The Virginian

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 16, 1964 on NBC

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  • My favorite episode.

    This was my all time favorite episode of the series because it introduced my favorite character. He was an ex-lawman who turned hired gunman. He comes to Medicine Bow to help a man named Hagen who holds the mortgage on the ranch of a friend of Judge Garth's named Hale. He is asked to run the guy off the land. He having some morals refuses to. When Hale gets shot he is blamed. He becomes friends with Trampas who is trying to prove he is not guilty and find the real murders. He is found not guilty. Emmet is then asked to become a deputy in Medicine Bow. He having been friends with a deputy of Sheriff Abbott earlier. And thus becomes Deputy Emmet Ryker for the 3-6 seasons.