The View

Season 10 Episode 1

September 5, 2006

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Sep 05, 2006 on ABC
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September 5, 2006
The 10th season premiere.

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  • I didn't realise that when they sang "We're shaking up the view" they were also changing the name of the show to Rosie's View

    I live in Australia and we get The view within 24 hours of it being aired in the US. I just want to say that I was completely and totally disapponted with Season 10's first episode. I also agree with the other writer, who said the show was Bottom of the Barrell.

    Rosie completely dominated the View and talked over the top of EVERYONE, -- ALL the time as if the show is called Rosie's view. Joy and Elisabeth hardly got a word in and seemed to be ignored as was even Barbara. In the interview clips shown of Rosie, she said that she is a good one to get to replace someone when the show only has a couple of months left. I know she was speaking of Broadway, but I hope that they are not prophetic words when it comes to the View. Producers, please put a shorter leash on Rosie O'Donnell. Incidentally , I watched the Insider and one of their statements regarding the View was "Rosies's First Guest was Jessica Simpson". Note to the Insider, it is not Rosie's View and therefore the first guest was not Rosie's guest but a guest of the show.moreless
  • New show name... "Rosie's View." The original chemistry and femininity of "The View" is now gone! Barbara Walters was practically inaudible throughout 75% of the show. Elizabeth was mousey at best and Joy Behar's punchlines were lost. Why? One guess.moreless

    Rosie RUINED "The View" - its chemistry, free-flow and femininity is now gone! 'Hot Topics' was a complete jumbled mess. Barbara Walters was practically inaudible throughout 75% of the show. Elizabeth was mousey at best and Joy Behar's punchlines were lost. Why? One guess. Yep, Rosie. She sooooooo upstaged the others and even their guest, Jessica Simpson. It could not have been more awkward for anyone on stage, but Rosie. Of course, in traditional Rosie style, she bought her audience's approval with gifts... not just any gift... they were all given toy cruise ships which everyone and her brother knew was going to be a real cruise. The Oprah-like, mania-filled reactions from View's audience was somewhat short-lived... why? It was a two-day cruise! Excuse me while I snicker. Rosie aptly pointed out that no cruise should only be two-days, that it should be at least three days, so she pleaded with producers to make it three, but that was never confirmed before the end of the show. Also, she kept asking for confetti which never really worked right. I guess Rosie missed the show briefing? Huh? The whole giveaway was awkward at best.

    The rest of the show fared no better. Rosie, dressed in baggy black pants and a dark brown shirt, not only verbally took over the new set, but visually as well... a complete eyesore. She dwarfed Barbara, seated immediately to her left, who looked like a little 90 year old church lady next to a large WWF heavyweight wrestler. Poor Babs never had a chance. Joy Behar was no longer the loud, outspoken, comedic one... she was wallpaper and the adorable Elizabeth Hasselbeck was not even that... she was wallpaper paste. If there could have been a worse debut to a new season for a talk show, I can't imagine how. At one point, Barbara Walters, whose show this theoretically was, was meekly talking and Rosie just belted out all over what she was saying, then realized a good ten seconds later what she had done and said "Oh, go ahead, it's your show - you ARE Barbara Walters, after all." Barbara tried to make her point, but it was all but lost as was this show/casting experiment gone wrong. At the break as they faded away, there was even a reprimand that came from the male director of the show, who rushed to Rosie right after her awkward exchange with Babs.

    Miss Simpson, dressed very sexily in a super short black minidress and boots (her design) to accompany her new cute bob of a haircut, was talked over the entire time by you-know-who. Jessica mentioned she had a scratchy, strained voice, so what did Rosie do in the interviewing of her...? She yelled even louder, naturally, so poor Jessica could barely get more than a few audible words out, which didn't matter anyways, because Rosie even interrupted her, not to mention talking all over Barbara and the others. Jessica was also met by Rosie (alone) onstage immediately after her struggle to perform a ballad called "Let Him Fly" from her new album, "A Public Affair" (which Rosie twice mistakenly called 'A Private Affair'), a song clearly addressing her relationship with former-husband, Nick Lachey. It was definitely not one of her more memorable performances, sadly.

    We did of course, get to see and hear all the events of Rosie's past four years (since leaving her show), which, believe it or not, was the highlight of the show. In fact, I gave this episode one point for just that... the neat inside look at Rosie, her partner, Kelly and three kids. Very insightful, but the rest of the show was a joke, albeit not a funny one. To put its forecast bluntly, "The View" is 'over' cast at best.

    Ted in Gilbert, AZmoreless

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