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  • What happened????

    I watched the first 2 episodes of The Voice and it was like a group of kids fighting over toys. The little bit of banter between Blake and Adam was always entertaining but now has become rude and insulting. What happened to the professionalism that was there in the past. Please stop insulting each other and stop trying to get the contestants to pick certain coaches. It is disrespectful to the contestants and it is annoying when a coach speaks and is constantly interruped and insulted by other coaches. I am so disappointed. Another good show down the tubes. Big mistake getting rid of Pharrell and Gwen.
  • The Bickersons ...

    Music has always been a large part of my and my husband's life. We enjoy The Voice immensely, but honestly -- the bickering, snarkiness, etc. -- just more than one can tolerate at this point in time.

    Note to producers:

    Next time around plese try to be certain the *all* of the judges can conduct themselves with class. Thank you!
  • Oldster Not watching anymore!

    I guess Miley and Alicia will bring in the Millennia's, but I think the over 50's watching will drop off. Much to arrogant for me.. My tv NOT tuned in is my vote. Bring back the lady's with class.
  • New Judges

    I think I like Miley and Alicia. But, I'm loyal to Adam and Blake. I'm not crazy about the girls picking on Adam so much. Christina and Gwen never did that. If I have a problem with anyone's personality, it might be Alicia's. She seems to have the same profound critique about each contestant. We shall see how the season progresses. Keep up the good work Adam and Blake!!
  • The Best Show of Contestants and Judges

    I must say I am not a Miley Cyrus fan and didn't know if I would like her on the show. I did though she is very talented and knows a lot about music so I thought I would watch and then decide. I have been watching the show since the first episode and must it is my favorite TV show. I must admit I was wrong in thinking Miley might not fit the show. In fact she gives it that extra it needed for younger viewers actually the two Miley and Alicia have two different styles but are both very talented in their fields. I was totally amused by their personalities and comments. Great show and great future ratings
  • Great Show

    Miley cyrus does not damage the show. Yes she has done some crazy stuff like plenty other celebrities have but she has an amazing voice ( go listen to her backyard sessions, not the radio crap) and has started her own foundation for the LGBT community. People should really know their stuff before coming down on people they barely know for one stupid thing they did. Oh well! They don't need nasty viewers like you guys anyway.


    you guys kill me

  • What's up with the coaches this year? And is everyone against Adam??!

    This is a great start to the new season - really enjoying the singing so far this year/this first episode. Not enjoying so much the coaches being all about themselves! And what's up with everyone against Adam? It was funny and sweet when it was just Blake and Adam bantering and teasing back and forth but it seems all have jumped on the bandwagon! Just watched the young 16 year old jazz singer and smiled through the whole thing - I'm kind of on Adam's team right now ;) PS not too sure about the addition of Alicia Keys... she's a talented artist but not crazy about her in the mix. Pharrell added an element of professionalism and maturity I don't feel with Miley... And Just a random Canadians' perspective :)
  • Why so much bullying.

    The Voice has always been one of my favorite shows. But, they cut each other down to the point that I don't think it's fun or funny anymore. I've always thought that a little bit was fun and it would make me laugh. But the very first show of the season and I felt so sorry for Adam. They ganged up on him to the point that the singer could not make there own decision about who to pick as their coach. They need to stop bullying to that extreme. And remember a little is fun and funny. But to much stinks.
  • Another Lost Viewer

    The addition of Miley Cyrus to the cast of judges means the Voice loses another viewer. I have watched the show for the last several years, but I will not be watching this season with Miley as a judge. The last thing this world needs is a tramp like Miley "advising" other musicians. She is nothing more than a prostitute -- selling sex for money!!!

    WE have watched The Voice from day ONE!!!! WE LOVE it!!!

    BUT this year with Miley as a judge we will NO longer watch!!

    Someone really screwed up!!

  • lost in paradise

    what idiot decided Miley Cyrus would add anything to an already hit show. I have watched the voice since it has been on , but you just lost this fan when you brought on no brains white trash no talent to a class act following in the great shoes of Pharrell, Christine, and Gwen love all picks but you just sunk to the gutter and lost this fan for this season. last year when she was a mentor I would leave while she was on. I will miss you Blake , Adam, and The Voice Goodnight, coming your way CBS<
  • NBC needs NEW decision makers

    Agree with many posts. Whoever made the Executive decision to hire Miley Cyrus, FIRE them immediately. Whoever thought Miley Cyrus would draw more viewers. It had the opposite it is sending viewers running.

    Started watching The Voice for a couple years. Loved Pharrell, he was my favorite Coach. Like Adam and Blake, they were funny together. Really liked Gwen Stephane. Christina Aguilera acts like a Diva, but she is really talented.

    Last year didn't watch when Miley was only temporarily, I would turned it off. She is like nails on a chalkboard. Since she is on full-time, the Voice stays off.

    NBC change your name the NO BRAINS CHANNEL! ABC and CBS thanks you for sending viewers their way, because people aren't watching!

  • Another good show ruined...

    Two Cyrus. Her presence last year made the show go downhill. Now, her being a full time judge has ruined the show. Too bad they are following in the path of American Idol.
  • The Voice's new judges

    This has been my favorite show for a long time, but with the addition of Alicia Keyes and Miley Cyrus, this show has been banned from my home. I hope the producers have a change of heart next time around.
  • What is the Voice Thinking ???

    With much enthusiasm for the past 10 seasons we have been avid viewers of the Voice. A good portion of the show's entertainment always included the interaction of the great selection of judges on the show, even with Christina's antics. Season 11 has failed miserably to create that with the addition of Miley Cyrus and Alisha Keyes both of which add absolutely no value to the show whatsoever! They only want attention to themselves and have no substantial contributions. Not that it will matter much, but I will not be watching Season 11 at all! Very bad decision guys....
  • are you kidding me?

    Like most of the other comments, the addition of Miley Cyrus has lost you another viewer. The Show has always been set apart because it's judges were credible and respected. Now you throw in a joke. To say she has talent is laughable. To say she is capable of good judgement is to insinuate your viewers are mindless fools. The cost of terminating her contract would be far less than the cost of losing your viewers, if not for this season, but possibly forever due to the loss of your credibility. GET RID OF HER. She's graduated from being a liability to herself to being a liability to you. As a side note: Fire the person who thought it was a good idea to hire her.
  • The Voice

    Loved the show until you put Miley Cyrus on. Probably won't be watching this year.

    Maybe I just don't know all the ins and outs of show biz, but I know a bald face lie when I see one. Alisha Keys has been familiar on some level with We'Ani McDonald for at least a year if not more. I have the picture to prove it. I say it's out and out fraud.
  • I refuse to watch anymore.

    Miley Cyrus nauseates me. I have been a fan of The Voice since it began, but I will not watch as long as Miley Cyrus is on it. How could you choose someone like her- crude, gross, someone you prohibit your children from watching!! Everyone I know despises her and have said they will no longer watch this show. Just trying to help you - get rid of her to protect your ratings.
  • Won't be watching

    You've ruined this show for me. I've been a loyal fan but will not watch Miley Cyrus! She disgusts me!
  • Please tell me it isn't true? MIley and Mariah - fall 2016

    I heard that instead of the 3 guys and one woman next season is going to be Miley Cyrus (oh please) and Mariah Carey. Didn't they learn anything from American Idol. The minutes you put two women on there you're going to have nothing but bickering, and please I thought this was a family show. MILEY CYRUS, where are these producer's heads. No doubt another of the shows I watch is headed down the same road as America Idol. Too bad, I really like Blake and Adam, but really, are they going to be having Miley rubbing herself all over Adam and Blake? I thought Adam was married and Blake committed. Sigh! I hate TV show producers with dull brains,
  • Miley Cyrus

    America needs positive role models for our kids not Miley Cyrus! That is what is wrong with our youth! I am not sure what happened to our values but we need to get back on track!
  • Hannah sings

    Love her voice but so tired of the hand! Can they tie it down. Opens her mouth and it comes up same as every song. Really irritating now!

    All I can say is how in the world could Christina be one to judge? On the show exposing every part of her body, flirting with every contestant on her team even goes as far as KISSING another female when her gf in the audience. What a great coach. Lmao. Now she on here tonight looking like Dracula.
  • This is suppose to be a PG program

    I am a devoted Voice fan, HOWEVER, as a woman I am ashamed at the way Ms. A. choses to expose more of her body than anyone really cares to see. It takes away from the whole integrity of the show which is not to judge a person by the way they look. But with Ms. A. breasts exposed time and time again, not to mention the ridiculous hair color and styles she comes up with she needs a complete make over!
  • Not a family show anymore

    Christina looks too sleazy. I have 5 boys and half the time we turn it off because of the major cleavage that Christina shows off. She needs to cover up her over flowing fat cells!
  • dress code

    Its a shame when you need to tell adults that exposure to breasts will take a family show to R rated show in a heart beat Shame on christina for the past month you are a disgrace and gwen where was the side to your dress I cant believe you 2 could ruin this show for families Shame on the both of you !!! NBC needs to be more prudent on who they have on there especially when kids so love this show Shame on the girls this did not need nudity

  • Tonight's show.

    Show was great but what the heck is Christina thinking wearing a nearly see through top? Fans not only vote for the singers but the judges too. This is a family show. When you dress provocately you aren't acting in the best interests of your singers. This show is about them, not you.
  • Laith is a Loser

    Can you believe Laith would insult Blake like he did! I won't vote for him again. Last night Blake said he thought it was too much guitar so tonight Laith said all that about playing more does he think he is!
  • Not Fair

    Alisan Porter may be a good singer, but already being a "star", she should use other avenues to pursue her singing career. She has an advantage against the other participants by already being famous.
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