The Virginian

Season 1 Episode 28

The Mountain of the Sun

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 17, 1963 on NBC

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  • The Virginian Falls for an Undercover Nun

    The premise is a bit nutty for believability-- three Christian widows are determined to journey to the stronghold of the savage and murderous Yaqui Indians. They wish to continue the mission which their husbands failed to do the year before... mainly because they got murdered. This is exactly Elisabeth Elliot's real-life story, by the way. The ladies are hell bent on this, so the Virginian acts as their guide on the wagon journey, falling in love on the way with the beautiful young widow named Kathy (played by Dolores Hart). It turns out that Kathy is an awfully good kisser for a missionary. This was Dolores Hart's last professional acting appearance-- she surprised everyone by ditching her fiance and joining the cloistered Benedictine Abbey Regina Laudis months later. James Drury has called this one of his favorite episodes, and jokes that he was responsible for Dolores Hart's decision to "go with Christ," like the missionary widow did.