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  • I've had it with this show

    I am a life-long music professional, first as a touring multi-instrumentalist with over 40 major-label artists, as a composer of original scores and instrumental cues for film, television, events, artist licensing, and as a producer providing artist development for over a dozen emerging major-label artists of widely-varying genres. As such, I have the ability to tell an exceptional voice from one that is a teaspoon above mediocre in seconds .

    Over the past few seasons I have watched vocalists who fit the "teaspoon above mediocre" category be voted into the show's final rounds , while truly exceptional, even spectacular vocal talents have been left out. This is especially the case this season in which the 2 obvious very least-talented vocalists Were the top vote getters, and the 2 vocalists, whose talents are VASTLY superior by any criteria imaginable to the other 6 , predictably, were left out of the show is a continuing assault on musical integrity vs commercial appeal, and an insult to anyone to whommusical excellence Is important.

    I refuse to endure another episode of a show that has lost all credibility as a vehicle by which talent is judged. In the end, one can count on every season's finals to be dominated by dudes with cowboy hats singing country music, and attractive teenage musical neophytes possessing personas that appeal to

    those 2 demographic categories-who will be more likely to vote most often, and the least

    musically astute or discriminating voters. I'm sure the show will continue to be successful, and make in record income, and in doing so continuing to undermine the value of musical excellence .

    I'll close by saying that it sheer intellectual dishonesty or total musical ignorance to assert

    to say that any one of the 4 chosen finalists are better vocalists or have a better "Voice" than Either Devon or Kisha. Their personas may not appeal as much to some , but, after all, the bane of this show is The Voice"

    Chloe totally lost her voice from the very start. At times, she talked--not sang. She seems mildly obsessed with The Queen of Rock, Stevie Nicks. Her hairstyles are awful and so are her choices of outfits. She tries to have the husky voice that Stevie Nicks has, but it just sounds like she has an Adam's Apple in her throat. She isn't an original artists, she is working hard to be another Stevie Nicks. Tragic performance--all of her appearances.
  • You've ruined this show.

    Blake and Adam are the mainstays and add so much to the show. Miley and Jennifer can go ANYTIME. Miley is cheap and a bad influence to kids. Jennifer is just way over the top. If she wants to be the center of the universe, she needs to get her own show. I stopped watching the show midway through this years second night. I will not tune in until they bring in two other judges.
  • Could it get any worse?

    In a . I came close to quit this show when Mikey came on board as a judge. She's very annoying to watch and just plain nasty. Now I have had all that I can stand with the addition of Jennifer Hudson. Give us a break here people. Bring back Usher and Alicia Keys. Loved them both. Sorry to say this will be the first season I didn't watch to the end.
  • Miley ruined the Voice for me & my family

    My family (husband, 15 yr old daughter & 17 yr old son) have always had family night watching The Voice. Miley was on a few years ago & we had to find something else to watch. She is like nails on a chalkboard, not to mention my kids watched their childhood tv idol naked on her video a few years she really musically talented & experienced enough to have a team of her own on a major tv network during prime time? Is there no one more qualified NBC? Last year was great & glad we experienced Chris Blue, then she's back. Now we watch the other networks. I've not changed channels from NBC prime time in years until now. Disappointed.
  • Youth has killed THE VOICE

    Jennifer, look at me I am better than all of you, and Miley, Twerking midriff showing panther, ruined this show I love. Hudson was obnoxious. Tried to take over the show. Throwing books, not shoes, at good black singers. Please bring back the adults next season. I am gone for this one.
  • boo to Jennifer as a judge

    I can not stand Jennifer on this is not making it as enjoyable as it usually is. She does not fit in. Way to loud, cocky , talks too much about herself and is just annoying . Too bad we have to go the whole season with her boo
  • plake

    terrible song choice. sorry
  • Hate gwen and americas choices were bad I think everyone was on drugs while voting

    Gwen is annoying and can't even sing it's the voice you need to know how to sing to be on there she's horrible and always stealing people by saying she relates to them take her off the show
  • Blake The Flake

    I used to enjoy the voice, but Blake's inflated ego makes me sick. I do not enjoy the show like I did before. He needs to back off of Adam, and his silly interactions with Gwen is getting really old. The show is not all about him, but he seems to think so.. He need's to calm down and act more professional. A disappointed fan. It sucks that the west coast doesn't get to vote. How is that fair?
  • Gwen!!! Ugh!!

    I have been a fan since day 1! I have issues with the fact that Gwen chooses songs that fit what she is feeling not what's best for her team!! Its selfish! She's materialistic and fake. It sucks! I was a fan of Nodoubt! Not a fan of her, well, not anymore! This is not a joke for these individuals, for some, its their very last chance! My advice to her would be to play it back, all of it, and listen to how often she incorporates herself in to everything that should be based on those individuals that pick HER as their coach.
  • michelenbobbyj

    Family has only watched the Voice a few years. Huge fans. Country music lovers. So pissed at Blake. Does anyone else feel this way. Rude & obnoxious. Not funny. Not professional. Telling singer Vanessa: Hamburgers & french fries if you pick Adam over Gwen. Tell Blake to STOP! Enough with the Adam bashing. Fans are done. Blake owes the show's watchers & singers an apology. After watching the Voice, This family cannot stand Blake. He is out of control. SOMEONE - Rein Blake in NOW!

    VOICE - Are you listening to the fans.
  • Gwens hair

    When you're so beautiful and really talented but you're here do you has got to go I have about 15 people here watching the show and everybody agrees to not do that bun on the top your head
  • This show sucks now

    Dude I've watch this show since day 1 but this has to be the worst season. Where do I start!!! Gwen stefani is so dick whopped. All she does is turn around when Blake turns and when it's a girl. Her old ass thinks she going to loose him. Secondly, do the judges has ear plugs on or what? They haven't turned around and there has been some GREAT talent!!! What the F!!! They are like take turns. If Blake turns then it's Gwen. If not it's Blake and Alicia or Alicia and Blake or Gwen and Adam. The fuck is wrong with this show. Only twice it has been all 4 chairs. The blinds go to 8 episodes!!!!!! Anyways to finish this show fucking sucks and if they don't remove Gwen I'll never again watch it.
  • Hate this season

    When hearing Gwen was coming back I was surprised given the relationship with her and Blake. However I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought I would watch before I judge. Frankly I did this because when I heard Miley Cirus going to be on the show I was very disappointed but I have to say Miley was a very pleasant surprise and made me rethink prejudging anything. I personally thought Miley was one of the best mentors to ever be on the show. She proved me 100% wrong. I prejudged her because of the crazy way she presented herself every tinme I had seen her - but she was so caring, so giving, delightful and entertaining on the show but there was even more she was a brilliant mentor! Bright and talented. She gained a level of respect I for one would never have expected before the season began - but by the end of it - I can say it was one of the best ever and that was because of Miley!

    But this is not about Miley it is about Gwen and Blake. I hate the show - it has become the Gwen and Blake aren't we cute show! and guess what NO YOU ARE NOT! You are pathetic! Gwen cannot make a decision without looking his way and infact she doesn't take her eyes off him. She seems to have lost whatever brain she had because I have not seen her make one push of the button without looking at him and if Blake presses so does she or he gives the nod and she presses. One of them have to go. If a change isn't made you have lost another viewer. I hate the interaction between them - Gwen sets every woman back in history when we could not speak unless given permission from the 'male'. I refuse to watch this. I hate what it is doing to Adam and Alicia Keyes because they are constantly defending, deflecting, or rescuing the contestants from being second in place to the "LOVE AFFAIR". I hope the relationship survives the test of time and lust but I don't watch The Voice for the Gwen & Blake affair I wathc it to see the talent and the mentoring that has grown some amazing and questionable talent into STARS! I hope the show survives this major mistake and mis-step. I will not be watching the rest of this season unless I hear there has been a change in the judges. Gwen or Blake have to go!
  • Bring Miley Cyrus Back Please!!!!! STEFANII needs to leave now

    I wasn't a Miley fan until she was on 2016 The Voice. Miley knows her music. REMOVE GWEN STEFANI NOW. I haven't missed one Voice program since it started. This year with no talent Stefani back I refuse to watch. Stefani is lucky she latched onto Blake and it won't be long till he moves on if he is smart. This program is barely a 1 with Stefani as a judge. I will miss the program this year.
  • VERY Dissapointed

    If its not broken DONT FIX ITl!!!!!! No turning by the judges is hurtful and uneccessary,it also takes something away from the interaction between judges as they offer advice,and sometimes regret,at NOT turning for a performer,don't they AT LEAST deserve to see,and talk to you,?understand what they got wrong?You missing a vital piece of melodrama in my view,little if any Chemistry obvious now in my opinion between judges,don't personally see ANY improvement in the show and it seems sadly to have lost it way,come on ITV THINK AGAIN
  • The Voice - Dumb voting changes and Boring

    I lost total interest in this show (for all the reasons as shared in comments by other former fans) -- bye, bye.
  • Miley Cyrus has NO class

    Miley Cyrus is a terrible judge! She needs to go before the Voice suffers the same fate as American Idol! Bad judges ruined that show years ago!

  • Bye bye Voice

    Total chaos this season. The usual banter between Blake and Adam is getting a little meaner and why would the powers that be bring on Miley Cyrus as a judge. Definitely a bad choice since she is such a bad role model the for younger audience. I like Alicia Keys but she does not have a big personality and is a bit boring. Everyone talks over each other and the focus is on the judges now more than the contestants. You had an amazing team with Blake, Adam, Pharrell and Gwen. All of my friends and family have given up on The Voice and you have lost me as a viewer when Miley pressed the buzzer with her ugly tongue. Trash TV.
  • Reviews in 2011 and now in 2016

    Just go to page 6 and and back read the reviews in 2011, 2012, 2103, 2014, 2015, people had such good things to says every season. They were so happy to watch this show it brought so much joy to them to watch these people, and Blake and Adam. This season has just gone to the birds Alecia acts like she is a from another planet and in love with everyone with her little soft voice that makes me want to puke. Miley on the other had I have no idea what the producers were thinking with her. You have lost more watchers in our house thats for sure.
  • Miley's Political Scenes on News

    Miley ruins the show in the first place. Alicia isn't much better. But Miley parading her political views all over the news is the last straw. She needs to keep it to herself. She needs to go before you lose your viewers.
  • Review by full time watcher

    The addition of Miley Cyrus to the cast of judges means the Voice loses another viewer. I have watched the show for the last several years, but I will not be watching this season with Miley as a judge. The last thing this world needs is a tramp like Miley "advising" other musicians. She is nothing more than a prostitute -- selling sex for money!!!Miley Cyrus has singlehanded ruined the show. There is no funny banter between Blake and Adam anymore. Miley just thinks that people care what she has to say. Between her voice and her stupid comments I can't bear to watch it anymore. It's such a shame, I used to love this show. Please bring some class back to the show, people who blend in not take over... That miley just wears her pajamas to to the show she not ever grown up?????????????

    I never heard of the Alicia woman and she dresses like somebody out of the homeless group. I guess she dont wash her hair i never see it when she not have it like a turban in her hair my gosh what is that womand problem???

    What was wrong with the classy coaches like Gwen and Pharell???
  • the voice judges addition

    I think the addition of Miley and Alica to the voice has totally ruined the show. I really could care less about the voice with them on it. Miley is the worst that was ever added to the show.
  • Somebody please bring back American Idol....

    How did this show ever win the Emmy?

    Carson can't keep his hands off the girls. Miley needs to sit down and shut up. .

    You have lost one more viewer.
  • Miley

    GET RID OF MILEY PLEASE she tries and take over, her voice is like someone running their nails on a chake board and she never shuts up!
  • Oldster Not watching anymore!

    I guess Miley and Alicia will bring in the Millennia's, but I think the over 50's watching will drop off. Much to arrogant for me.. My tv NOT tuned in is my vote. Bring back the lady's with class.
  • Another Lost Viewer

    The addition of Miley Cyrus to the cast of judges means the Voice loses another viewer. I have watched the show for the last several years, but I will not be watching this season with Miley as a judge. The last thing this world needs is a tramp like Miley "advising" other musicians. She is nothing more than a prostitute -- selling sex for money!!!

    WE have watched The Voice from day ONE!!!! WE LOVE it!!!

    BUT this year with Miley as a judge we will NO longer watch!!

    Someone really screwed up!!

  • lost in paradise

    what idiot decided Miley Cyrus would add anything to an already hit show. I have watched the voice since it has been on , but you just lost this fan when you brought on no brains white trash no talent to a class act following in the great shoes of Pharrell, Christine, and Gwen love all picks but you just sunk to the gutter and lost this fan for this season. last year when she was a mentor I would leave while she was on. I will miss you Blake , Adam, and The Voice Goodnight, coming your way CBS<
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