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  • five stars.

    Some of these reviews are so crazy judgmental! I LOVE the new judges- Miley brings so much to the table, why do you people care what she is wearing? This is a singing competition not a fashion competition.. the bickering between Blake and Adam is cute and is what has garunteed them seniority on the voice. Alicia keys is just so down to earth and humble- how would you NOT pick her as your coach? I mean she's THE person is want to coach me to sing better.

    Miley keep doing your thing, I have NEVER kept up with the voice but I love the humor and style you're bringing!!
  • very entertaining

    I love watching the show. OMG! people get over with Miley Cyrus. Too negative! I don't think you guys can do what she is doing. TBH I'm not fun with her clothes but it is not about the clothes, this is about how A good coach she is, and how good she is to her team. I love her on the show. She adds more joy to the show. She definitely knows what she's doing. She gives really good advice to her team and her team love her and that is what matter the most. She got a good team.
  • The Best Show of Contestants and Judges

    I must say I am not a Miley Cyrus fan and didn't know if I would like her on the show. I did though she is very talented and knows a lot about music so I thought I would watch and then decide. I have been watching the show since the first episode and must it is my favorite TV show. I must admit I was wrong in thinking Miley might not fit the show. In fact she gives it that extra it needed for younger viewers actually the two Miley and Alicia have two different styles but are both very talented in their fields. I was totally amused by their personalities and comments. Great show and great future ratings
  • Waste my time

    The voice is a joke. I am a white woman and I am 48 yrs. old. I love all music, but the voice is a racial show. The votes are made up. Every year they put blacks as runner-ups and thats as far as they go. They won't let them win, BOTTOM LINE.
  • Great Show

    Miley cyrus does not damage the show. Yes she has done some crazy stuff like plenty other celebrities have but she has an amazing voice ( go listen to her backyard sessions, not the radio crap) and has started her own foundation for the LGBT community. People should really know their stuff before coming down on people they barely know for one stupid thing they did. Oh well! They don't need nasty viewers like you guys anyway.


    you guys kill me

  • This is the best season thus far!

    The Voice keeps on getting better. But although we miss Christina, Pharrell, Usher, Shakira... This current line up of Adam, Alicia, Gwen and Blake make the show even more fun. Time just flies.
  • Its Wrong.

    Judith Hill, I feel that she should not be aloud to compete on The Voice. She said she sang Duet with Michael Jackson on tour, that would make her a pro being that Jackson is considered the best Pop singer of all times. It is not fair for the other constestants to have to compete against her.
  • No Longer "The Voice", Show Should Be Called "The Vote, a Popularity Game"

    After Tuesday's results, this show officially took a meteoric descent from best show on television to worst show on any medium. What was once a terrific contest of talent has now fallen to a pathetic display of which city or state can muster the most votes for their favorite son(s) or daughter.

    Does anyone truly believe that the Swon Brothers are more talented and have better voices than Sasha Allen or Amber Judith Hill, for that matter?


    This show has gone from a "Must See" in our house every week for three years to a "We Are No Longer Interested".

    Having watched every show from the first one until Tuesday, we will watch no more.

    NBC really screwed this one up bad, it was once so good.
  • Boring show and singers

    I hate the Voice, i watch it because its a singing show but thats it. Its boring and the singers doesnt have qualities in their voices that make them interesting or different, all the girls sound the same. It sucks
  • Usher: Disrespectful / Cocky

    At first when I heard that Usher and Shakira were joining the show I was glad. I don't like Aguillera (I find her cold and fake), so her being replaced by Shakira (warm and sincere) was a blast. Cee Lo is cool but Usher is a bigger name so I anticipated more class in the show... Until Usher started to sit with his leg up (really weird), and being passive aggressive with other coaches. All I can see is how he is full of himself. Terrible. Cee Lo should replace him back.
  • What Show Are You All Watching?

    I have watched every season of The Voice, except the previous time Miley Cyrus was a coach. I was reluctant to watch this season of the Voice as well, because I have no interest in Miley Cyrus. She is so... 'skanky,' and the idea of suffering through an entire season with her left a very bad taste in my mouth. However, I decided to watch the first episode because I was curious about Jennifer Hudson as a couch. She is GREAT, so much so that I am going to continue to watch and see how things go. I am not sure what all the haters are taking issue with. The whole point of the Blind Auditions is to use what you have to score some great contestants for your team. Jennifer is fiery and very motivated. She has an amazing voice, and she uses it to her advantage. Other coaches have used all kinds of crazy things to win over contestants, and often use themselves and their experiences in their pitch. Jennifer has been in their shoes, and would not be where she is today if not for the opportunity to perform on a singing talent reality TV show. I think Jennifer is going to make a wonderful coach! .
  • Love it

    Love it !!!!!!!!
  • Hate gwen and americas choices were bad I think everyone was on drugs while voting

    Gwen is annoying and can't even sing it's the voice you need to know how to sing to be on there she's horrible and always stealing people by saying she relates to them take her off the show
  • Gwens hair

    When you're so beautiful and really talented but you're here do you has got to go I have about 15 people here watching the show and everybody agrees to not do that bun on the top your head
  • The Voice - Dumb voting changes and Boring

    I lost total interest in this show (for all the reasons as shared in comments by other former fans) -- bye, bye.
  • Blake QUIT downing Adam. I'm about to give up on this show. Lack of Love Blake!!

    Damn, I'm tired of these last two sessions Blake always downing Adam. It gets so OLD after a while!!! It has gotten worse each session. I thought this session would be different with the ladies joining. Out of luck with that! I WILL QUIT WATCHING THIS SHOW IF IT DOESN'T STOP.

    Cyrus joining the show brings color and blare to the show. Get over it you Molly haters! I'm 62, so not really into her music but you have to congratulate her for breaking out of her little girl mold, making herself an "industry name". She has learned a lot in a short amount of time and has a lot to offer these up and coming stars. Get with the program Molly haters!
  • Thought this was suppose to be for amateurs??

    What was fair about having a professional singer go up against amateurs. Tessann should not have been allowed to participate. Why didn't you just bring in other professionals to compete against her? We used to enjoy watching the voice until this season. If you don't go back to amateurs competing against other amateurs we will have to find something else to watch. Also, didn't know that this was open to all countries to enter??
  • We deserve a FAIR vocal ability show!

    I am simply amazed that Christina would choose two of the best voices on her team to compete against each other. I truly believe that the elimination between Jessie & Anthony was RIGGED in order to knock one of the best singers out first! Both these gentlemen could have EASILY knocked off ANY of the others with NO PROBLEM!!! Yet you pair them against each other???? I WILL NOT watch this ridiculous show again & will spread word to others to do the same. Christina you can blow!! How dare you make such an AWFUL decision!! Best wishes to Anthony....keep believing!! Texas LOVES YOU!! Christina, you should hook him up outside the show!! He can hang with the best of you because Anthony has REAL, GOD GIVENTALENT!!
  • Christina Aguilera is a TERRIBLE coach and SUPER annoying

    Christina Aguilera is so annoying. I don't understand why she was picking on Tony Lucca the entire season....probably because she knew that he was way better than her contestant and Adam was obviously a much better singer/coach than she will ever be. No wonder her career (along with her looks) has gone down the toilet. PLEASE hire a new coach for next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Luv Miley cyrus

    Miley has become a welcome addition to the voice. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest for the performers is a joy to watch. Your compatibility with the other judges - especially Blake and Adam - is fun to watch. And thank you for bring Billy Ray on as your mentor. Always loved him!! Great to see him again.
  • Go Miley with the Voice

    I think people forget they were young and stupid one point in there life. No one put down Britney Spears when she went off her rebel times or what about Tonya Tucker in her young self went wild. Miley will grow out it just a faze. I think she is a great asset to the Voice. Miley gives it more personality and charisma to the show. Most of just have anything better to do but whine to put someone down cause your not happy with your life. I dont agree on everything she does but its growing up process that famous kids do. Give her a break for crying out loud.
  • plake

    terrible song choice. sorry
  • VERY Dissapointed

    If its not broken DONT FIX ITl!!!!!! No turning by the judges is hurtful and uneccessary,it also takes something away from the interaction between judges as they offer advice,and sometimes regret,at NOT turning for a performer,don't they AT LEAST deserve to see,and talk to you,?understand what they got wrong?You missing a vital piece of melodrama in my view,little if any Chemistry obvious now in my opinion between judges,don't personally see ANY improvement in the show and it seems sadly to have lost it way,come on ITV THINK AGAIN
  • Just another Amerian Idol clone

    Seriously? We already have Americans Got Talent, American Idol and The X Factor and they all have singing. Now we have another one. Full of sob stories that are over exaggerated and bad. One of those shows I listed has to go. There are too many singing competiton shows in the country as of this date the review has been published.
  • winner?

    The people who came runner up should of won like Bo Bruce but that other person won instead, i can't even remember her name.
  • Even Adam's hotness cannot get me to watch!

    The Voice used to be my absolute favorite show. Even more so with the new judges; unfortunately, I cannot watch it anymore, not even to stare at Adam Levine. :'( This show is NOT about finding "The Voice," it's about who is the sob story of the season, the one people feel sorry for, or the one who is coached by someone's favorite. I mean, I love Adam, but I have voted for other coaches contestants, as I do feel the BEST should win.

    Michelle is HORRIBLE! I cringe whenever I would see her perform and there is NO way anyone can say she can sing better than the majority of the people who have been voted off. She does have the underdog story, and a good new coach, so she is getting the votes. The Swon Brother's ... I mean, come on people. Danielle DOES deserve to be there, as she is pretty damn amazing, especially for her age ... but the other contestants certainly do NOT belong! I no longer tune into the show, which is sad ...
  • Laith is a Loser

    Can you believe Laith would insult Blake like he did! I won't vote for him again. Last night Blake said he thought it was too much guitar so tonight Laith said all that about playing more does he think he is!
  • May the circle be unbroken

    I could not believe your decision to leave the word Lord out of the above song!!!!Being in Nashville and tin the middle of the Bible belt you have offended all the great performers that have crossed the Opry stage. You have also offended your armed forces that have fought for your country and your God. I have lost a lot of my respect for the promoters and the judges for letting this happen. I am ashamed for you.
  • Music type

    The show has gotten a little religious. Tonight it opened with Dolly Parton singing about Jesus. If you're going to sing music about religions, pick music from some of the other religions also, or don't sing religious music at all.
  • I thought the Voice was for Amateurs Not Professionals.

    I really dislike shows like American Idol etc. A friend introduced me to The Voice, and I found it to be funny with interesting talent. Even though most performers perform other famous artists work, I think a few did their own stuff.

    Lately, I find them placing more & more has beens and artists that have done PAID professional back ups for famous artists... and it seems in the past few weeks most of the artists are overweight CW singers from places like OK, TN & TX from The show now bores me, especially the poor me poor me introductions of each wanna be artist. I am done with reality skit skows.
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