The Virginian

Season 1 Episode 13

The Accomplice

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 19, 1962 on NBC

Episode Recap

Two men rob the Rocky Point Bank, shooting the President in the process. One of the men, Gleason (Christopher Dark), is later captured and claims Trampas, with whom he had a run in in a card game, was his accomplice. Trampas, accompanied by the Virginian, is taken to Rocky Point where two of the bank tellers, Miss Delia Miller (Bette Davis) and Joe Darby (Woodrow Parfrey), also identify him as the felon. Since he has no alibi he is bound over for trial. Meanwhile, the real accomplice, posing as newspaper reporter Malcolm Brent (Lin McCarthy) arrives in town, meets with Gleason under pretence of doing an interview and agrees to pay two men to break Gleason out of jail.

The Virginian and Trampas' lawyer (Noah Keen) manage to convince Darby that he has made a misidentification but Miss Delia remains adamant that Trampas is the robber. The spinsterish Delia has recognized Brent as the real accomplice and visits him at his hotel where she agrees to testify to Trampas' guilt for $10,000 which she can use to fulfill her lifelong dream to leave Rocky Point and go to Europe. To protect herself from Brent, she has left behind a letter admitting Trampas is innocent and Brent guilty. Gleason is broken out of jail. However, despite this, Trampas goes on trial. Miss Delia's testimony is the only evidence against him and the Virginian and lawyer manage to show she has lied about some details of the case and that she had met with Brent who they suspect is the accomplice.

While the jury is deliberating, the Virginian visits Delia and tries to convince her to tell the truth. Eventually, Delia's conscience, fuelled by alcohol, finally triumphs and she rushes to tell the Sheriff (Gene Evans) of Trampas' innocence but is accidentally run down and killed in the street. As Trampas is found guilty and being sentenced the letter proclaiming his innocence is found in Delia's effects and he is set free.

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