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  • voice

    Best judges on any show. Amazing and so exciting. The judges are funny and pick at each other in a great light hearted way.
  • the voice,are peoplevoting for the best singers?

    i dont think after watching last night that people always vote for the best singers,i think they must vote for their favorite coach or judith would have still been there,what asame! im done maybe next year.
  • Best show of its kind!!

    This is a show with class. Not like the others that are out to break peoples confidence. They are great mentors and when they give constructive criticism they do it in a way that makes the person still feel good about themselves. Not only that but instead of hating on each other they actually get along and make the show fun. It drives me nuts watching the other shows going out of their way to berate each other. Loving this season so far and hoping for many more in the future.
  • So Much for a Jury of Peers!

    Wow, Joshua Davis to the finals? That is one vanilla sound! I thought he was kept around the last three cuts just to keep Adam Levine somewhat relevant, now the finale?! Too many talented people sent home, I think the "coaches" are a bit disengaged because of the talent they have lost. Guilty people walk and the talented go home, good call America!
  • I'm done!

    There's NO way I will ever believe that America has no better sense than to pick Sawyer over every contestant in the top 20, let alone the top 4!!! He is an ok singer, but NOT EVEN CLOSE to the caliber of singers that were eliminated from the top 20. Not that it will make any difference, but I will NEVER AGAIN TUNE IN TO WATCH THE VOICE.
  • Time for a Change

    I used to enjoy watching the show. The thing with Blake and Gwen is offensive and distracting to the show. They need to change judges and remind the judges that this is The Voice and not The Dating Game.
  • feelsgoodman

    I get so happy when I watch this show, I love Usher and Shakira!!
  • Love all four

    Best group of judges ever!
  • Way better than American Idol.

    This show is alot better than American Idol because the judges aren't rude and don't say mean, insulting things to the contestants. They give them praise and tell them what they did good and compliment them. The people they have on there can actually sing, unlike the ones on American Idol. I hope this show does better than American Idol and the judges don't get nasty and mean like on other shows.
  • my voice would be

    Why do they leave it up to tone death people to chose the fate of these artist first they let people choose like if people chose who they would like to see make it if, this person actually does record an album they will buy it, NOPE that never happens you never hear from the contestants again. Why wouldnt The Voice concept be these famous artist working with these people producing and writing music for them and seeing who out of them can make a truly big artist by using their industry expertise and letting each artist create a single and promote via all the social media sites and the one arist that dominates wins. Thats what people who know good music and promote good music would want thus creating a star through their own effort of being the next big music artist. My idea, i think this would make for great tv.
  • Awful show, Need second set of judges

    We need a second set of judges to pick the talent that moves on . America picks who they like, not the best talent. This was my last nite watching this season. Sawyer was not the best singer last season , but Amercia picked him
  • What does America know?

    It is hard to believe that India Carney has not advanced to the finals. The show is called The Voice, but clearly it is not about who can sing the best, but who is the most popular. As it has been said, so much talent has already been sent home and now we are left with these four? I must be missing something.

    I agree Megan Lindsey can sing, but should she have been on the show in the first place? I think not. She has already had a career and opportunities the other contestants can only wish for. If she is allowed on the show, why not invite all the one hit wonders of the world to compete. Change the name of the show to "The Second Chance" or leave "The Voice" to the amateurs.
  • christina sucks

    they need to get rid of christina send her back to mickey mouse club
  • The voice

    Don't like it any more they send the best singer home.
  • No talent Males

    Really can not believe that Joshua is still in the game, should have been gone for weeks. I think only the females vote for guys, not talent! You can see there arms up swaying to the music, seldom do you see guys in that crowd. If this is the way the Voice is going, I will quit watching it to! They need to have some control to keep the talent going, not just because they are guys!
  • Getting Tired of the Voice

    Two seasons per year is too much of this show for me.

    Lets go back to the old way of finding America's Talent.

    Make a record and see if anyone buys it.

    This crap seems to go on forever. I just cant care!
  • Why the rush?

    So as much as the voice is amazingly addictive! Why oh why are they rushing everything :( ... Live shows need to be planned a little bit more (time wise anyways) it all seems to rushed and its annoying because now im feeling its more about rushing the show rather then finding the voice.
  • sunshades

    They need to go. I don't like.
  • Blakes Country Cop Out

    Let me start by saying I love the show, and Blake is my favorite coach. I have been to Blake's concerts, greatly enjoy his music, and wish him the best. However, there have been several times this season in one round or another when Blake has had a difficult choice to make and has essentially said that he has to choose the country artist because he knows country best. This seems a great cop out to me. In future seasons how does anyone that is not a country artist choose Blake when they know that they will be cast aside at the first close battle or knockout round? How does Blake in good faith recruit promising new artists from other genres to his team knowing that he cannot do a competent job of helping them because he knows country best? It seems to me that he either has an obligation to be impartial as to genre or not fight to recruit the artist in the first place, letting them go to another coach who can help them on an unbiased basis.. Perhaps Blake is just using his country focus as an excuse for making a diffult decision, but it seems to diminish his integrity on the show and betray the confidence placed in him by aspiring artists from other genres who have joined his team. I'd much rather hear him say that "this is a tough decision but I choose [artist] to go forward" rather hear him cop out it by saying country is what he knows best.
  • Disappointed

    Unfortunately I truely feel Christina in accurately shows her true given leadership quality She been has given her by making inappropriate slashes at artisit she doesn't identify with. Music is art - all music. Adams team is talented and different - unique! Original. That crazy thing called originality isn't so mainstream. Christina's bitter facial expressions and rude interruptions she makes during Amanda's and Melanie's performance and follow up is simply petty. Christina, your music and vioce is beautiful however your attitude towards these artist is really terrible. Yes, they are different but the talent is there and you know that. Your a legend - don't discredit those who are different. They have dreams too, you don't need to be so shallow.
  • The judges may be young but...

    they give you profound advice and charismatic critiques. I like how this show has singers on teams... it's pretty nice to watch all the backstage coaching and struggles the singers are put through during the competition. The judges are more laidback and always has a smile on their face... the performances on this show are outstanding. A tribute to good music!
  • The system dont work

    Time after time the great talent is sent home and the just OK singers win. The show don't work it's time to cancel it. Speak up America. I will not watch again
  • Love the judges but

    The judges are great this year, so is the steal process. Why do they show the training process, but not show each battle of all the contestant. I would rather see each battle *Thats the whole reason to watch the show. My husband and I compete to see who choses each battle winner..
  • Blake Shelton IS the man!

    Blake is friggin awesome and the only reason i still watch The Voice.

    Still don't think the talent is all that, there's WAY better singers out there than these people auditioning,

    but like i said, Blake makes watching this show worth while.

  • WOW! I'm a big fan of The Voice now!

    Just heard Terry McDermott sing "Maybe I'm Amazed" on The Voice. I am amazed, he is even better than McCartney or Joe Cocker. Blake Shelton is sooo lucky to have him on his team, because Terry should win "The Voice!" I have been a die hard American Idol fan for years, but no one ever sang that good.

    I even got Terry's song off of iTunes already, and I told everyone in Facebook to tune into "The Voice" to watch him. Terry's song on iTunes is even better than on "The Voice!" I'm thinking that "The Voice" has better talent than all the others this year, didn't think that last year.
  • Great show!

  • shocked by voting.

    Like the show, but Sawyer in the finals makes no sense. Nice sound, people must be voting for his character. If Megan Lindsey doesn't win this thing, I'm done. She's a monster. Far and above all. The fact that her and India won't be 1 and 2, something is wrong. Would rate higher if the best were left.

    I don't feel like I have to watch the whole show because they do SOOOO many clips of what is going to happen that I have already seen all of the performances by 1/3 of the way into the episode! They replay stuff OVER AND OVER throughout the whole show, and they overlap and replay what happened before and then after the commercials WAY TOO MUCH!!! Please someone get some better editing done for this show! Great show! Love the judges, but I almost can't stand to watch the replays and overlaps because they get so old and annoying!!! Some one dooooo something about this please! Make recaps or overlaps be split seconds instead of dragging them out!
  • Nicholas Good Luck!!!

    Well the Judges might have said over and over that they were all Winners, the fact Voice is a contest! Like any other talent contest the outcome does not always give us the candidate were cheering for. Nicholas was a true talent and quite gifted! I hope Cee will come true with his promise to be there for him.... Nicolas reminded me a bit of ZZTop, not conventional at all, but could put more soul in a song than most! He didn't deserve 3rd place.
  • Good show, except for these 2 ...

    Been watching this show since day 1 of the first season, and have to say that there are 2 problems which should be fixed. 1) Carson Daly - boring, expressionless, and always seems pissed at the judges that it's his job to keep the show moving along on time. Totally unlikeable, he ain't no Ryan Seacrest. And 2) Christina Milian - a completely unnecessary and utterly annoying aspect of this show. Just get rid of her and hire one good host to do both jobs.
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