The Virginian

Season 2 Episode 9

Run Quiet

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 13, 1963 on NBC

Episode Recap

Steve Hill arrives to purchase supplies in Medicine Bow just as a dishevelled barefoot deaf mute (Clu Gulager) arrives. The mute assaults a freight man, Cadwell (William Boyett), and Sheriff Abbott breaks up the fight and learns that the mute had worked for the man for a month but Cadwell says it was just for room and board and not money. The Sheriff and Steve doubt this but have no way of disproving Cadwell's story. However, Steve threatens to get the Shiloh freight shipping yanked from his wagon so Cadwell coughs up$15.00. Steve ends up taking the mute, who read lips, to Shiloh and the Virginian reluctantly gives him a job. The mute proves to be short-tempered because everyone has always tried to take advantage of him. The Sheriff also reports that the man's name is Judd (no last name) and that he had served time for assault. Despite several setbacks Steve manages to teach Judd to be a cowboy and much to their chagrin, Steve, Slim (Slim Pickens) and Andy (L. Q. Jones) learn Judd is good at poker.

In town, Judd visits the saloon and he and two drovers passing through, Dugan (Don "Red" Barry) and Vince (Lew Gallo), lose big to a professional gambler, Harry Clark (Stacey Harris). Later, Clark leaves by the back door but he is accosted by Dugan and Vince who knock him unconscious and take all his money although the gambler manages to wound Vince in the arm with a derringer. Judd gets knocked down by the two escaping men in the street and they drop the wallet which the mute picks up. He then discovers the gambler in the back alley and is seen by a saloon girl (Ina Victor) so he is arrested even though he tries to escape. Steve learns from Judd that two men had assaulted Clark and at the crime scene discovers blood and realizes one of the robbers was shot. He also suspects that the robbers were probably losers in the poker game. Meanwhile Clark dies and Judd escapes, stealing the deputy's horse in the process, and is trailed by a posse as well as Steve Hill.

Judd hurts his leg when he is thrown by and loses the horse. He is discovered sleeping in the barn at a nearby farm owned by Ruth Ferris (Gail Kobe) who lives alone on the spread. She tends to his leg and feeds him, in gratitude for which he chops her a pile of firewood. The Sheriff and posse arrive but she does not reveal Judd's presence. After the posse leaves she believes Judd when he indicates he is not guilty. Looking for a blanket. Judd discovers a wedding dress in a chest in the barn and Ruth admits she had made it herself but that she had been jilted by a man who was only after the insurance she inherited from her father. Steve arrives having found Judd's stolen horse nearby and sees the firewood. Ruth denies Judd is there but Judd comes in with a rifle. Steve tells Judd the men he played cards with were drivers on a herd which is nearby and he is going after them, suspecting they killed Clark. He tells Judd to give himself up.

Steve walks out and Judd does not shoot him. Ruth tells Judd he should trust Steve and it is clear they both care for each other. Steve arrives at the nearby herd and asks the ramrod if any of his men lost big at poker and were wounded, unaware the ramrod is Dugan, one of the murderers. Dugan says yes, one of his men was wounded and he and his accomplice Vince offer to accompany Steve to meet the cowboy. Before they can kill him, Steve realizes Vince has a wounded arm and the three men get into a gun battle. Steve is saved by Judd who arrives and kills Dugan and wounds Vince. Steve takes Vince back to Medicine Bow and Judd returns to Ruth's place. Ruth enters the barn and sees her wedding dress hanging up. Judd enters, they embrace and leave the barn together.