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  • Dolly !

    Humble, kind Dolly Parton. Hope she wore her red bracelet for protection from the bad vibes. Must be scary being with such hateful women. They wont get hate on Trump or anyone from Dolly. She's a positive person. Bless her.
  • The Truth is too Messy to lie about anymore...

    Never met a 'Van' who wasn't gay. It's quite a turnabout that several months ago this Jones guy who screamed and literally cried on the air while making accusatory racist comments like "whitelash" and that America is racist, is now suggesting that we not acknowledge race at all. Fat chance pal! To be racist, you must posses the ability to adversely affect someone specifically due to, and because of, their race. Then one must to act upon that ability.

    Accusing others of being racist with no substance is a racist act. Are you a gay racist Van? Opinions may be prejudiced and blacks must live with the opinions that whites have of blacks. Too bad, and you're a part of it. What race is the greatest threat to black folks? If 'Back Lives Matter' to blacks, then why are African Americans responsible for 90% of their own slayings? Nearly 20% of whites murdered are by blacks and this falls within the 10% of the murders committed by blacks that are not against their own race (and by the same less than 3% of the population). Sources; WaPo, USNews-

    Over 40% of homicides upon law enforcement are perpetrated by fewer than 7% of the population (the black male). The 7% figure includes black males of all ages, yet less than 3% of that populous being 15 - 45 years of age are responsible. The "messy truth" is that a war is being waged within the black community and the media blames a gun instead of the murderer. Everyday more black people are killed by blacks than were killed by the nutjob in Vegas. The virtual lie being presented on 'The View' is that any person of southern white heritage and not sagging their pants is a racist, especially if they believe in the constitution.

    In relation to nearly half of our officers being killed by blacks less than 30% of those killed by police are black, clearly showing most officer assisted deaths are in self defense. BTW, as a white youth in the south, I've had officers point guns at me and been 'profiled' as a potential mark. All this takes is mag wheels or a loud stereo. Policing at the local level has long been a money making racket with serving and protecting the last objective on most cops minds (stay alive at any cost and make money, maybe get a notch).

    Is it a wonder with those statistics that cops react from an instinct to live? When we add paramilitary training from private instructors it becomes clear why WHITE people are getting killed in HIGHER numbers by edgy cops. The courts now treat cops as though it's just a job that necessarily uses dangerous tools and sometimes mistakes happen. It's now deemed more the fault of the institution for hiring someone without proper 'resolve' than it ever be seen the officers fault (just a lousy cop with a great union doing a bad job). It's not a 'black thing' that families are getting paid for the wrongfully killed, rather than the 'weak' (often murderous) cops going to jail, it's simply CHEAPER TO AQUIT!!!!

    Now players are sitting in blatant disrespect of any national pride during the anthem. They could get little flags and spit on them or burn them, I guess. It's their right, but being on that field is not a right. Not going to the game or buying ESPN - PPV is my right. Heard some sway on the knee thing, that now it is about equality (not just a womans prerogative anymore?). Good!!! Then the NFL should institute a quota system for the 75% black NFL to ensure an accurate reflection of the diversity of this country. It'd surely reduce targeting by nearly 100% if only 13% of players were black and be very easy to pick who leaves...

  • The D N C View

    Haters will hate bullies will bully

    IF four men behaved the way these women do when a male guests is there the men would be called out as sexist and bad manner . Why is there a double stander? These women would be the first to complain about there behaviour. If there are no advertisers there is no View. Boycott advertisers on the view and ABC. Contact these companies to advise them why they are being boycotted . Share on your social media. Here are a few that I am boycotting. Proctor & Gamble (P&G),Nabisco, KFC parent company PepsiCo & ABC parent company Disney. Spread the word . If these companies have a drop in sales they will do something. Today July 10,2017 on The View Trump supporter were called COWARDS.

    They need a stick and the one with the stick is the only one that can talk. If your view is different they drown you out interrupt won't let you talk. Just added Clorox and Hallmark to my boycott list.

    Shameful Disney .

    Today for the FIRST time in a long time the show did not start out BASHING Trump! HOORAY!

    HOWEVER it only took 90 seconds before the Ladies began their WEAVING PROCESS to begin

    their daily BASHING of Trump!

    This show has become EXACTLY what they are complaining that Trump does!


    Think about it as the Ladies are just as GUILTY in their daily show commentary!



    It will be interesting to see if MEGHAN MCCAIN will be able to let her VIEW come through

    with out the LOUD NOISE from Whoopi and Joy.

    Today again they applauded the NFL Players for their DROP A KNEE PROTEST which I would

    have no issue with if the players did this on their own time! THEY ARE AT WORK!

    I commented on this in the past that when at WORK you do not have the right to force others

    to VIEW your PROTEST! This would be a TERMINATION offense at my work place!

    I PAID them to see their WORK and not for them to display their PROTEST!

    After the game you can then display your protest when I am leaving and do not have to VIEW!

    I do AGREE that VP Pence's arrival at the Colts and 49 Niners Game was just a STAGED action

    probably directed by Trump wasting $250k of our tax payer money!

    A story like that is good to report on!

    I which the Ladies would stop the daily BRAINWASHING of negativity to their audience with the

    Trump BASHING on every single thing he is associated with or does!

    The best way to bring our country together is now to focus on UNITY and the Ladies could

    help with the platform they have 5 days a week. JPD

  • Bullies and Hypocrites

    You can write a note about issues you have with The View, by going to the site. The fact that this show is still being televised is appalling. How much worse can this show get with its Far left and radical comments? Some of the cast are Anti American as they oppose American policies, like Legal Immigration. Secure borders, Keeping us safe, the 2nd Amendment . They never discuss the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against American citizens or violent protests by "The Left"

    They also NEVER discuss President Trump's accomplishments, and Yes, he has made many accomplishments since January.

    It's Great that Meghan McCain is now on The View. On her first day, already, Whoopi interrupted her and told her she is wrong about why Kaepernick took the knee. All of the cast except for Meghan supported disrespecting the National Anthem and The Flag. Sunny actually said that it is not "disrespectful". She said that her young son along with two other African Americans took the knee at their game this past weekend. Interesting how they support protesting yet they degraded Pence for protesting and leaving after the National Anthem.

    It is terrible how the cast of The View viciously attacks President Trump and the Republicans DAILY. Usually at least half of the show is about mocking, degrading, and attacking President Trump. Whoopi grimaces and throws her arms around, gets sarcastic, angry and belligerent. Joy also has her daily attacks and tries to come up with whatever she can to degrade Trump. Sunny also, DAILY goes on her attacks against Trump.

    Now they have Meghan, however it is still 4 unreasonable liberals against one Conservative. It is appalling. ABC should have better sense that that. Make it FAIR!

  • Whose view?

    Well, Meghan McCain got the Whoopi treatment today on her very first day! Ms. McCain said she would have walked out of the game just like Mr. Pence did. Whoopi , Joy and Sunny proceeded to inform her that would have been wrong. Where is Meghan's and Vice President Pence's right to protest. I guess only Democrats have that right.

    The tension was pretty thick between Joy and Meghan and I doubt she will be on the show very long. Too bad. She is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise old, tired, Trump bashing show. Whoopi will make sure that any opinions Meghan has will promptly be shut down. To Meghan, "Stand up for your opinions and View. Don't let three tired old women and Sara shut you down!"

    Now if ABC could just even out the panel a little more. Conservatives deserve a voice too. It would really be good to hear from people who respect the office of President and the National Anthem. As it looks now, kneeling for the National Anthem has lost all the meaning some overpaid football player intended.

    How much more effective could he and others be if he wrote letters to those in charge.

  • The View needs to go away

    Back in the day, this was my favorite show! Everyone had their opinion, and honestly I was entertained! I was never a Joy fan, but I tolerated her.

    Now??? God forbid you are not a Dem your opinion is wrong! They are hateful! I learn nothing and am not in the least entertained. Well honestly I have not watched in a long time because I usually end up mad. Whoopi and Joy are just mad at the world. Hillary lost, get over it! Trump won and I'm so thankful he did.

    ABC.... Fake news.... Hope this show gets off the air soon. Sick of it.
  • Here in Canada ...

    Wow, all along I had been absolutely shocked by the ignorant rhetoric and hate of Joy and Whoopi. Every time a guest has a differing opinion, the two become openly hostile if the guest holds their differing view and refuses ' to drink the Koolaid ' (as in1978 Guyana, when religious cult leader Jim Jones influenced 918 people to commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned Koolaid).

    I've come to realize that Joy, Whoopi and the panel are merely dumb-downed, wind up toys to be purchased and used by the powers that be. I came across two YouTube videos, with scary facts, that depict how the USA is being targeted by atheist, global nationalist George Soros. The video states this man and other multi-billionaires are playing political chess, causing and using civil war in the USA as a distraction. Amid the chaos of hatred and fighting in the streets and news feeds reporting on the daily unrest, these men plan to initiate a policy of unrestricted, open borders globally, and remove and replace the US dollar as the international reserve currency. This is serious. If this truly is a sinister plan being developed by the powerful elite, the escalation of hatred and fighting in America has begun and half of America is indeed drinking the Koolaid. Even worse, Michelle Obama is now saying the worst part of being in the White House was that she was a black woman, yet this notion was never uttered during the two terms of her husband. I assume Beyonce and JZ and other celebrities like Oprah helped make her time more bearable.

    These videos also report that George Soros gave financial contributions to Hilary Clintons' presidential campaigns and jump-started Barack Obamas' political career. He also encouraged Obama to let in 1 M refugees a year and wrote about a stimulus package before Obama actioned this same concept. The videos go on to tell how, all over the world, Soros has given billions of dollars to specific news networks and private groups to ensure social unrest and the breakdown of civilized society, both in Europe and now the USA.

    Trump, being a non-politician, is seen as thwarting Soros' plans and making his takeover difficult. Moreover, it appears that Vladimir Putin is keen on peaceful negotiation with USA interests. If it is indeed the case that your country is being targeted, I think these videos are worthwhile to watch and be thoughtful about. And for no other reason than to discover the 'creatures' who are Hillary's heroes and also because, " In God, we ALL trust ".

    I'm now thinking, just how improbable would it be, if there really was an intentional coercive, financially powerful entity attempting to disrupt the US and world economy ? Or that an overburdened immigration system might be used to smuggle in jihadists wanting to do harm to US citizen and buildings ? Lobbying to take away gun rights, encouraging and permitting young children to change gender, treat as normal watching children killing children, as in " The Hunger Games". Legalizing marijuana and men wanting to wear floral ' one-zees '. Instability and suspicion leading to anarchy. I guess there would then be a need for a global police force - to lock up perceived offenders and 'sanitize' the rest. God help us all.

    Here are the video titles :

    1. Soros' Formula for Killing America, A Brief Guide for Americans

    2. Anonymous - The Takedown of George Soros

    3. News article , " Soros Spent To Get Pot Legalized in US and Uruguay

    4. The Deleted Interview That George Soros Tried To Ban

    Hosting the Emmy's was Stephen Colbert ( whose sister is Democratic Senator Elizabeth Colbert Busch). I suppressed my nausea for a moment and tuned in to see has-been Lily Tomlin and ' Hanoi Jane' Fonda dissing your elected President and country. Many people might not be aware that Jane Fonda went to Communist North Vietnam in 1972 and mingled for two weeks with communist troops, who serenaded her with songs. She told American war correspondents she believed American POWs should be tried and executed for following orders to fight the communists in Vietnam. She said this while they were still captive. These POWS had endured torture, beatings and starvation at the hands of the North Vietnamese for years and her speaking out represented a danger for their survival. Fast forward 45 years, and pony-tailed Hanoi Jane is still front and center stage at the Emmy's raging against the USA. What a joke, and to think some still admire her. The American military who selflessly fight terrorism certainly have no respect for her.

    I don't give any credence to what these overpaid celebrities have to say. They are insulated against the chaos they promote. If the US dollar is indeed being threatened for replacement, I'm certain with one phone call to their accountant, they and their assets will depart the USA for other climes in a heartbeat. They can escape civil unrest, unlike the rest of us less fortunate. In the meantime, they can enjoy using the public as adoring puppets for their amusement.

    For many, history is irrelevant. Recall the horrendous event, when in 1967 John McCain 'wet started' his jet on the deck of the USS Forrestal. The jet flame weapon-armed a rocket resulting in an explosion which ultimately killed 134 sailors and wounded many more. But who wants to remember such trivial things, when McCain gave his theatrical thumbs-down to repealing Obamacare ? Who cares if his decision-making skills might be compromised by his brain tumour ? When 4 American diplomats stationed at the American Embassy in Benghazi were tortured for hours and ultimately sacrificed for political appeasement, Hillary Clinton stated " What difference does it make ? ". To answer, it makes a great deal of difference because lives were lost when she knowingly did not send help.


    This show used to be good & give different points of views. Now with Whoopi & Joy TOTALLY taking over the show it is HORRIBLE ! NO ONE can have a different view from them without being torn to shreds. Really??? Are they so superior that they think they can bully people into agreeing with them? Really I just can't. They have ZERO RESPECT for their other hosts & guests that have a different opinion or "view" from them. What is the point anymore? WAY past time to give up on this show.
  • Really offend on this Racist, judgemental so called show!

    These judgemental so called women. I'm offended when Joy mentioned Dementia and my Dad passed from it. This show should be cancelled, first Amendment or not, but all this slander they do. It's unacceptable, unprofessional, they wouldn't nothing to talk about if Trump was president. They show everyday they are corrupted liberals that are destroying everything. That Dementia is a disease and their is one cure, none! You tell all those women to apologize to everyone to say he has Dementia and it's serious disease. Very unhappy with slander of these women, my whole family doesn't appreciate it. I'm going to complain to the FCC on their conduct slander on the saying Trump has a disease that you for from. So make changes now!!!! Or everyday I will complain to the FCC till you tell them to stop now!

  • Ashamed

    Bravo JP Davis couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Sunny Hostin is full of

    Today on the show, Sunny Hostin said that it is illegal to fire someone for practicing their first amendment rights! This may be true if your not on the clock, but once you are on company time, you have rules to follow. You can't go to work and bad mouth everyone, and not expect to be fired. All the NFL players are at work when they arrive to the stadium, and are expected to follow the rules of the organization. And, yes they can be fired for not doing so! No wonder she doesn't practice law anymore!
  • Can we please stop the bullying!

    I watched this show for the very first time and will never tune in again! DO NOT watch with young children in the room! These ladies are sure not setting a good example for them as they promote bulling!

    When it comes to President Trump they have nothing positive to say! If Trump could give each American a million dollars they would find something negative to say about that! As far as the NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, can you believe that Hillary Clinton is making a racial issue about this!?! (I'm sure not surprised). Trump did NOT mention a darn thing about race! Just another something for Joy and Woopie to run with! Joy a comedian, thats a joke in itself with her Woopie puppet! I'm done with this show!! All you do is promote hatered in this country! The problem is NOT President Trump the problem is y'all!!!!!!! Hopefully, if enough of us would just not tune in maybe it would go away!!!! By the way, is their a way to get a list of the sponsors of this show? Unbelievable that they would sponsor this hatered!!

  • Time To Change The Channel--WATCHIING NBC TODAY with KATHIE LEE and HODA, The Talk and etc.


    I agree with the reviews who are fed up with the whining and bulling from Whoopi and Joy and other co-host. Rudeness by over talking when someone states positive statements about President Trump.

    Today, Whoopi said she didn't believe what Jedidiah said during a discussion about guns.. Jedidiah showed professionalism and didn't insult Whoopi. Thank you Jedidiah for taking the HIGH ROAD.

    Daily behavior mostly from Whoopi or Joy is to talk over some or make rude comments insulting co-host and guess opinions.


    What an embarrassment for the United States, a TV talk show spends 30 minutes talking negative about our government.

    I'm sure US ENEMIES love watching The View.

    Plus the sad part is the disrespect for OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. When speaking about our PRESIDENT TRUMP everyone at The View should stop the name calling and start addressing him as President Trump.

    Wondering if SPONSERS agree with negative comments about President Trump including GOVERMENT ISSUES. If they do its time to stop purchasing products from these Sponsor's.

    WANNABES political news reporters Whoopi and Joy should considered working for shows that report daily news. I'm changing the channel and watching talk shows that don't encourage people to go against our government.

    Yes, everyone at the The View table should take some blame for the atmosphere of negativity in the US, including crimes.

    Change the atmosphere of The View to positive comments about our government. Suggestion leave the reporting to the news channels or leave The View for a news career.

  • The View

    These have to be the most arrogant women I have ever seen. I am ashamed to be the same gender. Did you all have to stay up all night thinking of a "phallic" symbol in reference to Rocket Man?? How about the song Rocket Man by Elton John is that a reference to a "phallic" symbol well??? You are sick women who need to be taken off the air. I do not watch your show anymore but unfortunately I see your posts on Facebook. Time to grow up ladies you are not in junior high anymore!!
  • Another one bites the dust

    Jedidiah was never my favorite. I didn't agree with her politically and she never came across as particularly warm, but she had a point of view and always expressed herself professionally and politely. She never showed anger towards Whoopi who was always running over her like a runaway train. She was treated unfairly and I hope she does well for herself. Shame on you, View.
  • GrowUp!

    What is the matter with the bitches/Whoopi who is trying to look young with that stupid looking hair and Joy who should stay retired! They all need to put on their GRANNY panties and accept to the fact Trump is the president and quit making this show about hate!!!!! The very same thing they are saying about Trump!!!! Talk about bullying that is what both of these ladies do to the people on the show. Aren't we supposed to teach our kids that it's not nice to bully other kids? I guess ABC are a bunch of bullies also, since they are allowing this to happen! My show of choice now is surely not the view anymore. I see homeless people that dress better than Whoopi, does she have bugs in her nasty hair????? Grow up ladies and act like you have some sense, canceling this show couldn't come soon enough! We need a better program on ABC! They are nothing but a bunch of hate mongers on that show period! I guess Whoopi and Joy wanted someone in the WhiteHouse that takes advantage of young girls/Bill Clinton, if Whoopi wants diversity than quit being racist. Whoopi has to have sex toys, look at her, who would want THAT!!! If this was a white person bashing the blacks, the white would be let go!!! That's the truth! So why is Whoopi so special? She is such a slob! Joy, I am embarrassed for you, you don't think Obummer messed up, by having the Obummer care having people to have such high deductibles, I my case a $4000.00 deductible! When we use to not have one. Joy are you really right in the head! You are not mentally stable, you or Whoopi are not stable! Go to Canada you guys so we don't have to look at whoopi' fat ass, and Joy thinking she is a a smart person, really! How did the Obummer administration work for you? You guys make enough money that high deductibles don't bother you. Also the tax cuts are going to benifit you guys because of what you make, so quit crying, jeez! I see the ratings for this show is going down, down, down! Maybe it will put you guys in unemployment line, we can only hope!!!!!!!!! We only make $50,000 a year! That is $4000.00 for each of us! Is the EPA going to take care of AIR heads like Whoopi and Joy! LOL! Maybe the execs are afraid of Whoopi also, just like the rest of the panel! This is the only reason this show is still on air! When I was watching 30 to 45 minutes was spent on talking about Trump! Maybe the ladies diapers need to be changed! You know how upset babies get when they sit in poopy diapers! LOL!!!!!! How about we all make a New Year Resolution and never watch the view again! Maybe then it will go away! Don't go away mad girls, just fricken go AWAY!!!! I quit watching the show a year ago, my sister keeps me informed. She too quit watching 2 weeks would the ladies of the view like to see their kids or grand babies laying dead or struggling to breath because of a chemical Attack! You ladies are soooo stupid and Hateful! If looking at the images of those little babies dead and others struggling to breathe or the father telling his twin babies bye because they died, if that wasn't enough to pull at your heart strings, then you ladies are cold hearted BITCHES! Whoopi how would you like to see your grandkids in that Position? They were innocent people and all you guys want to do is keep on Bashing! I don't watch it anymore, I get my info right here. I want to know why people keep watching this show, if people would quit watching, ratings will go down, then show will be cancelled! They are saying The View is out rating The Talk because of all the political rhetoric on the show, I myself do not believe that! It's only people that have heard about this crappie and want to see for their Self! Did anyone else see the bug that flew out of Whoopi's hair? I hope Megan Kelly's show out rates The View! WHOOPI AND JOY ARE SO FULL of crap, they said everybody is entitled to free speech, ha ha. But they forgot to say except on the View! Congrats to the Talk! Whoopee is not a good roll model for kids, didn't she admit she smokes Reeferr? It's just that making fun of Trump makes those cry baby asses feel better about Themselves! Poopie you said the President needs to speak everyone's language, really that came out of your Mouth! What about you and the view you only speak one language and that is to left Wingers! You are nothing but a hypocrit. So Poopie your complaining that Trumps budget plan will keep the richest Americans rich, what are you complaining about that would be you wouldn't It? You are so sickening, how much of your riches do you Donate? Poopie says a kind word can be Powerful! Really poopie, when do you ever say a kind Word? Oh my gosh, like I said before you are such a hypocrit!!!! To the ass hole women of the View, Trump is right terrorist are evil losers!! It seems like you guys praise all the evil is going on, oh wait, it is because you women are evil!!!! Sonny you say Trump should be above and not talk like that,Really and you guys should rise above your evilness, and not talk like you for. But I guess it is because your show needs ratings, to me your show should be for everyone also, but it is not! So you stupid bitches, you're so worried about global warming, do u ***s take Airplanes? They are on of the biggest polluters, do you drive Cars? So you really aren't concerned about it, you guys just want to bitch about anything Trump! Another thing if you bitches would shut your Mouth, that will help a whole lot with global Warming! LMAO!! I want to get sick everytimeI see Poopie's monkey face!!! Ann Coulter talks about all these famous people using big jets to travel, Obama one of the biggest offenders! I truly wish there was somehow a way to sue the producer of this show, for promoting hate and bullying! Maybe some outside force can show these ladies how to Act! Are you kidding me, that you guys are blaming Trump for the Shooting! Give me a Break! You guys are talking about rhetoric that is Spoken! You guys are the biggest haters of Trump! You need to stop, before more shootings A cure! But then again I don't think you guys care, reason being, it gives you a reason to bash Trump More! When people with mental problems watch your show, it just gets them fired up, you guys should be ashamed of your selves. To be personally honest, I think all of you on the show have mental problems!!!! By the way does anyone have a list of the sponsers? I bet if the cops stopped Poopie's car, they would smell marijuana, wait! That explains why Poopie's brain is almost gone!!!! Hey! Can we IMPEACH the View? Poopie is now ma king fun of Keith Urban and Nicole Kid man! It is called jealous poopie, she looks like Magilla Gorilla, now who would want to date a gorilla face!! TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO DEPLOY THE VIEW TO CANADA!!! Can we put the ladies of the View on the Jerry Springer show and have a good old fashion smack down between the ladies? Poopie are you kidding me, you were wondering what Malania was doing in Texas, you stupid moran monkey, what have you contributed to Texas? You ladies of the view have such a sad life, I feel sorry for all you on the View, because you all have mental issues! Poopie should smoke some more weed,maybe she can mellow out! Give Poopie a banana, talking about someone should be president that is honest! Really poopie, and you think the Clintons are honest!! Ha,Ha,Ha! Now that Jedediah is gone she should write a book and tell the truth about THE VIEW and call the book My View!
  • "The View" should be renamed as "The Liberal"

    Why is always the "conservative" cohost on The Views been let go or fired? Looking back the history of the show, it makes one wondered if the show is all about different perspective views or one-sided views? I am not on either party but enjoying listening opinions from ALL sides. The show seems to always have only one conservative among the panel of five cohosts where three loud liberal voices constantly drowning the conservative views when been expressed, allowing only fraction of time for the conservative point to come across and complete the thought. Sadly, thought from one conservative against three liberals was being cut off and left with unfinished sentences majority of the times.

    Now, the only strong and balanced views cohost, Jedediah Bila, who represents opposite the liberal party had been mysterious let go yet again. Today, the four liberal lady were roaming on The View acting exactly like Trump, who hates to hear from any views against his. I believe "The View" should be renamed as "The Liberal" where it truly represents the show's true color.
  • Crap show. Horrible twisted conversation. Show is for left wing haters! Hollywood doubling down on hate

    The View is a disgrace. Their review of President speech is totally cherry picked. Continues to show me how destructive the left hates anyone that has a different point of view. That will twist America on the program so all who watch are suspicious of all things American promoted by the President. The Clintons were crooked but they aren't outraged with them. They criticize and critique every movement the Trumps make. How can people watch this crap.

    I care about Americans and getting onboard with the Preident to help every day Americans get a better future. The head honchos at the liberal networks will never win! False stories spread through your so called news organizations are transparent and you all look foolish. Poor ladies of the view why not go on the poor me book tour with can all stroke each other. It doesn't matter to anyone with a brain. You are all rediculous. Last time I looked Trump was pushing forward without media or Hollywood or trash talking by group thinkers. You aren't winning and shame on you for your crazy hurtful bs!

    Ok Disgraceful and no real consideration for bringing the country to a higher place. They are playing to their left wing base. Surprised that is enough to keep on the air. But nothing surprises me anymore. I thought the hatred and sour grapes would end but Media, Hollywood, late night talk shows, cable news besides Fox leaves a lot to be desired. We need to take our country back. I pray that happens going forward and Trump will be successful. His success is America's success. And he seems to be trying hard to do the best for all Americans. Shame on those that smear and throw roadblocks because their candidate didn't win. Clinton was not a Saint and Trump isn't the Devil. How spoiled to keep this nasty behavior going.

    I haven't watched for such a long time and came on here to see the latest reviews. Looks like nothing has changed. They are still part of the left wing hate machine. The anger and fake reporting is unbelievable. They are trying to convict the Trump Presidency on anything they hope will stick. Don't bother watching the show. They have no intention on changing. They are full of themselves and only care about others who agree with the hate machine. Free yourself. I have totally moved on! You should too!

    This is daytime programming. Sponsors did you catch that out of Whoopie. The whole joke totally inappropriate and just shows once again how unhinged Whoopie is. Then the politics start and the one sided commentary on Trump. Joy says she will continue to speak out for her viewers. Maybe she needs to get her own show with Whoopie on MSNBC. They say their news isn't fake. Pionocchio has nothin on you two. Sponsors ABC is not your friend here. Even Barbara Walters won't go on this mess. She can't blame Whoopie and Joy because they are friends but the show is a gisgrace for ABC and this time zone!

    Smart move for Candice! Get out while you can Candice. You are classier this program. You don't need to go down with the classless ship. And these horrible women tell so many lies and just want to scare Americans. Turn the show off. They are so angry and hyper. Depressing show.

    No respect for the viewers. Have turned to Fox programs who give Trump a chance and more fair and hopeful reporting. Watching this show is just a downer and classless. Give Trump the respect he deserves. Why won't these ladies talk about all that he is trying to correct in this country instead of scaring the country. So out of touch. I am more hopeful now for this country. And all those people in the audience who clapped for your twisted tastes of the news. Sponsors we won't buy if you continue supporting this divisive program

    Your candidate lost. None of your opinions are relevant anymore! Go away!!

    No one cares what you think! Your true colors are showing.

    Bimbos on the hate train. Move on ladies. Don't need these women to tell me what is American and acceptable. They hate Trump. He can do nothing right in their eyes and I am so grateful that he is moving forward in spite of their fanning the flames of dissension. The stock market has record highs. He is talking to candidates across the aisle to find the best people to help him straighten out America. There were 4 officers killed across America innocently doing their jobs today. So these so called know it alls can keep trying to make him look bad in his attempt to do good things for all Americans and yes I said ALL. It is interesting as I watch this show and MSNBC and CNN and other channels that pick and choose what they will report. They give half the facts and expect us to continually be fooled. I will boycott ABC programming and their sponsors because they just don't care about the viewer. Just read all the negative reviews from all those listed here and nothing has changed. I never wrote in this kind of venue before until I was so angered by these horrible one sided views and couldn't stand it any longer. They promote everything that doesn't allow for another point of view. Shame on ABC. I hope Trump will make sweeping changes everywhere and that good will grow for all struggling American. All these sore losers will finally get off their soap box and new programming with fresh faces and classy intelligent upbeat hosts to take over. Or just scrap this show all together.
  • Discrimination

    To have an opinion is one thing, but to be so negative against others who dissagree with your opinion, is like watching a bunch of spoiled children who don't get their way. I am so tired of the political divide in our country. To treat someone differently, or negatively, based solely on their political affiliation, is in my opinion, discrimination, just as if you did the same to a person because of the color of their skin. To say the offensive, negative things you say, daily, towards our president, is childish. You are entitled to your own opinion, but openly sharing this negativity is never going to do anything positive. I was taught manners growing up, even in sports, if we lost, we still shook hands with the other team and moved on. He is our president, deal with it. Maybe if you looked for good in people, and reported positive stories, you could make a difference in the world, and maybe, just maybe that would reflect in your overall ratings. It saddens me that such intelligent women act this way. Freedom of speech is slowly turning into the right to act like children, who weren't taught any manners, I for one am tire of witnessing such behavior.
  • Where's Barbara?

    I cannot believe people still watch this show! What a bunch of Stupid, hypocritical, immature morons! " we don't like the President, so we're not gonna say his name"!!! Really! We did that in preschool! They spew such hatred, and everything they say is such h garbage, I don't think they even believe it! Its ONE VIEW and ONE VIEW ONLY! And thats the view of the far left rhedoric! What a way to start your day, with hatred spewing negativity! Go View!!
  • Meghan McCain????

    I no longer watch The View. I haven't watched for a year now as I cannot stand all the negativity. That's no way to start your day. I do however watch Outnumbered every day on FOX and am very familiar with Meghan McCain. I cannot tell you how many times Meghan bashed the Clintons and stated her hatred especially towards Chelsea Clinton. She literally hates Chelsea and has said so numerous times on Outnumbered. It will be interesting to see how Meghan handles the future Hillary Clinton interviews. Will she have to fake it to keep her job?? Meghan McCain is very outspoken and extremely opinionated. She will be an interesting replacement for Jedediah. Interesting times ahead for The View!
  • I will miss Jedediah

    I hope she's leaving on a good note and not because she was forced or someone was mean to her. I think she was a great cohost and rounded out the panel very well. I will miss her

  • Nothing but far-left propaganda...

    I remember what The View used to be. It was always a slightly left-leaning program, but there was a tendency toward intelligent discussions about relevant topics, and there was the opportunity for the other side to express their views without being run over mid-sentence by Whoopi or Joy. What this show has become is utterly pathetic.

    I have absolutely no issue with political slant- it's hard to find any program that doesn't lean one way or the other- but what The View amounts to anymore is something close to brainwashing and political propaganda. I find it very telling how racist and sexist the hosts actually are when it comes to discussing anyone who took issue with Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president, and if nothing is more clear it's that "tolerance" is only relevant when the opinions a person holds are mirrored by the hosts. There is absolutely no attempt to understand dissenting points of view, which could serve to bring people together in some ways. There is only one worldview and that is the view expressed by the hosts, all but one of which aren't even moderate in their political leanings.

    At this time in our country's history, the very last thing we need are shows (on either side) that further divide us. What put me over the top was the insistence that groups like the recent ANTIFA are in no way equivalent to other hateful and terroristic groups like the KKK or neo-nazis. It's intellectually dishonest to denounce one group while barely recognizing the other. No matter what the political or social views of a group, if they utilize violence, vandalism, and intimidation as a tactic, they are worthy of being both recognized, called out, and criticized. Why is ANTIFA not recognized by our panel on The View? Because ANTIFA represents the suppression of opinions that disagree with far left ideologies, which is exactly what this show does on a daily basis, minus the black bandanas covering their faces.

    And the addition of Sunny... Well, I admit I do not know much about her, but based upon her worldview I can only assume that (a) she enjoys her victim status as an African-American, or that (b) she literally believes herself to be a victim. In the face of what appears to be a level of success she's achieved that even privileged white folks haven't managed, I assume that Sunny really just wants to pursue the "poor me" angle that the left in this country loves to hammer home, time and time again. Based on the way she talks about race, I imagine she must be sitting in the back of the bus everyday and using racially specific bathrooms. To hear her peddling her racist viewpoints, you might think they're filming in Selma in the middle of the Civil Rights era. Somehow, there are at least two very accomplished African-American women sitting on that stage every day who will spout off to the audience about how priveleged white people are. Funny. Then again, there are a lot of perks to being seen as a victim of ongoing oppression, isn't that right, Sunny? Whoopi? At what point does the dialogue change from being a victim to taking personal accountability, lifting yourself up, and not surviving on the American dime but thriving despite our government's attempts to keep African-Americans in the ghetto? Will that ever be discussed?

    Probably not.

    This show does nothing but further divide an already divided country while pursuing the absolute falsehood that Democrats are tolerant, colorblind, and the party of inclusion and opportunity for minorities. The fact is that the oppression of minorities is a very lucrative position to keep pushing. The amount of time spent talking about racism, sexism, and Donald Trump's comments about women (all the while conveniently forgetting the nasty treatment given to women abused by Hillary's husband and later further victimized by Hillary herself) is unnerving and the absolute lack of intellectual honesty is even more upsetting. What it comes off as is a desperate attempt re-energize the left by demonizing the right, but not with actual validity. The points made are shallow, narrow-minded, and often race-baiting to pursue an agenda that moves us further away from unity as a nation and pits race against race, gender against gender, and party against party. The View is certainly not the only show that does this, but it is one of the most prominent.

    This is what ABC thinks of American viewers, and that's sad. This show and many others like it- again, on both sides- need to be scrutinized and either cancelled or changed to provide an actual platform for positive discussion so that the audience is asked to think for themselves. After all, Whoopi may have a lot of cash in the bank and a star status that the rest of us don't have, but it doesn't make her more intelligent, discerning, or wise than the peasantry. It just means her flawed opinions make her a lot more money.

  • A Disgrace!

    Watching the View is as bad as sitting during the National Anthem. Shame!! Shame!! Shame!!
  • The Liberal View

    This show is nothing but political trash.
  • It's an example of how the media creates hysteria in our country

    I used to enjoy watching the view but I quit. From time to time when I turn my tv on and scroll through the channels then they pop up. It's sad because each time that happens I come across the fact that they are still talking negatively about politics. I quickly keep scrolling when this happens. We may not not like our new president or other political officLs but what ever happened to trying to work together? They are 100% against him and they nit pick and I also question a lot of the information that they say --- is it really factual? They cry out that Trump is such a terrible person yet they act like a bunch of immature high school bullies that are so head strong that they don't have room in their mind to even consider that he may be correct or at least correct in certain things. Narrow mindedness will never grow new ideas and ventures that our country could benefit from. I have come to the conclusion that they must be just actresses because no with common sense and good would "perform" so negatively about our country as they do. It's such a shame when the media dumbs down America yet others buy into their hostility and go along with it.
  • Remove Paula from the View

    Paula is nothing but dead weight to the show. The other hosts are fine and I absolutely LOVE Whoopi. Surely with all the other VERY talented women out there, you can find someone who does not try to walk over the other's lines. She is second string at best. She just does not fit. She is just way to full of herself.
  • The View should now be called the "I hate all Republicans & Trump View"

    I can not & refuse to watch all these hateful women! It used to be an interesting show, now it's just a hateful political rant. I plan on boycotting all its advertisers and hope something is done about this show. I am battling cancer and would like to see something positive on this show for a change. But, until I hear from someone it has changed I will continue to switch channels when I this hateful view comes on.
  • Such an ANGRY show now

    This is now a show of bickering, political rants & negativity.

    I switch it as soon as it comes on now. Too bad bc it used to be semi entertaining.

    This panel of hosts only feeds into the negativity around us. Whoopi refusing to use the Presidents name is so self righteous and ridiculous. Granted we live in a country where you can have the freedom to do this, but.... you should be respectful. If Hilary Clinton had won the election these women would have nothing to talk about. They should thank Pres Trump for their job security & get off their high horses & belief that their opinions matter or are interesting. They're not.