The Virginian

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The Virginian

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This is a long-lived series which was almost unique for its time in that it was filmed in color and that each episode had a running time of one and one-half hours (ca. 74 minutes if you exclude commercials). As was the case with many other series of the time, it had a large, ensemble cast and in some episodes only a single star or some of the stars would appear. Even when all the stars might appear, often the appearances could be mere cameos. Based on Owen Wister's 1902 novel, which has been filmed several times previously, and again in 2000, the series centered around events at Shiloh Ranch near Medicine Bow, Wyoming, which, at least initially, was owned by former judge Henry Garth (Lee J. Cobb) and his daughter Betsy (Roberta Shore). The remaining initial cast included the ranch hands led by the foreman, the Virginian (James Drury), and included Trampas (Doug McClure) and, for the first three seasons, Steve Hill (Gary Clarke). Over time the ranch ownership changed and several of the hands came and went with only The Virginian and Trampas remaining around for all nine seasons. Well-produced, the series often featured unusual or well-known Guest Stars (Bette Davis, George C. Scott, Myrna Loy, Ricardo Montalban, Ulla Jacobssen, Franchot Tone, etc.). The editor of the page has been gradually viewing and filling in cast information and detailed synopses on the various episodes but given the large number that exist, this will be a long drawn out process. The episode descriptions are almost complete for some years but many episode descriptions, particularly in the later years, remain to be completed. Many of the detailed synopses which have been completed are the only ones accessible for the series either on the web or in print and every effort is made to ensure their accuracy. The remaining episodes will be gradually filled in as time and energy permit (the editor personally has about another 100 episodes which he has not had time to view!) and others are encouraged to submit summaries and information. Although grey market videos circulate, and some episodes are commercially available in Europe on DVD, very few episodes are available on commercial video in North America. These pages were last updated on April 28/05. The most recent "updates" have involved mainly reorganizing existing information to meet new TV Tome web page structures. These include changing the existing long episode descriptions to shorter summaries (currently working on Season 4) and moving the longer summaries to a "recap" section. However, some new episode descriptions, recaps and casts/crew are being added/corrected by me to fill in gaps in the earlier years...and lately several people have sent me short and long synopses of missing episodes and this is much appreciated!moreless

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