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  • Wish the show was just about the performers?

    Sick of the coaches arguing and poor song choices?

    Wish it was just the strong singers and strong performances?

    Well you're in luck! Stephan Marcellus of The Voice is now starring in Black Box Performing Arts Center's production of 'Hair'. A new chance to see a former voice performer live on stage in North Jersey!

    Who: Black Box Studios

    What: HAIR, The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

    Where: Black Box Performing Arts Center (200 Walraven Drive, Teaneck, NJ 07666 (GPS: 290 Walraven Drive)

    When: Thursday, June 21 Sunday, July 8, 2017

    How: Tickets are available at . Group rates for groups of 10 or more are available by calling (201) 357-2221.

    Press Release:

    Following a stellar second season of professional theater, Black Box Studios is proud to present a new immersive production of HAIR, celebrating the show's 50th anniversary. For 50 years the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical has been enthralling audiences with iconic songs like "Aquarius" and "Let the Sun Shine Leading BBPAC's 'Tribe' in many numbers throughout the show is Stephan Marcellus of NBC's The Voice.

    Stephan Marcellus is an accomplished singer-songwriter from New Jersey with performances at venues such as The Apollo Music Cafe, Carnegie Hall, and The Highline Ballroom. Marcellus is most known for his performance on the thirteenth season of NBC's television series The Voice. Marcellus artfully coins his sound alternative soul- a blend of nostalgic soul and new age rock.

    Marcellus makes his acting debut in Hair. "I've always wanted to act but never really had the opportunity to. After meeting Matt (Director) and Jason (Stage Manager) we developed a bond and when they encouraged me to do so I was excited to dive into something new. It's been a learning experience but Nachi (Claude/Choreographer), Static (Music Director/Bandleader) and the rest of the cast welcomed me with open arms and participating in Hair has been a great experience," Marcellus said.

    Joining Marcellus on stage are Sam Cancelarich, Brennen Dopwell, Kira Gavalakis, Samuel Hapner-Goldman, Nachi Lederer, Miranda Luze, Danielle MacMath, Bishon Prushankin, Camille Sims, DaShaun Williams, and Conor Wilson. Hair - presented in special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc. - is directed by BBPAC Artistic Director Matt Okin, with Musical Director/Bandleader Static, Choreographer Nachi Lederer, Assistant Director Bishon Prushankin, Stage Manager Jason Felix, and Designer Nimon Ibrahimaj.

    Marcellus' performance is sure to captivate audiences, and he is excited to share this story: "When you look at the state of our society today from "Time's Up" to "Black Lives Matter", you understand why Hair is still so relevant. The issues then are our problems now, it shows you how far we still have to go as a society. To me, Hair is centered around people who want the fundamental right to be heard. While they are excessive in their attempts, there is so much authenticity and passion within their stories. I respect the representation of all marginalized groups and hope watching this inspires you to promote

    Don't miss Marcellus in Hair, playing over three weekends only, from June 21 through July 8, on Thursdays at 8pm, Saturdays at 9:30pm, and Sundays at 8pm (rated R), with PG-13 Sunday matinees at 3pm. Performances are at the Black Box Performing Arts Center: 200 Walraven Drive, Teaneck, NJ, 07666. Tickets are available at

  • Blake-A good guy and a lousy coach

    Blake is extremely likeable and enjoyable to watch, but his team members never seem to improve. After watching last night's results, I am convinced that America is tone deaf. Kyla is really good so is Brynn but the most consistent performer this season is Rayshun and a true talent is Jackie and NEITHER even made it to the sing off. What gives?
  • Kelly Clarkson

    I would just like to say that I absolutely love Kelly on this show. She's sweet and silly in just the right way. It's a refreshing change from the usual ego driven type of judge. This creates a great dichotomy between her and the rest of the more elaborate and well rounded dynamic.

    What the He!! Is going on? I thought this show was called the voice. It's so disappointing that these people with horrible voices make it this far. I've seen some really good dynamic voiced people go home and some raspy voice makes it to the top 10. Smdh Why?? I feel like they should be on something else. Not a show called THE VOICE!!!!
  • Voice.

    Ilove voice. Compared to American idol. IDon't mind humor between judges. Think they are funny. Takes away from seriousness of the judging. Ilike Americacan vote. Butt Think people who don't understand music. Vote for Wrong reasons. Watching artists sing. At first Thought block should be eliminated. Butt has proven to be beneficial for some. Adds interesting factors in. If your good Artist your gonna make thru. No matter what coach you got. I love show going
  • Goodbye to the Voice.

    I never thought I would be saying this, but both my husband and I have had it. The song choices are horrible. I think Adam and Blake do a good job for the most part but these temporary judges are ridiculous. Kelly has made it into a fiasco and I use to like her but I never thought she was this bad before. I am tired of hearing and seeing her act so silly. I am not going to watch it next season. I have been enjoying American Idol and the singers are better than what they have on the Voice this year.

    Another pet peeve is the way the Voice has famous people who are has beens come on there and make it. It should be about amateur talent and not people who win by popular vote. I also hate the way they have taken the best part of the show, the blind auditions and have condensed that to practically nothing at all.
  • I love it but...

    I love the show to death it is the only competition show that I watch but the only thing I do not like about this show is how on some of the performances they don't show the full performance they talk how great of a singer that person was and everything but you never even see the full performance it's like if they're so great then how come I didn't get to see the whole thing and those of you that are talking about Blake and Adam if you know anything about them you'll know that their friends they're just messing with each other it's part of the show it always has been it's one of the best part of the show actually everyone is entitled to their own opinion but make sure you have all the facts before you make your own opinion
  • What's happenig to The Voice?

    I finally got into watching the Voice in 2017 and now am not sure I'll remain a fan. I can't believe there are immigrants coming on the show and speaking in Spanish and that it's being allowed! Have some respect, this is America and this is an American show. You are in America! FYI - there are American dreamers too! I'm not racist, but come on!

    The bickering between the judges was kind of funny at first, but has gotten old. Some of the judges I've seen on there like Jennifer Hudson didn't cut it.

    Get the show back on track all the way around.
  • Bye bye Voice

    Total chaos this season. The usual banter between Blake and Adam is getting a little meaner and why would the powers that be bring on Kelly Clarksen as a judge. PLEASE PLEASE PUT A muzzle on her. She constantly interrupts the other judges, talks over everyone and fights to be the center of attention. Also, it is beginning to be all about the judges. Too chaotic. Alicia Keys is the only judge with class. The contestants are totally ignored. And the judges are insulting each other so contestants won't choose them. So stupid and unprofessional. You hardly even see the contestants. Getting worse.
  • Kelly is worse than Miley and Jennifer Hudson

    The 'banter' between the judges is getting a bit tedious. Moreover, Kelly out does both Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson with being pretty obnoxious. At least Alicia is adding some class to the judge's panel. Not sure if I'll continue watching this show.
  • The BLOCK disses the contestant

    This show is supposed to be all about the contestants. But the BLOCK is keeping the contestant from picking the judge they really want. In spite of the negative reviews here, I actually like the camaraderie between the judges, but now they're giving the judges more control than they should have.
  • the voice

    It gets so annoying when Blake and Adam go at each other that's like grow up it's not funny anymore and the last guy that song and played the electric keyboard .it look like a turd on his head he needs to get rid of that turd on his head please ....
  • The Negative Effect

    I love The Voice, but I really think the back and forth with Blake and Adam and now with the girls chiming in is really negates the entire purpose of the show. Those who have no vote should not be encouraging one other particular coach over another. It may be fun for the coaches to play their little game, but it is truly insulting to the singers when they are already struggling with which coach to choose. Stop the bullying tactics until after the show and then have fun and tease, but respect the singers enough to think for themselves of who they want to work it might not be in their own particular genre, but it may just come down to who they feel more comfortable with.

    This absurdity of "dissing" each other especially through Blake and Adam is getting old quickly and yes, Kelly does need to allow the other coaches to speak without interrupting. And Alicia you are so good and special, but don't put the extra special stress on the singer by walking out and singing to them. That's not a "sucking up".

    So don't ruin this show as there are some singers who will go to other places to perform to keep from going through this "ringer" of coaches putting each other down instead of speaking for their attributes.

  • Why change something that wasn't broke

    Not sure Why we need block anyone if the contestant is the one who is to pick.. What I'm seeing America, is BULLYING! And If I'm not mistaking, isn't this something that kids are dying from every day? Dear Voice.. your ratings we're great! Why did you have to go to such unnecessary extremes and what is your message to our teens? And to those Americans who are sick about the abuse towards our teens.. this is how it starts.. how fun will it be when your kid gets blocked from being picked for a team or to join a club or to just hang out because some "bully" controls the "button" and everyone else laughs because they want to be cool like them. Thanks a lot Voice.. for ruining a family viewing show. When you need to explain more than not... it's not worth watching. Shame on you. And shame on Adam and Blake for allowing it.
  • Bible Thumper Clarkson is a turn off

    I can see Adam & Alicia embarrassed by Clarkson's phony antics & all her God & Jesus & Satan speak . Super turnoff . Where does Kelly think she is? She should Save all her religious comments for her family & leave god & church & Jesus elsewhere. So damn corny & redneck. I can't stand it. Turned off the Voice. Won't come back till that hefier is long gone. Pray on your on time KC & join the 21st century...
  • mmsad

    i loved watching the voice i been watching for years , but i watched monday and tuesday and i was disappointed with kelly clarkson. she is always talking over people and talks too much . it seems to be about the judges and not the contestants. i might have to go back to idol. if this is going to be about the judges . The focus should be on the contestants.
  • Olly Murs sell out

    What a sell out. Chris completely murdered the meatloaf song but Olly chose the pretty blond. If Olly smlied in front of me I would remove his smile and teeth. What a knob. Wouldn't know a great voice if it hit him; even the extended sing song showed Chris could sing better than Wolly! The programme and Wolly have shown their true colours. I have never bothered to respond to these things before. But this injustice incensed me and I have turned off for good!!!!
  • So Dissapointed

    I will not be watching The Voice next season. I mistakenly thought this was a family orientated show, but it has gone downhill for the last couple of seasons. Last season's finale the women dancing had to show their crotches to the audience and now we saw men trying to be women and that alone was a result of someone finding their faith? Seriously? In a world where there are so much gender-confusion and 5 and 6-year-old children are encouraged to dress in drag and become whatever sex they want to be? Deplorable! I could say a lot more how dangerous this is from a Christian view, but I'll just stick to the fact that The VOICE is over for me. I'd give the Voice a zero but your rate graph doesn't register that.
  • Voice 2017 Finale - A DEBACLE

    This was by far and away our favorite 'talent' show -- until 2016. It started a downhill slide then, culminating in a resounding THUD as it bottomed out this year. Truly this is often more of a popularity contest than a true talent-based competition proven by the list of those who were voted out versus the list of the cuties left to pick from.

    If you really care about song stylists, this was the best opportunity to see 'new' talent, not interspersed with jugglers, clowns/comics/card tricks or pet acts.

    I can honestly say there were few goose-bump renditions of anything this year but there were some very credible performances by a pool of people who could, mostly, carry a tune and the odd one who sang from the diaphragm rather then screaming on key.

    The last straw was the farce delivered on the 19th -- how does a troupe of drag queen/female impersonators and Billy Idol (Billy FREAKING IDOL!!) figure into this? What did Demi Movado or any of the other 'guest' artists have to do with the contestants, their back-stories or talents? By the time the viewers get here, we're invested in the people who've been slugging their guts out every week to win our approbation than some 'guest' thrown into the mix.

    It's almost like -- we need to fill time so we can sell more ads.

    When The Voice 2018 comes around, I doubt it will get much in the way of eyeballs from me -- my wife is a little more forgiving, so she might watch a bit but I think I'll wax the cars and tie flies -- way more productive, useful and entertaining.

  • Very Disappointed

    I have watched every show of the Voice. This season was by far the worst season ever. The finally was not at all entertaining. I don't know what happened but please if it ain't broke don't fix it. Also, I do not like Miley, she is all about herself. Jennifer Hudson did not make a good coach. I only hope that the next season goes back to what it used to be or i will have to shut it off. I so look forward when the Voice is coming on the air but this time it did nothing for me.
  • We all know why Chloe won, because of Blakes influnce!!!

    She did not win herself, Blake made her win the show!! This show is rigged!! Noah should had been in the top 4 not any of them it should of been Brooke or Addison that won it. I did not understand the departure of Noah or Davon?!?! I hope next season this show is honest with their choices. I thought this season was very unfair!!!!!!!!!
  • dress code

    Its a shame when you need to tell adults that exposure to breasts will take a family show to R rated show in a heart beat Shame on christina for the past month you are a disgrace and gwen where was the side to your dress I cant believe you 2 could ruin this show for families Shame on the both of you !!! NBC needs to be more prudent on who they have on there especially when kids so love this show Shame on the girls this did not need nudity

  • How did Brooke or Red not win ?

    Brooke sang like an angel and there's no voice smoother than Red. Who voted ? I don't understand-beyond disappointed. The worst one won, really. Even her "singing" with Billy Idol was awful. She talk-sings has no range and the raspy ness sounded like she needed to give a good cough. Won't be buying a ticket to see her or her records.

    Brooke will go far-like when Jennifer Hudson didn't win Idol.

    High point of the show was the drag queens -fantastic!
  • Sad so sad

    I've tried Not to remember our last Presidential election. I just wanted the show and voters to be fair . We all know that the best singers by No means won . I quit watching American idol for that reason. I guess you will not be on my automatic record either. I'm so disappointed but I guess I want make the difference but I will on my tv. This was a joke because fair is fair and that didn't happen.
  • 2 Pony Race

    Well we'll see tomorrow if America can get it right. I've yet to see a Voice finalist break thru in the real world but that could all change come tomorrow. The raspy baratones of Chloe and the unmistakable passion and story telling of Addison should top the charts in the voting.

    I will feel bad for the runner up as they both deserve to be The Voice.

    On a I'm The Star note Miley stepped all over Brook, it was a Wrecking Ball all right. She totally took the stage away from her artist. Pretty sad, drop the mic Miley.

    Reds decent but I can't help but listen to Simon on this one. A little Karaokeish. Blake said it best iof Chloe, no one sings like her, .....
  • I've had it with this show

    I am a life-long music professional, first as a touring multi-instrumentalist with over 40 major-label artists, as a composer of original scores and instrumental cues for film, television, events, artist licensing, and as a producer providing artist development for over a dozen emerging major-label artists of widely-varying genres. As such, I have the ability to tell an exceptional voice from one that is a teaspoon above mediocre in seconds .

    Over the past few seasons I have watched vocalists who fit the "teaspoon above mediocre" category be voted into the show's final rounds , while truly exceptional, even spectacular vocal talents have been left out. This is especially the case this season in which the 2 obvious very least-talented vocalists Were the top vote getters, and the 2 vocalists, whose talents are VASTLY superior by any criteria imaginable to the other 6 , predictably, were left out of the show is a continuing assault on musical integrity vs commercial appeal, and an insult to anyone to whommusical excellence Is important.

    I refuse to endure another episode of a show that has lost all credibility as a vehicle by which talent is judged. In the end, one can count on every season's finals to be dominated by dudes with cowboy hats singing country music, and attractive teenage musical neophytes possessing personas that appeal to

    those 2 demographic categories-who will be more likely to vote most often, and the least

    musically astute or discriminating voters. I'm sure the show will continue to be successful, and make in record income, and in doing so continuing to undermine the value of musical excellence .

    I'll close by saying that it sheer intellectual dishonesty or total musical ignorance to assert

    to say that any one of the 4 chosen finalists are better vocalists or have a better "Voice" than Either Devon or Kisha. Their personas may not appeal as much to some , but, after all, the bane of this show is The Voice"
  • Think this was a racist pick

    People so ignorant all this racist mess. Everybody knows davon an Keisha sounded way better then a lot of them pick for final 4. Guess what it ain't over for them. They still great. Stop hating on jennifer

    Chloe totally lost her voice from the very start. At times, she talked--not sang. She seems mildly obsessed with The Queen of Rock, Stevie Nicks. Her hairstyles are awful and so are her choices of outfits. She tries to have the husky voice that Stevie Nicks has, but it just sounds like she has an Adam's Apple in her throat. She isn't an original artists, she is working hard to be another Stevie Nicks. Tragic performance--all of her appearances.
  • Lose the background singers please!

    I wanna hear the contestants. It started out over the first years with the band drowning out the singers, now the background singers are singing over the contestants. I want to hear the contestants without interference, they deserve their voice to be heard as they are fantastic ! Please please let us hear their voice!
  • Top 3 all stolen. Chloe, Addison, and Noah

    Chloe has the fashion and star attitude. She's professional and tour ready. Her deep voice in the low to mid range sparks interest but doesn't light a fire. Her vocal limits eliminate her from "powerhouse" status. Her performances are lacking in the movement department. Why hasn't she been coached in this regard? I get the feeling she doesn't take coaching well. She has so many pieces and could and should be hugely successful.

    Noah could be the next teen heartthrob. His voice is beautiful. He should try some Frank Sinatra. INXS or Crowded House. His song choices have gone downhill from the peak of his blind audition. (His best performance).

    Addison has been on this planet before. She, like Chloe, has that slightly throaty voice that gives it an interesting tone that really works. Her stage energy is better than Chloe's but still needs some vertical movement and not just walking back and forth. She needs to break out and rock out with some more upbeat music choices. That being said, I love her and what she has done. Every song has drawn me in. She is a star and should absolutely win this competition. Her emotional connection to every phrase is unworldly. She's freaking 15 years old! I want to say more but I'm too big of a fan. I'm also a fan of Chloe and Noah but Addison leaves me gobsmacked.