The View

Season 10 Episode 2

September 6, 2006

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Sep 06, 2006 on ABC
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September 6, 2006
Todays guest stars are Joely Fisher and Aidan Brody.

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  • Only slightly better than day one of season 10

    I agree with the person who put up the first review. Today's episode of The View was only slightly better than the applling day one show. To me however, the old friendship and commraderie seems to be missing from the current line up. I will continue to watch The View and sincerely hope that it will improve and that Rosie will allow the other women to have their say also. I will be watching with interest to see who will be selected to fill the other seat. My suggestions, how about Marie Osmond, Linda Dano, Lisa Rinna, or any one of the lovely actresses from day time television that may no longer have an ongoing current contract with a Daytime Soap. The possibilities are endless.moreless
  • Slight improvement from the season opening debacle... still not worth the time. I would also like to point out this 'live' episode was voted a perfect 10.0 from a member here almost a full day before its airing. Please don't vote before airings!moreless

    First, let me state that I used to like "The View" even though I was not a dedicated 'regular' viewer, but I did tune in for 'hot topics' segments quite frequently. If a guest intrigued me enough, especially being interviewed from a group of females, I would tune in sometimes for an entire episode. I have the ability to see many things from both genders' POV, have a few female platonic friends, and enjoy many different types of programming, even shows like "Desperate Housewives" (a fave) or my two soaps, Y&R and B&B.

    Rosie was adorned in a baby blue suede blazer, obviously efforts were taken to make her appear more feminine looking. She was also far more soft spoken and said a lot less and Babs mic was potted up much higher while Miss O'Donnell's mic was seemingly turned down. Elizabeth was much more prominent as was Joy Behar, but all the while throughout the show, which still was very disjointed, you could feel a sense of impending doom just waiting to erupt. It is like dressing a bull in lace and painting the arena pink... sooner or later, that bull will seriously buck.

    This is just not going to work - I feel even with the generous studio audience giveaways (today was a TiVo unit), this Emmy Award-winning show will lose its core audience and eventually its universal female appeal. It will be a platform to promote the lesbian lifestyle and same-sex marriages... that already has been mentioned twice in two shows. It is no longer racially balanced or even politcially diverse... there are three caucasian liberals and one pseudo-conservative. Patricia Heaton was a candidate passed up for Rosie - can someone please tell me why? If ABC begrudgingly continues with Rosie at the helm of this show, another racially diverse personality, like what they had in Starr Jones. The Rosie-esque show truly desperately needs a fifth panel member... soon.

    Ted in Gilbert, AZ

    P.S.>>>I would also like to point out this 'live' episode was voted a perfect 10.0 from a member here almost a full day before its airing. Obviously, someone has an 'agenda' in their premature voting and that type of voting should not be allowed in here and their voting priveledges should be suspended. I honestly voted... well after the airing of this morning's show... and doubled the vote (1.1) of yesterday's season premier disaster.moreless

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