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  • Waste my time

    The voice is a joke. I am a white woman and I am 48 yrs. old. I love all music, but the voice is a racial show. The votes are made up. Every year they put blacks as runner-ups and thats as far as they go. They won't let them win, BOTTOM LINE.
  • another thumbs down for Miley - bring back Blake and Adam energy!

    I get that the Voice is trying to bring in young viewers, but it feels like the show is giving Miley Cyrus so much weight. Every cutaway during performances of contestants is of Miley singing their songs and gesticulating - it just feels disrespectful of the actual person whose moment it is to shine... and not very far-sighted of whoever is calling cameras. Why do they never cut away to Blake or Adam anymore? These are the guys who have kept viewers tuning in again and again season after season. While I think Miley seems like a lovely kind-hearted person who is going to grow into an amazing adult, I am not interested in her opinions as a judge. She's a kid without the kind of experience others bring to the table that makes coaching interesting and insightful. I think Alicia is great, but she was better when she guest advised - she was a superstar then; she's gone a bit flat as a full judge.
  • The Voice

    I used to LOVE this show. Now it's absolutely horrible. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to not change the channel. The songs are boring and overly religious. The mix of music used to be great but now it seems like they are trying on purpose to make the ratings plummet. It's a shame.
  • Music type

    The show has gotten a little religious. Tonight it opened with Dolly Parton singing about Jesus. If you're going to sing music about religions, pick music from some of the other religions also, or don't sing religious music at all.
  • Poor poor contestants!

    Why is it the folks dressing these poor contestants feel it nessisary to place ridiculous wigs on these already attractive young contestants!!!! They did it last year as well. Makes them look fake!
  • Miley is tiresome

    Miley has brought nothing to the show. Worst judge yet and I have stopped watching which is too bad for the contestants that viewers are so turned off by a judge. This used to be my favorite show. I have moved on.
  • Go Miley with the Voice

    I think people forget they were young and stupid one point in there life. No one put down Britney Spears when she went off her rebel times or what about Tonya Tucker in her young self went wild. Miley will grow out it just a faze. I think she is a great asset to the Voice. Miley gives it more personality and charisma to the show. Most of just have anything better to do but whine to put someone down cause your not happy with your life. I dont agree on everything she does but its growing up process that famous kids do. Give her a break for crying out loud.
  • Judges

    I used to watch The Voice all the time until this season when Miley Cyrus appeared as a judge. What a huge mistake! She is ridiculously shallow and seriously appears to lack intelligence. She dresses like a clown - no style or taste which further underscores her aura of the ridiculous. Agree that Alicia is boring. I will not be watching the show until you bring back some decent judges like Gwen or Shakira; some new faces?
  • Miley

    I've never missed a season of Voice. Until this season. Miley is so you think she a,role model then something is wrong with have a picture of her with a penis strapped to never watch again as long as she's If Adam n Blake leaves show won't read several comments an seen a lot feels the same..
  • The Voice - Dumb voting changes and Boring

    I lost total interest in this show (for all the reasons as shared in comments by other former fans) -- bye, bye.
  • Miley Cyrus has NO class

    Miley Cyrus is a terrible judge! She needs to go before the Voice suffers the same fate as American Idol! Bad judges ruined that show years ago!

  • Bye bye Voice

    Total chaos this season. The usual banter between Blake and Adam is getting a little meaner and why would the powers that be bring on Miley Cyrus as a judge. Definitely a bad choice since she is such a bad role model the for younger audience. I like Alicia Keys but she does not have a big personality and is a bit boring. Everyone talks over each other and the focus is on the judges now more than the contestants. You had an amazing team with Blake, Adam, Pharrell and Gwen. All of my friends and family have given up on The Voice and you have lost me as a viewer when Miley pressed the buzzer with her ugly tongue. Trash TV.
  • Reviews in 2011 and now in 2016

    Just go to page 6 and and back read the reviews in 2011, 2012, 2103, 2014, 2015, people had such good things to says every season. They were so happy to watch this show it brought so much joy to them to watch these people, and Blake and Adam. This season has just gone to the birds Alecia acts like she is a from another planet and in love with everyone with her little soft voice that makes me want to puke. Miley on the other had I have no idea what the producers were thinking with her. You have lost more watchers in our house thats for sure.
  • Why

    Not watching anymore. Have been a fan until this season, never missed a show of any season. Was on the verge of not watching anymore and now I will no longer watch. I can't stand Miley and not so fond of Alicia. Miley needs to spend her time working on herself and out of politics. She is vulgar, ridiculous, an embarrassment to females. Why would anyone take advise from her? Unless your just like her!!!!
  • Miley's Political Scenes on News

    Miley ruins the show in the first place. Alicia isn't much better. But Miley parading her political views all over the news is the last straw. She needs to keep it to herself. She needs to go before you lose your viewers.
  • Miley wrecks it for my family

    The Voice used to be our fave show, Blake and Adam are divine. Miley is an immature, annoying, child who's opinion is not credible with us. We are not watching this season.
  • Tim and Faith Save The Show

    OK. First, I have to protest having to see Miley Cyrus every time I tune in to The Voice! She pretty much ruins the entire show for me! I have to admit that she does give SOME good advice to her protegee's but having to look at her is enough to ruin everything. It would help if someone would teach her what to wear and how to do something with that nasty hair! The one saving grace in this particular episode was her having Tim and Faith as her guests. They, of course, steal any show they're on, together or separately.

    OK. I will stop raging about Miley with this parting statement; if the Powers That Be ever decide to replace her with ANYONE, I'll be back to watching instead of fast-forwarding through any scenes she's in. Just sayin'.
  • Review by full time watcher

    The addition of Miley Cyrus to the cast of judges means the Voice loses another viewer. I have watched the show for the last several years, but I will not be watching this season with Miley as a judge. The last thing this world needs is a tramp like Miley "advising" other musicians. She is nothing more than a prostitute -- selling sex for money!!!Miley Cyrus has singlehanded ruined the show. There is no funny banter between Blake and Adam anymore. Miley just thinks that people care what she has to say. Between her voice and her stupid comments I can't bear to watch it anymore. It's such a shame, I used to love this show. Please bring some class back to the show, people who blend in not take over... That miley just wears her pajamas to to the show she not ever grown up?????????????

    I never heard of the Alicia woman and she dresses like somebody out of the homeless group. I guess she dont wash her hair i never see it when she not have it like a turban in her hair my gosh what is that womand problem???

    What was wrong with the classy coaches like Gwen and Pharell???
  • very entertaining

    I love watching the show. OMG! people get over with Miley Cyrus. Too negative! I don't think you guys can do what she is doing. TBH I'm not fun with her clothes but it is not about the clothes, this is about how A good coach she is, and how good she is to her team. I love her on the show. She adds more joy to the show. She definitely knows what she's doing. She gives really good advice to her team and her team love her and that is what matter the most. She got a good team.
  • the voice judges addition

    I think the addition of Miley and Alica to the voice has totally ruined the show. I really could care less about the voice with them on it. Miley is the worst that was ever added to the show.
  • Somebody please bring back American Idol....

    How did this show ever win the Emmy?

    Carson can't keep his hands off the girls. Miley needs to sit down and shut up. .

    You have lost one more viewer.
  • review and adjust the show

    I was watching each show until this year when due to the changes and the new judges the show lost the quality

    compared with American Idol for instant, this is a disaster

    Judges comments are childish, lack substance, judges are not comfortable, have almost no valuable input. In the meantime, all 4 judges this year do need some advise regarding their appearance at the show - they are not dressed or look either cool, nice, classy ridiculous

    Big disappointment !

    there record and reply works as there is no more than 16-18 min / hour acceptable to watch
  • Intolerable!!!

    Miley Cyrus has singlehanded ruined the show. There is no funny banter between Blake and Adam anymore. Miley just thinks that people care what she has to say. Between her voice and her stupid comments I can't bear to watch it anymore. It's such a shame, I used to love this show. Please bring some class back to the show, people who blend in not take over...
  • Disappointed in Miley and Alicia Keys.

    I am sick and tired of them wearing such boring clothes. Miley looks ridiculous and Alicia also. Tell them to change their clothes. Not good.

    I love the voice but don't enjoy looking at Miley with flowers all over and Alicia's frumpy style.
  • Miley

    GET RID OF MILEY PLEASE she tries and take over, her voice is like someone running their nails on a chake board and she never shuts up!
  • five stars.

    Some of these reviews are so crazy judgmental! I LOVE the new judges- Miley brings so much to the table, why do you people care what she is wearing? This is a singing competition not a fashion competition.. the bickering between Blake and Adam is cute and is what has garunteed them seniority on the voice. Alicia keys is just so down to earth and humble- how would you NOT pick her as your coach? I mean she's THE person is want to coach me to sing better.

    Miley keep doing your thing, I have NEVER kept up with the voice but I love the humor and style you're bringing!!
  • What happened to the MUSIC - hectic mess!

    I'm another one who can't watch this mess - I record it and FF through all but the performances - takes about 20-30 minutes to watch a 2 hr show that way!

    I don't need to know the sexual persuasion of contestants - or what they did when they were 3. Every audition is interrupted with flashing views of judge expressions - with the screaming of family a mess this season is. How many times are we to watch the women judges swaying to music or running to the stage to sing a bit? Does EVERY contestant have to have a sob story and cry before they audition?

    It's a shame - but the low key banter that used to "make" the show is gone as they all try to talk over each other and the women just keep blathering. Both Alicia and Miley are overplaying their parts - Cyrus most of all. She's dressed like a child - keeps mentioning "my Dad" and can't shut up for two minutes.

    The sparring between Blake and Adam was fun in previous seasons - not so much when the new judges feel they have to jump into and comment on everything that happens.

  • Carson

    I love the addition of Alicia & Miley. But I have to tell you, I have never liked Carson Daly. He has always been so awkward! This season he is trying so hard to be folksy with the family. It's painful watching him! Have you ever considered another host? Please do!
  • Doesn't Miley have anything else to wear?

    Doesn't she know how ridiculous she looks? And that wig/hair complements that stupid look.
  • Last One Leaving The Voice Please Turn the Lights Out

    We have a family of 3 children (40s) and 8 grandchildren (teens and 20s). We all started out as fans of The Voice but slowly it has lost first the grandchildren and now the adults.

    Last season lost my wife and mother in law, and I was steadfast until this season. My wife left because the competition between judges was wearing her down and she didn't like the behaviors enough - I couldn't get them to overlook the judges and enjoy the talent.

    This year I'm the only watcher - I have to creep into my office and watch by myself. But after watching the new judges - Miley and Alisha - gang up on Adam - I decided to just record and fast forward so I could miss the aggravation but finally I decided I was just missing too much of the show, it wasn't making sense, and so I quit.

    I have noted that coaches like Blake, Pharrell, Cristina, and Adam have brought class and respectability to the show. Now I feel like I'm watching a bunch of crazy teenagers who are out of control - this isn't bringing credit to the show. The Voice is about the voices of the contestants. Certainly you know your demographic better than I do so losing a few adults probably isn't that big a deal.

    My rating reflects the contestant performances and not the coaches.

    So long and best of luck.
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