The Virginian

Season 2 Episode 22

Smile of a Dragon

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 26, 1964 on NBC

Episode Recap

A stagecoach and its passengers, including Trampas, are set upon by three robbers after a money shipment. Trampas kills one of the robbers but is wounded by a bullet grazing his head and falls unconscious. The other passengers and driver are all killed. In the melee Trampas loses his gun and a letter of introduction he had to buy cattle. He later awakes, takes the horse and ivory-handled colt of the dead robber and rides off. However, he passes out again and falls off the horse. In nearby Gunnison, the Sheriff (Richard Carlson) and a councilman Umber (Frank Overton) discuss a series of robberies and wonder how the felons know the money shipments are on board. They are interrupted by news of the latest robbery and ride to the scene. They find Trampas' letter of introduction by the dead robber and assume he is Trampas. Meanwhile, Trampas comes to a small farmstead, inhabited by Mrs. Marden (Phyllis Coates), her daughter (Patricia Morrow), and young son (Stephen Price), where he seeks food and a horse. The woman is decidedly frightened of Trampas although she feeds him. When Trampas goes to leave he is arrested by the woman's husband, Sheriff Marden who has been summoned by the son. Mrs. Marden says she recognized him as one of the robbers because of the ivory-handled colt. The Sheriff and Trampas set out for town. Trampas claims his innocence and identity but Marden reveals he has already telegrammed news of his death to Shiloh. He also hints the townspeople will lynch him and even tries to shoot him. However, Trampas escapes and rides off, abandoning the horse in the process.

At Shiloh, Steve Hill, Betsy and Randy (Randy Boone) receive the telegram and Steve immediately sets out for Gunnison. The Sheriff organizes a posse and tells them, Trampas won't be taken alive. Trampas stumbles on the campsite of Kim Ho (Miyoshi Umeki) and forces her to take him in a wagon to Gunnison. The posse however, comes upon them and the two are forced to go on foot, as is the posse given the nature of the terrain. Kim Ho says she does not like Marden as he is a man "without a heart" and Trampas trusts her to go to telegram Judge Garth but she is intercepted by Marden. She takes Marden to Trampas' location but Trampas manages to jump him, take his gun and escape again with Kim Ho. In the process Kim Ho conclusively learns Trampas is innocent and the Sheriff tells the arriving posse to shoot both on sight. The posse decides to return to town to get new horses and intercept the two from a different direction. In town, Steve arrives and joins the posse to catch Trampas' killer even though the Sheriff discourages him. Trampas and Kim Ho spend the night in a cave where the latter reveals she wants to return to China because she is treated as an outcast due to racial prejudice. They decide to go to her uncle Ming Yang's (Kam Tong) cabin.

At the cabin they find Ming Yang wounded. He tells them he was in the nearby town of Highwater where two men accidentally shot him when they "made him dance." From their description, Trampas recognizes them as the bank robbers and sets out to find them. After he leaves the posse arrives. The Sheriff treats Kim Ho roughly although Umber objects. Marden also begins hurting the wounded Ming Yang to make him talk even though Steve tries to intervene and says his friend Trampas would not like it. Kim Ho reveals Trampas has gone to Highwater and the posse sets off. However, she manages to detain Steve and convinces him Trampas is still alive so he sets off after the posse. In Highwater, Trampas learns from a friend of Ming Yang's (Hank Patterson) that the two men he seeks have gone to Eagle Roost. As he is leaving town the posse arrives and trails him, Steve hot on its trail.

At Eagle Roost, Trampas tries to talk to Umber, telling him the real robbers are up the hill the but as he does so, the Sheriff sneaks up on him and would have killed him except Steve has arrived and gets the drop on Marden. A gun battle breaks out with the robbers, during which Marden reveals he is in league with them. Marden tries to get away but is knocked unconscious by Trampas and the posse kills the other two robbers. Steve and Trampas return to Ming Yang's. Kim Ho tells Trampas she has learned it is better to fight than run away back to China, he kisses her on the cheek, and he and Steve ride off.

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