The Virginian

Season 3 Episode 11

All Nice and Legal

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 25, 1964 on NBC

Episode Recap

Miss Victoria Greenley (Anne Francis) comes to Medicine Bow from Philadelphia accompanied by Mrs. Clancy (Ellen Corby) with the aim of setting up a law practice. On Shiloh range Trampas and Randy find evidence that one of the cattle has been killed and butchered by persons unknown while in Medicine Bow, the Virginian returns a new saddle to its maker, Jerd Morgan (Judson Pratt), newly arrived in town from St. Louis, refusing to pay because it is defective. Victoria Greenley comes to Shiloh to rent an office in Medicine Bow from Judge Garth but since the Judge is away, has to deal with the Virginian. The Virginian queries her business as a woman lawyer and also queries her ability to pay the rent. Victoria is insulted and sets out to prove the Virginian wrong. On the Shiloh range the Virginian comes across the three men, Seth Potter (John Kellogg) and his two sons (Jeff Cooper, Robert Gothie), who he suspects are responsible for killing the steer. He has no proof but tells them to move on.

Back in town, the Virginian comes acrossVictoria and Mrs. Clancy examining a house they want to rent and it turns out it too is owned by Judge Garth. He tells her if she has references he will rent her the house and office and she accepts. He asks her to lunch but is interrupted by Emmett Ryker who has a summons for the Virginian to appear in court because he has not paid $125.00 for the saddle to Morgan. Victoria offers her services as a lawyer but the Virginian thinks the summons is a bluff and refuses to consider a lawyer. In court, Morgan's lawyer (Brad Carter) asks the Virginian if he ordered the saddle but he responds no, it is not what he ordered – he gets into a shouting match with the lawyer and is in danger of being held in contempt of court. In recess he goes to Victoria and gets her to represent him. Victoria gets a postponement and gets the Virginian to teach her all about saddles.

The trial resumes just as Judge Garth returns to town so he comes to the courtroom to witness the events. Victoria gets Jerd Morgan to admit on the stand that, being from St. Louis, he had never before made a saddle for use by cowboys on the open range and that the saddle made was not to the Virginian's specifications. Morgan's lawyer sees the writing on the wall and asks for a compromise so Victoria has in effect, won the case. The Judge invites her to dinner and after dinner upon returning home, she admits to Clancy that she likes the Virginian and even invites him to dinner although she has never cooked one in her life. Victoria gets other cases and in court she makes an impassioned speech decrying the fact a man in the case went after someone who had wronged him with a gun. The opposing lawyer, John Anderson (Harold Gould), is impressed and wires the governor about her.

Meanwhile, the Virginian and hands come across Potter and his sons still on Shiloh range and roasting beef although they can not prove the beef is Shiloh's. One of the sons pulls a gun on the Virginian and he is forced to knock him out. He gets the men to take them to Emmett Ryker under a trespassing threat but tells them to tell Ryker to let the men go after a couple of days as he thinks they will move on. Victoria has paid a boy to watch the jail and let her know of potential customers. She visits the Potters and based on their biassed account, thinks the Virginian has taken the law into his own hands, something she decries, so she puts up bail for the Potters. Returning home she ruins the dinner she is cooking for the Virginian so Mrs. Clancy is forced to cook it. The Virginian is impressed with the dinner and says he could not believe a woman with all Victoria's talents could also cook. She eventually admits however, that she did not cook the meal and that she put up bail for the Potters. The Virginian still kisses her. However, at the door to the house he is shot at by the Potters who miss and flee and Victoria realizes she may have made a mistake. The Virginian declares they will catch up with the Potters and re-arrest them. John Anderson then arrives and offers Victoria a job working on the territorial governor's staff in Cheyenne. At the train station the Virginian sees off Victoria. She tells the Virginian she does not want to leave. However, the Virginian does not tell her to stay, saying all women will benefit by her taking the job with the governor, so she leaves.

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