The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 13

Arrow on the Doorpost

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on AMC
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Rick and the Governor try to come up with a peace treaty.

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  • Glacier

    Slowest. Episode. Ever. It wasn't even that tense for what it contained. Rick and the Governor met and talked about not resolving their issue. Rick kinda-maybe took the higher ground just long enough to go home and distract the others while it made plans to dance exactly as the Governor told him to. The show has painted a wonderful scene in which the only way out is to kill, but they're taking far too long to get down to the dirty work now. And I have this sinking suspicion that now Milton's grown on me, he's destined to die. All my favorite characters have that habit. Time will tell.moreless
  • Loving this series...

    Not just your usual zombie tale.
  • Arrow of the Doorpost

    A bit irrational to believe the two would agree to a meeting like this, but I thought it was a refreshing break from the two arguing with their own people to argue with each other.

    I just cannot buy into the current direction of the show.
  • Rick being Rick

    The mighty honorable Rick who still respects the gov who he would have killed 10 times over if he had a chance during the attack on WB, who knows what a sociopath he is, who has it confirmed by other trustworthy people, is at the low point of my sympathy for him. Been there since the hitchhiker.

    To me, trust is an invaluable currency in their situation. what value is left in their group if they give someone like Michonne away to be surely killed based on the slim chance to not get attacked afterwards? It's so preposterous to even think about it. Everything would crumble away, no binding left, no oh-so-slight-security.

    And btw, I hate the fact that most likely the whole conversation between Rick and Hershel at the end was only to indulge in this pseudo-tension, cliffhanger and so on. I don't like it if these parts of a plot become so blatantly self-contained and uncomprehensible.

    Lastly, stop complaining about the pace or the length of arcs. This simply is Kirkman's style and thus they stay true to it. He was facing the exact same complains often, and especially with the Woodbury arc. Of course, in the novel the whole Michonne thing has a whole other ring to itmoreless
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    This episode was very slogging in terms of pace. I was initially excited about the 16 episode order but I think they should go back to the 13 if they can because this is really problematic dragging this conflict on for this long. We still have 3 episodes to go. While I'm not entirely against this episode as a standalone after last week's it was a little jarring to just see the Governor and Rick talking their terms out. The potential for Michonne being given up as a trade was a good hanging bit of yarn to put in our path and Rick's decision will ultimately determine what happens. While she has earned her place there him asking Herschel in the end of the episode to talk him out of it was really a tough one. I'm all for them fighting united against the Gov but they are massively outnumbered and too many have died already. Andrea trudged along and even after being told what the Gov did and saying she wouldn't go back with him she still did. Milton interviewing Herschel was a good show of friendship between the camps and Milton may just be the only apocalyptic historian we ever see on the show but it's good to see someone doing it. Daryl and Martinez bond after a heavy measuring contest of sorts. Seeing Martinez brutalize walkers with the bat was pretty amusing and especially their bro smoking and saying how the peace won't work out anyway. The Gov's story about his wife was by far the best part of the episode and they spent an awful lot of time squaring off but at least they acknowledged the heads and that they both know oh so very much about one another. Of course the Gov would plan on killing Rick and anyone who brought Michonne anyway but seeing the decision be made is what's going to drive the rest of this season. Creepy how the Gov knew about Rick's big gun stash coming back from last episode from his hometown since he's clearly got eyes on the prison. Also catching Rick's lie about the Governor wanting to take the prison was a big fib on Rick's part making him seem more of a threat to their well-being when he truly only wants Michonne. The whole Merle vs. Glen thing was nice to see and seeing Maggie and Glen get better was one of the brightest parts of the episode. While sex can be gratuitous on cable this clearly had the message of her moving on from her suffering at the hands of Merle and Governor and showing that she wants to be intimate with someone she loves and how much healing they've done since then. Let someone be happy for a little bit, especially those two who have nothing in the future of the world to look forward to except walkers and more death. The next few episode will hopefully be a lot more action packed than this but we got some decent character development but not a whole lot of forward momentum in the season arc beyond that two days from the Summit more people will be deadmoreless
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