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  • VERY Dissapointed

    If its not broken DONT FIX ITl!!!!!! No turning by the judges is hurtful and uneccessary,it also takes something away from the interaction between judges as they offer advice,and sometimes regret,at NOT turning for a performer,don't they AT LEAST deserve to see,and talk to you,?understand what they got wrong?You missing a vital piece of melodrama in my view,little if any Chemistry obvious now in my opinion between judges,don't personally see ANY improvement in the show and it seems sadly to have lost it way,come on ITV THINK AGAIN
  • The Voice - Dumb voting changes and Boring

    I lost total interest in this show (for all the reasons as shared in comments by other former fans) -- bye, bye.
  • Miley Cyrus has NO class

    Miley Cyrus is a terrible judge! She needs to go before the Voice suffers the same fate as American Idol! Bad judges ruined that show years ago!

  • Bye bye Voice

    Total chaos this season. The usual banter between Blake and Adam is getting a little meaner and why would the powers that be bring on Miley Cyrus as a judge. Definitely a bad choice since she is such a bad role model the for younger audience. I like Alicia Keys but she does not have a big personality and is a bit boring. Everyone talks over each other and the focus is on the judges now more than the contestants. You had an amazing team with Blake, Adam, Pharrell and Gwen. All of my friends and family have given up on The Voice and you have lost me as a viewer when Miley pressed the buzzer with her ugly tongue. Trash TV.
  • Reviews in 2011 and now in 2016

    Just go to page 6 and and back read the reviews in 2011, 2012, 2103, 2014, 2015, people had such good things to says every season. They were so happy to watch this show it brought so much joy to them to watch these people, and Blake and Adam. This season has just gone to the birds Alecia acts like she is a from another planet and in love with everyone with her little soft voice that makes me want to puke. Miley on the other had I have no idea what the producers were thinking with her. You have lost more watchers in our house thats for sure.
  • Miley's Political Scenes on News

    Miley ruins the show in the first place. Alicia isn't much better. But Miley parading her political views all over the news is the last straw. She needs to keep it to herself. She needs to go before you lose your viewers.
  • Review by full time watcher

    The addition of Miley Cyrus to the cast of judges means the Voice loses another viewer. I have watched the show for the last several years, but I will not be watching this season with Miley as a judge. The last thing this world needs is a tramp like Miley "advising" other musicians. She is nothing more than a prostitute -- selling sex for money!!!Miley Cyrus has singlehanded ruined the show. There is no funny banter between Blake and Adam anymore. Miley just thinks that people care what she has to say. Between her voice and her stupid comments I can't bear to watch it anymore. It's such a shame, I used to love this show. Please bring some class back to the show, people who blend in not take over... That miley just wears her pajamas to to the show she not ever grown up?????????????

    I never heard of the Alicia woman and she dresses like somebody out of the homeless group. I guess she dont wash her hair i never see it when she not have it like a turban in her hair my gosh what is that womand problem???

    What was wrong with the classy coaches like Gwen and Pharell???
  • the voice judges addition

    I think the addition of Miley and Alica to the voice has totally ruined the show. I really could care less about the voice with them on it. Miley is the worst that was ever added to the show.
  • Somebody please bring back American Idol....

    How did this show ever win the Emmy?

    Carson can't keep his hands off the girls. Miley needs to sit down and shut up. .

    You have lost one more viewer.
  • Miley

    GET RID OF MILEY PLEASE she tries and take over, her voice is like someone running their nails on a chake board and she never shuts up!
  • Oldster Not watching anymore!

    I guess Miley and Alicia will bring in the Millennia's, but I think the over 50's watching will drop off. Much to arrogant for me.. My tv NOT tuned in is my vote. Bring back the lady's with class.
  • Another Lost Viewer

    The addition of Miley Cyrus to the cast of judges means the Voice loses another viewer. I have watched the show for the last several years, but I will not be watching this season with Miley as a judge. The last thing this world needs is a tramp like Miley "advising" other musicians. She is nothing more than a prostitute -- selling sex for money!!!

    WE have watched The Voice from day ONE!!!! WE LOVE it!!!

    BUT this year with Miley as a judge we will NO longer watch!!

    Someone really screwed up!!

  • lost in paradise

    what idiot decided Miley Cyrus would add anything to an already hit show. I have watched the voice since it has been on , but you just lost this fan when you brought on no brains white trash no talent to a class act following in the great shoes of Pharrell, Christine, and Gwen love all picks but you just sunk to the gutter and lost this fan for this season. last year when she was a mentor I would leave while she was on. I will miss you Blake , Adam, and The Voice Goodnight, coming your way CBS<
  • NBC needs NEW decision makers

    Agree with many posts. Whoever made the Executive decision to hire Miley Cyrus, FIRE them immediately. Whoever thought Miley Cyrus would draw more viewers. It had the opposite it is sending viewers running.

    Started watching The Voice for a couple years. Loved Pharrell, he was my favorite Coach. Like Adam and Blake, they were funny together. Really liked Gwen Stephane. Christina Aguilera acts like a Diva, but she is really talented.

    Last year didn't watch when Miley was only temporarily, I would turned it off. She is like nails on a chalkboard. Since she is on full-time, the Voice stays off.

    NBC change your name the NO BRAINS CHANNEL! ABC and CBS thanks you for sending viewers their way, because people aren't watching!

  • The Voice's new judges

    This has been my favorite show for a long time, but with the addition of Alicia Keyes and Miley Cyrus, this show has been banned from my home. I hope the producers have a change of heart next time around.

    Maybe I just don't know all the ins and outs of show biz, but I know a bald face lie when I see one. Alisha Keys has been familiar on some level with We'Ani McDonald for at least a year if not more. I have the picture to prove it. I say it's out and out fraud.
  • I refuse to watch anymore.

    Miley Cyrus nauseates me. I have been a fan of The Voice since it began, but I will not watch as long as Miley Cyrus is on it. How could you choose someone like her- crude, gross, someone you prohibit your children from watching!! Everyone I know despises her and have said they will no longer watch this show. Just trying to help you - get rid of her to protect your ratings.
  • Won't be watching

    You've ruined this show for me. I've been a loyal fan but will not watch Miley Cyrus! She disgusts me!
  • Miley Cyrus

    America needs positive role models for our kids not Miley Cyrus! That is what is wrong with our youth! I am not sure what happened to our values but we need to get back on track!
  • This is suppose to be a PG program

    I am a devoted Voice fan, HOWEVER, as a woman I am ashamed at the way Ms. A. choses to expose more of her body than anyone really cares to see. It takes away from the whole integrity of the show which is not to judge a person by the way they look. But with Ms. A. breasts exposed time and time again, not to mention the ridiculous hair color and styles she comes up with she needs a complete make over!
  • dress code

    Its a shame when you need to tell adults that exposure to breasts will take a family show to R rated show in a heart beat Shame on christina for the past month you are a disgrace and gwen where was the side to your dress I cant believe you 2 could ruin this show for families Shame on the both of you !!! NBC needs to be more prudent on who they have on there especially when kids so love this show Shame on the girls this did not need nudity

  • BOOOO to Miley

    Agreed, Miley on the Voice is just wrong, it's supposed to be a family show. To bring in someone with her reputation is disgraceful. I suspect this is my last season.
  • Miley

    So dissapointed the Voice is putting Miley on.

    Our group is Out.

  • Miley is beneath the four great talented judges

    What a shame that you choose a disgusting show person for such a wonderful, talented and fun show. My friends and I have watched for years at the clean, fun loving, laughter filled and talented judges and competitors. Now all we see is Miley's face and it sickens us. Please reconsider this horrid move.
  • miley the train wreck kills the show

    NBC wrong move letting the train wreck on your show we will not be watching season 11 with the trash on
  • Love the show. Watch every season but

    Do not use sleazy Cyrus as a judge. I only watched a little of the last show with Cyrus. I will not be watching this week because of her. Would never watch again while she is on. You'd better consider whether or not you wish to continue with great ratings! !!!!!! I hope you realize how much the ratings would suffer! Please, we enjoy the show but would not watch if you use Cyrus as a judge/coach or even an advisor. Monday, we will be watching anything beside The Voice....... I don't think that you want this type of connotation associated to this show.
  • Lost another fan!

    I love the show! But I have not watched this season at all because you chose to have sleazy Cyrus as an advisor! NOW SHE IS GOING TO BE A JUDGE? I will never watch your show again even when Sleazy is long gone! Anybody that has such poor judgement in having Cyrus on your show doesn't deserve to be on TV or have faithful viewers like me! Blake Shelton is one of my favorite country singers but I am considering boycotting him too! What a disappointment you are!
  • PLEEEEEZZZZZZ DON'T put Miley in as a judge!

    THUMBS DOWN FOR MILEY! I have been an avid fan of The Voice since the 1st season. The show has class along with entertainment and the judges have all been good. Pharrell adds such class & professionalism to the show, BIG mistake to lose him. As to adding Miley Cyrus, BIGGER THAN BIG mistake. That will definitely turn off a large portion of the viewing audience. Yes, I'm older, very hip, love the variety of music but I think Miley will narrow that variety down. She's a gimmick, what a joke! If she sticks her tongue out once, it will be the last time I watch the show. And we know that's a given so my time of enjoyment is limited, very unfortunate for me!
  • Voice Replacements

    I have always watched and enjoyed the Voice. If you replace Pharrell and Christina with

    Miley and Alicia I will not watch it again. You must not need a job any more. What are

    you thinking. You might be saving money right now but you won't have to worry about

    it when nobody watches the show.
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