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  • Paloma is rubbish.

    Rubbish, biased and unfair. Paloma Faith is so bad - how did she ever become a judge? As judges, they should be bending over backwards to be fair to all. There were some good singers who were rubbished because they sang a musical theatre song! Someone should take Paloma Faith to the West End and let her see just how talented and hard working musical theatre performers are. Danny seemed embarrassed to be in the same show as the other judges. I won't be watching this show again.
  • the voice

    The new show is rubbish, the judges are supposed to nudge on the voice not the song. Paloma didn't like musical theatre she is not there to let her opinions on the song cloud her judgement on the song.

  • Flat Awful

    Take Off Its Rigged and It Shows.
  • Really?


    Cassidy Pope Really?

    Matt McAndrews and the other 2 on Adams team did not win last year? Really?

    Blake's hippy won? Really?

    Now, 2015 and Blake's last two, blondie and SWELLED HEAD think they should win? Really?

    I used to LOVE the voice until this Really!

  • Once again the voters prove to be tone deaf

    Sending Mark home was a huge mistake but once again its those deaf voters who pick who they like not talent. People get your head out ... and vote for truly who should be there not because their young and kind of cute!
  • Time for a Change

    I used to enjoy watching the show. The thing with Blake and Gwen is offensive and distracting to the show. They need to change judges and remind the judges that this is The Voice and not The Dating Game.
  • Awful!

    What an awful night, I have never been so bored and I am absolutely a fan of the show.

    Terrible song choices all night, steering these kids completely wrong. Since Gwen started dating The Cowboy, her head is clouded.. She needs to go! Bring back Shakira she was funny and lovable.

    Gwen steered all her stars into jeopardy, what an awful night! Blaine was the only awesome performance of the night and perfect song choice, after that everything went down hill, even for Adam. What's up? Hopefully Blake and Pherrel are ready to wow us. Disappointing episode!
  • lord please

    remove this tripe from the airwaves please
  • The Voice is rigged.

    There is no way that Sawyer was better than Hannah, Megan, India and so many more on that show. I can't believe that those little Tweens that voted 10 times for him was enough to allow him to win that whole show. I won't watch that crap again. It's fixed and it was obvious this year!
  • Fans Disappointed

    Large group of Fans had tickets to be in the audience for the show and were turned away along with about 100 other fans. The ticket says you have to be there before the time cutoff. Your Fans took off work, hired babysitters and some traveled 2 hours to get to your show to be part of it. This is a huge let down for all of us and really the show should have more respect for their Fans. We were told you always have more tickets than seats to have a full audience. Please do all of us a favor and let Fans know on the ticket in bold print that this is not a guaranteed seat you must get there way ahead of the time to stand in line. Have respect for Fans time, money and excitement for seeing the show live. Sincerely, Mom with a lot of disappointed Fans of yours.
  • Getting Tired of the Voice

    Two seasons per year is too much of this show for me.

    Lets go back to the old way of finding America's Talent.

    Make a record and see if anyone buys it.

    This crap seems to go on forever. I just cant care!
  • Very disappointed when...

    Craig Boyd was not my choice. I was very disappointed when after he was announced the winner and his wife and baby joined him on stage, he kissed his baby but totally ignored his wife! He came across as a very cold individual! He should have hugged his wife. After all, I noticed she was there for him throughout his competition on The Voice! I felt sorry for his wife.
  • Missing Josh Kaufman

    Where was Josh Kaufman?
  • Not recording tonights episode

    I just tied to set my timer for tonights episode as I will be working but there was a conflict because the voice runs the show till 1 min after the hour. When that happens the show that runs till 1 min after the hour is the one that I dont record, so no Voice tonight for me.
  • Blake Shelton remember who you are

    why do you act like country singers are off the radar for you? you are rich because of country fans and we support you on the you are acting like you really dont give a crap this season. What happened to you?
  • Just another Amerian Idol clone

    Seriously? We already have Americans Got Talent, American Idol and The X Factor and they all have singing. Now we have another one. Full of sob stories that are over exaggerated and bad. One of those shows I listed has to go. There are too many singing competiton shows in the country as of this date the review has been published.
  • winner?

    The people who came runner up should of won like Bo Bruce but that other person won instead, i can't even remember her name.
  • Even Adam's hotness cannot get me to watch!

    The Voice used to be my absolute favorite show. Even more so with the new judges; unfortunately, I cannot watch it anymore, not even to stare at Adam Levine. :'( This show is NOT about finding "The Voice," it's about who is the sob story of the season, the one people feel sorry for, or the one who is coached by someone's favorite. I mean, I love Adam, but I have voted for other coaches contestants, as I do feel the BEST should win.

    Michelle is HORRIBLE! I cringe whenever I would see her perform and there is NO way anyone can say she can sing better than the majority of the people who have been voted off. She does have the underdog story, and a good new coach, so she is getting the votes. The Swon Brother's ... I mean, come on people. Danielle DOES deserve to be there, as she is pretty damn amazing, especially for her age ... but the other contestants certainly do NOT belong! I no longer tune into the show, which is sad ...
  • No Longer "The Voice", Show Should Be Called "The Vote, a Popularity Game"

    After Tuesday's results, this show officially took a meteoric descent from best show on television to worst show on any medium. What was once a terrific contest of talent has now fallen to a pathetic display of which city or state can muster the most votes for their favorite son(s) or daughter.

    Does anyone truly believe that the Swon Brothers are more talented and have better voices than Sasha Allen or Amber Judith Hill, for that matter?


    This show has gone from a "Must See" in our house every week for three years to a "We Are No Longer Interested".

    Having watched every show from the first one until Tuesday, we will watch no more.

    NBC really screwed this one up bad, it was once so good.
  • the voice,are peoplevoting for the best singers?

    i dont think after watching last night that people always vote for the best singers,i think they must vote for their favorite coach or judith would have still been there,what asame! im done maybe next year.
  • No talent Males

    Really can not believe that Joshua is still in the game, should have been gone for weeks. I think only the females vote for guys, not talent! You can see there arms up swaying to the music, seldom do you see guys in that crowd. If this is the way the Voice is going, I will quit watching it to! They need to have some control to keep the talent going, not just because they are guys!
  • The voice editing

    Terrible editing. Watch the Welsh 16 year old. Rita ora turned around and then half way through you see he not turned round?!
  • OH DEAR!

    What a load of rubbish! Thought it was meant to be 'choose the best voice', not your favourite genre...
  • Rigged

    It's hard to believe that no Black people got voted through to the top. Of all of the contestants in America, you mean to tell me, that they could not find ONE talented enough to make the top 10 or 12? Yes, I'm playing the race card because it is what it is. If you are the one black that Blake turns his chair for, do not pick him or you WILL go home! If you are not country, do not pick Blake or you will more than likely go home if it comes down to you or a country singer. I truly believe they cheat and put through who they want to put through and they don't select the good singers but the pretty, thin ones (male & femaie) who are at best AVERAGE! The only way Jordan got this far is because the boy can sing!!! There is no denying that fact! We all know that at least four of the best singers were sent home and they were all black. Not to mention all of the singers on the black judge's team, except Madi but again, you can't deny her talent either! It's just a shame! I used to like this show but I'm beginning to see it for what it That's why you don't hear about people after they leave the it's not about talent. It's about popularity and whose team you are on, not to mention, the color of your skin. Go back in time and see how many people on Blake's team have been black! Each season, he may pick one "token" black but I guarantee he sends them home very early!!! Yes, he had a winner in Season 2 but that's before the racism and cheating took over and became so evident. I'm so done! So done! I hope America protests this unfairness too because until they get some new perspective or new judges or new "counters", the show will continue to be rigged in favor of Blake & Adam. How is it that their contestants always or 9 times out of 10, make the cut. They are not that good (they -- the judges or the contestants) but it's because the show is rigged. Look at their faces when they are reading the results. I see GUILT and SHAME because they know, it's not FAIR!
  • The voice

    Don't like it any more they send the best singer home.
  • "You blew my mind!" "Amazing!" - It's all crap

    The judges blow so much smoke at every performer. No critical feedback. Everyone is No, they're not. Song choices for so many are horrible. I'm sorry. I've come to appreciate the feedback Simon gave on AI: he was direct and he pushed the performers to be better through (often quite harsh) critical feedback. Nothing close to critical feedback on The Voice. Everyone is great. Nonsense. No disrespect to the performers. The judges are not helping them grow by loading them up with only outrageous praise.
  • I'm done!

    There's NO way I will ever believe that America has no better sense than to pick Sawyer over every contestant in the top 20, let alone the top 4!!! He is an ok singer, but NOT EVEN CLOSE to the caliber of singers that were eliminated from the top 20. Not that it will make any difference, but I will NEVER AGAIN TUNE IN TO WATCH THE VOICE.
  • You really missed on this one!

    Craig Boyd was the weakest voice of the final four. The show is supposed to feature the best voice of all the contestants. But The Voice producers out smarted themselves with the Wildcard and adding back to the finale a fourth voice. The end result was more votes were cast not to have Craig Boyd win The Voice than were cast for him. So how is that a winner with the best voice? The problem is that the people that would have voted for someone other than Boyd split their votes over the other three. So 3 out of 4 votes that were cast were for someone other than Boyd to win. Great job The Voice, that was really stupid and proved what? That the worse voice of your top four can win? Your show should be renamed to A Voice, not The Voice. What a joke.
  • Zero Interest now that The Voice has become a Country singing contest

    I have ZERO INTEREST in the Voice (an avid fan since the first season). Now that Judith Hill is gone, it's just about turned into a reality music show for country singers. (I know, Shamuel is not country and I do like her quirkiness, but she seems awkward to me, and I wouldn't buy her albums; and Sasha has a great voice, but her interpretations are just too Broadway) I used to enjoy watching the Voice because it had extremely talented, edgy/current singers without the hokey vibe of American Idol (plus I thought the judges were entertaining). No offense to country, but I'm just not interested. Sorry. NBC should sell the show to CMT.
  • This new show is rubbish

    Used to like the voice but Paloma majorly irritating and they are turning down great singers who can sing better than they can !!!!!!!
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