The Virginian - Season 4

NBC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • The Mark of a Man
    The Mark of a Man
    Episode 30

    The Virginian and Trampas arrive at the Medicine Bow saloon just as young Johnny Younce stumbles out. Johnny looks in the window of a tailor shop owned by Jake which contains a sign 'the clothes make a man." Johnny proceeds to break the window and goes on a rampage.

  • A Bald-Faced Boy
    A Bald-Faced Boy
    Episode 29
    Trampas, Emmett Ryker and Randy Benton spend some time at the Grand Teton Hotel in Medicine Bow spinning tall tales when four hillbillies arrive. They include Randy's brother Brett (Andrew Prine), his Uncle Del (Royal Dano), and his two cousins, Peck (Michael Stanwood) and Razz (Kay E. Kutzer). They tell him they are there to protect him.moreless
  • No Drums, No Trumpets
    Morgan Starr travels south of the border after gunmen are hired to prevent the signing of a trade agreement between the United States and Mexico.
  • That Saunders Woman
    That Saunders Woman
    Episode 27
    The Virginian is in Medicine Bow waiting for a stagecoach to arrive and passenger Sam Jenkins who sold Shiloh some diseased cattle. The Virginian comes to the rescue of another passenger aboard the stagecoach, Della Saunders who is accosted by the drunken Jenkins.
  • The Wolves Up Front, the Jackals Behind
    Randy Benton arrives in Prindiville, Montana to meet Georgie Sam Smith (Michael J. Pollard) with whom he is supposed to start a horse ranch. He finds Georgie Sam is no longer interested in such a venture and that he is working at the livery stable so can watch local girl Dulcy (Peggy Lipton).moreless
  • The Return of Golden Tom
    Robber "Golden" Tom Brant (Victor Jory) is released from prison after having served 35 years for killing three members of a posse and returns to Medicine Bow an old and apparently broken man. His return creates emotional problems for his abandoned daughter (Dee Carroll), the son of his former partner (Dee Pollock) and a surviving member of the posse, Amos Coe (Kelly Thordsen) whose brother was killed in the gun battle. These problems are exacerbated by a newspaper man (Linden Chiles) who sees a story in the legend of the shootout and the fact the gold stolen in the robbery has never been found which attracts a large number of gunslingers to town. Events spiral such that Tom eventually has to face Amos Coe in the saloon where the original shootout occurred many many years before.moreless
  • One Spring Like Long Ago
    When the buffalo returns, an Indian chief believes an old prophecy as come true and his tribe can be free of the white man's rule. But the chief sneaks off the reservation in search of the animals, he doesn't know he is being tracked by a bounty hunter.
  • Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross
    Trampas accidentally becomes the custodian of two young children who are being sought by men in the hire of their Mexican grandfather, "El Supremo," a powerful landowner. Trampas attempts to return the children to their American mother who lives in Laramie. Along the way he meets a woman card dealer, Melinda (Nita Talbot), who agrees to assist him in his task. With the children they pose as a homesteading family. Not only do they have to elude El Supremo's armed men but they must also avoid a Sioux war party which is operating in the area.moreless
  • Harvest of Strangers
    When a heavily armed band of Canadians arrives in town, the townspeople want them to move on. Morgan Starr, the Virginian and a saloon girl on the only ones willing to accept them. When a woman claims one of Canadians attacked her, the sitiuation escalates.
  • Morgan Starr
    Morgan Starr
    Episode 21
    After being appointed as territorial governor of Wyoming, Judge Garth brings in a man named Morgan Starr to run the Shiloh ranch, having passed over the Virginian.
  • The Inchworm's Got No Wings at All
    Jennifer discovers that the neighbors have a daughter who is mentally handicaped, but her parents don't want people around her for fear it will worsen her condition.
  • Chaff in the Wind
    Chaff in the Wind
    Episode 19
    After family of drifters is booted out of Laramie, Micah Ellis, the leader of the family sends his cardsharp son and saloon-girl daughter to Shiloh.
  • Long Ride to Wind River
    Medicine Bow storekeeper, Benjy Davis, a friend of the Virginian, is sentenced to death for murdering Hobey Kendall, a man who sexually assaulted his wife. However, Benjy says he had met a man near the murdered man's home named Jonah McIntosh and the Virginian traces that man to a colony of mountain men near Wind River. Jonah admits he killed Kendall in self-defence but will not return to clear Benjy. The Virginian takes Jonah a prisoner but has a difficult time getting Jonah back to Medicine Bow due to the pursuing mountain men and an encounter with a murderous trapper. He manages to accomplish his task thanks to the help of a beautiful young Shoshone widow, Hapamawa and to a growing respect and trust between himself and Jonah.moreless
  • Men with Guns
    Men with Guns
    Episode 17
    Trampas and Randy are in New Hope to pick up some horses from wealthy land-owner Colonel Bliss. While there they learn that the Colonel has been evicting settlers from land that he sold to them.
  • Nobody Said Hello
    Nobody Said Hello
    Episode 16
    Photographer Ansel Miller blames former Confederate prison commander Piper Pritikin for the loss of his arm. He becomes bitter and vindictive when finds out that Pritikin has been released from prison and is coming to Medicine Bow.
  • Blaze of Glory
    Blaze of Glory
    Episode 15
    Trampas is fond of Judy King, whose father is having financial problems with the bank. The mortgage on their ranch is due and the bank won't give him an extension.
  • Letter of the Law
    Letter of the Law
    Episode 14
    The Virginian shoots a train robber who confesses to a robbery before he dies. A robbery for which another man has been convicted and sent to prison.
  • The Horse Fighter
    The Horse Fighter
    Episode 13
    Sam Wilcock signs on at the Shiloh ranch as a bronco buster but it's not work he's after, it's the ranch payroll.
  • The Laramie Road
    The Laramie Road
    Episode 12
    Two wandering hobos arrive at Ev Clinchy's farm seeking food. They ask to buy a chicken but Mrs. Clinchy refuses and offers bread and molasses and tells them to leave. When she catches them stealing a chicken she sends her son into town to bring back her husband.
  • The Dream of Stavros Karas
    Starvos Karas, a widower, has sent to the Old Country for a new wife. He really just wanted someone to care for house and children and is surprised when a pretty young woman arrives.
  • Beyond the Border
    Beyond the Border
    Episode 10
    Trampas and the Virginian head to Mexico to purchase some Palomino horses. The Virginian falls ill and Trampas is forced to leave him with a woman, who falls in love with him.
  • Show Me a Hero
    Show Me a Hero
    Episode 9
    Trampas stops a runaway wagon and his horse ends up lame from the chase. Frank Colter offers him a place to stay until the horse heals.Trampas is surprised to find a town full of people in an old abandoned town rebuilding it in hopes of the railroad coming through.
  • Nobility of Kings
    Nobility of Kings
    Episode 8
    Ben Justin is determined to succeed and doesn't care about the Cattlemen's Association or their rules. Ben's wife and son accept the friendship of the Virginian and Judge Garth which angers Ben.
  • Jennifer
    Episode 7
    Judge Garth receives a telegram telling him that his late sister's daughter is coming from Boston.
  • Ring of Silence
    Ring of Silence
    Episode 6
    Emmett Ryker is amongst a group of stagecoach passengers and crew waylaid by and trapped in an isolated cabin by a group of Mexicans from a small cross-border town. The Mexicans want one of the passengers, a cowboy named Wylie (Earl Holliman), for murdering a woman but Emmett believes Wylie should be turned over to the American authorities for a proper hearing. A siege and gun battle ensues but in the end, the Virginian and Trampas, who are waiting for Emmett in a nearby town, come to the rescue of their missing friend.moreless
  • The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Episode 5

    A destitute former Minister, David Henderson (Glenn Corbett), who has had a crisis of faith, comes to Medicine Bow just as a dispute breaks out at a local mine over safety issues. Emmett Ryker entreaties Judge Garth to try and find a solution to the problem. When an accident occurs at the mine David assists in a rescue attempt but hurts his leg. He is taken to Shiloh where Betsy Garth nurses him and they become romantically involved. David's actions gain him the respect of the miners, he becomes their leader, and he calls a strike over the working conditions. Despite an attempt to intimidate the miners by importing scab labour, with Judge Garth's help the owners and miners manage to reach an agreement. David rediscovers his calling and asks Betsy to marry him. They are married at Shiloh Ranch and head off to start a new life at a parish David has been assigned in Pennsylvania.

  • The Claim
    The Claim
    Episode 4
    Trampas becomes discouraged with being a ranch hand and sets off with an old friend, Luke Milford (William Shatner), to Deadwood City in the Dakotas where gold strikes are reported. They learn that most of the gold is off limits in Sioux territory but they meet and help a man named Finley (Strother Martin) who claims to have a gold strike outside of Indian land and who agrees to cut them in if they will stake him for equipment. They do strike gold but it turns out it is on Indian land. Trampas runs into trouble not only with the Sioux but inevitably ends up in a showdown with Luke who has become fixated on finding and retaining the gold.moreless
  • A Little Learning...
    After release from prison, Bert Kramer (Bruce Dern) comes to Medicine Bow to find his estranged wife who is the new school teacher, Martha Perry (Susan Oliver). A Shiloh hand, Rafe Simmons (Albert Salmi), tells the Virginian he is quitting. He goes to town, get a job in the harness shop and gets Martha to teach him to read. Bert Kramer arrives in town and is spotted by Emmett Ryker who recognizes him as a hired gun. Rumours are spread that Rafe and the schoolteacher are having an affair. A local barber, Cal Beeson (Harry Townes), who has had a run in with Rafe, and Bert Kramer plot together to ambush the harness shop worker. However, Rafe manages to get the upper hand. In a struggle over a gun, Bert is killed but Rafe is cleared by the actions of the Virginian and Martha who get Beeson's young son to own up to the plot.moreless
  • Day of the Scorpion
    An Australian, Adam Tercell (John Anderson), has bought a local ranch and plans to graze sheep on open range, a strategy which would destroy it as grazing land for cattle, so the locals want to negotiate an area set aside for sheep. However, Tercell's bullying son, Abel (Jon Locke), refuses and even stockwhips a local rancher (Edward Faulkner) which brings him into conflict with the Virginian. Abel tries to bullwhip the Virginian and falls and is accidentally killed when he hits his head on a rock. Adam Tercell arrives in Medicine Bow and tries to get the Virginian charged with murder but is unsuccessful and things become complicated when Tercell's daughter Reagen (Maura McGivney) begins to fall in love with the Virginian. Events continue to escalate and eventually lead to a fateful confrontation between Adam Tercell, his estranged daughter, and the local ranchers.moreless
  • The Brothers
    The Brothers
    Episode 1
    Matt Denning (Robert Lansing), a good friend of Emmett Ryker's, believes his younger brother Will (Andrew Prine) innocent of a crime and breaks him out of a military jail where he is awaiting execution, accidentally killing a guard in the process. Along with Matt's wife (Jan Shepard) and son (Kurt Russell), they escape into an area where many Sioux Indians are out for blood, and are trailed by Ryker, army Sgt. Cohane (Myron Healey) and three soldiers. They find the escapees but the party is attacked by the Sioux. Will is killed, confessing as he dies that he was guilty as charged and leading Matt to realize all has been for nothing. Despite the fact the guard's death was clearly an accident, and the fact Emmett and Cohane testify on his behalf, Matt is found guilty and Emmett is forced to uphold the law and turn Matt over to the Sheriff who will escort him to prison.moreless