The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 10

18 Miles Out

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

Rick and Shane are driving out on the open highway away from the farm. In the back is a tied and hooded Randall that has headphones in his ears. The goal is to get around eighteen miles away from the farm and dump Randall off. They figure that would be far enough so the young man can't find his way back.

Before they can decide on exactly where to drop Randall off, Rick wants to have a little talk with Shane. Stopping the car, both men exit and stand at a crossroads under the bright Georgia sun. Rick makes his position clear; he isn't going anywhere and Shane will not bring any harm to him or his family. Shane responds by laying everything out; how he fell for Lori, how they gave him a reason to live and even what he did to Otis.

Rick and Shane both get back into the vehicle and proceed. Rick begins to talk about the upcoming winter and what they should prepare for. Rick believes all is well with them but as Shane stares out at a solitary Walker in the field, one can see he is still dwelling on the conversation they just had.

Back on the farm, Beth is recovering but is despondent. Lori offers her some food and a little bit of friendship but the girl isn't having any of it. Coming back later, Lori sees that she didn't eat anything and takes the food back to the kitchen. Lori notices that the knife is missing and rushes back to Beth's room and discovers that she kept it with the intent on committing suicide. Taking it from her, she goes and informs Maggie.

Going beyond the eighteen mile goal, Rick wants to give Randall the best chance he can and finds a public works station. It has a heavy duty fence and seems somewhat secure. Rick discusses having to be a bit smarter with how they kill Walkers when they are alone. Soon a Walker arrives by itself and Rick lures it closer to the fence by cutting himself. The Walker goes for the blood and gets close. Rick plunges in his knife through the head and kills it. Another Walker comes and Shane does the same.

Upon entering the fenced in area, they drag Randall out of the car. He begs them not to leave him there and starts to spout off anything that might have them take him with them. He mentions Maggie and her Dad. The plan on leaving him where he can't follow won't work; he knows where the farm is.

Shane's answer to that is to kill Randall right then and there but Rick won't allow him. They begin to brawl, both landing hard punches across each other's bodies. There is a moment where both men stare each other down. Shane makes the first move and grabs a huge wrench and lugs it toward Rick. It narrowly misses and busts out a nearby building window. For a moment, an eerie reflection of Shane is seen. A moment later, the commotion brings the unknown Walkers inside the building out.

In the farmhouse, Maggie is screaming at Beth while Andrea talks with Lori in the kitchen. Lori wants to leave the issue to Hershel and his family. Andrea, realizing that someone that wants to kill themselves will eventually find a way to accomplish it thinks differently. From her own experience, Andrea knows that Beth has to make the choice to live and no one can force it on her. Criticizing Lori for all that she still has, she reveals that she knows about her and Shane's relationship.

Later on, Andrea goes up stairs and relieves Maggie and says she will watch Beth. Beth waits for another speech but Andrea doesn't really offer one. Instead, she offers her the chance to make up her own mind and leaves her alone.

Meanwhile, Rick was able to hide under the first Walker he killed while the majority of the Walkers chase after Shane. Randall gets himself free of the ropes just in time to polish off a female Walker with multiple knife blows to the head. After finishing off another trio of the undead, Rick grabs Randall and takes cover behind some vehicles. They can see where Shane is. He got himself trapped in a nearby bus with easily a dozen Walkers pushing against the folding door to get in. Shane is able to kill a few with his knife but eventually it gets lodged into the skull of one Walker and he loses it. With no guns or any other weapons, he is utterly trapped.

Rick and Randall watches and begins to leave him Shane sees this through the bus window but doesn't call out or anything. Rick however cannot leave Shane, even after all they just been through and with Randall driving the car, speeds along the back of the bus where Shane goes through the emergency back door and escapes.

With no one watching Beth, she locks the door to the bathroom. Maggie arrives to see that neither Andrea nor Beth are there but then hears glass breaking. She can't get the door open but Lori arrives and is able to pry it open. Inside they find Beth bleeding from the wrist and scared. The wound isn't deep enough to kill her but to scare Beth. When Andrea hears what happens, she is pleased with herself and said she was right about giving Beth a chance to decide. Maggie on the other hand doesn't see it that way and tells Andrea that she is not allowed back into their home.

Driving back to the farm, Rick is back in the driver seat while Randall is tied up again in the back. Shane stares out the window and sees the same lonely Walker in the field.