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  • Sick of Blake's teams

    I really cant stand most of Blake's team went through and better singers on Kelly and Ledgen went home. The audience must be deaf. Sick of this show getting boring.
  • John Legends Recent trashing the President

    The show is great! I am having a hard time watching since John Legend and wife Chrissy Tiegan trashed the President on national TV earlier this week in an interview. No class! Chrissy using the Fc k word. How do you watch someone judge a show when you have no respect for them?" HE NEEDS TO GO NOW!!!!" I feel bad for the contestants and the judges with class! THIS IS THE SECOND REVIEW I AM WRITING!!! WHY IS HE STILL THERE??? HE IS A TRUMP HATER AND I AND 30,000 OF MY FOLLOWERS AND THERE FOLLOWERS WILL NOT WATCH YOUR SHOW TILL HE IS GONE!!!! tILL THEN WE WILL WATCH AMERICAN IDOL !!!!
  • Love the voice! But last night did not enjoy the songs or floor Matt to show

    I gave last night a score of 5,Love the old shows floor Matt much better, and great songs, last night songs were awful!except the last 3 songs, go back to the normal way of doing the show please! Again

    Can only give this show last night a 5!
  • John Legends Recent trashing the President

    The show is great! I am having a hard time watching since John Legend and wife Chrissy Tiegan trashed the President on national TV earlier this week in an interview. No class! Chrissy using the Fc k word. How do you watch someone judge a show when you have no respect for them? Food for thought! Watch the show here or on U Tube! I feel bad for the contestants and the judges with class!
  • Total b s

    How the heck can someone win when they took a sick day.

    Awww so cozy with her smiley face in her house coat. If she didnt have to sing to move forward for her spot why did the other 2. Blake should have clearly won this season
  • the Voice

    its a boring show to watch. Don't bring it back. I prefer big brother over the voice
  • Is Jennifer really this ghetto or faking

    It's enough for me to quit watching. Please get rid of her.
  • Gwen Feliz Navidad

    never never sing that had to change the channel.. Right Adam was wrong..
  • Adams team

    Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for doing what y'all did and said. Adam is a very passionate guy and he knew that DeAndra wasn't going to the end he wasn't that good I almost forgot his did like him but That little girl didn't deserve what y'all did -and said. Some people get sick. He was trying to help that girl y'all should know they already have tally's on iTunes!!! And other ways of knowing y'all need a life get one and I hope Jesus forgives the hate it's just too much hate it makes me cry
  • No political garbage

    Show has been great until Jennifer spun her politics tonight. One more time, I will not watch The Voice. Jennifer forgetting about Trump providing her and her sister a place to live when her mother and brother were murdered? Stop with trying to shove politics down our throat!
  • Cheaters

    I have been a fansince the beginning. So I was heartbroken when I watch a young man named Deandre sing his heart & brought the house down. When it was time for his coach to encourage the audience to vote for his guy right after he sung, he encouraged them to NOT vote for him and to vote for a singer who didn't even compete. She shouldn't have been able to be voted for, along with those who competed. Last I heard, The Voice is a competition show. On Dancing with The Stars, dancers have been injured and had to go home because they could not compete. Some have limped on and danced with broken ankles etc. I have seen singers on other completion shows sick and barely could talk who still competed & sang because they knew if they didn't they had to go home. That's called integrity. Your show has lost all integrity. It's now a sham. Adam reduced your show to a joke. He said because he has 2 little girls at home who like this singer is his reason he wasn't supporting his own singer who just did as he was suppose to and competed fear & all to stay. You have to fix it for the sake of the show, audience and Deandre. Deandre should be allowed to come back and compete. Let him lose or win fair and square without his coach setting him up to lose. Otherwise any singer can say they are sick and sit it out while others have to compete & sing their hearts out to stay. This sick singer also gets the same as those who competed and be voted for as well. Not fair. Shame on the Voice! How do you expect me to keep watching? Every time I see this girl sing it will remind me how this is not a real competition show. It'll remind me how a coach practically cheated to keep her there. Every time I see your show I will be reminded that a young man who followed the rules and competed singing fighting to stay, was cheated out of a chance to stay. I'll be reminded how another slid through because she was the coach's favorite and he let the voting public know it moments before they voted. Shame on you.

  • Seriously disgusted in Adam's behavio

    Reagan should never have even been considered and the fact she won out of pity is rediculous. I am so disgusted in Adam's behavior. Dumbest words ever. I wouldn't have even wanted to be near him after that. If I remember correctly he promised the world that he would take Deandre to the end with him if America saved him that one time. He is a LIAR AND A LET DOWN AND A BULLSHIT COACH.
  • Shame on Adam Levine!

    I am so incredibly disappointed in him as a coach! His behavior last night was heartbreaking and beyond words. I hope any future contestants are watching and stay far away from Adam as a coach. It's very clear he plays favorites and if he doesn't think you will win he just throws you under the bus!
  • Poor form Adam 4.0

    Damm Adam, throw him under the bus. That was cold man. If Reagan can't compete, she shouldn't be there. DeAndre did a heck of a job, and if I weren't watching after the vote, I would have voted for him. I sure wouldn't pick you as a coach. Can't hug that out man. Boooo to you.

    I've been watching The Voice since the beginning & love the show, but after what Adam did last night, I will no longer be a viewer of The Voice. The show is called The Voice for a reason, it's not about who you like, its about the voice. This was very unfair of Adam, it was like Deandre didn't stand a chance, because Adam already had his mind made up of keeping Reagan. I understand that she was able to competent last night, but you don't dismiss your other contestants who were there to defend their spot, in which Deandre did a wonderful job in doing that. They should have waited to next week or Reagan should have been disqualified. Adam do not need to be a judge, he doesn't handle business very well and he's wasn't being fair. These contestants look up to the judges, I'm really sad for Deandre in the way he got treated. This is so unreal & unfair. What a shame, this was a good show at one time.
  • Incredibly Surprised By Adam's Betrayal of Deandre - He Torpedoed Him

    Whether I agreed or disagreed with the results of a singing competition show, I would not write now. I starting watching The Voice when it first began, got away from it for years, then began watching again last year. In all the times I did watch, Adam was always my favorite judge. Even though I can't sing, I dreamed if I were on the show, he would be my coach. I thought he was genuine and truly wanted (and worked toward) the best for each of his team last night. I could NOT believe how he betrayed OWN team member. Does he not know the meaning of the word "competition"? It means to compete! And if you can't, you back out! By Adam's choice of words, he basically told people NOT to vote for Deandre! He torpedoed him! For a minute I thought I was listening to Simon Cowell back in his American Idol heyday. He did not just slap Deandre in the face but gave him a kick in the gut, for good measure. And Deandre had to stand there on that stage and listen to his coach basically tell him he was giving up on him. Good for you, Kelly Clarkson, for noticing how Adam's words would be heard and tried to clean it up and lessen the blow back but, unfortunately, the damage was done. Adam's words and actions showed that, even if she didn't compete, Reagan's career had more substance than Deandre's. Not meaning to take anything from Reagan (I believe she has a nice yet unseasoned voice), Deandre's voice is on a whole different level. In the end, he may not have won, but he should have gone farther in the competition. I'm sure The Voice gods will come out with a statement either by Adam or Deandre or mention this on the next show but, after reading the comments, I think the majority of the public sees the truth. Shame, shame, shame!
  • Not so much the voice

    I am very disappointed in the fact that Reagan was able to be voted for when she didn't sing. How to you make it to the next round of "The Voice" if you do not showcase "your voice". It was such a bad move on Adam's move to put down Deandre and pretty much telling people to not vote for him but to vote for Reagan because he didn't want a little girl disappointed. If the "little" girl can't handle disappointment then she doesn't need to be in show business. I am done with "The Voice" after watching many seasons of it.
  • The Voice is apparently not about the VOICE

    Reagan is a great singer, but it was completely unfair to the other two not having her sing..... after all, it's supposed to be a competition. She should have withdrawn if she couldn't perform. Shame on you, Adam. When something like this happens, it makes me believe that The Voice is another "unreality " show where the winner is already decided before the first show airs. Sad.
  • Adam Levine Sucks

    Our family is absolutely done with The Voice after Levine's shitty move tonight. Talk about throwing someone under the bus and so much for the show being a competition. I don't compete yet I win? WTF? Perhaps we should just vote for the winner now and skip the rest of the performances. What a sad commentary on American society.

    Deandre's performance was absolutely incredible. Truly hope he has a long and successful career.
  • Adam was wrong

    Deandre performed he should have won. That was poor taste on Adams part
  • Maybe it's just me

    ... but some exceptionally talented contestants went home last week, and from the expressions on at least two of the coaches faces, it seemed clear that they were surprised about more than a few of the viewers' picks. I'm guessing that THIS viewer's opinion may not win the popular vote, but the trend I've begun seeing is that those far more talented, are losing out to youngsters whose middle-school (ish) peers are apparently voting them in, en masse. It's unfortunate that contestants who've paid their dues and who are realistically ready for the next step toward their professional careers, are not getting that break, because The Voice allows less mature (vocally and in life itself) contestants. What's the point of seasoned coaches and the more mature viewing audience's weighing in, if the darling but less vocally-developed 13-year old is able to trump the more deserving? IMO, this diminishes the quality of the program.
  • Go back to the Voice early years

    All the changes are ruining the show. You send folks home without a chair turn them bring some back and then some really good singers that made it to the live shows go home. Not fair. Go back to the way it was done in the first few seasons. The two come back artist did not get a turn for reason and tonight proved why.
  • The Voice

    Used to be a good show but too much of two of the judges "all about me" showcasing. Cannot stand Jennifer Hudson and Kelly is so silly and loud it's ridiculous! The guys are great. I've watched 5 minutes of one show all season and that was too much!
  • Stop Cutting Down the Performances to Provide More Time for the Reality Show Crap

    Please convey to the show runners of The Voice the unhappiness of our household with their choice to edit down singing performances to as little as 20 seconds in order to provide more time for the reality show aspects of the program.

    We watch for the performances, not for the umpteenth repetitions of the personal histories of the performers nor for the rehearsals (which we fast-forward). It's called "The Voice" for a reason.

    If this continues, we will eliminate the Voice from our viewing.
  • Come On Its A Singing Contest NOT A SOAP OPERA!!!

    WHY do we need to hear the life story of the contestant?? We the viewers do not care. We are watching to hear them sing. Let them sing another song instead of listening to the crap. Kelly is Very Loud, &; All Over The Place. Tired of her!, Tired of Jennifer throwing her shoes. The judges are grown ups. Act Like It! TOO MUCH SILLINESS!! Where are all of the Good Singers. I think sometimes the judges ears are full of beans, if they think some of those people can sing!!. I have heard its all fixed, &; money has a lot to do with it. Why does it have to be dragged out for so many weeks??? Just PLEASE make it more watchable!!! 90% of the contestants CAN NOT SING!!!! Kelly Is Such A Big Mouth, Jennifer Is Just Weird. Tired of Blake & Adam hashing back & forth. Why do we have to see the crap when they are practicing, it is SO BORING. Spend more time trying to get people that can sing, this season is AWFUL. Iam glad I have a DVR, I record the show & go past all of it but the singing, IF THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL IT. The show is just VERY BAD. The Last Season Of American Idol Over Shined The Voice BIG TIME.
  • Let Jennifer go

    Loved the Voice. Really like Blake, Adam and Kelly but cannot go Jennifer Hudson anymore. Always trying to show off!!
  • I am smiling from start to finish!

    The four judges on the show Blake, Adam, Kelly and Jennifer have such great chemistry. They make me smile the whole show every time I watch. After working a long day and then I turn on The Voice and I dont think about one thing except wow they are all four so funny and personable. Anyone who knows me says "smile more". I can sure say am!!!!

    Thank you! :)
  • Judges or contestants

    We are going to stop looking at the Voice, which has been a No. 1 favorite of ours for years. Adam and Blake joking around was ok, but Kelly dominates the whole show. She shows no class, talks real loud all the time, and ruins the show. She thinks it's about her, and it's not. She's running up on the stage all the time, like see me, see me. Will not even have enough respect to quit talking when the singers are trying to sing. Jennifer is almost as bad. It needs to get back with the contestants not Kelly and Jennifer. Bring Qwen or somebody else back that has a little class and knows how to act in front of millions of people.
  • This is a comfort show

    Just like comfort food, "The Voice" is a comfort show. Everything about this show is positive, uplifting and encouraging. The coaches are always kind to each and every contestant, they always have something good to say. Family and friends of contestants are seen backstage rooting them on. Blake and Adam have coached since season 1 and never left or took a break, but they are still just as funny and likeable as they were from the first episode. Can never get tired of Blake or Adam!
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