Overall i Enjoy the View

    Meghan needs to get anger management classes. It doesn't take much to irritate her, she needs to chill. If i had to pick between between the two newest host i would pick Meghan. Sonny overacts. She irritates me most of the time. She doesn't have the professionalism of an Attorney. Why do these two host get all crazy about certain content the show talks about. Sonny acts like she's too pure to admit anything she's done especially on the subject of sex. Meghan screams like a little girl when the subject of sex is brought up. Come on now, snap out if it and grow up or find another job.
  • Provocative balance

    Enjoy the provocative chatter across a spectrum of views on current events. They reveal that stereotypes are largely false, that most people range from so called "liberals" and "conservatives" over economic and social issues, constitutional issues re interpretation of words written in the 18th century in the vastly changed 21st century, separation of powers, role of civility and moral values in leadership.

    My rating reflects high marks for the above reasons with a deduction for a tendency to jump on a bandwagon about a problem without considering all aspects. For example, the "opioid crisis". The discussion seemed to reflect an opinion that people who use opioids are too stupid to real the material dispensed with the medication, that addiction is a foregone conclusion, that they do not help. I take them to reduce pain to a level where I can function. I have back and leg problems as well as osteoarthritis that seriously affect my mobility because of pain. I cannot take anti-inflammatory mdication or pain relievers like Aleve or Motrin because of their negative impact on my weakened kidneys. I do real literature for all medications and supplements I take and clear them with my nephrologist. I take the lowest dose of Vicodin, usually 2 a day on average. My dosage and number of pills daily has remained constant for over five years and is combined with exercises and physical therapy that the mitigation of pain allows me to do.
  • Pain meds? None of you know what you are talking about.

    First of all, if you have NEVER been in pain or CHRONIC pain, you have no business speaking about this issue. Also, if you do not know about addiction, you have no reason to speak about this issue. I live with a Chronic pain injury from two terrible car accidents. If it were not for my pain meds I wouldn't be able to get through the day. As far as doctor's over-prescribing, this is untrue! Doctor's are so afraid of being sued, the UNDER-prescribe. Everything all of you said is WRONG!!!
  • Please replace Megan McCain

    Please replace Megan McCain, I would like to enjoy watching the view again. I find her to be rude and anoing. She thinks everything is about her. Name drops her fathers name to make her points. Love him but I find her to be an entitled smug know it all. As judge Judy states you have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. She needs to listen to others more, she has a much to learn about getting along with others and respecting other people's point of view. The other co hoists seem to be walking on eggshells, as not to get her nasty comments. She plays the poor little me card when others want to talk. Please let the others talk, they also have points of views. Would like to see the old view.