The Wacky World of Tex Avery

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The President's Fly/The Long Awaited Evil Twin/Donkey Conqueror
    • Rodeo, Rodeo.../The Dis-orderly/A Bird in the Brain...
      Rodeo, Rodeo, Where for Art Thou Rodeo? - Tex Avery and Sagebrush Sid compete to become the clown in the rodeo. The Dis-Orderly - Dan thinks he can scam a hospital. A Bird in the Brain Is Worth Two in the Bush - When Neanderthals find themselves hungry and unable to reach a giant dinosaur egg perched on a cliff top, Einstone comes to the rescue.moreless
    • The Not-So-Great Train Robbery - Sagebrush Sid is determined to rob the gold shipment on today's train. Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall - Ghengis the barbarian takes his reign of terror throughout the world but is stopped by the Great Wall, and Khannie. Marital Blitz - Amanda is attending the social event of the year.moreless
    • Cabin Fever - Our hero Tex is lost in a blizzard when he chances across a cabin stocked full of food and firewood. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - Fed up with flies, Amanda decides to put to sea on a cruise ship to escape. Breakfast in Bedlam - Maurice decides to prepare breakfast in bed for his Ma and Pa.moreless
    • Bottleneck Bear - Tex is on his way to visit Chastity when a big Grizzly refuses to let him pass.
      Sitter Jitters - When Mooch tries to nab Maurice, the little chicken thinks his new sitter wants to play war.
      Flychiatry - Amanda's mind finally snaps from the strain of her battles with Freddy.moreless
    • 10/2/97
      "Bottleneck Bear" Tex is on his way to visit Chastity when a big grouchy Grizzly refuses to let him pass. What follows is classic try-fail effort by Tex who enlists every ounce of his spirited resource including a Goldilocks disguise and the Bear Union to successfully get by the mean critter. "Sitter Jitters" When Mooch discovers that the Squabs are going out for dinner and leaving little Maurice with a baby sitter he waylays the poor old cow, puts her dress on and pretends to be the sitter.moreless
    • Driving Mr. Dan - Dan is a self-important businessman who needs to get to the airport on time. Who Kilt the Conqueror? - Ghengis arrives in Scotland invades castle McKhannie in an attempt to conquer Scotland. Saur Loser - Einstone believes he has invented the perfect Dinosaur trap.
    • Mine, Mine, Mine - Tex and Sid battle for a gold mine after the latter schemes to inherit the former's pay through murderous treachery. Stupe De Jour - Pompeii Pete is the janitor for a TV chef named Dan, the latter who rules with an iron fist during sweeps week. Teacher's Pest - Mooch hijacks Maurice's school bus when the former learns it the latter's first day of school.moreless
    • Silence Of The Lames - Freddy disturbs Amanda at the library when the latter is serving the community by perform the tasks of a librarian. Aloha Oy! - Genghis tries to conquer Hawaii yet is pestered by Khannie. Black and Blue Belt - Mooch pretends to be a dojo master after learning that Maurice is taking private lessons in the afternoon.moreless
    • Cat Scratch Fervor - An alley cat battles Power Pooch after the latter saves a mouse from certain doom at the hands of the former. Say Goodnight, Freddy - Freddy the Fly keeps Amanda awake as the latter tries to go to sleep. Quiet Please - Pompeii Pete is a bellman that works at a luxurious hotel where Dan tries to stay the night.moreless
    • Tell-Tale Fly - Amanda is haunted by Freddy the Fly after the former supposedly defeats the latter. True or False Alarm - Mooch takes over a fire station by sending the firefighters to Sydney, Australia after learning that Maurice is going there at the open house. SSS-PEED - Power Pooch and Little Buddy commandeer a runaway bus, both whom are unaware that the passengers are actually crash test dummies.moreless
    • Greek A-Boo - Genghis attempts to conquer Greece in an attempt to get his own series, starting with the conventional wooden statues starting with the Trojan Horse. Toothpaste Pete - Pompeii Pete is a dental assistant who Dan has a makeshift appointment with after the latter robs a jewelry store and goes into hiding. Cave Improvement - Einstone helps the Neanderthals with their leaky roof along with the help other inventions the former creates for the latter.moreless
    • A Man Called Horsey - Horses and humans switch roles after Sagebrush Sid abuses his horse for the last time! Neanderthal Mom - Einstone invents beauty products in attempt to get his mother to leave and settle down with another boyfriend after the latter comes to stay with the former due to the recently sudden demise of her husband. Toy Store Story - Mooch pursues Maurice in a toy store in a desperate search for mealtime.moreless
    • The Dis-Orderly
      The Dis-Orderly
      Episode 1.2
    • Disasterpiece Theater - Tex and Sid take an English program when Chasity tires of their violence. You Take the High Road - Genghis successfully conquers Egypt but a plague of bad luck strikes him when he crushes two of the cockroaches that were sent by Khannie as a present. Caveman and Wife - Einstone invents dating after falling in love with an attractive cavegirl.moreless
    • What's Yours Is Mayan - Genghis conquers the Mayans in the search for gold. Wish Upon a Star Traveler - Einstone tries to win over a time traveler after the former tires of the Neanderthals. Mile High Fly - Amanda wants to squash Freddy the Fly when the latter ruins teatime for the former's friends.moreless
    • Gangster Rip - Pompeii Pete is an encyclopedia salesman who Dan mistakes for the crime lord's nephew. Himalaya Down and Die - Genghis traverses the Himalayas with Khannie as the former's guide. The Ugh-Lympic Games - Einstone invents a series of sports competitions called "The Ugh-Lympic Games" for the Neanderthals and the primates as an alternative after the two groups start a war.moreless
    • Out of Shape, Out of Mind - Einstone invents exercising after seeing the Neanderthals lose their wives to a dinosaur. Pain in the Rain Forest - Genghis plans to cut his way through the Amazon Rain forest in order to conquer it. Bank You Very Much - Power Pooch joins the cops to foil a bank robbery.moreless
    • Virtual Tex - Tex isn't sure he likes all this new-fangled technology, especially when the outcome of the cartoon is in the hands the audience, causing him lots o' grief until he learns that Sid's the real culprit. Chicken Scouts - When Mooch finds little Maurice in the mountains with his fellow Chicken Scouts, the former decides to become their scout leader and tries to cook the latter and company on the campfire; but, Maurice teaches Mooch a few things about the great outdoors. Pompeii Pete - Dan is on vacation and Pompeii Pete is serving him; soon, the latter accidentally destroys the former's liner, stranding them both on an island.moreless
    • Tex-Babies - Chastity has reached her tolerance of fighting from Sid and Tex and demands to know when and how this feuding got started so the two flashback into different points in their childhood only to realized things haven't changed all that much. Gunga Dan - Great hunter Gunga Dan wants to make the cover of "Fearless Hunter Magazine" with his prize trophy, the last albino tiger in existence, only to learn there's another one in existence; however, his trusty hunting guide, Pete, turns out to be a simple rug cleaner which ultimately gets Dan a picture on the cover. Is There A Doctor In The Cave? - Einstone opens the "Einstone School of Medicine" to teach the Neanderthals how to help a fellow caveman and after instructing them in using his wacky medical inventions including the tongue depressor, stethoscope, hypodermic and acupuncture, they're ready for the operating theater.moreless
    • Ever Herd Of Cows? - Cattle rustler Sagebrush Sid is determined to steal Tex's herd of steers, even if it's consists of only one cow! From ropin' to stampedin', Sid learns the hard way that nothing comes between a cowboy and his cow. The Return Of Doctor Hydrant - Power Pooch must rescue Little Buddy who is held prisoner by the nefarious Dr. Hydrant, a master criminal with one fatal flaw: a mistaken belief that the witless puppy is a super-genius who is a threat to his plans to take over the world - a belief unshaken by the hero's inept efforts to save his partner! Fortunate Fly - Amanda Banshee's in Vegas with awful luck, learning from a kooky mystic that a fly on your person can be lucky so and low and behold, with Freddy on her side it works; however, there is one problem: the former is reluctant to let the latter hang out on her skin even though she's winning.moreless
    • Not Even A Sporting Chance - Sagebrush Sid (or better yet Saggy Bush Ned) is an outlaw trying to steal gold from Tex's fort with one one big hitch: the cartoon is presented like a sporting event, complete with a pre-cartoon show, instant replays, time-outs, and rule book that suspiciously favors the latter. Fat Chance - In order to look like the skinny models in "Vague Magazine," Amanda heads for a really strict fat farm; but, whom would see her through her grueling workouts and diets is none other than good ol' Freddy. La Misery - Power Pooch is determined to protect the wealth of a solitary old lady until he discovers that she is inadvertently more dangerous than the criminal element when it backfires.moreless
    • Caddywhack - Selfish Dr. Dan, who practices golf more than medicine, meets his match in his friendly new caddy Pete, with a wild style of golf cart rides, sand traps, and course obstacles bringing a whole new twist to the game. Mutts Attacks! - An alien ship is approaching Earth, and Power Pooch instantly assumes it's an attack, so he and Little Buddy fly into outer space to stop this "vanguard of evil," never suspecting that the two aliens are actually friendly ambassadors. Dances On Lions - Genghis is out to conquer an Indian tribe when he runs into little squaw Khannie; but, when the latter takes the former on a canoe trip down river, the slaphappy lion gets "shot" in the rapids, goes over the falls, and has a close encounter with a wild buffalo.moreless
    • Wish I Canoe You - Sagebrush Sid "sidnaps" Chastity to row her to a church downriver for a wedding just to get a kiss so Tex climbs aboard his trusty "motor-goat" Burrito to pursue through rapids and waterfalls as the usual high speed canoe chase ensues. Bug To The Future - Amanda inadvertently locks Freddy in the freezer and when the latter thaws 5000 years later, he finds that the former's descendent has evolved and no longer needs violence... for awhile! Yes, We Have No Electricity - There's a power blackout in the neighborhood and everything's dark, giving Mooch a chance to sneak next door and get Maurice; however, in a series of comical blackout gags, the latter plays haunted house with the former as it then turns him into Frankenmooch.moreless
    • Fly-Incarnation - Amanda hires a medium to help her contact her supposedly dead brother; suddenly, the latter sees Freddy under her crystal ball and announces that HE is the reincarnation of poor Philbin so now the former has to treat the fly nice, a job that Freddy makes more and more difficult at every turn! Power Puppy - Power Pooch is reverted back to "Puppy-hood" when the evil Dr. Hydrant blows a special high pitched dog whistle; but, plans to retrain the former for evil are easier plotted than accomplished as a spastic, hyperactive Power Puppy is next to impossible to control and only succeeds in regularly thrashing the latter and his accomplice Boney. The One That Didn't Get Away - When Maurice goes fishing, Mooch realizes this could be his chance to make a big catch so the latter pretends to be a fish, a seasoned fisherman, and even a game warden in his efforts to catch the former but winds up trashing Mooch at every turn, and in the end wins the fishing contest to boot.moreless
    • Fat And Fatter - When Chastity reacts positively to an overweight man, Tex and Sid try to their hardest to gain weight to gain her favor but when food runs out, the fat guys try to make each other thinner; however in the end, Tex and Sid are still huge, only to learn that being big wasn't quite what the former had in mind. Cake Me A Bake - Amanda is preparing a cake for the unfortunate "under ten million dollar households" in the neighborhood when Freddy thinks he's just the kind that deserves some home cooked munchies; it's hungry fly versus selfish dowager where baking a cake becomes battle royale. Count Danula - Count Danula, the vilest, hungriest vampire around gets a visit from traveling pizza boy Pompeii Pete, the former thinking he'll have an easy meal in the latter, who thwarts the villain's every throat biting attempt with the inadvertent use of garlic, steaks (or is it stakes?) and just a dash of sunlight.moreless
    • The Toothless Fairy - When Maurice supposedly loses a tooth, Mooch disguises as the Tooth Fairy in hopes of getting dinner but all that gets is teeth knocked out instead; to add insult to injury, the latter has to pay the former for them! A No-Etiquette Barbarian In King Arthur's Court - Genghis invades Camelot and intends to make himself King of the Round Table but little Khannie, with the help of Merlin, stops him in his tracks after he fails to pull Excalibur from the stone; then, lots of fun ensues when Khannie dons a suit of armor and jousts with black knight Genghis. Look Who's Ughing - When a Neanderthal's wife leaves for a shopping her husband is clueless as to taking care of their newborn cave-baby so it's Einstone to the rescue and being the know-it-all that he is, the latter figures he can advance child care a million years by inventing state-of-the-art parenting techniques, including the invention of the diaper, the bottle, the lullaby, and more.moreless
    • Pony Distress - Tex is a Pony Express Rider carrying an important something in his saddlebags, Sagebrush Sid wants that something, and neither rain, nor snow, not even big fat boulders will stop them in their attempts! My Fair Freddy - Amanda, to save her reputation as a charitable rich person, sends Freddy to a finishing school; at first, he returns a changed fly -- cultured, snooty, and upper crust but then the former soon discovers that the new refined latter is more obnoxious than his old hobo self. Re-Pete Customer - Dan the Man is an egocentric rap star whose recent change of name to "The Artist Formerly Known As Dan" prompts him to change his image so he visits the swankiest hair salon in town and gets a haircut from none other than Pompeii Pete, whom the former discovers too late that the latter is a carpenter, not a barber.moreless
    • A-Hunting We Won't Go/Top Gun Shy/Sidekicked
      A-Hunting We Won't Go - When three Neanderthals hunt down and capture a rock, then eat it, Einstone decides to teach them how to properly eat so he makes a banquet for them. Top Gun Shy - Lt. Dan is the hottest Top Gun weapon's expert in the fleet: rocks, mountain goats, he'll blow it up; but, with overconfidence brewing, it's time someone brought him down a few notches, and who better than his new pilot, Pompeii Pete whom has never been in jet before. Sidekicked - Dr. Hydrant sends a "fake" Little Buddy into Power Pooch's hideout to discover the means of his power and steal it; still, the latter never realizes there's an imposter in his midst, to hilarious results.moreless
    • The President's Fly/The Long-Awaited Evil Twin Episode!/Donkey Conqueror
      The President's Fly - Amanda's visit to the White House to meet the chief finds her aghast at his latest pet, The First Fly -- Freddy so she has to get past the secret service and foreign diplomats galore as she tries to take out the President's fly. The Long-Awaited Evil Twin Episode! - After a freak accident while powering up, Power Pooch discovers he now has an evil duplicate of himself so he must stop this naughty dog before his good name is besmirched; but, how does one defeat someone who's as strong and as smart as oneself? Donkey Conqueror - Genghis is about to conqueror Thailand when he's rudely awakened to the fact that he's not the only conqueror in the world: there's another guy -- a gorilla with an eye patch to be exact -- who's out to get the same territory; this time, little Khannie doesn't have to stop Genghis but instead she cleverly pits one against the other as these two egomaniacs are happy to destroy one another with an escalating battle of brainless bravado.moreless
    • Wrapped Up in His Work/Cyrano De Burg-A-Rock Head/Terminal Veloci-Pete
      Wrapped Up In His Work - Power Pooch comes across a mummy and thinking it's a mother he rushes it to the hospital, where he takes it upon himself to help her; but, the curator catches up with him and finds herself on the wrong end of his helping. Cyrano De Burg-A-Rock Head - Einstone aids a clumsy Neanderthal who is in love with a female Neanderthal but has no idea how to approach her and as usual, the former's ideas for how to romance the opposite sex leave him with more pain than pleasure. Terminal Veloci-Pete - Pompeii Pete tries to deliver some packages to skydiver Dan... CASH ON DELIVERY; but the latter refuses to pay so the former follows into free-fall to complete his job.moreless
    • Up a Tree Without a Paddle/Mechanically Declined/Power Pooch No More
      Up A Tree Without A Paddle - After Sid Bunyan chops down the every last tree in his area, he goes after Tex's tree sanctuary, but the latter proves to be more than lumberjack's match, even down to the difficult art of log-rolling so the former learns it's not nice to fool Mother Nature... or better yet, Tex Avery. Mechanically Declined - Dan's love affair with his snazzy car is brought to a halt when he collides with a boulder and the only mechanic for miles is good ol' Pete, who manages to get the car fixed and back on the road somehow. Power Pooch No More - Mistakenly convinced that he has hurt Little Buddy, Power Pooch vows never to use his powers for violence again and joins a Himalayan monastery; sadly, the non-violent uses for his powers might be actually more destructive!moreless
    • Water You Gonna Do?/Run for Your Lifeguard/A Shoe Thing
      Water You Gonna Do - Tex is lost in the burning hot desert and fresh out of water as things go from bad to worse when a crafty buzzard attempts to help the former's demise along so he can have himself a hearty lunch; a disadvantaged Tex's only hope is to turn the tables on the Buzzard by somehow quenching his thirst. Run For Your Lifeguard! - When little Maurice goes to the beach for an afternoon of fun, Mooch waylays the lifeguard and attempts to turn the former into lunch by destroying him in volleyball, barbecuing him with suntan lotion, and pretending to be a shark; but, the little squab gets the best of his adversary in a wild water-skiing finale, taking the latter on the ride of his life... and death! A Shoe Thing! - Power Pooch unknowingly wreaks havoc by botching a bank robbery arrest involving a mime, redirecting a meteor to hit the earth from the observatory, and starting a huge tornado by chasing his tail too fast; thankfully, LB is right there to straighten things out!moreless
    • Tallywho/The Eggs-stra Terrestrial/Double O Scussi
      Tallywho - Amanda is having an all out English style Fox-hunt, only to find that its basics have been changed; so, in order to illustrate her love for (hunting) animals, she's hunting Freddy, the latter knowing a lot about obstacles, trumpet blowing, and the art of the chase. The Eggs-stra Terrestrial - Mooch poses as a friendly alien in order to lure Maurice into his barbecue-spaceship; but, the latter isn't about to be abducted by "the Fox who fell to Earth" so a spaced-out battle ensues, using everything that finally puts the former in orbit. Double-O Scussi - Pompeii Pete is mistaken for a spy by notorious super criminal, Blo-Dan; however, many times the latter tries to off Pete, it only backfires with hilarious results.moreless
    • Cruisin For A Bruisin
    • Stagecoach Tex/Bored of the Flies/Slaphappy Birthday
      Stagecoach Tex - The race is on between Tex and Sid to see who delivers Chastity to Dirtwater first; although easy enough, the task becomes just a wee bit harder with cliffs, Indians, and some fistfights. Bored O The Flies - Amanda and Freddy are shipwrecked on a island where, in a strange twist of fate, the natives don't know what money is, but they worship Freddy as a god. Slapphappy Birthday - It's Maurice's birthday and Clucko the Clown is coming to his party, that is, until Mooch intercepts him and puts on his clown getup, trying to get a five-course meal of little chicks with such party favorites as face painting and the pinata; but in the end, it's the former who blows out the candles, and the latter along with them!moreless
    • Breakfast In Bedlam
      Breakfast In Bedlam
      Episode 3.3
    • To Ape or Not to Ape/Tarred and Married/Peek-A-Boom
      To Ape Or Not To Ape - Tex is lost in the jungle when he inadvertently strikes the fancy of a large female gorilla but her beau, a monstrous male gorilla, takes offense to this romance and the former is put through the ringer. Tarred and Married - Einstone attempts to lure a bullying Dinosaur into a tar pit by dressing as a female dinosaur result in him being literally swept of his feet and pulled into marriage with the dinosaur so the former now finds himself trapped in the Dinosaurs house and trying to escape. Peek-A-Boom - Genghis needs a big cannon so he can capture a distant fort for the Emperor; too bad a bored Khannie won't sell hers unless the former plays with her.moreless
    • What Big Feet You Have!/Peer Pressure/Doggie Pounded
      What Big Feet You Have! - Tex and Sid race to get the first photo of the notorious Bigfoot for Chastity's newspaper but Sid fakes his photos by wearing a fur suit so it's up to Tex to teach him that cheaters never win. Peer Pressure - Einstone discovers loneliness and concludes that his super-genius antics prevent him from making friends so he decides to be just another one of the Neanderthals; soon, Einstone learns that it takes a lot of pain and work for a super-genius to fit in with a bunch of morons. Doogie Pounded - Power Pooch is tired and insists on taking a vacation; the problem is, he ends up a the dog pound, which he is convinced is some sort of club med place so Little Buddy tries to help him escape, but Pooch won't see it until it's time for the neutering.moreless
    • Just Plane Trouble/Can't Fly Me Love/P.P. Loves Fifi
      Just Plane Trouble - Dan the Man is a passenger on an airplane who also an attorney whereas Pete is a bumbling flight attendant, the former manages to get the latter fired; but Pete (now a mere passenger) winds up sitting next to Dan whom does everything he can to get rid of the little guy, all however are unsuccessful.
      Can't Fly Me Love - Amanda is courted by polished gold digger, Monsieur Le Leech but Freddy just wants to be the perfect accessory to the guy's good looks and that gets him thrashed by the former on a regular basis; soon, even money isn't enough for Le Leech to stay in this relationship!
      P.P. Loves Fifi - Power Pooch falls in love for the first time and the object of his desires, Fifi, a sexy poodle, discovers that PP is just as unwittingly obnoxious in love as he is in crime fighting.moreless
    • My Dinner With Mooch/Diamonds Are for Heifer/Squirrel Trouble
      My Dinner With Mooch - When the Squab's invite that nice Mr. Mooch over for a family meal, the starving Mooch turns down their sumptuous repast because he wants just one thing - chicken and he'll do anything to get it; unfortunately, Maurice is on the case. Diamonds Are For Heifer - When Amanda acquires a supposedly cursed diamond to impress her peers, Freddy decides to play the legend to the hilt and it's becomes a gem-dandy mess! Squirrel Trouble - Pooch's master is good and mad over a squirrel who keeps digging up his yard to bury nuts so he orders his dog to get rid of the squirrel by any means necessary; however, the tree rodent proves to be quite an adversary to Pooch and Little Buddy, who discover this is job for Power Pooch!moreless
    • Sagebrush Sindy/Courting Disaster/The Postman Always Barks Twice
      Sagebrush Sindy - As a Mountie, Tex always gets his man so Sagebrush Sid figures the only way to beat the system is to become Sagebrush Sindy and it just might work because the latter never did have a clue how to deal with women. Courting Disaster - O Frabjous Day, Genghis has finally captured his nemesis, Khannie, and he's taking her to his Emperor for a delightful death in the Coliseum; unfortunately, the Emperor takes a shine to the little tike, and he appoints Genghis to be her guardian while she's a guest in court! The Postman Always Barks Twice - A sudden disappearance of the city's postal workers prompts Power Pooch to fill in and assume the role of every dog's most hated enemy - the mailman so his fellow dogs clobber him unmercifully, doing their duty as he does his, while the evil Dr. Hydrant unleashes yet another fiendish, stupid plan to destroy him.moreless
    • Chastity Peak/Ready, Willing and Cable/Crass Action Hero
      Chastity Peak - Tex is climbing the biggest mountain around so he can name it after his true love Chastity; on a similar note, Sid has the same idea, so there's bound to be lots and lots of falling... Ready, Willing & Cable - Papa Squab wants to surprise Mama with a new TV entertainment unit, but he doesn't know how to hook it up so a resourceful Mooch poses as a Cable Guy to turn Maurice into a TV dinner but loses his prey and signal. Crass Action Hero - While on vacation in Hollywood, Pete takes a studio tour and accidentally gets cast in the latest Danger Dan action film as the titular hero's sidekick so the resentful latter attempts to sabotage the former's film career painfully backfire, but an oblivious Pete believes it is all part of the tour!moreless
    • Aw, Mush!/The Wrath of Khannie/The Midas Touche
      Aw, Mush! - Tex enters the "Great Yukon Sled Race" only to discover that 5-time champion Yukon Sid has a winning strategy called cheating so Tex braves ice, snow, and boxing gloves; but ultimately, it's Sid who does a victory dance... sort of. The Wrath Of Khannie - Genghis, the galaxy's mightiest conqueror has come to claim Mars for the Emperor; however, Little Martian Khannie always seems to be in the way of the former planting the flag much to the Emperor's disapproval. The Midas Touche - After receiving an ill omen and for refusing to pay up for one, Amanda Banshee angers a fortune teller who tries to zap her with a curse that makes everything she touches worthless; but, Freddy is hit instead of Amanda so when she gets into a richest-person-in-town match with Estelle for the best table at a chic restaurant, the fly uses his new power to ruin their riches.moreless
    • That's Shoe Biz/Dial M for Moron/I'll Take Manure
      That's Shoe Biz - Maybe one can take candy from a baby, but not the Power Shoe, as Power Pooch learns when he drops it in a toddler's lap and things only get worse when Baby chews on the shoe and becomes Super Tot, being enough to drive a guy "Goo-goo, gah-gah!"
      Dial "M" For Moron - Dan is a Stephen King type writer trying to think up a unique murder weapon when his noisy gardener Pete disturbs him so the former decides to silence the latter and discover a new murder weapon both at the same time; instead, the mansion is destroyed and sanity is lost.
      I'll Take Manure - Amanda is determined to win big on her favorite game show for the rich and snooty after her latest encounter with Freddy destroys her TV and she'll cheat to get what she wants; but, when the latter turns up as the new contestant, the categories change and it's a race to the finish (or in this case, compost heap).moreless
    • Bottleneck Bear
      Bottleneck Bear
      Episode 4.1
    • Showdown at the OK Corral/Carnivores Anonymous/Presidential Pooch
    • To Ape or Not to Ape/What, Me Hostage?/Coach Mooch
      Coming soon...
    • Mutiny on the Poultry/The Running Dan/Mine, Mine, Mine
      Coming soon...
    • Don't Shoot, It's a Shoot/Dawn of the Dan/Ever Herd of Cows?
    • Tex-Files/Income Outcome/Asgard Me Not
      Coming soon...
    • Moochini the Magnificent/Pumped Up!/Map-solutely Not
      Coming soon...
    • Tex Meets Execs/Agent From H.O.R.D.E./SSSPEED
      Coming soon...
    • Gunga Dan/Atlantis Shrugged/Mini the Mooch
      Coming soon...
    • Driving Mr. Dan/Buzzin' Couzin'/20/20 Houndsight
      Coming soon...
    • The Texorcist/The Return of Dr. Hydrant/May the Stressed Man Win
    • Dan the Man Child/Queen Khannie/Backseat Bedlam
      Coming soon...
    • Flea! Run Away!/Family Food/Remember the Rigmarole
      Coming soon...
    • Armed Adillo/My Dinner With Mooch/Queasy Cuisine
      Coming soon...
    • Tex-tra Credit/Power Puppy/Eski-No-Mo
      Coming soon...
    • That's Shoe Biz/Chicken Fried Cousins/Rich Meets Poe
      Coming soon...
    • The Dog Who Would Be King/Butlervania/Gym Dandy
      Coming soon...
    • Moby Cow/Dan's Best Friend/Unsurely You Jest
      Coming soon...
    • Narrated Tex/Emperor on Holiday/Superchump
      Coming soon...
    • Night of the Living Dumb/What Big Feet You Have/The Butlers Did It
    • Corporate Takeover/The Dog Who Would Be King/Stressed Guest
    • Moby Cow/Dan or Dana/Shoeless
      Coming soon...
    • Stupe Du Jour
      Stupe Du Jour
      Episode 6.2
    • Justice of the Pieces/The Buddy Guard/The Meat Tree
      Coming soon...
    • Tex and Sid's Blooper Spectacular/Time Flies, Chickens Don't/Men in Lavender
    • The Original Origin Story/Harrier Pigeon/Bat-Dan
      Coming soon...
    • Yearnin for a Learnin/The Stepford Chickens/French Twist
    • Quiet Please
      Quiet Please
      Episode 8.3
    • Bank You Very Much
      Bank You Very Much
      Episode 15.3
    • Pompeii Away
      Pompeii Away
      Episode 16.3
    • Tex Babies
      Tex Babies
      Episode 17.1
    • Cat Scratch Fervor
      Cat Scratch Fervor
      Episode 17.3
    • The Return of Doctor Hydrant
    • La Misery
      La Misery
      Episode 19.3
    • Caddy Whack
      Episode 20
    • Mutts Attacks!
      Mutts Attacks!
      Episode 20.2
    • The Not So Great Train Robbery
    • The Long-Awaited Evil Twin Episode!
    • Mechanically Declined
      Mechanically Declined
      Episode 29.2
    • Power Pooch No More
      Power Pooch No More
      Episode 29.3
    • Water You Gonna Do
      Water You Gonna Do
      Episode 30.1
    • A Shoe Thing!
      A Shoe Thing!
      Episode 30.3