The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters - Season 1

(ended 1974)


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Episode Guide

  • February 9, 1973
    February 9, 1973
    Episode 21
    Leslie Uggams and Jerry Vale are the guests. Jonathan is interviewed as Orville Wright. Leslie sings, "Try to See It My Way" and Jerry sings, "For All We Know".
  • January 25, 1973
    January 25, 1973
    Episode 20
    Debbie Reynolds and Joanie Sommers are Jonathan's guests. Highlights: Debbie joins Jonathan in a sketch about a screen test. Joanie sings, "Watch What Happens", John Davidson sings, "My Cherie Amor" and John and the Soul Sisters sing, "Joy to the World".
  • January 18, 1973
    January 18, 1973
    Episode 19
    Jonathan's guest is Pat Boone. Highlights: Jonathan as a bigot cop and as King Kwazi in comic sketches with Pat Boone, and newsmen Jerry Dunphy, Joseph Benti, and John Schubeck. Dusty Springfield sings, "Ain't No Sunshine"; Pat Boone sings, "Empty Chairs" and Soul Sisters sing, "Day Tripper".
  • January 11, 1973
    January 11, 1973
    Episode 18
    Jonathan's guest is Sports commentator Howard Cosell. Highlights: Howard Cosell joins Winters in a comedy sketch about a waiter and a football announcer. John Davidson sings, "Keep the Customer Quiet" and Soul Sisters sing, "Natural Woman".
  • January 6, 1973
    January 6, 1973
    Episode 17
    Jonathan's guest is Soupy Sales. Highlights: Soupy Sales and Jonathan spoof talent agencies; John Davidson sings, "Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife" and joins the Soul Sisters in a rendition of "For Once in My Life".
  • December 30, 1972
    December 30, 1972
    Episode 16
    Jonathan's guest is Monty Hall. Highlights: Monty Hall of "Let's Make a Deal" joins Jonathan in an improvised sketch about a waiter. Songs include "The Glory of Love," "What the World Needs Now" (Monty, Soul Sisters) and "The Letter" (Soul Sisters).
  • December 16, 1972
    December 16, 1972
    Episode 15
    Jonathan's guest is Adam-12 star Martin Milner. Highlights: Martin Milner of "Adam-12" joins Jonathan in a sketch about a prowler. Andy Williams' nephews Andy and David sing "I Won't Last a Day" and "Halfway There".
  • December 9, 1972
    December 9, 1972
    Episode 14
    Barbara Feldon and Bobby Vinton are Jonathan's guests. Highlights: Bobby sings, "Sealed with a Kiss" and "Every Day of My Life".
  • December 2, 1972
    December 2, 1972
    Episode 13
    Jonathan's guest is Dick Clark. Highlights: Dick Clark joins Jonathan in a comical bit about hospital beds. John Davidson sings, "More Today than Yesterday" and John and the Soul Sisters sing, "One of Those Songs" and the Soul Sisters sing, "We Can Work It Out".
  • November 25, 1972
    November 25, 1972
    Episode 12
    Highlights: Jonathan in zany sketches as a supermarket checker the first day on the job. John Davidson and the Soul Sisters sing, "All I Ever Need Is You" and the Soul Sisters sing, "Fire and Rain".
  • November 18, 1972
    November 18, 1972
    Episode 11
    Jonathan's guest is Zsa Zsa Gabor. Highlights: Zsa Zsa Gabor joins in the comedy as a shipwreck victim stuck on a desert island with a dishwasher (Jonathan). John Davidson sings, "The Letter" and the Soul Sisters sing, "Lucretia MacEvil".
  • November 11, 1972
    November 11, 1972
    Episode 10
    Jonathan's guest is comedian Louis Nye. Highlights: Jonathan matches wits with Louis Nye in a comedy sketch about a gas station attendant. John Davidson sings, "Happy Heart" and the Soul Sisters sing, "Everyday People" John and the Soul Sisters sing a sunshine medley.
  • November 4, 1972
    November 4, 1972
    Episode 9
    Jonathans guest is Leslie Uggams. Highlights: Songs include "I Just Can't Help Believing" and "Love Is a Good Foundation."
  • October 28, 1972
    October 28, 1972
    Episode 8
    Jonathan's guests are Hugh O'Brian and John Davidson. Highlights: Hugh O'Brian joins in improvisational sketches and John Davidson who sings, "High Heel Sneakers" and the Soul Sisters who perform, "Respect".
  • October 21, 1972
    October 21, 1972
    Episode 7
    Jonathan's guest is Joseph Campanella. Highlights: Songs include "Frankie and Johnnie" and "A Hard Day's Night." Also appearing are The Soul Sisters, Marian Mercer and Mary Gregory.
  • October 14, 1972
    October 14, 1972
    Episode 6
    Jonathan's guests are comic actor Joe Flynn, singer Dana Valery and the Williams Brothers. Flynn joins Winters in a sketch about a dentist. Highlights: The Williams Brothers sing, "Fly, Pretty Baby". Dana Valery sings, "Higher and Higher". Dana and the Soul Sisters sing, "What Do You Think About Men?".
  • October 7, 1972
    October 7, 1972
    Episode 5
    Jonathan's guests are Debbie Reynolds and Rosey Grier. Highlights: Rosey Grier joins Jonathan in a comedy sketch about a football training camp. Rosey and the Soul Sisters sing, "Put Your Hand in the Hand" and "United We Stand" and the Soul Sisters sing, "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay".
  • September 30, 1972
    September 30, 1972
    Episode 4
    Jonathan's guests are actress Janet Leigh and Robert Clary. Music by Maxine Weldon, and Andy Williams and David Williams, aka the Williams Brothers. Highlights: Jonathan portrays a repairman, and an insurance investigator working on a theft case. Maxine sings, "All Around the World" and the Williams Brothers perform "One More Time".moreless
  • September 23, 1972
    September 23, 1972
    Episode 3
    Jonathan's guests are Steve Allen and Dusty Springfield. Highlights: Jonathan and Steve do a skit about a drunken newspaper editor. Dusty sings, "A Simple Game" and Love The One You're With" and Steve and the Soul Sisters perform, "Gravy Waltz".
  • September 16, 1972
    September 16, 1972
    Episode 2
    Jonathan's guests include actor Doug McClure and singer John Davidson. Highlights: Doug McClure and Jonathan appear in a comedy sketch about a TV repairman. John Davidson sings, "I Believe in Music" and the Soul Sisters perform, "I Feel the Earth Move" and John and the Sisters sing "Country Crossroads".
  • September 9, 1972
    September 9, 1972
    Episode 1
    Jonathan Winters welcomes his guests singer Sarah Vaughan and actor Ernest Borgnine. Highlights: Songs include "Once You've Been in Love" and "St. Louis Blues". Also appearing are The Soul Sisters and Marian Mercer.