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Battle Round 1

What Coach made the worst decision of Battle Round 1?

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    [1]May 10, 2011
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    After watching the battles, I thought the coaches did a good job picking who should have actually won...except for Christina. I still don't see why she chose Frenchie over Tarralyn. I thought Tarralyn was stronger in her voice and had a better range. The only reason I can think of (and I hate to because it makes me look whiny and bitter) is the producers wanted Frenchie to continue due to her past on AI and well her other exploits.

    I thought Blake was gonna choose Tyler over Patrick and I think Patrick did as well. During the comments, Patrick just looked defeated.

    Blake hit the nail on the head when talking about Cee Lo's decision to pair up Niki and Vicci, likely a regret because the two of them nailed it tonight.

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    [2]May 12, 2011
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    I have to be honest,having celebrities on a TV-show isn't enough for me,so all the practice session stuff was boring.

    And what is the point of removing half the contestants immediately?

    I don't see this catching on,some really great voices though,hope they fullfil their dreams.

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    [3]Jun 2, 2011
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    I think Tarralyn wasn't chosen because she didn't take Christina's advice about being too competitive and not staying true to the music and spirit of competition. I read a blog from the Voice correspondent that she kept switching up her performance during the practice so that Frenchie kept getting thrown off. And you'll notice that there was even a point in the performance where Christina made a face like "where did that come from?" When Christina gave her commentary before announcing her decision, she even made a point to say something about paying attention to who took her feedback to heart.

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    i think tyler was going up against patrick cause blake already decided he wanted him gone. so it didnt really matter i think blake was gonna pick patrick anyway

    i couldnt stand tarralyn's hair so glad didnt have to look at that.

    vicci was cool nikki was kind of plain to me nothing special about her

    i dont remember adams picks. was it tim and casey?

    i dont think anyone made a mistake
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