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  • Not recording tonights episode

    I just tied to set my timer for tonights episode as I will be working but there was a conflict because the voice runs the show till 1 min after the hour. When that happens the show that runs till 1 min after the hour is the one that I dont record, so no Voice tonight for me.
  • Missed hearing some of the talent on Battle Round 2014

    I sure missed hearing the talent that was cut short in the battle rounds last night 3/18/2014 due to too much background given and bantering between the judgesWe didn't hear the performances of four groups just brief to say who won... I just LOVE this showbut hope it doesn't go by the direction of IDOL due to too much talking and cutting out total performances of great talent! Come on judges cut out some of the bantering. it's not about you it's about the talent
  • Blake Shelton remember who you are

    why do you act like country singers are off the radar for you? you are rich because of country fans and we support you on the you are acting like you really dont give a crap this season. What happened to you?
  • An enjoyable show that's all about their judges's voices!

    This is an enjoyable television show, pretty fun and entertaining based mainly on the interaction between the judges and their careers instead of the contestants and their quality as products/singers.. the voices that fight in order to win this competition are a mere excuse to showcast the judges and at the end the show doesn't accomplish the on paper objetive.. to discover a major super star.

    It's fun to watch the judges to compete and beeing charming while they argue.. but at some point this show fail into deliver a successful winner and still lack after 5 season of a real and worldwide successful super star.. and while the voice keeps breaking records based on ratings.. no one remembers the winners of the past seasons at the end... I don't know.. maybe this season they take some actions in order to improve this aspect of the show... 'cause it can't be that a show about discover new talent ends up just giving even more fame to already acclaimed artists leaving the supposed new stars on the shadows, in the oblivion.
  • Thought this was suppose to be for amateurs??

    What was fair about having a professional singer go up against amateurs. Tessann should not have been allowed to participate. Why didn't you just bring in other professionals to compete against her? We used to enjoy watching the voice until this season. If you don't go back to amateurs competing against other amateurs we will have to find something else to watch. Also, didn't know that this was open to all countries to enter??
  • Just another Amerian Idol clone

    Seriously? We already have Americans Got Talent, American Idol and The X Factor and they all have singing. Now we have another one. Full of sob stories that are over exaggerated and bad. One of those shows I listed has to go. There are too many singing competiton shows in the country as of this date the review has been published.
  • winner?

    The people who came runner up should of won like Bo Bruce but that other person won instead, i can't even remember her name.
  • #teambreadandbutter

    The voice is great- sad that matthew went home but am all about team Adam. Tessanne for the voice Dec Jamdung
  • season 5 top 5 performances for semi finals

    My picks for the top 3 finalists before the episode aired was James Wolpert, Will Champlain, and Cole Vosberry. But after seeing the episode, little Jackie Lee came to win. What a beautiful job she did last night. And Will Champlin killed it with his song by Fun. I liked James' version of U2's With or without you, and I hope it was enough to at least get him to the finals. James is my favorite singer, I watch as they call out who is safe and moving on and I'm shouting Geek Boy. ha.. That's my nickname for James Wolpert. I hope everybody votes for him. We will see tonight on the results show???
  • May the circle be unbroken

    I could not believe your decision to leave the word Lord out of the above song!!!!Being in Nashville and tin the middle of the Bible belt you have offended all the great performers that have crossed the Opry stage. You have also offended your armed forces that have fought for your country and your God. I have lost a lot of my respect for the promoters and the judges for letting this happen. I am ashamed for you.
  • Excellent !

    This show are very nice. Looking for show.

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  • Awesome show!!

    I love watching this show! My 6 year old enjoys it as well!!! This season Christina looks great! She looks classy and elegant, no boobs hanging out like the previous seasons! And Blake is still funny as ever! I love that guy!! There is so much talent this year! I look forward to watching it weekly!!!
  • be nice Adam

    I like Christina, just wish they ALL wouldn't be so adamant about attacking Blake, he's a good guy and you can see it hurts his feelings, evidently he's won because he's done his job. Starting to feel like I am watching American Idol with all the hateful attitudes, I love the voice, and have loved there all getting along and humor, but the humor is turning kind of dark, come Adam, play nice. And bring back Usher, or hey two female coaches..
  • not intimitaded

    the voice judges are real a great sense of hummer not like the ( B S ) that went on watching the X factor and American idol Britney spears was the worst ever as a judge than her stone face expression when the winner was selected than on American idol the insecurity between the two female judges not working as a team jealousy or what its so much better the way the voice judges talk to each other its fun and the judges secure with individual talent they have and they really respect each other keep it up the ratings will far surpass the others
  • love the show

    I am a total fan of this show and look forward every week to watching it. I am very disappointed that you are bringing back Christina and Celo. I believe that with all my heart that Shakira and Husher have made this show more complete and enjoyable to watch and taking them off the show it not a good move.
  • Even Adam's hotness cannot get me to watch!

    The Voice used to be my absolute favorite show. Even more so with the new judges; unfortunately, I cannot watch it anymore, not even to stare at Adam Levine. :'( This show is NOT about finding "The Voice," it's about who is the sob story of the season, the one people feel sorry for, or the one who is coached by someone's favorite. I mean, I love Adam, but I have voted for other coaches contestants, as I do feel the BEST should win.

    Michelle is HORRIBLE! I cringe whenever I would see her perform and there is NO way anyone can say she can sing better than the majority of the people who have been voted off. She does have the underdog story, and a good new coach, so she is getting the votes. The Swon Brother's ... I mean, come on people. Danielle DOES deserve to be there, as she is pretty damn amazing, especially for her age ... but the other contestants certainly do NOT belong! I no longer tune into the show, which is sad ...
  • No Longer "The Voice", Show Should Be Called "The Vote, a Popularity Game"

    After Tuesday's results, this show officially took a meteoric descent from best show on television to worst show on any medium. What was once a terrific contest of talent has now fallen to a pathetic display of which city or state can muster the most votes for their favorite son(s) or daughter.

    Does anyone truly believe that the Swon Brothers are more talented and have better voices than Sasha Allen or Amber Judith Hill, for that matter?


    This show has gone from a "Must See" in our house every week for three years to a "We Are No Longer Interested".

    Having watched every show from the first one until Tuesday, we will watch no more.

    NBC really screwed this one up bad, it was once so good.
  • Loggins

    I was so pleased that one of the contestants finally tapped a great resource of music, Kenny Loggins. Albeit Adam referred to as a Loggins/Messina song, it was written by Kenny Loggins, recorded by Loggins & Messina and Anne Murray. Kenny Loggins is a prolific American songwriter in the company of James Taylor, Carol King, Stevie Wonder, et al. Besides Danny's Song, one of my favorites is Celebrate Me Home, which one of the contestants should have found by now.
  • It's confirmed-American Marjority doesn't know real talent!

    The thing that actually intrigued me the most about The Voice; enough to actually watch it was the fact that the contestants were judged only by their Voice. Meaning; the coaches had to hear talent and potential first and foremost. It doesn't matter how sweet they are being portrayed nor to whom they are dedicating a song to, it is how great a VOICE they have. I really think that America needs to be removed as the voting judges in the finals. Most Americans don't know music nor talent. They are voting for each contestant for numerous other personal reasons. I want the judges to have more control than they do at the end.

    I will have to consider whether to continue watching this show if Michelle Shammuel is in the top 3. She should never have made the top 5, 6, or 10. I have a very long music background and when America voted her to remain over Judith Hill I was truly angry. Judith has true talent that is rare. America is out of their minds by voting misfit Shammuel over the talent of Judith Hill. SHE DOES NOT POSSESS ANYWHERE NEAR THE DEGREE OF TALENT THAT JUDITH HILL HAS IN HER LITTLE FINGER. NOT BY A LONG SHOT. Does everyone just feel sorry for her (Shammuel)?. I say so what. 74% of us have in some way felt we didn't fit in at some time in life. Get over it. I am sick to death of seeing Sham perform and even hearing her makes me want to change the station. I am tired of her pulling on her shirt, squatting while she sings probably because she lacks any showmanship quality. Judith on the other hand has it all. Perfect pitch, versatile, commands a stage.

    I feel for Adam Levine. I could tell how pissed he was when the idiots did not keep Judith. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't return next season.

    The outstanding performances since Judith Hill was eliminated have consistently been from Sasha, Amber Carrington and the Swon Dannielle is good but she lacks life experience which shows in the emotionless performances. She is great technically but give her a few more years and some life experiences to relate to and then nothing will stop her. She's young, she has plenty of time to come back and try again. I am sure that American will not agree with me but most do not have music backgrounds and are tone deaf.

    Had to get this out and off my mind. Thanks.

  • Poor Song Choices on The Voice

    I love that there is a variety of music on The Voice from country to pop, etc. it's just great. What bothers me of late is the poor song song choices are nothing to write home about. This is television and the fans want to be able to sing along w/ the song and some of the choices are so old or just not exciting or I'm getting bored. I think the coaches selecting the songs for the artists is a put too much artistry behind their decision and the fans just want to hear some good songs w/ good the song up a bit and give us a fresh bored out of my mind last night.
  • Zero Interest now that The Voice has become a Country singing contest

    I have ZERO INTEREST in the Voice (an avid fan since the first season). Now that Judith Hill is gone, it's just about turned into a reality music show for country singers. (I know, Shamuel is not country and I do like her quirkiness, but she seems awkward to me, and I wouldn't buy her albums; and Sasha has a great voice, but her interpretations are just too Broadway) I used to enjoy watching the Voice because it had extremely talented, edgy/current singers without the hokey vibe of American Idol (plus I thought the judges were entertaining). No offense to country, but I'm just not interested. Sorry. NBC should sell the show to CMT.
  • Boring show and singers

    I hate the Voice, i watch it because its a singing show but thats it. Its boring and the singers doesnt have qualities in their voices that make them interesting or different, all the girls sound the same. It sucks
  • the voice,are peoplevoting for the best singers?

    i dont think after watching last night that people always vote for the best singers,i think they must vote for their favorite coach or judith would have still been there,what asame! im done maybe next year.
  • I have to tell you the truth

    I can only listen to about a half of a song before I have to change the channel. I grew up on songs like "Lay Lady Lay". where the vocals and music weren't so overly exaggerated. the singers sing on key very well but some of the singers have such a sharp tone that it sounds like a brass instrument instead of a human voice. We all know that cristine tries to hit 28 notes per bar. Darrell Hall was the only singer I ever liked on your show.
  • good to see

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  • Usher: Disrespectful / Cocky

    At first when I heard that Usher and Shakira were joining the show I was glad. I don't like Aguillera (I find her cold and fake), so her being replaced by Shakira (warm and sincere) was a blast. Cee Lo is cool but Usher is a bigger name so I anticipated more class in the show... Until Usher started to sit with his leg up (really weird), and being passive aggressive with other coaches. All I can see is how he is full of himself. Terrible. Cee Lo should replace him back.
  • Were are the ARMATURES?

    I enjoy watching the show, but why are there people singing on here that have gotten PAID to just don't think it's fair.
  • Judges are Smart

    Never miss an episode, it's great advice you all give to new upcoming artist in the music industry, thx for such good entertainment!
  • Blakes Country Cop Out

    Let me start by saying I love the show, and Blake is my favorite coach. I have been to Blake's concerts, greatly enjoy his music, and wish him the best. However, there have been several times this season in one round or another when Blake has had a difficult choice to make and has essentially said that he has to choose the country artist because he knows country best. This seems a great cop out to me. In future seasons how does anyone that is not a country artist choose Blake when they know that they will be cast aside at the first close battle or knockout round? How does Blake in good faith recruit promising new artists from other genres to his team knowing that he cannot do a competent job of helping them because he knows country best? It seems to me that he either has an obligation to be impartial as to genre or not fight to recruit the artist in the first place, letting them go to another coach who can help them on an unbiased basis.. Perhaps Blake is just using his country focus as an excuse for making a diffult decision, but it seems to diminish his integrity on the show and betray the confidence placed in him by aspiring artists from other genres who have joined his team. I'd much rather hear him say that "this is a tough decision but I choose [artist] to go forward" rather hear him cop out it by saying country is what he knows best.
  • Love the judges but

    The judges are great this year, so is the steal process. Why do they show the training process, but not show each battle of all the contestant. I would rather see each battle *Thats the whole reason to watch the show. My husband and I compete to see who choses each battle winner..
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