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  • J H please stick with acting.

    I wish Jennifer would stop interrupting everyone with her attempts to sing. Didn't care for it on idol, which is why I never saw dream girls. I was enjoying the little girl singing with her dad, until Jennifer had to tell the captive audience, her little baby sings with her too. We don't care. Please let us listen to the singers that matter.
  • Mikey/Jennifer

    I'm so disappointed Mikey's back! She's so annoying and obnoxious. And that standing, shaking her but, showing her crotch in those tight jeans is sickening. Why would you choose her as a judge?! Jennifer needs to tone down a bit. I get tired of her singing all the time! This isn't the Jennifer show!! Blake and Adam as always are fabulous! I love them both. They, and we, deserve better female coaches. We have been watching since Season One and have always loved all judges. Until now. We didn't like Mikey last year, talking over everyone, but now, we have Jennifer AND Mikey!! Way to much!
  • Bickering Not Funny

    I find the constant sniping between Levine and Shelton to be anything but entertaining and funny - it is tiresome and annoying. And, yes, I agree with others that Jennifer Hudson is doing all she can to be the center of attention as does Miley Cyrus. This used to be one of my favorite shows - not so much anymore. The judges seem to think they are the entertainment, but if they would cut a lot of the verbal interaction among themselves and stay off the stage, it would be a great improvement.
  • Miley

    I think that aiming for an all female team show prejudice for the male contestants since it clearly shows that they do not stand a chanxe with her choosing them. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN HER. Hope she doesn't come back next season. Need open-minded judges.
  • J Hudson, this is not about you.

    Epic fail. I won't be able to watch to much more of this. Too bad, i love the voice, but hate how your obnoxious behaviour is ruining it. I feel bad for the other judges, .... good for them for being very professional and tolerating her awkward behaviour. Please please don't have JH back next season. Thank you.
  • J H is ruining this show

    This has been our FAVORITE SHOW -against Bachelors, Dancing, all others. Not this season. J. H. Is constantly making this show about her - the butting in with her AWFUL voice. Throwing things, we can't watch it this year and MAKES US SO SAD
  • Miley ruined the Voice for me & my family

    My family (husband, 15 yr old daughter & 17 yr old son) have always had family night watching The Voice. Miley was on a few years ago & we had to find something else to watch. She is like nails on a chalkboard, not to mention my kids watched their childhood tv idol naked on her video a few years she really musically talented & experienced enough to have a team of her own on a major tv network during prime time? Is there no one more qualified NBC? Last year was great & glad we experienced Chris Blue, then she's back. Now we watch the other networks. I've not changed channels from NBC prime time in years until now. Disappointed.
  • J-Hudson Production

    Jennifer believe she is trying to bring a twist to the show, epic failure, there are so many negative comments on FaceBook, that it's making Miley look amazing, please bring it down, Diva gallery is played out, one the humble coaches on the Voice was Alicia Keys, you could take some notes, if Jennifer keeps antics with the contestants I will opt to watching DWTS, I just want to hear great singing, the battle and see who wins this season, be a coach, but not at the cost of taking away from the contestants, it's just rude and not giving them the opportunity to shine, because if people stop watching it's because you dim the light.
  • Oh. Please. QUITE. just for one minute!

    I have never missed a show since it's started. I am sorry to say that today for the first time I changed the channel. This is not the JHudd ( isn't that show. She is loud, attention seeking and comes across as obnoxious. Someone needs to coach her.
  • The Obnoxious Jennifer Show and shoe

    Used to love this show but unfortunately Jennifer Hudson is trying to steal it and really hurts the show. She is totally annoying singing and trying to steal the spotlight constantly. Hard to watch. Like nails on the chaulkboard. Wish producers would tell her to cool it. We can only hope

    BUT-----Jennifer Hudson misses the mark badly as a coach! She is obnoxious, not funny and feels the need to sing with everyone! Is she a coach or a contestant? If it continues even though I have watched this show since it's inception I'm afraid it will be Dancing With The Stars for the rest of the season. She is that big of a TURN OFF for me. NEEDS TO GO. GREAT singer, HORRIBLE COACH!!!
  • I LOVE the singing but the messaging is problematic

    I don't agree with people using derogatory slurs to describe Miley (or anyone), but I don't see how The Voice can still call itself a family show when they allow a judge to dance around wearing essentially just a bra and making comments about what is written on the butt of her jeans. It honestly breaks my heart. And they brought a little four year old girl on stage in front of her. Kids are very impressionable and by the time they are preteens they have been so exposed to women being overly sexualized or sexualizing themselves (often for material gain or fame) that they feel the need to do the same to be loved/noticed. Or they feel awful about themselves if they don't partake. I have a degree in Child Psychology and also witnessed these behaviours and issues in myself and countless others growing up. Please Hollywood, understand that women's freedom and rights doesn't mean we should encourage actions in ANYONE that can harm others. Think of people who have been sexually abused, some by women, and how they feel when they see that. Think about the young boys who assume and possibly expect the young girls in their life to emulate girls like Miley. We need to change our attitudes and have more respect for those around us.

    Me and my husband are also concerned at how the show portrays itself as "everything" to the contestants. It's too much stake to put into a reality show and these people have lives and worth and jobs and love that is alltogether more important then whether they get a chair turn. And the constant asking "what does your coach mean to you" puts people on the spot, especially those who have trouble expressing emotions in public. And it doesn't leave room for them to have any legitimate conflicts or issues with the show because they're virtually forced to say nice things about (pretty much only) the celebrity coaches all the time. Lastly, the song choices are often not family friendly either, nor the dances choreographed to go along with them. These musicians have the talent and they don't need those things to show it.

    All that said, A lot of the performers, at least some every season, have brought me to tears with their beautiful voices and their character. The banter between the coaches always makes me laugh and the stage sets and background vocalists impress me year after year.

    Basically if they cleaned up and calmed down a little, I would give them an 8-8.5, but as it stands this is my view.
  • What Show Are You All Watching?

    I have watched every season of The Voice, except the previous time Miley Cyrus was a coach. I was reluctant to watch this season of the Voice as well, because I have no interest in Miley Cyrus. She is so... 'skanky,' and the idea of suffering through an entire season with her left a very bad taste in my mouth. However, I decided to watch the first episode because I was curious about Jennifer Hudson as a couch. She is GREAT, so much so that I am going to continue to watch and see how things go. I am not sure what all the haters are taking issue with. The whole point of the Blind Auditions is to use what you have to score some great contestants for your team. Jennifer is fiery and very motivated. She has an amazing voice, and she uses it to her advantage. Other coaches have used all kinds of crazy things to win over contestants, and often use themselves and their experiences in their pitch. Jennifer has been in their shoes, and would not be where she is today if not for the opportunity to perform on a singing talent reality TV show. I think Jennifer is going to make a wonderful coach! .
  • Youth has killed THE VOICE

    Jennifer, look at me I am better than all of you, and Miley, Twerking midriff showing panther, ruined this show I love. Hudson was obnoxious. Tried to take over the show. Throwing books, not shoes, at good black singers. Please bring back the adults next season. I am gone for this one.
  • Hudson Disappointing

    I truly have a lot of respect for Jennifer Hudson and enjoy her talent, but she is a disaster on this show. She makes it to much about her. It seems she thinks this is the Jennifer Hudson review. As much I liked her in the past, I am totally annoyed by her antics and attitude. After 2 shows I am done with what was once a great show until the Jennifer debut. Jennifer and the Voice cannot exist on the same stage. I want talent, not an overload of Jennifer Good bye Voice.
  • I can't stand it!!!

    I have watched every season since the show began and loved every minute of it until this year. I cannot stand Jennifer Hudson on the show. Every show she has to sing and show off... It's supposed to be about the contestants, not about Jennifer. Every time she talks or starts to sing I mute my television because I can't stand listening to her. Very disappointing this year.
  • What has happened to The Voice?

    No matter how hard Adam and Blake try they are not going to keep the show going. As far as I am concerned Jennifer Hudson needs to go. I think Miley would not be as wild if Jennifer is gone. If she is on next week (Jennifer Hudson) you will loose my family as viewers. We loved this show until last night. Please pay attention to the reviews. Besides that all Jennifer does is SCREAM
  • Boo to Jen.

    . This is about the singers auditioning, not Jennifer throwing shoes on stage, throwing the book, her singing, her acting like it's all about her. I liked her, but now I dont even want to watch the show. She is so back Alicia, or Gwen, anyone but Jennifer. What were you thinking
  • is this the Hudson show?

    The Voice has been a Great show to watch year after year, up until this season. Unfortunately it's turned in the Jennifer Hudson show. She won't let the other judges talk and really what is up with all the throwing?.

    ONCE WAS GET IT, you went to church. I've only watched 2 shows and I'm so sick of her already I'm not sure I'll watch again. I've not missed any shows until now. Blake and Adam are outstanding and Miley is fine but Jennifer is a mistake. Good luck to your show. One less viewer.
  • Bring Season 12 judges back

    I can not stand Jennifer Hudson or Miley Cyrus. Jennifer sings with contestants throws note books, runs up on stage etc between her and Miley it's like a competition for attention! It's supper annoying to watch! This is about the performers not them!!!! These judges do not mesh together like the last few seasons when Gwen, Alicia or Christina were there.
  • Fire Hudson

    I do not like Jennifer Hudson on the view. She is too cocky. I like her as a performer, but not as a judge, she acts like it's about her and she needs to shut up!!
  • boo to Jennifer as a judge

    I can not stand Jennifer on this is not making it as enjoyable as it usually is. She does not fit in. Way to loud, cocky , talks too much about herself and is just annoying . Too bad we have to go the whole season with her boo
  • Isn't this for the

    I do enjoy Jennifer Hudson but the first part of the premier tonight, she seemed to make it all about running on stage, throwing focus on the contestants and stop the dramatics. She is a new judge, from winning a show a few years ago, not much experience. There are already a great group of performers, so let's make it about them.
  • Total has been hack judges

    The Voice started off being great but now they're bringing in all of these has been never even that great of judges. The Voice is supposed to be all about vocal ability so why bring in people from boy bands and other groups as opposed to people who have real vocal ability four judges.

  • I thought the Voice was for Amateurs Not Professionals.

    I really dislike shows like American Idol etc. A friend introduced me to The Voice, and I found it to be funny with interesting talent. Even though most performers perform other famous artists work, I think a few did their own stuff.

    Lately, I find them placing more & more has beens and artists that have done PAID professional back ups for famous artists... and it seems in the past few weeks most of the artists are overweight CW singers from places like OK, TN & TX from The show now bores me, especially the poor me poor me introductions of each wanna be artist. I am done with reality skit skows.
  • Love Alicia Keys

    Congratulation Alicia! I believe Alicia is one of the best coaches for feedback and encouragement. I love the way she articulates her feelings and advise. I will miss her next season. Please get her back. She is one of the best coaches ever!. I enjoy Adam and Blake. My coach wish list would be Adam, Blake, Alicia Keys, and Pharrell Williams.
  • Canadians Like Music Too

    Canadians watch most American tv. Canadians love music too. I've only watched the voice since Season 9 but I am SO disappointed that Canadians can't vote. PR can. Why can't we? It's not like we'd make a huge difference or anything, given the disparity of our population with the US', but it would still be nice to count.
  • plake

    terrible song choice. sorry
  • Hate gwen and americas choices were bad I think everyone was on drugs while voting

    Gwen is annoying and can't even sing it's the voice you need to know how to sing to be on there she's horrible and always stealing people by saying she relates to them take her off the show
  • Change needed

    I love the Voice. This year it has been very disappointing with Gwen and Blake. I know that they are a couple and great for them but together on this show, NO. Gwen looks to Blake for answers like she can't make a decision for herself. Blake seems to be uglier to Adam and that really pisses me off. I just think they don't need to be judges together. I sincerely believe the show won't last if it stays like this. Just my opinion. I know I won't be interested again if they stay judges for the next season.