The Virginian

Season 1 Episode 30

The Final Hour

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 01, 1963 on NBC

Episode Recap

Judge Garth meets with ranchers to decide whether or not he will allow his land to be used to as a rail right-of way for a coal strip mining operation on a corner of the open range. The ranchers wish to maintain their way of life and some object to the influx of Polish miners who they see as "Pollacks" and "Beauhunks." The other ranchers are led by Milo Anderson (Bert Freed) whose son Jack (Don Galloway) is Trampas' best friend. The Judge decides to let the mining go ahead believing "progress" is inevitable and supported by townspeople who see the potential economic benefits.

The miners arrive led by Antek Wolski (Jacques Aubichon) who is accompanied by his burly son Jan (Dean Fredericks) and the beautiful Polcia (Ulla Jacobbson), and they are met by Trampas whom the Judge has appointed to help the miners get settled. A love quadrangle develops. Jan wants to marry Polcia but she rejects his continual advances. Jack Anderson also wants to get to know her but she puts him off as well, a major reason being she is in love with Trampas. Jan believes Polcia has been seeing Jack when in fact, she has been with Trampas. In a confrontation in a bar he kills Jack in a fist fight. He admits to Polcia that it was an accident and the coroner's jury rules it so.

Trampas had initially rejected Polcia's advances seeing her as pure trouble but he breaks down, professes his love and asks her to marry him. She demurs fearing for his safety. The ranchers ride to the miners camp intent on revenge and sending them away but Trampas intercepts them and in the confrontation Polcia, who has followed him, is accidentally killed. Trampas makes an impassioned speech about where will the killing end, dissuading the ranchers from further violence. At Polcia's grave the Judge comforts Trampas saying that her death has ultimately brought peace.