The Virginian

Season 5 Episode 19

The Modoc Kid

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 01, 1967 on NBC

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  • Outlaws hole up at Shiloh, taking the Graingers hostage.

    This is pretty much your typical outlaws-take-over-the-ranch episode, with the exception of the tense psychological interplay between John Grainger and Del Stetler (the Modoc Kid). Charles Bickford is at his stern, stoic best as he bandies words and trades stares with John Saxon's barely-controlled braggadocio. The resolution is abrupt but pretty satisfying, with Stacy getting to take out the Harrison Ford gunman, and Grainger himself (aided by his old pistol) managing to target Stetler. This was a much better result than simply having Ryker ride in to save the day. The final scene is corny, with the new rooster crowing and Grainger telling his grandkids it's time to get back to raising chickens, followed by a strange screen shrinking effect.