The Virginian

Season 6 Episode 20

The Good-Hearted Badman

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 07, 1968 on NBC

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  • Excellent epsiode in which Pete Duel plays a character which is very similar to his later Hannibal Hayes in Alias Smith and Jones.

    Elizabeth Grainger stumbles on an injured man when out riding. She takes him back to Shilo ranch with the help of Clay and they both help him to Elizabeth's room where he recovers from his injuries. The injuries turn out to be gunshot wounds.The injured stranger is eventually discovered to be a notorious outlaw who is wanted in other states.
    When the outlaw's gang discover his whereabouts, they invade Shilo in order to rescue him from a bounty hunter who is in pursuit.
    A siege situation ensues and in the gun battle the barn of Shilo is destroyed and the outlaw is killed. This leaves Elizabeth lost and confused for the man for whom she had begun to have feelings.