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    Hey Guys; this is GundamZeroWing here again. Now, ever since I started to see that show again, I had some feeling about the characters. First off, not only I noticed that the characters in the Tex Avery sketch are from the Southwest of the USA, Miss Chastity Knott is part Native American. Then, I noticed that Einstone and the Neanderthals areAfrikaans with the former being mostly German due to his habit of using the term "dummkopf" and thepronunciation of letters W, V,S, and Z as V, F, Sch/Z, and Ts respectively. On a similar note, Maurice and his family are also Eastern European (or Russian for some reason due to the fact that the USSR fell at the time of the show's making). And, since Genghis and Khannie are based after Genghis Khan, they're probably Asian. We already know that Pompeii Pete speak Pidgin Italo-Latin yet is actually under two thousand years old since he was stuck in volcanic ash since 72 A.D. Lastly, Freddy and Amanda not only live in (the state of) New York but are named after the characters from A Nightmare From Elm Street. So thats it...

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