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  • voice

    Best judges on any show. Amazing and so exciting. The judges are funny and pick at each other in a great light hearted way.
  • the voice,are peoplevoting for the best singers?

    i dont think after watching last night that people always vote for the best singers,i think they must vote for their favorite coach or judith would have still been there,what asame! im done maybe next year.
  • Best show of its kind!!

    This is a show with class. Not like the others that are out to break peoples confidence. They are great mentors and when they give constructive criticism they do it in a way that makes the person still feel good about themselves. Not only that but instead of hating on each other they actually get along and make the show fun. It drives me nuts watching the other shows going out of their way to berate each other. Loving this season so far and hoping for many more in the future.
  • feelsgoodman

    I get so happy when I watch this show, I love Usher and Shakira!!
  • Love all four

    Best group of judges ever!
  • Way better than American Idol.

    This show is alot better than American Idol because the judges aren't rude and don't say mean, insulting things to the contestants. They give them praise and tell them what they did good and compliment them. The people they have on there can actually sing, unlike the ones on American Idol. I hope this show does better than American Idol and the judges don't get nasty and mean like on other shows.
  • christina sucks

    they need to get rid of christina send her back to mickey mouse club
  • Why the rush?

    So as much as the voice is amazingly addictive! Why oh why are they rushing everything :( ... Live shows need to be planned a little bit more (time wise anyways) it all seems to rushed and its annoying because now im feeling its more about rushing the show rather then finding the voice.
  • Blakes Country Cop Out

    Let me start by saying I love the show, and Blake is my favorite coach. I have been to Blake's concerts, greatly enjoy his music, and wish him the best. However, there have been several times this season in one round or another when Blake has had a difficult choice to make and has essentially said that he has to choose the country artist because he knows country best. This seems a great cop out to me. In future seasons how does anyone that is not a country artist choose Blake when they know that they will be cast aside at the first close battle or knockout round? How does Blake in good faith recruit promising new artists from other genres to his team knowing that he cannot do a competent job of helping them because he knows country best? It seems to me that he either has an obligation to be impartial as to genre or not fight to recruit the artist in the first place, letting them go to another coach who can help them on an unbiased basis.. Perhaps Blake is just using his country focus as an excuse for making a diffult decision, but it seems to diminish his integrity on the show and betray the confidence placed in him by aspiring artists from other genres who have joined his team. I'd much rather hear him say that "this is a tough decision but I choose [artist] to go forward" rather hear him cop out it by saying country is what he knows best.
  • Disappointed

    Unfortunately I truely feel Christina in accurately shows her true given leadership quality She been has given her by making inappropriate slashes at artisit she doesn't identify with. Music is art - all music. Adams team is talented and different - unique! Original. That crazy thing called originality isn't so mainstream. Christina's bitter facial expressions and rude interruptions she makes during Amanda's and Melanie's performance and follow up is simply petty. Christina, your music and vioce is beautiful however your attitude towards these artist is really terrible. Yes, they are different but the talent is there and you know that. Your a legend - don't discredit those who are different. They have dreams too, you don't need to be so shallow.
  • The judges may be young but...

    they give you profound advice and charismatic critiques. I like how this show has singers on teams... it's pretty nice to watch all the backstage coaching and struggles the singers are put through during the competition. The judges are more laidback and always has a smile on their face... the performances on this show are outstanding. A tribute to good music!
  • Love the judges but

    The judges are great this year, so is the steal process. Why do they show the training process, but not show each battle of all the contestant. I would rather see each battle *Thats the whole reason to watch the show. My husband and I compete to see who choses each battle winner..
  • Blake Shelton IS the man!

    Blake is friggin awesome and the only reason i still watch The Voice.

    Still don't think the talent is all that, there's WAY better singers out there than these people auditioning,

    but like i said, Blake makes watching this show worth while.

  • WOW! I'm a big fan of The Voice now!

    Just heard Terry McDermott sing "Maybe I'm Amazed" on The Voice. I am amazed, he is even better than McCartney or Joe Cocker. Blake Shelton is sooo lucky to have him on his team, because Terry should win "The Voice!" I have been a die hard American Idol fan for years, but no one ever sang that good.

    I even got Terry's song off of iTunes already, and I told everyone in Facebook to tune into "The Voice" to watch him. Terry's song on iTunes is even better than on "The Voice!" I'm thinking that "The Voice" has better talent than all the others this year, didn't think that last year.
  • Great show!


    I don't feel like I have to watch the whole show because they do SOOOO many clips of what is going to happen that I have already seen all of the performances by 1/3 of the way into the episode! They replay stuff OVER AND OVER throughout the whole show, and they overlap and replay what happened before and then after the commercials WAY TOO MUCH!!! Please someone get some better editing done for this show! Great show! Love the judges, but I almost can't stand to watch the replays and overlaps because they get so old and annoying!!! Some one dooooo something about this please! Make recaps or overlaps be split seconds instead of dragging them out!
  • Nicholas Good Luck!!!

    Well the Judges might have said over and over that they were all Winners, the fact Voice is a contest! Like any other talent contest the outcome does not always give us the candidate were cheering for. Nicholas was a true talent and quite gifted! I hope Cee will come true with his promise to be there for him.... Nicolas reminded me a bit of ZZTop, not conventional at all, but could put more soul in a song than most! He didn't deserve 3rd place.
  • Good show, except for these 2 ...

    Been watching this show since day 1 of the first season, and have to say that there are 2 problems which should be fixed. 1) Carson Daly - boring, expressionless, and always seems pissed at the judges that it's his job to keep the show moving along on time. Totally unlikeable, he ain't no Ryan Seacrest. And 2) Christina Milian - a completely unnecessary and utterly annoying aspect of this show. Just get rid of her and hire one good host to do both jobs.
  • It's confirmed-American Marjority doesn't know real talent!

    The thing that actually intrigued me the most about The Voice; enough to actually watch it was the fact that the contestants were judged only by their Voice. Meaning; the coaches had to hear talent and potential first and foremost. It doesn't matter how sweet they are being portrayed nor to whom they are dedicating a song to, it is how great a VOICE they have. I really think that America needs to be removed as the voting judges in the finals. Most Americans don't know music nor talent. They are voting for each contestant for numerous other personal reasons. I want the judges to have more control than they do at the end.

    I will have to consider whether to continue watching this show if Michelle Shammuel is in the top 3. She should never have made the top 5, 6, or 10. I have a very long music background and when America voted her to remain over Judith Hill I was truly angry. Judith has true talent that is rare. America is out of their minds by voting misfit Shammuel over the talent of Judith Hill. SHE DOES NOT POSSESS ANYWHERE NEAR THE DEGREE OF TALENT THAT JUDITH HILL HAS IN HER LITTLE FINGER. NOT BY A LONG SHOT. Does everyone just feel sorry for her (Shammuel)?. I say so what. 74% of us have in some way felt we didn't fit in at some time in life. Get over it. I am sick to death of seeing Sham perform and even hearing her makes me want to change the station. I am tired of her pulling on her shirt, squatting while she sings probably because she lacks any showmanship quality. Judith on the other hand has it all. Perfect pitch, versatile, commands a stage.

    I feel for Adam Levine. I could tell how pissed he was when the idiots did not keep Judith. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't return next season.

    The outstanding performances since Judith Hill was eliminated have consistently been from Sasha, Amber Carrington and the Swon Dannielle is good but she lacks life experience which shows in the emotionless performances. She is great technically but give her a few more years and some life experiences to relate to and then nothing will stop her. She's young, she has plenty of time to come back and try again. I am sure that American will not agree with me but most do not have music backgrounds and are tone deaf.

    Had to get this out and off my mind. Thanks.

  • Were are the ARMATURES?

    I enjoy watching the show, but why are there people singing on here that have gotten PAID to just don't think it's fair.
  • Judges are Smart

    Never miss an episode, it's great advice you all give to new upcoming artist in the music industry, thx for such good entertainment!
  • not intimitaded

    the voice judges are real a great sense of hummer not like the ( B S ) that went on watching the X factor and American idol Britney spears was the worst ever as a judge than her stone face expression when the winner was selected than on American idol the insecurity between the two female judges not working as a team jealousy or what its so much better the way the voice judges talk to each other its fun and the judges secure with individual talent they have and they really respect each other keep it up the ratings will far surpass the others

    I love the blind auditions so that way the judges can't judge on looks!!


    With all the rotating chairs and coaches what more can you ask for, it's the perfect shows with the great singers that everyone wants to hear. THE BEST SHOW OUT RIGHT NOW
  • Good Grief!

    Come on, Adam! It's not about YOU and who YOU connect with! Katrina deserved to win - you should have listened to Christina! I have been a loyal fan, but tonight I am really disappointed with Adam. My rating is for the show as a whole, excluding Adam!

    ps. In the Facebook photo, I am sitting behind my husband.
  • Missed hearing some of the talent on Battle Round 2014

    I sure missed hearing the talent that was cut short in the battle rounds last night 3/18/2014 due to too much background given and bantering between the judgesWe didn't hear the performances of four groups just brief to say who won... I just LOVE this showbut hope it doesn't go by the direction of IDOL due to too much talking and cutting out total performances of great talent! Come on judges cut out some of the bantering. it's not about you it's about the talent
  • Excellent !

    This show are very nice. Looking for show.

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  • Christina's version of Elvis Presley

    Christina should never had copied singing "can't help falling in love" by Elvis, since Gena Irene from American Idol did it, which she blew Christina away, she didn't sing the song anywhere near to Gena Irene's rendition. What was Adam thinking? I love Adam he is my favorite judge. I like the conscept that the voice brings, but i don't feel the judges are honest with their remarks, they are too polite which gives the contestants false hope and in addition it becomes a judge contest to see who could mentor and get the viewer to vote their contestants so they can win. I never feel this show is about the constestants, Sorry to say this but American Idol has had nothing but real talent and successful talent that have become stars. which brings me to the question, how are the past contestants from the voice doing as far as being successful, I never hear them on the radio, winning grammies i guess that explains that AMERICAN IDOL IS FAR BETTER THAN THE voice.
  • Carson Daly

    I love the show!! However, when Carson Daly begins to talk, it ruins it for me!!! He is awful on camera. The right side if his lip lifts when he talks, which is very distracting!!! Also, he holds he microphone over his face and moves it around while he is talking!! He is Awful on camera. It seems he is reading everything he says. He is the ONLY bad thing about the show. I know he is also the producer, but I really think a more experienced host would make the show's rating escalate. He is Carson, watch yourself sometime.. really. It's awful
  • Zero Interest now that The Voice has become a Country singing contest

    I have ZERO INTEREST in the Voice (an avid fan since the first season). Now that Judith Hill is gone, it's just about turned into a reality music show for country singers. (I know, Shamuel is not country and I do like her quirkiness, but she seems awkward to me, and I wouldn't buy her albums; and Sasha has a great voice, but her interpretations are just too Broadway) I used to enjoy watching the Voice because it had extremely talented, edgy/current singers without the hokey vibe of American Idol (plus I thought the judges were entertaining). No offense to country, but I'm just not interested. Sorry. NBC should sell the show to CMT.
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