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  • Blake The Flake

    I used to enjoy the voice, but Blake's inflated ego makes me sick. I do not enjoy the show like I did before. He needs to back off of Adam, and his silly interactions with Gwen is getting really old. The show is not all about him, but he seems to think so.. He need's to calm down and act more professional. A disappointed fan. It sucks that the west coast doesn't get to vote. How is that fair?
  • The Twitter Crowd is not America

    What happened with Blake Shelton, sacrificing one of the best singers in the show for a genre he knows nothing about. His eagerness to win and get further away from good old fashioned country music makes me want to puke. Casi Joy was a pleasure to listen to and I cannot believe he supports the Android crowd and the Twitter generation who vote and who DO NOT REPRESENT AMERICA. Stop saying America has voted. They have not. You junkie music generation with cell phones are the only ones voting. I'm so sick of this BS I am through with this show. In the UK it is even worse.
  • Love it

    Love it !!!!!!!!
  • Gwen!!! Ugh!!

    I have been a fan since day 1! I have issues with the fact that Gwen chooses songs that fit what she is feeling not what's best for her team!! Its selfish! She's materialistic and fake. It sucks! I was a fan of Nodoubt! Not a fan of her, well, not anymore! This is not a joke for these individuals, for some, its their very last chance! My advice to her would be to play it back, all of it, and listen to how often she incorporates herself in to everything that should be based on those individuals that pick HER as their coach.
  • michelenbobbyj

    Family has only watched the Voice a few years. Huge fans. Country music lovers. So pissed at Blake. Does anyone else feel this way. Rude & obnoxious. Not funny. Not professional. Telling singer Vanessa: Hamburgers & french fries if you pick Adam over Gwen. Tell Blake to STOP! Enough with the Adam bashing. Fans are done. Blake owes the show's watchers & singers an apology. After watching the Voice, This family cannot stand Blake. He is out of control. SOMEONE - Rein Blake in NOW!

    VOICE - Are you listening to the fans.
  • Going Downhill Quickly

    I am tired of the Gwen and Blake all about them. It feels like they are the only team, puts down the other great am not sure if I will watch all the show watched since day please make a change so you stay the top show as you should be
  • Going downhill

    We have enjoyed the voice for years but can't stand the Gwen and Blake nonsense act like teenagers

    Unfair to Adam and adults on the shoe

    If Gwen comes back we leave

  • Gwens hair

    When you're so beautiful and really talented but you're here do you has got to go I have about 15 people here watching the show and everybody agrees to not do that bun on the top your head
  • Enough of the Fast Forward

    I'm reading a lot of the reviews about Gwen and Blake and they do get obnoxious at times. However, what really bothers me as a viewer since day one is how we have to listen time after time about the singers' stories and then when we get to the battle rounds, they fast forward through some of the performances and just show the winner. Honestly, this is the most aggravating part of this show - I'm here to HEAR the singers, not hear someone's story 100 times. Thanks for the outlet to say this, I wind up yelling to myself every time it happens!
  • No More Gwen

    I have watched since the beginning, I cannot stomach Blake and Gwen.. Stopped watching this season.. Cannot wait till Miley comes back!
  • Ageism2?

    I Second jen33's comments on the age (influence). I think the Voice is getting off track of what their main theme has been; BLIND auditions; so ones voice is the only thing being judged. But lately they turn right around and start commenting and picking according to age, how cute the contestants are, etc. Additionally, the Blake and Gwen thing is getting old; we know they are hanging together but do we have to hear about it every showing? Still like listening to the new talent though.
  • Ageism?!

    I would like to see that contestants do not start their self intro with how old they are. It exhibits ageism. The competition is about TALENT not about AGE. No problem encouraging juniors - just have a separate show with the Voice for juniors - it makes more sense. If you continue with your 12 and 13 years competing, you will lose the real talents that are right NOW mature, fact that again makes no sense. One day, you may risk to have a toddler on the show. Do not trivialize what you started.
  • So disappointed

    Ok been watching since day one team Adam always!! The Gwen and Blake thing is ruining it for me ... by the way how can you rag on Miley's wardrobe when Gwen dresses like a 16 year old. If I hear Blake say one more time how many times he's won on this show I'm going to stop watching my favorite show! I grew up on capital music hall jamboree and Blake is making me hate country music and think it's fake and all about his connections gag! Please Gwen quit looking to Blake for your cue to breathe... if she's her next season I won't be tuned in. Love you Adam! At least you are still the same
  • Enough of the lovebirds

    Enough of Gwen and Blake and her rude referral to a contestant as "that". I loved this show for years and now I am disappointed with them...... Kudos to Adam and Alecia for being pros and above it and showing genuine respect for all contentants.
  • The Rolling of my Eyes! Not The Voice!

    I LOVE the Blind Auditions and have enjoyed the friendly banter in previous seasons. However, I find myself fast-forwarding thru this season due to Gwen and Blake. I now only listen to the singers then once the BS starts I hit FF! I find their constant fake laughing and "WOW" comments to cause instant rolling of my eyes. They have been over shadowing the contestants and the other judges. One has to do what the other does.... if Blake pushes his button Gwen follows and vice versa! I wish anyone else was in Gwen's seat!!! It's in my opinion the two of them have brought the once entertaining show down. Zzzzzzzzzz! Thumbs DOWN!
  • So Disappointing

    Speaking for our group that faithfully get together to watch the show each a disappointment!

    Gwen and Blake's mean constant referrals to their relationship is overshadowing the performers, the talent on stage, and the other judges. How awkward it must be for Alicia and Adam. It really makes watching the show annoying. Please bring back any of the other judges instead of Gwen.
  • Gag me!

    Please save us all from Gwen and Blake! It is enough to gag you. Bring back Usher or Pharell or Miley anyone other than these 2.

    I am the biggest fan, but this has really gone too far. Christina was all about herself, but Gwen is even worse.

    Love Adam and Alicia!
  • This show sucks now

    Dude I've watch this show since day 1 but this has to be the worst season. Where do I start!!! Gwen stefani is so dick whopped. All she does is turn around when Blake turns and when it's a girl. Her old ass thinks she going to loose him. Secondly, do the judges has ear plugs on or what? They haven't turned around and there has been some GREAT talent!!! What the F!!! They are like take turns. If Blake turns then it's Gwen. If not it's Blake and Alicia or Alicia and Blake or Gwen and Adam. The fuck is wrong with this show. Only twice it has been all 4 chairs. The blinds go to 8 episodes!!!!!! Anyways to finish this show fucking sucks and if they don't remove Gwen I'll never again watch it.
  • This is the best season thus far!

    The Voice keeps on getting better. But although we miss Christina, Pharrell, Usher, Shakira... This current line up of Adam, Alicia, Gwen and Blake make the show even more fun. Time just flies.
  • Let Gwen go

    Loved the Voice. Really like Blake, Adam and Alycia. Miley was very good too. But do not like Gwen, she spoils the show with her 'carrying on' with Blake. If he turns, she turns. Rated it 8 but if Gwen stays on it will be lower!
  • Hate this season

    When hearing Gwen was coming back I was surprised given the relationship with her and Blake. However I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought I would watch before I judge. Frankly I did this because when I heard Miley Cirus going to be on the show I was very disappointed but I have to say Miley was a very pleasant surprise and made me rethink prejudging anything. I personally thought Miley was one of the best mentors to ever be on the show. She proved me 100% wrong. I prejudged her because of the crazy way she presented herself every tinme I had seen her - but she was so caring, so giving, delightful and entertaining on the show but there was even more she was a brilliant mentor! Bright and talented. She gained a level of respect I for one would never have expected before the season began - but by the end of it - I can say it was one of the best ever and that was because of Miley!

    But this is not about Miley it is about Gwen and Blake. I hate the show - it has become the Gwen and Blake aren't we cute show! and guess what NO YOU ARE NOT! You are pathetic! Gwen cannot make a decision without looking his way and infact she doesn't take her eyes off him. She seems to have lost whatever brain she had because I have not seen her make one push of the button without looking at him and if Blake presses so does she or he gives the nod and she presses. One of them have to go. If a change isn't made you have lost another viewer. I hate the interaction between them - Gwen sets every woman back in history when we could not speak unless given permission from the 'male'. I refuse to watch this. I hate what it is doing to Adam and Alicia Keyes because they are constantly defending, deflecting, or rescuing the contestants from being second in place to the "LOVE AFFAIR". I hope the relationship survives the test of time and lust but I don't watch The Voice for the Gwen & Blake affair I wathc it to see the talent and the mentoring that has grown some amazing and questionable talent into STARS! I hope the show survives this major mistake and mis-step. I will not be watching the rest of this season unless I hear there has been a change in the judges. Gwen or Blake have to go!
  • Please stop Blake and Gwen

    The shows about the contestants. Please stop making the show about these two and their affair. I've loved the show since it's inception. I'm so disappointed. Blake and Gwen you are making a mockery of the show. Your flirty looks at each other so u can both turn. This behaviour takes the spotlight away from the talent. I now need to look for something else to watch.
  • Personal relationship

    I really do wish gwen and Blake success in their relationship , however I felt that show was only about them. Everything someone said anything it was usually about those two and not the auditions. Since they both decided to be on the show they should act accordingly. In other words keep the relationship out of the show.
  • Bring Miley Cyrus Back Please!!!!! STEFANII needs to leave now

    I wasn't a Miley fan until she was on 2016 The Voice. Miley knows her music. REMOVE GWEN STEFANI NOW. I haven't missed one Voice program since it started. This year with no talent Stefani back I refuse to watch. Stefani is lucky she latched onto Blake and it won't be long till he moves on if he is smart. This program is barely a 1 with Stefani as a judge. I will miss the program this year.
  • No turn, no feedback!!!

    First time watching this and quite disappointed in the fact that the singers who dont get a turn, dont get to hear any feedback either from the judges! Should NOT have took that away from the contestants!
  • Love it

    I absolutely love the show, especially now with Tom Jones back in it. But I must agree, even though it speeds up things, when they have to walk off the stage without a word from anyone, it feels so cold and cruel. But apart from that, perfect and I love it!
  • VERY Dissapointed

    If its not broken DONT FIX ITl!!!!!! No turning by the judges is hurtful and uneccessary,it also takes something away from the interaction between judges as they offer advice,and sometimes regret,at NOT turning for a performer,don't they AT LEAST deserve to see,and talk to you,?understand what they got wrong?You missing a vital piece of melodrama in my view,little if any Chemistry obvious now in my opinion between judges,don't personally see ANY improvement in the show and it seems sadly to have lost it way,come on ITV THINK AGAIN
  • Disappointed

    In the past I have enjoyed The Voice & I was looking forward to it, including pleased Tom Jones back as judge.

    However, watching judges not turn when a participant wasn't considered good enough was really off putting. Tried to watch again today, Sunday, but actually found it hurtful watching what appeared quite heartless. I remember many times when participants constructively entertained even after had not been chosen to go forward in competition. Do hope improvements will be forthcoming.
  • The voice 2017

    I have watched the voice since it first started so I don't like the set up this year . If nobody turns then the contestants walk off, what's that all about whoever made that decision it's all wrong. The young/mature singers come on the show because they want this fantastic opportunity to be coached by the people sitting behind these chairs they inspire to be. In my opinion if an artist doesn't get the feedback about what they need to do or giving them the confidence that they are really good and tell them they need to carry on. Some contestants need that otherwise they are left feeling they've made the wrong choice going on the voice or simply they aren't good enough.
  • fuck yeah MILEY CYRUS

    I have not watched the voice since season 7 with Matt McAndrew, but since Miley was going to be a judge this season- I had to watch. WOW. She brings the ENERGY back to that show. Adam and Blake seem so bored- Adam especially, and Alicia no doubt is crazy talented, but her comments got tired. MILEY was compassionate, fearless, devoted, and engaged to her team 100% the entire time. She can be a problematic fave lol, but this woman puts her heart on the line and fights for what's important to her and WHO'S important to her- and that was incredibly refreshing to watch this season. Her musical talents have been a little overshadowed by her racy performances, but I swear- this girls can sing and she's grown up in this business. I can't compliment her enough! This season would have been so ridiculously boring without her and I CANNOT WAIT for season 13!
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