The Virginian

Season 2 Episode 30

A Man Called Kane

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 06, 1964 on NBC

Episode Recap

Out for a ride, Randy and Betsy stop at a spring for a drink. Randy spots a cave and they explore it. They find evidence someone lived there, a number of gold coins and a human skeleton. The find is news and the two are interviewed at the Sheriff's office by an older reporter (Ray Duval). The reporter recognizes a belt buckle inscribed "R. MacD" and thinks the remains belonged to an old confederate civil war veteran who used to live in the Shiloh area before it became the ranch. The 183 coins recovered turn out to be British and worth about a $1000 but Betsy and Randy are told by the Sheriff (Ross Elliott) they can not have it for a month in case any heirs claim it.

At Shiloh a man calling himself Kane (Jeremy Slate) shows up and applies to the Virginian for work. He claims to have known Randy's older brother Johnny Benton whom Randy had not seen since he was six years old. Later, he reveals to Randy that he is his older brother but tells him not to tell anyone as he is wanted by the law for a bank robbery down south although he professes his role was peripheral. Randy suggests he go to Oregon country to hide. That evening. Steve, Randy and Johnny go to town and see a new singer in the saloon, Donna Durell while the Virginian goes to see the Sheriff who has asked him to drop by. At the Sheriff's office he is introduced to a US Treasury agent, Duggan (Dick Foran), whose job it is to track down missing Confederate assets. It seems after the war that British gold coins were missing from a Roanoke, Virginia bank along with $250,000 in negotiable bonds and a bank teller, Robert McDermott. It is clear the cave finds relate to McDermott and Duggan is looking for the $250,000 in bonds.

The Virginian agrees to put Duggan up in the Shiloh bunkhouse where he can pose as a surveyor and begin searching for the bonds. Meanwhile, Randy tells his brother they can take the $500 he will get from the coins and buy a horse ranch in Oregon. All return to Shiloh except Johnny who goes to Donna's room, they kiss and it is revealed she is his partner and that they are trying to get the $500 so they can run off together. The next day, The Virginian gets Steve to accompany a Hereford bull they have sold to a Texas ranch. Duggan goes to the cave and finds "SUSSEX" has been scraped into a rock with a bullet and he tells the Virginian he believes McDermott with his dying breath scratched that clue to reveal where the bonds were hidden. Johnny accidentally discovers that Duggan is a Treasury agent and later in town he gets Donna to sneak a look at some of Duggan's papers which reveals he is looking for the bonds and which Johnny resolves to rob if they are found.

After two weeks search, Duggan is about to give up but on a whim shows a sketch of what he has found to Betsy who reads the "SU" as a poorly written "50." Discussing this with the Virginian they deduce it might mean 50 paces south-southeast from the "Shoshoni Cross" a local Indian landmark. The next day Duggan goes to the cross and Johnny, who is supposed to be out rounding up cattle with Randy, sneaks off to trail him. Back at Shiloh, Steve returns from Texas and shows the Virginian a wanted poster he came across in a bank showing Johnny Benton and they deduce he is Randy's brother and go looking for Randy to see what he knows. Duggan digs a deep hole and finds a box engraved "CSA" containing the bonds but before he can open it he is shot dead by Johnny who buries him in the hole.

The Virginian sends Steve and the hands to find Randy but on a hunch he heads to the Shoshoni Cross. Meanwhile, Randy has trailed his brother and finds him with the box. The Virginian arrives and Johnny pulls a gun on him. The Virginian tries to dissuade Randy from leaving with his brother but he is knocked out and tied up by Johnny. The brothers ride off but Johnny returns on the pretence he needs to get the box he has left behind so the government will not know he found it – but his real reason is to kill the Virginian. However, a suspicious Randy comes back and tells him he will have to shoot him too if he harms the Virginian. At that moment Steve arrives and shoots Johnny. Randy returns with Steve and the Virginian to Shiloh and the implication is clear that they are his real family rather than his treacherous brother.