The Virginian

Season 5 Episode 19

The Modoc Kid

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 01, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

Five men arrive in Medicine Bow intent on robbing the bank: Bob Archer (Harry Carey Jr.), Frank Cave (Gene Ellis), brothers Roy (John Goddard) and Cullen Tindall (Harrison Ford), and leader and well-known gunslinger, Del Stetler alias the Modoc Kid (John Saxon). However, they have been observed by Deputy Emmett Ryker and are ambushed by him, Sheriff Abbott (Ross Elliott) and other deputies. Cave is killed and Archer is wounded and captured but the others escape even though Roy Tindall is seriously wounded. They manage to elude the posse and go to Shiloh ranch where the hands are away on a trail drive and only the Graingers are home. They take the Graingers prisoner, forcing Elizabeth to tend to the wounded Roy, and it soon becomes clear the Modoc Kid is obsessed with his own notoriety as a gunslinger.

Roy needs medical attention and so the Modoc Kid forces John Grainger to lure Dr. Hinton (Paul Fix) to Shiloh with the pretense that Elizabeth Grainger has broken her collar bone in an accident. Meanwhile, Stacey and John Grainger manage to get an old flintlock pistol which they load with powder taken from a shotgun shell and armed with a flint which tipped an Indian arrow John kept in his office. Mrs. Hinton (Barbara Bell Wright)is worried about the doctor as he has not returned and missed some calls he was supposed to make, so she comes to the Sheriff's office to complain. Roy Tindall seems to be recovering but the doctor tells the desperadoes he can not be moved for three days.

The Sheriff and Emmett arrive looking for the doctor but John Grainger is forced tell them the doctor left saying he was going by the old abandoned Crofton farm as he is thinking of buying some land. Del has left a false trail at the farm implying the robbers hid there and left with the doctor, a ploy which seems to work. The next morning, however, Emmett is suspicious of the way John acted so he decides to visit Shiloh. He is seen approaching and Roy, who is recovering, is left to guard everyone upstairs while Del and Cullen wait downstairs with John Grainger. As Emmett approaches, Roy takes a shot at him but he is distracted by Stacey Grainger and the shot goes astray such that Emmett is able to hide in the bushes. Stacey also knocks Roy out and takes the gun and heads downstairs. He shoots Cullen Tindall. Before Del can interfere, he is shot with the flintlock, touched off with a match, by John Grainger and the ordeal is over.

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