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  • Miley cyrus

    Never will watch it again, you don't need to have Miley cyrus!!!
  • Lost another fan!

    I love the show! But I have not watched this season at all because you chose to have sleazy Cyrus as an advisor! NOW SHE IS GOING TO BE A JUDGE? I will never watch your show again even when Sleazy is long gone! Anybody that has such poor judgement in having Cyrus on your show doesn't deserve to be on TV or have faithful viewers like me! Blake Shelton is one of my favorite country singers but I am considering boycotting him too! What a disappointment you are!
  • PLEEEEEZZZZZZ DON'T put Miley in as a judge!

    THUMBS DOWN FOR MILEY! I have been an avid fan of The Voice since the 1st season. The show has class along with entertainment and the judges have all been good. Pharrell adds such class & professionalism to the show, BIG mistake to lose him. As to adding Miley Cyrus, BIGGER THAN BIG mistake. That will definitely turn off a large portion of the viewing audience. Yes, I'm older, very hip, love the variety of music but I think Miley will narrow that variety down. She's a gimmick, what a joke! If she sticks her tongue out once, it will be the last time I watch the show. And we know that's a given so my time of enjoyment is limited, very unfortunate for me!
  • miley the train wreck kills the show

    NBC wrong move letting the train wreck on your show we will not be watching season 11 with the trash on
  • Love the show. Watch every season but

    Do not use sleazy Cyrus as a judge. I only watched a little of the last show with Cyrus. I will not be watching this week because of her. Would never watch again while she is on. You'd better consider whether or not you wish to continue with great ratings! !!!!!! I hope you realize how much the ratings would suffer! Please, we enjoy the show but would not watch if you use Cyrus as a judge/coach or even an advisor. Monday, we will be watching anything beside The Voice....... I don't think that you want this type of connotation associated to this show.
  • Voice Replacements

    I have always watched and enjoyed the Voice. If you replace Pharrell and Christina with

    Miley and Alicia I will not watch it again. You must not need a job any more. What are

    you thinking. You might be saving money right now but you won't have to worry about

    it when nobody watches the show.
  • Personal relationship

    I really do wish gwen and Blake success in their relationship , however I felt that show was only about them. Everything someone said anything it was usually about those two and not the auditions. Since they both decided to be on the show they should act accordingly. In other words keep the relationship out of the show.
  • are you kidding me?

    Like most of the other comments, the addition of Miley Cyrus has lost you another viewer. The Show has always been set apart because it's judges were credible and respected. Now you throw in a joke. To say she has talent is laughable. To say she is capable of good judgement is to insinuate your viewers are mindless fools. The cost of terminating her contract would be far less than the cost of losing your viewers, if not for this season, but possibly forever due to the loss of your credibility. GET RID OF HER. She's graduated from being a liability to herself to being a liability to you. As a side note: Fire the person who thought it was a good idea to hire her.
  • WTF?????

    I have been a fan of this show from DAY 1. I have watched every season and I feel the talent has been exceptional each season. I have one question for the producers of this show. Who was STUPID enough to approve Miley Cyrus as a consultant for Season 10????? WHAT AN IDIOT YOU MUST BE! She has not earned the right or proven herself as an artist worthy to "consult" with ANYONE PERIOD, except maybe BILLY RAY DOOFUS HIMSELF!!!!!!!!! Swinging around on a rope half naked in a video proves that she has nothing to offer any of the performers on this show. This is an all time LOW for fans of The Voice. VERY DISAPPOINTING.
  • Please stop Blake and Gwen

    The shows about the contestants. Please stop making the show about these two and their affair. I've loved the show since it's inception. I'm so disappointed. Blake and Gwen you are making a mockery of the show. Your flirty looks at each other so u can both turn. This behaviour takes the spotlight away from the talent. I now need to look for something else to watch.
  • Miley is beneath the four great talented judges

    What a shame that you choose a disgusting show person for such a wonderful, talented and fun show. My friends and I have watched for years at the clean, fun loving, laughter filled and talented judges and competitors. Now all we see is Miley's face and it sickens us. Please reconsider this horrid move.
  • The Rolling of my Eyes! Not The Voice!

    I LOVE the Blind Auditions and have enjoyed the friendly banter in previous seasons. However, I find myself fast-forwarding thru this season due to Gwen and Blake. I now only listen to the singers then once the BS starts I hit FF! I find their constant fake laughing and "WOW" comments to cause instant rolling of my eyes. They have been over shadowing the contestants and the other judges. One has to do what the other does.... if Blake pushes his button Gwen follows and vice versa! I wish anyone else was in Gwen's seat!!! It's in my opinion the two of them have brought the once entertaining show down. Zzzzzzzzzz! Thumbs DOWN!
  • What is the Voice Thinking ???

    With much enthusiasm for the past 10 seasons we have been avid viewers of the Voice. A good portion of the show's entertainment always included the interaction of the great selection of judges on the show, even with Christina's antics. Season 11 has failed miserably to create that with the addition of Miley Cyrus and Alisha Keyes both of which add absolutely no value to the show whatsoever! They only want attention to themselves and have no substantial contributions. Not that it will matter much, but I will not be watching Season 11 at all! Very bad decision guys....
  • Hate this season

    When hearing Gwen was coming back I was surprised given the relationship with her and Blake. However I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought I would watch before I judge. Frankly I did this because when I heard Miley Cirus going to be on the show I was very disappointed but I have to say Miley was a very pleasant surprise and made me rethink prejudging anything. I personally thought Miley was one of the best mentors to ever be on the show. She proved me 100% wrong. I prejudged her because of the crazy way she presented herself every tinme I had seen her - but she was so caring, so giving, delightful and entertaining on the show but there was even more she was a brilliant mentor! Bright and talented. She gained a level of respect I for one would never have expected before the season began - but by the end of it - I can say it was one of the best ever and that was because of Miley!

    But this is not about Miley it is about Gwen and Blake. I hate the show - it has become the Gwen and Blake aren't we cute show! and guess what NO YOU ARE NOT! You are pathetic! Gwen cannot make a decision without looking his way and infact she doesn't take her eyes off him. She seems to have lost whatever brain she had because I have not seen her make one push of the button without looking at him and if Blake presses so does she or he gives the nod and she presses. One of them have to go. If a change isn't made you have lost another viewer. I hate the interaction between them - Gwen sets every woman back in history when we could not speak unless given permission from the 'male'. I refuse to watch this. I hate what it is doing to Adam and Alicia Keyes because they are constantly defending, deflecting, or rescuing the contestants from being second in place to the "LOVE AFFAIR". I hope the relationship survives the test of time and lust but I don't watch The Voice for the Gwen & Blake affair I wathc it to see the talent and the mentoring that has grown some amazing and questionable talent into STARS! I hope the show survives this major mistake and mis-step. I will not be watching the rest of this season unless I hear there has been a change in the judges. Gwen or Blake have to go!
  • Miley

    GET RID OF MILEY PLEASE she tries and take over, her voice is like someone running their nails on a chake board and she never shuts up!
  • NBC needs NEW decision makers

    Agree with many posts. Whoever made the Executive decision to hire Miley Cyrus, FIRE them immediately. Whoever thought Miley Cyrus would draw more viewers. It had the opposite it is sending viewers running.

    Started watching The Voice for a couple years. Loved Pharrell, he was my favorite Coach. Like Adam and Blake, they were funny together. Really liked Gwen Stephane. Christina Aguilera acts like a Diva, but she is really talented.

    Last year didn't watch when Miley was only temporarily, I would turned it off. She is like nails on a chalkboard. Since she is on full-time, the Voice stays off.

    NBC change your name the NO BRAINS CHANNEL! ABC and CBS thanks you for sending viewers their way, because people aren't watching!

  • I refuse to watch anymore.

    Miley Cyrus nauseates me. I have been a fan of The Voice since it began, but I will not watch as long as Miley Cyrus is on it. How could you choose someone like her- crude, gross, someone you prohibit your children from watching!! Everyone I know despises her and have said they will no longer watch this show. Just trying to help you - get rid of her to protect your ratings.
  • What happened to the MUSIC - hectic mess!

    I'm another one who can't watch this mess - I record it and FF through all but the performances - takes about 20-30 minutes to watch a 2 hr show that way!

    I don't need to know the sexual persuasion of contestants - or what they did when they were 3. Every audition is interrupted with flashing views of judge expressions - with the screaming of family a mess this season is. How many times are we to watch the women judges swaying to music or running to the stage to sing a bit? Does EVERY contestant have to have a sob story and cry before they audition?

    It's a shame - but the low key banter that used to "make" the show is gone as they all try to talk over each other and the women just keep blathering. Both Alicia and Miley are overplaying their parts - Cyrus most of all. She's dressed like a child - keeps mentioning "my Dad" and can't shut up for two minutes.

    The sparring between Blake and Adam was fun in previous seasons - not so much when the new judges feel they have to jump into and comment on everything that happens.

  • The Voice

    Loved the show until you put Miley Cyrus on. Probably won't be watching this year.
  • Intolerable!!!

    Miley Cyrus has singlehanded ruined the show. There is no funny banter between Blake and Adam anymore. Miley just thinks that people care what she has to say. Between her voice and her stupid comments I can't bear to watch it anymore. It's such a shame, I used to love this show. Please bring some class back to the show, people who blend in not take over...
  • the voice judges addition

    I think the addition of Miley and Alica to the voice has totally ruined the show. I really could care less about the voice with them on it. Miley is the worst that was ever added to the show.
  • The Voice's new judges

    This has been my favorite show for a long time, but with the addition of Alicia Keyes and Miley Cyrus, this show has been banned from my home. I hope the producers have a change of heart next time around.
  • Won't be watching

    You've ruined this show for me. I've been a loyal fan but will not watch Miley Cyrus! She disgusts me!
  • BOOOO to Miley

    Agreed, Miley on the Voice is just wrong, it's supposed to be a family show. To bring in someone with her reputation is disgraceful. I suspect this is my last season.
  • Miley

    So dissapointed the Voice is putting Miley on.

    Our group is Out.

  • She's in I'm out!!!

    I have watched this show from the beginning and didn't always agree with some of the judges but love the show. However, it has stooped to an all time low with putting Miley Cyrus on as a judge. MANY people I know with families or no family have also said they will stop watching. I have been unable to watch some this season with her on. She is a disgusting person and horrible role model for any kids - boys or girls. You are making a HORRIBLE decision by putting that person as a judge. I always had it on record when I couldn't be here but took that off last night. I really don't care anymore. Sad to say it was one "family" show on at this time of the evening in Illinois!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • miley is "in" Me and my group are OUT

    I have a group of 12 ladies - age range ... 12 to 63 who have joined together since day one of The Voice. This season, and it appears all upcoming seasons ... we will be devoting our time to watching something else. Miley is the worst of the worst . Terrible role model for anyone!. I stopped my 3 girls from following/watching/supporting Miley when she decided to reinvent herself... treasure ... to TRASH in her very public displays . It would take a LOT for her to redeem herself as a talented role model, and until that time... or, she is OFF the voice, my group and I say .... Bye Bye.
  • Let Gwen go

    Loved the Voice. Really like Blake, Adam and Alycia. Miley was very good too. But do not like Gwen, she spoils the show with her 'carrying on' with Blake. If he turns, she turns. Rated it 8 but if Gwen stays on it will be lower!
  • The Bickersons ...

    Music has always been a large part of my and my husband's life. We enjoy The Voice immensely, but honestly -- the bickering, snarkiness, etc. -- just more than one can tolerate at this point in time.

    Note to producers:

    Next time around plese try to be certain the *all* of the judges can conduct themselves with class. Thank you!
  • I can't stand it!!!

    I have watched every season since the show began and loved every minute of it until this year. I cannot stand Jennifer Hudson on the show. Every show she has to sing and show off... It's supposed to be about the contestants, not about Jennifer. Every time she talks or starts to sing I mute my television because I can't stand listening to her. Very disappointing this year.
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