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  • Its Wrong.

    Judith Hill, I feel that she should not be aloud to compete on The Voice. She said she sang Duet with Michael Jackson on tour, that would make her a pro being that Jackson is considered the best Pop singer of all times. It is not fair for the other constestants to have to compete against her.
  • No Longer "The Voice", Show Should Be Called "The Vote, a Popularity Game"

    After Tuesday's results, this show officially took a meteoric descent from best show on television to worst show on any medium. What was once a terrific contest of talent has now fallen to a pathetic display of which city or state can muster the most votes for their favorite son(s) or daughter.

    Does anyone truly believe that the Swon Brothers are more talented and have better voices than Sasha Allen or Amber Judith Hill, for that matter?


    This show has gone from a "Must See" in our house every week for three years to a "We Are No Longer Interested".

    Having watched every show from the first one until Tuesday, we will watch no more.

    NBC really screwed this one up bad, it was once so good.
  • Boring show and singers

    I hate the Voice, i watch it because its a singing show but thats it. Its boring and the singers doesnt have qualities in their voices that make them interesting or different, all the girls sound the same. It sucks
  • Usher: Disrespectful / Cocky

    At first when I heard that Usher and Shakira were joining the show I was glad. I don't like Aguillera (I find her cold and fake), so her being replaced by Shakira (warm and sincere) was a blast. Cee Lo is cool but Usher is a bigger name so I anticipated more class in the show... Until Usher started to sit with his leg up (really weird), and being passive aggressive with other coaches. All I can see is how he is full of himself. Terrible. Cee Lo should replace him back.
  • Thought this was suppose to be for amateurs??

    What was fair about having a professional singer go up against amateurs. Tessann should not have been allowed to participate. Why didn't you just bring in other professionals to compete against her? We used to enjoy watching the voice until this season. If you don't go back to amateurs competing against other amateurs we will have to find something else to watch. Also, didn't know that this was open to all countries to enter??
  • We deserve a FAIR vocal ability show!

    I am simply amazed that Christina would choose two of the best voices on her team to compete against each other. I truly believe that the elimination between Jessie & Anthony was RIGGED in order to knock one of the best singers out first! Both these gentlemen could have EASILY knocked off ANY of the others with NO PROBLEM!!! Yet you pair them against each other???? I WILL NOT watch this ridiculous show again & will spread word to others to do the same. Christina you can blow!! How dare you make such an AWFUL decision!! Best wishes to Anthony....keep believing!! Texas LOVES YOU!! Christina, you should hook him up outside the show!! He can hang with the best of you because Anthony has REAL, GOD GIVENTALENT!!
  • Christina Aguilera is a TERRIBLE coach and SUPER annoying

    Christina Aguilera is so annoying. I don't understand why she was picking on Tony Lucca the entire season....probably because she knew that he was way better than her contestant and Adam was obviously a much better singer/coach than she will ever be. No wonder her career (along with her looks) has gone down the toilet. PLEASE hire a new coach for next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just another Amerian Idol clone

    Seriously? We already have Americans Got Talent, American Idol and The X Factor and they all have singing. Now we have another one. Full of sob stories that are over exaggerated and bad. One of those shows I listed has to go. There are too many singing competiton shows in the country as of this date the review has been published.
  • winner?

    The people who came runner up should of won like Bo Bruce but that other person won instead, i can't even remember her name.
  • Even Adam's hotness cannot get me to watch!

    The Voice used to be my absolute favorite show. Even more so with the new judges; unfortunately, I cannot watch it anymore, not even to stare at Adam Levine. :'( This show is NOT about finding "The Voice," it's about who is the sob story of the season, the one people feel sorry for, or the one who is coached by someone's favorite. I mean, I love Adam, but I have voted for other coaches contestants, as I do feel the BEST should win.

    Michelle is HORRIBLE! I cringe whenever I would see her perform and there is NO way anyone can say she can sing better than the majority of the people who have been voted off. She does have the underdog story, and a good new coach, so she is getting the votes. The Swon Brother's ... I mean, come on people. Danielle DOES deserve to be there, as she is pretty damn amazing, especially for her age ... but the other contestants certainly do NOT belong! I no longer tune into the show, which is sad ...
  • May the circle be unbroken

    I could not believe your decision to leave the word Lord out of the above song!!!!Being in Nashville and tin the middle of the Bible belt you have offended all the great performers that have crossed the Opry stage. You have also offended your armed forces that have fought for your country and your God. I have lost a lot of my respect for the promoters and the judges for letting this happen. I am ashamed for you.
  • Why are final shows repeated... really!

    Just watched last night's performance and now have to watch it again tonight before winner is revealed. You're milking it! May not watch future shows because of this. Too bad as The Voice has it over any other "talent" shows except for this! Also, Carson Daly is a very nice person and a great host. People cannot help the way they look.
  • season 5 top 5 performances for semi finals

    My picks for the top 3 finalists before the episode aired was James Wolpert, Will Champlain, and Cole Vosberry. But after seeing the episode, little Jackie Lee came to win. What a beautiful job she did last night. And Will Champlin killed it with his song by Fun. I liked James' version of U2's With or without you, and I hope it was enough to at least get him to the finals. James is my favorite singer, I watch as they call out who is safe and moving on and I'm shouting Geek Boy. ha.. That's my nickname for James Wolpert. I hope everybody votes for him. We will see tonight on the results show???
  • Goodbye to Trevan. Hello finale.

    Hello all. I've been a fan of The Voice since the start of Season 2 and I must say, there are few shows on TV that I look forward to every week more than the Monday/Tuesday combo of The Voice. The results of The Voice remind me of the heyday Survivor times. These artists stories and journeys are interesting and compelling and people love to speak their opinions about them.

    Last season of The Voice I thought the boundaries of one artist per team left a few deserving artists out of the competition and punished coaches from having generally better teams. I love the new rules that don't limit artists per coach. I think it has provided one of the more interesting and epic conclusions to The Voice's short run to date.

    Trevin was The Voice of this season. In a competition that strives to honor the best talent Trevin was by far the most talented and if this show were a one or two performance event I don't think there is an artist that was featured that could have possibly challenged Trevin for that spot.

    That said, Trevin was clearly the worst of the final four last week. Even the most talented have down days. Trevin has definitely thrown out some duds (Usher? Really?) this season but his otherwise otherworldly performances had him in the final four fairly easily. What Trevin lacked was a consistency and, honestly, a repertoire of songs that were mass appealing enough to earn him the public vote. I've heard it many times and I couldn't agree more that Trevin has the voice of an angel whose album I'd never buy. I know that it frustrates many but Trevin hasn't achieved that mass public appeal that we all know he will be capable of one day. Until then he is the greatest wedding singer you could ever hope for.

    As for the finalists, here is a rundown of my favorites.

    3. Terry

    Terry has been my biggest surprise this entire season. He has squeezed by on average performances against worse singers early on but has found his groove at exactly the right time. His song choices are what's keeping him alive against voices like Trevin.

    2. Cassadee

    The Voice learned me that Cassadee was actually in a halfway popular Warp Tour style band that was about as successful as The Oneders. I thought early on that Pope was the strongest singer on Blake's team, a team that was generally lacking in talent in comparison to the other coaches. That of course isn't a knock against Cassadee at all except to say that she was a clear strength.

    Amazingly, Cassadee's true voice has come through in every country song she's sang and Blake may have stumbled upon a new country sensation that can bridge the gap between country and pop, something that has worked so incredibly well for artists like Taylor Swift.

    Frustratingly, Cassadee seems to have little love for country and while her Over You performance was clearly her "it" moment she has reluctantly dipped back into the country scene. I thought Blake's attempt to help her do both by singing a Rascal Flats song was a terrible compromise that she performed like it was some perfunctory exercise. Thankfully she sang it well, though I thought with little of the conviction that has made her such a "storyteller" artist.

    This is Cassadee's show to lose and if can turn in one more solid performance I think she'll have done enough to earn the crown once more for Team Blake.

    1. Nicholas David

    This guy sings almost nothing I would listen to on my own, but I find myself in extreme anticipation at every song choice he makes. Nick takes the entire music experience farther than any other artist in this show and while I don't believe he is appealing to enough to win over a majority audience to take the whole thing I do think that he has already won over a significant amount of fans and like many artists on this show I predict him to be the most successful outside of it, even though he may not win.

    Some music is catchy because of the hook, others because of the lyric. Nick is a master of the lyric and he sings with such an intensity and passion that when this show is over and a winner signs his or her contract with their new record label I'll always keep an out on what exactly is happening with good 'ol Saint NIck because when he sings he brings it all. Nick is my preference to win it all.

  • Do You Know My Name?

    YES....And it is Cody Belew! He is "The Voice!" I would definately pay to see him perform, in fact he is the only one I would pay to see perform. No one can top his last performance, including the judges! Ceelo is the best of the judges, he is so wise at what he says. Ceelo really gets the best out of his performers. Cody deserves to win this thing. When Cody said "Wait...I ain't done yet." WOW, this song doesn't belong to Beyonce anymore, "Crazy in Love" is Cody's. Cody owns it now. OK...Steve Win you need to call Cody to do a show in Vegas. And, Blake seemed to really enjoy Cody's was a big night for him. Cody is fun, sweet, Ceelo said, everyone gets positive energy from him. I do enjoy his Bam Bam. Ms Hudson said Cody's personality is so huge and it seems to be. I just can't believe without Ceelo turning his chair we would not be seeing him perform, how horrible would that be.

    So thank you Ceelo! Cody is the total package: Good looking, fantastic voice, great dancer. Travin has a great voice too, he is just not the total package. People vote for who they just really like the guy!

    Ceelo seems to connect with good people, he sees something in their soul. However, the most unlikable person was Domo, I think that was her name (Ha) who sang opposite (duo) with Cody in the knock out round. Her poisonality was abrasive. Yeah she had the looks and lots of talent but way,way over the top about one liked her, it was evident with the judges. I do hope Domo learned something. All the judges love Cody, you just smile when you see him....yep, he has a good spirit.
  • lord please

    remove this tripe from the airwaves please
  • Fans Disappointed

    Large group of Fans had tickets to be in the audience for the show and were turned away along with about 100 other fans. The ticket says you have to be there before the time cutoff. Your Fans took off work, hired babysitters and some traveled 2 hours to get to your show to be part of it. This is a huge let down for all of us and really the show should have more respect for their Fans. We were told you always have more tickets than seats to have a full audience. Please do all of us a favor and let Fans know on the ticket in bold print that this is not a guaranteed seat you must get there way ahead of the time to stand in line. Have respect for Fans time, money and excitement for seeing the show live. Sincerely, Mom with a lot of disappointed Fans of yours.
  • Very disappointed when...

    Craig Boyd was not my choice. I was very disappointed when after he was announced the winner and his wife and baby joined him on stage, he kissed his baby but totally ignored his wife! He came across as a very cold individual! He should have hugged his wife. After all, I noticed she was there for him throughout his competition on The Voice! I felt sorry for his wife.
  • Missing Josh Kaufman

    Where was Josh Kaufman?
  • Not recording tonights episode

    I just tied to set my timer for tonights episode as I will be working but there was a conflict because the voice runs the show till 1 min after the hour. When that happens the show that runs till 1 min after the hour is the one that I dont record, so no Voice tonight for me.
  • Blake Shelton remember who you are

    why do you act like country singers are off the radar for you? you are rich because of country fans and we support you on the you are acting like you really dont give a crap this season. What happened to you?
  • The voice editing

    Terrible editing. Watch the Welsh 16 year old. Rita ora turned around and then half way through you see he not turned round?!
  • You really missed on this one!

    Craig Boyd was the weakest voice of the final four. The show is supposed to feature the best voice of all the contestants. But The Voice producers out smarted themselves with the Wildcard and adding back to the finale a fourth voice. The end result was more votes were cast not to have Craig Boyd win The Voice than were cast for him. So how is that a winner with the best voice? The problem is that the people that would have voted for someone other than Boyd split their votes over the other three. So 3 out of 4 votes that were cast were for someone other than Boyd to win. Great job The Voice, that was really stupid and proved what? That the worse voice of your top four can win? Your show should be renamed to A Voice, not The Voice. What a joke.
  • This new show is rubbish

    Used to like the voice but Paloma majorly irritating and they are turning down great singers who can sing better than they can !!!!!!!
  • Poor Song Choices on The Voice

    I love that there is a variety of music on The Voice from country to pop, etc. it's just great. What bothers me of late is the poor song song choices are nothing to write home about. This is television and the fans want to be able to sing along w/ the song and some of the choices are so old or just not exciting or I'm getting bored. I think the coaches selecting the songs for the artists is a put too much artistry behind their decision and the fans just want to hear some good songs w/ good the song up a bit and give us a fresh bored out of my mind last night.
  • Adam sold out

    I am pissed at Adam. He totally dumped on Kat. Why, because he couldn't win with Kat. Being at the bottom for 3 successful weeks. It came down to demographics and Adam went with who the people would favor and not by the talent.

    Adam raved about Kat and how she would go to the finals two weeks ago, but when pitted against another of his reps, he caved.

    Pretty two faced. Disappointing.

    Kat may not have been the fan favorite, but she is the best overall singer on the show.

    The Voice has blind auditions and maybe the whole show should have the performers identity withheld. This will get rid of biases, beauty and demographics.

    And... I do not like the hair.
  • canadaian aaa

    when is the show coming to canada. the jugdes should have one card that they can give to a contestant that think that they would like to hear again even if no chairs turn around and only one card per season
  • An enjoyable show that's all about their judges's voices!

    This is an enjoyable television show, pretty fun and entertaining based mainly on the interaction between the judges and their careers instead of the contestants and their quality as products/singers.. the voices that fight in order to win this competition are a mere excuse to showcast the judges and at the end the show doesn't accomplish the on paper objetive.. to discover a major super star.

    It's fun to watch the judges to compete and beeing charming while they argue.. but at some point this show fail into deliver a successful winner and still lack after 5 season of a real and worldwide successful super star.. and while the voice keeps breaking records based on ratings.. no one remembers the winners of the past seasons at the end... I don't know.. maybe this season they take some actions in order to improve this aspect of the show... 'cause it can't be that a show about discover new talent ends up just giving even more fame to already acclaimed artists leaving the supposed new stars on the shadows, in the oblivion.
  • 2 reasons allot of people will stop watching the voice.

    we all love the show but .... Really Carson Daily!!! and another season with that squeaky Christina Millian, we have to let the show play for 15 min. and then start watching it so we can fast forward over the two of them, Carson has no emotion and looks like he is pushing people off the stage, and Christina Millian is flipping her hair at people and dose not fit the show like Carson Daily. Sad to hear they are back for the 4th season. Great show but I dont know if we can do it another season with the two of them.
  • Loggins

    I was so pleased that one of the contestants finally tapped a great resource of music, Kenny Loggins. Albeit Adam referred to as a Loggins/Messina song, it was written by Kenny Loggins, recorded by Loggins & Messina and Anne Murray. Kenny Loggins is a prolific American songwriter in the company of James Taylor, Carol King, Stevie Wonder, et al. Besides Danny's Song, one of my favorites is Celebrate Me Home, which one of the contestants should have found by now.
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