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  • vieweroftheview

    Todays show was my last. Whoopi and Raven are so racist it's disgusting. Raven is so uneducated and disresptful I can't watch any longer. For her to roll her eyes and disrespect others was horrible to watch. She is extremely arrogant and I can't watch another day. Whoopi is a joke because she is high all the time and often can't make it through a show
  • The view

    Every episode seems to just get worse! I feel so bad for Candace Cameron Bure, she was disrespected by Raven so bad! Even though they don't agree, there was no need for the eye rolling, shhhing, & her turning her back like that. It was very unprofessional.
  • Nicolle's obnoxious voice and laugh

    Nicolle Wallace is obnoxious with her voice and her laugh, and she constantly interrupts. She often talks (brags) about her child. On one of the shows she talked about a woman who told her to quiet her son down while they were on a fight, and Nicolle referred to the woman as a cow, and she also called the woman a bitch. She also said that she felt like punching the woman in the face. All this tells us what kind of a person Nicolle Wallace is. She is supposedly a Republican, yet she often sides with the liberals on the show. Maybe that is why she was hired. While watching Must Have Mondays a while back, Nicolle constantly interrupted the host presenting the items. She has a high pitched strident obnoxious voice. Whoopi is always playing the race card. She so often talks about race issues, yet she so makes an issue and jokes about her race. She is so narrow minded about so many things and refuses to listen to the other side of an issue. Rosie Perez constantly mentions her Latino heritage and seems obsessed with it. Raven Symone rolls her eyes and makes rude gestures.

    The cast was very anti police when they had discussions about Michael Brown. Without hearing the facts and evidence they thought the officer was in the wrong. Also, when The View had reruns during the Christmas season, they played the rerun of the show with the discussion about Michael Brown. Why would they play that rerun again. Maybe to incite the public. There were many other reruns to play. While the cast discussed the case, they thought it was so wonderful that some of the Rams players went out on the field with their hands up, when in fact the Rams had not heard all the evidence, and it was found out from honest witnesses and other evidence that Brown never did raise his hands to surrender. The View should have shown facts of the case, instead of discussing what the media was reporting.

    Whoppi supports Bill Cosby, yet she makes fun and mocks Conservative and Republican politicians. The cast seems to support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. I am not saying that I like Donald Trump, however he is correct that we have an illegal immigration problem. There are immigration laws in our country, and people are to come here legally like millions have for decades. If you come illegally you are already a criminal. I think the producers should have a cast of at least 2 conservatives and 2 liberals. It is way too liberal of a show, and a "turn off", to those who have more moderate to conservative ideals.
  • the view

    I think Nicole Wallace does a good job representing conservative viewpoints without getting ugly. Candace Cameron was rude and ugly today. That makes it hard to watch. Whoopi I know it's hard to lose ground on the Bill Cosby thing, but if you still strongly disagree it is hard to watch when more than likely he did these things and that is sad and hard to watch you still defend him.
  • Going, Going, Gone

    I have tried to "like" The View with the new hosts/co-hosts but it is turning out to be impossible. I will not criticize their short comings but let's just say that I do not feel viewing this program is a good use of my time. The final nail in the coffin today was certainly Whoopi's nonsense support for her friend. I can understand her loyalty but she needs to remove herself from the discussion. I feel an immense sense of empathy for the victims hence, goodbye The View and hello The Talk. Like Whoopi says, we are all entitled to our opinion and this is mine.

  • oh my goodness!!!

    w hy does every one have to talk at the same time???? Why can't every everyone just take turns. Sometimes all I hear is everyone talking over each other and I do not learn anything. I just turn the station. I really hate that.
  • Who needs younger viewers?

    I hope Whoopi and Nicole don't leave. I love the show and they are so enjoyable.
  • Ratings

    I watched the View today for about 20 minutes... first time in a few years... now I see why the show has such low ratings... give me a break...
  • You say you want equality

    But when you get it, you complain. The woman that was advocating for her to visit with her children in today's cast. Wake up, woman have been taking children away from their fathers for decades by moving away from the area. And when fathers have no choice but to quit their jobs and move to the new location of the children they are found in contempt of court because they no longer can afford to pay child support. If you want to be with your kids, move to Germany. If you think that there will be continued dissent then if you truly are a parent, review 1 kings 3:26. Welcome to equality
  • The Best Show Ever!!

    I love The View!!!

    Ive been watching since day one.

    There is no daytime show that even comes close to being so good the only other great show during daytime is Wendy Williams.

    Everyday @11 if im not home its dvr

    Quit being haters any changes need time to grow on the viewers I didnt care much 4 nicole at first but I like her now.

    If your a true fan you will stick with them true fans dont jump ship when they hit a rough patch.

    Stop being hater.

    Love the view and hope its on for another 18 seasons!!!

  • Nicole Wallace

    One of the best choices the View has ever made her Whoopi and Raven are a great mix together do not let them go. Avid fan since the begginning
  • This show is annoying

    They judge other people's opinions and make fun of religious beliefs and say that none of it is true. I am a Christian so it's like she is making fun of me at sometimes. They show videos of people and probably don't get permission and judge them on that. They also have gross topics that some how children can see that. This show is terrible and annoying I don't know why anyone would want to watch this show..
  • Who picks "Hot Topics"

    I can't believe some one picks the ridicules subject matter to discuss and calls it Hot Topics. Do the producers just think the viewers are stupid??? Stuck in the friend Zone???? What. ???? Who can watch this crap?
  • Going Going Gone!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is no long on my schedule. You get worse instead of better.

    Your choice of Raven (Awful) I will no longer watch this show. The talk has

    taken your place.

    Sorry - Either keep Whoopie and get rid of the rest of them or cancel the show.

    Tell them to quit overriding each other. They talk over each other and can't understand a work they are saying.
  • Rosie Perez is an idiot

    I am a teacher so I normally record The View and watch it in "real time" during the summer". However, Rosie Perez and her uninformed, beside the point comments are ruining this program. There is not a shortage of intelligent women to serve as co-host for this program. Please find one. I don't think I can continue wasting my time with The View if she insists on screaming her idiotic comments.
  • Hot Topics Not So Hot or the Hosts

    I looked forward to this show for years, but I have stopped recording it. I try to watch occasionally but cannot stomach the routine of talking at the same time, Nicole talking loudly (she has improved) and the guest host being ignored. Rosie P is obviously unhappy and Whoopi has become over-bearing, hostile or boring. I came here to see if others felt the same. They lost another devoted viewer here.
  • The View is a Hot Mess

    Things have gone from bad to worse for The View. The entire panel of hosts should be replaced, or the show should be cancelled.
  • Ready to let my husband watch the westerns

    I'm tired of all the yelling over one another, don't know how Whoopie stands it, Rosie Perez ,and Raven are really annoying. Can't they ever let some one else voice their View.

    I started watching The View in the beginning and it has gone thru many changes, but I'm afraid I just can't watch it any more... These last changes with Rosie Perez and Raven are the "LAST STRAW" for me. It's time to let my husband watch his Westerns.
  • Gone to the Dogs!

    This used to be one of my favorite morNing shows, not anymore! "The View" has gone to shit!
  • Women who vote for personalitys and not issues!

    I am so tired of all of you ladies always talking about race and also your jokes and remarks about who is running for president! First of all, running for president is NOT a personality contest! It is about issues. While I have not decided who I am voting for I thought your nasty remarks about Trump were awful! How dare you make nasty remarks on tv about someone who wants to fix this country for everyone. I find it odd that while all of you claim to not be racist, I have not heard any nasty remarks about people running that are not of the white race! Wow, imagine that! Also, you ladies always making racial remarks does not help fix any racial problem, you just stir the pot! Shame on all of you! The show use to be good, now it is a pulpit l nasty comments. Running for President is NOT a personality contest ladies. I'm not sure who is worse Whoopi or Rosie!
  • The show is getting so annoying!

    I'm so tired of the View always talking about race. Especially the Black race. That is not why people watch the show. It's so annoying to listen to them talk for 20 min. about Americans being prejudice . The show is getting depressing to watch. I have watch this show since it first started, and now it's gone so far down hill, I can't see it surviving without some changes bring made.

    You have lost another fan of the show.

    I score it a 3
  • Perez dominates conversations

    It's just annoying how Rosie Perez pushes her opinions and dismisses intelligent co-hosts and guests. I like the View for a variety of perspectives and open minds.

    Wouldn't be sad to see a replacement.
  • Lets Protect Our Endangered Entertainers From Extinction

    Dear View

    I am Tony Wilson Young James Brown with Bootsy Collins James Browns 10th Anniversary is Approaching Get On Up was A Flop not the Actors! his Legacy and place in History is becoming Faint with our Youth They don't know him. JB was the Most Important Black Man in the 70's Front page of Jet. Regardless of his personal Woes, He is! The Godfather Of Soul. IF WE CAN PROTECT OUR ENDANGERED SPECIES WE CAN ALSO PROTECT OUR ENDANGERED ENTERTAINERS CAN WE PERFORM ON THE VIEW?

  • Raven

    I can't believe Raven spit in the glass and then stood there watching the guest cohost drink it!! Even worse start giggling while looking at camera mouthing "she doesn't know"
  • Raven is Rude

    Today in the food segment , When Nicole was trying to end the segment, Raven stop her .What the Hell , Nicole has been there longer and knows what she is doing. Where the hell is Bill Getty. I have watch this show for 12 years, you have just LOST a VIEWER.
  • Whoopi and Christians

    Ms. Whoopi,

    I respectively object to the comment that you made about Christians getting into the business of gay people. The headlines in the past year do not read " Christians shut down "local gay business The gay community is destroying Christian businesses because the Christians cannot support a gay marriage since it goes against our relationship with God. We have to follow His will, which is explained quite plainly in the bible, which is the inspired word of God. He has not changed and I welcome anybody to show me in His word where He has.

    This does not make us "haters". A "hater" is more defined as some one who goes after a person's livelihood, sends "death threats" and harasses a person because they did not agree on your lifestyle. As I understood it, the Christian businesses politely explained the reason they could not do business with the gay couples and even offered some references of other businesses that could help them. This was not good enough .. the gay community wanted to squish them and ruin their lives, take them to court and get large amounts of money . It did not end till the Christian business owner lost their livelihood and some even lost their homes.

    The gay community has options, many business do not stand firm on a foundation that would stop them from doing business with others. Christian businesses do not hold the market on all wedding venues, there are plenty out there. So, why go to a place that you know cannot support what you believe in ? Why ?

    Seems the facts show gays pushing their lifestyle down the Christians and saying us or we will destroy you ".

    I have friends and relatives that are gay and I love them , I would never dream of treating them or any one else in that lifestyle cruelly. I know it seems strange to say that and then vote against "gay marriage" but I am following the commandment from God that a marriage is between a man and a woman ( He never changed that or I would follow it. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever" Hebrews 13:8 & "For I(am) the Lord, I change not" Malachi 3:6 ) When we take God out of what He created, He can no longer bless us. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord " Psalms 33:12

    " A nation without God's guidance is a nation without order. Happy are those who keep God's law!" Proverbs 29:18

    So, yes, it does seem that Christians are becoming the "minority" and our rights to follow the Will of God in our lives, personal and business, are being taken away. As I said before, the gay community has many options to choose from, we just have the One. And, to us, it is as important choice as the air we breathe.

    Dare to disagree,


    marriage as described in the bible :

    Gen. 2:18, 21-24

    Matt. 19:4-6
  • Going downhill fast

    I also don't like their choice of Raven, but I like Rosie Perez even less. She wants to do all the talking and thinks she is always right. Just don't think the show will be around much longer.
  • Almost as bad as Rosie O'Donnell

    The View has added Raven Symone. Another big mouth I have nothing in common with and who appears to enjoy alienating most intelligent people on the planet. I had to quit watching when Rosie O'Donnell came back. Now I will have to quit watching until Raven Symone leaves. what is wrong with the producers?
  • Raven Must Go!

    I am a long time fan of the view! Even with all the changes the past two years I have enjoyed the show. Please please please do not pick Raven as a cohost! She always seems miserable and mad at the world! I end up turning off the show half the time now because I just cannot tolerate her poor attitude! There are so many educated, pleasant woman with a sense of humor to choose from please do not settle on someone who is so arrogant and unhappy!
  • show getting worse

    What a horrible choice to make Raven a permeant cohost. She is terrible.

    Bring the old Rosie back.

    I like Nicolle even though I don't agree with her makes a great co host.

    and what drives me most crazy is all the women laughing a EVERYTHING whoopi says even though it

    is the SAME jokes every time!!!!!! What suck ups!

    those of you commenting about their appearence (calling them ugly) are ignorant yourselves making anything else you add not worth reading.
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